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  1. Team Fail
    June 8th, 2015 2:32 PM
    Team Fail
    I still remember buying Pokemon Emerald when it was brand new and being all excited for Diamond and Pearl. I miss those times so much lol.
  2. Team Fail
    June 8th, 2015 2:09 PM
    Team Fail
    10 years? .-.

    Congrats though! :D
  3. CJoE
    June 8th, 2015 5:31 AM
    Happy Anniversary,
    Happy Anniversary,
    Happy Anniversary,
    Happy Anniversary,
    Happy Anniversary,
    Happy Anniversary,
    Happy Anniversary,
    Happy Anniversary!
  4. Rukario
    June 7th, 2015 10:12 PM
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
  5. TyHawk4501
    May 30th, 2015 8:07 PM
    Hey Mateo
  6. BettyNewbie
    May 25th, 2015 12:26 PM
    Eh, I wonder consider calling something "hipster" and calling it "cool" to be the same thing. I thought the whole point of being a hipster was to be into obscure things nobody has heard of. And of course, doing things "before it was cool" lol ;p
    The deal with hipsters is that their "purposeful uncoolness" is supposed to make them "cool," because it means they don't "follow the crowd," or some muk like that. I really don't see them as any different from "individualistic" goth kids who all wear the exact same overpriced crap from Hot Topic and listen to the exact same mass-produced mainstream nu metal "music."

    But yeah, I used to have a Blackberry. It was the first smartphone I got when I was due for an upgrade on my line. At the time, I had a Razr (remember when those were the cool phone everyone had to have (and now they're apparently in a museum)? lol
    Oh, gosh, Razrs... At one time, it was the hippest phone on the block. Now, it's a cheap piece of crap that only out-of-touch grandmas and poor people use. They haven't exactly aged well, suffice to say.

    Well, even though I've been working on some Gen 3 stuff recently, I'm not abandoning my Gen 1 and 2 hacks, so I'll still be trying to keep it alive, and trying to bring the same style to my Gen 3 stuff as well. (that being the same hacking style, I mean).
    That's good to know. There aren't enough Gen 1/2 hackers out there.

    Seriously. I know I got really lucky to make it through college without going into debt, but most people aren't that lucky. It's sad that it's gotten to the point where people start seriously considering stupid things like that just because they think it will give their kids a chance :/
    It is sad. It's hard for parents to deal with the very real possibility that their kids will be worse off than them because they either can't afford college or can't afford college without going into $200,000 in debt. There are just as many 25-35 year olds still living off their parents as there are 25-35 year olds getting married, having kids, and starting their adult lives. It's a dire situation.

    I do tend to put more thought into Continuity than GF does it seems, although there is still a little continuity problem between Gold and Christmas that I've never fully addressed (I think the closest I've come to explaining how Gold and Kris are in this and just now leaving, but Gold's events already happened, is that Lyra did that stuff this summer instead, but that hasn't been stated anywhere that I know of).
    Does Lyra even exist in Christmas' universe? And, I thought Gold and Hiro were the same person?

    (BTW, THANK YOU for not calling him "Ethan." That was NEVER a default or pre-selected name for the Gen 2 male PC, so it should ONLY be used for the HGSS version. The only "Ethan" in GSC is a Pokémaniac on the SS Aqua.)

    But yeah, I do try to focus more on the story and less on the metagame. Like when I was replacing Pokemon for Christmas, it wasn't based at all on which ones were used in competitive play, it was on which ones I thought made sense with the story and the region. Which ones I could believably say were native to Johto but seasonal (for example, Obamasnow's Pokedex data says that he lives in the mountains and only comes down in winter in the canon games, so he appears in Christmas in mountainous routes).
    Well, it was kind of hard to focus on competitive viability to begin with when it was mostly Ice types you were focusing on. (Outside of Kyurem-B and Kyurem-W, Mamoswine is pretty much the only Ice Type in the higher tiers. And, the other two are 700 BST Legendaries!)

    A lot of hackers have a tendency to make their games "hard mode" and and stuff them full of "competitive" Pokémon and give every NPC a perfect "competitive" team. I'm glad that you don't do any of that crap. You put more effort into storytelling, which, to me, is one of the main reasons to make a hack in the first place.

    Heck, even in Gen 1, there was a Gamefreak NPC who did nothing but go on about how hot he thought Misty and Sabrina and Erika were.
    Yeah, I remember him. There was also a similar guy (possibly the same one) in GSC who went on about how hot Jasmine and Whitney were. (Clair was obviously the ugly duckling of the bunch.) Blecch!
  7. BettyNewbie
    May 14th, 2015 9:55 PM
    I do actually know 1 person, online, who has a Windows phone. You're right though, Android is the Windows of the mobile world (despite technically being a Linux distro) and Windows Phone is like... well, no, it isn't the Linux of the phone world because lots of people use Linux. Windows Phone is like some random Hipster OS you've never heard of.
    Something being a "random Hipster OS" implies that it's cool, which Windows Phone sure as heck ain't. People would rather use a Blackberry (Remember those?) than a Windows phone.

    Well, it's not really my first rodeo with Gen 3. I started looking into it back when they were still new (ie, before Fire Red came out) but I decided to stick with Gen 2. That was also the time that we were starting to get some crossover stuff from the German romhacking community and were finally able to edit Pokemon sprites and start learning how scripting worked in Gen 2 (the germans figured that stuff out a couple of years before we did it seems) so yeah, I stuck with Gen 2 and let people go on with their Gen 3 stuff. Then later I looked stuff up about it here and there, but never did much besides poking around in A-Map and all. But I know some of it now and the rest I can probably pick up really quickly nowadays when I get around to it.
    Cool that you stuck with Gen 2 when everyone was jumping on the Gen 3 bandwagon. GSC (and even RBY) still had plenty of things to offer that the Gen 3 games didn't, and even now, I still find them worth hacking and playing. It's hackers like you who keep the early games alive.

    It does confirm what I always sort of thought all along though. Back in the 90s when everyone else made a big deal about them, I was like "Those beanie babies aren't really going to be anything. F it, I'm gonna play with mine, because they're just plushies" so I had a few but I never went nuts about it like everyone else did.
    Yeah, I think many people could've told you that. They were just cheap, mass-produced toys that everyone owned and collected, after all, so they were never going to be rare or truly valuable. Once the fad ended, you couldn't give those things away, they were so worthless.

    It's sad, though, that someone would be so desperate as to invest in something like Beanie Babies, comic books, or whatnot, just to put their kids through college. College has become so unaffordable (yet necessary) for the middle class that it's driven people to these risky "get rich quick" schemes that almost always fail and leave them broke.

    Again, I think Gamefreak are just lazy and don't think things through. I know I'm one to talk about that, but still lol.
    I think you're allowed to say that, to be honest. Even incomplete, I find your hacks to be superior to the official games. You have an attention to detail that GF has never had, and since you lack their obsession with catering to the "metagame," you care a lot more about things like story and casual gameplay. Red++ is already a better Gen 1 remake than FRLG ever were.

    No idea, tbh. I mean, I can see the scientist thing since there was the laboratory there and his other trainers were scientists so he fit right in. But why they changed him into this "Look at me, I'm a gentleman" thing is really random. "I live in a cave, but I dress like I'm made of money".
    Again, many of HGSS' redesigns were random and completely OOC. Just look at Sabrina's skanky "makeover," for example. Apparently, somebody felt that there wasn't enough cheap fanservice in the game.
  8. BettyNewbie
    May 14th, 2015 4:22 PM
    LOL, I was wondering where you were.

    You're definitely right about that. Windows Phone is a joke -- to be honest, I forget Windows phones are even a thing until someone else brings them up.
    Do you know someone that has a Windows phone? Exactly. If somebody doesn't want/can't afford an iPhone, then they get an Android phone. Android is the true mobile equivalent of Windows, not Windows Phone. Microsoft is wasting their time trying to compete in that market.

    Well, right now I'm theoretically working on a D&D campaign for people to play, so that's kinda like writing, but in a non-traditional way. And somewhere in here, maybe I'll start back legit writing too. Either way, hopefully I can do something about that whole "not finishing projects" thing by getting Red++ and Christmas finished haha.
    That's good to know, but don't try to rush yourself. You still want to release a quality product.

    Also, to add to the list of projects that may never be finished, Pyro and I have recently gotten into the early stages of rebooting Pokémon Sterling Silver as an Emerald hack like I think I mentioned before. Still too soon to really show anything or make a thread or anything. Just ideas, concept art, and that sort of thing for the most part. Guess we'll see where it goes!
    So, you want to make the leap into GBA hacking? Well, at least, Emerald's a better/less overdone base than FireRed.

    Oh well, no big deal. To be honest, I probably never would have gotten around to trying to sell it anyway. That does make sense though, if it took them a long time to correct it.
    That's how it usually goes, alas. If you think something's worth a lot, then chances are, it isn't.

    This is the big reason why collecting fads are not something you want to build your future around. Just ask this family who went bankrupt collecting Beanie Babies.

    What I personally think they should have done with Mt Silver is have it so it is randomly one of the two, OR if you have FireRed/LeafGreen in the GBA slot, it is whichever one matches your gender in that save. Wouldn't have been hard to do at all, but they were clearly just being ignorant. No surprise there, though...
    Taking advantage of Dual Slot Mode would've been the obvious solution. Whoever's at the end of Mt. Silver is your character and team from your FRLG save. People without FRLG get a default team with Red in HeartGold and Green in SoulSilver. Perfect.

    Unfortunately, there was a pretty big obstacle in the way of doing that at the time: the DSi. Nintendo started to heavily push the DSi by 2009-10, which for GF meant phasing out the Gen 3 games. This was part of the reason for Platinum's Dex expansion, as well as HGSS' mere existence; they wanted to make it so you could complete the National Dex without RSE/FRLG/Colosseum/XD. While Platinum and HGSS still had Pal Park for people with older DSs and the older games, they didn't emphasize and promote Dual Slot Mode nearly as much as DP did, and this was why.

    Hmm, considering that his Gym is on an island, the beach bum persona would have made plenty of sense if they had decided to go with it. It would have made even more sense in GSC/HGSS, since his Gym had burned down and he was literally living as a bum on a mostly deserted island.
    Yeah, it does. I wonder why they changed his character?
  9. BettyNewbie
    May 4th, 2015 10:05 PM
    Actually, in my experience, it's just as common (if not moreso) for people to have a Mac that dualboots Windows and OSX as it is for someone with a PC to want to make a Hackintosh. Bootcamp is software that Apple ships with OSX specifically to make it easier for people to do that. Which I told JD means "Apple knows you'll have to put Windows on there to actually do anything useful with it, so they went ahead and made it easy for you." lol.

    I know there are Mac versions of the game, but I only have the PC versions and that was where he was getting the install disks for the games from. And I had an XP install disk lying around and spare product codes, so that actually seemed simpler haha. But like you say, the PC community has far more support in terms of modding. That's how it is with hacking too :p
    Interesting... Macs have their benefits, but it's very true that there's just more support for Windows. It's far more common, and far more programs are designed with it specifically in mind. There's a reason why most gamers, hackers, modders, etc, use PCs and not Macs.

    Of course, where Apple does dominate over Microsoft is in the mobile market. While neither can match Android, Windows Phone barely exists compared to iOS. I'm one of many people who owns an iPhone, yet uses a Windows laptop. Mobile is clearly where Apple's calling card lies, while Microsoft's is in traditional desktops and laptops (which is why Windows 8 bombed).

    I know what you mean about finding it hard to complete things, whether stories or hacks or any kind of project. If I had a nickel for every project I've legitimately finished, I doubt I could buy a can of store-brand soda. Oh well, trying to work on changing that. I keep saying I'm going to get back into writing, maybe one of these days I actually will. I'll let you know if/when it happens!
    Yup, that's exactly how I am. I have lots of ideas, but I can just never seem to make them real. I try, though.

    As much as I don't like the idea of Nintendo getting into the Freemium thing, I do think it would be nice if it means a lot of these ripoffs getting shutdown. Not sure if that makes sense or not, but it makes sense to me somehow.
    Knockoff freemium games directly threaten Nintendo's own freemium games, that's what. The traditional handheld games are aimed at a different audience than crap like Super Monster Bros, but not so with Shuffle and Rumble World.

    /me adds a cheatcode where if you name yourself Tracey, your starter is Marill and your sprite is Tracey. (not really).

    I do have a rainbow energy, but not sure if that's it. I was thinking it was a gym card, like Rocket's Minefield Gym or something like that (I forget the exact name, been years since I actually looked through and saw it, so not sure if that's even the right card) but it makes me wanna pull my cards out and have a look one day when I have a chance, for sure!
    Unfortunately, that happens to be one of the few error cards that's worth less than the corrected version. The error card doesn't seem to be worth much more than $2.00, while the corrected one can go for as high as $100. Apparently, it took them longer to correct this error than it did other ones, so there are actually fewer corrected versions than there are error ones. Wish I had better news, sorry.

    I've always thought Kris needed more love than GF gave her, especially when they replaced her in HGSS.
    What makes it really irritating is that she was originally going to be in HGSS. An unused map sprite of her still exists in HGSS' data, so she was clearly scrapped at the last minute.

    The games do not have a great track record with female PCs. Not only was Kris scrapped from the remakes, but Green was retconned out of canon (with only Red appearing on Mt. Silver in HGSS), and May/Dawn/Hilda/Rosa/Serena are all pretty obviously treated as lesser, secondary versions of their male counterparts, especially in marketing.

    This could possibly be extended to female NPCs, as well, such as Sabrina's fanservicey makeover, or Lorelei and Agatha getting scrapped from Gen 2 while Bruno and Lance got to stay, or the simple fact that we still have yet to see our first female Evil Team leader. (And, let's not even get into the glorified Barbie doll that they love to shove onto us as the Ultimate Strong Female Role Model.) Just because Pokémon's better with women than other games doesn't make it perfect.

    I can agree with almost all of those. But Blaine still doesn't bother me as much, since at least in the anime he wasn't even showing off that he was a gym leader in public, but then again his alter ego was a long-haired beach bum in the anime, so totally opposite from the classy gentleman look. And it doesn't make a lot of sense to look like a million bucks when your gym is in a cave...
    There's actually a reason why anime Blaine looked so different from the game version: He was based on an early prototype design for Blaine (which you could clearly see once he took the wig and glasses off) instead of the more familiar one that was introduced with Yellow. Why, you ask? Because, Blaine's anime debut aired a month before Yellow (and thus, the updated look) was released in Japan. Ironic how the game that borrowed so heavily from the anime ended up giving him a drastically different design from what he actually had on the anime.

    It's possible that they originally envisioned Blaine as being more of an eccentric old hippie/beach bum type instead of a hot-headed quiz-master scientist, which the anime portrayal was a remnant of. Who knows?
  10. BettyNewbie
    May 2nd, 2015 3:52 PM
    Ah yeah, in that case I can totally get where you're coming from. It's like when one of my friends would ask me to fix his Mac and I was like "Bro I barely know how to use a Mac keyboard, let alone fix it" but I did manage to figure out how BootCamp worked -- He wanted me to put XP on it so he could install Sims 2, so I was cool with learning how to turn a Mac into a PC xD
    Wow, you never see that, people wanting to install Windows on a Mac.

    There actually are Mac versions of the Sims games, but from my experiences in Sims 1 fandom (not sure how it is with Sims 2), there are far fewer creating programs for Mac users than there are for Windows ones. Windows users get access to The Sims Transmogrifier (for cloning and creating objects), Rug-O-Matic (for cloning and creating rugs), SimEnhancer 3D (for changing Sims' looks and traits), SE Object Manager (for organizing and categorizing objects), IFF Pencil 2 (editor for object files), FAR Out (extracts the FAR files that come with the game), FAR Extractor (another FAR editor), Sim Wardrobe (another Sim modifier), and a bunch of others. Mac users, on the other hand, get IFF Snooper (an IFF editor) and FAR Sight (a FAR extractor), and that's it.

    It was definitely fun. They usually were when they were creative writing, since they were small classes and we were almost all English Majors so we all knew each other as well. Sadly, it's been a while since I did much writing, but I want to get back into it.
    You should get back into it. I love writing fanfiction, myself, although I find it hard to complete stories.

    Oh wow, I'm surprised they weren't hit with a cease and desist for that game, that's such a blatant rip-off. If EA could sue whoever made "The Ville" for it being an obvious rip-off of The Sims Social, I'm sure they could sue over a Pokemon/Mario rip-off if they wanted to. (In the case of The Ville/Sims Social, that was annoying. They tried to get them with it, then cancelled Sims Social anyway. So I started playing The Ville, which was still up, but then they took that down too. At least I never spent any irl money on either of them, because I didn't have to. Wasn't gonna spend irl money on a pretend dress for a sim xD)
    Yeah, it's crazy how these freemium developers are able to get away with charging loads of cash for such blatant ripoffs.

    As Nintendo starts to dip its own toes into the freemium market, we might start seeing them bring lawsuits down on the developers of Super Monster Bros, Pokedan Monsters, Micromon, Little Masters, and all 8 million of the other cheap knockoffs lurking in the App Store.

    Well, I still *want* to include him, but the official stance at the moment is that he isn't in. I'm still considering making him available eariler in the game somehow, or buffing his stats a bit somehow like you've suggested, but I'm not sure enough to commit to one yet, so the official stance is still "Marill isn't in". But I do hope I can decide on a way and include him, because he's fun in his Marill sort of way.
    Yeah, it's ultimately your decision, and if you don't feel like Marill can work, then don't include her. We'll see what happens.

    That makes a lot of sense though. I wanna think I had a couple of mis-print cards somewhere, but I'd have to find them and look. Like I think I still had one of the Team Rocket cards that accidentally said "If tails, put damage counters on that Pokemon" without specifying how many. Which they then later released with corrected text.
    If it's this card, then it could be worth as much as $90.00!

    Error cards are always worth a lot. Most of them were quickly recalled and fixed, so there are very few of them out there, and rarity=value. For example, while a Movie 2000 promo Ancient Mew is just about worthless, the Japanese version that was released a year earlier with a misspelling of Nintendo as "Nintedo" can net you as much as $90.00.

    For example, if I made a fanfic version of Christmas, I'd have Hiro become a Breeder, Mei become a Coordinator, and Kris become the Champion, since that's what each of them do when they are an NPC and not the player.
    That's a pretty neat story idea. I think Kris deserves far more love, anyways. So far, you've treated her much better than GF ever did.

    I know, right? You'd think people would remember him since Crystal Onix was so popular, and was rumoured to be available in the games back in the day even though he wasn't of course. Nowadays, I think people in the community are more likely to think of me when they hear Mateo than they are to think of the CotD that I stole the name from xD
    Yeah, you've certainly become famous.

    I guess the Crystal Onix, itself, was so popular that it completely overshadowed the COTDs, which isn't completely surprising. For the most part, the human characters always played second-fiddle to the Pokémon in the anime, for better or worse.

    Some of the redesigns (or at least the new outfits) I wasn't bothered by. Some I didn't understand at all, but some were fine. I was ok with Blaine's design for example, while Sabrina's was clearly just fan service.
    I don't like redesigns that fundamentally change what the character was originally about. Blaine's supposed to be a hot-headed quiz-master scientist, not a glorified Gentleman in khakis with a derby hat and cane. And, Sabrina's supposed to be a strong, mysterious young woman, not some bimbo in a halter-top and hip-huggers. And, Lance is supposed to be this strong, yet kind, vibrant, and sexy young man, not a tired, aloof 50 year old. And, Karen is supposed to be this mysterious, witchy young woman, not some bimbo in bright yellow. I could go on and on...

    And, that's why, on the flip-side, I liked Morty and Pryce's redesigns. Their original designs made them look more like beach bums than the characters they were supposed to be, so the new outfits actually worked. Unfortunately, it seems like HGSS had more misses than hits when it came to character design, overall.
  11. BettyNewbie
    April 29th, 2015 7:01 PM
    For the most part, I don't mind it. Usually what they want done is something simple, and I do know a good bit about computers beyond just the usual "I dick around on one all day" kind of stuff, so it's usually not a big deal. Plus they usually pay me for it if it's anything remotely complicated. I've also done that kind of stuff for other people too, either for free or for money depending on like who it was and stuff. Backing up and transferring files, fixing errors, re-installing Windows, whatever needs doing. (I can probably install Windows XP in my sleep at this point). But I know what you mean, still. It does get old to be in the middle of doing something and get a phone call because Granny's printer won't work, even if it isn't all the time.
    Yeah, my computer knowledge is pretty much limited to Googling and Sims 1, so I know jack muk about fixing a printer, removing a virus, or anything like that. Yet, my parents still love to use me as their free, personal computer repairwoman (and get mad and call me "selfish" when I can't fix their problems, which is about 90% of the time). I can really relate to this excellent Cracked article.

    I even made him the villain in one of my totally-not-serious stories I wrote for class. (He was attacking the administration building or the chancellor's house or something in an "iMech" to get back at them for not letting him graduate because he sent in all his paperwork as PDF files.) But that's just par for the course in one of our creative writing classes. The not-serious stories mentioning real people, I mean. He was the only one I knew of with a PDF file fetish. smh.
    LOL, sounds like it was a fun class. Do you still write?

    Exactly. I know at least now there is some extra popup that comes up asking you enter your age and warning about in-game purchases and making you approve them and stuff like that, probably as a response to those complaints. But even still, I know they have to be doing it because like you say, they know kids don't know it's using real money. And they know they can get away with it, because your authorized it in that ToS you didn't read but agreed to anyway.
    Oh, those ToSs never do a damn thing. People never read those to begin with, especially not little kids, so they don't do jack to prevent horror stories like this from happening. No, what happens is that mommy or daddy lets junior play with their smartphone/tablet for a few hours, and at the end of the month, they get a surprise $5000 iTunes bill. And, the greedy developers of these games are laughing all the way to the bank.

    What makes it even worse is that many of these games are cheap, crappy rip-offs to begin with, not even worth $0.01, let alone $5000. One of the most infamous examples is Super Monster Bros: Guess which two Nintendo franchises they're trying to leech off of?

    Yep, totally quoting the G/S guide there :p Hopefully I can make Marill at least decent enough in Red++, even though I'm not giving him uber Pikablu stats.
    So, Marill is going in Red++, then?

    As I suggested, the only way to really make a pre-Gen 3 Marill useful at all is to make it an early Pokémon. Stick it on a pre-Brock route, and people who didn't pick Squirtle will have a semi-decent Water type to get them through the earlier parts of the game when Water types are less common. Once Water types start to become far more common, Azumarill will have started falling behind, so you can stick it in the PC along with Butterfree, Raticate, and the rest of the early route Mons who got you through the first 3-4 Badges.

    I never knew that for sure, but I always had a sneaky feeling that was how it worked. I mean I've never been a huge collector of much of anything so it wasn't something I spent a lot of time looking into. But I know that it's always the really rare things that end up fetching a high price. Like right now, a copy of PSO Episode 1 and 2 for Gamecube is really expensive, which is why I'm glad my irl friends still own copies so we can play it when we hang out. And like Shantae for GBC goes for some crazy prices on eBay these days.
    Yeah, that's the hard truth about collecting. Things that were made specifically to be collected are almost never worth anything because they're almost never rare or even uncommon. Basically, if it was a huge collecting fad in the 90s, then forget about investing in it. (Pokémon cards are pretty much the only exception to that rule, and even then, it's mostly just 1st Edition Holos from 1998-2000 and error/odd one-off cards that bring in big bucks.)

    Old Pokémon games, believe it or not, have become worth quite a lot. Unopened, mint condition boxes of Red are selling for as much as $500, and even one that's simply complete and still in the box (but not necessarily mint) can still set you back as much as $130. Even the Gen 3 games have started to jump in value, although obviously not as much as RBY/GSC. Pokémon games were designed to be played (duh), not collected, so not many of them were saved (especially the boxes) and they now have rarity and value.

    People will always demand convenience when it is available, and that's just something normal broadcast television can't keep up with. It's why Redbox and Netflix killed normal video rental stores, and I'm sure streaming is going to kill normal TV. I'm sure TV sets will do fine, people still want a huge screen to watch their shows and movies on, they just don't want to wait around for the cable company to get around to showing it, they want to watch what they want, when they want.
    Exactly. Things like the copyright crackdowns and whatnot are only Old Media trying to buy time with the force of law. They know it's over for them, but they don't want to give it up just yet.

    The way I would do that is say have it focus on the male and the female the way it had Misty and Ash in the original. Both traveling together but doing their own things. They can have their own interests and whatnot, and both receive character development. Maybe they can both beat the league in their own time, whatever works best for the story.
    The reason why Misty and Ash worked was because Misty's goals didn't overlap/conflict with Ash's (as Green's would've had they used her, instead), and even then, Ash was technically still the hero of the tale.

    Knowing the anime's writers, what I fear happening if they were to use game protagonists is they'd always make the male the hero and stuff the female into a "lesser" secondary role (most likely as a coordinator), which would be 1000x worse than the current setup with Ash never aging, IMO.

    Yep, that's it! Everyone forgot about Mateo, so it wasn't as obvious as if I'd named myself Brock or something. Mateo is just a regular name, (It's "Matt" in Spanish) so people don't really think of it as a Pokémon reference in particular.
    Oh, those poor, forgotten COTDs. Strange, though, that nobody remembers Mateo, despite the Crystal Onix being one of the most memorable Orange Islands episodes for many.

    As for the design, I still prefer the classic design a lot, but the ORAS one is alright. It doesn't ruin Flannery for me or anything, but I do still like the original a lot more It seems a lot more natural and normal, suits her better, etc.
    Yeah, I prefer old!Flannery, myself. One thing that's hard not to notice is that remake designs seem to be becoming increasingly more and more drastic. Aside from the protagonists, Blue, Brock, and the Elite Four, most of the major NPCs in FRLG pretty much looked the same as they did in RBY (or, at least, GSC). On the other hand, few characters resembled their original selves in HGSS, and the same goes for ORAS. Sometimes, this was for the better (like in the case of Morty and Pryce), but most times, it was for the worse (as in the case of Clair, Karen, Lance, Sabrina, and Blaine).
  12. BettyNewbie
    April 29th, 2015 4:27 PM
    I remember my grandmother got a new computer and it had the much newer version of office on it. She asked me to help her get it set up and I had to look at it for a minute and say "Well, since we're both used to Office 2003, you know as much about this version as I do. But I'll do my best!" lol
    Ugh, I hate when older relatives automatically assume that people our age are magical computer whizzes who can instantly solve all of their problems. Just because someone uses a computer all the time doesn't mean they know how to do anything and everything with one.

    When that guy kept submitting his stories as PDF files (after we were instructed to e-mail them as .doc files, and after half of the class complained that they couldn't open them) I started going out of my way to send him my critique in increasingly strange formats (while sending a copy to the professor as a .doc file). Like, one week he sent his story as pdf, I sent my critique as an excel spreadsheet. One week it was a fake Yu-Gi-Oh card (a continuous trap card with the same name as his story), etc. What I was planning to do the last time he was scheduled to have one of his stories workshopped was to quickly hack Pokemon Gold so NPCs made comments on his story, record me playing it on a VHS tape (totally doable without much effort because of all the junk I have lying around) and during class go wheel the TV into the room and play the video of my critique. The professor was cool with it, but I never got a chance to. He didn't submit anything the last time he was scheduled because someone had missed a day and they let her go instead. Once I told the class what my plan had been, a lot of people were disappointed, but oh well. </rambling>
    LOL, that's hilarious. I hate when people insist on using terrible, awkward file formats just because they can.

    But I know some people aren't so lucky and get some crazy bills from their kids playing ponies on their phone. smh.
    That's the worst thing about many freemium games like that. Even though MLP has a lot of adult fans, its target audience is still children, and marketing a freemium game to that demographic is just sick. They're only encouraging kids to run up huge bills on their parents' credit cards because, hey, it's not like they know they're actually using real money to buy all of those gems.

    And especially since Marill is the real-life version of Pikablu, you'd think that they'd have at least made him, y'know, good...
    Oh, I remember that line... Yeah, just as Marill didn't become common until Gen 3, it didn't become any good until that Gen, either. It was one of the few Gen 1-2 Pokémon that benefited 100% from the transition to Gen 3. (Most either stayed the same or became worse.)

    And you've got a point about the movie promos. They aren't a big deal at all these days.
    I work in the collecting business, and one thing I've heard over and over again is that, in general, if it was made to be collected, then it's not worth anything. This applies to anything that's a special "Collector's Edition," reproduction, or whatnot. That's because rarity is what makes things valuable to begin with, and something can't be rare if they made a million of it and everyone who bought it saved it and put it away neatly. This is why, for example, an original copy of Action Comics No. 1 is worth a fortune, while an original copy of Superman #75 is completely worthless.

    It's a similar story with Pokémon cards. They didn't make too many 1st Edition Holo Charizards, and many of those cards were either lost or damaged over time, which is why they're selling for as much as $5500. On the flip-side, they made a zillion Ancient Mews to give out for free to kids seeing Pokémon 2000 in theaters, and the cards were pretty much designed solely for collecting (they were actually horrible in the TCG), so don't expect to get any more than $10 for one (and, that's mint condition and still sealed in the package, mind you).

    I watch some TV on TV, just not in my room. And I don't watch commercials, because TiVo. Just wait a bit to start watching it, jump back to the beginning of the show, then fast-forward the commercials. Then again, the only shows I currently watch regularly in general are Doctor Who, Castle, Broadchurch, My Little Pony, Community, aaaand... I think that's about it. And since I don't get BBC America or Hub Network anymore, the only one of those I watch on actual TV is Castle. Other than that, it's just whatever I feel like getting after on Netflix or whatever other streaming site I find.
    Streaming is where the future lies. TPTB may be fighting nail and tooth to keep people watching TV in front of a TV set and dutifully giving them money for a cable/satellite subscription, but they're fighting a losing battle. New Media will win, like it or not.

    I still think it would have been better if each season of the anime started fresh with the game's protaganists in the proper region. That way kids who were watching it would be able to better see the parallels between the games they were playing and the anime that was based on it. Nowadays, kids don't even know who Ash was based on, because it was a player from a game that came out before they were born, and for those of us watching longer, it means Ash has to forget what a pidgey is because he went to a new region so the Pokedex can explain it again. So yeah, I can totally agree with wanting a breath of fresh air instead of bringing people back for no reason, even if I was ok with Brock being there at the time.
    Yeah, that would've been the best way to do it, even if it might've caused issues later on with the remakes and even different gender PCs. (Do you pick the boy or the girl to be the hero? Do you revisit the stories of the remakes?)

    As for Tracy in a hack, I think Pyro and I were the only ones to do that for a long time. I *Think* Tracy might show up in the Orange Islands part of Liquid Crystal, but I'm not sure. I know Mateo and the Crystal Onix show up (that part tripped me up when I got there xD I was like "Wait, Mateo? Oh right, it's the guy I stole my username from").
    LOL, I was wondering where you got your name from.

    I know Tracey appeared in that horrible "Pokémon Naranja" hack that was made years ago, but otherwise, you don't see him in many hacks. I have seen many fan-made sprites of him, though, including a rare GSC one here.

    I think they said she inherited the gym from her Father or Grandfather or something, and she wasn't exactly awesome at the whole being-a-gym-leader thing, but she was obligated to. I'm not sure how much of that is from the games and how much is from the anime, but yeah.
    She mentions the "skills inherited from my grandfather" in her pre-battle dialog, so I'm guessing that's who gave her the gym. According to the anime, she got the gym from him after he retired to become a poet.

    Which Flannery design do you like better, RSE or ORAS?
  13. BettyNewbie
    April 26th, 2015 11:33 AM
    Don't worry, I've been slacking, too. (More accurately, in bed sick. I just had NO motivation to go online yesterday, whatsoever. )

    Fun Fact: My current laptop is running Office 2003. I had Office 2007 that I got when I got that laptop, but I had used my product key too many times to re-install it by this point so I've been running Office 2003 since like '08 or '09 I think. But that was fine by me, since all of my professors wanted us to send in papers as ".doc, NOT .docx!" because of the same reason you mentioned. I did download the compatibility pack though since in my creative writing classes I would still have other people send out their stories as .docx files (or in the case of one person, .pdf files. Much to the annoyance of literally every other person in class, which caused me to start sending him my critiques of his story in increasingly bizarre formats.)
    Office 2007 works fine enough for me, but I probably still prefer Office 2003. I don't think I'll ever fully like that "Ribbon" interface. What happened to good, old-fashioned menu bars?

    (And, it's ironic that I say this, since Office 2007 is far from "new" anymore, having been succeeded by Office 2010 and 2013. In fact, Office 2007 is so old that it isn't officially compatible with Windows 7 (ie. the box doesn't say it), although it works just fine.)

    If there's one kind of file format that I wish would go the way of the Dodo, it's .pdf. Slow and clunky and exclusive to the equally slow and clunky Adobe. Blech.

    And yeah, I mostly play emulators when I'm bored and have my phone to play with, but I have spent some time on freemium games too while avoiding spending money. Like, I was playing this My Little Pony game on there for a while. Like you said, the freemium aspect gets old after a bit.
    Oh, dear, I think I've heard of that MLP freemium game. Beware of anything that has an in-game currency like gems, or whatnot. The game will always be unplayable without said currency, which happens to cost real currency, because why charge people $5 upfront when you can charge them $100 for gems to complete the game?

    I've never mistaken Skarmory or Marill for Gen 3, but I always forget Slugma and Magcargo were Gen 2. I associate them with Flannery, so I associate them with Hoenn. I'm sure a lot of people are the same way or at least similar.
    I think Marill isn't mistaken for Gen 3 not because of the games, themselves, but because of the way it was heavily pushed in the anime at the time. It was in Pikachu's Vacation, Tracey had one, and it was plastered all over many tie-in products in 1999-2001. Yet, it barely existed in the games, themselves, being a rare swarm encounter that few NPCs even used. Itonic how it ended up being a bigger part of Gen 3 than the Generation that marketed it so heavily.

    I'm not sure where all of my cards are. Some I know are in my closet, others I think ended up in a box somewhere. /me shrugs. Been ages since I played the game though. The cards have changed so much since then I probably wouldn't know what I was doing anymore lol.
    I only collected the cards, myself. Never had any interest in playing the game. Many of them actually are worth a lot (especially if it's Charizard), but not any of the movie promos, since tons of them were made and more importantly, they were literally designed to be collected and not used in the game. There's tons of them left.

    As for the TV, that sounds like what the one in my room is doing. It collects dust and I throw my hats on it. That's about it. I do use other larger TVs though. Like there is one in the living room that I do watch TV or movies on when I want a bigger screen. Or sometimes I hook my laptop up with the HDMI so I can play PC games on a bigger screen. Plus I have an old desktop computer with emulators on it that just uses the TV as a monitor (and other old consoles that I still have hooked up to it). But yeah, most of the time when I watch a TV show or movie these days its streamed to my laptop.
    Yeah, I guess TV sets still have their uses, but it isn't for watching TV shows and movies the old-fashioned way. I could never go back to stupid commercials and horrific network schedules.

    I enjoyed Tracey, but I liked Brock as a character too. They were just different. But yeah, Tracey was cool, and he even ended up as a battle-able trainer in Pokémon Sterling Silver back in the day. He was in the Mobile Room in the Pokemon Communication Center in Goldenrod, and he had like a Marill and a Scyther on his team I think. You could battle him as often as you wanted.

    I will agree though, Brock was extremely predictable in his girl crazed antics lol.
    Oh, I did like Brock in Kanto, but no more after that. He was a complete waste of space in Johto, and bringing him back for Hoenn and Sinnoh was just insane. His shtick had worn very thin.

    Cool that you put Tracey in one of your hacks. It's a shame that he never appeared in any of the games, even as a generic NPC.

    Oh definitely. I always found her more interesting since she wasn't just some generic gym leader like the others were. She was like a real person, in that she clearly felt like she needed to be a certain way to fit in as a gym leader, but that wasn't really her, and so we saw just from the bits of dialogue she has that she was a character with more backstory than say Falkner or something.
    Yeah, Flannery's dialog seems to indicate someone who might've been pushed into being a Gym Leader, regardless of whether of not that was her goal. Her pre-battle dialog almost reads as a parody of the generic "I am tough" dialog that previous Gym Leaders said (like the aforementioned Falkner). Kind of interesting what GF did with her there.
  14. BettyNewbie
    April 22nd, 2015 6:55 PM
    Wow, you just said "Way back in 2007" like it was a long time ago... that was my freshman year of college (or senior year of highschool, depending on the month) so it still doesn't feel like that long ago. But that's still the same time I got a Vista laptop as well. It did alright in some ways, but like I said, as soon as I found out how to replace it, I did. Windows Vista made me fail a History class. (Or more specifically, my professor not receiving my e-mails with assignments + failing to backup said assignments when putting XP on my laptop because of Vista's nonsense cause me too fail it, but I'm gonna blame Vista.)

    It doesn't surprise me at all that when they forced us to give up XP, we moved to 7 instead of 8. 7 Still feels like Windows. I made the comment before, "If I wanted my desktop to look like that, I'd tape an iPad to my screen and call it a day". They really did shoot themselves in the foot with 8. Hopefully 10 will fix that.
    Well, 2007 was 8 years ago now. I was a Junior in high school then.

    I was actually considering putting XP on my Vista laptop at the time, but unfortunately, that was around the time Microsoft stopped selling XP, so it never happened. I remember constantly having to save my essays, PowerPoints, etc, in Office 2003 compatibility mode because all of my high school's computers were still running 2000/XP and Office 2003. (Alas, the public school system is always behind the times. They probably just got their first Windows 7 computers last year.)

    Hopefully 10 will be better, because I have a sinking feeling that 7 won't be an option anymore by the time I have to get a new laptop.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. It can do everything an iPhone can do, plus it's waterproof even without a lifeproof case. And it runs Android, so I know wtf I'm doing with it lol. Every time I use a friend's iPhone, I find it incredibly annoying to navigate and do things. I'm used to having a back button and a menu button (or as I call it, a "right-click button") so when I try to borrow their iPhone for something, it gets annoying. The only thing I like about iPhones is Siri, and that isn't enough to make me buy one. I just got a free voice assitant from the app store to play around with when I get bored (but mostly I just play my emulators and stuff if I'm bored and wanna play on my phone).

    Haha I do enjoy Siri though. She also makes it fun to troll people too. Like a few times, my friend left his iPhone lying around, and his gf wanted us to prank him, so I took his phone and said "Siri, call me Princess Twilight Sparkle" (he hates MLP). So later we're all at Waffle House and he asks Siri something and she is like "Ok Princess Twilight Sparkle" and he was like WTF WHO DID THAT!?! xD Oh, random college shenanigans. Good times.
    Ah, an Android phone. Those aren't bad, and they're a heck of a lot cheaper than iPhones. (And, more of their apps are free, too.)

    My iPhone has Siri, but I never use it. I wish I could give it to you.

    I love having games on my phone for when I'm out in public and stuck in a waiting room, or whatnot, but the loads and loads of cheap, crappy freemium games are aggravating.

    I'm really not surprised that Zigzagoon is one of my favorites though, even without anything to do with the games themselves. I've always liked Raccoons in general, so when we finally got one I was like "omg I'm going to catch you and name you Coonie" And apparently, I put them in Johto so often that one of my friends had accidentally started thinking Zigzagoon came out in Gen 2. He was playing vanilla Gold and looking all over on Route 29 and was like "Geez, I can't find a Zigzagoon anywhere. Do they only come out at night or something?" and I said "They weren't in Gen 2, they are from Hoenn" and he facepalmed and was like "I've been playing your hacks too much, I legit thought they were in Gold so I've been looking for one all afternoon". #oops
    LOL. Ironically, there are a lot of Gen 2 Pokémon that many people think debuted in Gen 3 because they were so much more common/prominent in RSE than they were in GSC (think Marill, Slugma, and Skarmory, for example). GSC had a (unfortunate, if you ask me) habit of giving more spotlight to Gen 1 Pokémon and making the Gen 2 ones either rare, unavailable until the postgame, and/or nonexistent on NPC teams.

    I saw the first two in theaters, and I still have my Ancient Mew card around. Sadly, I didn't get one of the promo cards at the first movie because the theater ran out. I have the first 3 on VHS (but don't own any of them on DVD or anything.) I still have a VCR in my room though. Built into the tv. But as a testament to how often I watch TV on an actual TV, I'm pretty sure that TV hasn't been plugged into the cable or the wall since at least 2012 xD I never have seen Mewtwo Returns, but I hear it was cool. I should probably add that to my list of "movies I need to watch" lol.
    I still have all of the promo cards from the first two movies, although, sadly, they aren't worth that much.

    Just recently, I finally removed my TV and (early 00s era) DVD/VHS combo from my room, which wasn't doing anything but taking up space and gathering dust. I think the last time I watched TV on an actual TV set was sometime in 2007-08. Even when I want to watch a DVD, I'm more likely to just pop it into my laptop. TV has become obsolete.

    I will agree nowadays that Misty and Tracy would make a much better couple than Misty and Ash. I shipped them during the Kanto saga though, before Tracy was even a character. Ash is a pretty lame character though. I feel like he had potential, but he's basically wasted it over the past decade. "Pokémon! (Gotta catch like 5 then quit) It's you and me! The show's here indefinitely! Pokémon! Oh, you're my best friend... And I'll still be f***in' 10..." -- Revised lyrics for accuracy.
    LOL at that revised theme.

    As I've mentioned before, I'm one of the few people who didn't vehemently hate Tracey when he replaced Brock. In fact, I liked him. Brock was great in the early days, but he had started to wear out his welcome by the end of Kanto. His constant drooling over the same Jenny and Joy clones was getting old, and it was obvious that his character was starting to stagnate. Him coming back for Johto was the last thing I wanted to see.

    Tracey was a much-needed breath of fresh air, and he also happened to be kind of cute. Plus, I'll take a sweet, sensitive artist any day over, well, this. Pity he wasn't developed more, though.

    But yeah, I was glad that they started acknowledging the PCs as being teens finally. I mean, what kind of a world would decide "Oh you're 10 now? Time to go leave home to fend for yourself and make monsters fight for your amusement. Don't forget to change your underwear!" I mean seriously, that premise never made sense. I get that it was to make the player relevant to the intended audience, but still, willing suspension of disbelief only goes so far.
    Tell me about it. The 10 year old PCs worked back in a time when most Pokémon fans were 7-10 years old, but let's face it, those days are long gone. Most fans, nowadays, aren't any younger than 15-16, and a large number are in their 20s. Why should the PCs continue to be preteens when most fans are well past that stage of their life?

    There's possible evidence that May/Brendan may have been retconned into teenagers in ORAS, something that I hope happens to all of the pre-Gen 5 PCs.

    As for Flannery, well, she is pretty hot. *badum tiss* /lame_pun
    Flannery's pretty, yes, but surely, there's more to her than that.

    (Of course, I'm a straight woman, so I'm sure you already know how I feel about T&A. )
  15. BettyNewbie
    April 21st, 2015 9:23 PM
    That windows graphic seems pretty accurate :p Hopefully 10 will keep the pattern and make itself useful enough to be worth the upgrade. As of right now, I'm not sure if it's worth it-- even keeping in mind that the upgrade is legitimately free for Windows 7 last time I checked. I just had so much distrust from 8 and still have resent leftover from Vista and all, so it's hard to look at it without a lot of distrust y'know? But maybe it will be ok.
    I don't blame you for being cautious. I remember way back in 2007, I readily ditched my 3 year old XP laptop for a brand new Vista laptop, thinking that Vista was just as good as XP. BIG mistake. Even with Aero turned off, it ran like a dog, and trying to reinstall old programs from my XP laptop (like Sims 1 and my printer) was an utter nightmare. And, since the laptop didn't have enough juice to run the bloated OS, its internal cooling fan started to crap out after less than a year and it eventually got to the point where the laptop was unusable unless it was stacked up on a pile of books with a desk fan jammed underneath it. Just terrible.

    When it came time to get a new laptop in 2010, my experience with Vista made me leery of Windows 7, but luckily, that one turned out to be a genuine improvement. Once Windows 8 reared its ugly head a few years later, I had learned my lesson and stayed the hell away from it.

    Unfortunately, those who stuck around with good old XP this late have no choice but to upgrade now, as Microsoft ended support for the OS a year ago. Unsurprisingly, most who did upgrade went to Windows 7 instead of Windows 8 (much to the chagrin of Microsoft), as Windows 7's share of the market shot up as XP's started to decline. Even now, though, XP still has a larger share of the market than Windows 8, which really shows how much of a flop Windows 8 has been.

    (And, of course, most of those of who didn't upgrade to Windows 7, instead "upgraded" to an Apple product or Android tablet, which Microsoft hates even more. Windows 8 basically killed half of their userbase.)

    As for apps, definitely agree. They have no place on a desktop OS at all IMO. I think what they are doing is trying to copy Apple-- I seem to remember hearing some of my friends say that OSX now supports iOS apps in some way? I don't know, I can't stand Apple so I don't try to keep up with them. Don't own an iPod, iPhone, or have iTunes on my computer and don't want them. But I've thought for a while now that Windows has been trying to copy Apple just looking at their changes, despite the fact that most of us nowadays choose Windows specifically because we don't want a Mac
    Yeah, copying Apple has never worked for Microsoft. Nothing will ever get Mac diehards to buy a PC, no matter what, so all they end up doing is alienating their own userbase.

    I don't have a hatred for Apple, myself, as I own an iPhone and it has worked well for me. I see it as a separate (and occasionally, backup) computer from my laptop rather than a replacement. What kind of phone do you have? (Don't tell me you still have a dumbphone. )

    I guess I'm pretty hit or miss too in that regard. I know a lot of people are obsessed with Nuzlocke runs, but I don't enjoy them and get tired of hearing about them. We've already discussed how I feel about Smogon competitive battling, so no need to bring that up again. And as you know, I don't like the Sinnoh games very much So I know I have some dislikes that go against the mainstream. I also enjoy some Pokémon that most people ignore for being inferior, so that's pretty non-mainstream as well. Zigzagoon has been one of my favorites for a long time, even though I know he isn't super useful in battle. The only reason Pickup was added to Christmas originally was because I wanted to replace Sentret with Zigzagoon, and wanted to give him his gimmick (even though other Pokémon have Pickup, I always associate that as being Zigzagoon's thing).
    Nuzlockes were kind of fun at first, but they quickly became tedious and rather samey. And, the quality of the fanfiction inspired by them is very hit and miss.

    Cool that you have an early game Normal rodent as one of your favorites. While some of these Pokémon do have some battling use in the early game (Rattata gets an 80 BP STAB move as early as L13-14, and Zigzagoon gets a 70 BP STAB move as early as L9, for example), most of the time, people only use them for HM Slave/Pickup duty, if even that. (Bidoof, in particular, seems to have been created specifically for this purpose, as its evolved form, Bibarel, can learn all but two of Sinnoh's crapload of HMs.)

    But there are plenty of things I enjoy about the series that are pretty main-stream as well. I've always been a fan of Fire types, which I know at least used to be popular, not sure if they still are or not :p But Charizard has been a favorite from the start and he's still a top tier fan favorite even today. Lugia is another one that I love, ever since Pokémon 2000 (I know people seem to like calling it The Power of One these days, but in theaters it was totally just called "Pokémon: The Movie 2000" and my VHS copy only says "The Power of One" on the back of the case in the same size text as the rest of the description). So hey I guess that's another non-mainstream thing too xD I don't know if it's still mainstream to enjoy that movie or not, but it was certainly one of my favorites of the movies that I saw (I stopped watching the new ones around the time I stopped watching the anime regularly). But yeah. Like you mentioned, I'm also a fan of Mewtwo and Mew which are also very popular, and unlike you, I do prefer Pikachu to Raichu, although I certainly don't like "hate" Raichu or anything, I just think Pikachu is cuter and whatnot.
    Yeah, I love Mewtwo, Mew, and Lugia, too, and if pressed, Charizard is probably also my favorite Kanto starter (although, I still dislike a lot of the hype and overpromotion it receives).

    I remember Pokémon 2000 (as well as those VHS things, LOL ), and I remember enjoying it, as well as The First Movie. The Entei one was the first one I didn't like (and apparently many others didn't either, as it completely bombed in theaters), and that was the last movie I saw aside from the direct-to-video Mewtwo Returns (which I liked).

    When it comes to shipping, I don't get into that a whole lot but I do see Jessie and James together, which I think is a pretty common 'ship still. I used to ship Ash and Misty as well. I can't say that I have any ships I really think about regarding the Elite Four and stuff, although at one point I shipped Flannery and Green/Leaf/Whatever-you-want-to-call-her. Not sure where that idea came to me, since they aren't from the same region and canonically wouldn't have even met one another, but it was a thing for a while. That being said, I never imagine the protagonists as being 10 even though in at least the early games they were claimed to be. I always imagine them as around highschool age, and given her attitude and new-leader nature, I assume Flannery to not be a whole lot older, either in her late teens or early twenties, but around college age. Figured I'd clarify since you brought up the whole statutory and incest ships and didn't want to come off as supporting any of that, because I don't.
    Yeah, I like Jessie/James as a couple, too. As for Misty, though, I think I actually prefer her with Tracey. I don't think Ash is good enough for her, to be honest, and I think she deserves a sweet, mature guy who would treat her well and balance out her attitude. Misty/Tracey have a fair number of fans, but obviously not as many as Misty/Ash.

    (And, speaking of another very popular opinion that I hold, yes, Ash completely sucks as a character. He wants to be a Pokémon Master, yet only catches 5 or so Pokémon per region and never wins any Leagues (aside from Orange) and after almost 20 years is still the exact same annoying, immature 10 year old he was when he first left Pallet Town. Even as a kid, I thought he was the worst part of the anime, and he's only gotten worse since then.)

    I've never liked the idea of the protagonists being 10, myself, especially since, as you said, none of them even look like 10 year olds (except, perhaps, Lyra and new!May). Plus, having a bunch of 10 year olds roaming around on their own just isn't realistic at all. 15-17 years old makes more sense. (Something that even GF seems to agree with now, as all of the Unova and Kalos protagonists are literally meant to be teenagers.)

    Flannery's quite popular, although it's mostly for rather icky reasons. (Seriously, don't do an Image Search for her, just no.)

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