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  1. Ageless Irony
    January 20th, 2009 11:35 AM
    Ageless Irony
    Bluntness is hot.
    Or something.
  2. Ageless Irony
    January 19th, 2009 09:56 PM
    Ageless Irony
    This is just one of those times where I can't resist saying hi.
  3. JX Valentine
    January 19th, 2009 08:58 PM
    JX Valentine
    Will answer the length question in the Lounge, since An's wondering the same thing. XD And I wish to get my postcount up. Because I've learned I can get away with spamming.

    Who the hell buys garlic-scented shampoo? People deathly afraid of vampires? (Note that I'm not saying a thing about mayonnaise. Oh, I've spent too much time paying attention to old wives' solutions. Remember back in the 90's, when there was this commercial with a guy who I swear to God looked a little like Jeff Goldblum attempting to sell a book about home solutions that involved things like taking care of bee stings with butter and tomatoes? I was not smoking a thing as a child, I swear.)

    Also, Angel thought he was gay? I was certain he thought Andy was a chick. I mean, Andy gets pregnant often enough. As for you obviously being a man, don't you know that there's really no women on the internets? (Except for porn sites, and even that's sometimes questionable.)

    About Card singing "Natural Woman," try this: Card singing "Man, I Feel Like a Woman." In falsetto. While dressed as Shania Twain. (Just imagine Card in a red wig and leopard print dress.)

    As for the crossover... yes. XD Just yes. It needs to happen. And there needs to be chair throwing involved.

    Now, just imagine that man named Steve actually being our lovely admin.

    Also, why does this make me think of Celebrity Jeopardy with PC staff?

    Beachy: "I'll take 'The Rapist' for $400."

    Now, we just have to figure out what's up with the ? Unown. Maybe it's just a ! Unown that got abused a little too much?

    Also, the answer to your question about LJ is "yes."

    Seriously, because you were going to talk about fandom, and I wanted to see what you had to say. And by "say," I mean "have your Sims do with the intent on being dirty."
  4. .inLOVE
    January 19th, 2009 02:55 PM
    Thanks so much!

    It's fine. I have a lot of teacher work to.... I just HATE it.

    I'm great! Just trying to enjoy the cool weather even though it's annoying. How about you?
  5. JX Valentine
    January 18th, 2009 10:05 PM
    JX Valentine
    Bahahaha! And watch the view count jump another 100 points in the next two days...
  6. Sike_Saner
    January 18th, 2009 09:42 PM
    O_O *emits potentially lethal amount of covet-rays*

    Yes, I think I shall have your climate copied and pasted over this one. X3

    Whites and purples are fairly common, yes. And with regards to the purple eggs, I think another part of what might be causing them to appear on the AP as frequently as they do is the fact that they always produce female dragons--perhaps some, maybe even most of them are being released by people whose scrolls don't have as many breedable males as they want/need.
  7. JX Valentine
    January 18th, 2009 09:18 PM
    JX Valentine
    Because you can't live without me. *dodges brick!*

    I think what's even more hilarious is the fact that there's nothing in that poem that actually indicates that it's written by a woman. XD Romance = woman? Damn, I guess I'll have to keep that in mind.

    Exactly! Hey, the Bible only covers what happens when two men get it on. But two women? Go at it. God likes watching that kind of thing.

    I should not be thinking of the crappy high school genre in the Pokémon fandom being adapted for Ender's Game as a result of all of this. Just think of those kinds of summaries. "Andy is the star of the football team. Bean is the new kid in school..."

    On Andy and Angel's kids setting them on fire: What if they got that from their mother? And then Angel would have to try to get into a fist fight with Bill, even if it is Maury and not Springer, and then...

    ...That would make me a very happy fangirl.

    A peanut M&M? In your pants? Leave it there. I'll take care of it. *strips and goes to eat it*

    (Oh, just think if one of the higher ups actually browses staff VMs. And then, one of us would have our post edited by Steve with a line that says "Just testing. Carry on." And we all know what he's really doing. Incidentally, I got your LJ comment ages ago. I think once a guy is named Steve, he's obligated to do weird things no one can explain. *motions to not only her ex but also the star of Steve, Don't Eat It*)

    Edit: Maybe it's just kinda late, but if it amuses you even more, I just realized ! Unown look kinda dirty. They're even shiny!
  8. JX Valentine
    January 18th, 2009 05:09 PM
    JX Valentine
    Stapler sex sounds rather painful, which makes me wonder about some of your friends.

    Sì, puoi dormire quì. 8D

    (Someone needs to tell Card that Italian is sexier.)

    As for the wank: Tell someone they're not funny, and they try everything they can to screw with you. Even not actually reading what you're trying to say. (Don't make me look up what the context was. ;_; )

    Also, oh yeah. XD I was thinking that would make me Jesus, though, and you could, like, be one of my apostles. One of the cooler ones.

    Alsoalso, the person who compared Graff to Mr. Feeny wins an internet. I will not be able to read that character the same way again.

    XD to British Andy. And now, I imagine him in a pub.

    And crossovers happen. The entirety of Monty Python is in the corner in Viking costumes, Bill's sitting beside Andy, and on the other side is Eddie Izzard raving about bees.

    Yeah, I don't know.

    Also, you make me want to write Andy mpreg, but I really shouldn't. Otherwise, and of course, Andy completely doesn't mind because this is his master we're talking about. Still, can we just imagine how this would biologically work for a moment? Because just trying to picture this is sick but amusing. Like a mental car accident involving corrosive acid and lots of fire. You really shouldn't watch, but they're running around screaming in balls of flames.

    *snuggles up* But, you know, if we want to be warmer, we'll have to take off our clothes. *eyes you*
  9. icomeanon6
    January 18th, 2009 09:30 AM
    To be honest, I've been a little slow on reading as of late seeing as how busy school's kept me. In school we're reading Robinson Crusoe...an unabridged Robinson Crusoe, which apparently means preserving its idiotic format and unregulated spelling and grammar. While reading it, I couldn't help but wonder how it would be received if it were posted here. I think we'd tear it apart, seeing as it has abysmal spelling and no chapters or other such divisions whatsoever. The whole story's one giant stream of consciousness, which makes it quite arduous to read.

    As for that guy (or girl?) who posted that "story," I think someone needs to explain to him how the ego is supposed to work.

    Writing good stuff --> larger ego. (Not the other way around!)


    One more thing, because it bothers me that no one else here seems to have heard of this. Have you ever heard of a DOS game made by LucasArts in 1990 called "The Secret of Monkey Island?" There are two kinds of people: those who think that it's the best game ever, and those who haven't heard of it.
  10. Sike_Saner
    January 18th, 2009 01:17 AM
    NINJA-HAMSTER! 8D Or "NINJA-MASTER", as I initially typed. X3

    ...Whoa. Notice how close "hamster" is to "master"? o.o This may be further evidence that your hamster--and indeed possibly all hamsters--are superior lifeforms, perhaps the most superior of all!

    Someday we will all have to bow down to our hamster overlords who will kick and bite our fingers.

    I think my favorite Jack Black-related memory is something I seem to recall seeing on SNL one time when he was hosting. I don't remember the details exactly, but it seemed to involve him running up to someone who was holding a bottle of water, squeezing said bottle so that it squirted water all over said holder's face, and--this is the part that really gets me for some reason--saying, "SQUEEZE!" as he did so. XDDDD
  11. Sike_Saner
    January 17th, 2009 06:21 PM
    XDDDD I now have "footage" of a hamster repeatedly trying and failing to climb up the side of the basket--complete with sound effects--on repeat in my mind. X3

    ...And I now can't help but wonder if this whole business with the strawberry mini wheats has just been a plan made by Chicken-Feet to summon--and presumably eat--Jack Black all along. Oh snap, that would be one hell of an epic battle, wouldn't it? o.o Chicken-Feet vs. Jack Black. I would effing pay to see that...

    Oh man. This talk of Jack Black has brought back to the surface of my mind one of my favorite lyrics ever:

    All of a sudden, there shined a shiny demon...

    THERE SHINED A SHINY DEMON. X3333 I fricking love that.
  12. JX Valentine
    January 16th, 2009 01:32 PM
    JX Valentine
    why do you keep looking at my profile making me guilty? D:

    Because your profile has all the interesting conversations. ;_; I mean, I went there once, and I found this comment about stapler sex. My profile doesn't have stapler sex. It has us spamming sex back and forth to each other (which is really good and I hope you had a great time last night if you know what I mean), but other than that, I've got reviews for my older fic, picspam from Beachy, another guy asking me how old I am, and some kid wanking at me. ;_; It's not as interesting!

    Apparently, you are God!

    This is new to me! 8D *goes to smite people*

    (Mind refreshing my memory so I know where this comes from? XD Or am I just a very dense Xanthine when I'm cold?)

    Since I had the almost uncontrollable urge to yell "SQUIRTLE SQUIRT!" repeatedly while running around my store.

    Aww. Why didn't you? They've already marked you as indispensable, so if you walked into work one day in a Squirtle costume and spent the rest of the day running up and down the aisles doing that, I'm sure they wouldn't fire you.

    When asked about it, Card answered, "The character didn't necessarily know he was still alive. :3"

    WTF. How does that logic work? XD "Oh, I think I'm rather dead right now."


    And who thinks that exercising is more important than going to the bathroom.

    Ew. And I'm sure Angel's quite happy to know his lover's soiling the exercise machine/area/whatever.

    I really need to post pictures. XD; I have over 500 pictures of the moron.

    As you should. XD *bad influence*

    Whoo. Yeah. And he flies around on the "Good Ship Lollipop". >>

    Well, as long as he doesn't do it in a pink dress and Shirley Temple curls.

    And I find it funny that it has to be explained how to pronounce "Novinha".

    In great detail! 8D

    Her name is awesome. 8D

    Indeed it is. XD But I'm also probably still pronouncing it incorrectly in my head.

    Also, to knocking over books: Well, luckily, no one was hurt. XD

    ...I took time out of playing with my gay little Sims to talk to you. I was going to build them a nice new house, because they need five bedrooms. XD;

    That's about when you should probably be considering neutering your pets. XD


    *goes to shoot hamster*

    *pats* Remember, if you tie it down first, it'll be easier.
  13. Sike_Saner
    January 16th, 2009 11:00 AM
    ...I can so imagine him trying to use the Tinkerbell camera with the result being that the thing promptly goes to pieces in his ginormous claws. X3 Or maybe he does successfully use it without breaking it--it's a special kind of awesome when something huge and horrible manages to do something that requires said something to be all delicate about it.

    ...I wonder what he gets if he eats enough Kung Fu Panda blankets and Tinkerbell cameras. o.o
  14. Sike_Saner
    January 14th, 2009 11:42 PM
    I'll PM a couple of links that those eggs will like. And squee, a winter egg!

    I definitely look forward to getting my hands on my very own toaster. Heh, I'll probably end up with Platinum before Pearl, which I still haven't gotten around to buying. X3;
  15. Lash
    January 14th, 2009 10:45 PM
    It's okay. XD good excuse.

    *Opens good gift* Wow, this is a really good gift!
    Haha, thanks Asty <3

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