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  1. Fuyu
    February 2nd, 2012 06:38 PM
    Ethan watched him lay down and remained sitting up. He liked the grass against his fingers but he wanted his ears to remain in the air to listen and react better. Plus... he liked the wind. One of the few things he could openly admit to liking was the scent, sound, and feel of the air. It itched at his skin at times, pulling at the pulsing urge to fly that had been something his father had called "The Dragon's Tempation". It was too bad the man had died before he could have learned why. Too bad... yes that was the emotion wasn't it?

    Ethan was not aware of what effect he had. His Pokemon were however and it annoyed the fire out of Sear. Azea didn't particularly care but Blackie did. It concerned him. Humans did not normally exude that peaceful feeling, that sensation of pure unalterable acceptance of whatever the truth could be. For such an odd creature it was... disturbing. And Blackie kept an eye on everything that was disturbing.

    Not like this idiot in front of him but close."Umbre." I said hurt not break. Are your eardrums broken kit?

    Azea nodded. "Ledi dia de." He'll tell us when he's ready. Friends tell each other things after all. And Kumiho needs friends. Even I know how lonely he is. He said this very casually, as if it weren't strange to say a child was anything but normal. As if everything would be fine. Though to Azea they would. Now about that Berry...

    (AW! Kay. XD)
  2. Fuyu
    February 2nd, 2012 01:52 PM
    (Haha. I 've written things that I do not wish to repeat. But let's have this faceoff after I get to see Soul. LOL)

    Ethan nodded slowly. "I do not meet conversationalists often myself. I suppose we should enjoy this while we can." He was not going to say he did not feel safe. That would be rude even though it was true. Ethan naturally didn't feel safe around strangers. He didn't feel safe around others period. However, playing it cool always worked, always. Because his cool was the slightly insane sort of feel anyway.

    "On." I think I hurt your brain.

    Azea waved her off. "Ledi!" It's okay! I wanna know too.
  3. Fuyu
    February 2nd, 2012 04:00 AM
    Ethan's smile dimmed slightly but other than that there was a peace about him, hiding the discomfort this whole conversation was giving him. Someone consciously listening to his words was rare. And rare made him wary. It implied something, a something that was new territory. Interesting... a new puzzle. Yes Wildboy would be a very interesting puzzle. He seemed emotional deep down, like a well was threatening to burst at the slightest touch. "Gratitude leaves way for more interactions, more beneficial ones," he said gently after a moment. "And rare occasions are an even more important time to do so."

    Blackie raised an eyebrow. "Umbre..." For a second there I thought you were a Fire-type...

    Azea smiled again, the happy insect he was. HE wondered where this question had come from for only an instant. "Ledi! Dia!" He said his family gave him the ears. I dunno much else. Sorry!

    (Yes you should do that! :D I'll start mine too... when I get your pic. I'm worse than you! XD)
  4. Fuyu
    February 1st, 2012 03:06 PM
    Kumiho shook his head. "The truth is something one must find on their own. I should not influence yours by giving you the one I have come to. It is incredibly likely the real answer has not been found as of now anyways." He sat down as well, allowing Blackie to leap off and face Bolt. "The answer that can be come to without emotion or influence from any one side of a story. So I cannot say, but thank you for asking." He was slightly pleased the male had asked, his expression unchanged to prove so. People did not care for his opinion normally. He didn't glance up at Soul, preferring to think with his head rested passively against his knees.

    Blackie sauntered over. "Umbreon..." Temper temper... HE chuckled. "Breon..." I'm happy to tell you that you're an uncool moron. Cause you are! His eyes began to glow pink. "Bre." And a challenge sounds like fun...

    "Blackie." The dark-furred Pokemon paused. Ethan didn't glance up nor did his tone waver. "It'd be rude to fight during a conversation." Blackie tensed slightly, hesitating. Then he nodded swiftly, laying down obediently. HE growled softly.

    Azea grinned. "Ledi!" It's cool! And you have bad reasoning missy," he added to Honeycomb.

    (YEah you are a naughty mammoth. LOL I'm worse. I'd want them to kiss but Ethan would be crying so it'd be kind of difficult. I just don't know how Soul looks too well yet. Kinda want his mask to be in his free hand.)
  5. juniebug910
    February 1st, 2012 02:44 PM
    (Bringing back the dragons for a bit! )

    Zekshirom: *rolls eyes, then flies to top of gym/cafe/whatever people call it* Whatever. It's fun to me!

    Iris: *sighes*
    Zekrom: *chuckles* Zekshirom did love to play pranks!

    Mew: Yes yes, CAN I GO TA SLEEP NOW?!!!!!?!?!!??!?!
  6. Fuyu
    February 1st, 2012 02:04 PM
    Blackie shrugged. "Buhree..."Get him emotional... or look into his eyes. You'll feel it then. That authority... Blackie relaxed as Ethan's fingers stroked his head gently. He knew this was a careful thing. Blackie looked down at Jolt. "Umbre..." "It's amazing what you say you know, since a cool person doesn't look like he's trying to shove dirt off his nose. He snickered derisively. He was as bad as Ethan.

    Azea looked at the Combee. "Ledi dian." I just want a Berry. Reminders are good for remembering."Dialed." Don't be mean to him. Kumiho beat me and he could beat you too. Just because you're a Combee who will be queen doesn't make you any better than me. Princesses are supposed to treat people well. HE went back to hugging Ethan's arm. Azea was a simple bug. You beat him in a fight, you were respectable. He would always listen to you. He would help anyone in his swarm. What was complicated about that?

    Kumiho nodded a little. "Why?" he asked abruptly. "Creatures are imperfect I have observed. Calling an entire race beneath you is to give arrogance and an unfortunate cost of underestimation of their abilities. There's no point in being contemptuous when..." he trailed off slowly. "Never mind. I suppose your mind is set on your truth. I will not try to change it."

    Blackie made a quiet purr. He was with this human because he was crazy. And because Ethan was worth respecting. The boy thought deeply, thinking of words he didn't consider. He was too neutral to be ordinary and he was too weak to be extraordinary. It made Blackie curious. THis new fellow, whoever he was, he was strong... yet deprived of something vital. Blackie didn't need Psychic to tell him that.

    (Hey have you drawn Soul? I was thinking of drawing him hugging Ethan.)
  7. Fuyu
    February 1st, 2012 09:39 AM
    Blackie glanced at Wildboy as Ethan raised an eyebrow. "Bre on." Just don't tick off the firebug. He doesn't know or care who you are. He's after this blockhead. Course he won't do it though. Fox-boy scares him.

    Ethan kept his eyebrow delicately raised. Humans equal hostility eh? Fair enough. He was Wildboy... Ethan knew of him but had never considered the knowledge particularly exciting. It was unlikely he would have met him unless by chance or in this case his own oddities. "I know of you," he said quietly after a moment, smiling passively. "I always heard you were quite contemptuous. But then again, the rumors have called me so as well."

    "Bre..." Cause it's true. Blackie glanced down at Bolt. "Um bre...." Are you trying for the whole "too cool" look? Cause you look constipated.

    Azea grinned. "Ledi..." "Berry..."
  8. juniebug910
    January 31st, 2012 03:59 PM
    Zekshirom: What's wrong with a few pranks now and than?

    Cilan: She has a point there, Chili.
  9. Fuyu
    January 31st, 2012 03:53 PM
    "Bre... on Umbre...." Physically maybe... but the jury's out on anywhere else... you little monster. Blackie was perfectly happy insulting Ethan. It was a quirk Ethan allowed, since he didn't know what was said or care. Blackie was his. That wouldn't change unless Ethan himself was at fault. That was usually how everything happened...

    "You don't have to worry," Ethan said to the other, smiling brighter. "Sear wants to kill me not you." He observed the boy could possibly understand Blackie. Hm... useful but to him it wouldn't matter. Blackie and Sear made themselves perfectly clear and he would get on the same wavelength as Azea soon enough.

    "On!"That's cause you're crazy fox-boy. Ethan laughed a little, falsely of course. Almost everything about him was fake. No one was interested in the real person. No one that was here...

    "Am I a human?" Ethan repeated. "I don't really see why it matters. The truth to the world is that I appear a strange human and the truth to me is that I do not feel human and do not think of myself as such. I do not feel as an Umbreon either." Though that is expected of me... "I am merely a living being, nothing more. That is the end truth I see." His tail swished at his words and he brushed at his shirt sleeve. He was used to the appendages he wore. Kumiho never took his ears and tail off; to him it would be like cutting off an arm. Whether they were real or not, they were real to him. So it was fine to him.

    He was just another oddity in the universe, just like the rest of his family.
  10. Fuyu
    January 31st, 2012 03:08 PM
    Ethan looked up at the older male. He was permanently trapped in that curse of short bones wasn't he? He would have sighed but chose not to, examining the cape wrapped around this person and the faint white that appeared when the wind blew the right way. A mask... Hmm... He saw the various holes and rips and inwardly winced. It would be eaten by Venomoths eventually. He scratched at Blackie's ears and followed the boy's eyes, seeing them watching Sear. "Are you wary of my monkey?"

    "Um! Bre...Duh! I'd be wary of the psycho if I didn't know by now I could kick his butt...

    "PAN!" Shut up you stupid freak! I'll kill you as soon as I get this guy!

    "Eon..." Not even you are stupid enough to try that...

    "Sea! Pan!" Shut. Up. The Pansear froze as Ethan returned him silently, his smile unchanged.

    "That's that now isn't it," he mused. "I suppose I should answer you question shouldn't I?" He stood up straight and let Blackie climb into his arms. "I am a Moon Child. I am Kumiho." Blackie snickered derisively.

    "Bree...." Cause that's totally the right answer dude. Totally. You jerk. He seemed perfectly happy about this fact, even content with the excited chirps of Azea in his ear.

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