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  1. Nideous
    November 1st, 2011 03:05 PM
    I'll do that soon. XD
  2. Fuyu
    November 1st, 2011 02:24 PM
    Sorry to be poking you about this but since the dance is likely gonna start soon (and we're both limited on online time XD) do you wanna work on the JP? :3 Also, will Ciel have to pay for the mirror, or the stylist's hospital trip? XD
  3. Nideous
    November 1st, 2011 01:37 PM
    Yeah, as evidenced by the last time she saw him talking with Mark. XD

    Hm... That could work. :D That sounds ok to me.
  4. Nideous
    October 31st, 2011 05:23 PM
    Hey there. I know we agreed that Brian and Selene would end up dancing together at the Expo, but how are we going to set that up? Because Bri isn't exactly the type of person to just walk over and ask. :D
  5. Game Over1375
    October 31st, 2011 02:25 PM
    Game Over1375
    Lady Amazing? Idk... Why not? XD

    I'm the one in charge of Final Fantasy Tactics A3: The World of Chaos, as well as Dragonball: The Future Awaits!
  6. Fuyu
    October 30th, 2011 03:12 PM
    Thanks. I am too.. Your posts are awesome... like Selene!


    Skye glanced behind him at Ciel, who was following him nervously through the crowd. Rama padded after them both, carrying a happily dressed up Pala. Rama was too cool to dress up, naturally. He had attacked the stylist who tried. Ciel managed a shy smile and Skye had the sudden urge to make a disturbing comment. However, it was rude and Ciel probably wouldn't have caught it anyway. Skye gave him a casual little wave. Ellie was crooning at the nearby Chika, the Togetic flying between the two boys.

    Rama paused to growl a little, glaring at a girl who passed. Skye frowned and followed his eyes. He sighed and shook his head. It was just Brogan. This was her father's party; they'd end up running into each other. But would she be civil? He snickered a little at the idea.

    Ellie rolled her eyes gently and nuzzled Skye's cheek. She had seen Cam, who was clutching a glass of cwhat had to be soda and talking cheerily to a brunette. Walking over to the larger man, he grinned a little. "Fruh-friend of yours?"

    Cam glanced down and laughed, clapping a hand to his head. "Yes little brother. This is Caitlin, invited guest of mine." The woman looked at the younger boy and yawned a little.

    "Charmed," she said after a moment before a small, slightly devious smile made its way to her lips. "You're the well-behaved one."

    "Deh-hepends on huh-who you ah-ask," Skye replied happily, pulling Ciel from the tide of people. "Thih-his is Ciel." Ciel mumbled a greeting, looking down at his feet.

    Caitlin smiled a bit. "A Psychic boy... you pick interesting friends."

    "Luh-learned it fruh-from him," Skye replied, pointing at his brother. The elder chuckled and looked around, seeing Mr. Houghton-Taylor in deep conversation. Well it looked deep, Cam doubted it was. He was tempted to be rude and interrupt but Skye was right there and would bash him into the ground, in public or not.
  7. Fuyu
    October 30th, 2011 02:43 PM
    Phrased weird I know. Skye's asking him how to balance a checkbook or haggle or something. This will definitely be fun. Aw I feel complimented XD. I should probably start this. XD


    "Cuh-home on Sih-Ciel," Skye called through the door. He shook his head a little, tugging at his tan collar. He disliked formal wear of any sort, which was why he had no tie to speak of. He wondered why Ciel was being so determined about this. It wasn't like a tuxedo -or whatever the kid was wearing- would stop him from hyperventilating."I-him shuh-sure you luh-look fine!" Ellie sat on his shoulder, a little blue bow around her neck. Her violet eyes blinked at him owlishly and at the door.

    "Easy for you to say," Ciel mumbled, buttoning his blazer up nervously. "You're not from Lavender Academy. You don't have to impress anybody." He pinned his old school crest on his right side. He really didn't either but he was worried. His school was improperly funded, had been for years. It had just hit him impressing these people could get them a grant they so desperately needed. And so far panicking in the corner had not gotten him anywhere. His fingers trembled visibly as he clipped his Pokeballs to his belt again. Chika crooned, floating behind him. Sighing a little, he checked himself carefully in the cracked mirror again, flattening his hair desperately.

    Skye shook his head as the boy exited. He would never have guessed Ciel worried about these sorts of things. Then again, he had just thrown a fit at the man who had attempted to help dress him. Hopefully the man hadn't received a concussion and that mirror could be replaced.
  8. Fuyu
    October 30th, 2011 12:45 PM
    I just wondered if you wanted to do a short joint post of Skye being caught with Brogan's father by Brogan... asking him money questions. XD I can see Skye asking Mr. Houghton-Taylor that during the formal event while trying to prevent Ciel from accidently attacking him.
  9. Game Over1375
    October 29th, 2011 06:32 PM
    Game Over1375
    As much as I would like to join up, I have two RPs that I am running, as well as participating in two others, and you HAVE seen me around the RP boards.

    Oh, and please address me as Sir Awesome! ...Or just Game. XD
  10. Nideous
    October 29th, 2011 03:48 PM
    XD Glad I came up with something interesting. :D

    Yes, Thyme would murder the stylist. XD She's not a happy camper right now. I think I'll do that, when the time comes. XD

    Drizzle? He himself wouldn't care about getting dressed up. It wouldn't bother him at all. And Jub in a Tux would be awesome to see. XD
  11. Nideous
    October 29th, 2011 02:55 PM
    Hey, something I thought of not to long ago. Some pokemon like Snype don't like to stay in their pokeball. And some, like Thyme and Rama don't even have that option right now. These people helping the students, would they try to dress the pokemon to match the student? Like, whatever look they settle on for Bri, would they try to dress Thyme up too? XD Because that would not end well.
  12. Nideous
    October 29th, 2011 02:08 PM
    No, not really. Though, the one 'helping' Bri might just find himself throttled by an angry Thyme. XD
  13. Nideous
    October 29th, 2011 01:54 PM
    XD You expect Bri to know anything about fashion? XD This should be good. XD
  14. Nideous
    October 29th, 2011 12:49 PM
    I just posted it. XD Go, interupt the battle before Thyme gets killed. XD It took me a while to find the JP under the mountain of VMs me and Fuyu send. And the battle hasn't begun, so you can stop it now! XD

    Call me that and you aren't likely to get an answer. XD
  15. Nideous
    October 29th, 2011 11:51 AM
    XD I just need Zero to post. Then I'll post me and Fuyu's JP. XD

    And you can call me whatever you like. XP

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