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  1. Redstar
    September 10th, 2009 7:13 PM
    ALSO, apparently "criticism" is too harsh, and those people who offer criticism *points pencil towards the north of me* should be gentler and more uplifting to the newbies who spam my forum. So the next time you want to say "Hey, you're doing this and this wrong. Here's how to fix it", offer the person LOVE and SUNSHINE and RAINBOWS and PEGGLES (wat) and BUNNIES and KITTENS so their little troll feelings aren't hurt.
    I never stated the criticism is harsh. You'll note that ditto offered no criticism in a constructive manner whatsoever, only claiming the person was probably trolling.

    And no, you can't lump any person that posts an amateur work into the group of trolls. That's simply not how you go about life, judging books by their covers.
  2. Cherry.
    September 10th, 2009 2:29 PM
    Thanks! =D. There's nothing new today. And it's very early here. 6am. How about you?
  3. Cherry.
    September 10th, 2009 2:23 PM
    Hai thar! ^.^
  4. JX Valentine
    September 10th, 2009 1:11 PM
    JX Valentine
    I literally have six pages of VMs to reply to. (♥)

    Also, I just want to say that your post here almost made me want to reply with a quote from the Nostalgia Critic:

    "I (that's me, the person right in front of you) put up (that's a direction) with it (that being your ********) from your end (uh, I'm not even gonna go there), uh, every couple of weeks (that is a period of time). Is that small enough for you?"

    I actually would be rather glad that would happen. I mean, OW isn't active enough now to warrant having it's own section with a sub-forum. All the poetry would go into it's own sub-forum. OW would just become a sub-forum, and finally it would have it's own Writer's Lounge so those who don't venture into PFF&P aren't left to flounder because they have no place to ask their questions about their stories.

    ... I'm not sure how to go about making this happen. :(
    Beg the staff and maybe do a few "favors"? :D I dunno. How'd Alter Ego pull it off? He should be your Yoda here.

    I know you said "hurricane", but I picture my car with the "Shoop-Da-Woop" face and a laser beam being fired from the engine, while the exhaust pipe is firing a rainbow.
    If your car did that, it would be the most awesome vehicle ever.

    That used to happen in my neighborhood, the cats all mating with one another, but then the coyotes came through. No more kitties! :D
    Alas, all the Philippines had besides stray cats, apparently, were stray dogs and stray chickens. I kinda wanted to chase after the stray chickens.

    Oh, and stray jeepneys.

    Actually, it was:

    Astinus: This French vanilla coffee creamer is delicious! *sips*
    Astinus: >> *drinks whole thing*
    ~Two hours later~
    Astinus: *is dead on bathroom floor*

    Well, now see, while I was driving today, I figured that there really wouldn't be much of a party going on, because you would get my gear shift in your neck. XD
    I'm amazingly flexible.

    Also, while driving today:

    I nearly backed into a tree while backing out of my driveway
    I nearly hit my father's car while pulling into my driveway

    The moral of the story: Astinus's, and her Flying Awesome Focus's, mortal enemy are driveways.
    Or alternatively, the moral is you need to try harder if you're going to be a homicidal maniac.

    I'm fine with everything else, but parking is a no-go. Which means that I really really hope you like walking, because I have to park where no one else parks in parking lots. XD And where there are no trees.
    You may have trouble parking in Northampton, then. XD We do have a garage, but I'm not sure if guests can use it. We also have a parking lot, but those are usually nearly full. Northampton is a ~*~green~*~ town, so they tend to discourage parking, driving, consuming carbon, or doing much else.

    Alternatively, I could park for you because you just can't work in my business and not know how to at least park the damn things. I mean, that's like working in a grocery store and not knowing how to operate a shopping cart.

    Highways though, which freak everyone else out when they're learning how to drive, make me go "WHEEE! :D" and I hop right on.
    Highways are the shiz. Then again, I've mostly been on Pennsylvanian highways, where there's almost no cars, so I say they're the shiz because there's nothing to hit.

    And growling over it whenever someone else wants to touch it.
    So, in comes Novinha.

    And now I want to write a fic where Andy goes to the doctor. XD
    Do one where he goes to the gynecologist. XD Given how many babies he poops out, I'd imagine he'd have to go at least once.

    Also, while writing a bit of an OSC fic, I imagined Angel following Andy around Battle School singing the song "Every Breath You Take", and just generally being creepy.
    You mean he won't just be creepy lurking in a cor—

    Wait. That's half of Battle School anyway. Never mind. Carry on.

    I have no idea what you had in mind, but I pictured you picking me up in your jaws and tossing me up so I could catch a trapeze.
    In a sequined leotard!

    Angel: *bends over in front of Andy* Lie to me.
    Andy: ...? :D
    And weeks later, this still makes me die.

    While other people try to act intelligent to be like Koushiro, I just wear yellow rubber gloves! (Egads, that's a close picture of my hands. XD)
    Somehow, those strike me as creepy. I think it's because at that distance, they remind me of doctors' gloves. O_o

    I'm so glad no one did anything in the name of Daisuke.
    The world would be a very scary place if anyone did anything in the name of Daisuke.

    Either that, or it would help Darwinism along.

    Here, have a pretty icon of Jyou.
    Eet's sparkly! Thank you! *grabs*

    Oh, my bunch of men. All of you are so very gay, but you're all very photogenic.

    Hilariously bad habit. I used to say "Number F." I'm a bizarre child.
    It's totally okay because it triggers thoughts of this.

    My parents went to the library to look for a book, and while there, they looked through the free books that the library gives away. I hoped that they would do that, since I never turn down Card books, but I feared that they wouldn't grab them because I have a lot of Card books.
    Aww. It's awesome to know that your parents know you that well. =D

    The only thing my parents get for me are weird knickknacks (from my father, who gets them for free from random people who tailgate in the parking lots) and ugly clothing (from my mother, who seems to think that on sale = I would love to wear it – not saying that I wouldn't; just that I don't wear knitted turtlenecks anymore and can't think of anyone who does).

    As for Point E, I'm seriously confused about what makes a term applied to a story any different from a term applied in a literary standpoint. Help! D:
    Well. From a literary standpoint, a term is an umbrella phrase (*makes a motion that looks suspiciously like a rainbow*) that covers (*makes another motion involving one hand palm up and the other hand rubbing it enthusiastically*) literary elements (*holds up a hand in the shape of a circle*) and literary devices (*holds up the index finger of her opposite hand*) in a way that a literary term simply describes the way elements and devices are artistically used. (*inserts index finger into circle a few times*)

    Does that make things clearer?

    I haven't been felt up in so long, I forgot what it's like! D=
    *feels you up all over to make up for lost time*

    Thumbs-up for serious gender issues!

    I just thought it turned you on to see me dying.
    Yeah, when I see you dying, but it's not fair when I'm not around. :(

    Depending on the manager, the order of that might switch. Or, if it's two particular managers, they would dock my pay and then order the Gollum at my store to clean up the mess. And Gollum would be like "Okaaaaaaaaaaay, will doooooooooooooo."
    And now I'm imagining Gollum pushing a cart into the back room while you're lying in it, unconscious and limp.

    I can only wonder what he's doing after that.

    Now since I have the day off today, I have scoured the internet, and found Baby-Sitters' Club snark, and people who claim that their children know what a Mary Sue is before they went to school.
    Pfft. Baby-Sitters' Club didn't have Mary Sues. They just had really bland characters. Complete difference there.

    Jax, dear, baked cheese curl, ma'am, mistress, Val... Are you really shocked at the fact that few few people in the PFF&P section can read/write coherently? Really? Like, previous experience of people going "wat u meen?" to posts and other examples of people saying whatever thoughts come into their mind without any actual thought of "Can people understand what I'm talking about?" haven't taught you that?

    …You've got a point there.

    As for Bay's Index, our excuse is SPPf did it that way.
    Astinus. Darling. Sex kitten. Snorter of foods. Do you really want to model PC after SPPf? I mean, what if Yami comes in here?

    And for the other guides, a rewrite would be in order, since remember how on my old LJ, we'd went through those guides and flailed about how they want thesaurus abuse?
    Yeah, I thought that happened, but I wasn't sure if I was hallucinating it or not. It seems to happen quite frequently sometimes. For example, I swear you came into my room last night and stared at me creepily in a corner, but that might just be me having flashbacks to Twilight like an old hippie has flashbacks to bad trips.

    Now if you write Tetris slash between the J and L Tetrominos, I will reward you the same way that you said you would reward me for writing Battle School Musical (which I picked out the songs for, and now just need a plot).
    I've actually been considering it because there's Tetris, Mindsweeper, and Solitaire categories on FFNet. Or, at least, there were last I checked. (The Solitaire one was particular crack.)

    Edit: Andy had Dragon Army do some naked wrestling before their first battle. I'm so amused at how openly gay he is. *wipes away tear*
    And then he married Novinha and went into denial. XD

    So...even after all those months of me wondering what my feelings for you meant, I'm still asexual because I'd just be feeling up myself?
    Yeah, sorry. *feels you us up*

    How is that even possible? My name is bold and blue and shorter than yours and begins with an A! I HAVE THE BLUE BADGE THAT YOU DON'T HAVE AT ALL!
    And it's not like our writing styles, postbits, or icons even look the same, either. XD

    And I figured that either they just can't tell us apart for some bizarre reason, or they think that the other can explain thoughts better, like you can explain my thoughts better. So, tell me, why did I want a Focus, and why did it have to be a Focus? XD;
    Because it's Freudian. See, the Focus is a symbol of your subconscious desires for an American, 80's/90's girl who handles well (or your mother).

    Still have that PM? You know, for the lulz?
    Will send it to you after this VM. *thumbs up*

    The screen zoomed in on Angel in the shower. And since I don't have a censor blur, my first sight of a sim was Angel's naked arse in the shower. XD
    The game knows you well.

    Amused, I went to go visit Scotty, Ansset, and Ender in their house. It was boring for a while, but as soon as I thought it was safe for Scotty to get pregnant, Ansset set the kitchen on fire. The two boys ran around going "D:" and Scotty had to fight the blaze alone.
    Aww, no one got set on fire? XD

    But seriously, oh, karma.

    Then Ansset goes "excuse me sim god but get this stupid sparkling idiot out of my way" while Scotty pulls an Andy and stands around going ":D :D :D :D :D?"
    XD I love the expression of pulling an Andy. I may have to respond to a number of things you say with ":D?"

    Then I had to stop playing because my spine decided to randomly pinch nerves, and now I'm in oodles amount of pain. Yay!
    O_o Are you all right now?

    So I had to stop playing Tetris and decided to play Professor Layton for the DS. Barely two minutes into the first game, and I'm shipping a slash couple.
    …Another game I need to pick up. (Once I actually sit down and finish Phoenix Wright, that is.)

    And four hours later, popping back in to say: Good luck with school this year. *high five for awesomesauce!*
    Thanks. ♥ It's going well so far.

    For some reason, that makes sense. I figured that if Andy was to be a part of any business, it would be either a toy store (which Orson has in the Sims 2) or a restaurant. And it would be some place where the meat is chewy but the atmosphere makes it appropriate for dates in a college town.
    Oh yes.

    And by the way, I was also told the cheese isn't that great. Even more fitting for Andy, y/n?

    I ran over a dead opossum tonight. Go me.
    Ew. ;_; I hope opossum bits didn't go flying.

    ALSO, apparently "criticism" is too harsh, and those people who offer criticism *points pencil towards the north of me* should be gentler and more uplifting to the newbies who spam my forum. So the next time you want to say "Hey, you're doing this and this wrong. Here's how to fix it", offer the person LOVE and SUNSHINE and RAINBOWS and PEGGLES (wat) and BUNNIES and KITTENS so their little troll feelings aren't hurt.
    And so they'll never improve because they think you love every little bit of their story and that it's perfectly okay to continue making those same mistakes because you're not pointing them out and offering suggestions politely on how to fix them!

    And by the way, it's totally okay for the people who tell you to give everyone bunnies and rainbows to go around and rip apart other stories themselves, but don't you dare think about doing it yourself because that's just wrong because it's not in the spirit of a good writing community!

    Yeah, I lol'd on your profile when I figured out where this was coming from too.

    Also also (Which reminds me of Little Ceasar, the pizza place. Are they even still around?),
    I don't know, but I miss them too. I think they're only in a handful of places.

    I've been meaning to ask you this for a while. See, while in work, I sometimes see people wearing rubber gloves as they push around their grocery carts, and bothering the staff of the store to wipe off their packages of toilet paper with disinfecting wipes because of GERMSOMGEWGERMS! And I was wondering if, since you wander around with a thing of hand sanitizer, if you also run around wearing rubber gloves going GERMSOMGEWGERMS! and forcing poor people who work in a grocery store and are just trying to GET THE EFFIN' EGGS ON THE EFFIN' SHELVES to wipe off their packages of food.
    Luckily, no. XD I'm paranoid, but I'm not that paranoid. I just wipe my hands before every meal.

    Of course, one woman who does this like yelled at me because I was drinking Powerade Zero (it was strawberry!) because she didn't like the fact that it made her tongue red, and yet I didn't care and drank it in front of her.
    That's lame. >_> But then again, you do live in Connecticut, so. (But seriously, Powerade is good too. Better than Gatorade, if I may say so myself.)
  5. Sajuuk
    September 10th, 2009 7:57 AM
    When are you usually on MSN?
  6. Mika
    September 9th, 2009 10:02 PM
    Woohoo! I apologize for the late response, I've got a mild flu virus that could potentially be the H1N1 nasty little bugger. :< I know it's so depressing. Anyways I was rather ill last night but I'm a bit better this fine morning?
  7. JX Valentine
    September 9th, 2009 6:18 PM
    JX Valentine
    Darling, I just learned something today about the Wiggins Tavern/Hotel Northampton that I didn't know previously:

    It's known as a hot date spot.

    I swear, that longer reply's coming. Tomorrow.
  8. Sajuuk
    September 9th, 2009 10:04 AM
    Do you have msn Astinus?
  9. Mika
    September 8th, 2009 10:00 PM
    ....o3o Asty? May I friend yew~?
  10. Redstar
    September 8th, 2009 7:32 PM
    Mini-modding is often used as the pulpit for flaming, though I understand my response wasn't entirely warranted. I just get annoyed at how often the bad or amateur work posted in good faith is immediately trounced upon as either "trolling" or ripped to shreds via criticism when a much gentler tactic could be used.
  11. Redstar
    September 8th, 2009 7:09 PM
    That post by Ditto-Jelly wasn't close to flaming at all. He was harsh, yes, but not anywhere close to the "flaming" mentality. (Unless you count the "believe it is the only valid opinion" part of the Wiki'd definition, but...)
    Well he stated he felt the thread was only spam and should be locked, which I count as being thinly-veiled flaming since if it really was spam, you'd just report it and wait for a mod's opinion. Telling it to the person's face without knowing their intention has the potential for harm.

    I feel the best way to deal with such threads is to be chipper and add constructive criticism, since if the thread is legitimate the OP will have a good environment to learn in, and if they're a troll they wont get the response they wanted and just leave.
  12. Ludger
    September 8th, 2009 3:30 PM
    I thought that said "can read read each others' mods" for a second.

    I closed two threads...well, if you count me and Aegis closing one at THE SAME TIME.

    I really think there should be a 'both' option under gender. xD
  13. Lash
    September 8th, 2009 11:17 AM
    I wouldn't exactly say I'm doing better. There was at least a month between that one and the previous chapter, and I'm forced to take another week off from writing for my laptop to get fixed.

    I know what ya mean by free time being taken away, though I'm sure I'll know what it really means once I get a job, heh. The only things that take up my free time are friends and school.
  14. Sike_Saner
    September 8th, 2009 12:52 AM
    And then the Really Tall Dachshund changed color and went, "Boof."
  15. Gummy
    September 8th, 2009 12:21 AM
    Got any more Mod babies on the way?

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