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  1. Rest
    4 Weeks Ago 08:03 AM
    Oh, and you loved Big Hero 6 too! MY MAN.
  2. Rest
    4 Weeks Ago 08:01 AM
    LMAO Dick Poop, that's honestly worse than the Adele Dazeem mispronunciation from last year.

    I was checking your Letterboxd lists and I was thinking of making my own list, but I reckon quite a few of the films I've watched in the past week that I thought were absolutely stupendous (Norte, the End of History, Jealousy, and The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears among others) are all 2013 releases by virtue of worldwide release dates, hahah. That and The Immigrant. ;;

    I gotta watch a few 2014 essentials like Inherent Vice, Selma, American Sniper, and Under the Skin before I prepare a list but I do have some films in mind. I did watch The Grand Budapest Hotel a week ago and it was honestly SUCH a treat. What a well-done film, it just hit all the sweet spots technically and aesthetically. In my top 5 for sure.

    Anyways, your favorite perfs of 2014? :]
  3. shenanigans
    4 Weeks Ago 02:07 PM


    is how my exams went, haha
  4. Rest
    January 22nd, 2015 08:12 PM
    Yeah, I can understand that Birdman doesn't roll very well with a couple of the film critics but there's lots to recommend when it comes to other types of people. I love Deakins (his work in Jesse James was stupendous and it's a shame it shared the category with TWBB in the year it was nominated) but that field definitely has to go to Lubezki this year. The characters besides Keaton were drawn in very broad strokes I thought... the acting was certainly very solid but the lack of character detail pulls it down a bit because there's not much to work with from there. I also quite liked Naomi Watts! Her reaction to Norton's character wanting to bang her on-stage and then the ensuing argument was very, very, very funny. I also quite liked Emma Stone here (don't like the monologue part but the quieter portions were very engaging, and her presence was alluring though I think I'd credit it to the director himself for making it work) and Norton as a caricature of his supposed real self was sometimes-hilarious and sometimes-grating I thought. Birdman definitely needed more Amy Ryan, though that might be bias because I adore her. I don't imagine I'd nominate them in their own categories though.

    A friend is a huge Björk fan and I borrowed his iPod to listen to it. I'm not Björk-versed as the only other albums I've listened to from her are Vespertine (which I listened to quite a long time ago and have a very faint memory of it) and Biophilia (which was -okay-) so I can't do a fair comparison whatsoever, but there's a lot of very captivating, sweeping soundscapes and I enjoy the romantic lyricism. Think I'll listen to Björk's other albums now that I'm intrigued!

    I've seen videos, and Tune-Yards has the best kind of energy when it comes to a live setting I feel. There was this one video where she was playing Powa live and my hair was raising all the way 'till it end where she was hitting her highest vocal notes. Would LOVE to see her live.
  5. shenanigans
    January 21st, 2015 07:34 AM
    shh stop leaking our promotion requirements

    Aw really? ): Is it just that you don't much like him or just preferred his older stuff? I honestly dunno what to think about AnCo. I find them really inconsistent with random amazing moments and then a load of kinda... honestly, annoying stuff that doesn't really go anywhere. Yet they did some of my favourite tracks ever.
  6. shenanigans
    January 21st, 2015 06:15 AM
    ooo your post has links

    convenient cat dog 8)
  7. shenanigans
    January 21st, 2015 06:12 AM
    yeah I need to decide on mine still. Apparently contrary to you I thought 2014 was pretty awful for music and I'm struggling to find five albums I even liked that much. So far though 2015 has already been excellent. New Panda Bear yo.

    Thanks. I'll need it, haha.
  8. shenanigans
    January 21st, 2015 05:54 AM
    I am displeased that Lost in the Dream is only 14th.

    No. One more to go then FREEDOM but I dunno what I'll be doing with it ):
  9. Rest
    January 21st, 2015 02:07 AM
    Love that you put in Transgender Dysphoria Blues and Nikki Nack in your top 15 (which honestly could have made my list if I just made it longer, hahah), and I LOVEEEEEEE the Holy Vacants addition. I'm really diggin' it ;]

    Your favorite tracks off LP1 and Black Messiah are also my favorite tracks in fact! My day just isn't complete without me playing Sugah Daddy or 1000 Deaths at one point in the day.
  10. Rest
    January 20th, 2015 09:28 PM
    Eyy man, my understanding is that it's Boyhood's to lose BP-wise, though I've heard of Birdman and American Sniper being predicted (the latter due to the sheer momentum it had from precursor to Oscars). While we're on Birdman, I watched it just yesterday. JESUS. It's the best-looking film of last year, I think? It's a technical and visual feat front-to-back, I literally couldn't look away. The claustrophobic, maze-like and cobwebbed theater setting, lush effects, the one-shot-style cinematography, the editing are all so cool and audacious. Otherwise though, I think it's missing a certain je ne sais quoi to it that could have turned it into something great. It's a cool film but I was struggling to get "something" out of it. Idk? It's also really angry and abrasive. There were certain points where I thought that it could have really used a breather from the shouting matches and the agitato.

    BTW. Listen to the new Bjork album. NOW. It's magnificent and massive and beautifully weird.

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So I wake up this morning, have a shower, get dressed, open up Twitter: all standard Sunday morning stuff. And then this pops up on my Twitter feed:


Posted March 10th, 2014 at 03:18 PM by Mr Cat Dog Comments 6
So... it's been a while! But it'll be worth it when you see evidence of my visit to London's first cat cafe! Similar to the ones in Japan, Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium opened up on March 1 of this year in London (about 15 minutes from my house)... and it's already fully booked up until June! Deservedly so, as well. Home to about 10 rescue kitties - all adorable - it's a supremely relaxing environment where you can read a good book (on offer included The Art of War by Sun Tzu, Long Day's Journey Into...

Posted December 11th, 2013 at 07:37 AM by Mr Cat Dog Comments 1
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The following may not be suitable to all ages.
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A bit of background is necessary for this one, as it's my favourite in this burgeoning 'series' of blog posts and a bit of context goes a long way.

At the end of last month, in and around Thanksgiving, I went to the US for just over a week to visit some friends out there (one in New York who is from there originally, the other in Virginia who's doing an internship at NATO for 6 months). I'm lucky enough to have been to NYC a number of times, so have done...

Posted November 6th, 2013 at 01:33 PM by Mr Cat Dog Comments 5
Posted inCulture... meh!
A pretty interesting article comparing Nintendo's recent fortunes to those of Walt Disney Animation Studios in the early 1980s.

If you like either of those things (whether recent or from the early 1980s), I suggest checking out this article.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

(I haven't totally left this place forever, just yet. :D)

Posted October 4th, 2013 at 12:33 PM by Mr Cat Dog Comments 3
Posted inCulture... meh!
I love 80s/90s-style video parodies. Like the below:

And the sequel, released yesterday.

T.B.A. sounds like an amazing game, not gonna lie!
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