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  1. BettyNewbie
    January 5th, 2015 08:56 PM
    Oh, I think Tauros is boring myself, but if it's justified to beat someone, I'll use it. I'd rather use something else, though.
    I prefer to only use Pokémon I like... even if they're Legendaries.

    They did a lot of things to make Jynx equivalent to Magmar/Electabuzz in the first few games, but after the controversy, they retconned and neglected her.
    Sad, too. Yes, her original design was problematic (although, I don't think she was intended to be based on blackface), but she's had purple skin for 15 years now. Haven't we moved on? There's an entire Generation of fans (ie. people who started with Gen 3 or later) who might not even know she ever had black skin to begin with.

    I think eventually they'll give Eevee all types. They'll milk Eevee until they can't.
    After Sylveon was the only Eeveelution introduced this Gen (when they were traditionally introduced in pairs, sans the original trio), I'm not so sure of it. You'd think they would've introduced a Dragon to be a weak-to counterpart like Espeon was to Umbreon, and yet, they didn't. Sadly, I don't think a Dragon Eeveelution's going to happen.

    Yeah, by STAB I meant moves of different types, like Vaporeon learns Ice and Umbreon learns Psychic. Glaceon gets Water moves, but they're all weak and not worthwhile. And they make her even more like Vaporeon.
    Maybe, she could get Electric moves? Ice/Electric is a good pair, and Base 130 Sp. Attack is pretty much the only thing Glaceon has going for her.

    I remember Koga being dangerous in R2. Lapras is tough to take down. Bruno was easy, though.

    Lance's team was cool and it felt like a big thing to challenge him because, if you lost, you had to start all over again. Happened to me once.
    Bruno's always easy, LOL.

    While Lance was easier than he was in Stadium 1, he was still challenging, especially if you tried to use an Ice type, like many people did. Even with Surf, Lapras struggled to get past that big bad Tyranitar. In fact, even Starmie didn't fare too well, either. Strong, bulky mono-Waters like Vaporeon and Suicune did the best.

    I've never used the Nidos in GSC because of the limited Moon Stones I wasted on random Pokémon.
    Ironic, since the Nidos were pretty much the only Moon Stone evolvers (sans Jigglypuff) who were readily available before the postgame in Johto.

    I like to use "themed" teams of Pokémon I like, so competitive is not for me, really.

    And EV training is boring.
    Yeah, Smogon actively discourages themed teams. You need to drop that Houndoom for Talonflame and Garchomp, pronto! Diversity is the Devil!

    You're certainly not alone in hating EV training. One of many reasons why I prefer to play RBY/GSC (and hacks based on them).

    Of the COTDs, I liked Lisa from the Charicific Valley, and that was it. Only one I remember, too. COTDs were just a device to introduce new Pokémon.

    GSC was richer in terms of characterization than RBY, I think, which is why the anime could've benefitted from drawing more stuff from the games. I like certain things about the anime, like, battles tend to be more realistic, and, if it followed the story of the games more closely, it could've been great.
    Well, it's telling that Johto's strongest episodes were usually the ones that involved characters and storylines from the games (ie. Gym Leaders, Red Gyarados, etc). One reason many of us watched the anime, after all, was to see game characters and events depicted on-screen, and GSC were full of good material. (Plus, even with all the time they had between GSC and RSE's release, there were still several significant game characters who never appeared once, such as Silver, Karen, and Janine. Would it have killed them to cut some of the more useless COTDs for them?)

    And yeah, Tracey wasn't just a failed womanizer. He had his moments, but they were much less "on your face" than Brock's. Actually, I was sad they reduced Brock to just that, because he was good in the beginning as the more mature member of the trio and a nice balance to Misty's hotheaded nature.
    They did a poor job of developing Tracey, I admit. Even to this day, we still don't know anything about his friends and family, things we could easily gotten way back in the Orange Islands. Just because he wasn't a game character didn't mean they had to forgo character development.

    Brock was definitely good in the beginning, but you could tell by the end of Indigo that his character was starting to hit a dead end. Just how many times could we continue to laugh at him hit on the same identical Joys and Jennys over and over again? Seeing as few people have said good things about the Brock of Johto, AG, and DP, it probably would've been for the better if they had just left him behind on Valencia Island.
  2. BettyNewbie
    January 5th, 2015 12:15 PM
    Speaking of Lorelei... I love nerdy girls. Same reason I like Shauntal, too.

    And yeah, what I said in the thread was true, I DID have a crush on Lorelei. Which is funny, because she scared me the first time around. "Your Pokémon will be at my mercy when they are frozen solid!" But I thought her Stadium portrait was really cute.

    The anime gave her a voluptuous body, which I wasn't very fond of, but still she was an interesting character IMO.

    She had quite a few redesigns. In Stadium she was blonde, while in FRLG she was a redhead (my favorite version), and in the anime she had purple hair and her glasses looked different.
    I'm a huge Lorelei fan, too, although being straight and female, I liked her for being a strong female role model (Lance was my main crush). We both use a lot of Water and Psychic types, we both wear glasses, and we've both had similar hair colors over the years (not kidding... I've been burgundy, red, and blonde, too, in that order).

    As a girl, I thought it was the coolest thing ever to walk into the Indigo Plateau for the first time and see this strong-looking woman standing there. It left a really strong impression on me of what an Elite Four member should look like, and the fact that Lorelei gave me so much more trouble than the next three only helped. (I lost to her, like, 8 times before breezing through Bruno/Agatha/Lance... Only to lose to Blue at the end, of course.)

    On the flip-side, it was the biggest buzzkill ever to walk into that same building for the first time in Gold and walk into that icy-looking room... only to find some joker in a clown getup standing where Lorelei should've been. With a freaking Xatu as his ace! Are you kidding me?

    And, just a couple of rooms later was pushover Bruno, who not only stuck around and had the same weak unevolved Onix, but was even promoted up a spot! To be fair, I thought Karen was really cool--good design, cool Pokémon, and very cool post-battle quote--but otherwise, the Gen 2 Elite Four was a huge step down, and the lack of Lorelei was a big reason why.

    Why did they get rid of Lorelei? And, why hasn't she been seen or heard from in any game since FRLG? Conspiracy-sounding or not, I have a hunch. Although other trainers (including the Psychic Clown), past and present, have used Jynx, Lorelei's the only trainer who actually had one as her ace, and, for better or worse, it's the Pokémon that's most associated with her (both her anime and Adventures adaptations used one prominently). Giving Lorelei the spotlight inevitably means giving Jynx the spotlight, which is the last thing GF wants to do (hence, no evolution in Gen 4 and no Mega in Gen 6).

    (And, if that is the case, I wish that the remakes had retconned Jynx out of Lorelei's team. If FRLG had done what they should've done and A) included Gen 2 Pokémon in the Kanto Dex and B) waited until Gen 4 to be made, she could've had a powerful Mamoswine, instead.)

    Recently, I wrote this outline of how a future Gen 1 remake could write Lorelei out of the Elite Four WHILE still treating her character with respect and opening her up for future game appearances (neither of which FRLG did):

    I want the games to establish her as a marine researcher, maybe out investigating Navel Rock (retconned into a place more like Seafoam/Whirl) with her close friend and Sevii's local professor, Philena Ivy (or someone heavily based on her) and her other close friend and fellow E4 member, Lance (who's always been fascinated by Lugia, a dragon-like Pokémon he heard stories about growing up in Blackthorn).

    While there, they run into Archer, Ariana, Petrel, and Proton. They have stolen the Ice, Electric, and Fire Orbs in hopes of awakening Lugia (after placing them together on an altar at the very top of Navel Rock) and sending the ultimate message out to Giovanni (who vanished after disbanding Team Rocket).

    The first Orb, the Fire One, is at Mt. Ember (retconned into a dark, creepy volcano). At the end of the tunnel (and several Rocket Grunts) is Proton, who runs off and drops the Fire Orb after you defeat him.

    Just as you exit Mt. Ember, you run into Ivy, who has just received a Pokégear call from Lance; he's at the Rocket Warehouse on Chrono Island and ran into some trouble getting the Electric Orb. You head there, beat some more Grunts (including Jessie and James, in their final appearance. More on that later...), and enter a back room to find Lance being cornered by Ariana and Petrel. Ariana mocks him, telling him "However strong you may be, you can't take both of us at the same time. Sorry, baby. Now get ready to be thrashed," and when she sees you barge in, she tells him something along the lines of "What? You had an accomplice? Where is your sense of honor?"

    You and Lance fight Ariana and Proton in a tag battle, and after beating them, they run off to Navel Rock (where Lorelei and Archer are), but not before Petrel drops the Electric Orb. Afterwards, Lance tells you that he had been snooping around and discovered Archer's plans to rebuild Team Rocket in Johto and create an evolution-inducing device; he snapped photos and made copies, planning to investigate this at a later date. He then, expresses concern for Lorelei and takes you back to Navel Rock (via flying on his Dragonite), where she, Archer, and the Ice Orb are located.

    When you get there, Lorelei is arguing with Archer (who is implied to be her ex-boyfriend), who mocks her for being a "silly woman who doesn't know better," and she calls him a "selfish pig." In response, Archer slaps her, making her glasses fall to the ground, and Lance runs forward, threatening to unleash wrath on him if he sees him hit her again. Archer evilly laughs, accusing Lorelei of always needing her "boyfriend" to rescue her, and she calmly gets up, puts her glasses back on, and hits him right back. Lorelei tells him that she can rescue herself just fine, and she challenges him to a battle.

    Archer dusts himself off and calls Proton over, telling Lorelei that she's going to have to fight the two of them at the same time. Lorelei grabs you and says "No problem." You and Lorelei get into a tag battle against Archer and Proton, after defeated, Archer hands over the Ice Orb and vows that this won't be the end of him or Team Rocket.

    Once the Rockets leave, Lorelei tells you about the legend behind the Orbs, and their connection to Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres and Lugia. She says that the birds have been seen roaming Kanto ever since the Orbs went missing, explaining why they were at Seafoam/Power Plant/Victory Road instead of the smaller islands surrounding Navel Rock. She, then, points you in the direction of the altar, and you climb up there, placing the three Orbs together. One amazing cutscene later, you get into a battle with a L70 Lugia, and after you either capture or defeat it, Lorelei and Lance run up to you and express amazement at what they witnessed. They thank you for helping them save the day and return to the Indigo Plateau, unlocking the rematch Elite Four. (They will both have completely different dialog if you return to rebattle them.)

    On certain days of the week (after completing the Lugia event), you can find Lorelei and Lance on certain days of the week training together in Navel Rock. They will challenge you to a double battle and after defeating them, Lorelei tells you that she is considering leaving the Elite Four sometime in the future. She feels that being there is limiting her potential as a trainer (which Lance agrees with, as she is seen defeating him as we arrive) and keeping her from her passion for research. We also learn that a new League is being established in the Sevii Islands, and they want Lorelei to head it as its Champion... Which is where she'll be when we revist her story three years later.
    Yes, I'm a big Lance/Lorelei shipper, if you can tell. I'm also a huge fan of Lugia.
  3. BettyNewbie
    January 5th, 2015 11:23 AM
    You could use something like Tauros, too. It has decent bulk and high Attack. I don't remember what I used to beat Sabrina in Yellow, but I remember I beat her! I usually do the Fuchsia quest before Saffron, though. I vastly prefer the RB level curve, because I'm usually a bit underleveled when I reach Koga, but I make up for it when I reach Sabrina.

    The Special stat was so skewed towards Psychics that their strongest move had a high chance of lowering the enemy's Special stat.
    I've never been a fan of Tauros, myself, and he's a rare Safari Zone catch, anyways. (Although, I think you can use a variant of the Old Man glitch in RB to catch him normally on the coast of Cinnabar.)

    Yeah, just the move Psychic was overpowered. It was a must on any Psychic type and even a few non-Psychics (like Clefable).

    They tried to "buff" Ice again numerous times, but always fail because it's simply not enough. Hail is the worst weather since it only benefits Ice types, all it does is give Blizzard 100% accuracy. And the only Pokémon that can bring Hail to the field (Abomasnow) is terrible.
    Even worse is that they constantly design Ice types to be slow, bulky Jacks of All Stats with low speed, above average defenses, and low-to-average attacking stats, which means that most of them can't even begin to keep up with all of the Base 140 Attacks and Base 130 Speeds that were handed out like candy to other types (especially Dragon, Fighting, and Steel) in later Generations. The fact that Special Ice Types (the majority of them) have no better moves other than the very widely-distributed Ice Beam and Blizzard hurts them even more; where's the Ice Type Overheat?

    Alas, I think the Fairy Type was GF's way of throwing in the towel on Ice. They recognized that it wasn't strong enough to fulfill its purpose of killing Dragons, but they also felt that it was too far gone to be worth fixing, so they just created a new type, instead.

    Poor Jynx.
    I find it mightily coincidental that GF's two most hated types (Psychic and Ice) just happen to belong to their most hated Pokémon. You know, the one who was deliberately passed over for an evolution in Gen 4.

    I like him despite being redundant, though. I guess I have a think for the underdog. I think only Flareon is worse, but Flareon now has Flare Blitz so he might just edge Glaceon.
    She has a cute design, I guess, but I just can't help but feel that Glaceon is taking up a slot that could've gone to a more unique type (like Dragon).

    Or give him some other STAB to play with.

    I'm surprised GF never thought of an Ice/Electric Pokémon. Or Fire/Electric. Rotom exists, but besides Rotom.
    Sadly, all Eeveelutions have to be single type for some reason. Maybe, the idea for Glaceon should've been used for a standalone Pokémon, instead?

    He certainly will, and I had lots of problems because of that. It will hit eventually, though. Sadly, Tyranitar couldn't kill Electrode in a single Earthquake.

    You could also use Steelix.
    Looking at Koga's Stadium 2 team, Steelix might actually be a better choice than the Nidoroyals. She doesn't really have to fear anything from his Pokémon except a very weak (Base 65 Sp. Attack!) non-STAB Fire Blast from Muk. The Nidos are good backup, however.

    In R2, Electrode's gone, but he has Magmar and Lapras, which cause obvious problems for Steelix.

    I'm guessing west coast? I try to guess people's locations by the time they send their messages. And, not much info on you here.

    If you take into account the story comes full circle when you beat Red, it's certainly believable that GSC were meant to be the last games.

    And of course you can find a smogonite in the comments: "I think you all have a bad case of nostalgia (including Mr. Sterling, which isn't a surprise).

    Generation 2 had a lot of things going for it, but it was also unbalanced and introduced some of the most useless monsters in the series."

    For all the throwaway Pokémon 2nd gen had (most of which got evos in 4th gen), it also introduced some of the coolest and most useful Pokémon in the series. My most used team in Stadium 2 was mostly 2nd gen Pokémon, actually. Wanna talk about "useless monsters", look no further than RSE and its sea of underpowered Water Pokémon (including Luvdisc).
    I'm on the East Coast, actually. Mid-Atlantic region, to be exact.

    Yeah, typical Smogon Drone, there. "Unbalanced, " of course, equates to "didn't exclusively cater to competitive multiplayer," and "introduced some of the most useless monsters in the series" equates to "not enough things with Base 150 Attack and Base 200 Speed."

    People like that usually don't even play the games anymore (mostly because "the story sucks," or something like that) and exclusively use simulators like Showdown. If you ask me, I wish they'd leave the games to the rest of us and stick to their precious simulators so they can battle all of the Garchomp, Talonflame, and Aegislash they want (with other Garchomp, Talonflame, and Aegislash, of course) without having to deal with anyone who has the nerve to find that crap boring.

    You really were a fan of the anime! I think one of the few cool things about the Johto seasons was the Lugia episodes in Master Quest, but it probably stretched out more than it should've.

    Good lord, Master Quest aired in 2003 in Brazil! Now I remember. And, at the same time, I was already playing Ruby on the VBA. Yeah, I think I survived the filler frenzy and made it all the way to Master Quest. Sadly, they started rerunning the episodes at some point and I never finished it. Only watched sporadic episodes.

    I wonder why Gary replaced his Nidoking with Nidoqueen. Probably because he lost in the Kanto league due to the opposing Golem grabbing Nidoking by the horn and slamming him into the ground. Nidoqueen's horn is shorter. Or it could be a continuity error, who knows.
    I admit was a big fan of the Kanto/Orange era. It was never anything deep (although certain episodes, like "Go West, Young Meowth," had some good storytelling), but it was always, at least, funny and guaranteed to make you laugh. It was good for what it was: an entertaining kids show designed to promote and sell video games. (Just compare it to some of the other video game cartoon adaptations to see what I mean. The Pokémon anime could've been a lot worse.)

    Johto, in comparison, was a major disappointment, especially since I loved the Gen 2 games so much. The wacky humor of the first two seasons had been replaced with something far staler and obnoxiously kiddy, and the slow pacing just made it a slog to watch through. Like many, I wanted to see more of the characters and locations from the games, not one throwaway COTD after another.

    Master Quest was a slight step up, I'll admit (although still not on par with Kanto/Orange). Even if it didn't make a lick of sense in the games, the baby Lugia was sooooo cute. I also enjoyed the Red Gyarados episodes, which were surprisingly faithful to the games (as much as the anime could be, that is). Any seasons after that, though, I could care less about.

    Not that I minded Tracey (I didn't), but the reason why they replaced Brock was stupid. They thought a dark-skinned character wouldn't be successful in the west.

    I guess what you pointed out was the reason for Brock staying longer than Misty, and longer than he should've. Brock was a cool character in the beginning (first season and up until he left for the first time), but they started to overuse his girl antics in later seasons and he became very annoying with time.
    I wrote this at another site a few months back:

    Tracey was better than Brock. Don't get me wrong, Brock was fine in the first season, but he was starting to wear out his welcome by the end. (There were only so many times we could laugh at him hitting on identical Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys.) Tracey was a much-needed breath of fresh air, and he ended up being a more enjoyable and likable character, with as little as he got. He was sweeter, far more mature, and pretty easy on the eyes. (Yes, I had a crush on him. I admit it.) Plus, he was an artist, and artists are always cool. I still wish he got a game cameo, similar to Jessie and James in Yellow. Writing him off to bring Brock back was a terrible mistake and was a huge Jump the Shark moment for the anime, IMO.
  4. BettyNewbie
    January 4th, 2015 07:46 PM
    Truth be told, I had more trouble with Sabrina than Lance. And Alakazam was very annoying to deal with in Stadium.

    Dragonite was also portrayed as unstoppable in the anime, but it lost to Pikachu, something Kadabra didn't...

    I was so traumatized with Psychic Pokémon that, when GSC came out, I had two Dark Pokémon in my team (Houndoom and Tyranitar). But Alakazam wasn't nearly as dangerous anymore.
    While I loved having Psychic types on my own team, they were a nightmare to deal with in Gen 1. They had virtually no weaknesses, and only other Psychics resisted them. The combined Special stat also worked greatly in their favor.

    To get a clue of how difficult Sabrina is, this is what I often use to beat her when I play RBY nowadays. Hey, it resists Psychic, has good Special, and has good Attack; it's also the only Psychic (besides the Slow family) that can learn Earthquake in Gen 1, which is pretty much as close as you're going to get to a SE attack on Alakazam (save for possibly Persian's Slash, but Persian has no Special bulk). Hurray for glitches!

    I think my problems in dealing with Psychics are part of the reason why I ended up loving Dark types so much in Gen 2. I love Houndoom and Tyranitar, too.

    I think I sounded sexist, I'm sorry.

    Well, Ice was certainly a good type in RBY, IMO. Being part Ice was a blessing for Water types back then, because the things that could kill Ice (Rock and Fighting) weren't very good, and Fire had strong moves but wasn't that good either. I'd say Lapras was superior to Blastoise and Vaporeon.

    In GSC it started to suck. Blizzard was nerfed and Fire became resistant to it.
    Apology accepted.

    I do agree with that. If there was any Gen to be an Ice type, it was Gen 1. The nerfs you mentioned, along with the additions of Steel, a certain strong Rock type that wasn't weak to Ice and had good Sp. Defense, and even just the split of the Special Stat (Lapras, Dewgong, and Articuno lost firepower, while Cloyster lost bulk) really hurt them. Like Psychics, Ices went from Heroes to Zeroes in just the matter of a few Gens.

    Hmmm, Psychic and Ice... Wait, a minute. Do I smell a conspiracy?

    I'm curious about Noctowl, actually (also a favorite of mine).
    I'd like to see a Psychic/Flying Mega, myself. I think it should've always been a Psychic type, IMO.

    I rather like it, but you're probably right. I don't even know Glaceon's stat distribution, actually! Never used one. I wanted to, but you get it so late in Platinum that it isn't much worth it.
    HP: 65
    Attack: 60
    Defense: 110
    Sp. Attack: 130
    Sp. Defense: 95
    Speed: 65

    Now, here's Vaporeon's:

    HP: 130
    Attack: 65
    Defense: 60
    Sp. Attack: 110
    Sp. Defense: 95
    Speed: 65

    They look different on paper, but functionally, they're very similar. Accounting for the HP/Defense difference, their Physical bulk is similar, and Vaporeon only has slightly less Special firepower. Their Sp. Defense stats are the same, although Vaporeon has more HP to go with it. They're both slow and have bad Attack. That's called not even trying.

    If they just had to make an Ice Eeveelution, it needed to be as different from Vaporeon as possible:

    HP: 65
    Attack: 110
    Defense: 95
    Sp. Attack: 60
    Sp. Defense: 65
    Speed: 130

    Physical Jolteon, sure, but at least, it's more distinct. (And, Ice needs all the speed it can get with those matchups.) And, being a Physical attacker, it now only has to compete with the likes of Weavile, Mamoswine, and the stray Physical Water (like Gyarados or Feraligatr) for teamslots, instead of almost every single Pokémon that can learn Ice Beam.

    I would blindly fire Earthquakes at him, actually. But restarting in the E4 wasn't practical because you had to fight Will again. Granted, Will was easy, but it was still a waste of time. Unlike in the games, you couldn't save between trainers, and there were no continues.
    Unfortunately, Electrode is almost guaranteed to outspeed your Earthquake user, which is the last thing you want when your opponent is pulling the old Toxic/Double Team trick. (Although, you could always use a Nidoroyal, I guess.)

    Karen's Umbreon doesn't have recovery, I think, so you can wear it down with strong attacks. I wouldn't use Mewtwo in Gym Leader's Castle, that's overkill! Except in the first Stadium. I used him to get stuff like Caterpie in the hall of fame.
    Well, Mewtwo's one of my favorites. Nowadays, I'm more likely to use Tyranitar, however.

    I hid my Pokémon passion from people until recently.

    I think here in Brazil it took a very long time for the anime to reach the Johto league. I still watched it in 2002, when RS were released in Japan, and they were in the middle of the badge hunt. The last episode I watched was the Olivine gym battle. I don't understand why they did so much filler, actually. The problem, I think, was that the games were longer than what the anime could follow. But Ash couldn't return to Kanto to get the badges, as he already had them. Later seasons were made artificially longer by adding Contests and Frontier battles. Johto didn't have anything else to offer, because Ash couldn't return to Kanto, unless they did another Orange League thing, which would actually be helpful as it would seem like progress.
    Ah, so you're in Brazil. I'm in the US, if you haven't already figured it out.

    I think one big reason Johto was loaded with so much filler was because of poor planning. One big reason Kanto went by so quickly was because Gold and Silver were well into development when the first season was made (hence Ho-Oh having a small cameo in the first episode), and they didn't want Ash to still be going through Kanto when those games were released. Of course, they ended up finishing Kanto a little too early, hence the Orange Islands arc. (Which I actually enjoyed, despite the cast change and its purpose as "filler.")

    On the other hand, by the time the anime started Johto, GF didn't have any other games in development. They weren't planning to release any more Generations after Gold and Silver, and there weren't any indications that they would change their minds. Even back then, the anime existed primarily to promote the games, so the end of Johto could've meant the end of the anime, itself, and since it was such a money-maker, they obviously didn't want that to happen. Thus, they stretched out Johto for as long as possible, and since returning to Kanto wasn't going to happen like in the games, they had to stretch out Johto even further.

    To make matters worse, most of this filler was boring, poorly-written fluff, which irritated even the show's target audience, who badly wanted to see the characters and cities from the games, not some dull, throwaway Character of the Day who had nothing to do with Gold and Silver other than being in Johto.

    It was in early 2001 that we first learned that Gold and Silver weren't, in fact, going to be the last games. The anime was midway through Season 4 (widely regarded to be the worst, most filler-laden season) at the time, and towards the end of the season, the first Generation 3 Pokémon debuted in the anime.

    The final Johto season (and first to air after Ruby and Sapphire's announcement) is often seen as the least worst of the three, quickening the pace a little and including more characters and events from the games, all while working towards a pretty decent payoff. With new games on the horizon, they could now work towards an ending, since they had somewhere else to take Ash after Johto, but sadly, the damage was already done and the show would never reach the heights of Kanto/Orange again. (Plus, we were all growing up by then.)

    I think Pokémon could've benefitted from a new set of protagonists, like Yu-Gi-Oh. But Pikachu was too strong of a mascot to let go of.
    You can partially blame a certain dark-haired Pokémon Watcher for that (who I liked, for the record). So many people whined and moaned about him replacing Brock (I think even to the point of sending hate mail to Ted Lewis, his English VA.) that they immediately brought Brock back in Johto and tried to recreate the original trio as much as possible. After that debacle, replacing Ash with someone based on the Gold and Silver protagonist would've been suicide.

    Also, the fact that the one thing to have characters other than Ash as protagonists (including characters based on the GSC protagonists) would end up being a ratings flop doesn't help matters, either.
  5. Dying Light
    January 4th, 2015 07:46 PM
    Dying Light
    Thank you for your comment! Cordelia appears to be a favorite! :D
  6. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    January 4th, 2015 04:45 PM
    OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    I didn't know that...but that explains why they had a MD in both of them. That's kind of a sad fate for the GBA. I felt like they never tapped fully into it's potential, especially GF as while Emerald was fun it could been more beautiful as the GBA hacks are.

    I wonder...if the rumors are true the next handheld console doesn't sound like a DS...perhaps the DS line which the 3DS continues will die off after a few years.

    I wouldn't have minded a bulkier Mega Pidgeot. I think Nocowl though is the bulkiest of the regional birds (at least it resists a lot) in the real games, so if they give it a Mega I'll like Nocowl to stay on the bulky side. I would like it to be Psychic/Flying though. While Mega Swellow should be faster and stronger with perhaps Gale Wings (it's models have wind under it's wings in a way reminiscent of Talonflame), and perhaps be Electric/Flying. Staraptor should be Fighting/Flying with Tough Claws. Pidove's final's Mega should be... Normal/Flying or Fairy/Flying with Regenerator or Pixielate. As for Talonflame Fire/Flying with Gale wings or a fire version of Normalize.
  7. BettyNewbie
    January 4th, 2015 09:25 AM
    The chant of smogonites "Dragons are too strong" well they're supposed to be! I mean, quite a few of them were pseudolegends, and as Lance himself claims, they're "virtually indestructable" and were originally designed to be a challenge to raise and defeat, which is why Dragonite evolved at L55 and was so strong.
    This one I have to sort-of disagree with. I mean, you could just as easily argue that Psychic type Pokémon were "meant" to be strong--the type was associated with magic, intelligence, and mysterious, yet powerful forces, and it was home to the games' very first banned Legendaries. Even in the anime, both Sabrina and Mewtwo were portrayed as terrifying and unstoppable, and they sure as heck were in the games. (Lance's Dragonite was a pushover in comparison.)

    And, yet, that didn't stop them from creating the Dark and Steel Types and weaker Psychic Pokémon (ie. Xatu and Girafarig), and now, the type is considered to be one of the games' weakest.

    Not (almost) every Pseudo-Legendary and Box Legendary in existence had to be a Dragon, nor did they have to give the type almost-drawback-free Base 120 and 140 Power Moves. Nobody made GF turn the type into a marketing tool for power-obsessed fanboys.

    I don't like girly Pokémon at all, so I hated the Fairy type. And it stole the function of Ice and Steel types, since Ice was the only type that defeated Dragon and Steel, the only one that resisted it.
    I don't mind "girly" Pokémon, myself. Of course, I AM a girl.

    Ice, to be fair, already had its function stolen by Water, as almost every Water type can learn Ice attacks, while usually having better stats, better movepools, and better type matchups. The fact that so many Dragons are 4x weak (because GF insists on making 90% them Flying or Ground) makes it even easier to kill them without STAB, and Dragons are less likely to carry Electric than Fire.

    This was true even in Gen 1. With the exception of Lapras (which was still part-Water), you more than likely took on Lance with a Blastoise, Vaporeon, or Starmie instead of a Jynx or Articuno. Why? Because, the former three could do more than the latter two (and much better).

    As for Steel, it's still a very powerful Defensive type, and it gained a newfound offensive advantage against Fairy.

    Talonflame is an example of a mediocre Pokémon (his stats are very similar to Pidgeot and Swellow) made overused because of an overpowered ability. He didn't even need it since his Speed is already very high.

    I think Pidgeot got a nice boost, but with no moves to use his Sp.Atk. on apart from Hurricane, the Mega is kinda wasted, really.
    I know. Poor Pidgeot never seems to catch a break. (Just wait until they start giving the other birds Megas.)

    Glaceon's problem is that Ice is inferior to Water in every way. Water learns Ice moves and has better type matchups. It's a nice design, though.
    It's also completely redundant with Vaporeon. Vaporeon was already the Articuno/Suicune to Jolteon's Zapdos/Raikou and Flareon's Moltres/Entei, and Glaceon ruins the trio in the same way that a Water type Legendary Bird would ruin Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres. The fact that they didn't even TRY to differentiate Glaceon from Vaporeon--both blue, both slow, both bulky Sp. Attackers--makes it even worse. The Pokémon was literally created just so they could have another Eeveelution, not because it was actually needed.

    Stadium had smart uses for Pokémon and variety. Though, some opponents could be very cheap! In Stadium 2, Koga spammed Double Team (as he did in GSC) and Karen spammed Attract and confusion. I think Lance's R2 team was very cool, though.
    Oh, yeah, I remember that. Koga was very difficult (especially if he led with Electrode; many guides actually suggested restarting if he did), and Karen could be a pain. I still remember slowly wearing her Umbreon down with a Mewtwo that had Submission/Recover (the only thing even resembling a Fighting type that I had) way back when.

    Speaking of the anime, I quit during Johto's endless fillerfest.
    I think a lot of us did. (Hence, the reason why the US ratings plunged and the Entei movie bombed.) Even as a kid, I saw the first Johto season as a Jump the Shark moment (way too much filler and it also started getting lighter and kiddier), despite enjoying the region so much in the games.

    While people point to Ruby/Sapphire and Hoenn as the "killer" of Pokémania, they were really just the last nail in the coffin. The decline truly began with the Johto anime. For better or worse, the marketing and popularity of the games was heavily tied up with the anime at the time (see Yellow), so the anime Jumping the Shark was enough to hurt the games' popularity and sour the entire franchise. You can see this in the fact that Crystal (the first game to come out after the Johto anime) only sold 6.39 million (worse than even Emerald and Platinum, let alone Yellow), while Gold/Silver sold a whopping 23.10 million (second best selling games ever, beaten only by Red/Blue).

    The fact that most of the original fans also started hitting puberty around this time (and the franchise wasn't growing up with them as a certain other Turn of the Millennium kids franchise eventually would) only made matters worse. To be an open fan of Pokémon in middle school in 2002 was like wearing a giant "Kick me, I'm a dork!" sign on your back. You were supposed to start moving on to "grown-up" games (unless you were a girl, then you were supposed to ditch games, altogether) like GTA and *insert other mindless violent shoot 'em up made for the Xbox/Playstation*.

    I forgot to say something about Wally... His original team fit his personality much more. They shouldn't have given Gallade to him, but Diantha already had (Mega) Gardevoir so that's probably why he got Gallade.
    I agree. I think another reason his ace was changed was because of stupid, close-minded people being uncomfortable with him having a male Gardevoir (the main reason why Gallade was created to begin with). ORAS ruined Wally, if you ask me.
  8. She_Delphox
    January 4th, 2015 05:41 AM
    I most certainly do kind (mega)Houndoom-person...ehh...Cerberus87 Are you perhaps interested in these kinds of music as well? :3
  9. BettyNewbie
    January 3rd, 2015 08:42 PM
    Actually, I must agree with you. But there's one thing that I liked about the new games, that there's an abundance of new STAB moves for various types. I don't know if it was due to "progress" (the carts holding more data) or an interest in competitive.
    I think much of that had to do with the P/S split, one of the few innovations of the later games that genuinely improved them (and wasn't just another thing geared solely towards competitive players). For example, even with the P/S split, all of the pre-Gen 4 Psychic attacks remained Special, and all of the pre-Gen 4 Dark attacks switched to Physical, so they needed to create new moves for Physical Psychics (like Metagross) and Special Darks (like Houndoom). The elemental types (ie. Water, Ice, Electric, and Fire) were also lacking in Physical moves (pretty much just Waterfall, the Elemental Punches, and a few others), so they needed new moves as well.

    Of course, not all of this was 100% "good," such as with the Dragon Type. In the first two Gens, it was a mostly defensive type with only a few weak moves and strong (but not overpowered), bulky Pokémon with balanced stats (ie. Dragonite and Kingdra). In Gen 3, it started to swing far more offensive with the introduction of moves like Dragon Dance and Dragon Claw and Pokémon like Salamence, and Gen 4 took it up to eleventy with buffed Physical Outrage, Draco Meteor, and Garchomp. Gen 5 furthered the trend until Gen 6 brought out the Fairy Nerf Hammer. GF literally turned an entire type into a marketing strategy for competitive meatheads.

    4th gen introduced Staraptor, a bird created specifically to make the other early birds obsolete. I mean, it's a cool design, but I would hate it much less if they hadn't given him Close Combat, which magically gives him all the coverage he needs.
    And, if Staraptor wasn't enough, then came Talonflame, aka "Smogonbird." Even with the stat boots and Mega, poor Pidgeot still seems to be rotting way in the trash heap.

    I liked most of the new evolutions, though there were quite a few of them which weren't all that useful despite being a considerable boost.
    New evolutions had a precedent in Gen 2 (ie. Steelix and Kingdra), although many of the Gen 4 ones had very questionable designs. And, while Leafeon was okay, Glaceon and Sylveon can go die in a fire; Grass was the only other Eeveelution type they "needed." (And, if they just had to make another one, it should've been Dragon, the Infinity+1 Element. Vaporeon already covers the same purpose as Glaceon and much better, IMO, while Sylveon is just ugly and a cheap marketing ploy.)

    Togekiss, Mamoswine, Weavile, and Honchkrow were good, though. (And, genuinely needed, IMO.)

    You may notice by reading some of my posts that I don't like the Frontier. It's artificial challenge (the AI cheats), gimmicky, and the Frontier Brains completely lack character compared to other prominent trainers. They're hollow designs, because they don't have a signature Pokémon or strategy. I played the Gym Leader Castle in Stadium much more than the Prime Cup for that reason.
    I've never gotten all of the "hype" over the Battle Frontier (or battle facilities, in general), myself. The characters are uninteresting, the AI is completely rigged, and it's nothing more than a single-player version of boring old competitive battling. Stadium, at least, had the Gym Leader Castle (my favorite area, too) and a more genuinely challenging AI.

    Although in R2 the gym leaders tend to use Pokémon that have nothing to do with them, like Blaine and his Clefable...
    Blaine's Clefable (which was actually in R1; Chansey's what he had in R2) was there to make him harder and less of a Poor, Predictable Rock. It was a bulky Normal type that knew both Thunderbolt AND Thunder, so Water types had a hard time getting past it. It also had Ice Beam to give Ground and Rock types trouble. Stadium often did that with the type specialists, especially in R2. It forced you to pack a diverse team and use strategy.
  10. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    January 3rd, 2015 08:17 PM
    OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    Which is sad. They should've given it Extreme Speed (though now it won't help it's Mega as much due to it being special oriented).

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