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  1. IceGod64
    January 30th, 2013 05:09 AM
    I AM A is actually two options. "I AM" and "A"

    In fact, I think I've used drawTextEx before to work around the drawText problem, and forgot about it. Thanks for the help and reminder, I'll implement it when I have time.
  2. IceGod64
    January 29th, 2013 07:38 PM
    Maruno, do you have any thoughts on why using \n in the Trainer Card scene isn't working properly? It's drawing a square and not creating a line break.

    To give you a clear idea of what I'm doing, I'm adding support for a quote/saying on the Trainer Card. the line I'm using looks like this, and it's inside the textPositions array:


    the contents of oneLiner could be something like this:


    I don't know why is problem is around suddenly, older versions didn't seem to have this issue. It's worth noting that the saying appears properly in normal textboxes if used there.

    Edit: And, more properly, can you recommend any fixes to the problem? My game's font is Power Red and Green.
  3. venom12
    January 26th, 2013 12:08 PM
    OH didnt know Thanks anyway i will know for next time
  4. venom12
    January 25th, 2013 09:24 AM
    Hey yo, dont you have the file pokemon.txt without the regional numbers?

    Ok cleared it myself
  5. Luka S.J.
    January 21st, 2013 10:55 AM
    Luka S.J.
    Quote originally posted by Maruno:
    Game development is much more than just making your own fangame. It's about the process, the skill and the mindset. I think that's what's missing from the section.
    This pretty much sums it all up. It should be about personal growth in both skill and knowledge, as well as having fun and being creative.
  6. Luka S.J.
    January 20th, 2013 09:08 AM
    Luka S.J.
    They care about publicity too much, which is why the fangame "business" became such a competition. But I agree with you. Most of the fancy/unique/outstanding work are just conceptual or simple mockups. I have yet to see all those "great" features implemented. I blame this on the fact that there aren't many coders around, and not many think it is important enough for them to try to learn it. It's a shame. If all the ideas around were to be implemented, fangames would be much better. Hard to come by a fangame these days, which changed the way the game was played, or the way it worked - yet everybody conceptualizes it. If they actually admitted that they couldn't implement those ideas, and just went on to focus with the story, maps, and overall graphics, we'd have more complete games. Essentials is great in the way that it provides you with certain features, without the dev needing to do the mechanics behind them. But if you want extra stuff, you need to learn how to do the extra stuff, and put effort into doing them. Many are reluctant to do this. My deviantART inbox is swamped with numerous mockups on a daily basis, which never get done, or the project gets canceled in general. It's a shame because I saw some really good mockups. Then again, this says a lot about the developer themselves. I don't know...I like seeing the creativity around, the new stuff people come up with, but I'd also like that stuff to be done. Like you said: in the end, an average completed game trumps a beautifully conceptualized one.
  7. Luka S.J.
    January 20th, 2013 06:36 AM
    Luka S.J.
    "Automagically"...hahah...great word. Sorry for not responding before, my online presence was scarce recently. "Problem solving" has always been an issue around, and laziness was the biggest contributor to it. I know some people who are actually capable of doing the work, but are too lazy to start it, and hence look around for some other workarounds. This stuff happens around all the time though. I've been here for over 4 years now, and I've seen the same people come and go, the same type of questions popping up, the same mindsets of developers. Lol, there is a thread going around now, don't know if you saw it. Some pretty interesting issues have been brought up. But in the end, we'll all argue and argue, and then go back to the same old system. Almost nothing changes, except for Essentials lol.
  8. carmaniac
  9. DaSpirit
    January 17th, 2013 08:15 PM
    Hey. I find you really mysterious. How old are you if you don't mind sharing?
  10. seeker
    January 16th, 2013 08:04 AM
    If you have the time this evening, may I borrow you on IRC for a moment? I have something to troubleshoot with you.
  11. venom12
    January 16th, 2013 07:04 AM
    hey its me again. I saw on essentials wiki in the all animation project that there animation for pokeball when thrown. I made that animation but it dont show in battle. It is already included in essentials? Or not yet.
  12. Luka S.J.
    January 11th, 2013 08:28 AM
    Luka S.J.
    Exactly, I know what you mean. And when I say different methods of coding: I usually felt that Poccil overcomplicated his scenes, and there were quite a few classes which were a bit messy, and unpleasant. You on the other hand, seem to split your codes up into more parts, hence making them tidier. Oh and that class you use for displaying choice buttons in the battle system, is much different than what I've seen from anyone so far. Anywho, I'm quite lazy, and don't really want to do much manually, so when I'm designing my codes I try to make them automated as much as possible (unless I'm rushing or something). It is nice to have codes which take care of themselves, or create and reposition sprites on their own, rather than having to define the object, coordinates and other stuff manually (if that makes sense). I feel your codes do that too. Which is good, because they adjust themselves for different screen resolutions, or minor changes. Again, benefiting the user. If more people were interested in how the game actually works, and what makes what happen, we'd have far more coders than we do now. I think it is also the fact, that they're all making fangames in their spare time, so don't really want to dedicate too much of their free time and effort to the project. Usually the devs who have more interest end up expanding further on the engine. We actually have more and more fine projects coming along, but also have those which are a bit...meh.

    Also, I know what you mean when you have to be the guy that answers and helps out all the time, since you're developing the engine now. I still think some should first apply common sense before asking some questions. The error reports are there for a reason too. I think they make life much easier, as they show what kind of error it is, and where, and for which object (unless it is some syntax stuff). Lol, deduction would go a long way for many.
  13. Luka S.J.
    January 9th, 2013 10:37 AM
    Luka S.J.
    Hmm...interesting stuff. I do download the latest versions of Essentials, just to see what you coded, and how you coded it. I find looking at other's codes very interesting. You have a very different style to approaching Essentials then Poccil did. I was using Poccil's first version (2007) for almost 4 years, then decided to upgrade. When I tried to port my scripts over, especially the battle system, most of them were incompatible with each other. I ended up redoing everything from scratch, but so what. I find that fun. I'm still on version 7, but I expanded on it in my own way anyway.

    What I find bothersome (it puzzles me how you tolerate it on a daily basis lol), is the lack of interest in the mechanics all the "game-devs" around, have. I have seen you get a lot of questions, stupid questions, and very stupid questions throughout the years(?), I wouldn't want to put up with that. No one really bothers to read an error and say "how can I fix that". They rather ask "who can fix that for me". This is also possibly why Essentials won't really be a "community" project, as most of the community won't be able to have much input in it. I say that, as I consider essentials to be more about the code, and mechanisms, rather than fancy graphics or interfaces, and we don't have too many coders around here.

    Other than that, I think you're real nice for giving the community a "present" on a regular basis. You do good, solid work, which never disappoints. So thank you for that. You shouldn't feel at fault if you loose motivation or time for the project. It happens, and it's not a big deal. After all, it's a fangame community.
  14. Luka S.J.
    January 9th, 2013 09:16 AM
    Luka S.J.
    Haha, I wouldn't be too sure about that. Most of the good coders I know, have left the community a long time ago, and we're left with...well you saw. It is not said much around here, but I (along with several others) are really appreciative of your work. What was it that actually compelled you to take Essentials in the first place?
  15. Luka S.J.
    January 9th, 2013 04:52 AM
    Luka S.J.
    Congrats on winning the title of "Most Talented Scripter" in the MotY 2012 competition! You deserve it.

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