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  1. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    3 Weeks Ago 07:16 PM
    OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    So you'll like to see Johto in another Kanto re-remake too (I stalked your convo with Betty)? Which gym leaders would you replace if you could replace any of them?

    Since Falkner is rather young I would replace him with his father as irc he's the previous gym leader according to NPC's. Perhaps Bugsy too. I'll like the order to be Whitney first (perhaps the train in Saffron takes us there which is how we get to Johto at the beginning, or have Violet be blocked)...wait Whitney seems quite inexperienced too. Johto certainly had several young gym leaders now that I think about it.
  2. BettyNewbie
    3 Weeks Ago 04:36 PM
    You do? I'm happy I'm not alone. I left competitive after 2nd gen (the days of 56k and Netbattle) because I didn't like the EV based system.
    I posted this in the "What are some features that you don't want to see again?" thread:

    2. Natures. Yup, I said it. I don't care if these make Pokémon "unique," there's nothing good or useful about an Adamant Alakazam, and you know it. I don't want to spend hours searching through the grass or hatching eggs just so I can get a Pokémon who's stats aren't unnecessarily nerfed by a hidden, barely recognized mechanic. Give me the simple, easy-to-understand stat system of the first two Gens, any day!
    I never did any kind of competitive battling outside of the Stadium games, but one thing I liked about them was that it was very much possible to use an in-game team and be reasonably successful, so long as they they had good movesets and synergy. With the advent of Natures and the EV cap, that was no longer possible, especially if you couldn't breed before the postgame (like in FRLG, for example). I don't know about you, but I get attached to my in-game teams; it feels wrong to send them off to rot in a PC Box just so I can have "perfect" Pokémon.

    That was pretty much what I used to do with Gyarados. I was simply sad that he sucked in 2nd gen because of the Special split.
    I know. I hate how Red Gyarados wasn't really good for anything but HM Slavery. Luckily, HGSS (and various Gen 2/3 hacks with a P/S split) fixed this.

    I'd say, battling-wise, Pokémon has evolved more than regressed. Mega Evolution is really the only questionable change, although I like it.
    The main thing from the later games I wish existed in the earlier games was the Physical/Special split. (Even if it meant my Alakazam losing its elemental punches.) Like the aforementioned Gyarados, there were way too many Pokémon back then who had the wrong stats for their typings, and it's one of the few later Gen changes that actually simplified things, rather than complicated them.

    But you can still beat the E4 pretty easily with L50 Pokémon. They don't have the best moves and their AI is atrocious.
    This is true. At least, for Bruno, Agatha, and Lance. The former two are weak to the game's strongest type, and the latter can be trolled by an underleveled Poison type, thanks to an AI glitch. Lorelei and Blue, on the other hand, aren't nearly as exploitable (save for bad movesets).

    Now, Yellow, on the other hand, is a different story. Yellow fixed most of the AI glitches from Red/Blue, and gave everyone better movesets. Bruno and Agatha, admittedly, are still pushovers, but Lance is harder (though, still easy with a good Starmie).

    The Stadium games introduced some good stuff, like relearners in Stadium 2. These small touches are the biggest reason why I consider RBYGSC as a single set and Johto as an expansion to Kanto.
    That's how I feel, too. GSC was basically RBY's own B2W2, which is why it's still my favorite Gen. It also makes me wish that the remakes had been made closer together, if not within the same Generation. A lot of the closeness between RBY and GSC was lost in FRLG and HGSS, IMO.

    When I stopped caring about my Blue version I caught a few Missingnos to see what they'd do to my games. Sadly, not much. But I remember the horror stories...
    Yeah, the RB Missingno is pretty safe. It's the Yellow version that can crash the game.

    I used to be too, but I prefer to avoid confrontation these days. Not worth the effort IMO.
    I don't blame you. A couple of months ago, I quit another Pokémon site because of a couple of "excessively argumentative" people.
  3. BettyNewbie
    3 Weeks Ago 11:54 AM
    The Light Ball is very useful now because it boosts both Attack and Sp.Atk. But, with the new EV system, Pikachu's defenses are paperthin.
    Sad, but true. (One reason why I prefer the older stat system.) As long as you keep it slightly overleveled and away from anything with Earthquake (sans, possibly, Gyarados), though, Light Ball Pikachu should be fine.

    I think those are the best choices, yes. I favored Gyarados a lot in 1st gen. Of course, my 12-year-old self saw it in the movie and, even though Mewtwo destroyed it with little effort, I was still impressed by Gyarados. Because Mewtwo is overkill.
    Gyarados is cool. Great design, great backstory, and great stats, especially in Gen 1--It had a solid Base 100 Special back then, so it could use its large Special movepool effectively and be a strong mixed attacker. Surf/Ice Beam/Thunderbolt/Body Slam is a favorite Gen 1 moveset of mine.

    In Yellow, you can't catch Ekans/Koffing/Meowth.
    Oh, now, I see. Well, as I said, the last one is the main reason I got Blue; never cared for Ekans or Koffing.

    Oh, I don't think they were underleveled in RB at all, because my Pokémon were usually L52 when I reached the League.
    Considering that the Champion is at L65, I'd say that is underleveled. I'd never fight the E4 without being, at least, L60, first.

    And, that brings me to another thing Yellow beats RB at--Victory Road. Grinding for the E4 is a nightmare in RB, as the cave is full of level 20-something Zubat/Machop/Geodude that give next-to-no experience. In Yellow, everything is mid 30s or higher, and the middle forms are somewhat more common.

    Speaking of the starters, I had a few copies of Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle because they were prizes from the Gym Leader Castle in Stadium. You could win any Pokémon that was gifted to you during the game and required you to make a choice (starters, fossils, Hitmons, Eevee).
    Yeah, I remember that. (They'd also all be holding trophies if traded over to GSC.) You couldn't nickname any of them, however, which was a bummer.

    But I'm pretty sure the glitch could still work if the old man didn't leave.
    Hmm, that could be something interesting for a hacker to explore. (Of course, the Yellow Missingno is much more dangerous than the one from RB, which just duplicates your items.)

    Your opinions are pretty strong. 0.o You took me by surprise.
    Yeah, I'm known for being opinionated.
  4. BettyNewbie
    3 Weeks Ago 08:39 AM
    Pikachu is too weak for a starter. I remember using him until the end, but even with Thunder I couldn't damage Lorelei's Pokémon effectively. It was quite a disappointment, because the main draw of Yellow is the whole interaction with Pikachu.
    That, I won't disagree with. The starter Pikachu was, more or less, a novelty Pokémon, and like most novelty Pokémon, its usefulness wore off around L25-30. Of course, this is something that a remake could fix.

    Another thing was having access to all the starters. It was too "convenient" for me, because you have a very balanced team if you decide to train all three. Other games in the series require more effort in team building.
    That never bothered me. Nobody's making you train all of them (or any of them, for that matter), and they did make easier to complete the Pokédex (especially in GSC). Myself, I only ever trained Charmander (I like flying on Charizard) and occasionally, Bulbasaur; I much preferred Starmie/Vaporeon/Lapras/Gyarados as my Water type to Blastoise.

    Finally, not being able to access Team Rocket's Pokémon, and the gym rosters having overleveled and repetitive Pokémon.
    What do you mean by "not being able to access Team Rocket's Pokémon"?

    I agree on Koga and Sabrina being overleveled in Yellow (my ideal remake would nerf them and diversify their teams), but not Blaine and Giovanni. They were underleveled in RB, IMO, especially Giovanni. There was a 5-6 level gap between him and Lorelei in RB, while in Yellow, it was only 1-2 levels, as an 8th Gym Leader should be.

    Honorable mention: no Missingno.
    LOL. That's because Yellow fixed most of RB's many glitches. (Not the Mew Glitch, though, luckily.)

    What I like about Yellow is mostly the Pokémon art, really. The art in the Western Red and Blue is terrible IMO. But, if Red and Blue had this kind of art, I'd not play Yellow. My favorite version of the lot is Red (I got Blue back then but later I preferred Red).
    I got Blue because I read it was the only one that had Meowth/Persian (my favorite Pokémon at the time). Red is the only one I never owned (or even played), and that's because I got Gold later that year (which filled the gaps between Blue and Yellow, while still being a new game).

    I know this is a hack, but have you heard of the Pokémon Red Gen 2 Graphics Patch? It replaces the ugly sprites (as well as the ugly outdoor tilesets) from the original RB with the nicer, full-color ones from GS. Although the patch says "Red," it will work on either Red or Blue.
  5. BettyNewbie
    4 Weeks Ago 11:07 PM
    Well, some if it may have to do with perspective. Looking at your profile, you started with Blue, while I started with Yellow. I later got Blue (never got Red, though), but Yellow was the one I mostly played, so I instantly recognized Erika, Koga, and Red's teams from Yellow when I first played Gold.

    (Plus, Yellow makes a better companion to the Gen 2 games, gameplay-wise, anyways. All of the Gen 1 exclusives--the Starters, the Birds, Omanyte/Kabuto, Mewtwo, and Mew--can be found there without resetting/trading (save for one of the fossils), and the Light Ball and TwistedSpoon can *only* be obtained from that game. Just with Yellow, Gold, and Silver, you have a complete Pokédex for both Gens 1 and 2.)

    I never owned Crystal, myself, and like you I regret it (especially since it was the first game I could play as my own gender). I was beginning to drift apart from the franchise at the time (a combination of puberty and my disappointment with the Johto anime), so Crystal never caught my eye as much as it should've. Shame, too, since it was a much more "complete" game, story-wise, than GS.
  6. Pendraflare
    4 Weeks Ago 06:54 PM
    Well I don't make the avatars, they're pics I tend to find on sites like DeviantArt most of the time. But thanks! And yeah, Scolipede and Hydreigon are my two favorites from Unova (well the latter is arguably second at least, but former is #1 for me).
  7. Meloetta
    4 Weeks Ago 07:33 AM
    Fair enough~

    Mmmkay then...I'll admit I can't remember what it was about. So much has happened these last few months. If I can help I shall, though :3
  8. Meloetta
    4 Weeks Ago 09:03 AM
    They are, although I technically haven't used a girl from an anime yet; only video games. But eh, same difference...there is a Disgaea anime anyway. xD;

    You're quite welcome :3 Feel free to contact me whenever, aha. /useless at starting convos but alright at carrying them on
  9. ShadowE
    December 18th, 2014 12:56 AM
    It is not misty :P

    I play StarCraft II and Red Alert 2 competively :P
  10. Pinkie-Dawn

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