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  1. twocows
    July 30th, 2010 01:44 AM
    IIRC, his complaint wasn't as much about the console as it was about the developer toolset. I don't know if they've actually improved it or if they just bought him off (or if there were other reasons), but the way I interpreted it, he was making a fuss to pressure Sony to make their developer tools better. Of course, I could just be reading the situation wrong.
  2. twocows
    July 30th, 2010 01:21 AM
    Eh, I don't really get that sense. The fact that he even responds is evidence enough he actually gives a damn.
  3. donavannj
    July 30th, 2010 12:14 AM
    Stupid connection won't load that video. Dx

    Never really heard of them... I'll stick to certain metal bands when it comes to modern bands not played on the radio, thank you very much. Like Buckethead and Dreamtheater.
  4. donavannj
    July 30th, 2010 12:04 AM
    Quote originally posted by Luck:
    I don't believe you, many people change subjects when you mention something else.
    You get awesome points if you can tell me what this is from DonDon.

    Just because she feeds me well
    And she made me talk dirty in a pink hotel
    Doesn't mean she's got eyes for me
    She might just want my bones you see

    Hey flathead dont you get mean
    She's the second best killer that I ever have seen
    They don't come much more sick than you
    I could go on if you want me to
    Not a clue.
  5. Guillermo
    July 29th, 2010 11:30 PM
    They're not as grand as they used to be.
  6. Guillermo
    July 29th, 2010 11:02 PM
    They're sexy, rite?
  7. Gumball Watterson
    July 29th, 2010 07:23 PM
    Gumball Watterson
    "I had my good luck today like I always do"?
  8. Cynic Kaka
    July 29th, 2010 06:00 PM
    Cynic Kaka
    Dude....my mind has officially been destroyed.
  9. Cynic Kaka
    July 29th, 2010 05:52 PM
    Cynic Kaka
    Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
    Stranger: She could tell that this stranger was not from around here,for the simple fact that,her clothes were of modern dress.What was strange though,was that her clothes were all boy's clothes.She wore shorts down to her knees,and she wore a shirt that was a fake ad for some "Roadkill Cafe" place.(A\n:I want to say now,that in my version,we all speak English,and can read it too.*sigh*It felt good to get that off my chest!!I don't want people questioning my authority as author!!!Yeah!!I now have authority!!)So,naturally,she was quite curious as to who this strange little girl was,and how she got here.Well,little was slightly unfair,as she just seemed to be on the short side.This stranger was carrying a modern gym bag,and it was bulgeing(Sp?)in odd places,as if it was carrying a number of interestingly shaped objects.The stranger opened her bag,and to everyone's astonishment,pulled out a regular sized lawn chair!!(A\n:These do NOT fit in gym bags!!)She opened it and sat down,as though she had done nothing out of the ordinary. "My name is Kara."she stated,then frowned in slight distaste."Do you think my name is weird?" They were all still staring at her,even Kagome who frequently told Inuyasha that staring was rude.Kara,however,had noticed none of this,and was still talking. "...and people always call me names that I don't like,and I think my REAL name is kind of strange.What do you think?"she chattered away happily,not much awkwardness remaining.She seemed to be enjoying herself just being there,and said so."I am so happy to finally meet you guys!!"she squealed.That's when they noticed that her eye was twitching. "Hey,are you some kind of phyco,or are twitching eyes normal where you come from?!?!"Inuyasha said very bluntly. "Oh,that.I want to touch your ears,but have too much respect for you to come out and do so."she calmly stated. "Why do people from your time always want to touch my ears?!?!"he inquired of Kagome,rather annoyed."And don't tell me she ain't from your time,I can tell she is just by her clothes!!They're funny,like yours!!"he fumed. "Different style though."Miroku noticed,making the himself known. "Hey,Miroku?How come you haven't done anything perverted yet?"Sango wondered. "Guys just don't come on to me."Kara said,and she knew it to be the simple truth."I have nooooooo idea why,"she continued,her voice dripping with sarcasm,"they just don't.Plus I'm 13."She knew that Miroku would hit on an 11 year old,but she said it anyway. "Lucky."said Sango,annoyed at Kara's good fortune of immunity to Miroku. "So,why are you here,and how did you get here?"Kagome finally asked. "Forget how I got here,that's not important!!"she said with so much exitement,that it looked like she would explode,"What DOES MATTER is that I come from not only another time,but another demention!!There you guys are just cartoon charachters,and I have seen a lot of episodes!!I could help you,even if you've gone past the episodes that I've seen,because before I left,I mugged Mary Poppins,took a good look at her bag,and made one of my own.Although,"she admitted"I made some major alterations to the function,so now I can pull out stuff I haven't even put in!!But there are a few drawbacks..."she said hesitantly. "Are they big ones?"Kagome asked,facinated. "Depends on what you call big..."Kara continued,"I can usually pull out things that are useful,but some times I can't,in fact,some times I pull out things that are just plain weird!!" Shippo who had been very quiet and well behaved during this conversation,finally spoke."What kinds of weird things?"he asked with innocent curious eyes. Immediatly,Kara's eyes and fingers began to twitch,and they could all see how she longed to gush over how cute he was.As if he sensed this,Shippo went to sit in Kagome's lap. "Well,one time I pulled out this adorable*eye twitch*kitten.I-It was fun*major eye twitch*to pet it."That was all she could manage before she had to dig through her bag to find something to pet.Triumphantly,she pulled out a live fox cub(normal),and began to pet it. Shippo sweatdropped.'(A\n:I have always wanted to sweatdrop!!) "So you wish to join us in our quest for the Shikon Shards?"Sango summed up nearly all that had been said. "If it would be alright with you..."Kara was all of a sudden shy again. "Inuyasha,what do you think?"Kagome passed the buck to him. "Well...I guess freak girl can come along,provided that she will be useful every once in a while."Inuyasha said hesitantly. "Ramen?"Kara asked,as she pulled some out of her bag. "YUP!!!SHE CAN COME!!Inuyasha could barely contain himself. "Time for bed!!"Kagome said to Shippo."This has been a lot of exitement for just one hour!!"Seeing the pouty look on his face not unlike Inuyasha's,she added"All of us are very tired!!" Kara was too ready to sleep,she wanted to have dreams about the adventures she might have,so she simply pulled a sleeping bag out of her gym bag and asked if anyone needed anything,before drifting off to sleep. ------------------------------------------------------ Chapter 2:The walk to the village The next day,they decided to move on.The next village was not far away,and there was a rumor of a special demon with Shikon Shards.This demon was rumored to be very tricky,trickyer(Sp?)than any demon they had faced yet.(Except mayby Naraku.)Not only tricky,but strange too. "If I can get an idea of what part your at,I can plan accordingly."Kara said logicly. "We just finished with those new reincarnations of Naraku's."Kagome said. "And that jerk Koga."Inuyasha added. Kara was very disapointed."Awwww,I wanted to see that go on!!!"she said. "Well,"said Kagome,"I'm sure him meeting you would have been an...'interesting' experience." "He sure didn't think much of half-demons."Miroku said with a gleam in his eye."Inuyasha seemed to get on his nerves a lot.Could it be because Koga laid claim on Kagome?And of course Inuyasha wouldn't stand for that!Koga thought that a half-demon didn't deserve Kagome."he said,and then he looked at Inuyasha."Not that he was right!!!" "I think half-demons are cool!!They aren't full demons,which are usually evil,yet they have demonic strength.People are wrong to segragate(Sp?)against them."Kara said with a sigh. Inuyasha looked suprised,because most people feared or hated him."You don't think I'm a freak?"he asked cautiously. "Absolutely not!!!"she sounded offended at the very thought."In fact,"she added as she reached into her bag,"in my dimension you're very popular!!!Take a look!!"She handed him the first manga(A\n:Is that right?Am I correct in understanding that manga is the comics,and anime is the cartoons on T.V.?)of the series.(A\n:I don't have that stupid Feudal Fantasy series,I picked the other one.I currently have 1-6,and then just a while ago I got 14-15!!Some guys at my school have 7&8.I also have 3 DVDs.) Inuyasha looked at the book,eyes boggleing,and asked slowly,"So you know what we thought at all these times in your books?" "Oh,yeah.Also,I've seen the anime,so I know a lot more than just what is in my books!!!"Kara said happily. "If you tell anyone what I think about,I'll kill you myself!!!"Inuyasha said defensively. "What?Oh right.I wouldn't embarass you just for the sake of it.Perish the thought!!!"Kara said as she was digging through her bag.She found what she was looking for,and started to play with her yo-yo. Shippo,who had gotten excited at the thought of emmbarassing Inuyasha,now looked curiously at the strange toy. Kagome seeing his interest,explained,"That's a yo-yo,Shippo.It goes up and down and keeps your hands busy." "Wow,can I see it?"he asked in his most polite voice. "Sure,you can keep it."Kara said,happy to be able to at least talk to Shippo. Shippo,who was walking on the ground,started to play with his new yo-yo.This,if you think carefully,created a problem."I think it's broken!!"he said sadly. "Nah,just sit on someone's shoulder and try it out."Kara replied,looking through her bag again."I'm not sure if I can pull what I want out!!"she said struggling with her bag."AHHHH!!!LION!!!Okay,nevermind it's gone now.Wow,having this can be dangerous!!"she panted from the effort of shoving a lion into her bag. Sango was concerned."Have you ever pulled out something really life threatening?"she asked,eyeing the bag nervously. "Not really.One time,I pulled out this comedian,and he was so awful I almost killed myself!!"she said,pretending to gag. During the entire conversation,Miroku had been getting closer to Sango.Given a perfect opportunity he sprung into action. "What's a comedi-AAHHHHHHH!!!MIROKU!!!"she said as she was getting out her bone boomerang and whacking Miroku over the head with it. "30 minutes.Isn't that a record?"Kara said looking at the stopwatch she had been concealing."I still can't find what I want!!"she said as she shook her head and sighed."I'm looking for a book and it's-HERE IT IS!!!!"she said as she pulled "Summoning Demons for Dummies" out of her bag. "Why would you summon a demon?!?!I don't usually fight them for fun you know!!!"Inuyasha yelled as he read the cover. Kara sweatdropped.'(A\n:I FINALLY GOT TO SWEATDROP!!)"I summon helpful,good demons and they are usually very friendly and willing to help.There are stubborn demons that happen to be good,"she stared pointedly at Inuyasha,and when he didn't get the hint,she continued,"so demons like that usually require a sacrifice of some sort."Seeing the uneasy looks on her new friend's faces she added,"But it is usually some plant or some sacred dirt or somthing like that." "Yeah,"Kagome remarked,"why would a good demon want a human sacrifice?" "Hey,what about animals?!?!"said Shippo indignantly. "Animals too."Kagome nodded. They had stopped,and were waiting for Miroku to regain contiousness(Sp).As they looked at his swirly eyed form,Sango noticed something. "Hey,look!!The village is 2 minutes away!!"she shouted with excitement. ~Way to go Miroku!!Do some stupid perverted thing right before we get to the village!!Now we all have to wait for you!!~Sango shook her head. At this moment Miroku woke up and started walking to the village like nothing was wrong,causeing Sango to chase him in an attempt to knock him out again,and drag him to the vilage.She only succeded in chasing him into the village crazy person.She was carrying an armfull of sandals shouting,"Fish for sale!Fish for sale!They look lovely in vases!" A lot of people were starting to stare.They all wanted to see how the nut would react.She looked at Miroku and said,"Hey,you're cute!!"This was too much for Sango,who burst into tears. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!MIROKU FINALLY FOUND A GIRLFRIEND!!"she said as she rolled on the ground. The others had decided to run down to the village as well,and arrived just in time to hear the lady's comment on Miroku.It was too much for Kara as well,and she joined Sango in rolling on the ground in laughter.Inuyasha was chuckling to himself,and Shippo ran onto Miroku's shoulder and asked if he was going to say his famous phrase.Miroku stayed silent but he was noticably(Sp?)blushing.The lady was young,had black glossy hair,and was fairly pretty,but Miroku wanted a sane girlfriend.The lady just scowled at the two girls on the ground,and no one seemed to notice that she had orange eyes.They glowed in anger as the girls tried to collect themselves.She pointed at them and said"You may laugh,but you are the same as me!!"And the girls just stared at her for a moment. "Which one of us are you talking to?"Kara was puzzled. "You are both like me,but in different ways."the woman replied."My nickname is Luna.I have a full title,but I don't wish to share it." "Luna,huh?I know what that has to do with."Kara was looking very confused,nevermind how sure she sounded. "You do,do you?Then you know I am not to be taken lightly!"and with that she cooly walked away. ------------------------------------------------------ Chapter 3:This chapter makes my head hurt They were all staring at Kara.She was standing there with a confused look on her face."That can't be right!!"she muttered to herself angrily. "What?"Kagome finally asked. "I told you I haven't seen the whole series,right?"Kara said with a worried look on her face. "Yeah,what about it?"Inuyasha said while being slightly distracted by a tentacle crawling out of her open bag. "This never happened in what I saw,and I don't think it's in what I didn't see.And if that's right,we must be in one of the fanfics on the internet!!I hope this is the only one we'll be doing,and that the author is pretty happy.Some are really angsty,for instance,I read a fic where Kagome freaks out and kills everyone!!!And some are out of scenario like your all kids in a highschool,or the humans or demons are enslaved to the one another.I won't go into details though.This isn't any fanfic I've read,but can I still come along and help?I've got my bag,and I think Naraku is a creep,one who should be slowly and painfully killed.But,now your all probably thinking I talk too much and too fast and that I'm nuts. *gasp**deep breath**choke*"As she finished that long speech she began to breath again,and they began to stare again. "How can you talk like that without your head exploding?"Shippo wanted to know. "It's a gift."she said still trying to resume normal breathing patterns.While Kara had been babbling,the tentacle had snuck up on Sango and it got her. "AHHHHHH!!!MIROKU!!HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU NOT TO TOUCH ME THERE!!!"Sango shreiked.The tentacle,upon hearing the scream,had gone back into the bag,and Inuyasha decided it would be more fun to let Sango draw her own conclusions than to tell her the real cause. "BUT I DIDN'T!!"Miroku kept insisting,as Sango bonked him repeatedly over the head.
    You: what the F UCK
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.
  10. Cynic Kaka
    July 29th, 2010 05:47 PM
    Cynic Kaka
    Because KT has something about Nica in her sig.


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