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  1. JX Valentine
    January 24th, 2009 11:07 PM
    JX Valentine
    *hugs* You're incredibly witty, sweet, and intelligent. I think you've got a lot going for you, and I'm not saying that out of pity.

    Want to talk about it, though?
  2. JX Valentine
    January 24th, 2009 8:08 PM
    JX Valentine
    Yeah, sorry. ; 5:30's usually our dinner time, but even then, a friend of mine called up and said she read my "HELP I'M ISOLATED ;_;" post on LJ and wanted to remedy that.

    Seriously, is Card for any type of romance? I mean, even with gays, he's pretty harsh. San Angelo's brain got eaten before he could get Andy in bed, right?

    XD Darn. I wanted to show you what I did to "The Real Slim Shady."

    Unfortunately, I can't quite crochet scat. I can, however, make it another way, but I really don't know if you want that in a box. (I guess you could, and at that point, I call Rule 34.)

    Ew. What crappy brand of whipped cream was that? O_o But seriously, it's time for LJ lock, right? XD

    I'm right now imagining 50's-style educational videos about what to do when a bugger fleet reaches Earth. It includes amusing things like cartoons of kids ducking underneath desks to protect themselves from nuclear att-- I mean, the Little Doctors.

    As for what Bill is willing to do, if Angel says he's got a Ho-oh, I'm pretty sure Bill would be willing to dress up as a naughty Alice (as in, In Wonderland) and let Angel give him a golden shower. And, of course, less absurd things.

    And then Bill learns that "Ho-oh" is a euphemism for "penis."
  3. Sike_Saner
    January 24th, 2009 3:33 PM
    :o I want a ninja tree! X3


    ...I initially read that as "Absol!"



    And yessss, yes I have seen that!

    "There's your mildew. That is gonna smell..."

  4. JX Valentine
    January 24th, 2009 10:58 AM
    JX Valentine
    Before I even do anything else... Hi, Went! *takes off her shirt and makes out with Astinus*

    There. Now I can say whatever I want. XD

    I dunno. I count "incest" as distant because you're not supposed to do it. And I can already tell what Card does to kids who like their siblings a little too much. (Oh, Miro.)

    Angel Soft toilet paper: what Angel sponsors for his day job.

    Can't blame you, really. I'd like to do the same, although, uh, I'm an extremely paranoid driver. XD; Still, good luck! I'm sure you'll get your license. Seriously, they give licenses out to everyone except the retarded, the senile, and clinically insane, and I assure you, you're none of the above. (This was supposed to be reassurance, but if it wasn't, feel free to smack me. I know you want to.)

    Weeelll this is a story all about how
    The aliens got flipped, turned upside down
    I'd like to take a minute. Please don't be haters
    I'll tell you how I won this game called Space Invaders.

    (If I was any better at writing parody songs, that would actually scan properly. But I'm not. Sorry. ;_; )

    I could try. XD I've got a somewhat abandoned partial-scarf sitting in my closet because it hasn't decided whether it wants to be a scarf or my first attempt at a hat. Also, the black yarn got impossibly tangled up somehow, and I'd be willing to take scissors to it if I knew how much yarn I'd need for each section.

    And it's always a good idea to document yourself slacking off at work.

    Yes, indeedy. XD I know you showed me pictures last night, but any others I'm sure would be amusing.

    In return, I'll finally post that picture I took during the furry convention. Yes, singular. Because my camera phone apparently really sucks.

    As do I. I'm sorry I was so distracted last night, by the way. As I've said, it was pretty hectic. ;_;

    I'd say something amusing about fire kinks, but the problem is I know it exists. XD People are weird.

    So instead, I'll have to ask if Angel is dressed as a fireman during this episode. Or if he knows only he can prevent forest fires. Or if they've watched those 90's commercials where cartoon characters taught children to stop, drop, and roll. (I miss those.)

    Also, yes, they really should get together. And then Angel comes in and either insists on a threesome or video tapes, amirite?

    As for the edit, I will keep that in mind. Thanks! =D (I'll try it with An-chan's fic first, though. Hers is twenty-three pages of pure goodness dry, and given how POB's turned out, that might translate into a work of the same length. ;_; Oh, people. Why must you submit your epics to this endeavor.)

    Also, to the lines... Well, dear, the poster in question is just that special. But we talked about that last night too. XD

    *pets* It's okay. Mothers do that to their children all the time. I think it's to get revenge on hours of pain squeezing us out.
  5. txteclipse
    January 24th, 2009 4:36 AM
    It's morning here, as well. I'm watching Pokemon Heroes for some reason, and learning that a few of the plot elements in my fic don't tie in with it as I once thought. Hurray for revisions.
  6. txteclipse
    January 24th, 2009 3:38 AM
    I just finished Ender's Shadow. And I'm killing myself trying to remember the name of the guy in your avatar. Goodnight.
  7. Sike_Saner
    January 23rd, 2009 7:09 PM
    "Behold, elevator butt."

    ^ Best line in any poem ever.
  8. Sike_Saner
    January 22nd, 2009 10:09 PM
    I thought, Now I'll make another reference to another commercial! 8D All I needed to do was decide which one.

    All my mind offered up was this:



    On a completely unrelated subject, here's this.
  9. JX Valentine
    January 22nd, 2009 8:48 PM
    JX Valentine
    I like my women vulnerable. 8D (But come now. I'm kinda like Ender, aren't I? Likes his women non-human, distant, or with a penis. Corpses count as distant, right?)

    All of those at the same time? I mean, if you did, I'd be heavily impressed, and I'd forget all about the scratch.

    Oh yes. And he curls up into a ball just before the book part because somehow, not saving the one on the screen has traumatized him for life. Meanwhile, Graff's analyzing his response to the pixel ball; the government's going, "This isn't supposed to happen!"; the buggers are like, "lol, whatever"; and Jane's going, "Somehow, this is still turning me on."

    And then, Andy discovers Pac Man...

    Oh baby. I love it when you serenade me. 8D Although, uh, half the things I say in my sleep? Totally not true. (No, I don't dream about watching fictional characters go at it.)

    Do you get a pretty weapon, and is Will Smith somehow involved? (Hell, Will Smith's somehow involved in everything. Who am I kidding?)

    Aww. As long as your hands aren't falling off, that's good enough. If I knew how to craft, I could probably make you a pair, but alas, all I can make are scarves. And they're not even good scarves, either. I can't crochet straight lines for some reason, so the end scarf comes out incredibly wavy. Probably says something about me.

    Was the milk comment at all tied with the fingers comment? XD

    I say this because of the whipped cream comment, and I assure you, I'm looking forward to those pictures. 8D

    As for the male of our threesome, darn. Ah well. More for me. *fondle!*

    We should totally recruit a replacement third, only make it a female to further break the brains of PC. Maybe invite a fourth on so we can say that PC officially has an all-female orgy.

    As for wank, looking forward to that as well. XD Although, really, I think the higher ups put up with our antics because they think it's hot. Oh, come now. You know at least one of them is watching.

    On that note, off to bed. I can has early flight tomorrow, which means I'll be able to talk to you tomorrow night, should you be on. (If not, totally fine. I'd want to watch the children of my OTP light themselves on fire for lols too. Unfortunately, my OTP's mother is Lanette, and she's a somewhat sensible, intelligent person with a decent amount of luck. Bill, on the other hand, stands six feet away from a box of matches and through an elaborate series of events, some of which may or may not involve Celio/Ash/several different Pokémon/God, somehow still manages to light himself on fire. So, the kids are, like, 50/50 here.)
  10. Sike_Saner
    January 22nd, 2009 11:34 AM
    Oh snap, yes! X3 I think every profile needs Beau flitting around, pointing, and yelling, "TARGET!" Especially since he wears little red panties while doing so.

    All chipmunks (AND PENGUINS) should have coat hangers for their adorable little coats! AND ALL SENIOR CITIZENS SHOULD HAVE LIFE ALERT.
  11. Bay Alexison
    January 22nd, 2009 11:19 AM
    Bay Alexison
    Heh, thanks for letting me know the tags problem from NE. XD

    Sorry for responding late...busy.
  12. JX Valentine
    January 21st, 2009 4:50 PM
    JX Valentine
    There's a scratch on my chest just above my right breast, and I can't for the life of me remember how I got it. For some reason my first thought upon discovering it was of you.

    *walks away whistling*
  13. Sike_Saner
    January 21st, 2009 1:53 PM
    I pondered the matter of the mysterious splodey-bird, wondering just what, exactly, could have caused such a thing to happen, and then it hit me: the Hamster Overlord destroyed that bird using psychic powers. Most of the body was basically vaporized (or "vaprotized", as I just put, which I guess refers to being hypnotized by vapors), but some feathers were left behind as a message to all other creatures: This could be you. You could be next.


    Well, Secret Bonus Points are indeed awesome. ^^ Especially since they do nothing. X3

    Oh, and I love the code your black egg has. <3
  14. JX Valentine
    January 21st, 2009 7:39 AM
    JX Valentine
    Yeah, I guess you'll have to beat up joe, Ebon, and MasterZman. Get to it!

    Yay, Jeff Goldblum herbal cures book! And yes, I miss the 90's too. It was full of bright colors, decent cartoons, and lack of censorship. ;_;

    Oh, definitely. Also, they play Pong, and it has some sort of psychological significance with Ender. Because everything has a psychological significance with Ender.

    (That's okay. I was still asleep when you came back. So, in a sense, you could say you were watching me while I was sleeping.)

    Aww. Well, that's okay. I'll just imagine your Sims setting each other on fire. =D

    As for your rants:

    Ew. Hopefully, they don't make you clean up his pee. Seriously though, ouch. *hugs* Well, at least there's better days of the week, right? And Tuesdays pass fairly quickly. I mean, after all, it is Wednesday now.

    Hmm. It sounds a bit old-fashioned and like I'm heaping more on you to do, but have you considered figuring out how to make your own? Maybe even mittens might work in this case. Either way... *rubs your hands* We can't have fingers falling off.

    XD I'd like to test that statement.

    And to your edit: Holy crap, why did I not notice that before? XD
  15. An-chan
    January 20th, 2009 1:36 PM
    I might indeed enjoy them, but you have to start spamming me with them. A lovely thing about me is that I find it very hard to start doing things, even ones that I enjoy. But that's a different matter anyway *puts it aside* Anyway, you know the anniversary of your first Enderverse fic? That's pretty cool. Kind of scary, but also very much cool. I'd like to remember anniversaries like that, but I'm terrible with dates. All I can remember are a few birthdays, the date of the day I met my fiancée (ironically, though, I can't remember the day we started going out) and the year of French revolution.

    I would start going on about it, but people who come to check on your profile might... I don't know, run away from the huge amount of text. The book has all sorts of things I'd like to talk about. I liked Novinha a lot, too, but it kind of annoyed me how such an intelligent person can be so stupid. I figure I'd do something similar-ish if I ended up in a situation like hers, but it's still annoying to read about it. I also like her kids (how can I not like them? I like Libo and I like Novinha, so their kid should be a kickass combination!), expecially Olhado. I don't know why. I just like him. And he has cool, recording eyes. Awsome.

    So, you're saying that the two next books are boring and hard to read even on your native language, and that the last one, the one that hasn't been published here yet, rocks? Cool. Well, at least it's good for my language skills. As you can see, I'm totally helpless with English and can't write it at all, so I definitely have to read those books. Yeah. Although, I wouldn't call the first two ones easy reads, either. Sure, I was done with them pretty quickly, but they were still both very much cruel and... well, they're cruel. Card apparently likes torturing his characters with taking all their loved ones away from them in all kinds of ways and adding in some horrible, horrible misunderstandings that leave everyone feeling bad. As a future biologist, I find his alien lifeforms highly interesting, though.

    I cut my hair the other day. It's short again now. I like my hair short. Can I have a cookie?

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