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  1. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 01:30 PM
    Well, Alakazam I would probably understand, as it's a bit tricky to get rid of due to his Speed, but Gallade, although powerful, is kinda slow. He could be a gym leader main, but not last E4 main.
    True. However, Gallade, at least, has a Mega now, so that problem's kind of abated.

    It's more that I had a crush on Karen and turning her into a lesbian would make her into someone unattainable to me. (she's fictional, but you get the point)
    You're so greedy. If it makes you feel better, I usually write Karen as bisexual; Clair's the only one who's full lez.

    (Don't worry, I feel the same way when I see Lance constantly getting paired with other guys.)

    I like romance, too, but I can never imagine characters involved in them... Guess I'm just not much of a shipper.

    I never actually made stories with the Pokémon characters, but I did ship my OC with one of the numerous Nurse Joys.
    That's okay. I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a lot of things in shipping that piss me off, but I don't find anything wrong with shipping in and of itself.

    The description of your OC sounds kind of familiar, LOL.

    Yeah, someone unusual, who doesn't look like a Champion. Lysandre was too obviously the villain in XY, and Diantha ended up not making much sense. When you meet her at the league, she's "oh that character from way back in the beginning".
    While XY were a huge step forward, mechanically, they were considerably less so, storywise. XY pretty much stick to the same story formula they've been using since RS (having only been shaken up slightly in Gen 5)--new region (not connected to any of the others), new Pokémon, new evil team (who wants to use the Box Legendary to take over the world), rivals are your BFFs, Champion is that one older person who "helps" you against evil team, and so on. XY's story comes off as painfully blah and unoriginal, and is only proof that GF needs to start mixing things up more.

    Most of the female villains are underlings and cute fanservice. In Team Flare, you have lots of admin girls, but they still seem under Xerosic, who's under Lysandre. I think it's some kind of reverse sexism that protects women from being villains, lol. Or even stronger sexism that deems women as not capable.
    I think there's some Victorian "woman on a pedestal" stuff at work, or the idea that women are inherently "pure" and "angelic" and exist solely to "save" men from their inherently "dark" ways. Even nowadays, this attitude is still very pervasive and keeps female villains out of a lot of things that, otherwise, have strong female characters (think of shows like Buffy and Charmed, for example).

    It seems kind of "feminist" at first glance, but it's actually far from it, and if anything, only further reinforces harmful stereotypes and double standards.

    If you ask me, I think Steven is boring. Wallace seems to be bashed because he stole Steven's place. I prefer Steven as Champion and Wallace as gym leader because Juan was kinda redundant, but Wallace was a little bit harder in Emerald because I chose Torchic.
    Well, the Wallace haters must love ORAS, then, because the games have essentially erased Wallace's Champion position (at least, on this timeline) and put Steven (personality of a) Stone back on top.

    Another character that Steven fans tend to unfairly bash is Lance. Many hate him for "stealing Steven's spot" and "ruining" a certain infamous anime episode, conveniently forgetting that the episode sucked because of bad writing, bad animation, and executive meddling, not a fictional character; the episode would've stunk just as bad with Steven as it did with Lance. (And, besides, why are they hating his game counterpart for an anime episode?)

    Sad thing is that the backlash over the episode may have caused anime Lance to get tossed into the same scrap heap that Porygon and Kadabra currently reside in. That infamous episode was his last anime appearance to date, and he has never been seen or heard from since then, even when it actually would've made sense.

    Meanwhile, Steven gets an entire anime special and a slew of ORAS-related marketing that Lance never got with either FRLG or HGSS. Yeah, I'd say Steven turned out pretty well.
  2. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 12:24 PM
    Makes me wonder if GF thought Fury Cutter was enough (hint: it wasn't).

    Scizor had signature move Metal Claw but it was also too weak (barely stronger than Scratch).
    Well, you do have to remember the Generation we were coming off of and its glorious selection of high-powered, uber-level Bug moves.[/sarcasm]

    Compared to that, Fury Cutter was a big step up. Of course, there was another big step above it, but it was exclusive to your favorite Bug. Damn GF and their favoritism!

    When even Blissey is Fairy like and wasn't touched with the pixilator, I think Dragonite doesn't have a chance.

    (people wanted Milotic to be Fairy, too, but it didn't happen either)
    TrollFreak strikes again. Hopefully, they'll get Megas (well, just Dragonite and Milotic, because Blissey sucks) that will fix this.

    The Dragon type is a bit weird, because we see things like Flygon which isn't a dragon and is more closely related to a bug receive Dragon type, yet Gyarados for example is a Chinese dragon but not Dragon type (only a dragon in spirit).
    Tell me about it. Flygon isn't even Bug/Dragon, so its typing makes no sense, whatsoever. And, GF seems hell bent on keeping Gyarados out of the Dragon club, if its Mega is anything to go by.

    It's not. Which is the worst route in GSC? The one between Olivine and Cianwood. Which happens to be the water route. The Hoenn ocean is that multiplied by 10.
    I know all too well. You WILL burn through some repels in Hoenn, which is just terrible design. And, to make it even worse, the games have an evil team who thinks that the region doesn't have ENOUGH water! It's like the games are rubbing it into your face.

    There are some Hoenn fans who hate Zinnia because she "ruined the story" and "stole the show".
    Well, hey, they got their remakes, so why are they complaining? At least, Game Freak PUT enough effort into their remakes to include new postgame characters like that. Gen 1 fans aren't so lucky.

    That would be terrible.

    Although, I think a Mega Pikachu would only work if it had some kind of uber ability. And, it would make the Light Ball redundant (although that hasn't stopped them from making Mega Latios/Latias).
    Watch them give Mega Pikachu the Mega Rayquaza treatment, so it doesn't need a Mega Stone to evolve. And, it'll gain the Electric/Fairy typing, of course. At that point, Raichu might as well cease to exist.
  3. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 11:47 AM
    Well, Lucian has Alakazam and Gallade... Both aren't "last E4 member eligible", IMO.
    How so?

    I don't see how that would work, myself, as there's no canon interaction between them.
    If canon interaction was a requirement for shipping, then you wouldn't be able to ship Karen with anybody. In fact, the list of possible ships, in general, would be very tiny and mostly limited to player characters and rivals (who are largely boring, IMO).

    I don't think it's unrealistic that Karen and Clair would know each other. Karen's room is right next to that of Clair's own cousin, and you know that Clair probably visits him often.

    I don't ship characters... At all... You have developed your headcanon for Lorelei and Lance pretty well. Is this story older than Archer? (since Archer was created in HGSS)
    Well, I have a thing for well-written romances and character interaction, in general.

    I think I do recall plotting out a variation of it before HGSS, even giving a name (which I have since forgotten) to Archer's Gen 2 counterpart and setting it on Cinnabar Island and the Orange Islands (because I had only played the original RBY and didn't know about either FRLG or the Sevii Islands).

    Speaking of LGBT representation, some characters in the Japanese BW were the same gender as the player, and there was hint of homoromantic interaction coming from them. The localized versions changed them to the opposite gender, though.
    Alas, a lot of things were censored in the localizations.

    I think Iris made no sense as Champion. 5th gen had weak Champions IMO. Alder is worse than Ghetsis and Iris is an inferior Lance.

    Cynthia's appearance in BW was pure fanservice. She had, like, no reason to be in Unova at all. They could've created a mini-quest for the Undella Bay ruins instead.
    If you ask me, I'm more than ready to see another Champion who's a rival, or even, the region's professor.

    You're 100% right about Cynthia. I'm more than glad XY didn't bring her back again (although the same could not be said for Looker, sadly).

    I'd like to see a woman leading the next evil team. Then, to compensate, the Champion could be a man again.
    It's strange how after all these years, we have yet to see an evil team led by a woman. Having good female villains is just as important as having good female heroes, IMO.

    Yeah, Cynthia is surprisingly undeveloped for someone who is the Champion AND has a recurring role in the story. But other Champions are the same, IMO. I don't see any flaws in Lance, Steven or Wallace, or even Iris. The only Champions who have some kind of significant flaw are Blue and Alder.
    Well, most of the Champions are meant to be heroic characters, admittedly. (Plus, Lance, Wallace, and Iris still get widely bashed by the fandom, whether it's for "cheating" or being "weak." Only Steven is worshiped as much as Cynthia, which I also have a problem with.)
  4. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 11:05 AM
    As much as I love the first games, going back to them is hard for me because of it. I'll swallow the new EV system, but not go back to an age when Scizor didn't learn Bug moves.
    Actually, Scizor did have one Bug attack, albeit not a great move.

    I can see your point on that one. Movepools back then then were kind of limited. That's why I love playing ROM hacks that fix these issues.

    Don't touch my Dragonite with the pixilator!
    But, it's a cute fairytale dragon, so why not? Dragon/Fairy was made for her!

    Salamence is a dragon, so he's "mythical". Garchomp is probably only Dragon because of his status. As for Haxorus, he's inspired by a dinosaur, and the Dragon type takes cues from dinosaurs (for example, the weakness to Ice). Same thing with Tyrantrum.
    Salamence is a deformed lizard with wings, not at all mythical, magical, or interesting. And, there's nothing "mythical" about dinosaurs, creatures that actually existed in nature. In fact, it wasn't until the most recent Gens that GF even started giving the type to dinosaur Pokémon (otherwise, Tropius probably would've been the long-awaited Grass/Dragon).

    Everyone knows the real reason ORAS sucks is because it's based on Hoenn. Too much water.
    That's mean, LOL.

    The games were never going to be a copy/paste of the originals, because they wanted to promote Mega Evolution. Fans who expected that deserved to be frustrated.
    I agree. And, besides, remakes that copy/paste the originals tend to be shite. Hoenn fans should be lucky that they got a quality product.

    If they remade Yellow NOW, Pikachu would be very powerful.

    I personally hate the Pikachu favoritism. It has a lot of stuff that would be more useful in other Pokémon. Luxray would love to have Volt Tackle, for example.
    Well, it's the mascot, what can you do? I prefer Raichu, myself, but I realize that GF (and the franchise, overall) pretty much wants to forget that it ever existed. They deny it the Light Ball, deliberately exclude it from marketing (even when Pichu's included), and give it ugly sprites that make it look like a fat bully. As what is probably the ultimate insult, they gave the newest Pikaclone Raichu's color scheme AND the Fairy typing it far more deserved. At this rate, we'll probably see Pikachu "magically" become the first mid-evolution to Mega Evolve.
  5. BettyNewbie
    2 Weeks Ago 05:14 PM
    I wouldn't say Umbreon's defenses are just "above average". He is quite hard to take down, despite the lack of resistances. 130 base Sp.Def. is a lot. With the introduction of Foul Play, he can actually do damage, too (same case with a very similar Pokémon).
    It's still not something that should be a final E4 member's ace. Maybe, as a Gym Leader ace or even, a first or second E4 ace, but not a final E4 member. They need to have something larger and stronger.

    I was looking at all the E4 mains up to date, and it seems Xatu has the lowest BST among all mains. So you may have a point! Slowbro and Exeggutor have higher BSTs.
    Which is why he should've had Slowking as his ace, instead. (If I was going to let him exist, that is... )

    In ORAS, Glacia has four Pokémon that come from Snorunt, lol.
    I know. Her team is terrible. Could they have, at least, padded it with other types, like they did with the DP Elite Four?

    You're right. Yaoi is purely fanservice to (weird) straight females. And I think you don't see F/F outside of hentai, which is of course to please (weird) straight males.
    I'm all for LGBT representation, but the real stuff, not fanservice crap (which isn't real representation to begin with). I like the idea of Karen/Clair, myself, but I treat them as a real, legitimate couple.

    For better or worse, Lorelei is Lance's equal, and his weakness. It would be interesting to see the two together.
    I like to play them as complimentary--Lorelei as the cold, rational scientist who mainly uses Pokémon based on real animals (with a few exceptions) and Lance as the warm, intuitive dreamer who mainly uses Pokémon based on fairytale/mythological creatures (hence the reason why Gyarados is a more suitable Pokémon for him than Garchomp, despite the typings). Lorelei is reclusive and has trouble expressing her feelings, while Lance is outgoing and wears his heart on his sleeve (aka. a total Drama King).

    Lance is one of the only people Lorelei is willing to show her "softer side" to, and being around him "thaws" her out, making her feel warmer and more outgoing (her hypothetical Sevii Champion team would have more Water types to symbolize this). He respects Lorelei as a person, and isn't at all threatened by her strength; he doesn't get upset when he loses to her (which is often). This is meant to be contrasted with her ex-boyfriend, Archer, who was very abusive and a toxic influence on Lorelei emotionally, hardening her heart and making her even more of a recluse. Being with Lance heals the damage done by Archer.

    In short, Lance is a Manic Pixie Dream Guy (but still far more developed than the more common female MPDGs are), the sweet, beautiful young man (I always write him as 2-3 years younger than Lorelei) who teaches the "broodingly soulful" Lorelei to "embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures." I hate this trope as it plays out "normally," yet love it when the genders are flipped. It also happens to fly in the face of another annoying trope (with Lorelei being the rational scientist and Lance being the emotional nature boy, running around with dragons in a cape).

    I don't like Iris, like, at all. I felt like, when they added her as Champíon in B2W2, they were running out of quotes for Champions to say. So the random blabber Iris says when you beat her is basically the same thing Oak, Lance, Steven, Wallace and Cynthia said in previous games. Besides, her team is unoriginal and I simply feel like they should've gone with a more experienced character.

    Diantha is a very nicely designed character. People criticize her for all sorts of reasons, like not having a Kalos Pokémon as main, which is a silly argument because they wanted to showcase Mega Evolution and no Kalos Pokémon had Mega Evolutions in XY. It makes sense that she isn't seen much in the story, because, well, she's a worldwide superstar. She must be busy. And, though she disagreed with Lysandre, even she had no way of knowing Lysandre was the mastermind behind the evil plan, as Lysandre had put up a good front and was known as a benefactor.
    I can take or leave Iris, myself, but she isn't any more or less characterized than Cynthia, nor is her team any more or less "original" than, say, Lance's. It just looks problematic as heck to praise the tall white blonde woman to high heavens for being the "Ultimate Female Role Model," while bashing and dismissing the young black girl for the same thing.

    I have literally even seen people say that they wished Cynthia was the only female Champion ever so she would be "special." Like, what the hell, fandom.

    I think Pokémon is rather poor in representation. XY were a nice start, since you were allowed to be whichever color you wanted, and you could find black trainers in prominent roles. In BW, there are black characters, but most of the generic NPCs are white, and the black NPCs are in stereotypical roles too (Hoopster and hip hop Dancer), which is weird because Unova is based on NYC, where the black community is significant. And, in ORAS, they go back to everyone being white and no player customization...
    Tell me about it. No, GF, giving Brendan a slight tan does NOT make up for the removal of skin tone selection. (Especially, when he still looks white in the games.)

    I'm not the biggest fan of Bruno, but I hate how much FRLG and HGSS whitewashed him from his original brown-skinned look. I was more than glad to see ORAS do the opposite to his friend, Brawly. Same goes for Team Aqua. And, yet, dumb fans STILL complained about their skin color being made darker, while not a peep was said about Bruno being bleached.

    I have a bit of a problem with the "strong female" model. I feel like it became a trope in itself. Like, a woman needs to be strong to be accepted as a good character. Though I tend to like strong women better...
    To me, the difference between a strong female character and a Strong Female Character (TM), is well, the difference between her and her. The latter was created specifically to be a Perfect Role Model who's flawless and the bestest at everything, and as a result, is an extremely boring, vapid shell of a character. The former, on the other hand, was created as a person, first, and thus, has flaws, insecurities, and even, weaknesses that make her interesting and well-rounded. (And, yet, guess which one fans are more likely to dismiss with the "B-word"? )
  6. BettyNewbie
    3 Weeks Ago 02:43 PM
    They had it wrong, actually. If you look at all the Dark and Ghost moves prior to 4th gen, you'll see that all the Dark moves involved some sort of contact, and the Ghost moves were magical like, with the exception of Lick. So they were actually inverted. If they were correct, most Dark Pokémon would benefit a lot from it, and most Ghosts, too. The only one who would suffer somewhat would be Houndoom, but his Attack is still decent.
    Well, I think Lick, itself, can be to blame for that. It was the only normal damage-dealing Ghost attack that existed at all in Gen 1, and since it was a contact move, the entire type was made Physical. When Dark was introduced a Generation later, it ended up having the exact same SE matchups as Ghost, so they made it a Special type to differentiate the two, despite all of Dark's attacks being contact moves. Thankfully, the P/S Split came and rectified this two Gens later.

    You could argue that legendaries are "mythical". But there's nothing mythical about Garchomp, actually.
    Well, the Legendaries are obviously "mythical" (Dialga and Palkia even border on being gods), and they usually have the more interesting type combos (instead of the very plain Dragon, Dragon/Flying, and Dragon/Ground).

    But, when it comes to non-Legendary Dragons, really only the Dratini line (who should've been retconned to Dragon/Fairy, IMO), Altaria (also should've been retconned; based on the Peng), and the Deino line (based on the Yamata no Orochi and Lernaean Hydra) seem genuinely "mythical." On the other hand, there's nothing "mythical" or "special" about generic brutes like Salamence, Garchomp, and Haxorus.

    Ironically, before XY were released, Hoenn fans were pressuring for an RSE remake... On the DS! They wanted GF to release games after B2W2 STILL on the DS. That would be franchise suicide. No wonder I have a bad opinion of Hoenn fans in general.
    Oh, I know how you feel. I got sick of "HOENN CONFIRMED!" long before even XY came out. I couldn't help but laugh when those same people, just a year later, said ORAS "sucked" because it didn't have a Battle Frontier or wasn't a 3D copy/paste of the originals.

    Before Scizor gained some useful moves in DPPt, I actually wasn't a fan of Heracross. I know we both sing praises of 2nd gen, but even there there was somewhat of a power creep. Heracross rendered Pinsir redundant until XY, and was better than Scizor because Scizor lacked moves while Heracross was gifted Megahorn and access to Earthquake.

    With later gens, however, I became more appreciative of Heracross. Even used one in my Black 2 team.
    I see what you mean. I think Heracross was meant to take the place of a "Pinsir evolution," because as Scizor was to Scyther, Heracross was essentially a stronger, more upgraded version of Pinsir with a better typing. Thankfully, Pinsir got its Mega (along with Scizor and Heracross, a rare example of parallelism on GF's part), and that problem was rectified.

    Yeah, I hated being stuck with a Pikachu that doesn't evolve. Back then, Pikachu didn't have all the stuff it has now.
    Ironic, since that unevolving Pikachu was the only way to get a Light Ball in GSC. Yeah, that's right, the thing always came with a Light Ball, yet, you couldn't use it (unless you uploaded your Yellow cart to Stadium 2 and used Pikachu there).
  7. BettyNewbie
    3 Weeks Ago 12:56 PM
    Well, better than Janine, who has Venomoth as ace... Umbreon is actually very strong.
    Well, to be fair to Janine, Poison doesn't have the greatest options to begin with (Gengar and Crobat were already taken). Plus, she's just a Gym Leader, not the final member of the Elite Four.

    (And, how is Umbreon "very strong"? It has a good design, but its offenses are trash, and its defenses are only above average (especially taking its typing into account). Its movepool is also terribad, even by Eevee standards. It's not ace material, especially for an E4 member.)

    I think the Sinnoh E4 was the most developed after Kanto. Both Lucian and Flint appear outside their rooms and Lucian has some nice quotes in his postgame appearance.
    And, surprise, they were the only other one whose entire group appeared in the anime.

    Reading around the forums, a lot of people seem to love Unova's E4, but I think most of that's because A) they're recent and B) they're hard (which, to gameplay-focused people, is more important than characterization or anything like that).

    C'mon, I like Xatu. And he uses unusual Psychic Pokémon. He at least is distinct enough from Sabrina, unlike a certain Lorelei clone...

    Speaking of the Hoenn E4, they're mostly clones of the Kanto E4, which is why I hate them.
    Xatu just isn't a strong enough Pokémon to be an ace. Either Slowking or even, Espeon would've been better.

    The Hoenn E4 sucked. Why did they reuse three of the same types from the Gen 1 E4 (along with Dark, which was in the Gen 2 E4)? You know, Grass, Poison, and Ground were available, right? They even put the Dragon guy at the top, just like Lance.

    And, Glacia, in particular, takes the cake for unoriginality--Her team only has TWO evolutionary families (because that's all they bothered to put in the Hoenn Dex), and her design looks like a younger Agatha. They weren't even trying.

    I'd also much rather see Lance with Lorelei. Fangirls can get annoying with "teh yaoiz", lol.

    The Lorelei you posted is very cute!
    I can understand wanting to see your own sexual orientation being represented, but let's be honest, "teh yaoiz" isn't about that at all. Otherwise, you'd see just as much F/F, and female characters wouldn't be constantly getting ignored/bashed (or worse, turned into mindless yaoi cheerleaders). True LGBT representation does NOT come at the expense of female representation.

    It's a shame that there isn't more Lance/Lorelei stuff out there (especially stuff that isn't based on their unlikeable Adventures counterparts). Just searching around, all I could find was this cute sketch, this great cosplay, and a Tumblr post complaining about how (surprise) nobody ships them. (Now, I feel like joining Tumblr.)

    Sadly, it seems like people would rather ship Lance with underage characters or relatives (Because statutory rape and incest are sooooo hawt.) instead of a strong, beautiful woman who isn't related to him and is actually his own age.

    You nailed it. I was expecting you to counter with Looker.

    TBH, Looker got old already in Platinum. His miniquest in BW was unnecessary.
    Admittedly, I do want to see him get a minor cameo in the next Gen 1 remake, but only to confirm that he's, indeed, this man from the originals. Otherwise, he needs to take a LONG break. (I hope DP remakes give him the Juan treatment, LOL.)

    I think Cynthia's team is one of the most awesome things to ever grace the games, despite her being VERY cheap with Double Team Spiritomb for example, but as a character, she's a bit lacking. One guy on Youtube noted that her apparitions in DPPt are mostly useless, since she always blurbs some mythical stuff and never really helps the player, unlike other Champions.
    Cynthia was very obviously designed to be a Strong Female Character (TM) and nothing more. They hype her up to be the bestest, most prettiest trainer ever (and the fandom eats it all up), while failing to give her any personality or characterization beyond "Strong Female Character (TM)."

    And, way too many people (usually horny fanboys) claim their love for Cynthia to be the ultimate mark of feminism (even when they bash every other female Champion) and use her as a stick to beat even the slightest critiques of sexism in the games with (ie. "Why do you care so much about Kris and Leaf getting erased? Pokémon's not sexist, Cynthia exists!")

    Cynthia is the ultimate Special Snowflake. That's not true female representation.

    I'm a bit afraid they might have introduced someone in ORAS who they may be reusing a lot, too...
    Oh, yeah. I just can't WAIT to see her stuffed into the postgames of Yellow, Crystal, and DP remakes.

    I liked Clair, she had an attitude that motivated you to challenge her, but you can tell they make her play second-fiddle to Lance in the games.
    True, but I like her insecurities and bad attitude. Those things make her an interesting character and not just a generic Role Model (TM); women are allowed to be flawed, after all. She's basically to Lance what Blue is to Red, and that's cool.

    Lastly, I didn't think Karen changed much in HGSS. The outfit is different, but it isn't THAT revealing. She was one of my Pokécrushes, too.
    Her HGSS outfit is hideous, IMO. Yellow and white look terrible on her and don't suit a Dark specialist, anyways. She needs to be back in black.

    But, when I made you that question, I meant beyond Pokémon. I'd like to know more about you, your tastes. Feel free to PM me if you don't feel comfortable to VM me.
    Well, I was BIG into the Powerpuff Girls back then (Buttercup was my favorite), and I also loved Sabrina the Teenage Witch (up through Season 3, that is) and Bewitched (Seasons 1-5 only; wasn't as sexist as you'd think). There's a few others, but I can't think of them right now.

    Still, I'd like what a remake could do with her. I'm surprised she never mentioned Articuno, considering it might be of her interest.
    Because, FRLG were very lazily-made games. She might've gotten something better if the games had been made with the same care as HGSS and ORAS.

    I think the thread on Misty is this one: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=333808

    Warning: huge walls of text. Especially by weedle_mchairybug.

    I also admit to having gone a bit too far with my hate of the anime. Then it became something about abortion. Luckily the mod intervened.
    Oh, dear... *Goes off to read thread*
  8. BettyNewbie
    3 Weeks Ago 11:21 AM
    There are so many wonderful Dark Pokémon to choose as of 6th gen that it's hard for me to pick favorites. I even like some from 3rd gen, like Mightyena and Absol, but Mightyena isn't very useful at all. At least you can still beat the league fine with it.
    Way too many Dark types were trash before Gen 4 because the type was Special and most of them were built Physically. (One reason why a lot of us used a certain hellhound--it was one of the few Dark types that was Special-oriented.) Thank goodness for the P/S split!

    Well, if dragons are "mythical," then where's my Dragon/Psychic, Dragon/Ghost, or Dragon/Fairy? (Legendaries and Megas don't count.) Or, even Dragon/Grass, Dragon/Electric, Dragon/Fire, or Dragon/Ice? (Again, Legendaries and Megas don't count.) Where are the beautiful, elegant, or at least, mysterious/unique dragons?

    Dragon has always been a type I wanted to like but never could. After a strong start with Dragonite and Kingdra, the type eventually became overloaded with boring overpowered brutes (all either part-Flying or part-Ground, because originality sucks) and hideous Box Legendaries, all of which were designed to cater to meathead (Smogon) fanboys. Dragon was the original "fairy tale" type, and the later Gens ruined that.

    Actually I thought it was because Nintendo thought the DSi would last a while longer. Since it kinda flopped, they had to bring the 3DS earlier. Considering BW were released in 2010 in Japan, if they were delayed by two years, they would've been past the 3DS release. And the games would benefit from more development, if they had been planned as 3DS titles. It would be kinda hard to shift development from DS to 3DS considering all the work they had with the animated sprites. I think a game with the animated sprites on the 3DS would've been underwhelming, even though I like them better than the models.
    And, in turn, the 3DS's sales lagged because of a lack of available games (most notably, Pokémon). The entire situation was poorly planned and executed.

    And, as much as people complained about XY stealing the spotlight from B2W2, that's nothing compared to what BW did to HGSS. BW were announced before those of us outside of Japan even got HGSS, and we were already getting the first footage from the new games before our Pokéwalkers were barely broken in. HGSS had practically NO time in the sun! I think saving BW for a 2012 release would've helped that, as well.

    At least he brings out his stronger Pokémon when necessary.
    Coincidentally, both single stages (well, the former was at the time). Hmmmm...

    Which is sad IMO since Raichu is one of my favorite Electric Pokémon while Pikachu is one of my most hated (due to overexposure, no less).
    I can now see why you're not a fan of Yellow, LOL.
  9. BettyNewbie
    3 Weeks Ago 10:47 PM
    I still think Umbreon fits her better.
    But, it's not a terribly strong or threatening Pokémon (like an ace should be). Of course, knowing her famous quote...

    Considering Will's ace is kinda weak, you may have a point. But I have a feeling he hails from Johto.
    We don't know that, and he could've always moved. (He said he "traveled all around the world" in his pre-battle dialog.)

    C'mon, you hate Will more than you'd like because he stole Lorelei's spot. xD
    He's ugly, he's boring, and his Pokémon suck. (I wouldn't have been nearly as angry had it been Sabrina, instead.)

    And, depending on what part of the fandom you're in, he stole Lorelei's man. (Seriously, why do more people ship Lance with this clown instead of this strong, beautiful woman? I'm not homophobic at all, but I'm beyond tired of strong female characters getting shoved aside for "teh yaoiz." Yeah, I just brought up shipping, I know. )

    This poor characterization was excusable in the first few gens, but not now. Especially considering they overuse Cynthia and other characters.
    I agree 100%. At least, half of Cynthia's 5,080 appearances could've been given to other, more deserving characters. Same goes for Looker.

    If you ask me, I don't want to see or hear from Cynthia again until DP remakes, and after that, I don't want to see her again until Gen 5 remakes. She needs to take a LONG break and let some E4 members (and even, certain other Champions) get the spotlight for a change.

    What other role models did you have growing up? Now you made me curious!
    Well, sticking to Pokémon, I also really liked Jessie back then. Sure, she was a villain, but she was also strong and had admirable qualities (especially once you learned her backstory). Plus, I thought her hair and outfit looked cool.

    As for the games, Sabrina, Clair, and Karen were also cool. They were all strong women who used strong Pokémon, all while having some cool designs. (I hate what HGSS did to all of them, appearance-wise.) Sabrina was also pretty cool in the anime.

    What they did to her sounds more like what could've been done with Agatha, since Agatha had already lived a long life of achievements and deserved a rest. But Lorelei and the others could've been expanded upon.
    That's exactly why Lorelei's FRLG "send-off" left such a bad taste in my mouth. She was still a young woman (I put her around 25-28) with so much more to achieve in life. Why did she need to retire?

    The next remake, IMO, should do something like my idea for Lorelei and give Lorelei's old "send-off" to Agatha (slightly modified, of course).

    I've never watched Pokémon 2000, actually. The only ones I've watched were Mewtwo Strikes Back and a bit of the Entei one.
    That's surprising. It's not a bad movie, at least for what it is. The Lugia/Legendary Birds story was good. Here's a summary of it.
  10. BettyNewbie
    3 Weeks Ago 10:05 PM
    Oh, I like a bit of everything, but my absolute favorites are probably Fire and Dark anyway.
    Gee, I wonder why?

    Yeah, I think you're right. Also because some types, like Bug, would make no sense.
    It's a shame, too, because a Dragon Eeveelution could be something pretty unique for its type.

    If you ask me, Dragon is too overloaded with generic "badasses" like Salamence and Garchomp and is very much being used as marketing fodder for meathead fanboys. I want to see more cute, elegant, or just, unique dragons like Dragonite, Kingdra, Altaria, and Flygon. Dragalge was a big step in the right direction (GF, please, give Lance one when he next appears instead of some stupid Garchomp.), and Hydreigon was, at least, unique (if, yet, another Pseudo). Goodra has a more unorthdox design, but its typing leaves A LOT to be desired (plus, it's another Pseudo).

    NU isn't even a tier. It became a tier, but it mostly consists of rejects who don't excel in combat. So it's completely imbalanced.
    Not all of whom can even "excel" there. (Hence, the existence of the "PU" tier--Note the irony of Kangaskhan being considered "PU" back then, knowing where she would be just a Generation later.)

    Actually, considering XY came out just a year after B2W2, the outcry would've been huge. Still, Nintendo didn't think twice before killing wifi on the DS.
    Which was more of an issue with planning than anything else. If they had held back BW just a year or two, *it* could've been the first Gen on the 3DS.

    The main gripe I have with Ash is that his Pokémon didn't like to evolve. Later on, this changed, but I love evolution in Pokémon. I wouldn't think twice about stuffing my Pokémon with stones so they evolve, since I mostly like the evolved forms better anyway.
    The main reason Ash is stuck with so many unevolved Pokémon is because of marketing. Smaller, cuter Pokémon are usually more marketable (unless they grow up into Charizard).

    However, in the Pikachu vs Raichu battle at Vermilion gym, Ash had a point that's valid if you play the games. Being able to evolve at any level is fine and dandy, as it gives you a readily strong Pokémon, but to balance it they made Pokémon who evolve by stone learn very few moves after evolution. That's not always the case anymore, though.
    Well, the case of Pikachu vs Raichu became especially valid starting with the 2nd Gen. Pikachu literally became stronger than its evolved form, which was obviously GF's intention (can't let the small, cute mascot be overshadowed, after all).

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