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  1. Sodom
    January 7th, 2012 07:15 AM
  2. Snivy063
    January 6th, 2012 11:30 PM
    The fact is there's American English and British English, it's really confusing when it comes to spelling. I remember when I read a book that spells color as colour. And then when I used it in a sentence during exam, my teacher said that it would be better if I use the usual spelling rather than the other one, but she still considered it as it's part of the whole grammar and spelling thing. xD; It sure is strange, well I do hope to learn more about English, I really love to use a lot of unusual words rather than words that I use a lot of times and it would certainly help me write more poems. :3

    Now I could remember the time when I was studying for a science quiz and the terms were so hard that I couldn't remember a single thing, so I decided to make a song out of it and I unexpectedly got a perfect score, lmao

    Yes, but I do find it a lot of fun! It can get tiring, but when you cooked or baked something really delicious, it's worth eating. :D
  3. Lozz
    January 6th, 2012 04:04 AM
    It is now time for this very belated response that I was too drunk/hungover to manage the last couple of days.

    That first paragraph has too many /[URL]/ thingies for it to make any sense to me. I think I shall admit defeat, and try and find another way to get pictures to you. haha

    You can't not go into details! I am dying to know what is weirder than a 40yr old who lives with her mum and has tantrums about cats!

    The whole image is me! It is just... incomplete. Maybe one day someone will know me in my entirety, but that thought is uncomfortably confronting, so perhaps that day is quite far off hahaha.

    Do you wear a satchel? If the answer is yes, I will be so so so entertained!

    I guess, I'll be forward if it matters enough to me? I just never really care enough, I don't think. I can easily count on one hand, the number of people I have ever liked enough to do anything about. Yeah, I try not to be judgemental, unless the person is a massive dbag, and it is better for me to not involve myself with anything to do with them. It took me a long time to realise I didn't have to be everyones friend though, sometimes it's just not good for you.

    hahaha, such a celebratory attitude towards horrible endings. How ironic.
  4. Snivy063
    January 6th, 2012 02:46 AM
    The thing that I would probably have a lot of time to get familiarized with is how they're also pronounced. I mean you couldn't like remember a whole Japanese sentence the first time you've read it and also the first time you've wrote it. And yes, it definitely requires dedication and it would be really easy to learn that language too if the people around you also speaks it, but sadly no. xD; Yup, it is and it is my second language. It sure is, I struggled a bit when I was a kid but I ended up improving after I got into social networking sites. What about you? What made you think it's really hard to learn? I mean majority of the people in the world today speaks it ..

    No, our teacher only gave us a boring sheet to memorize it, no songs at all. That's why I find it hard. But it's really easy to remember something especially if it's a song. With all the melody and tempo you'll easily remember what that was. :P

    I love to cook, but I can only cook the simple ones, I really can't make a difficult dish. D:
  5. Snivy063
    January 5th, 2012 04:23 AM
    He's really big, and I'm just that small. Plus, he looks really old enough to wear the clothes that I'm wearing. But yes, it would be really freaky to see someone like that and hilarious at the same time. :3

    I'm actually learning Japanese, I still haven't started but I applied for classes. Japanese would be quite tough though it's really hard to remember all those words and symbols! And I'm not really used at writing those kind of symbols. D: .. I tried learning Spanish before but failed. I guess English is the only language I excelled in! And yes, you actually remind me during the time when I was on second grade and our teacher asked us to memorize the multiplication table and I didn't get most of it! xD;

    I do agree with the things that you said. I mean approaching them is the hardest part as you might come in as a stranger but as time passes by you'll eventually become their friends! It's really great if your living together with your parents, you don't have to worry about the expenses in the houses at all especially when it comes to food & clothes. But still, it's great to know that you saved up for your fees, it's really important y'know?
  6. Lozz
    January 3rd, 2012 05:28 AM
    I have done that before! but all I got was a random hyperlink (take note of my use of a computery word). Also... how did you make it a spoiler?! and what would not having it hidden spoil?!?! Maybe she was just wanting to start her cat harem, so she wouldnt die alone!! did you think of that, before you came in with your harsh words, and crushed her dreams of companionship?! I cannot be seen to be a nerd in any circumstance, it would totally tarnish my image! That may sound completely shallow, but I like my image! hahaha people just think I'm kinda a HP fan... not that im retardedly obsessed. I like it better this way.

    Eww I would never dress up as Indiana Jones! At least dress me as Lara Croft or something. Goddddd. Indiana Jones is so unfashionable - and he wears a satchel! hahahahahaha. I am not forward. Too many retarded things happen in my life without me encouraging it! I will not tell you stories yet, you will judge me too much... we aren't there yet.

    Yes, they were my thoughts exactly. A completely horrible and disappointing end, without fb/msn/skype details ever involved.
  7. Snivy063
    January 3rd, 2012 05:23 AM
    I didn't quite expect the barber to be really good, but yes I'm definitely thank you for this one, even my dad wants the same haircut. xD;

    English also comes in third with me, it's not my first language since I'm a Filipino and I am really willing and eager to learn more about the language, it would really help me a lot when I go to college, having an advance knowledge in English would be really easy in job applications as well especially in interviews! Honestly, I used to hate math at first when I was still in grade school but when I stepped on high school things just went easy, like really easy. :3

    I think so, she likes to flirt a lot so she and my sister gets along very well. lol

    Aye, aye sir! I'll try my best to enjoy myself! It sure is, I'm not actually really good when it comes to real life interaction, so it would be great to improve myself while working in a place like McDonalds since you go talk and start conversations with the customers, I imagine it to be really fun! If you were offered to become a manager, then that really means that your doing a very good job, and how come by the way?
  8. Snivy063
    January 3rd, 2012 04:06 AM
    I just had a haircut and I really like it! I really don't want to have a haircut as I don't want my long hair to get cut, and I'm really confident when I have a hair like it, but it's weird that I really like this short haircut! I feel good about it! :D

    Yeah, and so, what's your favorite subject? Mine would be definitely Math and History, people says Math is pretty hard, but it really isn't. As long as you listen to the teacher and pretty much familiarize the formulas and stuff there's no doubt that you will be able to get it! History is certainly interesting, I really find it mysterious and I love things about the ancient world especially Greek!

    She lives far away and that was like last year when we visited at her place during the holidays. That's what I was actually saying, I guess if she was in a small gathering, she couldn't cope, as she is used to a huge one. She actually told me once that small parties are boring, there aren't much of cute guys. lmao

    Your like my mom! She always says to enjoy my younger years since it would be really hectic when your old now. But I do think both of you are right, I'm taking things quite seriously and I should enjoy myself... So you work at McDonalds? That's like the coolest thing ever! McDonalds is my favorite food chain, omg. Are you working as the manager, or perhaps the chef?
  9. Lozz
    January 3rd, 2012 04:03 AM
    Ok, yes, that clown is effing creepy. but more importantly, HOW IS THAT PICTURE IN THERE AS A PICTURE?! stop with these magic tricks! wahhh. maybe you were that woman's soul mate, and now not only have you crushed all her hopes and dreams, but also ruined your chances at being the pool boy to her cougar. I hide so much. SO SO much. You see, I am also a massive Harry Potter nerd. But we shall not go into this. So many identities. what of it!?

    I wish I could always discover hot boys watching disney. It is such a winning combo. But, I think I have put in some good G Work (ground work - college slang), with one of the boys who was at my house... so now, only time will tell. hahaha, especially because I am the least forward person in the world! We can name our poetry book - Charlie's downhill decent into becoming boring. Yes, I know. How brilliant is it!
  10. Lozz
    January 2nd, 2012 10:58 PM
    I wish you could post links here like you can on fb, where is shows I cute little preview and everything. I was 97% sure your name was Charlie, as I am aware of your other account- but that 3% of me was unsure. Hahahaha I am so careful about who I accept on fb! I have to know the person fairly well... And also, I tend to hide a lot of the... Nerdier aspects of my personality from the majority of my friends, which creates another barrier hahaha. But it's ok, I have every confidence you will graduate to fb friend if you continue to be so entertaining hahaha. It would be super awkward to be stalked by a clown! Least inconspicuous stalker ever!!

    I feel like my period of being a boring person is over. I am at the airport right now, waiting for my plane to sydney and I already have plans for the next three nights haha. Two of which involve excessive consumption hahaha. Your poetry skills amaze me, we should totally publish a book hahahaha!

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I see a lot of people proud of what they 'achieved' in a video game. Things such as completing the Pokedex or reaching a certain level. What do these 'achievements' have in common? They don't actually mean jack. You sit there for hours watching your score go up, slowly or trying to get to the next level. In this virtual world you have access to instant rewards. You can see, clearly the progress you're making and it makes you feel good. Your Charmeleon just hit level 36! Hell yeah, it can evolve...

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Well I might have forgotten my 5 year anniversary (15th May if you look at this sexy guy's join date... that's me btw) but oh well, ignore the fact that it's late and party hard! Wew!

Party hard!

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She is holding voodoo dolls of Jake and Ray because... I don't know, ask her.

Also, if you want to request any art just shoot me a VM or hop on IRC and ask me :D

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I''ll figure out some sort of use for it I guess but for now it's just something I have :D

Y'know what? I can use this to tell people that I'm Charliezard! Not that it matters...
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