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  1. Shining Raichu
    July 26th, 2012 7:53 AM
    Shining Raichu
    Haha awesome! I'm actually going to go see it at the movies again tomorrow night lol... and again some time next week (I have this awful habit of going to the movies multiple times to see the same film - my record is The Avengers at 6 times, followed by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II at 5 times )

    Henry Cavill will do a good Superman I think! He's definitely hot enough to get audience attention and I think he's a decent actor so I trust him with the role. Besides, they're re-imagining everything lately anyway so even if he's not very Clark Kent-ish it wouldn't matter. I am a little apprehensive of Amy Adams as Lois Lane though, but she always manages to surprise me so we'll see how she goes too lol.

    Haha so you're at the beach right now - I'm glad you finally made it without getting sick . Yes, post pics! I can't wait to see them!

    And yeah I would have said you look about 16 or 17 - but you could pass for 18 . Baby-faces will get you anywhere (except apparently when cops are involved haha) so enjoy it while you can!
  2. Shining Raichu
    July 26th, 2012 7:15 AM
    Shining Raichu

    Man of Steel... I'm actually kinda disgusted with myself for how much I liked that trailer, because I really really didn't want to haha. I'm not a Superman fan, but judging by that trailer I'll definitely be seeing the movie. Did they play the trailer for it at TDKR?

    No I don't dislike the beach as such, I just never made a habit of going there haha. My Dad was always *****ing about the sand getting everywhere so he never took us. I have a pool anyway so I do most of my swimming there lol. Also, I'm weird in that I prefer being pale haha.

    Dude, just saw your picture in the picture thread and you are hot property. You also have a sweet innocent face, so I'm shocked those cops believed the bastard old man over you
  3. Shining Raichu
    July 24th, 2012 6:37 PM
    Shining Raichu
    Aaaaaa I totally forgot to reply to this haha. I read it and then got distracted by something shiny!


    And yay the beach! I haven't been to the beach since I was like 13 years old haha
  4. Shining Raichu
    July 21st, 2012 9:20 PM
    Shining Raichu
    Yeah don't listen to your friend. It seems as though he just hates all cinema so getting his views beforehand would just poison your mind

    It sounds like you have really crap cops if they believed an old man over you and all your neighbours lol. Particularly since you were the one that called and put in the noise complaint - for him to turn it back around on you and make them believe you were the problem makes them so freaking dumb. Cops are usually dumbasses though, believe me - my father is one of them

    And I definitely understand why your mother wasn't going - having your ex at your wedding would be insanely awkward, even if she is the mother of your children. Regardless though your brother should have gone if only to keep you company . Did you have a good time at least?

    and YAY EARLY EXAMS! That's so awesome, it means your entire Summer won't be wasted after all :D
  5. Shining Raichu
    July 19th, 2012 8:52 AM
    Shining Raichu
    -sigh- well at least you failed a course so it's something you HAVE to do. Not that I'm happu about that of course! Just if you were just taking extra classes for the hell of it I would have been very mad at you! . Summer is for enjoyment after all, not icky study.

    Also sorry this took so long to reply to lol. I went to the Batman premiere last night (AMAZING MOVIE BTW) and got home at like 4am so I didn't get up til like midday today. Then I read your VM half asleep, most likely got distracted by something shiny and forgot til right now, laying in bed and typing on my phone lmao.

    That neighbour sounds like a real Class A dick. There are other ways to deal with people like him though. You can call the cops for a noise complaint or you can leave a bag of crap at his door... the possibilities are endless . I have much experience - I come from a family who has spent the last 20 years chasing neighbors from hell out of the neighborhood. I think we're like 5 for 5 now haha. Though the thought has occurred to me that if we have issues with that many neighbors, maybe we're the problem lmao.

    Sorry to hear about your Dad. I have a strained relationship with mine as well, but my parents are still together so we all live unhappily under the same roof lol. What I don't understand though is why your mother expects you to go when neither she or your brother will. Seems a little unfair to me! I hope you have a good time anyway though - at the very least it's free food! XD
  6. Shining Raichu
    July 17th, 2012 9:07 AM
    Shining Raichu
    You have college in summer? Is this something you've inflicted upon yourself? If so, I demand to know why you would waste a perfectly good summer doing the same thing you do the rest of the year. And your answer better be something better than "I want extra credit"

    And fighting with your neighbor?! Do tell. This sounds like awesome gossip. We get along with our neighbors now but we've had horrible ones in the past haha.

    And a third marriage! Way to bury the lead! It could be the fact that it's 3am that i find all of this so utterly fascinating haha, but oh well. Being a kid of divorce must suck. Well probably moreso when you were younger. I can kinda relate a little bit - my parents aren't divorced, they're just bitterly unhappy lmao.
  7. Shining Raichu
    July 17th, 2012 7:40 AM
    Shining Raichu
    Woot congratulations! :D

    OK now this friend of yours just sounds certifiable. How can he hate Ted?! Ted was the funniest goddamn movie I've ever seen! This guy... I don't know man. I don't know if you can continue being friends with him

    As for the Summer, nothing much considering I live in Australia and it's Winter here haha. I'm not in school or college or anything anyway, I work. How about yourself?
  8. Shining Raichu
    July 16th, 2012 5:16 AM
    Shining Raichu
    Exams are for the weak, play Pokemon my friend!!!

    And your friend is right; Spider Man was exactly like The Green Lantern. The only difference was that The Green lantern was utter crap and Spider Man was FREAKING AMAZING.

    No seriously, I don't understand how it could ever be compared to The Green Lantern lol. Andrew Garfield is the perfect Spider Man and Emma Stone is just perfection simply by virtue of the fact that she's Emma Stone. It was truer to the comics (not that I've ever read the comics, this is just what I've heard) and better than the Tobey Maguire trilogy by a mile. Fantastic movie, I've seen it twice and I would see it again. Your friend needs his head examined!

    I can't stand having opinions on anything before I see it haha, because if I have other people's opinions then I find myself looking for what they saw in the movie and it just ruins the whole experience. So I go to the movies and watch something first and then afterwards I read all the reviews and stuff to see if other people agreed with me lol.
  9. Jönne
    July 15th, 2012 3:00 AM
    I'm still 16 and half, brother. lol Having my last year of school when summer ends; I'll be going in art's school where certain exams are needed to get in!
  10. Jönne
    July 15th, 2012 2:55 AM
    You're still having exams?! That shucks xD How old are you, anyway? You must be going to college/university, correct?
  11. Shining Raichu
    July 14th, 2012 10:58 PM
    Shining Raichu
    Well that's good, because I don't really like calling people by their formal full names if I can avoid it lol. I must admit I've never heard of any Andrew being called "Ando" though haha, it must be original.

    The Diamond/Pearl/Platinum games are pretty easy, just like all the Pokemon games - but I don't consider the game finished til I've at least tried my hardest to fill the Pokedex XD. That's why I've spent 100+ hours on it haha. You were right to get Platinum though, it fixed quite a few things that were bad about Diamond and Pearl.

    So anyway, I'm doing good. I'm off to see Spider Man tonight (for the second time, I rewatch movies a lot) so I'm pretty psyched about that lol.
  12. Jönne
    July 14th, 2012 10:00 AM

    Wait.. Catch up? I don't know what you mean... :foreveralone: xD

    I'm fine, thanks, and you? How are you doing on this fine day :B
  13. Jönne
    July 14th, 2012 7:33 AM
    :foreveralone: MY LONG LOST BROTHER!!
  14. Shining Raichu
    July 14th, 2012 7:30 AM
    Shining Raichu
    Hey Matt! I hope you don't mind being called that because I probably will regardless lol. I hate it when people call me Andrew so I just assume everybody prefers the shortened versions of their name.

    Anyway yeah hi - I don't babble like this usually, I swear. HOW ARE YOU.

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