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  1. JX Valentine
    October 18th, 2010 10:48 AM
    JX Valentine
    Asty~! I might have a job soon! :D I got an offer at a local bookstore, but admittedly, I told them I'd think about it until Wednesday. (Because, uh, I'm still waiting to see if I get an interview/job offer with the companies a little closer to home.)

    But still. Retail. During the holiday season. But it's made better by the fact that I get over 9000 awesome little benefits. (Health insurance if they take me on permanently, deep employee discounts, even a library program where I get to borrow stuff for a night and a shelf where I can reserve stuff I want to buy~! :DDDD I can probably buy the whole Ender series this way.)
  2. Anastasia.R
    October 17th, 2010 03:03 PM
    YOUR AVVY IS COOL *likes animation too much*
  3. Alli
    October 17th, 2010 08:37 AM
    I'm also a bit concerned. Because Gary is also ONIONS and...idk if I wanna look like ONIONS.
  4. TheAppleFreak
    October 16th, 2010 10:42 AM
    Hey Astinus
    I have a quick question regarding the fanfiction forum rules:
    Are we allowed to post threads where the entire community collaboratively creates a fanfic? For example, the OP posts a single sentence to start off the story. The next person posts another sentence that would be the logical continuation of the story the OP created, and so on and so forth so over time, a community-based story would come into being. I'm not sure whether it would be roleplay or not, since any poster could take the role of any character.

    I tried it out on another forum a while ago, and it was pretty interesting (the thread has since died due to lack of activity), so I thought I would do it here. BUT ANYWAYS, is this type of thing allowed here?
  5. Zorua
    October 15th, 2010 04:22 PM
    you are so adorable

    I wanna cuddle you now ;__;
  6. JX Valentine
    October 14th, 2010 04:02 PM
    JX Valentine
    Holy crap. O_o *hug* I'm sorry, dearie. Still, congrats on getting everything up and running again.

    Also, the interview went all right, except I fail at roleplaying selling stuff, apparently. Positive? Tomorrow, I have another interview, and the day after? Another interview. Hopefully, one of those places will hire me (although I've got my hopes up because the shopping season's coming and because half of the places that interviewed me already/are going to interview me are toy stores).
  7. Sike_Saner
    October 13th, 2010 09:33 PM
    I am laughing so freaking hard at that picture. Both that grumpy look that James has got going on there and that sort of "Oh, dear" look on the kid's face are killing me. XD

    Reset happens at 11:55 p.m. Eastern.
  8. JX Valentine
    October 13th, 2010 05:28 PM
    JX Valentine
    except for Exile, which has weak characterization and plot.
    The whole thing? Written like a fic found on ff.net. There's random romance, there's a really random play... You know those kinds of romance fics where the two romantic leads are cast as Romeo and Juliet to get them together? Yeah, it's that, only they put on the Taming of the Shrew. It's weird.
    It's that rushed and ends like a bad sitcom.
    everyone should get MARRIED and HAVE BABBIES and women should OBEY THEIR MAN,
    Just remember that once you read Exile, I'm subjecting you to fanfics I wrote in five minutes about Andy and Angel.
    Translation: "Get Exile, Jax. :D:D:D"

    So Andy's now a senile old man yelling about potatoes.
    Except this makes me indecisive. :(

    But Bean's a freaking badass in the series, so it all works out.
    This I have to say yes to. I've already read Ender's Shadow, and I love how Bean was like "***** plz" to Ender for most of the book.

    ...And I get the feeling this might just be the shortest VM I've written to you since we started the whole VMing business. I wish I had a GIF of a dancing frog or something. I mean, I could Google it, but my computer keeps wanting to asplode. Also, I had an interview today, so my brain is insisting that I laugh at that thing called productivity until tomorrow.
  9. Zorua
    October 12th, 2010 08:25 PM
    You and your tl;dr VMs. :(
  10. JX Valentine
    October 12th, 2010 07:26 PM
    JX Valentine
    Trufax: I don't know what day it is.
    That's okay. Neither do I most weeks. I swear to God, not having anything to do most days is screwing with my head. But I got callbacks and interviews all over the place, so maybe something soon? Did I tell you I went to a mall and just applied to every single store I could get to until my hand nearly fell off (because it was mostly paper)?

    Yeah. That was fun. But there's where I've been these past few days. *le nod*

    I'm not sure what happened, but this conversation just strolls all over the place. I tried to go in some semblance of order, but...nope.
    Isn't that like most of our conversations? XD

    Speaking of sleep, my sleep schedule is screwed up. Sure, I'm waking up at a semi-normalish time, like noon, but... I miss my falling-asleep time of six in the morning. That's one of the disadvantages of getting a promotion and needing training, and the only one who can train you is someone who works the opposite shift as you.
    Ouch. At the very least, though, will you get to go back to your usual schedule after training? And if so, how long are you training for?

    How ever that conversation went to find out if you can get jell-o for cheap, it made my manager ask me all the time about you. idk.

    Unfortunately, Asty's manager, I'm gay. :(

    But I got him back by following him down the stairs describing positions for two men to lie together, iykwim.
    Well played. *high five*

    I pretty much scrolled down to where the conversation turned to Novinha being violent.
    I can't blame you. It's an awesome topic. b)'')b

    She just likes having violence done to her. But in that, she finds a kindred spirit in Andy.
    On the other hand, if she hooks up with Andy, that leads to the question of who's going to be doing the abusing. :(

    There's an Internet ruling on that, isn't there. Like everyone/thing will have a Mary Sue paired up with it.
    Pretty much. But that bit about the OSC Sues makes me lol like no other. Yay, pedophilia?

    While we're on this subject, I remember another reason why you should read Xenocide. There's an Asian lesbian couple in it.
    Ooh, you told me about this! And I keep putting it off. ;_;

    You said I should read Ender In Exile next, right? Because there's a copy at a nearby Waldenbooks, and I'm wondering if I should pick it up or get one of the other ones on the shelf.

    There's some big belief on the internet that Card didn't actually write Game or Speaker.

    Isn't there a foreword in one of the editions of Game that describes Card writing the entire thing at a circus?

    Plus, Ender is Hitler. IDK.
    Oh, well, that I can't argue.

    Clacky noises! My clicky noises whenever I'm on the computer has been known to be very relaxing.
    Exactly! That's why I miss using a desktop. There's just something soothing about listening to a real keyboard clacking.

    But I need a laptop because it's portable, so. ;_;

    Don't even begin to try to imagine just what a typical work day is for me. Why yes. We do fall asleep after telling dirty jokes to one another.
    XD Sounds like my old job.

    and my mouth opens and everyone else's eyes go big because PEOPLE'S EYES WIDEN WHEN THEY ARE SURPRISED.
    For some reason, I just had the image of you going like :V in real life.

    And now I know that Bill tells dirty jokes. Just be like "Hey, so this lucario goes to the day care with her trainer..."
    Oh, pfft. He doesn't just tell dirty jokes, dear. He probably makes up dirty limericks. You know, like how Professor Oak writes Pokémon haiku, only his poems have a lot more sex in them.

    One day, I was sitting on the floor in front of the soy milk (wat) and this display of glass bottles was across the way from me. I was the only one on that side of the store. And then POW! Glass everywhere.
    The merchandise wanted to say hello! :D

    Speaking of which, why was I not informed of this fact? I freaking love green tea.
    I thought it was common knowledge. :<

    Doesn't narrow it down. You're gonna have to get more specific than that because "two twats on the BBS" could describe pretty much everyone on that board.
    Hey, now. Bobandbill's on that board. :<

    And "everyone's a ****" should be a song.
    Well, there's this. Same thing?

    Because not only are males most likely to whine, but they're also more likely to say sexist homophobic comments that make people throw chairs.
    Pretty much. Or they're more likely to get all broody. Or all "badass." Because it's the manly way to deal with emotion. Clearly.

    Speaking of which, Kolink threw a temper-tantrum because the eight-year-old kids/people with learning disabilities on PokeFarm couldn't understand PHP code. So then he called everyone idiots. This is more hilarious when you know that the PokeFarm staff thinks saying "I don't like people who only click one egg" is flaming, but saying "**** off, you idiotic stupid noob" is a-ok.
    Good thing I don't go on the forums of click communities. XD

    Also, I have to admit I haven't found that button for the entire team, but yeah, that would put Farm on the same level as GPX+ in my book. Still, I'm addicted to GPX's shelter system. I refresh and get a crapload of novelties! :D:D:D

    The experience system would be shiny in my book, but mostly, I just stick a Pokémon in my walker on GPX+ and click craploads of teams while hatching things or doing the exploration quests. But yeah, it'd be nice if experience was sane.

    It's got quite the weirdest paragraphing habit. Narration is properly paragraphed, but dialogue isn't.
    You know, I see that a lot, and I wonder if there's some paragraphing rule I don't know about. :/ Why would people think this is a good thing?

    Also, one of those VMs was sent off to Azurne, who's like the sweetest piece of marshmallow fluff out of everyone.
    I know. And the ones she got were the worst, too. Full of stars, accusing her of being an ass, saying she's got no dignity, and so on and so forth. It was actually kinda hilarious. Terrible for her, but I'm just amused by how silly this all was.

    I mean, he comes on, doesn't tell anyone, and flips out over something that happened a year ago. And on top of that, the thing he flipped out over wasn't actually that bad. I mean, Azurne put her review pretty nicely, and it's not like anyone posting to a fanfiction forum's writing an absolute masterpiece. :/

    I read hippyjolteon's fic way back when I was really into Whose Line? slash. There were some really great fics there. Some of the best, in my opinion.
    Amen there. They were romance, but they didn't wander into angst. It's really hard to find shippy fics like that, and I have no idea why. :/ GUYS. ROMANCE DOESN'T HAVE TO INVOLVE ANGST AND DRAMA.

    The anime made Pokabu unbelievably adorable.
    SO I HEAR! Poor guy sounds like he's abused at first, too, which makes me go ;_;. (I liked Chimchar in the DP series because what he went through actually made it look like he had some kind of characterization and character growth going on, unlike most of Ash's other Pokémon. I really hope that Pokabu gets the same treatment.)

    Yes I watch the anime again.
    I CAN'T BLAME YOU. The new season sounds incredible. *_* I mean, I've seen half of the first episode, and I approve because Pikachu gets its ass kicked.

    I mean, because it looks shiny. Yes.

    I'm still upset that Dento, the new other male of the group, doesn't fit the epicness that he should since he has my favorite character's hairstyle. Way to get my hopes up.
    Seriously? :< Does he at least flounce a little, or is he completely a Brock clone? If he's a Brock clone, I'll be seriously disappointed. I broke out the champagne when Brock left. I mean, I like Brock, but holy crap, did he get annoying in DP. :|

    Speaking of fitting names, I named one of my Pokemon in Black "Andy", found out it was worthless, and boxed forever. I think the name's perfect for it.
    XD What was he?

    Maybe that's why people see me as ~*~rude~*~ because I'm so mean to poor Andy. WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE WIGGINS?

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