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  1. XeroNos
    February 14th, 2013 10:47 PM
    Glad to see you online. The walk through is almost finished. I just want to beat Adrian now. How could I send you it. It is currently of 87 MB
  2. Jilly Shears
    February 14th, 2013 9:24 PM
    Jilly Shears
    Yeah, that's perfectly fine! Just let me know when you're ready.
  3. Jilly Shears
    February 14th, 2013 8:03 PM
    Jilly Shears
    Ahh, ok. I can't really do anything about cries, but if you need new or remixed music and for someone to insert them, I can do that.
  4. Jilly Shears
    February 14th, 2013 7:47 PM
    Jilly Shears
    Do you want / need a music composer for Dark Rising 2?
  5. Caramel-O
    February 14th, 2013 9:56 AM
    How is the dark rising?
  6. DrFuji
    February 11th, 2013 8:38 PM
    Done :3c

    Sorry to say this, but next time could you wait for 24 hours before asking about thread waiting for approval? You were a couple of hours short of that point :P
  7. Owninguall
    February 8th, 2013 12:16 PM
    Wow nice page I like it wanna have a battle if u ain't busy
  8. Pinkie-Dawn
    February 8th, 2013 7:12 AM
    Yes it is true, Ash loses in the Unova league to a Riolu that eventually fully evolves into Lucario. To be fair, it seems logical even in-game considering how Lucario is stronger than Pikachu.
  9. XeroNos
    February 8th, 2013 2:56 AM
    Hello how are you... Do you know how to get to that Draco Village?? Sorry to keep bothering ya
  10. TheUltimateG.J
    February 8th, 2013 1:29 AM
    hi can u help me in rom hacking?
  11. Ace.
    February 7th, 2013 2:39 AM
    Heya Dark Rising Girl! How's DarkRising 1.5? ;3
  12. XeroNos
    February 6th, 2013 10:23 PM
    Thank you for sharing the info. Really appreciate it.
  13. demondismon
    February 2nd, 2013 10:20 AM
    lol i did the rom that i used to patch was currently patched and i didn't know until after XD
  14. demondismon
    February 2nd, 2013 6:25 AM
    lol srry i kinda left in the middle of helping the first time. i need to re download the game when i patched it it didn't come out right
  15. XeroNos
    February 1st, 2013 12:54 AM
    Here are the bugs I wanted to report you for a long time

    I battleed PETE her but you can see he is not here not until I went a little ahead and pop here he came. Also I can rebattle him again and again where he originally stands on Numassity path

    What is the name of this town (LOL)

    I encountered GARY of Sevii Islands much like what happened there in original FireRed and he speaks to us about that stuff

    I encountered the old man before true event

    You already know it is a Ruby but?

    What is he saying outside the 2nd Day Care

    I have not gave her anything

    The old dude is permanently blocking the exit

    He says nothing more

    This NPC got a serious problem

    you should have named it Darumaka too. It looks weird

    This scientist does not revives Fossils even though I has one at that time

    The annoying Guard still blocks this outpost even after the events in the lab. When will come back from that secret passage and through the outpost my OW sprite overcomes his.

    Look at the descriptions in Montage Forretress

    His sprite looks a bit larger than usual

    The fat man you are seeing here is actually this

    I picked up the Emerald from LIGHT but the screen says something else

    She is talking the dialogues of someone else in original FireRed

    That happened if you talk with SYDNEY in the Poke center in Milliennium city to give Emerald to Florina. I can't move anywhere there.

    What weird stuff he is saying. Just like in original FireRed

    I cannot go ahead in both places as if something is blocking there

    They both are here even after all the events linked with them

    I cannot go inside it for some reason. It is invisibly blocked

    Look at the tress there. Half appearing

    This happens when you talk with them and reply YES outside the Center

    More screenies for you regarding the bug I reported above

    I can battle the following again and again until I move ahead where they cannot be seen

    The LIFT key keeps respawning when I move after picking it

    There is a Super Potion in DARK LAB as well as in Mystic Cave which keeps respawning whenever I come again to its spot

    Cannot go inside or further ahead where these are:

    The game resets itself whenever I move ahead from these:

    I found the Ruby in the mountain but the screenie as well as Vladimir say it is a Sapphire but by bag says a different story

    All of the henchmen sort of people have a big OW Sprite and my game freezes when I talk with these two people: The gree an dthe purple one

    I laughed a lot when I saw this old man on the counter's place

    This policeman should not be here who is selling the same things as that Trainer from Johto on the Island does

    Also when I move ahead and then come back this fat guy appears blocking the path

    Hope you are not angry with me after these bugs. I did not done this reporting to offend you

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