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  1. Shining Raichu
    May 10th, 2012 08:21 PM
    Shining Raichu
    AHAHAHAHAHAHA I FOUND IT. I guess they talked about it but never actually did it. At least I know I'm not going insane XD
  2. CarefulWetPaint
    May 10th, 2012 06:46 PM
    Naww fair enough Eric. Erica*

    Haha yeah that was super frustrating!
    "Deal with it!"
    Stupid parents -.-'

    Hahaah! Yeah the other two you like a just little fluff balls of weakness!
  3. Shining Raichu
    May 10th, 2012 05:47 PM
    Shining Raichu
    Random question: after I reported that revival thing, I just went and had a look at the Other Clubs rules and they said "don't post in clubs that have been posted in for at least a month" - but I could have sworn that Alternative changed it to two months while he was the mod. Did you change it back or did I just imagine that entire thing? XD. I'd like to know I'm not going crazy haha.
  4. Sakura Rain
    May 10th, 2012 05:15 PM
    Sakura Rain
    Okay then boys, time to have some words. -whips out keyblade-

    who on earth hasn't read harry potter asdfjkl

    I think that he does see her as Sora asdfjkl. Like that scene where he calls her keyblade a sham and he lifts her hood or whatever, his eyes get all wide and he practically runs backwards to get away from her asdfjkl. I would imagine that would freak one out a bit, to see your (sleeping) boyfriend's best friend's face on an Organization member asdfjkl.

    I...I think that it's RokuShio. MUST ADD TO MY LIST OF SHIPS. So let's see, I've got Soriku, Akuroku, VenNami i don't know what this is called either asdfjkl Rokushio which is essentially SoraSora, but whatever it's cute. ...I need more crack pairings. Besides VenNami. but that's not really a crack pairing as far as I'm concerned because it could totes be canon asdfjkl

    asdfjkl i actually realized that RikuxMickey exists and I threw up a little bit in my mouth DX

    I think he's a Master in KH/KHII/every game besides BbS. Mickey should totes handle all the things because he's smarter than Yen Sid asdfjkl.

    So what must the stoners and potheads think asdfjkl

    But out of all the games, it makes the most sense. At the very least, it makes more sense than KH3D. asdfjkl I don't understaaaaaaaaaaand
  5. Sakura Rain
    May 10th, 2012 04:26 PM
    Sakura Rain
    Well I would certainly hope it wouldn't be cruel teasing, because if it is boys we are going to have words. sirius i'd hate to have to slap you hun DX

    HIPSTERS IN A RELIGION CLASS WHAT IS THIS MONSTROSITY. asdfjkl i think our favorite thing in the world is the spoiler tag XD

    omg thank you hun XD XionxRiku...is sort of like Soriku as far as I'm concerned and it kind of hurts my brain a little asdfjkl. XionxRoxas, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable. even though it's basically SoraxSora but that's beside the point okay. Akuroku still wins out over XionxRoxas, though. what is the ship name for XionxRoxas omg this is crucial information

    ...hun does this have something to do with your dislike of Terra? XD HE WAS ONLY TRYING TO HELP YOU OUT, OKAY. well he still ruined everything ever but asdfjkl sweetheart

    ...I will never see them as Disney characters. Never omg. All this time I thought all of them were Square-Enix! And it's really impossible to see them as Disney characters with all the yaoi and yeah. XD

    Mickey just thought he was totes boss omg and he could handle everything. Which, if this was KHII!Mickey, he probably could have, but...this was before he was made a Keyblade Master I believe, so wtf Mickey. it really wouldn't surprise me if it was, asdfjkl. YEN SID WJSKFJSDLKFJ:SDKGHSDK:LFHSDGK:LFJSKLGH /angrish

    asdfjkl suddenly two Rikus with no explanation D;

    lol Nomura. Dear, the only game of yours that actually made sense was KHI. It allllll went downhill from there asdfjkl
  6. CarefulWetPaint
    May 10th, 2012 03:28 PM
    Naww how so? I can understand with super girly girls (They are B****es).

    Haha dial up sound makes me think "Thank god I dont have to listen to this anymore when I want to go on the internet." What I find funny is that my capped internet speed now is faster then what my dial up was and is also faster then what my old internets speed was. The advances are fantastic!!

    Probopass isn't even strong! You need to like you some dragons, dey where it atz.
  7. CarefulWetPaint
    May 10th, 2012 03:55 AM
    You a tom boy? I dont believe it! You collect plushies you cannot be a tomboy at all!

    Haha I was what? 9 at the time WEll 7 in 2000 and I dont really think the internet is the place for a 7 year old haha! I cant even remember when we got the internet though must have been 2003-2004..? Well thats when I started using it I think at least. OOOOHH The dial up sound is the best, I still hear it at work when the printer is sending a fax! yay yay for nostalgia!

    Naww I dont have that problem really, considernig my favourites are like Dragonite and Darkrai.. and Garchomp etc etc.. xD
  8. Sakura Rain
    May 9th, 2012 08:30 PM
    Sakura Rain
    Yeah, I mean, he was never comfortable with James and Sirius tormenting Snape. He just put up with it because he wanted to be friends with them. like they would've kicked him out just for voicing his opinion mooooooony <3

    What's with hipsters and berets? Like, what is the draw? Do they just look all ~artsy omg~?

    I mean, it's literally the only explanation that's actually interesting, you know? erm i am conflicted with vanitas i have a bit of a thing for dark hair and yet HE'S A PSYCHOTIC FREAK asdfjkl i am so conflicted. but not really because i still hate him. I just like his hair <3 omg she would. and then she'd walk in on them kissing or somesuch and she'd pass out from a nosebleed. why no I haven't given this a lot of thought why do you ask I think that's what everyone thought. 14th Organization member? Black-haired Kairi? Best friends with Axel and Roxas? It really does sound like a bad fanfiction, asdfjkl. but yeah I'm slowly starting to warm up to her, though I really don't have anyone to pair her with ;___; so apparently there is fanfiction written for the pair of Vanitas/Xion and I'm like "wtf who pulled this pairing out of thin air"

    Welp. That's nice to know. I thought if you didn't get to Terra you couldn't do the reaction command or whatever that does so much damage DX Terra's probably too busy being emo or broody or not understanding ~human emotions omg~ ---whoops. wrong person. But the emo and broody points still stand. Omg Ven ;_; come over here dear, I'll pay attention to you DX

    Yeah, I've heard that even in Japan it's illegal to distribute KH doujin. Even though nobody actually uses the Disney characters. Well I dunno, do the original characters (Sora, Riku etc) count as Disney characters? I always thought they belonged to Square-Enix. asdfjkl. but KH doujins are so fun XD

    Well, I think that Mickey just snuck out again after he woke up after Aqua was it Aqua that found him? brought him back to Mysterious Tower. I mean it would be in character for Mickey to have just ran away again, and it would not be in character for Yen Sid to just sit there on his rear and let Mickey skip off to the Keyblade Graveyard. or maybe it is in character for him, in which case wtf, yen sid i am disappoint.

    well, I love him now too, if only because he's every bit as sweet as Ven is, asdfjkl. The only thing that gets me is the coat. RIKU DIDN"T HAVE THAT COAT IN KHI. So I mean, if it wasn't for the coat, I would believe it was the world dreaming it or the world in Sora's head dreaming it. asdfjkl this needs to come out in english so we can actually, you know, UNDERSTAND some of this crap. tbh it'll probably be just as confusing in english asdfjkl.

    it killed me
    I mean I am literally typing this from the grave
    Do not want
  9. Shining Raichu
    May 9th, 2012 06:19 PM
    Shining Raichu
    Well, I know if I were in the final battle of Hogwarts and I lost my scarf, I'd feel pretty silly.
  10. Sakura Rain
    May 9th, 2012 06:12 PM
    Sakura Rain
    What are her thoughts on the Marauders? Because most of the big Snape fans all go "KSDJG:SDLKFHSDKLGJFKSDHGKSLDJF:SK ETERNAL HATE FOR JAMES POTTER/SIRIUS BLACK/REMUS LUPIN i didn't include peter because everyone hates him anyway, am i right and I mean, Remus didn't even do anything to Snape. well, besides almost bite him as a werewolf, but that was entirely Sirius's fault asdfjkl sirius hun what were you thinking but they all just go rabid omg when you say annnnnything that might possibly make the ~Severus~ look bad. even though he is bad. and creepy. and disturbing. he bullies schoolchildren, okay


    butbutbut tiniest hipster! well surely it can't get any worse than BbS!Lea. SURELY. asdfjkl watch him be wearing like a disco outfit with bell bottoms in KHIII ohgod

    I sort of like the fact that she's a black-haired Kairi. I've heard it mentioned that the reason Xion has black hair is because of Vanitas, which is the only explanation I can offer besides the obvious "someone on the staff has a thing for dark hair" asdfjkl. and I think the main reason behind Xion-hate is ASDFJKL SHE GETS IN THE WAY OF AKUROKU um. no, she doesn't. I ship Akuroku and she really doesn't. THIS IS WHY THE WHOLE FANBASE THINKS YAOI FANGIRLS ARE INSANE. man i bet ven's jumping around with glowsticks or something trying to get them to join in asdfjkl.

    Yeah yeah, that's the part I thought you were talking about. And you have to like get up to Terra and not attack him and then you have the reaction command. Yeah, Ven...doesn't really seem to pay Aqua that much attention. Like, at all. All of his flashbacks involve Terra in some way, but hardly ever Aqua. Wtf, Ven. asdfjkl sweetheart I still love you <3

    DOUJIN Y U SO EXPENSIVE ASDFJKL i can't believe people actually buy doujin though. Everybody I know downloads them :/

    Yeah, Yen Sid, couldn't you have whipped that thing out when Sora was kidnapped to TWTNW and, I dunno, actually done something about that? I mean that was a pretty big deal. MX will always be my least favorite character in KH. And Vanitas. But Yen Sid is getting dangerously close to it. we totes need to i dunno attack him or something if Sora still doesn't know about the BbS trio by KHIII asdfjkl.

    SORA YOU SWEETHEART ASDFJKL. i used to really not like sora but now he's kind of a sweetheart and lol, i didn't even watch past the Coat!Riku scene so I had no idea that followed it asdfjkl xemnas you make me lol XD

    So...they just stuck two Rikus in the same scene...and offered no explanation for it ARE YOU KIDDING ME. well maybe it was that time in KHI when Riku kidnapped Pinocchio and maaaaaybe he was revisiting it in his dreams? because they're both asleep, aren't they but then what was with the coat because Riku didn't have that coat in KHI skldfjslfd. THIS IS EASILY THE MOST CONFUSING KH GAME EVER.


  11. Shining Raichu
    May 9th, 2012 06:02 PM
    Shining Raichu
    Also LOL just got your post comment from the other day... you know, sometimes I think I forget this is the Internet. It didn't even occur to me that using their full names may not be the safest thing in the world, I was just in the zone lmao.
  12. CarefulWetPaint
    May 9th, 2012 05:57 PM
    How do those shoes not fall off?? You are a female arent you.. should you be obsessed with shoes..? Isnt that how it works?

    Haha i didnt even know the internet existed in 2000 /such a noob.

    haha you'd wanna love them though Cherrim and Whimsicott are pretty weak..
  13. Shining Raichu
    May 9th, 2012 05:55 PM
    Shining Raichu
    That's the point! XD you said you laughed through Snape's death scene and this gives you a legitimate reason to
  14. Shining Raichu
    May 9th, 2012 05:47 PM
    Shining Raichu

    I'm sure you've seen this before, but I thought you'd appreciate it on the off-chance that you haven't XD
  15. Sakura Rain
    May 9th, 2012 04:58 PM
    Sakura Rain
    well i guess one can be named remus and/or moony but asdfjkl I JUST LOVE SIRIUS OKAY And my hatred of Snape really started in PoA when he was essentially trying to get Sirius killed, okay. But when I first started reading the books, I was sort of little and I thought that the way that Snape was treating Harry was how teachers were supposed to act. And then after PoA I went back and reread PS and CoS and went "how on earth did I ever think this was okay" and klsfjsfl. I really have no idea why Snape has so many fangirls. I mean his fangirls are legion omg.

    BbS!Lea is a total hipster, am I right. HE IS THE TINIEST HIPSTER, OKAY. asdfjkl lea let me love you D; and I think he was actually wearing sneakers but idk I didn't really pay much attention to his clothes when I was playing BbS D8

    my heart just broke a little bit. erica you are making me actually like xion this is a big step for me asdfjkl. Ven and Roxas are just going to confuse everybody, lol. They look identical and yet one's all emo and broody and doesn't understand ~human emotions omg~ and then the other one always jumps about like a kid on the mother of all sugar highs and says corny stuff my friends are my power XD and is just INFINITELY MORE ADORABLE, OKAY. asdfjkl veeeeen <3


    Are you talking about that part where you go into Terranort's mind or whatever? The part where you have to get to Terra and avoid the Guardian and not attack Terra? Or are we still talking about the part where Terranort stabs himself with the keyblade? I mean, even if she suspected Xehanort might still be control, she knew that Terra was in there somewhere, and she wasn't just going to let him fall into darkness or whatever. The fact remains that her saving him allowed Xehanort to destroy countless worlds, however. poor dear, everything just blew up in her face ;_;


    Well, he was kind of old. But yeah, he's a capable Keyblade Master. capable of screwing everything up asdfjkl. and I think Eraqus said something about Yen Sid being a retired Keyblade Master. Idk how you go about retiring from using a Keyblade, but there you are. i guess he just doesn't use it? Or maybe when he retired he lost the ability to use it? idk :/

    argh repliku. I don't love you as much as I love Riku, hun. in fact i don't love you at all because you get none of Riku's character development. D;

    okay it took me about ten minutes to find it, but skip to 7:20 in this video. and it sort of looks like Monstro? idk this is the only scene I don't have an explanation for yet asdfjkl.

    Jsyk, I lol'd. So I was correct in being most excited for the TWTNW scenes? And whyyyyy is xemnas suddenly stalking sora omg.

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Posted November 26th, 2013 at 03:38 PM by Cherrim Comments 2
Posted inUncategorized
Lightning → Cherrim

Part of me wonders if people who keep up with me off of PC will even really register my name change...? So many people associate ME with the name Cherrim before even the Pokémon that it wouldn't surprise me if everyone forgot it wasn't my name here too.

But anyway, yeah, name change! I've had the name Lightning on PC for over 11 years now so this is kind of a sudden change but, honestly, I've wanted to switch to Cherrim for years now. I couldn't...

Posted April 3rd, 2012 at 10:40 AM by Cherrim Comments 6
Posted inMiscellaneous, ‎Gaming

Unfortunately, I was unable to get the Kingdom Hearts 3DS, although I really wanted it because it was gorgeous. ;_; Play-Asia never put it up for preorder, though, and whatever allocations they got were sold out by the time I checked the page again. That's annoying, but apparently it was going for like $500 so it's probably a good thing I didn't even have a chance to buy it. :x

So instead...

Posted November 27th, 2011 at 06:29 PM by Cherrim Comments 9
Posted inMiscellaneous

I would never have made it out of my room this morning without this detailed step-by-step solution.

Posted October 8th, 2011 at 05:56 PM by Cherrim Comments 9
Posted inSchool, ‎Real Life, ‎Miscellaneous
It's been a while and I was really inactive last month and I feel bad about it. So here's what I've been up to.

I started school again.
I took a term off of school last winter and worked over the summer, but [s]because I was kicked off my dad's drug plan for not being in school[s] I wanted to get back to doing something so I registered for classes this September and I'm back as a full-time student. I decided while I was down that I wanted to take on a minor so now I'm aiming for an

Posted June 4th, 2011 at 09:46 PM by Cherrim Comments 5
Posted inPokémon
So tonight, I figured out what Cherrim (bud/emo form) is. It's a Cherubi wearing an eggplant for a hat:



Yeah hi guys, I haven't been doing anything important. I want an eggplant hat. I found a knitting pattern for one so I might try to take up...
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Nice new name 8) and...
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envyenvyenvy, the pink...
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I spied KH3D and immediately...
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