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  1. BettyNewbie
    June 26th, 2015 9:09 PM
    But the hero must win in the end. Mewtwo can take on a whole team of "normal" Pokémon, but a Mega is more on its level.

    Actually, I think Mega Charizard X doesn't even defeat Mewtwo in Origins, it just weakens it enough for Red to catch it.
    Well, they could've just had Red do what we all did and use the Master Ball. (Yeah, it would've been a little anti-climactic, but there were ways around that.) Plus, there were always the Legendary Birds and Dragonite.

    The current style began in 4th gen, I think. May is very 4th gen-like in ORAS.
    Yeah, it did. Big eyes, flat faces, loud colors, skinny legs, and everything. I actually prefer the style of the Gen 3 trainer art if you ask me.

    Based on that, the following characters lack "modern" artwork: Kris, Red, Green, Giovanni, Lorelei, Agatha, Juan, and the Hoenn Frontier Brains. I wonder if they'll ever get updated? Since official arts are now VS sprites, not having "acceptable" artwork effectively prevents these characters from ever reappearing as battleable opponents.
  2. BettyNewbie
    June 26th, 2015 8:10 PM
    They didn't shoehorn anything. The only situation Mega Charizard X appears in is in the Mewtwo fight. The rest of the series has no Mega Evolution references beyond Mr. Fuji giving Red the stone. And honestly, I liked this touch. It wouldn't be realistic if a plain Charizard fought and won against Mewtwo, especially since back then Mewtwo was so powerful it could take on entire teams by itself and win comfortably, even in gameplay.
    But, Mewtwo being super-powerful and invincible WAS a part of the original Gen 1, like it or not. That's EXACTLY how the old games were, and if a 100% replica was what Origins was going for, then that's what you get. We didn't have access to Mega Charizard x back then, so neither should've Red.

    That's a good point, but I also don't see much problem with it. The new art is far closer to the "current" Pokémon image and art style.
    Technically, not anymore. There's a pretty big gulf between the Gen 3 and Gen 6 official art (hence the reason why the RS characters all got new artwork in ORAS). Heck, you could even argue that there was a noticeable gap between the Gen 3 and Gen 4 trainer art, comparing Erika's (the least-changed Kanto Gym Leader) FRLG art to HGSS art.

    Of course, none of it should've really mattered, anyways, since Origins was drawn in a completely different style from the official art. And, it's not like there was any "consistency" of game designs there, anyways. Brock and Lance had their HGSS outfits, and Blue was in a completely new outfit.

    Besides, there's already an animated Red based on the original artwork... He just happens to be called Ash Ketchum.
    Not since 2002.

    Well, Bulbapedia is full of headcanons like that.
    That's why it's a FAN site and not official.
  3. BettyNewbie
    June 26th, 2015 4:30 PM
    "Small but significant" fits the bill here, don't you agree?
    "Small" isn't exactly what I would use to describe shoehorning a 100% 6th Gen mechanic into an otherwise 100% faithful (right down to the black & white 8-bit text boxes) adaptation. Either be consistent and fully modernize Gen 1's story, or leave all of that stuff out. No cherry-picking.

    They don't need to take everything from the originals. If anything, it was more consistent. I'm pretty sure there are characters in Origins who didn't have official art back in RBY.
    Out of the major NPCs, only Lorelei, Bruno, and Agatha lacked official art (and technically, even they still had official art if you counted the Stadium mugshots, which were based on the game designs). Seeing as their characters barely existed in Origins to begin with, their lack of official art wasn't really a big deal.

    If a 100% accurate RB adaptation is what you want, then, yes, you DO have to "take everything from the originals." You say that including the Sevii Islands would've "ruined" people's nostalgia, well, didn't the character designs already do a good enough job of that? Whenever I played Gen 1, Red always looked like this, not this. I did not grow up with FRLG, so elements from those games give me zero nostalgia. I know a lot of older fans also feel the same way.

    Well... There are things in fandom we assume as canon because of the anime, like Lugia's relationship with the legendary birds.
    Well, those people are wrong for calling that game canon, too. It's a great HEADCANON, since the games never established anything else otherwise, but no, it's not explicit canon.
  4. jessluvstolaugh
    June 25th, 2015 5:57 PM
    So would heatwave be better for double battles?
  5. jessluvstolaugh
    June 25th, 2015 5:51 PM
    Ok thanks because for so long I have been using flamethrower . I almost always use him during double or triple battles. lol
  6. jessluvstolaugh
    June 25th, 2015 5:44 PM
    I swear I am not a stalker lol
  7. jessluvstolaugh
    June 25th, 2015 5:17 PM
    Since you seem like you would know a lot about Houndoom, what is a good moveset for him?
  8. BettyNewbie
    June 24th, 2015 8:34 AM
    But then it wouldn't really be a remake. You need to make small but significant changes.
    Then, why put Mega Charizard X at the end? Either you go all the way and embrace the new, or you don't and go 100% nostalgia.

    The Sevii Islands were unnecessary because the goal was to show the story the old fans grew up with. And Green was unfortunately cut because Red is the more iconic player character, by virtue of circumstance.
    Then, why depict the characters in their FRLG designs and base the look of the towns and gyms on FRLG? If the originals were what they were going for, then why not take visual cues from, well, the originals?

    That's true, but they surely greenlighted it, since they own Pokémon's rights.
    Based on that definition, the anime with Ash is canon, too. Hey, they had to have greenlit that, too, right?
  9. BettyNewbie
    June 23rd, 2015 4:35 AM
    I can imagine it being a lot more fleshed out (something even Zensho was compared to Origins), and I know I'm not alone. And, we never saw any of the Gym Leaders/E4 Members using Megas, or any later Gen Pre/Evos of Gen 1 Pokémon, or any evidence that the Fairy type ever existed. (Why show Red using a Lapras to beat Lance when he could've just as easily used a Clefable w/ Moonblast? That's all they would've needed to acknowledge the new type.)

    And, of course, there was no evidence that the Sevii Islands or Green (female PC) ever existed; they took the aesthetic trappings of FRLG but not its unique additions. Not that the animation or storytelling was that great to begin with.

    I think it was made to give us an idea, and to avoid remaking Kanto again.
    That assumes GF had any direct involvement with Origins, which is VERY unlikely.
  10. BettyNewbie
    June 22nd, 2015 7:50 AM
    Why do so many people think that Origins is canon? I don't know how many times I've seen people argue that Origins is the Mega Timeline "version" of Gen 1 (usually to "justify" not giving Gen 1 another remake).

    Yes, Origins is a faithful adaptation, but it's still an adaptation. Game canon refers to main series GAMES and only that. I mean, Pokémon Zensho was also a super-faithful adaptation of Gen 1, and you don't see anyone arguing for that being canon, do you? Why, because it's still an adaptation, not a game. Same applies to Origins.
  11. BettyNewbie
    June 21st, 2015 7:17 AM
    I've been pretty busy lately, and it's not like there's been much going on here, anyways.

    Which types do you suggest, then? Bug could be one, but it had no STAB moves worth mentioning and was easy to beat, not to mention all the Bugs in RBY are vulnerable to Fire so it would be a sweep for Charizard or Arcanine, too easy. Flying was too repetitive... Pidgeot, Fearow and Dodrio are basically the same Pokémon with slightly different stats. Normal... Well Normal is boring. And Normal isn't really a type to "specialize" in, since it's so diverse. That's pretty much it.
    Normal would've actually been an excellent E4 type in Gen 1. The type had many strong moves and Pokémon, and it was only weak to Fighting (which was a TERRIBLE type at the time). A team of Clefable/Persian/Chansey/Tauros/Snorlax could potentially be tough to take down (especially in Yellow, where they'd have better movesets with TM moves and stuff).

    Flying also had many good Pokémon, although most of those were already taken by Lance. (Who was more a Flying specialist than a Dragon one. )
  12. BettyNewbie
    June 19th, 2015 2:50 PM
    Well, back then there was only Gengar.
    Which, maybe should've told them NOT to put a Ghost specialist in the games, then? Putting a Ghost user in Kanto was akin to putting a Dragon user in Sinnoh. (Which, THANK THE GODS, GF wasn't dumb enough to do.)

    Oak's team was basically Blue's with Tauros replacing something, I think.

    It would be really cool if Oak used the unchosen starter. In fact, we should tell Mateo to add this to Red++.
    Oak was obviously intended to be a Champion of some sort, either the one at the end of the Indigo Plateau or a secret postgame final boss, akin to GSC Red or Emerald Steven.

    He's programmed into all 3 Gen 1 games, and in RB, at least, he does use the unchosen starter (not as sure about Yellow, although he still has a normal Kanto starter there). I'll have to ask Mateo about including him in Red++. Great idea!
  13. BettyNewbie
    June 16th, 2015 8:16 PM
    Which Agatha utilized VERY poorly to begin with. Besides, Oak had the highest leveled team in the entire game, even stronger than Blue's!
  14. BettyNewbie
    June 16th, 2015 6:56 PM
    ROFL! To be honest, I've always found those remarks deeply ironic after learning that Prof. Oak had a far more powerful team than Agatha's programmed into the game.
  15. BettyNewbie
    June 16th, 2015 6:47 PM
    That is VERY true. I'd probably know better than anyone here how much a dead fandom sucks (see, Charmed).

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