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  1. Cordelia
    May 7th, 2012 5:26 PM
    Erica, can you please rename Trading Threads to Trade Shops? Thanks :3
  2. Sakura Rain
    May 7th, 2012 3:47 PM
    Sakura Rain
    THIS NEEDS TO BE DRAWN RIGHT THIS INSTANT OMG. veeeeeeeeeeeen <3 and roxas would be silent and broody unless you told him it was a ~mission omg~ then he'd be silent and broody and writing a report about standing in the corner and how he doesn't understand it and what are these ~human emotions omg~ though I guess Roxas should understand human emotions because didn't he have Ven's heart while he roxas i mean was separated from Sora? And and that's why Roxas passed out in CO, because he was so close to Ven? Look I might just be making this stuff up but i think that was what was up with Roxas in CO okay

    Yeah I was like "lalala secret ending-ASDFJKL KAIRI OMG" Mr. Nomura and I will have words if Kairi doesn't do anything in the next game asdfjkl. Kairi's never been my favorite but after so many games of doing nothing she deserves to get to do something, okay ;;

    I wish I had your skills at CB omg. You do not know the sheer amount of failure I have at CB ;___;

    I had better get to play as Ven again or Nomura I will be disappoint and we will have words omg omg omg now I'm imagining ven running around with the wondernyan AND THE SHEER FORCE OF THE ADORABLE WILL CRUSH THE EARTH OMG. but omgomg i just remembered at the end of KH3D after Sora IS ADORABLE, OKAY in Traverse Town with the Dream Eaters it shows Ven in CO and HE TWITCHED AND/OR SMILED OR SOMETHING and I was like "sweetie, why are you smiling" and then I thought it was because Sora was having so much fun in Traverse Town and I DIED OMFG HE WAS SMILING BECAUSE SORA WAS HAVING FUN S:JKLDFJDHLFLSDFJSDKLGHFSDLJG:DSLKFH:SDLKFJ idk if this is actually true BUT IT'S MY HEADCANON NOW

    That's sort of what he did in Days and probably KHII as well SO THIS IS MY HEADCANON NOW AS WELL. omg why do you stalk the Beast Xaldin you big stupid asdfjkl.



    and then this happened


    oh and then these two

  3. Erik Destler
    May 7th, 2012 12:07 PM
    Erik Destler
    i miss us being a couple
  4. Cordelia
    May 7th, 2012 10:16 AM
    YES PLEASE! Thanks.
  5. Cordelia
    May 7th, 2012 10:00 AM
    Erica, could you kindly mass-move all the threads in trade corner to the trade threads subforum? Except the stickies please! Thank you
  6. Razor Leaf
    May 7th, 2012 12:29 AM
    Razor Leaf
    Thank you!
  7. Sakura Rain
    May 6th, 2012 10:59 PM
    Sakura Rain
    Because Roxas doesn't understand ~human emotions~, HE WOULD JUST BE TOTES CLUELESS AND HE'D GET ALL FLUSTERED AND GAH. Ven, meanwhile, doesn't know how to act calm and act emotionlessly and then HE'D GET ALL FLUSTERED AND GAH. S-so, can Ven be hopping up and down in the corner because this would make me a very happy Saku. asdfjkl THAT IS ENTIRELY ROXAS OMG. Bless him, he just doesn't understand ~human emotions~. asdfjkl

    omg i know. And as of KH3D, I wouldn't be surprised if that actually happened. "kairi? who's kairi? all we care about is the SORIKU".

    I suck so bad at CB. asdfjkl.

    omg i know that's pretty much what he did, minus the clinging. OH VEN. YOU SWEETHEART ;___;

    omg omg I KNOW I was too furious on my first playthrough to think straight, and then a couple of playthroughs later...."ASDFJKL HER FINAL BOSSES ARE VEN AND TERRA OMG AQUA YOU POOR THING SK:DFJSDKLGHSDLKFJG" omg yes. Poor dear asdfjkl. Xehanort messed his life up completely. ;____;

    See, I'm a sucker for interesting words/sentences. So "Our connected hearts are my power!" is just like omg asdfjkl. But I do agree, "My friends are my power!" fits both Ven and Sora asdfjkl THEY'RE SO MUCH ALIKE ASDFJKL

    I bet it was Demyx watching us in Deep Jungle. Because no one likes Demyx thus they would send him on the most hair-tearingly boring mission ever XD. erm and as for Hollow um um XALDIN. Because his wind powers would let him float down and pick you up. And it would also explain why he's such a spooty spoot-head in his boss fight in KHII, because he had to float down and pick you up so many times and it annoyed him? lol

    Omg yes. So you believe MX, who slashed you across the face with his keyblade (i think), is ~pure and good omg~ but yet you crush your apprentice's dreams by basically saying "OMG DARKNESS BAAAAAAAAD. YOU NO HAVE ANY DARKNEEEEEEEESS." -headdesk- But HE'D HAVE TO HAVE A TIARA. AND HEELS. ANDANDAND MAKEUP LOLING FOREVER XD

    I wonder what it's like in Terra's head, lol. Bless him, he doesn't think much XD

    So I dunno what your thoughts about picspam are but I was lurking tumblr just now and i found two pictures i absolutely must share with you omg

    LOOK AT VEN'S FACE S:KLDFJSDLGHSDLKFHSGLKFJDGLKSFHSDLKFJSDLK BABIES They had better be the bestest of best friends or we will have words, Nomura.

    and then this

    a;sdlkfjsd;lkghdslkfjhgdkljdflhkdhgklsfjdslkghasdklfjdshlgks BABIES OMG

    omg I'M SO SORRY I didn't even know I was so talented at walls of text until we started fangirling over ven asdfjkl. and omg they kind of do this is fun XD
  8. CarefulWetPaint
    May 6th, 2012 9:13 PM
    hahaah! You should definitely do it even just to see how long it takes him to notice >.>
    eh Im not really a tcg kinda person so wouldnt be all that interested, though i do enjoy looking at the cards.

    Why not get some unofficial ones or custom ones? Do you not get them for a reason?? If I was into plushies and KH as much as you I would have heaps of KG plushies! maybe even a plushie keyblade custom made if i couldnt find an original one
    Oh teh noes! Why dont you try and find Wondernyan on the interwebs? Stuffs a lot cheaper on the interwebs.. I dont think I have ever seen a Square Enix store before though :O (Yay for Australia.. )

    Umm.. Do you not have wrists/hands/ankles/neck/ ears that you could display the jewellery on..?

    Naww youre lazy! Its not sad! If I could be bothered I'd do that so I didnt have to wait for english releases (And so I wouldnt need to read the subtitles in anime that hasnt been dubbed yet. \o/)

    Oh I see, you have soooo many of them and Cherrim! Are pokemon your main plushy love or are you hiding the non-pokemon plushies from the club because this is a pokemon website?
  9. Sakura Rain
    May 6th, 2012 7:05 PM
    Sakura Rain
    Well, firstly, he'd go "Hi! My name's Ventus, but you can call me Ven!" and theeeeeen he'd start jumping about like a kid on the mother of all sugar highs. and I'm not sure they could fool anyone, at least people who know both of them well. Roxas is ~too serious omg~ to be Ven and Ven is ~too hyper omg~ to be Roxas. And Aqua would figure it out immediately, and make both of them stand in the corner. ;;

    I think this is correct. I remember seeing a cutscene on youtube where Data-Riku was all buggy and glitched and Data-Sora is like "I must save my boyfriend best friend", and that is all I remember but I know it happened omg. I'M NOT HALLUCINATING I PROMISE D;.

    I can totes see this happening. Because playing CB with Yen Sid is so much more important than saving the world/your students. Because that is just too much work omg.

    Awwwwww, his messy room was so cuuuuuuute <3 And then Vanitas was there and I was like "DON'T YOU TRY ANYTHING FUNNY" and this

    is entirely relevant. I love Tumblr XD and omg omg i know ven is just so naive and adorable and clueless and adorable slkjfslfj.

    VEN NEVER SLOWS DOWN WHAT ARE YOU THINKING lol. and omg she really could have. She didn't want to hurt her friends though, the sweetheart. Too bad she had to fight both of them as her final bosses ;; And I wonder when Ven wakes up, is he going to be terrified of going to sleep? Like normal sleep, I mean, not lost-heart sleep.

    ZACK IS ALWAYS ADORABLE THIS IS A PROVEN FACT. but then hades and phil and I was like "PUNCH THEM BOTH AQUA YOU CAN DO IT HUN~" so I was playing KHI the other day and I was just randomly inserting references to BbS even though I know BbS didn't even exist at this point but I got to the part where Sora goes "My friends are my power!" annnnnd I was like "akl;fdjsfjslflkfjsdk someone else said that first hun~" personally I like "Our connected hearts are my power!" from the japanese version more but whatever.

    And didn't MX, like, GIVE YOU THAT SCAR ON YOUR FACE DURING ONE OF THE AFOREMENTIONED FIGHTS ERAQUS YOU BIG STUPID gaaaaaah. and seriously you just let the man waltz on in to "observe the exam". Eraqus I am disappoint. Well, maybe Eraqus thought that MX was ~reformed omg~ and decided to give him another chance. EITHER WAY IT WAS STUPID. And no I bet he just wanted Ven to go ahead and get himself killed because X-blade reasons. I GUESS HE WANTS TERRA TO BE A PRINCESS OF HEART. TOTALLY MY HEADCANON NOW. PRINCESS KEYBLADE MASTER TERRA RUNNING AROUND PROTECTING BOXES OF LIGHT FOR EVIL PIRATES.

    MX doesn't even count as a teacher he counts as a CHILD ABUSER and AN EVIL EVIL MAN WHO IS EVIL JUST FOR THE EVULZ. EVIL.


    Poor Ven! OMG SO IT'S KIND OF LIKE SNOW WHITE? ONLY GENDER-REVERSED? You have some serious Terra issues here ): The poor dear, he was so incredibly naive but he cared so much about his friends.
    Except when he yelled at them in Radiant Garden and also said MX was the only person he could trust lololololol

    ohgod more walls of text
  10. CarefulWetPaint
    May 6th, 2012 6:50 PM
    There isnt? I thought there would be heaps of it!
    Its your roommates not yours though! So when one of you move itll be gone forever! They made trading cards for Kingdom hearts..? :O
    So you understand japanese rather well? You just get it for the interviews dont you xD.
    Get some jewellery! I can see it being amazing! A keychain bracelet/necklace, awesome. Is there for KH plushies..? xD

    Haha wow. You have a lot of dedication to your plushies then! Why so many pichus/pikachus though?!??!?
  11. Sakura Rain
    May 6th, 2012 4:59 PM
    Sakura Rain
    ...I don't even know what Gossip Girls is, lol. argh why would you not use good voices for the main characters omg. Everyone hates MX! Don't blow the whole budget on him and Eraqus, especially Eraqus since he'll probably never make another appearance. I would have raged if Ven had a bad voice but yaaaaay he didn't. Omg I want to see it if or when Ven and Roxas meet each other.

    Roxas: I can expla-
    Ven: WTF CLONE :O


    Erm, I think Maleficent appeared in coded solely to...
    break Data-Sora's Keyblade?
    seriously I can't remember the point of her in that game at all. Erm she was trying to screw everything up for Mickey? Oh oh oh and she
    kidnapped Data-Riku for whatever reason, probably for the fangirls to squeal when Data-Sora "went inside him", lol.
    omg me either hun. I know more about 3D than I know about coded and I haven't even played 3D asdfjkl.

    That would be so disappointing. Eraqus isn't my favorite as it is for Ven-related reasons of course so if it comes out that he just sat on his rear the entire time until Ven came back to LoD...asdfjkl all my rage.

    And adding to the FIND TERRA mentality was Vanitas. He was telling Ven all this stuff about Terra, wasn't he? He was like "THE TERRA YOU KNOW WILL BE GONE FOREVER" or somesuch and Ven was all worried because he is a good friend and adorable, okay andandand. THIS ALL COMES DOWN TO ERAQUS YOU BIG STUPID. andandand. I think it was mentioned in an interview or an Ultimania that Ven wasn't familiar with inter-world travel and that's why he got all shrunk in Castle of Dreams. my feels about tiny!Ven they are legion. Aqua <3 She's the 2nd bestest thing ever. the first of course being Ven XD Oh, I just remembered that one scene in Olympus Coliseum where Hades was leering at her and I was like "Oh no you did not just go there hun". I wish she would've punched him or something. Can you punch a god? Idk but I bet Aqua could have because she is ~awesome~

    I bet Eraqus did in fact recognize the darkness but was in denial about his favorite student having a slightest bit more darkness than most people. I mean really he could've stopped the whole thing before it started but noooooooooo he's got to prance around in denial. and then he didn't even realize that MX clearly sabotaged Terra. Well, neither did anyone else but Eraqus is the master omg and he really should have noticed some of this stuff going on but I suppose it's just too much work omg. You spend a couple of years around two awesome people and I'd imagine that mentality would form. but terra dear I mean just look at maleficent hun good guys generally do not look like this asdfjkl. I still think Ven and Aqua should've just followed him to one world and like kidnapped him. They could totally do it, he's not fast enough to get away from Ven and Aqua could use "Stopga" and voila.

    OMG MINE TOO XD I've seen some people call him a Prince of Heart but that just isn't as fun now is it?
  12. CarefulWetPaint
    May 6th, 2012 4:07 AM
    Why dont you have heaps of KH stuff that you can FANGIRL over?? I thought that was your thing.

    WAAYYY too many is an understatement. How did you even get that many? How much do you have invested in them!?
  13. Sakura Rain
    May 5th, 2012 7:28 PM
    Sakura Rain
    omg i know ;_; Almost no emotion whatsoever. Did Terra's VA even have any sort of experience with voice acting? Well sort of near the end his performance got better but why why whydid they have to give the ~best trio omg~ the worst voices. Except for Ven of course. VEN IS ALWAYS THE EXCEPTION AM I RIGHT. and seriously they spent all that money and they're not going to get to ever use them again. No no no noI associate Xehanort with Nimoy in my head now why are they attempting to crush my brain ;___; square I am disappoint

    Yeah, she was awesome in KHI. Now she's a sort of generic filler villain omg. And Pete? Seriously? Pete? please get your heads screwed on correctly square

    Yes, Eraqus, the only way to prevent the X-blade from being forged is to kill your student. You couldn't, I dunno, attempt to protect him from MX, because that would just be too much work omg. Jesus. Looking back on this game, it seems everyone was suffering from a severe case of the stupid.

    Except for Aqua. ha! you thought I was going to say Ven didn't you XD And Mickey too, I guess. And Ven wasn't really stupid, he was just uninformed and as such had no idea what was going on poor dear asdfjkl.

    I suppose that's true about Ven like I'd blame anything on him in the first place lol but maaaaaybe Terra's been sort of sheltered? Like maybe he's never left LoD and never met anyone else besides his master and Ven and Aqua and thinks that every person on earth is ~an angel omg~ and that's why he's so terribly terribly naive? Idk if that's not it then Terra really has no excuse, poor dear.


    also hun I linked you that Ven/Nami fic in the SE fanclub jsyk :)

  14. Sakura Rain
    May 5th, 2012 6:46 PM
    Sakura Rain
    Usually that's my way of thinking as well, but with Re:coded I was like "...THIS ISN'T WORTH IT I ALREADY KNOW HOW IT ENDS" and yeah. Totes not worth it.

    sdf;skldfjs TERRA'S NA VOICE ACTOR. I MEAN REALLY. COULDN'T YOU HAVE GOT SOMEONE WITH A TINY BIT MORE EMOTION? srsly. Aqua was almost as bad asdfjkl. I imagine that they did blow the budget on Leonard Nimoy and Mark Hamill, lol. Jesse McCartney needs to stick to voice acting, imo. He's fantastic as Ven and Roxas XD

    Well I used it once just once I swear but then I felt unclean and never used it again asdfjkl. I don't like Maleficent D;

    Poor Aqua. She was chasing after two toddlers. seriously the pair of them they both act like five year olds. Well it's okay with Ven because reasons but terra is a ~grown up~ come on now :/
    I think Eraqus wanted to kill Ven so that MX couldn't get ahold of him and I dunno merge him with Vanitas I guess? The thought that MX probably would have had to drag Ven kicking and screaming apparently didn't cross Eraqus' mind. ERAQUS I AM DISAPPOINT. Though maybeeee he couldn't find MX? Like idk there has to be a reason why he just sat on his rear the entire time D:<
  15. droomph
    May 5th, 2012 3:00 PM
    Ohhhh okay

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Posted November 26th, 2013 at 3:38 PM by Cherrim Comments 2
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Lightning → Cherrim

Part of me wonders if people who keep up with me off of PC will even really register my name change...? So many people associate ME with the name Cherrim before even the Pokémon that it wouldn't surprise me if everyone forgot it wasn't my name here too.

But anyway, yeah, name change! I've had the name Lightning on PC for over 11 years now so this is kind of a sudden change but, honestly, I've wanted to switch to Cherrim for years now. I couldn't...

Posted April 3rd, 2012 at 10:40 AM by Cherrim Comments 6
Posted inMiscellaneous, ‎Gaming

Unfortunately, I was unable to get the Kingdom Hearts 3DS, although I really wanted it because it was gorgeous. ;_; Play-Asia never put it up for preorder, though, and whatever allocations they got were sold out by the time I checked the page again. That's annoying, but apparently it was going for like $500 so it's probably a good thing I didn't even have a chance to buy it. :x

So instead...

Posted November 27th, 2011 at 6:29 PM by Cherrim Comments 9
Posted inMiscellaneous

I would never have made it out of my room this morning without this detailed step-by-step solution.

Posted October 8th, 2011 at 5:56 PM by Cherrim Comments 9
Posted inSchool, ‎Real Life, ‎Miscellaneous
It's been a while and I was really inactive last month and I feel bad about it. So here's what I've been up to.

I started school again.
I took a term off of school last winter and worked over the summer, but [s]because I was kicked off my dad's drug plan for not being in school[s] I wanted to get back to doing something so I registered for classes this September and I'm back as a full-time student. I decided while I was down that I wanted to take on a minor so now I'm aiming for an

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So tonight, I figured out what Cherrim (bud/emo form) is. It's a Cherubi wearing an eggplant for a hat:



Yeah hi guys, I haven't been doing anything important. I want an eggplant hat. I found a knitting pattern for one so I might try to take up...
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