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  1. BettyNewbie
    February 11th, 2015 09:12 PM
    I rather they not change the character's ages too much, 12-13 would be good ages for the other Gen I-IV characters too. Since they technically never gave us ages for them it won't be a retcon now will it?
    Technically no, although the artwork of the Gen 1-4 protagonists clearly seemed to depict little kids. (Albeit, sometimes with either oversized chests or inappropriate skirts. Or, both.)

    It would be better to just establish them all as 14 or older, IMO. As I said, the fanbase is much older nowadays than it was even 8 years ago, and you can simply do more things with teenage characters than you can with tweens. Shipping is way easier, and you don't have to worry as much about the female PCs not exactly looking and dressing like little girls. (As in the above examples.)
  2. BettyNewbie
    February 11th, 2015 09:24 AM
    Whether for good or bad his Gen II design appears to have become his most iconic, so they may reuse it again
    Well, it's the outfit he wore on the anime, so that doesn't surprise me. As long as he looks like a young hot guy again and doesn't get his hair or skin color changed, I'm fine.

    I was talking about Red and Blue being retconned to 14 in new Gen 1 remakes, which would be on a completely different timeline from HGSS and BW/2. Since most people playing Pokémon are in their teens or older nowadays, it doesn't make sense to continue having protagonists who are little kids. (Hence, the reason why BW/2 and XY have older protagonists... I also still think that May and Brendan are teenagers in ORAS, too.)
  3. BettyNewbie
    February 10th, 2015 08:32 PM
    Lance's original design looks a bit like what a biker would wear.
    Yeah, he had a little bit of a biker look going on back then... Very sexy.

    I do think that canonly Lance is in his 20's in Gen I time...at least that's what I've read.
    Well, in FRLG, he definitely is (although, still probably not any older than 22 or 23), although I don't think it has ever been explicitly stated. In the original timeline, I put him at 17-19 in RBY and 20-22 in GSC.

    Since ORAS gave more accurate ages I guess they could do the same for the rest (btw I noticed RB's TV trope Page says the players are 11 years old...that'll make Blue 14 in HGSS...he seems a bit older than 14).
    I think that age is partially influenced by the anime, where Ash was explicitly stated to be 10 years old. (And, sadly, still is.) I wouldn't be surprised if Red and Blue were actually closer to 12 in RBY/FRLG, and I wouldn't complain if new remakes aged them up to 14 or so (to match the standard set by the Unova and Kalos protagonists).
  4. BettyNewbie
    February 10th, 2015 09:24 AM
    Really? I though I was your favorite. I'm sort of falling out of love for Gen III...so perhaps Gen IV will be my favorite soon (my Gen V is your Gen III while my Gen VI is your Gen IV in terms of my like of the latest gens.)
    Oh, I still love Gen 1 a lot, but Gen 2 will always be my favorite. Gen 2 was basically everything Gen 1 was, plus more.

    Sad that you're falling out of love with Gen 3... I guess the remakes really weren't what you were hoping for. Maybe, they'll do better with Gen 4 when its time comes.

    I expect Gen III fans to back up Gen IV remakes. Oddly (or perhaps not so oddly) there seems to be a lot of support among Gen III fans who played FrLg but not Gen I for another remake (having played it once it's was as new for us as Hoenn (and later Sinnoh(, Johto,), etc. was) was).
    That doesn't surprise me. I think people who started with FRLG and never played RBY are more easily able to see just how outdated the games are now. Yes, FRLG, themselves, are remakes, but they were remade to standards that are now considered obsolete. It doesn't make sense to leave them behind and remake newer games, instead.

    Lance has my favorite champion music but he does have a bad HGSS design...I also thought he looked too old compared to how he looked in FrLg (he was rather youthful then).
    I like his FRLG design, too, but it would've been much more appropriate for HGSS, IMO. His FRLG design was actually a recycling of his GSC look (hence the reason why he was wearing the outfit on the anime a full two years before FRLG came out), so he was inadvertently aged up three years in FRLG (before being aged up 25 years in HGSS). His original design made him look much more like a teenager (think 17-19 years old), which better suited his rather bratty, immature dialog from RBY ("They're virtually indestructible!").
  5. BettyNewbie
    February 9th, 2015 11:11 PM
    Hey, I have another thread that could use some more discussion. Think you could check it out? I'll happily return the favor in some of your other threads.
  6. BettyNewbie
    February 9th, 2015 11:01 PM
    Well it's unfair to say only future Gen fans are against Gen I re-remakes (I think Gen II fans are more sympathetic to a Gen I remake though), as we've seen some people on this site who started with Gen I but wouldn't want to see a re-remake of their beginning region. Heck some Gen III beginners were against Hoenn remakes before they happened (as you can guess I was very pro-Hoenn remake...still am though but it'll be a while before my starting region-story gets it's own take 3) so don't count on Gen I fan's size as not all are for a re-remake.
    I don't really count Gen 2 fans as "later Gen fans" as Gen 2 was part of the old Pokémania era, too. There aren't many people who love GSC and hate RBY, and vice-versa. (In fact, Gen 2 is actually my favorite Gen, myself.)

    Most of the people who are against a new remake are against it because they're "tired of Kanto" and think the region is "boring" in comparison to later ones like Hoenn and Sinnoh. Most of these people are obviously fans of the later games, even if they started with RBY.

    Also as someone who was disappointed somewhat by his highly anticipated remake I'll give you some advice (if you anticipated FRLG then you know as well as I do), don't get your hopes up that a re-remake of Gen I will have everything you hope for.
    This is very true. I am legitimately afraid of some of my favorite characters getting eye-gougingly awful, OOC redesigns along the lines of this or this in new remakes. (Heck, HGSS already did it to a few of my favorites.) Since these would be the first remakes of games that had already been remade, I hope they just redraw the RBY art and put everyone in their original outfits again. (As you can guess by my avatar, I really love Lance's original, more teenage look. They really need to hit the reset button on his age and stop making him look like a 50 year old man, IMO.)

    And, then, there's the postgame, and the way Megas are handled... Yeah, I'm uneasy.

    It may be a good sign though that there hasn't been much talk of a Sinnoh remake, showing it's been pushed aside for the moment (I do want to see one though in the next 5 years).
    As I said, I think more people realize now that Gen 1 is in greater need of a remake right now than Gen 4 is. DPP can still be played on a 3DS, after all, while neither RBY or FRLG can. It makes sense to remake the older games before the newer ones.

    Actually I wonder if Gens VI and VII will be the the first ones where transferring one be one way since Gen I-II. I say this as Pokébank should allow for such a trade, as shown by ORAS' formes, moves, and such the Gen VI games can just block the Gen VII mons from being moved to Gen VI games (unless if they do add Gen VII DLC).
    It seems like GF has completely abandoned the idea of direct trade between Generations. Otherwise, DPP/HGSS and BW/2 would've been able to directly trade in the same way as RBY and GSC could, as they were both DS games running on similar engines. It would be interesting, though, if that feature was brought back with Gens 6 and 7, especially since Gen 7 will, more than likely, be on the 3DS as well.
  7. Pinkie-Dawn
    February 9th, 2015 09:57 PM

    The steps on transferring your 3DS data onto your New 3DS looks simple up until it stated a screwdriver and computer are required. I never used a screwdriver before, because I fear I may screw up, no pun intended, putting it back together.
  8. BettyNewbie
    February 9th, 2015 08:46 PM
    Not that the two of us are much better though as we're quite dug into our own positions.

    So long as those people don't make up a sizable part of the fanbase that is (and bigger than the pro side).
    I don't think they do, at least, ever since ORAS game out and more people are starting to realize how outdated Gen 1 is. While certain sites are more dominated by later Gen fans and are thus, more strongly against Gen 1 being remade, it's far from the case everywhere.

    I hope so too. They could also do DLC and give the Gen VI games a story where new mons ( a couple Gen VII ones) have been uncovered, thus not doing another Gen III. It seems like the easiest solution at this point.
    That could work. Just any kind of explanation would be nice. XY had some pretty sloppy storytelling, IMO.
  9. BettyNewbie
    February 9th, 2015 07:47 PM
    You seem to be going back and forth with the same person I was yesterday.
    Yeah... And, I'm getting pretty tired of them, too. They don't seem to be understanding a word I'm saying.

    Then there's those who don't want a re-remake period...
    Who would never be the market of a new Gen 1 game to begin with, as they obviously aren't too concerned about being able to play the Gen on the latest hardware.

    [QUOTE]You know since Kanto is unlikely to be remade for the XYORAS timeline (unless they find someway out of the mess...sadly this is the second gen GF doesn't think through involving Hoenn...and meanwhile Kanto also gets hurt. Sadly even if GF made Gen VII's region in the same time as it and Gen I and remade the Gen I, II, IV, V, VI in that or future gens it would be cut off from the timeline (XY can be fixed with their remake)...like the other four gen stories not seen this gen...Also like FRLG with RS, ORAS lacked stuff in XY like customization, rollerskating, and also lacked a feature from the previous gen (seasons...but Hoenn lacking them isn't as big as Kanto lacking D-N))/QUOTE]

    Well, let's hope that the last two Gen 6 games fix this mess. If not, GF could always just pull out "Gameplay and Story Segregation" and move on, although that obviously wouldn't be an ideal solution.
  10. BettyNewbie
    February 9th, 2015 02:59 PM
    I've seen several though...but I hope they're a small minority. Since FrLg was more CP (at least FrLg wasn't like the Zelda remakes...those are more ports than remakes) than HgSs and OrAs it'll stand to reason that game can now go on and be more wild with the second Gen I (I said Kanto remake again didn't I...Kanto is the only region where saying Region+Remake doesn't always bring it's debut Gen in mind) remake.
    That's how I feel, too. People who want something more "faithful" will always have RBY/FRLG, however outdated they are. Those of us who want something more can have the new remakes.
  11. BettyNewbie
    February 9th, 2015 11:08 AM
    Seems there's a split between Kanto remakes being ORAS style or (another) FRLG style (some of us say we'll like to see HGSS style but the middle ground seems to be slipping for us...)
    It's less of a real split, and more of that one certain stubborn poster hating change and new things and wanting every remake to be a cheap copy/paste of the original. I think most people would prefer a HGSS/ORAS style remake over another FRLG, trust me.

    May you post in the XY third version and Gen VII threads? No one has responded to my ideas it seems...(do you have any threads that could use bumping?)
    I'll see what I can do. Think you could post in my "Original vs Remake: Gym Leaders" thread in the Gen 1-2 subforum? That one seems to have been a dud for some reason.
  12. Makoto Tachibana
    February 9th, 2015 02:14 AM
    Makoto Tachibana
    LOOOOL Not sure if you're trolling or what. xD
    I was asking your school life. lol As in your daily school life, like your interactions with your peers and so on.

    Break-a-leg with the midterm babe. You can do it.
    Japanese LOL IHaveGivenUpOnMySelfStudyJapaneseLessons.
  13. Makoto Tachibana
    February 8th, 2015 11:58 PM
    Makoto Tachibana
    How's campus life buddy? Final exam already, right?
  14. BettyNewbie
    February 8th, 2015 10:39 PM
    Funny you mention that as that supposed region should be in between Hoenn and Johto...Shikoku is closer to the areas Johto is based on though. A region based on what Shikoku has left (as Cianwood and another coincidence is the Hoenn weather trio ruins...which is likely why it was put there as that area is around the half way mark between Johto and Hoenn if they're as far apart as their rl counterparts take up part of it already) would be quite small, maybe Johto size or smaller so it could work. I wouldn't mind a Gen II style 'sequel'. They could make it sort of a more indirect sequel than GSC was to RGBY too and not have the Hoenn Gen III evil teams involved but have a key character (best bet is Zinnia) play a role.
    Well, my idea for this sequel would have a new evil team (founded by either a former Magma/Aqua Grunt or another Hoenn character entirely), but the events would, otherwise, be a direct continuation from ORAS' story. Most of the older characters would return, and Hoenn, itself, would return in the postgame (and don't fear, it wouldn't be nearly as chopped down as GSC Kanto was). The two regions would also share a League, just like Kanto and Johto do.

    As far as the PCs go, I'd prefer them to be made equally canon in some way, but if that wasn't possible, then it needs to be May. I'm tired of the female PCs constantly getting shafted in favor of the guys, and May, like it or not, is more popular and iconic than Brendan.

    [QUOTE]Anyways back on topic. If they did that I'll like to see some references to Johto too. Perhaps the mascot that wasn't captured (Kyogre in the first, and Groudon in the second) in OR/AS will appear in the Johto ruins if they pop up again (or in Origin Cave back in Hoenn). If made for the New 3DS it could even include both the new region, Hoenn, and Johto but it'll leave Kanto without a 3D version still but that's where remakes can come in, Kanto remakes will still work as.../QUOTE]

    Even if this new region is close to it, I'd rather leave Johto out of this sequel, as three regions might be a bit too much. Johto can be in the Gen 1 remakes (seeing as Gen 2 remakes will probably be years away, as HGSS are much newer than FRLG; better to put Johto in the Gen 1 remakes than to separate Gens 1 and 2 even further than the earlier remakes did).

    Gf really did a number on the timeline worse than what we thought...(making it impossible to make sequels for all the Gens minus VI).
    They sure did. Hopefully, the last two Gen 6 games will fix this mess.
  15. BettyNewbie
    February 8th, 2015 08:47 PM
    They could give it a GSC-style sequel that starts in another region and takes you back to Hoenn in the postgame. As I mentioned before, some people have spotted what looks like a new region visible in the Delta Episode, and this mystery region closely corresponds to one that's located next to Hoenn's RL counterpart.

    It would center around new Legendaries and a new evil team (or two) that was, maybe, founded by a former Magma/Aqua Grunt (or, even, an entirely different character from ORAS). Either way, the story would be a direct continuation of ORAS'.

    The region, itself, would share the Evergrande League with Hoenn like Kanto and Johto share the Indigo League, so none of its gyms would have the same type as a Hoenn gym (leaving Bug, Grass, Poison, Ground, Ice, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Steel, and Fairy open as possible gyms). Wallace would appear in the new region to help you out against the evil team similar to how Lance was in the Gen 2 games, and also like Lance, he would be the Champion waiting at the end of the Elite Four.

    The Elite Four themselves would also see some changes. At least, two of the members would be scrapped (hopefully both Sidney and Drake to balance out Indigo scrapping the two women from Gen 1), and one of the new ones would be a former Hoenn Gym Leader (most likely Norman, as I could easily see either Wally or the opposite gender PC taking over his old gym). The Elite Four, itself, would ideally be made up of 3 women and 1 man to balance out Gen 2 Indigo's male-dominated Elite Four.

    Hoenn would also see some changes. Juan would be in Wallace's old gym, of course, and either Wally or the opposite gender PC would be in Norman's old gym (if he gets promoted to the Elite Four). Certain Gym Leaders like Roxanne and Liza/Tate would also visibly appear older (like Misty did in Gen 2). Magma and Aqua's old hideouts would be abandoned, and could serve as the setting of a postgame story involving the new evil team. You would also see the Battle Frontier, fully completed and open, in place of ORAS' Battle Resort.

    Waiting at the end of Meteor Falls would be one of the ORAS protagonists with a high-leveled team. If they can't find a way for either to appear, then it should be May to balance out Red being favored in HGSS. Her ace would be Mega Blaziken (since that's the starter most associated with her), and the rest of her team would include Wobbuffet (Lavaridge Wynaut Egg), Metagross (Beldum from Steven), two of the Johto/Sinnoh/Unova starters, and possibly Rayquaza (if it was canonically caught).

    Obviously, this kind of "sequel" would have to happen in Gen 7 since it involves new Pokémon, but it's still something they could do.

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