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  1. machomuu
    July 13th, 2009 06:21 PM
    I agree, but by the very low chance that the pokemon anime directors change the show's rating and content from E to PG-13/A, I would be a very happy man .
  2. machomuu
    July 13th, 2009 06:08 PM
    I don't either, but when you think about it, Pokemon USA will just ruin everything about her ...
  3. machomuu
    July 13th, 2009 05:24 PM
    No, I happen to like that name, is that the name of your band? (it sounds like a good band name )
  4. 261Poochyena
    July 13th, 2009 09:53 AM
    you need to empty you're mailbox
  5. Alpha King
    July 12th, 2009 09:28 PM
    Alpha King
    Tommorow's the day!!
  6. Kaylee Krysteenah Fynch
    July 12th, 2009 02:37 PM
    Kaylee Krysteenah Fynch
    XD So you don't like philosophy. Or mine at least... XD... I will try to remember that...

    We're fine. Everybody has good moments and bad moments... XD wait, philosophy, sorry. I mean, right now is not really exceptionally bad or good.

    I'm a really philosophical person, so I do sometimes have trouble understanding that maybe some people just want to live, and don't care why or how beyond what they see and feel... also I'm an intellectual and have trouble understanding when people like to be or act stupid on purpose. I don't know if you fall into either of those categories, but just in case you do I thought I'd mention that.

    My good note? Hmm, the only real good note I can think of right now is that I have Seth and my sister to keep me company... *tries to think of something optimistic to say, and fails epically*

    Oh, wait, I could always fall back on the good old, "When things are bad, that means they have room to get better"... XD
    Can you tell Krysteenah is not an optimist? XD

    Ooo, hold on. Do you have any interest in astrology? I don't know if we've been over it... but you suddenly remind me of an Aires, which isn't to say you necessarily are one, so I'm a little curious. I'm a Virgo, myself.
  7. Kaylee Krysteenah Fynch
    July 12th, 2009 02:50 AM
    Kaylee Krysteenah Fynch
    Saying "you're one to talk" isn't the most diplomatic thing to do.

    Also, I can hear anger in a person's voice and I usually interpret something said angrily as "yelling at" no matter how loud their voice is. Speaking calmly is much more diplomatic, and will likely be taken better as well. Sass is seen as rudeness, at least among some people, and people who think you are being rude to them are less likely to listen to you.

    Of course there are people out there who can't take criticism well regardless. But the things you told me you said to your mom, I would have probably not have listened to you either, if you said them to me, and thought you were just being rude.

    Note that I don't mean to be rude by saying this, but only to suggest something that if you chose to try, could possibly be handled better. (Which is how criticism should be delivered if you don't want to argue: in the best interests of the person you are speaking to and/or the best interests of their relationships with one or more people, in a calm and friendly way, and worded as kindly as possible - all of these to the best of your ability.)

    You can still get in arguments that way, because people will choose to take what you say the wrong way sometimes no matter how careful you are of their feelings. But it's my opinion that it's good to at least try to avoid arguments as much as is possible, and when you must stand up for what you believe, that you should be kind about it. Just my opinion of course, but then... aren't all things really just opinion in the end?

    What is truth? What is proof? The human brain is not perfect, and even if multiple people see the same thing in different places under the same circumstances, without ever having talked to each other before, it's not proof unless what happened was the opposite of what they expected... And you still can't trust that their eyes saw what was really there. Coincidences - even like people's eyes seeing the same illusion - could still be the answer. Nothing is proven beyond doubt, and I don't think it ever can, at least not while we live.

    Sorry if that's random or disturbing. I start spouting philosophical randomness like that sometimes.
  8. Kaylee Krysteenah Fynch
    July 11th, 2009 12:25 PM
    Kaylee Krysteenah Fynch
    Hmm, sounds familiar, except that I have the brains not to start stuff with my mom... XD
    No Trouble for me, I'm good...

    Of course, my mom's hobbies are watching TV and movies, doing crafts, woodworking. And she has pretty bad back problems (although that didn't stop her from working on houses when she wanted even though she hurt) and she uses those as her reason why she doesn't do anything. If she was like me, I wouldn't blame her, but I just don't get how before she could work when she hurt, but now she can't, except by figuring it was because she wanted to then and doesn't want to now.

    But seriously, how you say something can have an influence on how others take it. For example, calmly stating "You've been being very rude to me lately" will probably get you in less trouble than yelling "Quit being such a female dog to me!" if you understand... XD

    Some people don't listen anyway. But it's good to know how to be diplomatic just in case. ^_~
  9. Kaylee Krysteenah Fynch
    July 10th, 2009 11:13 PM
    Kaylee Krysteenah Fynch
    My mom... thinks she knows everything, and - to top it off - doesn't realize it...

    So, she's like, "I know I have flaws, nobody else admits they have flaws, only I do"... XD And she never listens to what you say, until she's tried everything she could possibly think of first... and then if you rub it in she gives you heck.

    Another thing she doesn't realize is that she is also self-centered. Not vain, just a bit selfish. She wants everybody should do what she thinks or wants. I can be a little like that sometimes, but I also try not to... XD And I suppose everyone can be a little selfish, but what irks me is when she is being selfish and always says everybody else is being selfish for not doing what she wants, or thinks they should... XD

    And of course, ultimately, her being stubborn and interpreting things however she likes without listening to the explanation, but assuming that her first impression is always right, is a big part of why my parents fight so much. And also why I can't trust to tell her anything, because she will take it however she wants to and I don't want to deal with that.

    Not that it's your problem, but... XD And when you talked about your mom you made me think of that, and that's why I said anything.

    As for my mom, and my grandma and grandpa, we are taking mom's boat, so they will probably go fishing. And if my sister goes, I will be glad I brought my computer (if I do), because I am the only one going that doesn't like fishing. XD I just don't have the patience for that, out on the water in the hot sun, melting, doing nothing but talking most of the time. And if I caught something, losing it because I was still busy realizing there was actually something there... XD

    Been a long time since I held a fishing pole, except so that someone else could do something, but I went out with them and saw them sitting there with their poles as I sat there melting in the hot sun... the only fun thing that day was when we raced about on the water before they settled down to fish. We raced about again just before we left, but I was so darn overheated that I really couldn't enjoy it. Anyway I get motion sick much easier when I'm hot. (Being hot, tired, or hungry make me get sick faster. Might sound funny, but I do better on fair rides if I do eat first. And being hot makes me tired, and I think my eyes don't focus right when I'm tired, which I think is why that makes me feel ill.)

    Anyway I think I should have had water rather than soda out there that day, but I didn't go in to get the drink, nor did I ask for any specific drink, so it wasn't really my fault... XD

    But I love boats, as long as they're moving. Stopped by the shore is boring, and stopped on the water is too hot. (Unless it's not hot, in which case I don't care if we're moving, as long as we're out on the water... :D) Looking out over water with the wind in my face... one of the best things I've ever experienced. Beats the crud out of the two plane rides I've ever been on. (Even though those were pretty cool too... The boats win. Wind and waves FTW, that's all. )
  10. Kaylee Krysteenah Fynch
    July 10th, 2009 09:30 PM
    Kaylee Krysteenah Fynch
    Family issues, y'know, stuff. Been okay, though. Seth helps me out too, helps me not feel so down. But y'know how if you're depressed you don't really feel like doing stuff, so I've not been working as much as I feel I ought to.

    22nd we're going to Wyoming, except not my dad, and my sister's friends are also not coming. My mom said she doesn't care if I take my computer, so I may just do that~ Which means I'll have my programs and stuff if I choose to get some work done over there. Also I won't be ignored as much because my sister will have less people to choose from when it comes to who to hang out with.

    Though we don't get to go rafting, it costs too much apparently... DX But I'm going anyway because my grandpa-in-law (that is to say, he's not my mom's real dad, but he's married to my grandma - I hope you understood that... XD), my grandpa in law who has had heart trouble will be there, and we don't know when or if any of us will have another chance to see him, so I feel like I have an obligation to go. Which my mother will never understand, since she's all like, "well if you don't think you'll have a good time, don't go, I don't care," - when, of course, it's as clear as a cloudless day that she cares very much. Ugh.

    Sorry for ranting... XD

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