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  1. Chaos Rush
    June 24th, 2010 03:46 PM
    Chaos Rush
    About the frames, yeah, I already knew about that. Once I get started on DarkViolet I'll tell you where to find the textbox, since I've found it before.

    Also, if you wanna try making a FR/LG styled-frame, er.... try Kabuto. It should be easy.
  2. trebornosliw
    June 24th, 2010 03:18 PM
    Sweet! School's out!
    When you say you'll work on that, I hope you don't mean the figure in the sniper scope... I've actually already finished that one, lol. The guy who tells you about the warehouse is a TL grunt (or rather, a TL Operative/Agent/whatever). He's going to be sprite no. 3.
    I don't have a set date for the release yet, I'll let you know as the project progresses.
    And I'm reluctant to mess with the empty sprites if I don't have to, I really messed up an older ROM trying that. But I'll keep that in mind in case the trainer sprites fall through.
    Thanks again for all of your hard work, man.
    Oh, and yes, XSE will find free space automatically, just specify where you want it to start looking with #dynamic.
  3. trebornosliw
    June 24th, 2010 12:01 PM
    To be honest, I've never really bothered searching for free space for scripts, I just slap #dynamic 0x800000 at the very beginning of all of my scripts. XSE then automatically searches for the closest chunk of free space after that offset, and inserts the script there. Then the next script you insert will go right after that one, and so on.
    There are three trainer sprites I'm definitely going to need in there (probably a few more, but those are just in the planning stage atm). The first is a rocket double-battle sprite, just a male and female grunt in the same shot. If you want to do that, that'd be great, but I can knock it out without too much trouble. The second is an OW in a sniper scope (don't ask), and the third will be a Legend Grunt sprite (that one might wind up turning into three sprites, male, female, and double). Thing is, I want to see about using some of the trainer sprites as room for pics that will advance the plot (the sniper scope, perhaps a petroglyph of Arceus), so that's why I was looking for a way to show them in-game (I checked showtrainerpic and showtrainersprite in XSE and neither is a command).
    Thanks, I really hate leaving a project unfinished; as you said, it's a waste of my time and the time of everyone who's been helping me (especially yours).
    The forest is Arbor Woods (Arbor means tree in Latin/Greek), and that'd be great, thanks! While you're messing with that, could you look at the grass tile, block 0282? The palette is inconsistent with the new grass shade, I think (though I'm colorblind, so I really can't tell).
    Some tips for XSE, in case you need them. Just a few things I didn't know starting out that I wish I had:
    -Under Tools, there's a tool called "text adjuster." It'll arrange the text in your msgboxes for you, though it has a few problems with bracketed special segments like [player] (just experiment a bit and you'll see what I mean).
    -Press f1 for a searchable command catalogue, it's a fantastic resource.
    -In the same folder as the XSE executable, you'll find several files with titles like "item_source." If you open them up, they'll have shortcut options for stuff like giveitem and applymovement, just changing the hex to something like RARE_CANDY, you know what I mean. It's handy as a resource as well, you can open them up with Notepad.
    Congrats on your exams!
  4. Chaos Rush
    June 24th, 2010 11:37 AM
    Chaos Rush
    Well, so far I'm the only person working on adding secondary frames for FireRed/LeafGreen sprites. I have up to Graveler finished (I seriously cannot believe that I have made 70+ sprites already), but if you're good at spriting, then maybe some help would be nice...?

    And lol, you're just learning how to script XD? I think it's easy. I didn't make an effort to actually learn, I just naturally learned it by porting FireRed scripts to Emerald. By doing that, I had to study how things work, and TADA! Chaos Rush can now script! For instance, back when my project was called ShadowAmethyst, notice how you fight your rival right outside of Pallet Town. Originally it was going to be in the lab, since I thought I wouldn't know how to create my own scripts, but then I'm like, "wait a minute... This should be easy!".
  5. Chaos Rush
    June 24th, 2010 10:30 AM
    Chaos Rush
    I'm not going to officially start on DarkViolet until I finish making most of the secondary frames of the FR/LG sprites. Originally I was planning on "updating" all 386 Pokemon into FR/LG style, but I'm just gonna do Gen I Pokemon for now. It's going to use FR/LG style graphics, but map layouts similar to HG/SS, plus HG/SS house designs in FR/LG art style.. Take a look at this thread to understand what I'm planning.

    And whatever you do, DO NOT use Wichu's patch that changes all the sprites to HG/SS sprites. The shrunken sprites look horrible, and the backsprites look REALLY horrible.

    You should REALLY post a thread for your hack. There's been too many boring FireRed hacks lately...
  6. trebornosliw
    June 23rd, 2010 07:53 PM
    Btw, I noticed that you've posted in the Script Help thread, so I presume you've started scripting for Infinity. Let me know if I can help in any way with that.
  7. trebornosliw
    June 23rd, 2010 07:51 PM
    No need to worry about mapping, you've done more than enough for this project already. Besides, mapping is one of the things I can actually do myself (or so I thought :s).
    Sounds awesome, I can't wait to see those tiles! Btw, I've decided that neutrality will be an option after all, with its own unique plot. You should let me know which faction(s) you want to try during the beta test; I don't want to make you run through all three...
    Thanks again! I'll probably be asking you to do some trainer sprite insertions soon, if that's alright.
  8. LassLaura
    June 23rd, 2010 03:33 PM
    Well you asked for it :p Sorry for dumping all that on you. I should be ok, I'm used to life taking a crap on me all the time.

    I thought Reshiram looks more Digimon-y than Zekrom. Oh well. What do you think of the rumor of them being manmade digital Pokemon like Porygon because of the last parts of their names (ZekROM, ReshiRAM)? And what do you think the likelihood of Munna being a pre-evo of Drowzee is?

    Oh. Well you know it's only gonna get worse when more info is revealed. I'm surprised no one's using the new protagonists and professor in their hacks yet. What hack is it anyway? The one with Pokabu I mean. I haven't been lurking on the Progressing Hacks/Hacks Showcase boards much lately.

    Yeah, SSJFuranki seemed pretty reasonable and down to earth when I talked to him. His choices for Zorua and Zoroark's movesets... not so reasonable (no dark attacks and Thunderpunch? o.O). I was trying to help him come up with a different set of starters since he decided to can Zorua, but neither fighting/dark/psychic or fighting/ghost/psychic really work because of the immunities :/ Is there really no better starter triangle than grass/water/fire? I've tried to think of one but I can't.
  9. bobman1234
    June 22nd, 2010 07:40 PM
    Pokemon Infnity's thread better come soon.
  10. LassLaura
    June 22nd, 2010 04:15 PM
    Well if you insist... *sigh* where to start? First off I had a huge fight with my bf, I couldn't pay my phone bill so it got shut off, my mother told me to get a job or go live in a homeless shelter, I stepped on a nail while barefoot, and my cat got beat up by... I don't even know what, but he's in bad shape and we can't afford to take him to the vet. It... just really hasn't been the best week for me ._.

    I sort of like the new Pokemon, but it seems like Game Freak is either trying too hard (Gears, the legendary dragons who honestly look more like Digimon than Pokemon to me), or not trying hard enough (Chiramii, Mamepato, Meguroko, Munna, Shimama) with the designs, but I suppose there's Pokes like that in every generation *cough*Skitty*cough*.

    I hate that too. You probably saw me tell off a couple hackers about using Zorua and Zoroark despite there being no information about them, but they mostly ignored me except for the creator of DarkCopper. They're just doing it for attention pretty much =/ What hacks are using the B&W starters?
  11. LassLaura
    June 22nd, 2010 02:08 PM
    It's fine, I'm the same way. I once took 3 months to reply to one of my friends on another website
    I've been good and bad... mainly bad -.- I won't bother you with my problems though.

    So, what do you think about the new B&W Pokemon?
  12. Tox
    June 22nd, 2010 01:21 PM
    Lol, I hate when that happens. I refuse to take too long either. xP I’m getting a lot better anyway. I’m starting to regain my addiction to the PokéCommunity. Hopefully, I’ll stay consistent with my replies. :3 Haha, thanks for that. I hate when that happens. Sometimes I can do ten amazing (for me) sprites in a row, and other days they just all go wrong. Dx That’s great. :3 How’s the girl coming along? :3 Wow, your almost done. Those flew past. Did something happen with the accounting paper? I don’t think it makes a difference to you, but you probably know more about it than I would (if something happened). Well, best of luck with your last one anyway. :3

    Haha, I know right. It’s just something I’ve always wanted. I saw a perfect Golf a few weeks ago. It’s a 01 and I want it. xP Haha, savage. I can’t wait to see what my friends start driving, lol.

    Oh awesome. That’s great news then. Ah right, yeah. I know what you mean. Nowadays they all have the same old things going on. Hopefully Infinity will stand out. :3 Heh, don’t worry, I have one of the worst memories ever for things like that. Yeah, it’s actually looking fairly decent now. It’s so much bigger than before which is great. We’ll hopefully be serving food too. :)

    Haha, ah yeah. That’s the most annoying part. Ah, Fakemon starters would be amazing. I’ve seen some really cool ones. Well admittedly, the Kanto starters are my favourites BUT they are way too overused as far as I can see. They’re EVERYWHERE. I’d probably use either Hoenn or Sinnoh. Hoenn are pretty underused and Sinnoh are non-existent. I think we’ve seen enough of Johto for a while too. Sure, you’ll more than likely replace them in the end anyway. Yeah, sure there are no evolutions for the Isshu starters yet anyway. :P

    The party was pretty good. We just had a bonfire, a lot of drink and watched movies on a projector on the side of my friend’s house. :3 Well…that’s all I remember anyway. xD

    If you need me to attempt any overworld sprites or any other jobs, just let me know. I can redesign the NPCs too if you want. I could spend a bit more time on them or something. It’ll give me something else to do. xD
  13. trebornosliw
    June 22nd, 2010 05:31 AM
    Ah, kk. That explains it then.
    That vine is just awesome, I'll probably open it up in Block Editor and throw it on a rock face as well, just to see how that looks.
    The secret base tiles would probably be best inserted in the Pallet Town outdoor set (tileset 1). The reason being that my tree innards use tilesets 0 and 1, and I've gotten some bad results by mixing indoor and outdoor tilesets. Also, tl1 has several just blank black tiles in there.
    I did fix the pool in that cave when you first told me about it, and I'm kind of reluctant to change the grass... What do you recommend?
    By the way. The new climbing rocks you inserted. Sheer awesomeness. I'd completely forgotten that you had said you would insert those, so I went and looked, and they're great, thanks a bunch!
  14. trebornosliw
    June 21st, 2010 08:00 PM
    Oh man, I'm loving the vine you did for the player's tree. Awesome work there.
    If you want to make some new mountain tiles, I'm not going to stop you, that'd be awesome. I really like how everything looks so far, the darkened palettes are really nice. Also, the grass is now the exact same shade as the floor from Erika's gym, so you just gave me two more grass tiles to play with. I'm going to go through, tweak the maps, then insert some scripts.
    One thing I did notice is that the trees look a little odd in-game. When they're lined up in rows, there are no shadows to the side and they look kind of off. You probably know what I mean, would it look better to just use one tree type and have the different shadings like with the original? Though I hate to get rid of any of those tiles...
    Anyway, thanks again, this is awesome.
  15. Chaos Rush
    June 21st, 2010 06:54 PM
    Chaos Rush
    You might like this thread if you're planning on using FR/LG sprites:

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So, if you like electronic dancey music, check this link out:

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That's my soundcloud. I've been playing music (piano) since I was about... five? Five. And for about four years now, I've been producing music electronically. I can play a bit of guitar/ukulele too, but...

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I'm actually quite suckish at using my blog, but... I really don't care. I rarely have anything interesting to post but this is something I HAVE to write down somewhere, because it's just too weird.

So in the late 80s, my parents moved from Ireland to Canada. My siblings and I were born there, and we lived there til I finished Senior Kindergarten at age 5. We then moved back to Ireland, where we lived in the sorta suburbs. I went to school there for about two and a half years before...

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Here I am with a slightly more controversial blog post. Definitely in comparison to my previous ones anyway, which have all pretty much been little notes about my life.

Anyway, with the death of Apple dude Steve Jobs a few weeks ago, and now with the recent passing of world-reknowned (have no idea if that's the correct way to say it) singer Whitney Housten at the age of 48, it's got me thinking; when it comes to celebrity deaths, there's something that really, really annoys me....

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So, it's been a little while since I last posted in this little blog, and... well, I still don't really have that much interesting things to say, but oh well :P

So if it hasn't become clear by this stage, I'm a Scrubs fanatic. (How one could be anything but is totally beyond me). Most people who know me will also know that I'm quite into music in general. And so, when you cross these two fantastic things, you get...
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(In case the first wasn't enough to make you notice, my title's will all start in "My", like Scrubs episodes).

So yeah, yesterday I met up with my buddy DrFuji, who came to Ireland all the way from Upside-downia :) We had a pretty awesome day, which consisted of much walking around, then sitting down, then walking around some more. It was odd to talk about the things we usually talk about, but in person :P

So a fair bit happened during the day. We got some food...
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