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  1. JX Valentine
    September 16th, 2008 6:33 AM
    JX Valentine
    Thank you. =D And I will. Just as soon as classes are over and I'm less likely to keel over out of weariness.

    Also, okay. XD; I hope you get well soon, though. *hugs* (Jesus, an Astinus that doesn't want to look at Andrew Wiggin?)

    Also also, working on a response to that four-page Word document. Even if it's dreadfully belated. ;
  2. bobandbill
    September 15th, 2008 4:33 PM
    I'm fine. Besides the fact that it's exams a plenty for me now... plus side is that for days without exams I don't have to go to school, like today. Pity about having to study...

    Heh, nice announcement there. It has been happening a bit more recently though, good to see you taking things into your own hands.

  3. Disturbed
    September 15th, 2008 7:41 AM
    Heh, thats completely fine. Even though I live in the center of the state too, in glastonbury.
  4. Disturbed
    September 14th, 2008 5:18 PM
    Another person on PC that lives in CT, well atleast I think you do (Connecticut's House of Card, so I thought you lived in CT) Whereabouts in CT do you live?
  5. Konvict
    September 13th, 2008 11:58 PM
    Sorry, Astin. My fanfic... made my friend itch to bump. It obligated him to do so!
  6. Avey
    September 13th, 2008 1:56 PM
    Why do I feel like "nyah-nyahing" and saying "It's a good thing I'm back"?

    I never really figured you would leave, in complete honesty.
  7. icomeanon6
    September 12th, 2008 1:45 PM
    Verbosity isn't a problem, it makes my profile page look more productive! *gives thumbs up*

    Seeing as I live in Suburb-ville, USA, I don't get to see that many bright stars. That's why I'm so glad I went on that trip last summer, it was so clear you could actually see shooting stars with reasonable frequency, not to mention the Milky Way, which is quite a spectacular sight. I really wish people didn't feel the need to leave street lights on all night, it just drowns out the stars. Maybe someday when our oil usage is down significantly the air will get clean enough to see the stars even around cities. (Great, I just used wishful thinking, now I'm set up for disappointment. *headdesk*)
  8. JX Valentine
    September 11th, 2008 8:01 PM
    JX Valentine
    but why post on a board where half the staff isn't active?

    Free range to be stupid.

    Although that's why I've enabled member moderation.

    Plus, there are quite a few sections on PFU that look completely dead.


    Why SA is keeping a floundering forum alive instead of just taking it out back and shooting it is something no one will never understand.

    I think I know the reasons why, but they're still fairly illogical. See, SA still wants a good reputation, despite the fact that he's barely checking the board nowadays. He's constantly talking about upgrading the Pokedex with complicated codes in order to make it a cutting-edge 'dex (even though the information is so outdated it doesn't even take into consideration anything after FrLg). He's under the delusion that, somehow, people are benefiting from the site. ...Even though the boards aren't much to be proud of, and no one actually goes to look at the main site anymore.

    For some lulz, mod Kitty Pikachu in Current Events. And Vincent gets S-Mod position. I'll tell you the rest later over MSN. XD

    XD So very tempted.

    (No wonder Vincent thinks being rude is key to becoming mod. Not only did Eki review that way, but so did VaanAshe. o.o)

    Oh, Jesus. I forgot about that. I really let the fic forums go at one point, which is a shame because that's really where I started (other than anime). In any case, I think I'm at fault here because they think snark by itself = good review. A la Shrike, I suppose. All that MSTing to point out flaws might've screwed up their judgments.

    Moving from one forum to another, I'm assuming Yami Ryu is rather well-known on SPPf. She used to be a moderator, and I would love to know who thought that was a good idea. So she became good friends a few of the staff members, some of which are still currently on the staff. Her two bestest buddies ever mod the three forums (Fanfiction, Fan Art, and RPG) that she mainly posts in, so she can get away with pretty much anything she wants. But even though she posts in three sections, she's still well-known everywhere, since each time she "leaves" SPPf, it's a big effin' deal with swearing, tantrums, and lols.

    Ha. Well, then, the question is, is she respected? Or is everyone except Shrike and her mod friends actually just getting those lols? XD

    so I don't really know what she said.

    Yami misses the point of the fic.

    I'd log in to get the PM she sent in response to my reply, but unfortunately, certain morons seem to like stalking me. Every time I log in, they think I'm stealing from SPPf or something stupid like that. (It's hilarious. I once saw this brilliant person show off my profile to "prove" that I was "ripping off the ASB"... when in actuality, I only ever actually posted on the fanfiction forums and the gaming forums and never set foot in their league. Way to go with your logic, SPPf!

    If you would like, to make your load easier with the reviewing guide, I could write up the "You need to explain things, you moron" part. Between Yams and Vince, I could come up with some examples. Plus, it's already kind of written in my mind.

    Sure. Go ahead. =D That way, it doesn't look so bad when I go to add the "this is how not to respond to a review" part.

    On forums: to raise post count, because as someone once said, "post count is epic". XD

    Good point.

    On I dunno. Never understood anyone who posts on there.

    Well, except Farla and the like who actually leave decent reviews. Other than that, the stories aren't too great, and the reviews aren't much better.

    ...And yet, I'm sorely tempted to create a new account.

    Apologies for the randomness of this message. I had no idea what I wanted to say, but said it anyhow.

    No problem. That's the best kind of message. =D
  9. JX Valentine
    September 11th, 2008 9:07 AM
    JX Valentine
    On ffrantsrants: Never mind. I forgot this existed. XD *reads through to find said rant*

    Edit: Found it as well. (Assuming it's this, at least.) And there's one little thing about this whole "detailed reviewing -- even positively -- is wrong!"/"it's okay to leave a one-word review if you're busy!" bit I don't understand.

    ...If a person doesn't have time to review, why would they sit down to review? =/
  10. JX Valentine
    September 11th, 2008 6:58 AM
    JX Valentine
    ...Yes it was. But I'm reading it only because somewhere in the series, Meyer quotes Card, and I want to find out where. XD

    You know you're a fangirl when you're willing to be masochistic for the sake of your fandom. XD

    D: Though I do want to read George R.R. Martin's vampire novel. Does that redeem me?

    Yeah, it does. Because Martin rocks so much more. Or, at least, what I've read of him. Oh, Martin, and your love for incest. And midgets.

    (Jump you? Haha. Ain't that a ten on the snogging scale. XD)

    Agreed. And to be honest, I think it'd be a little sexy to be jumped by a ninja. Think of all the fun things we can do with those weapons.

    Anyhow, just want to apologize for taking away some steam for you to yell at Vincent again in this thread.

    No problem. Sometimes, hitting a PFUer twice emphasizes the message.

    The bloody annoying "You haven't posted in weeks. Post now! POST NOW!" message floating on top of every page I went to on PFU was driving me insane. (Is PFU that desperate for posts?)

    Ahhahaha. Yep. I'd take it down, except I don't want to screw with the code. Also, I find the level of obnoxiousness SA put into coaxing people to post somewhat amusing (considering he doesn't himself).

    Plus, I mean, it's yelling at Vincent. Why should I pass up an opportunity like that?


    I'm beginning to think that in the guide to reviewing that there should be a larger explanation of being critical without being an arse.

    You know... So am I. I might add a little section to it later (once I finish the "wanking about reviews is not the way to reply to them!" part I've been working on for forever and a day).

    People just aren't getting it, which is a shame.

    I blame it thoroughly on SPPf. I mean, given the talk with Shrike and Poke poke, both of whom are regulars over at that board, I get the feeling they've put something in the water over there. That and Yami Ryu was mentioned as being awesome. Is she really respected all that much on SPPf, or is that just Shrike and a few other people I keep hearing about?

    (I think this was also discussed on fanficrantsrants, which is another rather intelligent community that doesn't advertise itself as intelligent. Then again, ffrantsrants is comprised of a lot of people from fanficrants, so there we go.)

    Huh. I've oddly enough never heard of this one. O_o *goes to find it*

    Though I don't think that Vincent's gotten it through his head yet that he's never going to be made a mod.

    Yeah, I don't think so either. It doesn't help that Eki's been made a mod, and Eki's been at fault for the same kind of behavior. I'm almost tempted to dump the entire staff (half of whom aren't active) save for the S-Mods and start from scratch. Or write a damn guide on how to look half decent and therefore increase your chances of becoming a mod. Except no one reads my guides anyway except for the people who don't need them.

    I mean, he keeps mini-modding and trying to be "helpful". (I could give you a few names of people you should mod on PFU just for the pure lulz-factor.)

    Please do. XD I'm still thinking of leaving (once SA gets off his ass and gets back to me on picking a new admin because SA's paranoid enough to restrict my abilities to next to nothing compared to his), and screwing him over with a crappy staff would be hilarious. Because he's a bastard who never checks his own board and keeps it for his ego boost anyway. I mean, for God's sake, he doesn't actually do anything anymore except for vaguely screw around with the coding, and beyond that, I don't think he's actually interested in the fandom anymore. You'd think he'd go the same way as Crater and just shut down because he has neither the time nor the motivation to keep up with PFU (not to mention no one except the n00bs on the board would feel much of a loss), but whatever.

    By the way, found some Andrew/Peter slash. I haven't read all of them yet, since I'm not a huge fan of Peter (I'm beginning to think that out of Game, the only character that I really like is Andrew. The later books of that series have the rest of my favorite characters), but the ones I have read are good, though some are spoilery for the middle/end of the book.

    Ooh. I'll have to read the rest of the book, though, before I ask you for a link. 8D

    And your sig on PFU says your avatar is by Ramen. XD You have to change that, Jax.

    But Nathan Fillion was made by ramen. ;_; Or, well, "ramen." Man "ramen."

    ...I will never again use that euphemism. *goes to change her sig*

    Holy crip, I'm rather talkative at a quarter to six in the morning.

    It's okay. I know that's about time when the body starts to produce its own caffeine for the sake of, "OMG I WANT COFFEE GO GET ME SOME."

    (I'll try to be on MSN the weekend after your birthday, since I'm sure by then you would have recovered from your week on the town/drunken rampage on PFU.)

    Okay! =D And we'll ramble all night long then. About stuff. And hot naked Andrew-on-Peter action.
  11. icomeanon6
    September 11th, 2008 4:00 AM
    My internal clock is set to a hypothetical time zone that doesn't have any nighttime.

    BTW, thanks for clearing the spammers away from my fic. I just wish my regular one got that much attention. >_<
  12. JX Valentine
    September 10th, 2008 8:26 PM
    JX Valentine
    Incidentally, was this vampire novel by any chance Twilight? Because I'm not sure if that counts. XD
  13. JX Valentine
    September 10th, 2008 3:12 PM
    JX Valentine
    Woot! It'll be up tonight. After I get back from my evening class.

    Yeah. College life sucks like that. ;_; You're lucky to have nothing to do.

    ...Although, yeah. I'm sorry, Astinus, but you're not a bat. XD Stop trying to invert your sleep cycle.
  14. JX Valentine
    September 10th, 2008 3:39 AM
    JX Valentine
    Awesome. =D I just need you to reply to this thread, and I'll cook it up this afternoon, when I'm not going, "OH ****, OH ****, PAPER DUE AT 11 AM."

    And you're welcome. Honestly, there's a lot of people here who love you, so I don't see why it wasn't done a long time ago.
  15. JX Valentine
    September 9th, 2008 8:19 PM
    JX Valentine
    Hey, Astinus? For the hell of it, because I should be doing other things (like, uh, writing a paper), to feed your ego, and because I think it's an utter travesty that no one's done it yet, I have to ask. How would you feel about getting a fan club over in Mixed Community Groups?

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