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  1. BettyNewbie
    March 9th, 2015 10:03 AM
    To answer your question, I think the old games will never be forgotten. They'll have to divide spotlights with the new ones, but there'll always be people dedicated to them.

    Heck, if something like Vogons, where you'll find support for the most obscure of PC games, exists, I doubt the old Pokémon games will be forgotten.
    Heh, I've never even heard of that site. Thanks for the link!

    Of course, the older games will always have their fans, but it seems like that group is getting smaller (or, at least, less vocal) every year. Nowadays, the average person who started with Gen 1 is in their mid-late 20s, many even in their 30s, and are starting to become more occupied with boring adult things like work, bills, and even starting a family. They just don't have as much time to play video games and hang out online anymore.

    The fact that there aren't many Pokémon fansites actually dedicated to the older Gens doesn't help. Even if there is a section for older Gens, Gen 1-2 discussion will inevitably get drowned out by newer Gen discussion, as that's what most people care about. As I said, I think ROM hacking is pretty much the main thing keeping the older games alive at this point. (Thank goodness for Gens 4-6 not being as hackable as Gens 1-3!)
  2. BettyNewbie
    March 8th, 2015 09:16 AM
    Wiki is wrong, we have it. But to install on my laptop I'd need to burn the disc first, because it lacks an optical drive.
    Your laptop doesn't have a CD player? My, have times changed...

    Luxray is PU. This depresses me.

    It has a very high BST but it doesn't have very good moves and its Speed is quite bad. It also has to compete with Electivire, who's better at almost everything. For a start, Electivire has the elemental punches, while Luxray is stuck with the fangs. Luxray does have better abilities than Electivire, though (Intimidate and Guts).
    I hate the PU Tier, to be honest. Smogon can pretend all they want that "PU" means "partially used" and is completely free of judgment, but then, they write things like this:

    If the OU tier were analogous to a grand castle where the royalty party and the Uber tier were analogous to the dungeons beneath the castle where those deemed too powerful for the royalty were imprisoned, then the PU tier would be analogous to a garbage dump. It stinks, everyone knows it's there but never really notices it, and everyday, the rats and cockroaches enter it and rummage through its contents.

    Sometimes, they find nothing but standard trash that they have to make do with for a meal. Many times they find trash so revolting that it isn't even worth picking up. Occasionally, though, they come across a piece of trash that looks different. Something new.

    This article explores the garbage dump of PU and shows you some of the innovative trash that has been dug up since the creation of the tier. All of the sets shown below are ones that were once hidden away but have since become standard. Some of these are Pokémon that were never taken seriously, yet sprung up and are now comfortably stuck onto teams. Some of these are Pokémon that take on a completely different role from what players are used to. Some are just Pokémon with slightly altered movesets to perform their existing role better. Whichever the case, these sets are living proof that PU is a tier full of potential and constant development.
    Yes, now, they are literally calling Pokémon "trash." Pokémon that a lot of people may consider to be their favorites. Just, wow.

    As for Luxray, I think it's always suffered by not being part-Dark or any other type. Mono-Electrics are a dime a dozen, so they have to be really good (aka. Legendaries) to get anywhere in competitive. There's a reason why the only Electrics in OU are usually either dual type and/or Legendaries, after all.

    Plus, Luxray's slow and only has average, at best, defenses. So, it can neither strike first or take hits all that well, which is pretty much the last thing you want in competitive.
  3. BettyNewbie
    March 7th, 2015 09:03 PM
    Aw, that stinks.

    Did they release Mega Deluxe down there, by any chance? That gets you everything up through Hot Date, plus all of the Deluxe exclusives. All you'd need after that are the individual Vacation/Unleashed/Superstar/Makin' Magic EPs.
  4. BettyNewbie
    March 6th, 2015 10:00 AM
    Well I think it was in 2002... I remember my dad upgraded the PC because I was having problems running Hot Date and when the PC came back I never bothered reinstalling the game for some reason.

    I do still own the CDs, though. Party Pack (standard The Sims + House Party), Livin' Large and Hot Date. Amazingly, the boxes survived, too. They're from when PC games had big boxes. I love how it says on the box that it's "completely in Portuguese". It was one of the rare localized games. Thankfully, none of the humor was lost in the translation.
    Heh, that was the year I started playing the Sims.

    I still own my old Deluxe (Base Game + Livin' Large and a few exclusives), Vacation, and Superstar CDs, but really, they're all obsolete now that Complete Collection exists. You get all 7 Expansion Packs, plus all of the exclusives from Deluxe and Double Deluxe and even a few things that were exclusive to the website. Since a lot of Custom Content requires certain EPs to use, it's best to have them all. Plus, having all the EPs also means having a fully-patched game.
  5. BettyNewbie
    March 4th, 2015 09:16 PM
    Last time I played The Sims, my dad was alive, I wanted to be an engineer and I had trouble making friends at the new school...
    Which, I assume was a very long time ago.

    It wouldn't hurt to give it another go again. Copies of Complete Collection aren't hard to find online, and Sims 1 still has a pretty large online community.
  6. BettyNewbie
    March 4th, 2015 08:59 PM
    Well, I admit that in HGSS I went overboard and used Mamoswine and Draco Meteor Kingdra to beat Lance. I had to Pokégen Kingdra and Alakazam since I was on Desmume, and Desmume doesn't have "wireless" (not to be confused with wifi) connection.
    LOL, well, that'll do the trick, too. Nothing wrong with going overboard.

    Tyranitar was supposed to be a surprise. That's why no trainer had it.
    You could really argue that about most Gen 2 Pokémon. I always found it both hilarious and sad how most Johto Gym Leaders had all or mostly Gen 1 teams, and how most Gen 2 Pokémon were either extremely rare or unavailable until the very end of the game (making them 100% useless outside of competitive). I can see why later games invented the idea of "Regional Dexes" and made more of an effort to promote the new Pokémon. For example, the only Gym Leader in Hoenn who didn't use any Gen 3 Pokémon was Wattson, and that was only in RS.

    Well in Blue I had the Missingno. and the shop in Celadon that sold stones.
    Neither of those things were in Gold, though.

    Bruno does have a "theme". He uses Onix alongside the Fighting-types. Koga also sort of has a theme, too.
    Bruno, I think, is supposed to be a mountain man, hence the Onix (which should've been a Steelix in GSC, IMO); didn't make him any less of a pushover though. As for Koga, he's supposed to be a ninja, hence him having Forretress (which can lay down Spikes and explode).
  7. BettyNewbie
    March 4th, 2015 08:04 PM
    I think certain characters would be worse with mono-Dragon teams. I like Lance's team in the classic games because it seems that he's more of a "dragonshape" trainer than a proper Dragon specialist. I mean, I like it when he has Gyarados, and Gyarados is only a Dragon in shape. My favorite Lance team is his R2 Stadium 2 team
    I think Lance would've been better as a Champion if he had something more like his Stadium 2 team (like replacing the dupe Dragonites with Feraligatr, Steelix, Tyranitar, or even Ampharos), but as he was, he was just too easy. (Even to the point of being easier than Clair in many ways.) His team was still monotype, but it was the "wrong" monotype--Flying--which made things an easy sweep for anything that knew BoltBeam. Granted, you could say that he was made artificially harder by the lack of Ice Beam and Thunderbolt TMs, but there was still Ice Punch/Thunderpunch, which Kadabra, Alakazam, and Gengar made very good use of back then. He badly needed some things that weren't weak to Ice/Electric.

    which I sadly never replicated because I ran into some issues (I couldn't spend Earthquake on Aerodactyl and I couldn't evolve a Growlithe with Crunch since I only had Gold version)
    Ah, the days from before reusable TMs and readily available Elemental Stones. How did we ever get by?

    If I had a Gameshark for Game Boy back then my life would've been so much easier! I'm sure dad could've found me one, but he was on his last legs unfortunately. What I really wanted, though, was a second Transfer Pak, to trade with myself, but I've never seen the Transfer Pak being sold outside of bundles, especially considering how few N64 games made use of it. If I had two Transfer Paks, and Gold and Crystal, it would be great.
    I think what most people did was buy a second Game Boy and a link cable for self-trading. That's how I ended up with two GBA SPs, myself.

    It's a bit frustrating when they're not monotype but on the other hand it makes enemies more varied. Karen's team was more "nocturnal-themed" than Dark-type, considering Vileplume and Gengar are nocturnal Pokémon. Steven is supposed to be a mono-Steel Champion, but having Armaldo and Cradily fits him because of his obsession with stones (they're fossils).
    With Elite Four members and Champions, they should've just gone ahead and referred to them by more general "themes" instead of explicitly calling them monotype trainers, because then, people wouldn't have expected them to have strictly monotype teams. Maybe, we could've avoided tragedies like Glacia and DP Flint.
  8. BettyNewbie
    March 4th, 2015 05:31 PM
    How do you feel about type specialists having to use Pokémon that aren't of their designated type because of Dex issues?

    Sure, certain types like Dragon are supposed to be rare, but on the other hand, it's kind of a problem when only three Dragon specialists in the entire series have had "complete," truly mono-Dragon teams without dupes, NFEs, or Pokémon of other types (and the first one only in the sequels of his introductory games), and two of those three were only introduced in the most recent Generation.

    I still find it kind of sad how neither of the Dragon Champions had teams that were more than 50% Dragon (and in the case of the former, all three of those Dragons were the exact same Pokémon with the exact same 4x weakness, making him almost a pushover).

    If there's anything I can praise GF for with Cynthia, it's that they were smart in making her multitype instead of trying to force a Dragon team on her in a region that had no Dragons. If we get another limited Regional Dex again, I'd like to see them do the same thing with the E4 and give them other gimmicks besides type speciality.
  9. BettyNewbie
    March 3rd, 2015 10:07 PM
    Yeah, I can tell. RL is sometimes like that.
  10. BettyNewbie
    February 26th, 2015 04:24 PM
    A player who likes a Pokémon will try to create viable strategies for it in the highest tiers. You can't dictate what people like. There are the sheep that only want to win and only view Pokémon as numbers, but there are those who are creative. The latter will be immune to Smogon's tiers.
    That'd be nice if Smogon's boards didn't actively discourage people from using Pokémon they liked. Every time someone asks for advice on how to use a UU/RU/NU Pokémon in OU, they get shouted down and told to replace it with an OU standard. And, no, I'm not talking about joke Pokémon like Unown and Luvdisc, but things like Arcanine and Lapras.

    or create moves that can repel SR and do more than Rapid Spin, for example.
    That's the biggest problem. Rapid Spin is poorly-distributed, extremely weak, and does jack to Ghosts. GF tried to address this with the Defog buff, but there's still problems with that--it removes your hazards in addition to the enemy's, and nearly all of the Pokémon who can learn it are themselves SR-weak (especially outside of the DPP HM, which is much harder to access now).

    Stealth Rock would be better as just a variant of Spikes/Toxic Spikes that nothing is immune to. That way, no types are unfairly shafted over others.

    The DT counters aren't really ideal because they waste a turn, are too weak, etc. GF keeps trying to make evasion a widely accepted strategy, but is it viable? Currently, there are a lot of things that counter evasion. Keen Eye and No Guard negate evasion, but are very poorly distributed. Defog lowers evasion and erases entry hazards, but it's not ideal because it also erases YOUR entry hazards, and generally moves that lower stats don't see use. Foresight/Odor Sleuth/Miracle Eye force you to waste a turn. Lock-On and Mind Reader force you to waste a turn and are cancelled by switching (although switching cancels DT too). The never miss moves are too weak to take down walls using DT. Stomp/Steamroller only work against Minimize and are too situational. Evasion won't win you the game outright but it's a very powerful strategy with almost no decent counters. I can understand why it's banned. A Chansey with Minimize would be a nightmare to take down. Heck, it's even annoying in game. Juan abuses it in Emerald and on top of that Kingdra is only weak to Dragon so it's incredibly hard to take down if you're unlucky.

    Generally people try to reduce the element of luck in games. The ATP wants to abolish the "let" (when a service hits the net and falls in the service area) in tennis to make matches quicker, but a lot of people are against it because, when the ball hits the net, very often the defending player fails to anticipate it and can't return it properly. Abolishing the let would largely benefit the player who's serving, who already has the advantage of the serve! Balls that hit the net already introduce an undesirable amount of luck into tennis. The game doesn't need even more luck to affect results. And tennis, like Pokémon, is a game where one play can decide a whole match.
    If Smogon wants to minimize luck, then every move with an accuracy below 100% should be banned. Fire Blast or Hydro Pump missing can make or break a game, after all. Might as well also ban all status conditions, especially Confusion, Sleep, and Paralysis. Very easy to have bad luck with those, too.

    One clause I'd like to see in Western play is item clause. Increases strategy, and nowadays we have dozens of viable items. Some clauses weren't even invented by Smogon, though. Sleep and freeze clause was the standard in 3vs3 official matches and Netbattle and GSbot adopted it for 6vs6 way before Smogon. There was OHKO clause in Netbattle, too. It has been the standard WAY back before Smogon was created, the only thing is that they weren't enforced, but when matchmaking you could specify your clauses and, if the other player accepted it, you could battle, if not, then farewell. No evasion clause, though.
    I wouldn't be opposed to Stadium rules being adopted in modern competitive play--3v3, item clause, sleep/freeze clause. That way, you can't just pack a team full of Megas and Pseudo/Legendaries (with the latter all holding Choice items) and expect to win. It's much harder to cover your counters with a team of 3.
  11. BettyNewbie
    February 26th, 2015 02:18 PM
    As far as SR goes, this passage nicely summarizes my thoughts on it:

    A term that Smogoners seem to have an infatuation with is 'over-centralizing'. What over-centralizing means is that something (a Pokemon, move, item, ability, combination, strategy) is too powerful and is diverting too many competitive resources into dealing with and/or circumventing the over-centralizing element. For a quick example, take Sleep above. Sleep is very powerful, and if left unchecked will completely change the game into seeing who can sleep the other player first or who can strategize to bypass sleep and still prevail.

    Enter 'Stealth Rock'.

    Stealth Rock is a move that scatters floating rocks onto the playing field. When a Pokemon is switched in, it will take unavoidable Rock-type damage automatically. This damage is affected by typing, including weaknesses and resistances It may not seem like much. Nice, but nothing game-changing, right?

    Stealth Rock does 12.5% damage to the Pokemon's total health at neutral. It does 25% of total HP to a Pokemon with one weakness to Rock-type, and a staggering 50% HP loss to Pokemon unfortunate enough to have two weaknesses to the Rock-type. What this means is that when unchecked, Stealth Rock causes a large number of Pokemon to come into battle a quarter or half dead. This simple move, only taking one turn to set up, single-handedly shuts down a sizable portion of viable Pokemon. Their tier rankings suffer considerably, and they are seldom seen not because of their stats, but because of their typing.

    Is this move banned by Smogon? No. No it is not. While there are a few counters to Stealth Rock short of not running Flying, Fire, Bug and Ice Pokemon, they all rely on forcing your Pokemon to be the team lead, or dedicating a separate Pokemon with the move Rapid Spin to get rid of the rocks. If you do not, then you are forced to use these Pokemon at an extreme disadvantage, or not use them in the first place. It has gotten so bad that having a Stealth Rock user is almost required in every team, and if not, at least an answer to it. It's not considered just a strategy, but the strategy and a cornerstone of the Smogon meta-game. Banning it would result in a surge of new Pokemon being seen in all levels of play, resulting in more diverse teams, type combinations, and movesets.
  12. BettyNewbie
    February 25th, 2015 09:14 AM
    The problem with Stealth Rock is that is disproportionately hurts certain types (like Fire) more than others (like Steel). Sure, some of the types hurt by the hazard are already deeply flawed (like Bug and especially, Ice), but Stealth Rock only makes being either of those types even more of a death sentence, as well as hurting other types that are otherwise decent (like Fire and Flying). It's also just one more thing that encourages people to run Steel/Ground/Fighting (all of which are conveniently weak to a SR-weak type, along with resisting SR, themselves) over any other type.

    GF obviously recognizes that SR is a teensy bit broken, since they removed it as a TM and buffed Defog, but as long as you can still transfer from Gen 4 and they continue to bring it back as a Move Tutor, it won't go away. It will take a hard compatibility cut, ala. RSE, to truly remove Stealth Rock.
  13. BettyNewbie
    February 24th, 2015 10:57 AM
    That's not true. Mismagius has great stats for a Ghost and dropped from UU to NU this gen. There must be some other factor. Usually it's a combination of factors that make Pokémon drop tiers, including, but not restricted to, the fact that the metagame simply became unfavorable to the Pokémon.
    The Knock Off buff may have had something to do with that.

    Ice, however, does have a few good assets. STAB on Ice Shard is one. Few non-Ice Pokémon learn the move, and it's very useful.
    Too bad most Ice types don't have good enough Attack to make use of the move. Mamoswine, Weavile, and Cloyster are exceptions, not the rule.

    The type doesn't exactly suck now, sure there are better types offensively and defensively, but it isn't as useless as you think, especially when prior to 4th gen there weren't many usable Dark-types.
    You're being optimistic. Most Psychics that are in higher tiers are there in spite of their typing, not because of it, and many don't even run Psychic STAB because it has such poor coverage.

    Yeah but making it Fire/Ghost means it directly competes with Chandelure. It could probably beat Chandelure with a Sp.Atk boost since it's faster so it doesn't need a Scarf to outspeed anything, but it's a great risk because Chandelure, without Mega, already has 145 base Sp.Atk (stronger than Mega Houndoom).
    Then, Chandelure can get new tools to stand out. No need to make Ninetales suffer because of it.

    But if you lack talent there's not much you can do. It's a bit harsh, but not everyone is equal. Everyone would like to play in the first leagues, but that doesn't mean the lower leagues are useless. In soccer there are many lower leagues with high attendance. But in sports it's a different thing, there are lower tiers in sports because of the calendar, not because of balance. There are 24(!) tiers in English football. It's impossible to make everyone play everyone. And it wouldn't be desirable since some teams are basically amateurs, others don't have money, so they want to compete against teams they can beat.
    This is where the sports analogy falls apart--People who lack talent in a specific sport can always just try another sport or find another hobby altogether (like art or writing). Most options are equally validated by society, so everybody wins.

    Pokémon who suck in competitive, on the the other hand, have no such options. Especially, when they're something that isn't supposed to "suck," like a Legendary. I mean, what use is there for something like Articuno or Entei? They're bad at battling, they aren't particularly easy to catch, and they don't even have some sort of good (but still inferior) non-battle use (like giving your Heart Scales or being a HM Slave).

    But it's very difficult to balance. You boost something, it becomes OU, then something in OU suffers because of the boosted Pokémon and drops to UU. Game balance is complicated like that. The people who create the games aren't necessarily the best players, so they may not be able to anticipate the effects of something that's introduced to the game. Either that, or they simply don't care as much, considering the things GF gave Megas to.
    I'd say GF does care a lot, since it's obvious that they've been catering more and more to the competitive crowd with the most recent releases (YMMV on whether or not they're actually doing a good job). There literally isn't much of a reason to play XY if you're not into the "metagame," for example. The story's dumbed down and easy to get through, and there's zero postgame outside of the battle facility and breeding/EV-ing.
  14. BettyNewbie
    February 23rd, 2015 10:04 PM
    Ghost is in a similar situation as Ice, and it's by no means a poor type. Hits everything neutral apart from Normal and Dark. Immune to Normal. Blocks Rapid Spin. Yet lots of the prominent Ghost-types are below UU, including Mega Banette.
    That's because most Ghosts don't have the stats to take advantage of their type. The ones who do, however, are in higher tiers (like Gengar, for example). Ice, on the other hand, is so crippling that even Legendaries with the type rarely make even UU, let alone OU. Why? It has no useful resistances or immunities, has a ton of extremely common weaknesses (including one to the very common Stealth Rock), and its best STAB attacks (Ice Beam/Blizzard) are already widely distributed among a bunch of other Pokémon with better movepools and type matchups, making the sole offensive role of Ice types obsolete. The few Ice types who make it in the higher tiers do so in spite of their type, not because of it.

    In fact, Ice being so weak is part of the reason why Dragon became so overpowered in Gens 4 and 5. Ice was Dragon's only weakness besides itself, and most STAB users were outsped and nuked by Outrage/Draco Meteor/Fire Blast/etc. before they could even pose a threat. Meanwhile, the only type that did resist Dragon, Steel, had limited access to either Ice or Dragon moves and shared two of Ice's weaknesses (Fire and Fighting).

    Not an issue when lore dictates Dragons are supposed to be strong and rare.
    You could just as easily argue that Psychic types were "meant to be strong." The first two banned Legendaries were mono-Psychic, after all, and the early games seemed to portray supernatural strength (ie. Psychic types) as being superior to physical strength (ie. Fighting types)--See all of the in-game comments about Sabrina wiping the floor with the Fighting Dojo. And, yet, that didn't stop GF from later hitting Psychic with the Nerf Hammer and making the type suck.

    Fire/Ghost? So that it outclasses/is outclassed by Chandelure? Preferably it should be a defensive one, so that it doesn't compete with Chandelure. (although it's likely this will be its typing, after GF gave us Fire/Dragon Mega Charizard)
    Problem is that defensive Fire types just don't work. That's part of the reason why Ninetales was in the Crap Tier in every Gen except the 5th.

    So it's a problem with Smogon's tiers that Farfetch'd is supposed to be a joke Pokémon?
    If you read my post, I wasn't saying that AT ALL. Of course, Farfetch'd is supposed to suck!

    The thing is, it's obvious there seems to be less care for NU than OU. The official tournaments don't follow the Smogon tiers, which means they favor OU as it's the strongest tier. So it's understandable that there's more effort put on balancing OU than the other tiers. Even then, VGC is radically different from OU, since Nintendo rules allow the regular Pokémon that Smogon bans, such as Mega Blaziken and Mega Salamence. Also, more people care about OU simply because it's the strongest regular tier, much like how more people follow the Premier League instead of the Championship in English football.
    That's because NU is the Trash Tier, so it's understandable that most people would ignore it. Most people want to see their favorites move OUT of it, just like most aspiring baseball players want to ditch the Minor Leagues for the Major League. There's no dignity in being "less than," after all.

    But now in 6th gen there are people wanting to create a tier below NU, to make more Pokémon see play. And, no, even in a PU tier, Farfetch'd wouldn't be a top threat. It's a joke Pokémon, it always was, and, unless they give it an overpowered Mega, such as what they did with Mawile (which managed to get itself banned to Ubers), Farfetch'd will always remain a joke Pokémon.
    Farfetch'd and friends are meant to be Dex filler and nothing more, harkening back to a time when GF didn't see competitive battling as the main point of the games. Useless novelties like them became fewer and farther between after Gen 3.

    UU isn't bad at all, it's only the second-tier, there are nearly 400 fully evolved Pokémon, and 48 Mega Evolutions to take into account, especially when some Pokémon have the luxury of choosing whether to play their Megas or not. Some of them are going to be better than others.
    It's a problem when such a tiny proportion of fully-evolved Pokémon are even considered to be "good enough" for UU, especially when competitive battling has been increasingly taking priority over Story Mode and other parts of the games.

    TBH I'm personally a bit sad with Houndoom's current status, but the Mega is probably meant for Doubles since you can have a sun setter together with it and let it fire nuke-powered Fire Blasts straight away. It's yet another example of a powerful Pokémon whose strategy is ineffective, though. Smogon even lists sunless sets for Mega Houndoom.

    I think Houndoom became RU because 1) lack of Ghosts in UU, which it could prey on; 2) Infernape got knocked down to UU, and Houndoom has no answer to Infernape. The Mega is also not useful without sun, and setting up sun without Drought is difficult.
    Poor Houndoom. I remember when it was considered to be one of the strongest non-Legendary Dark and Fire types.
  15. BettyNewbie
    February 23rd, 2015 04:05 PM
    Dragalge is slow, not powerful offensively, and had a **** ability prior to ORAS.
    Which means that the lack of Fairy weakness, alone, isn't enough to make a Dragon good.

    Black Kyurem is one of the biggest fails in Pokémon history, and you're using it as an example of how Dragons still succeed? Granted, Fairy-type didn't move it out of OU, but it's still only there because of its gigantic stats. Black Kyurem being OU is akin to Articuno being in NU: an abnormality.
    Black Kyurem has always suffered not because of its Dragon typing, but because of its other typing. In fact, Ice is such a weak type that it has exactly FOUR Pokémon in UU or higher: Black Kyurem, Mamoswine, Weavile, and Cloyster. If you want to defend an unfairly underpowered type, look at Ice, not Dragon.

    As for the Latis, they can only be used in OU because Soul Dew has always been banned there. And, just like Dark-type didn't make Psychic unusable, the strongest Dragon-types would survive the Fairy onslaught. The Latis have excellent Speed and offensive stats. Their Megas aren't good because the offensive boosts are higher with other items.
    Which means that Fairies didn't really hurt them all that much.

    So what? Have you even seen what's OU among Dragon-types in 5th gen? Only legendaries and pseudos, too. Haxorus is the only exception, but its stats are skewed and offensively better than other Dragons. Kingdra was OU at the beginning of 5th gen, too, but that was MUCH more because of Swift Swim and permanent rain than because of its Dragon-type. Once you took that out (Swift Swim), down to UU it went. The weaker Dragons did not punch above UU.
    Well, that's because the vast majority of Dragons were Legendaries and Pseudos to begin with, which was another issue in and of itself.

    That being said, even the weaker Dragons still remained in UU, which is more than your average Ice, Grass, or Poison type could say. Their typing clearly was still helping them. (Kind of like how in RBY, even the worst Psychics--Hypno and Mr. Mime--were still superior to the best Fighting types and Bugs.)

    While I certainly enjoy Charizard being OU, I don't think it should've been at the expense of Ninetales, a Pokémon which was ruined by the Special split in 2nd gen. Ninetales is ****ing PU in 6th gen. PU!!! That is, below NU! And it was never OU except for 5th gen, and only because of Drought. Charizard, on the other hand, enjoyed a certain degree of success in 3rd gen. If you're going to defend the weaker side, you'll have more success with Ninetales than with Charizard.
    Yes, Ninetales is a sad case, and it is a shame that she plummeted all the way down to the Muk Tier. She could really use a buff, like a Fire/Ghost Mega with a large boost to Speed and Sp. Attack.

    Of course, competitive has never been a kind place for Fire types and for one big, obvious reason. Gen 5 also made things even worse for them with the dominance of Drizzle Politoed.

    Charizard being in NU with Farfetch'd and Luvdisc is not realistic, because they're not equal, even when grouped the same. Charizard is one of the top NU threats, while Farfetch'd is a joke Pokémon that is at the bottom of the usage stats even in NU. The affirmation that Charizard and Farfetch'd "share a tier" is a fallacy, because, in reality, they've never been in the same league, as NU has the dual duty of being an official tier as well as a dumpster for joke stuff like Farfetch'd, Delibird, and Luvdisc.
    Which indicates a problem with Smogon's tiers. Even then, though, a Pokémon has major issues if it struggles to compete in even UU, let alone OU.

    You can bet if Articuno had some sort of overpowered ability instead of Pressure, and more variety in offensive moves, it would leave NU, despite being Ice/Flying type, especially when its type combination is unique apart from a weakling like Delibird.
    Which is why it could use a Mega or some other similar kind of buff.

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    Houndoom and generally most Fire-types, except Torkoal because Torkoal is small, slow and boring.
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    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, the day Pokémon pulled a Dallas and jumped the shark.


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