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  1. CrazyBunnyCoaster
    January 18th, 2015 09:49 AM
    The one I'm writing lol. I still love my story but... I don't know. ;o;
  2. CrazyBunnyCoaster
    January 18th, 2015 09:20 AM
    I read some of my book though. \o/ I'm trying to get into it lol. There's really nothing else for me to do, and my current story is getting kind of boring. :/
  3. CrazyBunnyCoaster
    January 18th, 2015 08:46 AM
    Yeah. I try to do the same with mine too. My Piplup is actually a legal pokemon (I started playing Pokemon Pearl). All my others were hacked in. XD Anyway, I'm really bored right now. I should maybe work on writing my story or something right now.
  4. CrazyBunnyCoaster
    January 18th, 2015 07:13 AM
    Ohhhh. I was going to say. O_O Because like, I use cheats for my teams and stuff. XD
  5. SkyBeat
    January 18th, 2015 05:12 AM
    I use to be a RPer but yea im just a lil rusty at it. And sure I could use some advice/help if you wouldn't mind ^__^
  6. Avishka
    January 18th, 2015 04:45 AM
    No prob.
    glad you know that. XD

    umm....I wanna go in medical
    this is my last school year..i hope I get into a nice college..
  7. Klippy
    January 18th, 2015 12:35 AM
    Hmm. I agree, definitely, but maybe this little concept of mine would still be good. I'll put some real thought into it.
  8. Klippy
    January 17th, 2015 11:21 PM
    Yeah, Rains is great. Love that track AND the TV theme song. :)

    Well if I decide to proceed with this RP of it, it will follow the book/TV storyline closely up to a certain point. It's mostly going to be a "journey" RP, as I believe they call it. :P Occasional plot posts to advance time and whatnot.
  9. Klippy
    January 17th, 2015 11:13 PM
    Maybe I'll give it a shot then! It would be less controlling than Outbreak, since I would make it much more "free roaming" than Outbreak, which I consider very restrictive currently, as there is a plot. The GoT one would be...different. :)

    And haha! I like the Hound in the show, less so in the book. Tyrion is great though. Dany...is okay. I like her, but not a huge fan.
  10. Klippy
    January 17th, 2015 10:57 PM
    I'm basically a Stark man through-and-through. My favorite characters are Ned, Arya, Bran, and Jon. Ser Davos Seaworth is my #5, Tyrion close after. :)

    And I...actually have a concept that would work well, but I will hold off a bit before posting it. I dunno if I could handle two GM RPs yet, haha.
  11. Klippy
    January 17th, 2015 10:50 PM
    Thank you! :D Maybe I'll consider doing a Game of Thrones RP next.
  12. Klippy
    January 17th, 2015 10:41 PM
    I appreciate it! I definitely will give you a holler either way if I'm stuck on something like that. :)
  13. Klippy
    January 17th, 2015 09:41 PM
    Funnily enough, I was going to call him Tim, but switched to McGregor. Haha!

    And thank you! I appreciate the advice. I actually have done little RPing, so I am always pro-help when I do something against RP standards. :)
  14. Klippy
    January 17th, 2015 09:08 PM
    Does McGregor mind if Mark calls him Tim or is he only using his last name right now?

    I updated my post a bit! :D

    Suddenly, he saw the older man in his group rushing out towards the trees. He didn't look injured and he was carrying a lot. Mark flagged him down. His name was Mc...McGregor, I think. McGregor looked him over before saying, "Listen, it's going to be all right." He sounded calm, but Mark had adrenaline coursing through his body, so he couldn't imagine this man was calm. "Put some pressure on that wound. I'm going back in to help the others."

    Mark nodded, feeling slightly woozy. He took some of the toilet paper he had collected and wrapped his wound with it. It wasn't ideal, but it was good for keeping his arm from bleeding everywhere. He wound up wasting half the roll, but his arm felt less painful after wrapping it. He breathed some relief, but now he was alone again and the echoing shouts and clattering noise filled him with dread.
  15. CrazyBunnyCoaster
    January 17th, 2015 12:24 PM
    lol... you must love starters. XD How did you even get a team like that? O_O The only time I've been able to get mine is through cheats.

About Me

  • About gimmepie
    Hi whoever is reading this

    I'm gimmepie (obviously not my actual name, but I prefer not to use that on PC). I'm 19 years old, have high-funtioning autism and am an Australian. Currently I am studying Primary School Education at university and I work somewhat casually as a ballroom dance coach at my studio.

    This is my third year now as a member of PC and I thoroughly enjoy it here. You can primarily find me typing up a storm in the Roleplay Corner or quite often sharing my love of music in the song-rating thread in Forum Games but I tend to pop up in all kinds of places.

    I like to think I'm a friendly guy, albeit stubborn and opinionated, so if you feel like talking just drop me a VM or PM and I'll probably reply as soon as I see it.

    PC Supporter since 2014 (Currently Crystal Tier)
    Moderator of the Roleplay Theatre since June 2015

    Most RPs GM'd at once: Six (I'm pretty sure that's a record but I dunno)
    My interests are pretty varied and they keep me sane when I'm supposed to be studying.

    As I said before I teach at my local ballroom studio, I also train there myself as I am also a competitor. Dancing is one of the most important parts of my life.

    I also love music, a very wide range of it too. I listen to everything from Rock to rap to country. My favourite band is Linkin Park but there are many other artists I love (far too many to list here so VM me if you're curious).

    Pokemon has been a part of my life since I was about six. My first game was Pokemon Stadium for the N64 and I watched the anime religiously. These days I'm still in love with the franchise and I buy the main series games whenever they come out. I also sometimes battle on PCs Showdown server. These days I'm not as fond of the anime, but I haven't seen X/Y yet so I don't know.

    I am a big lover of improvisational and stand-up comedy. I am arguably the biggest fan of Whose Line Is It Anyway in my country and I spend hours watching it and stand-up shows. I often consider giving stand-up a shot, but I struggle to be funny on cue and I don't have a very good stage presence.

    I'm not much of a gamer, but I do enjoy a bit of gaming sometimes. My favourite game is The Last of Us but Starcraft 2 is a close second.

    I am an anime lover and, unlike Western shows with which I am very picky about genre, I will watch almost any genre. My favourite anime of all time is Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.
    Male ♂
    Student, Dance Teacher, Charity Event Organiser and Manager
    Battle Server Name
    Also Known As
    GP, Gimme, Pie
    Favorite Pokémon
    Carbink and many more.
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    Olympics Region
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    Paired with Lokiepie, Chalifoux and Nauje.
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    "All right. I'll play a game with this endless June."

    Roleplay Theatre | The Underground |
    Lokiepie, Chalifoux & Crunch Punch
    The Pie Bakery


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Posted 1 Week Ago at 06:54 AM by gimmepie Comments 0
Weekly Music Mince

Alright, it is that time again. Technically it should have been done yesterday, but details! Dig in to my ten choices from this week!

Number One
Song: Jekyll and Hyde
Artist: Five Finger Death Punch

Number Two
Song: The Vengeful One
Artist: Disturbed

Number Three
Song: Pathways
Artist: Buried in Verona

Posted 2 Weeks Ago at 09:58 AM by gimmepie Comments 4
Posted inUncategorized
Where I've Been

So, as you might have noticed my blogging has been even more infrequent than usual lately and in my last blog entry I said that in this one I'd fill you in a bit on what I've been up to.

As some of you might know, I'm a competitive ballroom dancer and for a long time I had been searching for a new dance partner since the one I had and myself had very different goals and aspirations and honestly were liable to kill each other if we kept dancing together

Posted 2 Weeks Ago at 11:42 AM by gimmepie Comments 2
Weekly Music Mince

Sorry for my absence from blogging lately guys, real life has been really hectic for me lately and I have been too caught up with it to really write anything much. I will however be filling you all in in my next blog entry (probably)!

For now, dig in to yet another selection of songs I love and let me know war you think of my choices in the comments below!

Number One
Song: What Kind of Man
Artist: Florence + The

Posted 3 Weeks Ago at 06:19 AM by gimmepie Comments 0
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The Blog-Off

The twelfth annual PokeCommunity Get-Together has appeared and amongst the veritable smorgasbord of delectable olympic-themed events available you will find a competition just for you my fellow bloggers: the Blog-Off.

Hosted and judged by myself, Eros, Kiyoshi the Polar Bear and RayZax this event is quite simple, you just have to post an entry to sign-up in the thread (found here) and then post a blog entry fitting our olympic theme of "Successes

Posted June 16th, 2015 at 04:21 AM by gimmepie Comments 10
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Blueberry Pie

So, even though I was modded hours upon hours ago I still haven't gotten over all the excitement. What was my introduction to the staff like you ask? Well firstly, it was after 4:00am when I got my first message from Klippy and it was not a congratulatory one. Actually what he did was try and tell me that they were going to be shutting the Underground down.

This was extremely confusing since the section has been doing extremely
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Oh that Bring Me The
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Oh that Bring Me The...
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you should show us a
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Nice to hear an update
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you should show us a...
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