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  1. BettyNewbie
    March 27th, 2015 06:30 PM
    Gee, we just can't find common ground on these things.

    Sims 1 is worth checking out. Complete Collection isn't that difficult to find, and even with all 7 EPs, it doesn't take up much space on your computer. It also still has a fairly active creating community (registering at CTO Sims is a must for Sims 1--tons of talented, active creators there, as well as a massive stash of goodies from both paysites and dead sites). The gameplay's a bit slower than later versions, but it's also, arguably, more laid back. Without things like aging and aspirations, you have greater control over your Sims. (One reason why I still play the original, myself.)

    I've played a few of the console games, myself--The Sims, Bustin' Out, and Sims 2. Bustin' Out has a fun story mode, but it doesn't offer much in the way of free sandbox play. Sims 2 is a very watered-down version of its PC counterpart. While it lacks aging (which I like), it also lacks pools, customizable PJs, and even children (!), among many other things. Its sandbox mode is also nearly nonexistent, but with a story mode that's nowhere near as fun as Bustin' Out's. The original probably has the most content of the three, even having a full neighborhood to play in, but it's still ultimately a lesser version of the PC game. And, all three of those games have annoying Buy/Build restrictions. You can't have houses with more than one story, and there's an item meter that keeps you from buying too much things (your house will actually catch fire in Sims 2 if it's filled up).
  2. BettyNewbie
    March 27th, 2015 04:35 PM
    I think I can understand you position on Gen 4's tilesets, as I feel a similar way about another game series--The Sims.

    Sims 2 was meant to be a graphical upgrade over Sims 1, but the end result of going to full 3D was muddy lighting and blocky, plasticky graphics instead of the bright, finely-detailed graphics Sims 1 had. (This was especially true if your computer didn't have enough juice for Sims 2, as was the case far too often.) Fortunately, technology progressed and the brightness and detail returned with Sims 3.
  3. BettyNewbie
    March 10th, 2015 04:37 PM
    For starters, I'll decrease the encounter rate so you aren't being jumped every 2 seconds. Then I'll try to chance up the wild Pokémon so it isn't only tentacool and wingull everywhere. That seems like a decent start, anyway. Some water routes will probably also end up shortened a bit while keeping the same basic shape, just like towns will end up shrinking a little. (Same house layout and stuff, but going to the Gen 1 & 2 size houses and the 2 x 2 paths instead of 3 x 3 causes some shrinkage, so routes will end up being shrunken appropriately to compensate.

    That in and of itself will make there be less water, but some may be made even smaller if they are particularly unnecessary in their size.
    I think that'll work. If we're going to have that much water, at least, give us more than just an endless stream of low level Wingull/Tentacool, and lower encounter rates would be nice, too.

    *Adds HM02 to the PC at the start of the game, and Makes Roxanne's badge enable it*

    jk, but for real, it was ironic how they did that. I'll try and fix it though :3
    LOL, if only...

    In seriousness, I think Wattson's badge would be fine for enabling Fly, especially since Rock Smash won't be a HM anymore.

    There are just too many HMs in general these days! Thank goodness for Move Deleters.
    Actually, the Unova and Kalos games cut back on HM use by a lot (they didn't even need badges in the former). They're still there, but most of them aren't necessary for completing the game.

    It's Hoenn and Sinnoh that went overboard with the HMs, having a whopping 8 each (Unova and Kalos, in comparison, only had 6 and 5, respectively, similar to Kanto/Johto), all of which were absolutely mandatory for beating the game (particularly Victory Road, which required two HM Slaves in both regions). Sinnoh, at least, tried to abate it by giving you a readily-available vendor trash Pokémon that could learn all but 2 of the HMs, but it was still a pain.

    Luckily, GF learned their lesson with the next two regions, but the need to be "faithful" forced them to take a giant step backwards in ORAS (prompting IGN's infamous 7.8 review).

    Which reminds me, I need to work out adding them to Red++. Shouldn't really be too hard, just gotta sit down and look at how it needs to work. (I mean functionally, it's just choosing a move and shifting all the ones after it up a space, but y'know, I need to look at how to do that :p)
    Yeah, definitely. There's be no way to delete HMs, otherwise.

    An interesting idea, for sure. Not sure what I'll end up doing with them yet at this point, but I'll try to keep that in mind anyway. Could be fun.
    Elite Four members, in general, could use more characterization than they get in the games, IMO. Most of them don't even leave their tiny rooms, let alone get meaningful backstories.
  4. BettyNewbie
    March 9th, 2015 06:26 PM
    Hmm, I honestly wasn't planning to completely redesign the region like that. I might shrink a few routes and do some things like making that one town have normal houses instead of treehouses but I was planning to keep it the same region for the most part.
    The water routes, at the very least, need to be made more manageable. Most people don't like endless surfing and Tentacool/Wingull encounters. That's the biggest complaint nearly everyone has about Hoenn.

    This is definitely doable, and an idea that I like. It almost always takes too long to get Fly it seems. I agree that in a region like Hoenn, you'll want Fly as early as you can reasonably get it!
    Ironic how you got Fly early in the region that needed it the least (Kanto) and got it late in the region that needed it the most (Hoenn). Not the greatest design choice on GF's part.

    These make sense as well. I'd want to have Dive as an HM (since it's Hoenn) so I could just replace it so HM05 is Dive and make Flash a TM. I also thought it was dumb to make Rock Smash into an HM in that gen, so I would totally keep it as a TM as well like it was in Gen 2.
    Yeah, that's exactly what I'd do as well. Hoenn had way too many HMs, so dropping Flash and Rock Smash makes things more manageable.

    While this type of thing is bound to have a LOT of mixed emotions among players, I will keep this in mind when it comes time to plan things.
    Yeah, it's a drastic change, but you said this was a reboot instead of a remake. There's a reason why the Hoenn Elite Four often wins "Worst Elite Four" and "Most Forgettable Elite Four" polls. None of them had distinctive personalities, and they all reused types that had been seen in the Indigo Elite Four, as if they were meant to be poor man's (very poor in the case of Glacia) replacements for Karen/Agatha/Lorelei/Lance.

    One idea that could serve as a kind of "middle ground" would be to keep Sidney/Phoebe/Glacia/Drake, but make them color specialists instead of type specialists. Like, have Glacia (for example) use blue Pokémon instead of just Ice Pokémon, which opens her team up to things like Manectric and (rather scarily) Wobbuffet. Now, they're more distinct and not just poor copies of Indigo Elites.
  5. BettyNewbie
    March 9th, 2015 11:16 AM
    That's fine, Mateo.
  6. BettyNewbie
    March 9th, 2015 10:43 AM
    Continuing from the Red++ thread...

    If you notice, I called it a "reboot" not a "remake" lol. I never had any intention of making it exactly like any of them tbh. Part of the reason is that while I thought the Hoenn region had a lot of potential, I always got bored while playing RSE. Admittedly, part of that was because it was lacking things Gen 2 had, but yeah. So some things I would keep the same and other things I would change. So I figure it would end up as "What I liked and remembered" + "What I thought should have been different" + "Stuff I just made up that seemed cool". That's what I planned to do in this "Hoenn Reboot" that I started on FireRed at one point (and by "started" I mean I did some tileset inserting and mapping, but didn't get serious on it because I was focused on other things) so I'd probably end up doing similar things with a Red-based one.
    I couldn't agree more that the Hoenn games had a ton of missed potential. While many of us were expecting a sequel akin to Gen 2, what we got, instead, was a hard reboot that flung us into a confusing, water-logged region with all-new Pokémon and even characters (*cough*Hoenn Elite Four*cough*) that felt like copies of previous ones. The fact that the games killed backwards compatibility, purposely withheld 186 of the older Pokémon, and removed many features from Gen 2 (like Day/Night) didn't help matters.

    Here are a few things that I think could've improved the Hoenn games:

    - Cut back on the water. If you ask me, IGN was way too easy on the games for this. About 50-70% of the region was an aquatic wasteland, which is just bad design. I get that the games had a "land vs sea" thing going on, but you get the same effect with just 30-40% water routes.

    - Give us Fly earlier. As large and complex as the region is, why do they make us wait all the way until the 6th Badge to let us use Fly? The 3rd or 4th Badges would've been better for this. And, speaking of HMs...

    - Drop Flash and Rock Smash. Only, like, two caves in the entire game needed Flash, which makes the move seem even more pointless. As for Rock Smash, if it was fine as a TM in Kanto/Johto, then it'll be fine as a TM in Hoenn.

    - Completely redo the Elite Four. Steven/Wallace were fine as Champions, but the Elite Four was one of the worst ever. They all reused types that had previously been seen in the Indigo Plateau (and Drake was even 4th, just like Lance), and most of them couldn't even fill out their teams without dupes or NFEs (particularly, Glacia). Hoenn badly could've used, say, a Grass or Ground specialist, but ideally, they should've done something completely different from the Indigo Elites, like be dual specialists or have teams based on colors.
  7. sonic65101
    March 9th, 2015 04:53 AM
    Here's the link to the pixel art/graphics that you made that I was talking about: http://www.pokemonhackersonline.com/showthread.php?t=14424-Mateo-s-Graphics-and-Pixel-Art-Showcase&highlight=pixel . I didn't realize that art based on Game Boy graphics was a thing.
  8. TheRealOCD
    March 8th, 2015 08:25 AM
    No problem!
  9. TheRealOCD
    March 8th, 2015 07:15 AM
    Happy Birthday!
  10. sonic65101
    March 6th, 2015 06:36 AM
    I saw your pixel art on PHO. It's really good.
  11. EternalSushi
    February 21st, 2015 08:52 AM
  12. BettyNewbie
    February 7th, 2015 10:24 PM
    Well, one thing you could do is make most of the gifts low level, but that could make things frustrating for some people. (Grinding a Game Corner Dratini up from L5 = not fun.)

    Porting breeding into Red could be tricky, as you'd need to have genders for it to work. Of course, gender in GSC was based on the same 15 Attack IVs that exist in RBY (as sexist as this system may have been), so genders could be implemented in Red, in theory.
  13. BettyNewbie
    February 7th, 2015 07:44 PM
    That could be interesting. I don't know how it'd work, but it'd be worth experimenting with.

    Maybe, you could also play with a similar Repel that summons high-leveled Pokémon for easier grinding? You also said that you were going to mess around with a VS Seeker-type item. (Just anything to make grinding less of a pain, please, LOL. )
  14. BettyNewbie
    February 7th, 2015 11:45 AM
    That's a great selection of moves, Mateo. Every Pokémon should have a good variety of moves for both their typing and stats (making it the diametric opposite of what vanilla Gen 1 was). Taking the new moves, added Pokémon, and P/S Split into account, Red++ should have far more than even FRLG, let alone RBY.
  15. BettyNewbie
    February 7th, 2015 10:09 AM
    Well, it's good that you did it. Those poor Grass/Poison types need all the help they can get.

    And, speaking of Grass types... Will Giga Drain be 75 BP/10 PP like it is in later Gens? 60 BP/5 PP just sucks, IMO.

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