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  1. BettyNewbie
    3 Weeks Ago 10:13 PM
    Except for Kanto which is a broken base in the fandom
    Not necessarily. There's a lot of people outside of fansites like this who would jump all over a new Gen 1 remake. Plus, a lot of the people who "hate Kanto" would change their minds in a heartbeat once they got a taste of scenery and gameplay from the new remakes (as many Hoenn haters did with ORAS).

    I don't know...I mean Platinum did better than Emerald which did better than Crystal irc and B2W2 did better than all of them so the thread should be better sales for Z or X2 Y2 or Z1 Z2.
    None of those might end up happening if ORAS outselll XY. That would be a pretty clear indication that people aren't interested in Kalos or brand new regions, in general.
  2. BettyNewbie
    3 Weeks Ago 04:18 PM
    I still don't think we'll see Gen 4 remakes until after the 3DS' successor comes out, although you never know.

    It'll be interesting to see how Gen 7 is handled if ORAS end up outselling XY. As I said, it would be the first time ever that a remake has outsold the main paired games, and since GF and Nintendo care about making money, they'd, no doubt, take note of that.

    A Kalos Third Version or prequel/sequel would probably be dead on arrival, and it's possible that they would either go straight to another set of remakes (most likely of these games) or design Gen 7's main pair to be another direct sequel, ala. Gen 2. It's obvious that the fandom wants to see more of the older regions, older characters, and older Pokémon.
  3. BettyNewbie
    3 Weeks Ago 10:34 AM
    Yup, I even mentioned that about RB saving the GB before. They really did a lot. I do consider them number one due to the unfair advantage of Tetris...meaning every Red/Blue pair of mascots have been number one.
    Well, with the exception of RB's remakes, although they were technically a Red/Green pair. We'll see how ORAS does.

    On that note, so far it seems like the remakes are selling inverse to how the originals sold. While Red and Blue (31.37 million) sold more than Gold and Silver (23.10 million), FireRed and LeafGreen (11.82 million) sold less than HeartGold and SoulSilver (12.67 million). If the trend continues, OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire should sell in the 13 million range, at least, tying with X and Y (13.29 million).

    Of course, on the other hand, FRLG had a short-lived handheld holding them back, as well as a lower interest in the franchise, overall, at the time. (Fewer people were nostalgic for the games in 2004 than they would be by the end of the decade.) They probably would have sold much more had they been released for the DS in 2008 or 2009, instead.

    ORAS also have a low-selling handheld working against them (although, the games, themselves, could help change this), but unlike FRLG, they have increased nostalgia and a greater interest in the franchise working in their favor.

    (If ORAS end up beating XY in sales, that might convince GF to give Gen 1 another go sooner than later.)
  4. BettyNewbie
    3 Weeks Ago 12:00 AM
    Well it wasn't really Gen III's fault as the GBA had a short life and thus low sales. Gen III likely had a higher percent of the GBA sales than the other generations, actually all three releases (RS, Fr, E) were the best selling games on the GBA.
    I can agree with that. I'm not the biggest fan of the games, but I do feel that RS take an unfair amount of heat for the "death of the fad." (It was the blah Johto anime that really killed it, IMO.) The circumstances of both the franchise at the time and the GBA's short lifespan were mostly an unlucky coincidence.

    Obviously Gen IV and Gen V couldn't even do that for the DS. Not sure how well Yellow did in GB sales, or Crystal in GBC sales. Ahh...I found out that GS were the sixth best selling GB/C game when put as a pair.
    Well, I can tell you that Crystal probably didn't do well--It was the worst-selling main series game ever, selling only about a fourth (6.39 million) of what Gold and Silver sold (23.10 million), when it's standard for Third Versions to do slightly less than half of the paired games.

    (For a comparison, Yellow sold 14.64 million--the only Third Version to date to sell 10 or more million--to Red and Blue's 31.37 million, Emerald sold 6.41 million to Ruby and Sapphire's 15.85 million, and Platinum sold 7.59 million to Diamond and Pearl's 18.12 million. Compared to these, Crystal flopped hard.)

    Tbh I feel almost as if you just called me a dork by calling it that...
    Well RS(E) were regarded as cult classics after some time had passed. Actually the Gen III games were very sought after that Europe had to import some from the US according to Wikipedia (maybe that's why Europe had a later release...the remakes sold very hotly there like the originals did).
    Nah, you're not a dork. If you're one, then I'm one, too.

    RSE have certainly been Vindicated by History, as TV Tropes put it:

    For years Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire (along with Emerald) were seen as the Dork Age of the franchise, as it, by some counts, took out as many features as it added. It was constantly bashed both by long time fans and fans who came back into the franchise with Pokemon Diamond And Pearl. Within the last two or three years the games have been constantly praised, even garnering a hardcore fanbase, while Diamond and Pearl is now considered the lowest point of the franchise. When the remakes for 3DS were announced, reception was almost universally positive.
    Many of the things that people hated RSE for (like no compatibility and removal of features from Gen 2) are no longer an issue (including with the games' own remakes), and the games, themselves, have become old enough to be nostalgic. Maybe, DPP will get their turn years down the road...

    One wants it, and the other absolutely hates the idea of going to Kanto a fifth time. Honestly, the anti side has little backing behind their points other than just hating Kanto or not wanting to visit it a fifth time...not like anyone is forcing them to buy the games though...
    Tell me about it. It's just a cold, hard fact that Gen 1 is now the only Gen that can't be played on the newest handheld, so it simply wouldn't be fair or practical to remake one that can (Gen 4) before it. DP may be old and quickly becoming outdated, but they're still younger and far less outdated than FRLG. (And, there's always Platinum, which fixed most of DP's problems.)

    Interestingly Red and Blue's number one place can be debated as Tetris is number one but that one was packaged with the system so it's kind of unfair, plus that's usually not counting GBC games...btw I really see your point on the GB/C practically considered the same system...
    Well, the GBC, itself, would've never even existed if it weren't for the runaway success of Red and Green/Blue. Believe it or not, the Game Boy was considered a dying handheld by the latter half of the 1990s, and the success of the Pokémon games single-handedly turned GB sales around, spurning Nintendo to release a newer, more upgraded version of the GB, aka. the GBC. (And, later, build backwards compatibility into the GB/C's successor, the GBA.)
  5. BettyNewbie
    3 Weeks Ago 10:46 PM
    Why did they mention all the systems minus the GBA? If any should've been skipped it should've been the GBC as some (including you) consider it the same as the GB...I guess it might have something to do with the sales though...
    Well, the GBA was a much shorter-lived handheld than either the GB/C or DS, so it sold less than either. (But, still more than the 3DS, the lowest-selling of the four.)

    Plus, despite the hype over ORAS, I still think GF views Gen 3 as kind of an awkward Dork Age. The fad had ended, sales slumped (RS were the worst-selling paired games before XY), and a backlash had set in against the franchise. (A part of me is still surprised that there was such a demand for Gen 3 remakes.)

    Did you know that the highest selling games for the GB,GBC, and GBA were the first pairs of the newest Generations (though it's the third version if you split up the sales into their respective games). Only the DS generations failed...meanwhile the 3DS best selling game(s) are XY but it seems ORAS is ready to get the crown it's originals occupied with the GBA.
    It says a lot about how low the GBA's and 3DS's sales were that RS and XY could be both the highest-selling games for their respective handhelds and the two worst-selling main paired games, at the same time. It would be funny if ORAS ended up outselling XY, as it would be the first time a remake has done that to the main pair (and ironically, the remakes of the worst-selling main pair before XY).
  6. BettyNewbie
    3 Weeks Ago 08:44 PM
    Since Sinnoh is my Johto I guess I just want to see Sinnoh in everything like I did with Hoenn...
    Yeah, I think you do, LOL.

    The least-connected region is undoubtedly Unova, IMO. Just think of the original Unova Dex and how it didn't include any Pokémon from previous Gens, and how BW, in general, had a very "reboot" feel to them. B2W2 brought back more connections to the previous games (ie. expanded Dex, PWT), but most of that was because of the outcry over BW being so disconnected.

    Searching around, I came across an article that could now come across as Harsher in Hindsight:

    Despite its obviously overhauled visual presentation and new release platform, fans shouldn't call the recently announced Pokemon X and Y a "reboot," according to Pokemon Company International director of consumer marketing J.C. Smith.

    Though that terminology might seem applicable based on the debut trailer we saw yesterday — which depicted a fully three-dimensional world with dynamic, spriteless battle scenes — it's not what developer Game Freak was aiming for, Smith told Polygon.

    "There's never been a conscious decision to reboot," Smith said. "There's always been an evolution of the look and feel; it just happens to be that we played Black and White, and Heart Gold and Soul Silver, and Diamond and Pearl, and Platinum — all of those games on the same platform. So it feels like it's been a long time in the same way. But between the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color, and moving up into the DS now, it's always had that change.
    "There's never been a conscious decision to reboot, it's just a decision to try new things and express the world in a new way," Smith added.

    That, of course, turned out to be a lie.
  7. BettyNewbie
    3 Weeks Ago 06:05 PM
    Even Gen II Kanto actually as it was empty... and Gen IV Kanto had little of interest but at least it was complete (looking like it's Gen III self but modernized with the additions in Gen II)...
    HGSS Kanto actually didn't look a whole lot like FRLG Kanto at all. Many of the maps were altered significantly from FRLG (such as Route 1), and Cerulean Cave was completely different (being based on Yellow's layout instead of FRLG's, which was based on Green's.) Sure, a lot of that can be chalked up to the games being on completely different handhelds with completely different graphics (unlike the originals, a problem in and of itself, IMO), but still... The connection just wasn't there as much as it was with the originals.

    HGSS were good remakes (of GSC), but they were poor sequels (to FRLG). They didn't have the same connection with FRLG that GSC had with RBY. Unlike the originals, the remakes couldn't even trade with each other, and overall, FRLG feel more linked with the Hoenn games and HGSS with the Sinnoh games, which just doesn't feel right, IMO.

    (And, this, right here, might explain why GF stopped making Generations that were direct sequels to earlier Generations. Unless the games come out directly after one another (like RBY/GSC and BW/B2W2), they can't keep the continuity straight. Seeing as we've only gotten one Generation in the past 15 years that didn't include any remakes, the days of Generations only including a single set of games seem to be over.)
  8. BettyNewbie
    3 Weeks Ago 11:33 AM
    You mentioned FrLg were unfinished but when one looks back at the originals they too were unfinished...they cut off mons we wouldn't see until the next Gen (more cut than in any other gen as Gen III also had some cut out and I think some were cut out from Gen II too), music was left out as you bring up with that track, the female character was cut out (btw why couldn't they add her in Blue or Yellow?) from RG. Seems like the Kanto games don't have a chance to be complete...not even it's remakes...
    True, but you would expect "modern" remakes to be a little more complete than that. The things that were missing from GSC and RSE were implemented into HGSS and ORAS, so why couldn't it be the same for RBY and FRLG?

    Another hint for Yellow, as I mentioned earlier Charizard has two Megas meaning it can't have one of it's Megas be the mascot or one would get favoritism (Obviously it'll have to be Charizard Y as Charizard X is black). Thus leaving Green and Blue remakes...while I would love for Venusaur and Blastoise to get another game they are more 2nd version and third version material over first version. Thus leaving a single Yellow. Perhaps we will get Yellow next and then Z (it fits with Y then Z xD). However since XYOrAs all have letters so should a theoretical Yellow remake...
    Interesting observation, there.

    Yeah, poor poison (plus it technically only has two gyms (Kanto and Unova) and only one E4)...GF just hates the darker and edgier types...which the villains like using.
    Which probably isn't a coincidence. Even in the first two Gens, GF had it in for Poison by making it Team Rocket's favorite type and making most of the Legendaries Psychic type (ie. Poison's biggest weakness).
  9. BettyNewbie
    3 Weeks Ago 01:44 PM
    Gen III had some hints of HgSs such as the Johto music (if it wasn't meant for Johto in RS that is...) plus FrLg having already been remade so it's sequels should too was logical. Gen V (B2W2's code) had a strange remix of Rustboro's music.
    There's a possible Gen 1 remake hint in XY's music--The Kalos Victory Road theme is a remix of an unused track from Yellow. Also, Santalune Forest looks nearly identical to Viridian Forest as it looked in the original games (as opposed to HGSS). And, the new Exp. Share that was introduced in XY works very similarly to the Exp. All that was last seen in Yellow. XY also gave Pikachu its anime cry for the first time since Yellow, and gave out the Kanto starters in a non-postgame context, also for the first time since Yellow.


    As for more remake hints found in past games...


    - Ruby and Sapphire were another Red and Blue pair.
    - The first Gym Leader was Rock type and used a Geodude, and the third one was Electric type and used a Voltorb, just like we saw in Kanto.
    - The Oceanic Museum music was a remix of the SS Anne music, and there was a model of the ship on the second floor.
    - The Sootopolis City theme was a remix of the Name Entry theme from Pokémon Pinball (a Gen 1-era spin-off game).
    - And speaking of Pinball... It got its own remake not long after Ruby & Sapphire came out.


    - Platinum was the third precious metal... after Gold and Silver.
    - The sixth Gym Leader was Steel type and used a Steelix, and the seventh one was Ice type and used a Piloswine (Platinum), just like we saw in Johto.
    - And speaking of Johto's Steel Gym Leader... She had a cameo in Sunyshore City.
    - The Red Gyarados from the Lake of Rage was mentioned on TV at the beginning of the game.
    - The Poké Ball design in the Poké Centers was colored Gold and Silver.
    - The Pal Park Ball had a Gold/Silver/Crystal color scheme.
    - A large number of Gen 1 and 2 Pokémon received new pre/evolutions this Gen, and it was the first to introduce new evolutions at all (Gen 3 only introduced a couple of babies) since Gen 2.
    - Pokémon could be hacked to have location data that said "Johto."
    - The SS Ticket and SecretPotion (which mentioned Cianwood City in its description) were unobtainable, unusable Key Items.
    - Bebe, who created Sinnoh's storage system, gives you an Eevee just like Bill did in Gen 2.


    - X and Y were, yet, another red and blue pair.
    - Xerneas and Yveltal were the first Box Legendaries to not be Dragon type since... Groudon and Kyogre.
    - The third Box Legend was a green serpentine Dragon... like Rayquaza.
    - We saw the first female first Gym Leader since... Hoenn. (And, the Kalos GL's type is weak to the Hoenn GL's type. They both also happen to be the only female specialists of their respective types.)
    - The seventh Gym Leader was Psychic type, just like we saw in Hoenn.
    - The eighth gym leader was Ice type, similar to Hoenn's eighth gym being Ice-themed (despite being a Water gym).
    - A large number of Mega Evolutions were given to Gen 1 and 3 Pokémon (including Blaziken, the only non-Kanto starter to get one), and Gen 3 was the last time both Generations had been seen.
    - Unobtainable Mega Stones for the Eon Duo were discovered in the games' data.
    - An NPC mentions that "The 40th wedding anniversary is the ruby anniversary, and the 45th is sapphire."

    Speaking of this I just realized another part GF hasn't favored the Dark type. Steel got a legendary in the span of one Gen (Registeel) and a mascot legend in two (Dialga), while Dark got one in the span of two (Darkrai) and four (the second Dark legendary...Yvetal), while Fairy got one in it's intro for both (Xerneas).
    At least, the Dark type HAS Legendaries. Guess how many Poison has?
  10. BettyNewbie
    3 Weeks Ago 08:38 PM
    Just for a bit of nitpicking--There is NO such thing as a "Kanto Elite Four" or "Johto Elite Four." The two regions share the same E4 at the same Indigo Plateau, and any differences between Gens 1 and 2 can be chalked up to the passage of time, not the existence of a separate "Johto Elite Four." (If you were to go through Johto at the time of Gen 1, you would've still fought the same E4 of the original games at the end, not the one from GSC.) It's better to say "Gen 1 Elite Four" and "Gen 2 Elite Four" ("Indigo Elite Four" for both).


    How do you feel about the E4s of Hoenn and Unova being essentially copies of the original?

    I mean Hoenn's is just like Kanto's except Dark replaces Fighting (or is it Ghost comes and replace fighting while Dragon returns?) meaning it's Gen I Kanto meets Gen II Kanto/Johto. Unova has the same thing except it adopts psychic (a type seen in Sinnoh) to replace Dragon.
    Actually Sinnoh and Kalos have the most unique typed E4's (Sinnoh only sharing Psychic with Unova's, and Fire with Kalos. While Kalos also shares Dragon with G I Kanto, and Hoenn). I half expect next Gen to have Dragon too (I mean Johto promoted Lance to champ, while Cynthia had a Dragon as an ace so Dragon is either always the type of the ace, the champ's specialty (which was the case in future Unova with Iris like it was with RGBY's sequels with Lance), or an E4 type.)
    I was actually discussing this with a friend a little earlier, and he pointed this exact same thing out (and said it was the reason why he hated Hoenn's E4). For only being three Generations into franchise at the time, it looks very suspicious (and unoriginal) that they would pick four types that had already been used at Indigo for the Hoenn Elite Four, even going so far as to put the Dragon trainer at the top of the pile again. It was inevitable that Hoenn would repeat type specialists (all but one of the 17 types were already used as gyms in the previous Gen), but they could've done better with the Elite Four. (Especially, Glacia. Why would they put an Ice specialist in a region that only had two fully-evolved Ice types? One of which was a complete piece of crap?)

    I say this looks suspicious, because I can't help but wonder if Hoenn's E4 was meant to be a hint towards FRLG--We had Ghost, Ice, and Dragon again, with the Dragon user in the 4th position. The Ice user also looked suspiciously like a younger version of Gen 1's Ghost user.

    You can see similar remake hints in Sinnoh and Kalos. Sinnoh's Ground user, of course, resembled Agatha, and more importantly, its Psychic user strongly resembled Gen 2's Psychic user (the only other Psychic E4 member that existed at the time). As for Kalos, it had Water and Steel Elite Four Members, marking the first time since Gen 3 that either of those types had been seen in the League (albeit on Champions). The Water user also happened to be a frilly, effeminate-looking young man with a White/Blue color scheme (again).

    And, speaking of Kalos, there could possibly be other remake hints in its E4. It's two female E4 members can be seen as parallels to the two female E4 members from the original games.

    Lorelei and Malva are both bespectacled young redheads who happen to be the only E4 members seen outside of their rooms in their respective games, but while Lorelei uses Ice/Water types, has a cool personality, and fights against evil, Malva uses Fire types, has a hot personality, and fights for evil.

    Agatha and Drasna are both older women in long skirts (and with long, grey hair if you go by Agatha's original design), but while Agatha is creepy, hateful, and competitive, Drasna is inviting, friendly, and humble. Ghost (Agatha) and Dragon (Drasna) can also be seen as parallel types--both weak against themselves, both resisted by only one type (Dark vs Steel), both made immune by one type (Normal vs Fairy), both had only a single 3-stage evolutionary line in Gen 1 (Gastly line vs Dratini line), both didn't receive STAB moves until Gen 2 (Shadow Ball vs Dragonbreath; both Gym Leader TMs given out by the 4th and 8th leaders, respectively), and both suffered from mismatched Pokémon before the P/S split (Ghost was a Physical type with mainly Special attackers; Dragon was a Special type with mainly Physical attackers). Drasna's pre-battle rematch dialog also refers to the region that introduced another E4 member that paralleled Agatha.

    Btw you've noticed how each Region (minus Johto but Johto did a good job at avoiding overlapping types with Kanto (even to a certain extent in the E4...too bad they overlapped with Dragon and Poison (should've had Agatha stay to avoid poison repeating at least))).
    Lorelei would've been better, as Agatha's team was mostly Poison thanks to the lack of Ghost types in the original games (and the only ones that existed were all part-Poison themselves). Of course, there was going to be some GL/E4 overlap with Gen 2, as all of the types (sans Dark) were represented in the 16 gyms.

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