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  1. Sike_Saner
    August 30th, 2009 07:12 PM
    That's "attempting" and not "succeeding" because a school bus happened to cross his path when he was on the way there. Of course he wasn't going to leave that alone. Several devoured children later, he found that he couldn't remember why he had gone out in the first place. Not that he really cared, mind. Again, there was a school bus filled with edible children and a driver that could be brought home in a little baggie for later involved. Life was awesome.

    Yeah, he carries around baggies wherever he goes for just such an occasion, by the way. He carries them in a bag. A bag of bags. A bag-bag.
  2. JX Valentine
    August 30th, 2009 09:59 AM
    JX Valentine
    The hurricane says, "SHOOP-DA-WOOP!"

    Vanilla caramel. Though I think I already told you this before you left. I can't remember. But this information is important, so you get told this again.
    I vaguely remember that you did, but it was probably pushed out of my mind by the sound of cats mating at three in the morning a few days later.

    Ma'am, I thought you weren't into scat.
    Oh, no, m'dear. I was just wondering if I needed to give you the :| face again.

    One time, I ate warm cheese. XD; Not like cheese that was supposed to be warm. Cheese that was sitting out for a few hours. Methinks that you should be hovering after me with the ":|" to get me to stop eating random things.

    Though it does make for some amusement.
    Oh yes. I can just imagine what would happen if I brought you to Smith's dining halls.

    Me: ":|"
    Random Smithie: *runs past… ON FIRE*

    And...I'm trying to imagine how that party would work...
    Well, see, assuming you drive without pants, I would do a faceplant in your lap while you do your best to keep your eyes open and hands on the steering wheel so we don't front end helicopters.

    "This meat is dry and chewy."
    "That's why Angel/Novinha joined a monastery! :D"
    I'm right now imagining Angel gnawing on something that shouldn't be gnawed on.

    In the second episode of Adventure, Takeru rides on Gomamon. Like, Gomamon is big enough to carry an eight-year-old child. For hilarity's sake, here's a picture of Jyou's kid standing next to Gomamon. I estimate Norio to be nine/ten-years-old. There is no way he could ride on Gomamon without killing the Digimon.
    Yeah, seriously. O_o

    Also, lulz. Gomamon, why does your younger stage look like a cross between a fetus and something that should be swimming in a toilet bowl?

    Jaws sounds painful. *closes legs tightly* *should be shot for this*
    OR it means I can perform circus-like feats on you. ;D

    And yeah, the big head fits the ego. And the hilarity that comes from it.
    The kids at Battle School don't make fun of him because he's tiny. They make fun of him because he needs his own special adjustments to gravity to keep his head up.

    What are you doing, Ender? You are not a robot! You are a real boy! You don't even have a real gun!
    I should not be imagining Angel dressed up as the Blue Fairy.

    But I am.

    And it's sparkly.

    (But I guess it's not as bad as imagining Andy looking like this.)

    Point A: Remember those cheese curl snacks that share your name that are sold at my work place? Well, there's the crunchy version, and the baked version. Both tell me to enjoy Jax in either crunchy or baked versions. So...which version are you more tasty in? Crunchy? Or baked?
    Well, I don't have a stash of marijuana, so I suppose I'm not actually baked right now.

    Point B: I was watching Tamers episodes through that LJ community digitalrewrind, and someone made a comment about Terriermon's Momantai saying, and that person used a Bill icon. I had the image of Bill wearing a Terriermon on his head. Then I remembered that it would probably be more likely that Bill would become Terriermon through some experiment. Either way, lulz were had.
    Damnit, woman! I don't need more plot bunnies!

    Although for some reason, my brain threw in the idea of Ash as a Digidestined. With TerrierBill as his Digimon? I really should hope not because I watched the entirety of Tamers, and the season's super-special Digivolution would make me cry for so many reasons.

    Either way, I get the feeling Ash would basically be a repeat of Daisuke for the Digital World. Meaning I don't know if this would be a good thing or a bad thing.

    Also, Bill as Terriermon amuses me. If only because it leads to the image of Bill as Gargomon, which would result in someone losing an eye.

    Point 3: Every time I watch Adventure 02, or write my fic, and Koushiro appears, I want to slap him. One of my favorite characters is ruined. Why? *sadface*
    Because he's the Digidestined of Knowledge! A computer hacker! The patron saint of the "OH GOD WHY" parts of the internets! Yay, Koushiro!

    I'm just happy no one ever did anything to Jyou. Someone doing crap in the name of the Digidestined of Purity/Reliability? Pfft.

    Also, lulz at the letter 3.

    Point D: I got six more Card books the other day. I have no room for them. I have four copies of Speaker For the Dead! I would ask, "why so many", but the answer is "Card books = happy Astinus". Seriously, I came home from work, and the books were sitting on the counter. A high-pitched "CARD BOOKS!" sounded from me, and I scooped them up, scurrying into my room.
    Woot! Amazon is your friend, or is someone really, really generous and knows where you live?

    Point E: Many lols at "self-examination". Many. For many reasons.
    Amen. Admittedly, when I read that, I was like, "Pfft. 'Kay."

    Really, I don't care either way so long as we don't cross paths that often from here on out. I'm not pissed at him anymore, but his beliefs (like that comment he made in that thread you showed me about how one shouldn't give concrit unless the author asks for it) and the way he goes about things will probably make me want to set hundreds upon hundreds of kittens on fire. (He can have them, sure, but that still doesn't mean those kittens would look rather nice roasted.)

    I'm also amused by how many people came up to me and said they WTFed with me. Just because of the respect comment. ('Course, that comment also amused me because I couldn't help but mentally compare how I'm doing here with how much respect I got as the admin of PFU, even when I did my best to please everyone. I love it how putting it in perspective like that makes me feel like I'm worshiped like a goddess here.)

    Point F: What's with people randomly putting things in bold? Is House of Leaves that popular of a book? Or is this another one of those ~*~artistic~*~ tilde things that writers do for some reason not having to do with drugs (or maybe it does...)?
    Bold means it's super-important!

    Seriously, I haven't been paying too much attention. Who's randomly abusing bold tags now?

    Point G: I fell into a window. :D
    Okay, Andy. *pats*

    Seriously, story? XD

    I had just gotten used to you not being here (for a long while, I would find something amusing, think "Must tell Jax!" and then make a frowny face as I remembered that you weren't here), so now that you're back, my mind is "Buhwhuh?"
    I know! It's been forever! *clings to you* ;_;
  3. Sike_Saner
    August 29th, 2009 09:46 PM
    Huh, I'd forgotten that Ragu was involved with that. o.o

    *starts picturing various characters doing the... dance from that commercial*
  4. Alli
    August 29th, 2009 04:30 PM
    I...I was not aware of this...

    -twitches- J-just...m-maybe...
  5. Sike_Saner
    August 28th, 2009 11:14 PM
    Yep! X3 Also goats, people, cars, sports equipment, all kinds of stuff. It still cracks me up the most when it's a goat that comes out. Fart noise followed by a goat sent spinning through the air (complete with goat noise!) = XD
  6. Sike_Saner
    August 28th, 2009 08:44 PM
    Yes, we do! :D Maybe they'd be like those little dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, only dragon-shaped. :3

    They do! And dainty cakes are served at their meetings--the daintiest, in fact. Metallus guards the recipe fiercely. With missiles. :D

    This amuses me so very much. XD
  7. Klippy
    August 27th, 2009 10:41 PM
    You sitting in my thread for 10 minutes makes me nervous. lololol ;;...
  8. Caliban
    August 27th, 2009 12:06 AM
    Ok. Which makes our second speaker's argument a load of bullcrap. As with the example I raised in my point of information about how the CC-s would be able to prevent just that sort of thing.

    Would you like to read long story about Ze Great Astinus?

    I'm off to re-raise my post count to 80, brb. XD
  9. Caliban
    August 26th, 2009 11:47 PM
    Ok, sorry. Should I go delete my post or something?
    [EDIT:] Ah, I see that you've done that for me. Thanks.

    So, are campus cops ineffective?
  10. JX Valentine
    August 26th, 2009 10:02 PM
    JX Valentine
    and a hurricane might be coming to knock out my power.
  11. JX Valentine
    August 26th, 2009 09:48 PM
    JX Valentine
    *glomps* Incidentally, on the way back, the radio station on the plane started playing "Land Down Under," and for some reason, it automatically made me think of you.

    I'll jump on MSN once I restart my computer because it's all like, "Hi! I updated! I'm going to hit you with as many restart notices as possible until you do so! :D"
  12. txteclipse
    August 26th, 2009 02:22 AM
    I said a while ago that I felt I hadn't been expressing my appreciation for all you do around here enough, so I just wanted to drop you a thank-you note. It escapes me how you can juggle being a mod, contest judge, and an integral part of the community while still having time for all of your obligations outside the internet. I think I speak for everyone when I say you have our utmost gratitude for keeping us entertained, making us feel welcome, and even for keeping us in line when necessary. You rock, Asty!
  13. Alli
    August 25th, 2009 04:37 PM
    Wait, what? When did the report button get involved here?

    SOUR STRAWSSS!!!111!1!!12gds43elrdj!!!111 o3o
  14. Gummy
    August 25th, 2009 03:54 PM
    It was a joke, Asty :3; I know splitting the stories would be a half-assed cop put. Just wanted to lighten the mood. :<
  15. Bay Alexison
    August 25th, 2009 01:13 PM
    Bay Alexison
    Hm, well I got half of the entries done already, but I planned to finish off the Serebii ones today. I usually don't like this kind of thing because I believe the judges should look at all the works. Also, not sure the contestants' reaction to see only one review. However, I'm quite busy at the moment so splitting the entries can lighten the workload for all of us, so this shouldn't be a problem. I guess I'll be fine with this.

    Curious, you liking this idea too?

    (and yes, I'll let Gummy know about this)

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