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  1. Tox
    January 5th, 2010 09:39 AM
    16x32? Got it. :3 Wow, that's awesome. I never realised you could do that before. I'll get to work on one right away. I'll post it for you when I have it done. Okay, I'll leave the colours to you then, lol. Do you want the boy's walking sprites and side and back sprites too? I have this sprite I made for Meowth's Pokémon the First Movie hack. I've improved since then but this is all I have on my laptop at the moment. Is it something like this you want?

    Normal boy is it. I'm glad to help. I terrible at everything other than overworlds. xP

    EDIT: Okay, just forward, back and side sprites. Got it. Lol, yeah, the last thing you want is for something as simple as the walking to be messed up. Can I ask what type of hack you're making? Is it a remake, a completely new region, etc.? Are you putting in those Fakémon things?

    Lol, if things go well it could turn out be a pro-hack. It sounds awesome so far anyway. :3

    Haha, yep, my name's Andrew. Andrew Shortall (my last name sounds like something I made up on the spot, I know. xD). Hey Eoin! Nice name, lol.
  2. Tox
    January 5th, 2010 09:38 AM
    Haha, yep, that's me alright. You're so lucky. That sounds awesome. :3 Lol, nice. I've got caught by other people's parents but not my own. Haha, nice. Are you tall enough to look their age. I'm only 5'6" and half so I doubt I'd get away with that. D: I'd love to be able to do that though.

    Haha, that sounds hilarious. What age is he? It sounds like something that would happen to me. xD My parents are way too strict. :/

    Haha, German for Leaving Cert. Only 6 people in my whole year did Higher Level German for the Junior Cert (including me of course). Our teachers were so bad. Still, I kinda wish I'd done it now. The German class gets Fat Murphy to teach them. She just b!tches about teachers and some annoying guy in the class that everyone hates, lol. My French teacher is so boring.

    Heh, I know yeah. He's a complete tool though. He's about 50 and his wife has to drive him to school. He looks like an overgrown child because he brings a school bag and a lunch box around with him. xD

    Lol, yep, it costs 99c a day as long as you use less than 50MB. Any internet use on O2, Vodafone and Meteor costs that, I'm sure. Opera Mini is completely free. Is that what you meant?
  3. Tox
    January 4th, 2010 12:00 PM
    Yep, if you go one bite over 50MB, you get ripped off. MP3s used to take mine a load before. I limit the amount I download now though so it doesn't happen as often. I try to keep my credit. I use the internet everyday though and I always have my phone with me so it still goes pretty quickly.

    Yeah, that's one of the ones I was talking about. I never played it but it sounds pretty cool. I'm pretty sure it's only in Japanese too.

    Aww, nice. I wish I was in 6th year, lol. It sounds awesome. You can do all the fun stuff easily so. Damn. I'm one of the oldest out of my friends so I'm pretty much screwed. One of their brothers has to get everything for us, lol. Haha, yeah, I'm a complete lightweight too. Lol, I'm always first drunk and the first to get caught. I can't wait till I'm old enough to be able to get stuff on my own.

    Oh, that sounds great. I'd probably be interested in something along those lines as well. I really like those kind of things. I still haven't a clue what I'm doing though. Haha, I haven't been able to drop any subjects yet besides German. I had to do that for my Junior Cert as well though. Aww, I can see why you dropped it then. We have a couple of those here too, lol. I'm not that good at it. I got a B in my Junior Cert and he freaked. :/ I don't know why he thinks I'm so good at it. I get the same results in everything else and I got 4s in some of them, and the teacher that doesn't know my name or who I am, gave me 3 all the way across in computers, lol. He can't even get the Task Manager window to show up. xD
  4. Tox
    January 4th, 2010 11:57 AM
    Oh right, lol. Yeah, it'd probably take a while to make. Haha, nice one. R/S/E sprites are terrible. FR/LG sprites are ace. It sounds awesome. :3

    Oh really? That would be awesome. I'd love to make a few for you. Just tell me what kind of overworlds you're looking for (Male, Female, Age, Trainer class, etc.) and I'll make a few for you. What way do you put them in the game? Do you have a specific way that you need everything laid out? Thanks. :3

    Oh cool, I might try that myself some time. It sounds simple enough. If it's just like Paint then it should be easy for me to get the hang of it. Thanks for explaining that.

    Yeah, Scripting always seemed the most difficult to me. I'd probably just confuse myself. It takes a while for me to get into things like that.
  5. trebornosliw
    January 4th, 2010 06:15 AM
    Actually, I hadn't tried that. Thanks for the tip! However, it won't work here. I'm presuming that you mean the "Zero out" value, but that's already 0000 on both maps. Also, I can already go from the first map to the second, it's just that if I try to go back, the game freezes. I'm pretty sure it's just an issue with my offsets. To illustrate, I'm connecting the Route 5 FR map to the Route 3 map. Route 5 has offset: 0, Route 3 offset: 20.
    Thanks for your tip though, I'll remember that!
  6. Air Lock
    January 4th, 2010 03:20 AM
    Air Lock
    I got my hack moved.
  7. xxkaylabby
    January 3rd, 2010 05:36 PM
    xD ahh sarcasm to all(: yea my birthday is somewhat near huray! no, i dont think so. no sweet sixteenth (:
  8. xxkaylabby
    January 3rd, 2010 05:09 PM
    lol, hey if that say thursday be thankful for that xD oh wow! happy almost birthday..(: yes i celebrate christmas, do you?
  9. xxkaylabby
    January 3rd, 2010 03:30 PM
    ohh that's cool. i go back to school tomorrow. i turn 16 in march.
  10. xxkaylabby
    January 3rd, 2010 03:00 PM
    12th grade is a senior. (:
    im in 10th grade which is a sophomore.
  11. xxkaylabby
    January 3rd, 2010 02:25 PM
    hello Eion(: i see someone has forgotten about me xD
  12. Tox
    January 3rd, 2010 01:22 PM
    That's cool, I'm not talking to myself then. xD Is XII any good? I haven't played any of the newer ones. I've played I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII and X. IV and VI my favourites though, and the only ones I've actually completed on my own.

    Hardly any of the stories tie in with each other. They're all seperate stories with different characters. X-2 is the sequel to X though. I haven't played it at all but I heard it's better than X. Then, they have a few others such as Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, which is seventeen years on from IV. The same characters are in the story and stuff. There are a few spin-off games and ones where they take a main character and enemy from each game and put them into one game. I haven't played the online one but there definately is a new one online. You have to pay and stuff though so I'm not playing it. I'm the one rambling. xD

    Aww god, I don't want to go back ever. Dx Haha, homework. I haven't done that since early 2nd Year. Physics. O.o I don't know what I'm going to do. Every career I think I'd like involved science, but my business teacher thinks I'm uber smart and gave me 5/5 in everything on my report card and told me he wants me to do accountancy. o.O Haha, nice. That's probably what I'll do. Oh god, 17 in college? o.O I'll be 19-20 at least? Haha, that's pretty cool, but not so cool at the same time. Your friends can drive and drink legally and stuff? D: I want to be in 6th Year. xD I wouldn't be able for the Leaving Cert at your age. I don't even know which subjects I'm taking. Awesome, parties. xD That sounds so cool.

    Haha, I haven't the slightest clue. I was supposed to do careers investigation before Christmas but I... eh... forgot... I hope I don't get asked for it after Christmas. xD I'll just pretend she lost it. xD What are you planning on doing?
  13. Tox
    January 3rd, 2010 01:21 PM
    Haha, nice. xD Yeah, Opera Mini is my best friend. I use it more than I use my computer. Haha, that sounds awesome. :3 My only problem is I tend to use more than 50MB sometimes and waste all my credit. TT.TT

    Heh, yeah, they can be really cool. I just don't like the ones filled with poorly drawn Fakemon. Awesome, have you posted it here? I might take a look at it. :3 That sounds annoying. I'd love to make a hack but I have no idea on how to map or script and I'm not great a spriting. The only thing that ever turns out good for me is overworlds. So basically, I'd end up with one of those crappy ones nobody wants to play, lol. Hacks can be awesome though. :3 Lol, that's alright so.
  14. Tox
    January 2nd, 2010 03:12 PM
    Haha, you still have quite a lot. I don't sacrafice Pokémon for any game. Well, maybe Final Fantasy. Those games are amazing. I'm still really into IV and VI. I love the 2D graphics for some reason. I love the new ones too, obviously. IV and VI just have the best storyline, in my opinion. If you don't like Final Fantasy, you can just ignore this paragraph. I'm just going on about nothing again.

    Wow, lol. That's a lot of ROMs. I don't have any of the Nintendo DS ones. I really want to get my ROM Pokémon to my DS. It's way too complicated for someone with a short attention span like me though.

    I never actually got that far in puzzle challenge. My friend got pretty far. I think I deleted the game though... Oops. I love some hacks. I should really download some. The only one I've completed is Pokémon White. I played it as a joke. xD Yeah, MeBoy is awesome. I'm so glad I found it.

    Oh, that's good. No more buckets then? xD Aww god.. School... uurggh.. I'm back on Thursday, I think. How about you? I'd love to just go off to the city on a bus or something. I'm not looking forward to it, even if we do nothing. It means I'm closer to 5th Year. I was barely able to handle the Junior Cert. Cramming won't be any good for the Leaving. :/
  15. Tox
    January 2nd, 2010 03:11 PM
    Haha, alright then. I have a thing for long messages at times, lol.

    I know right, I really want them to be released in March. Oh right... Oops. Haha, I suppose it's the game that matters, not the name. Meh, I'm not really a Legendary Pokémon fan. They're too common for me. I like training up teams of average Pokémon. That's why it doesn't make a difference to me. Sure I'll capture the legendaries, but just to complete the Pokédex. I think legendaries are a bit overated. They take the fun out of the games. Everyone has an Arceus. D:

    Haha, yeah, I have them all so if I get bored in one game, I can play another without deleting everything. I have 4GB on my phone anyway and I won't use it. I have my iPod for music and videos. I only put new music on my phone so I can send it to people.

    Haha, that's pretty cool. :3 But sad at the same time. Yeah, my dad's a buildery thing too. I don't know for sure. xD Heh, I don't even know what my dad does half of the time. He had to work in Limerick for a while. Haha, I love nicknaming Pokémon. I don't even know why.

    Cyndaquil looks awesome. I used to always start with it. I only realised how awesome Chikorita is last month. I never liked Meganium until I got one - it's ace.

    Oh cool. It sounds unreal. I didn't bother downloading it though. Japanese wrecks my head. I just look at screenshots. xD Yeah, I'm waiting for the English version too.

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    I love electronic music of many kinds. I make music myself- the link in my usertitle links to my SoundCloud profile, where you can see my tunes.
    (In the event I become forgetful and end up deleting the usertitle link, here it is):

    Aside from that, I just love Pokemon games, haha. I joined on April 4th, 2009, and somewhere along the way I got into ROM Hacking. Until February 2014 I moderated the Emulation/ROM Hacking section, and it was suhweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. :)
    Playing music, listening to music, enjoying music :P

    ROM Hacking, drawing (doodling), reading, watching movies, going out with my friends at the weekend, etc.
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    This one's called 'Blue', and it's very Pokémon themed, so have a listen! Check out the links below for more stuff, if you like this!

    This is the Doctor
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    This is my bandcamp

    My Pokémon Y character is the same as my username. If you see me as a Passerby let me know! I tend to get a lot of Passerby requests and I often wonder if it's people from this site.


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Posted July 30th, 2012 at 04:53 AM by giradialkia Comments 7
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So, if you like electronic dancey music, check this link out:

I've had it as my usertitle for quite a while now, but.. well, I could do with using my blog a bit more often, haha.

That's my soundcloud. I've been playing music (piano) since I was about... five? Five. And for about four years now, I've been producing music electronically. I can play a bit of guitar/ukulele too, but...

Posted July 28th, 2012 at 09:19 AM by giradialkia Comments 13
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I'm actually quite suckish at using my blog, but... I really don't care. I rarely have anything interesting to post but this is something I HAVE to write down somewhere, because it's just too weird.

So in the late 80s, my parents moved from Ireland to Canada. My siblings and I were born there, and we lived there til I finished Senior Kindergarten at age 5. We then moved back to Ireland, where we lived in the sorta suburbs. I went to school there for about two and a half years before...

Posted February 12th, 2012 at 07:55 AM by giradialkia Comments 8
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Here I am with a slightly more controversial blog post. Definitely in comparison to my previous ones anyway, which have all pretty much been little notes about my life.

Anyway, with the death of Apple dude Steve Jobs a few weeks ago, and now with the recent passing of world-reknowned (have no idea if that's the correct way to say it) singer Whitney Housten at the age of 48, it's got me thinking; when it comes to celebrity deaths, there's something that really, really annoys me....

Posted November 20th, 2011 at 09:39 AM by giradialkia Comments 3
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So, it's been a little while since I last posted in this little blog, and... well, I still don't really have that much interesting things to say, but oh well :P

So if it hasn't become clear by this stage, I'm a Scrubs fanatic. (How one could be anything but is totally beyond me). Most people who know me will also know that I'm quite into music in general. And so, when you cross these two fantastic things, you get...
This little gem of splendiforous wonder.
And here's what's...

Posted September 15th, 2011 at 04:09 AM by giradialkia Comments 9
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(In case the first wasn't enough to make you notice, my title's will all start in "My", like Scrubs episodes).

So yeah, yesterday I met up with my buddy DrFuji, who came to Ireland all the way from Upside-downia :) We had a pretty awesome day, which consisted of much walking around, then sitting down, then walking around some more. It was odd to talk about the things we usually talk about, but in person :P

So a fair bit happened during the day. We got some food...
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