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  1. BettyNewbie
    March 6th, 2015 03:35 PM
    Yeah, the DS games will be a challenge. The easiest way to handle them, IMO, would be:

    1. Yellow/Crystal
    2. Diamond/Pearl
    3. Grey/Grey 2

    GSC/HGSS and B2W2 are both sequels, so why not pair them with their prequels? That narrows it down to just 3 pairs/6 games, and it gives them an excuse to remake Third Versions, which would mix things up.

    Of course, remaking Crystal with Yellow runs into the issue of either Gen 1 being remade too late or Gen 2 being remade too early because of the large gap between FRLG and HGSS (which your idea would make even larger), but since these are the Third Versions which were technically never part of the previous remakes, remaking Crystal less than 10 years after HGSS doesn't bother me as much. I'd want the Yellow/Crystal remakes to play out differently from FRLG/HGSS, anyways.
  2. Unapologetic Sunflower
    March 6th, 2015 01:50 PM
    Unapologetic Sunflower
    The disappointing parts for me are mainly around the post-games contents. For example the lack of Battle Frontier, their isn't much entertainment after the Delta Episode too, no daily/weekly rematch with Orlando/Anna(I personally prefer calling them this way). I, myself is satisfied with the plot and the graphics though.

    My day wasn't particularly great or worse, just your normsl average day. :/
  3. Unapologetic Sunflower
    March 5th, 2015 02:19 PM
    Unapologetic Sunflower
    I see.
    While you wanna be a teacher and a writer someday, I won't be surprised if you're gonna work in a field that is related to languages. Hahaha, just saying.

    No comments on OrAs eh? XD Hope it wasn't a major disappointment to ya.

    I learned 'Estar' (to be, impermanent) today. Gah, I hafta memorize something new again. T^T. Not gonna lie that the.grammar are getting more tougher, I'm not close to giving up tho.

    How was your day?
  4. BettyNewbie
    March 4th, 2015 09:50 PM
    Yeah, I don't think we would've gotten RG remakes that early, or even as early as 2006 even...likely by 2008 (pushing back Pt to 2009). Though the timeline would've been better off for it as RSE could then take place at the same time as XY, while RGBY at the same time as DPP, and GSC at the same time as BWG (no B2W2 as the Gen would've ended with anticipated Johto remakes, thus drawing fans in).
    Which would've been perfect. Then, they could've stopped the remakes and did sequels for Sinnoh and Unova, instead. (B2W2 would've been their own Gen, similar to GSC.)

    Btw what did this dialog say anyways?
    It wasn't that exciting. It just said:

  5. BettyNewbie
    March 4th, 2015 09:19 PM
    Yeah, I think I've read about that. I wonder if the "Time Capsule" dialog from RS was a remnant from those early plans? Being able to transfer Pokémon from RBY/GSC to RSE would've also changed history as we know it. (Remakes may have never happened, for example, at least, not as early as 2004.)
  6. BettyNewbie
    March 4th, 2015 09:06 PM
    I mean, I wonder if they may have had a role for her (or for Red if you picked her) closer to May/Brendan, Dawn/Lucas, Lyra/Ethan, Serena/Calem's if she was the one you didn't pick. If they had done that they may still have had either Red or her at Mt. Silver and the other take the other possible role as canon whatever it may have been.
    Yeah, at the very least, they would've done that with Kris/Gold, if not Green/Red. Both of those girls might still be with us.

    Well this is interesting: "A 1997 pamphlet describing Gold and Silver mentions that the protagonist has a brother three years his senior, and seems to imply the possibility of that brother being the first-generation protagonist. However, this aspect of his character was discarded by the time of the final release, as Red's mother still lives in Pallet Town." I bet if they had done that then they would've made Brendan/May the cousin of the Protagonists of Gen I/II...
    Yeah, that is interesting. I wouldn't have minded them implying something similar in regards to May/Brendan in HGSS as a reference to that. It'd also make a nice Easter Egg for Hoenn fans who's first experience with Johto was through the remakes.
  7. BettyNewbie
    March 4th, 2015 08:29 PM
    So I was reading Bulbapedia, and read this," Though Leaf didn't appear in a game until Generation III, an artwork of an unknown female character drawn by Ken Sugimori was released in the games' official strategy guide. The same character was featured in the Pokémon Craft DX magazine, drawn by Emiko Yoshino. This character shared many physical similarities with Leaf, and was also featured with a starter Pokémon, implying she was intended to be a main character." I wonder what her planned role may have been. It's too bad that the cartridge of the Game Boy was too small to fit her in. Remember how I said that it would've been nice if GF had released Gen I for the GBC? Well the idea may not sound all that appealing to you but if that had been the case we likely would've seen a female main character in the games, at least with a role as important as Blue. Now I wonder why GF took awhile after they already has cartridges to fit a female player (GS) before they finally returned to the idea of a female character (C).
    Yeah, that unnamed girl was a planned female player character for Red and Green, and she was supposedly scrapped because of cartridge limitations and GF not thinking that the games would catch on with girls. Obviously, they turned out to be dead wrong on that last part, and if this hack proves anything, the GB carts actually DID have enough space for a female PC, anyways.

    The entire history of the games may have turned out very differently if Green had been in the games from the start. They probably wouldn't have put Red at the end of Mt. Silver in GSC, and Kris would've been in Gen 2 from the start (making her odds of being replaced with Lyra in HGSS very slim).

    Have you seen the art of Blue, Red, and the unnamed girl ('Green') together? Well in the artwork Red has Bulbasaur, Blue has Charmander, and 'Green' has Squirtle, I assume that's why the creators of Pokemon Special gave them their manga counterparts those same starters.
    Well, Green from Adventures was based on that unnamed girl. Adventures always seemed to have a thing for referencing semi-obscure game designs and artwork.

    What do you think of Alder's team? His BW Team makes him look like the first Bug type Champion, as he has as much Bugs on his team (if not more) as Lance has (true) Dragons, and Steven has Steel Pokemon.
    It contains a few rather weak Pokémon (aka. the Ice Cream Cone), but it could be worse. Of course, he was never explicitly referred to as a Bug specialist the same way that Lance was a Dragon specialist and Steven a Steel specialist.
  8. Unapologetic Sunflower
    March 4th, 2015 01:51 PM
    Unapologetic Sunflower
    I thought the Spanish for North and South America are the same... Ugh stupid me. How's OrAs treating you?
  9. Unapologetic Sunflower
    March 2nd, 2015 11:16 AM
    Unapologetic Sunflower
    Yep I'm learning the Spain one. There aren't much difference between the European and South American Español, apart some grammar and pronounciation, right?
  10. Unapologetic Sunflower
    March 1st, 2015 10:44 PM
    Unapologetic Sunflower
    Got it from my learning source, it was also verified to be right by an Italian friend of mine, she speaks Spanish, Italian and French. we both agreed in our own conclusion that 'hace' is used in place of 'es' or 'esta' to prevent mixing up stuff. For example 'Es sol' might misled people we're saying it is sun, when we're trying to say it is sunny which is 'hace sol'. But those were just our two cents. XD Feel free to teach us.~
  11. BettyNewbie
    March 1st, 2015 04:40 PM
    Well, Bulbapedia is a fansite, so there will be errors from time to time.
  12. Unapologetic Sunflower
    March 1st, 2015 02:09 PM
    Unapologetic Sunflower
    Excellent. There are quite a lot similarities between Chinese and Japanese, mastering the Kanji is definitely gonna help a lot.

    Ah still not on the 'to do'. I'm reviewing the Ser and as well as some vocabs I learned before proceeding on. Last thing I wanna happen is my Spanish lesson ending up as a one-off kinda thing; I'm totally serious on learning it, so yeah. Now that you mention 'hace', it already appeared on the weather related stuff. For example, 'Hace lloviendo'.

    You speak either kind of Spanish, right? :p
  13. BettyNewbie
    February 28th, 2015 11:02 PM
    Apparently Bulbapedia considers the Indigo (Kanto) and the Johto league different things...mind changing that up?
    Sure you're not looking at the anime pages? Kanto and Johto DO have separate Leagues in that canon (mostly because they obviously couldn't have Ash return to Kanto like in the games, so they created the Silver Conference, instead; note that the linked page has this to say about the Silver Conference: "The Silver Conference is technically the only league in a region from the core games that doesn't actually exist in the games, as the Generation II games and the Generation IV remakes had the Pokémon League/Elite 4 at the Indigo Plateau in Kanto.").

    In the games, however, they both share a League at the same Indigo Plateau, so together, they make up the Indigo League. (Notice how none of Johto's gyms overlap with Kanto's, type-wise? That's why.)
  14. BettyNewbie
    February 28th, 2015 08:25 PM
    Actually Probopass being seen as a Jewish stereotype caused it to be banned in Saudi Arabia irc.
    Actually, Pokémon, as a whole, was banned in Saudi Arabia, years before either Nosepass or Probopass were a thing.

    I just have a thing for Japan is all. Though my heritage is one of the reasons why I want GF to make one of the next regions in Mexico
    Ah, I seem. I'm not really big into Japanese culture, myself. I just like Pokémon. *shrug*

    A region based on Mexico could be interesting... I presume these two would be in the Regional Dex, LOL.

    Funny you mention that as I was in an old Smogon thread (I was looking around the threads out of curiosity) and someone made fun of Silgilyph, starting with "Wow Unown got an Evolution...oh wait..." It does look like it...Then there is Alomomola and Luvdisc...Unova's mons are trolls. I hate it that Sylveon is the only evolution of an old mon we've gotten in nine years.
    I think you can partially blame Eviolite for that. Giving the likes of Jynx and Dunsparce evolutions would mean having to explain why they can suddenly use Eviolite, and GF hates those kinds of retcons (see not being able to get Leafeon with a Leaf Stone). Of course, Eviolite was partially introduced in the first place because of the negative reception many of Gen 4's evos received, most notably Rhyperior, Electivire, and Magmortar.

    Btw how would you feel if Gf gave Eevee a pre evolution and had that pre-evolution evolve into a different mon that evolves into Pokemon with types based on the formerly Physical types?
    Like many of your ideas... A teensy bit unrealistic.

    You know, if it weren't for that controversy perhaps Jynx would've been in the Sinnoh dex (maybe even the Hoenn dex) and ended up as Candice's ace, or her possible evolution would've (similar to how Volkner got Electivile and Flinn got Magmortar). I wonder what it's evolution if it had one would've been called (in English)...Elect and Mag have already been in the lines of the other two, but Smoochum and Jynx don't have that.
    Yeah, Candice probably would've had Jynx's evo as her ace. Here's a fan-made idea of what a Jynx evo done in the matter of Electivire and Magmortar would've looked like.

    Well at in a few years Glacia will be remembered far less than Lorelei...the ice E4 specialists don't have it as nice as the ice gym leaders...

    So I google imaged Lorelei and Glacia separately and got more pictures of Glacia than of Lorelei (I had to scroll down to find any for Lorelei, while Glacia's appeared right away), seem ORAS is helping Glacia's popularity a bit xD. Also on the web front Lorelei was by far not the first result...Glacia though was :3.
    I think Ice specialists, in general, do tend to have lower popularity. The type, itself, doesn't have many fans (mostly because of having many weaknesses and being home to designs like Jynx, Delibird, and Vanilluxe), and most of its specialists are white-haired old men (or, light-haired women who look like they're elderly in certain sprites). The fact that most of them are pathetically weak/easy in battle doesn't help.

    Before ORAS came out, Googling Glacia's name would get you more pictures of Glaceons than her, and even nowadays, that's often still the case.

    Unsurprisingly, the lone Ice specialist who is both a Gym Leader and fairly recent while still being a cute young girl is the most popular one by far. (Even if it's mostly for gross fanservice/fetish reasons.)

    But, despite all of this, Lorelei still seems to get the worst of it, and most of that is because of A) Jynx and B) ceasing to exist after FRLG. Again, GF clearly doesn't care about her, so fandom feels the same way. Sometimes, I feel like the only remaining fan of her...
  15. BettyNewbie
    February 28th, 2015 06:39 PM
    Wow I just looked at Jynx's appearances in the anime, and apparently the anime kept using the same design up to the Hoenn saga (EP 13 of AG). The scene of course was deleted (meanwhile another scene was heavily edited as it had TR doing a heil Hitler pose) in the dub. Jynx also caused a banned episode in the U.S. (from the Original Saga (the one before reaching Blackthorn city)) as it was the main character. Poor misunderstood Jynx.
    I don't get why they kept using the old Jynx as late as late Johto/early Hoenn. Those episodes aired a full three years after the controversy (and long after she had been redesigned in the games), so Jynx's skin should've been purple from the get-go in EP250 and AG013. (Her skin also should've been recolored purple in EP099, which aired in the US a few months after the controversy.) It sucks that Jynx had to get censored like that, but the anime brought it on themselves by being so careless with her design, knowing very well about the controversy she caused.

    (Yet no one yelled racism about what Ludicolo was based on xD. Though as a Mexican-American I'm fine with Ludicolo (and Hawlucha), I actually love it).
    I'm surprised that Ludicolo ever made it past the censors, because, unlike Jynx, it's unquestionably based on a racial stereotype. Same goes for Probopass. (Although, this one wasn't intentionally meant to be a Jewish stereotype. It was intended to be an homage to Mario... an Italian stereotype.)

    Later on, one of the Gym Leaders had to have her design altered, because of, well... Again, how did this ever pass the censors in the first place?

    (BTW, I didn't know you were Mexican-American. With all of your references to the Japanese games and Japanese culture, I actually thought you were Japanese or Japanese-American, LOL.)

    Funny thing is that Lorelei isn't even called that in the Dub, but Prima.
    And, that episode was recently banned. Guess why? Now, her character has literally been erased from existence.

    Well maybe she'll pop up again in due time. Jynx does appear in the Mountain Kalos dex :3 (first time since the Johto dex).
    Seeing as she's been gone for more than a decade now, that's about as likely as Unown getting an evolution, I'm afraid.

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