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  1. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 12:18 PM
    That's because our government is at the mercy of an extreme right GOP that's still fighting the Cold War and refuses to compromise on anything. (Especially, if it's with the Kenyan Muslim Socialist Radical, aka. the black guy in the White House.) I seriously hope to Mew that they don't win the Presidency in 2016. Things could get really ugly.
  2. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 04:06 PM
    I meant personality-wise. When you play as Lyra, Ethan is the airheaded one.
    That's because the NPC role was written that way for whatever reason. That being said, having the two PCs play the exact same airhead role is far better than what we got in RSE, where Brendan was a sexist douche if you played as May.

    Well, I like Cordelia from Fire Emblem and she's popular. But I'm indifferent towards Cynthia despite her being mega popular. Actually what helps with Cordelia is that, at the biggest FE fansite in English, she's not that popular, but then again most of those people are hipsters who hate Awakening because it catered to mainstream and they liked the older games.
    I'm kind of hit-and-miss in regards to liking popular stuff in Pokémon fandom. I like Misty and Jessie/James, and they're very popular, but I also like Tracey, and well... a large number of people haven't exactly gotten over him replacing Brock for one season 15-16 years ago.

    As for the games, I loooove Lance, and he's fairly popular. But, I hate the most popular version of him, the Adventures one, and like the least popular version of him, the anime one. I also love his less popular RBY and FRLG designs and hate his very popular HGSS look. And, my favorite ship of his is the very unpopular Lance/Lorelei, while my most hated are the very popular Lance/Silver, Lance/Lyra, and Lance/Clair (because, unlike a lot of fans, I actually find statutory rape and incest to be disgusting ).

    As for Pokémon, I like Charizard, but I like Dragonite better. I also hate Salamence and Garchomp and wish they would make more unique, non-Dragon Pseudos. But, I love Mewtwo and Mew, and they're extremely popular. Same goes for Lugia, too. Yet, I also prefer Raichu to Pikachu and wished it got more love.

    I find the Dragon type, in general, to be very bland (with a few standouts), while I think Poison is underrated, if badly neglected. But, I also love Water, Dark, Ghost, and Psychic, and those are all very popular.

    I watch lots of sports, so I need cable TV. However, there's a cord-cutting movement in the US. I really hope it becomes a success, spreads elsewhere and makes cable TV companies implode or reinvent themselves. Ideally, each channel would offer their own service for us to subscribe to. Here in Brazil, to be able to access ESPN and HBO streaming you need to contract cable TV and pay for these channels. In the ideal world you'd only need to subscribe directly to ESPN (WatchESPN) and HBO (HBO-GO), without a middleman.
    Yeah, with TV shows so widely accessible online now (both legally and less-than-legally), a lot of people have no need for cable or even a TV set anymore. Old Media's days are numbered, even if they're doing everything in their power to stop progress, be it copyright crackdowns or bandwidth caps.

    Really? With all this current push for #Diversity, you'd think today is a better time.
    The past 10-15 years have been better for some groups than others. The representation of LGBT people on TV, while still not great, has increased considerably since the 90s, while the representation of women and people of color has stalled and even regressed in many places. Of course, you could argue that LGBT people were moving up from a lower point than women and POC, as non-stereotypical, respectful LGBT representation was almost non-existent before the 2000s.

    A lot of it is also genre-based, too. Even nowadays, you'll still find plenty of female representation in sitcoms and primetime dramas, but good luck if sci-fi, fantasy, or action is your thing. The token sidekick or love interest in a male-dominated ensemble is usually the best you'll get.

    It's arguably even worse for POC. They get sitcoms on a designated "minority" channel like BET, a few trashy reality shows, and nothing else. Otherwise, they have to hope that the token sidekick or best friend in the white-dominated ensemble is decently-written and non-stereotypical.

    The biggest problem, IMO, is that the vast majority of writers and producers are still straight white men, so narratives about straight white men and straight white male audiences are still being prioritized over others. We won't see true diversity on the screen until we have more diversity behind it.

    Bad times are ahead of us. The left-wing president, for which I voted, promised the world during her campaign. After the new year, she built her staff around austerity instead. Our economy will have estimated negative growth.
    Well, THAT sounds familiar.

    Okay, to be fair to Obama, he has fulfilled a few things. And, he's had to constantly butt heads with an extremist, far-right Republican Party that hates his guts and thinks he's some evil Kenyan Muslim Socialist Radical who wants to institute Sharia Law and send old people to death camps. And, he basically had to spend most of his first term cleaning up the gigantic mess the Cowboy Idiot made in the previous eight years. (Which will probably take several Presidencies to clean up, provided no Republican Presidents are elected for the next 20-30 years.)

    But, still, it wasn't exactly the Hope and Change he promised back in 2008.

    I sometimes forget your education isn't state-funded. I did my law degree for free. Well, in theory, because you still needed to pay for books.
    Lucky you. Up here, tuition costs have soared so much that even the middle class can barely afford to go to college anymore, and even fewer are able to pay back the gigantic loans they need to attend in the first place. Very sad situation.
  3. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 07:50 AM
    If they did that, there wouldn't be a Lyra. Kris would be the airheaded cheerleader. I'm not sure, but I think Ethan and Lyra as NPCs are mirror matches of each other with just a few differences. So Ethan looks a bit ridiculous since he isn't this cutesy character like Lyra.
    Nonsense. They could've created a new role for the unselected PC while leaving Lyra as a separate airhead NPC.

    As for Gold/Ethan, he resembles Kris more, especially with his original design. Same Red/Yellow/Black color scheme, and his bangs also have a similar angular shape as Kris' pigtails.

    Lyra, on the other hand, is more of a mirror match to a certain Italian plumber.

    When my internet goes down, usually the TV goes down too. My only options are books and the cellphone, and I use the cellphone until there are no updates, then I go read. But I seldom read when I have internet. I didn't know it was a documented sickness.
    I rarely watch TV or read books anymore, because I can do all of that online. Terrible, I know.

    I think the 90s were my best time. Everything went to **** afterwards.
    The 90s were the best for everything. Up here in the US, they were pretty much the last time we had a booming economy and weren't at war. Our biggest concern was where the President was putting his dick, not whether or not he was lying about WMDs.

    They were also a better time to be a woman, IMO. Reproductive rights weren't constantly under attack, there was a boom of strong women in music (be it Riot Grrrl or Lilith Fair; heck, even the Spice Girls were pushing "Girl Power"), and TV was filled with all sorts of female-dominated shows, from action shows like Buffy, Xena, and Charmed to sitcoms like Sabrina and cartoons like the Powerpuff Girls and Sailor Moon.

    It's funny, I should've had better jobs according to my grades, but the problem is that I never really enjoyed work. What motivated me to get better grades at school/uni was the competition and the challenge. I also seem to have an annoying tendency to want everything to fall in my hands without actually working for it.
    Not sure that the situation in Brazil is, but up here, underemployment is a huge problem. In high school, most of us were told that if we got good grades and went to college we'd get better jobs and make more money. Instead, what has happened is that college grads have found themselves flipping burgers or bagging groceries for a living because there are no other jobs out there. To make matters worse, fast food places and the like have started to deliberately pass over applicants with college degrees out of fear that they'll demand higher wages, so you have a lot of college grads who are hopelessly unemployed and broke. And, with $250,000 in student debt that can't be discharged in bankruptcy, of course.

    This has very serious and long-term ramifications for the US, too. With so many people in permanent debt and buying fewer things, the odds of the economy ever fully recovering are very slim. This has also prevented a lot of people from settling down and starting families, which has the potential to cause a population collapse down the road. The US will also continue to fall further and further behind the rest of the world in education, and China will almost certainly overtake it as the world's next superpower.
  4. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 10:11 PM
    Well, Lyra does work better as the air-headed NPC who has a crush on you than as the PC. I don't know if the dialog for Ethan is the same when you play as Lyra, but it would be quite funny if it was.
    Which is why they should've kept Kris and had Lyra just be the air-headed NPC with a Marill, instead. Win-win.

    Well, you weren't online at the usual times, and I become worried when this happens. It's mostly because I can't seem to disconnect from the internet, so I keep checking forums, Twitter, etc. for news and whether people replied to me. It's a bad addiction, actually, because it leads me nowhere.
    I actually was here several times today, but most times, I saw no new messages or notifications, so I immediately clicked out. I don't like to post or reply to anything unless I get something, myself. (Which is probably a bad habit, I know.)

    I can tell you right now that I probably suffer from Internet Addiction. I usually spend most of the day online, and I usually have bad withdrawal/meltdown symptoms when I'm forcibly disconnected (like during a power outage). Having an iPhone helps, but it's not enough to be a cure-all.

    I also have lost the sense of time. We're in 2015. My dad died in 2003, and it seems like yesterday. This year it's been 10 years since I entered university, and it also seems like yesterday. In my case it's even worse, because not a lot has been going on in my life since I graduated, so it gives me an illusion of shorter time, when it's been more than 5 years already.
    Yeah, I think that's happened to a lot of us as we've gotten older. Time seems to go by very quickly and actually feel like a tangible thing when you're a kid or teenager who's still growing, but it freezes to a standstill as soon as you hit adulthood and your life slows down immensely. (It's a reality that the gap between 20 and 25 isn't nearly as large as the gap between 10 and 15 or even 15 and 20, even though it's the exact same amount of time.)
  5. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 09:11 PM
    I like Lyra. She's so cute!
    Well, gee, I wonder why...

    A girl doesn't have to look like a #StrongAndIndependentWoman to be strong, IMO.
    No, they don't... Which is why Green is a great PC design. She's definitely feminine, having long hair and wearing a skirt, yet she still looks strong and like someone you could take seriously as a trainer. Even her original beta design (seen here on her Adventures counterpart), which was even more overtly girly, still gives off similar vibes.

    Lyra, on the other hand, is just a frilly moeblob with an obnoxiously cutesy outfit designed to appeal to creepy guys who get off on 10 year old girls. You know, the same demo May's rack and Dawn's miniskirt was targeted towards in the anime.
  6. BettyNewbie
    1 Week Ago 07:42 AM
    Type diversity doesn't matter much if your options are good. I mean, RBY only had one Ghost-type, but this Ghost-type was Gengar, one of the best Pokémon in the game. In GSC you had few Steel-types, but your options were Magneton, Scizor, Steelix and Skarmory, which is pretty good. Misdreavus was good, Kingdra was good...
    No, it doesn't matter as far as the protagonist (except in monotype runs) and multi-type NPCs are concerned, but it does matter as far as type specialist NPCs are concerned. One of DP's few Fire types, Infernape is a strong Pokémon, but that didn't make Flint's DP team any good. Sinnoh's lone Dragon, Garchomp, is good enough to be outright broken, but that wouldn't have stopped a Dragon specialist in those games from having an even worse team than Lance (that goodness GF was smart enough to not put a Dragon user there).
  7. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 10:47 AM
    Do you think Koga and Karen have great teams with Ariados and Murkrow?

    Granted, Ariados is all about strategy, but still, it's an early bug that doesn't break 400 BST.
    The only reason Karen didn't have a Honchkrow was because it didn't exist yet (and they never fixed it in HGSS because, for whatever reason, they didn't add Honchkrow to the Regional Dex), and Murkrow was the lesser of the two evils compared to Sneasel.

    As for Ariados, it's main purpose was to Baton Pass Spider Web and Double Team, which is an extremely useful skill. It's still a weak early bug, yes, but it's not meant to be an all-out attacker.

    Ideally the trainers would have all different Pokémon. How can I explain... It's a Red hack that's supposed to be an enhanced version of Red. So, it makes little sense to add stuff from Hoenn and further regions just to complete enemy teams. You do have a point, but I think that the scope of the hack is narrower. And Mateo doesn't have space in the ROM for a lot of stuff. If it were me I wouldn't add anything beyond Johto to the hack. If the rosters have to suffer, so be it.
    The core issue is that Gens 1 and 2 just had really bad type diversity, which is something you don't want to admit. You have plenty of Water, Normal, Flying, and Poison Types, and a fair number of Grass, Rock, Ground, and Psychic, but that's about it. Fire, Electric, Dark, and Fairy are uncommon, at best, and Steel, Ghost, and Dragon practically don't even exist.

    While some types are meant to be more common than others, type diversity isn't just about what you can use but what major NPCs can use as well. Glacia couldn't just fill her team up with Cloyster, Jynx, and Piloswine because they weren't in the Hoenn Dex, so she was stuck with a horrible, repetitive team made up of nothing but the Snorunt and Spheal lines. The same issue applies here. Kanto/Johto have practically no Ghosts and Dragons, yet have Ghost and Dragon E4 members, so the end result are two underwhelming, repetitive E4 teams that are actually mono-Poison and mono-Flying instead of their intended monotypes.

    I don't see anything wrong with adding later Pokémon to the Dex (be it a hack or a remake). GF, themselves, did this exact thing with Platinum and B2W2, and the end result was vastly improved NPC rosters. Hardly anyone complained and for good reason.
  8. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 08:00 PM
    Ideally they would be monotype and the ace would have more than 500 BST (or close to 500), but the problem is that I feel Mateo didn't do Red++ to make teams difficult or to change the game too much. A team for story mode in Pokémon doesn't really follow competitive logic or balance. The smaller Pokémon in the team are just stepping stones. It's not like competitive where every Pokémon in the team needs to hold its own. So you can give a trainer one weak Pokémon that you aren't supposed to have trouble with. If this was a hack like Blaze Black and Volt White he could go all out and give gym leaders, E4 and Champion all sorts of crazy things, but it's not.
    While that works for Gym Leaders (who are supposed to have varying levels of difficulty), E4 members are supposed to be the strongest trainers in the game. They should have good teams that pose a reasonable challenge. No, not a competitive challenge, but a team that can, at least, make you believe how they got there. Lorelei, Koga, and Karen fall into this category. Bruno, Agatha, Lance, Will, and the Hoenn E4 don't.

    It's not even just about difficulty, but about being able to respect them as trainers. It's very hard to respect someone who calls themselves a Ghost specialist, yet uses a single family of Ghosts and has a team that's made up of an entirely different type. And, it's even harder to respect them when they use NFEs and other low BST Pokémon, yet they claim to be one of the most powerful trainers. No, this isn't competitive, but this isn't the anime, either, where Pikachus can zap Rhydons by aiming for the horn and conquer Dragonites with ease. Stats actually mean something here.

    (I can't help but laugh at Agatha for sneering at Oak when he had a team that could wipe the floor with hers any day. )
  9. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 05:50 PM
    After all of these arguments I have to ask you--What does a "good" E4 member team look like to you? Be honest, and don't just say something for the sake of disagreement.
  10. cream
    2 Weeks Ago 01:56 PM
    ah sorry for the confusion, i wasn't talking about you specifically but, anyone in general, haha. yeah they do sound nice; i have a couple favorite japanese voice actors. (:
  11. cream
    2 Weeks Ago 01:22 PM
    yeah, if you're japanese then you can't really be a weeaboo. xD
  12. cream
    2 Weeks Ago 12:59 PM
    i like to call myself a weeb jokingly, but i wouldn't go as far as to think you're an annoying weeb because you prefer the japanese voices. i prefer watching my anime with subs as well.

    if you starting saying "desu" and "kawaii" every sentence, then i'll consider you the annoying kind of weeb.
  13. cream
    2 Weeks Ago 12:15 PM
    you do? aw, you shouldn't! there's nothing wrong with liking anime. as long as you don't act like an annoying weeaboo, lol.
  14. cream
    3 Weeks Ago 01:38 PM
    hell yeah! i have two of them, eheh. a milk chocolate one and a cookies 'n cream one. :0 almost done with the first one, haha.
  15. BettyNewbie
    3 Weeks Ago 02:37 PM

    Yo joke was very elaborate snce thare was a Nntendo Direct taday and it could've been true.
    Probably not the best day to have one, huh?

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