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  1. Hall Of Famer
    April 19th, 2009 1:34 AM
    Hall Of Famer
    Thanks a lot, Lornami. So we eventually have an adult spriter, right?(lol, you're not technically an adult yet but you will in this September). Just post a thread in the staff application forum and you'll see my reply within 5 minutes. Well actually Oblivionmew is just a temporary head spriter and I have decided to carry out an official election for the head spriter spot in this summer. I will let you know more details about it when I finish brainstorming.

    And yes, your HOF-related sprites will be moved the graphics zone in order to prevent them from being stolen. The reason why I put re-direct to your PC thread is that I want more of my team members to see your PC thread and leave comments. I haven't got all of them to do that since I'm still too busy to reach everyone at this point. You will see you PC thread become a lot more popular during this summer.

    Like I said before, the Pkmn HOF forum is not simply a staff forum. Partners, contributors, supporters and even those who are not quite related to my game project can register and have fun. I really wish people all love my forum and spend some time posting in there.

    For the Misty thing, well, I think an Anime(kanto episode) and manga outfit should be enough for her. I asked Bubblewrap to make sprites for Misty's sisters Daisy, Violet and Lily, but she only makes the OW sprites. You said it in your profile that you're good at making sexy trainer sprites, so I'm sure you are interested in making sprites for Misty's sexy sisters when you have time.

    Have a good time, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you again.
  2. Hall Of Famer
    April 19th, 2009 12:48 AM
    Hall Of Famer
    Well I constantly encounter the error message "the server is busy" even in this year. Perhaps you always sign on this forum at the most appropriate time so you seldom have this problem? I dunno...

    According to my definition, being inactive means complete absence for more than a week. There are some of my staff members who are not doing work sometimes, like Cindy. The reason why I say Oblivionmew is long inactive during spring/fall semester is that I can't even find him on AIM and the forum for weeks. He did show up and make a sprite for the character Jeanette two months ago, but went inactive again until last week. Do you know what happened to Bubblewrap? She hasn't been doing sprites or pixel art for an entire semester, which makes me wonder whether she actually aspires to become an artist at all. I'm not supposed to care about my staff member's personal life but I have to find the reason why she's long absent or the other spriters will start to complain...

    And yeah, you really have a large and weird family. A few of my friends used to regard my niece as my little sister, which kinda made me upset sometimes. My eldest cousin(from my mother's side) is five years older than my youngest uncle(from my father's side). It's a good thing that they never met each other, or I dunno how funny the situation would be...

    I can see your definition of "scratch". Evil Monkey's sprite for Ash apparently doesn't belong to this column, but the sprite for manga character Yellow is pretty much a scratched work. Evil Monkey is actually capable of making backsprites, even though he's better as an OW spriter. And I don't think Misty's Hoenn outfit is going to be necessary in recent future, since we haven't actually reached Johto yet. You can still make a sprite for her if you want to, it depends on you.

    Well, the graphics zone is supposed to contain HOF related sprites only, while the rest of art work should be posted in the art gallery. I will edit the posts by my spriters and move their non-HOF related sprites to the Art gallery section. As you may have wondered, the Art gallery forum is open for the public, while graphics zone can only be viewed by Admins, mods and pkmn HOF staff members. This is a strategy we use to prevent our stuff from being stolen, even though I believe most of the people won't actually steal. Just want you to know that your HOF-related sprites will be moved to the graphics zone instead of stay in Art gallery.

    lol, I know the forum is big, almost as huge as PC(even though my forum only has around 40-50 users for now). I dunno what you mean by applying for a position since you can either apply for a staff member of Team HOF(the game) or a forum staff(the community). I can even assign you as a head spriter if you wish to become a staff for the game project lol, but I'm sure the job for a head spriter is the hardest since the management of the spriter's team has been like a mess for months. You can help me with interface graphics design as well. And yes, you need to fill in a staff application in this case, which can be submitted in my forum or the Pokecommunity game thread. If you wish to be engaged in a higher position of the forum, then it's quite necessary for you to become a little bit more active in the forum and get to know more people there. Anyway, I'd really appreciate it if you decide to apply for a position in my team.

    It's already 4:50 am so I wonder if you're still here. Anyway, have a good Sunday!
  3. Zet
    April 19th, 2009 12:40 AM
  4. Hall Of Famer
    April 18th, 2009 11:36 PM
    Hall Of Famer
    Yeah, it's fairly common to receive a message "The server is too busy" since I joined PC one year ago, and it seems to me that this issue hasn't been fixed yet. I dunno when it will be completely resolved though.

    Well you're right, maturity is more important than age for a leader. I did talk to most of my spriters before and the result was disappointing. They are either too busy to take care of a team or simply don't have any leadership skills. I'm still giving a chance to the current head spriter Oblivionmew, who seems to be an okay leader but he's only active during summer or winter break. I will probably seek for someone outside of the current Spriter's team to be a head spriter. He/she may only make 1-2 sprites per month, but he/she should have the ability to get the rest of the spriters to work. It's gonna be hard, but I'll give a try.

    I can see you being tired and busy and you had much less conversations on PC this week(you only received like 1 page of Visitor message recently). I checked out Shinjiro's profile and found out that you were babysitting your niece and nephew tonight. I dunno what your experience is with your niece and nephew but for me, well, it kinda embarrassing when someone 5-7 years younger calls you uncle/aunt. I asked my niece to call me bro when I first met her(I was only 9 by then). I have nine cousins and seven of them are at least 18 years older than I. A weird situation, isn't it?

    Well, I'd really appreciate it if you can make a few trainer sprites for me. You can make trainer sprites for Misty's sisters or orange islands gym leaders if you want to, and I won't specify a "deadline" since you're technically not in the Pkmn HOF team(so you have plenty of time to complete the sprites, and do them in your spare time). And yes, I can see trainer sprites as your specialty. I dunno what you actually mean by "scratch" but most of the sprites I need are based on the Anime or adventure manga characters.

    Besides, sprites used in fan games can be classified into five columns - OW sprites, trainer sprites, pokemon sprites, backsprites and item sprites. Backsprites are the hardest to do for some reason, and I still haven't found a spriter who can make excellent backsprites. Most 2-D sprites allow 256 colors, which is perfect for game developers and rom hackers already.

    BTW, I saw Angela and BHwolfgang in my forum tonight! I'm happy about that since I kinda realize that my forum is about to take off. I will spend some time promoting my forum in this summer, so hopefully you will be able to find more people to chat with by then. I'd like to see the Creative discussion forum being as successful as PC and Serebii's, even though it seems to be a little bit unrealistic at this moment.

    Have a good time! Don't forget to check out my forum and update your pixel art thread when you're ready!
  5. Zet
    April 18th, 2009 11:33 PM
    did you have fun?
  6. Zet
    April 18th, 2009 10:06 PM
    so how are you?
  7. BHwolfgang
    April 18th, 2009 5:48 PM
    So, I have a question.

    How did you get 9 Tier?
  8. Hall Of Famer
    April 17th, 2009 9:25 PM
    Hall Of Famer
    lol, I thought you donated twice to PC so you got both 4tier and 5tier supporter buttons. So PC charges you $2 a month? I must say this is a smart strategy to raise funds for a large and powerful website like PC. Considering the vast number of users who keep donating to this community every month, I won't be surprised if PC manage to earn more than $10000 each year from donation. It won't work for Pkmn HOF community though, and I apparently don't need money badly at this moment.

    Well spriters under 16 year old can make as good sprites as those who are over 20 years old, so this is not the problem. I have many spriters so I don't expect one or two of them to take over the majority of spriting stuff. Yes, what I want the head spriter to do is not to make huge number of sprites every week, but to inspire and motivate the rest of spriters so each of them can produce one or two sprites per week. Apparently none of those 13-15 year old spriters have leadership skills, and I dunno if I can ever find a head spriter like that.

    I understand that artists do not work in the same way as mappers and writers, and I don't wish them to work on the same things. However, this doesn't mean cooperation is not necessary. I must try to get to know them and ask them to work on the what they are proficient at. I want them to not only work on sprites, but also enjoy being a part of this team. I know it's a hard task but this is what I have to do to build a successful and well-organized team...

    Currently my head writer Morningstar is working on the custom template for my forum. I haven't heard from her for a week so I can't tell the progress at this point. Why don't you make a thread in the forum issues/site feedbacks section if you have something to suggest? BTW, it seems to me that you become much less active on pokecommunity recently, so would you mind telling me what happens to you exactly? I'm not asking for your privacy but guess it won't hurt to ask small things like this.

    And yes, it would be great if you start to become more active and attentive in my forum, where you can make a number of friends just like PC. Have a good weekend!
  9. Zet
    April 17th, 2009 9:16 PM
    ooo nice profile change <3~
  10. Zet
    April 17th, 2009 8:33 PM
  11. Zet
    April 17th, 2009 8:30 PM
    ooo any chance it was recorded? :o I want to see it
  12. Zet
    April 17th, 2009 8:26 PM
    Lorni <3 how are you?
  13. Hall Of Famer
    April 16th, 2009 7:27 PM
    Hall Of Famer
    Sounds interesting. I used to have a chance to both Turkey and Egypt in my childhood but my father turned down this idea because he couldn't stand the weather. My college is dominated by Caucasians, even though the president turns out to be a black guy. I have been to 15+ European countries so far and Monaco is my favorite(and a lot of people do). I also enjoyed the beach in Nice a lot.

    I noticed that you were a PC supporter a long time ago, just never bothered to mentioned it. I dunno what advantages you have as a PC supporter other than the emblem. It's kinda weird that you have two PC supporter buttons, and I personally have no idea how the system works and what the 5tier and 4tier stand for. I can notice your love for PC from the fact that you have donated money to this site for more than once. And yes, it's easier for people to make friends with those who share the same interest with you.

    The forum I built up for Pkmn HOF is not simply a staff forum. It's more similar to a community like PC and I have invited several friends and supporters to the forum already who don't even know anything about my fan game. I not only want to see Pkmn HOF staff members working as a team, but also enjoy being a part of this team. This is a very hard task since my teammates join the game project with different purposes. I divide Pkmn HOF staff members into five mini-teams and the team leaders will help me managing their mini-teams when I become ridiculously busy. The problem comes with the spriter's team since those spriters are all under 16 years old and none of them actually have leadership skill at all. Anyway, I dunno whether you are interested in the team management topic at all and I just intend to convey a message that being an admin of a project like Pkmn HOF is not easy...

    Well, I only request you to update your art thread constantly in my forum. I'll definitely be happier if you become more active in posting, but it all depends on you. What I'd really love to see is to get you more comfortable and familiar with some of my team members, especially spriters since you may share more interests with each other. I even asked a few of them to learn some skills from you(lol, I don't mean to steal your work). Most of my teammates are super nice so you shouldn't have problem getting along with them. BTW, you told me that you're not very happy about the style/template I'm using for Pkmn HOF forum, so would you mind giving your advice to me so I can build a better community?

    So you are going to be stuck with Exams soon? That's still much better than my situation considering I have become pretty much sleepless due to those stupid exams. I kinda feed on coffee now and I can't imagine how my life would be without it. Well, I actually do well in most of my teams, I just don't like to take them this frequently. I wish you the best luck with your upcoming exams, and you can do a lot of different things this summer after the semester is over, right? I'm going to study Ruby a little bit and attempt to become a better programmer during the summer break.

    Enjoy the weekend and get yourself some rest if you're over-exhausted. I'll talk to ya later.
  14. Hall Of Famer
    April 16th, 2009 2:32 PM
    Hall Of Famer
    Hi, Lornami! How are you doing this week? I checked your VM list and it seems that you haven't had a long conversation with anyone, so are you a little bit busy recently?(lol, don't consider me as a stalker...). Well, I'm glad that all my exams are over so I can relax a little bit(I have been sleeping like 2 hours per day). I just brought more supporters to your sprite thread and hopefully you will see more comments from my teammates.

    BTW, you mentioned that the word "iki" is from Turkish, so did you pay a visit to Turkey before or you're kinda related to this culture? Just curious, my mom used to work in Germany for years but I still haven't learned how to speak a complete sentence in German. I also noticed that you are a PC supporter. I dunno what drives you to donate money to this site, but apparently PC is like a home to you.

    Anyway, enjoy the rest of the week and I hope you are doing well in school as well.
  15. Michii
    April 15th, 2009 7:08 PM
    Thanks for the layout commennntt! =]]
    Ermmm, I've been thinking offff Michiina to go with movie twelve, Michelle (which I'm sure is taken), or something else along those lines.

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Posted June 22nd, 2016 at 12:15 AM by Nina Comments 0
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It's 2:59am, while I do admit that I stayed awake till like 2:00am on purpose, now I'm staying awake for a different reason.

There is no moral or something to this story, I just feel like telling it.

Our family always helps others in need, so when a neighbor kid of 10 years gets kicked out of his house, we suggested for him to stay here even if we don't have any room. He literally sleeps and has all his stuff in a closet. He didn't actually ask, but considering he got...

Posted April 6th, 2016 at 12:57 PM by Nina Comments 6
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Posted July 21st, 2015 at 4:10 PM by Nina Comments 5
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Or I will be, I finally gave in my two weeks notice. It went to much better than planned, my manager was excited that I was going to pursue freelance illustration!

I'm so excited about it, and I'm excited about my art classes. I wish I got more sleep last night! I'm tired so I can't really focus on writing my lessons that I want to.

:D And I need to make a blog layout.

Posted October 19th, 2012 at 5:51 PM by Nina Comments 5
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I signed up to paint little kid faces at a wildlife center tomorrow. I was like "Yeah sounds like a good idea!" in class. Then when I get home and get into weekend mode it's just like "Why did I sign up for that? Man I don't want to."

The trick is that if I want to cancel I would have to call them on the telephone and speak and stuff.


Posted October 4th, 2012 at 10:27 PM by Nina Comments 3
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I'm doing a lot better at saying No, and that's good for the social front. That might also be because it's 2AM now and I'm super tired.

But anyways, thursday nights we have Queers & Allies club and a lot of people go to IHOP afterwards (this is like 11pm). So I go with my friend and she asks if anyone needs a ride so you have three freshmen who want to go and they climb in the back seat. Horrah we get there, they sit somewhere else, and we eat.

So along the night...
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lmao, I would've cried...
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You are the W O R S
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You are...
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