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  1. An-chan
    February 17th, 2009 5:08 AM
    I also haven't posted much lately. I've also started to get the feeling I'm no longer like at home in the lounge with so many new people around and the place being so quiet. That, then again, only lessens my daily post count.

    So, the corpse has gotten that far already... yay!
  2. An-chan
    February 16th, 2009 3:51 PM
    So, you're alive. That's good then.
    I'm also alive, so if you ever happen to have the time, you can poke me with a message
    Let's just see how long I will saty alive...
  3. An-chan
    February 16th, 2009 12:56 PM
    ... You still alive?
  4. An-chan
    January 14th, 2009 7:22 AM
    See? These VM's just keep getting longer and longer again... It's either a natural law or a conspiracy!

    You know, it was that opera feel that drew everyone to them... Excluding my brother but including my grandma. My brother never liked Nightwish, but my grandma always tried to give him tickets to their concert as a gift. Luckily she always asked before she bought anything, because my brother would have hated to go with her.

    Maybe I should get a trial account... Also, I think my brothers are trying to get our parents to pay for Live for them. In any case, I think I should practice a lot more before getting any trial accounts, because, as I said, I'm currently hopelessly bad player. And you sound a lot like a Live commercial xD

    A Dwarf warrior, huh. I don't know if it's because I'm so damn short or what, but I always make my game characters as tall as I can. I also often choose characters that are able to do magic. I like magic. It's just too bad that magic-wielding characters often have ridiculously low physical strength. In puzzle quest, my profession choice has destroyed me multiple times...

    Speaking of libraries, I checked the availability of the next book, Xenocide, in my local library. Amusingly, the library closest to me did indeed have the book, but it's checked out on the moment. It's been that way since 1998. Some jerk has clearly "forgot" to return it xD I doubt the book will ever return to that library... Then again, a couple of years back, while browsing through our bookshelf, I found a book my mom had borrowed from school when she was in junior high. Well, because she was in the same school as I was, I returned the book. I might as well have kept the book instead, but the look on my Finnish teacher's face when I returned it was priceless! xD

    Luckily, those parts with the battle school commanders weren't very long. They weren't as interesting, but yeah, I figure they were necessary, in a way. I didn't like the commanders either xD All grown-ups in that book were practically heartless and selfish, but I guess it was necessary for them to be that way in order to win the war. Too bad, though, that there really was no war to begin with.

    Ah, the beauty of college life. My boyfriend is also in college right now (or university? What's the difference between those two?) and he spends very little time in school. Just imagine how much fun it is to wake up around 7AM and leave to school knowing that he can still sleep for hours. Sometimes I find it highly annoying. And I still have one and a half years left I should have been born a year or two earlier, so this'd all be over by now, lol.

    I'm currently playing the bass clarinet along with my regular one. I have to admit, woodwinds are the best of all instruments there are. They might not be the best for every purpose (although, I'm kind of intrigued to try playing hard rock with only drums and woodwinds), but they produce clean sounds easier than any string instrument, sound better than brasses and more interesting than a piano... of course, my opinion might be a bit biased xD I can also play the piano and drums and very little guitar and violin. I'd probably get the hang of playng the sax pretty fast, since clarinet and sax are very similar. I don't know, though, as I've never tried.

    OMG ur so eevil dont u know mcdnalds kills babies in africa cuz there so evil?!!1 i mean comeon ur like destrying the world if u work there!!1!
    It might be evil, but their food tastes good to me. I'm not rich enough to really have very much choices when it comes to eating, and we don't have that many fast food chains in Finland. Besides, I like the hamburgers (and ice cream) of McDonalds!
    "By the way"s still crack me up, too. I think I'll never get rid of this. One day, I'll have to keep a public speech and of course I'll say "by the way" by mistake and then burst to laughter and people will think I'm insane.
  5. An-chan
    January 14th, 2009 2:55 AM
    That opera kind of feel was their trademark, the thing that separated them from the masses of bands out there... Now they've lost it, as well as half of their radio time and so on. Moreover, the new girl ain't even Finnish...

    On the moment, we don't have Live... And I wouldn't have wanted to play with you anyway, because the winner would have been totally predetermined, lol. I can't even play on hard yet! It would be a hopeless battle for me and a boring win for you xD We could take each other on with Trough Fire and Flames and I'd be out of the came in less than three seconds. It's a funny song that way.

    WoW is a scary game in many ways xD I've noticed it seems to be highly addictive. Well, I figure it would, since you have to pay for it. If it costs, then it better be good, too. I've never dared to try because I get easily addicted to stuff like that but I don't want to spend the rest of my life playing WoW. That would radically limit my chances of becoming a writer, you know. By the way, what kind of character do you have?

    In my opinion, Speaker is better than Game. The only thing Game has but Speaker doesn't is the time you spend inside little Ender's messed-up head. I really loved that and missed it while reading Speaker, but it was still a lot better. I can't even explain why... In any case, drag yourself out of the house and get your hands on that book, damn it!

    I kind of keep forgetting how I live in a very different time zone than many of the rest of you people here... Wait. You go to school only twice a week? Or do you mean you have school in the morning only twice a week? Because I have school in the morning five times a week and I spend eight to nine hours of my day in that building every damn day. On top of that, I have to start reading to a very, very important test in biology, one that practically determines if I get into university or not, and I have to practice playing the clarinet very hard because I'm leaving to Swizerland in a little less than three weeks. One might question that why the heck do I still spend so much time here... I'd go insane if I didn't let myself have any time off!
    Oh, by the way, where do you work?
  6. Blue Screen of Death
    January 12th, 2009 12:32 PM
    Blue Screen of Death
    I'm starting to get the hang of it. I switch back and forth quite often, using index on green when there are an abundance of green notes, and index on red when there are an abundance of orange notes. It gets a little tricky, and I do still miss quite a few notes, but at least I make it through the song.

    Oh, do you want a virtual cookie?
  7. An-chan
    January 11th, 2009 2:48 PM
    About Tarja Turunen... When she was kicked out of the band, it stirred up a huge media circus here. Personally I thought it was right for her, because she did become somewhat of a diva and no-one likes that. Also, I never liked her voice. However, when the new singer appeared, she turned out to be quite... bleh. Tarja Turunen had a lot more edge. I still don't like her voice very much, though.

    It's GH3, and it's for X-Box 360. I personally objected when our family was buying that console, because it really only has two or three games I'd like to play. I lost that fight and we got the console. Although, later I found out that the new Final Fantasy will come out also on 360, so it's not that bad after all ^-^' I'm still loyal to our Wii and mostly play with it. Why? It has all the games I want to play! Lately, though, I've been playing mostly with my DS.

    When we got the damn game, my brother began practicing Trough Fire and Flames right away. He played some of the careers trough first and then started to practice. He's pretty good in the game because he's played guitar for god knows how many years now and is a genius at that. That song isn't going too well yet, though.

    It really has been a while, hasn't it? I was almost worried about you! You didn't show up around PFF&P either, so I figured you're busy. I was worried something might have happened to you, or maybe Katy. My life has been pretty eaten up by the vacation ending. A lot of school work, a lot of stuff with my orcestra... It's like they're trying to take away my relaxed feeling I have from that sweet two-week vacation xD Also, I haven't been updating much. I posted the new chapter of Mama's Boy a while ago, but that was because I had written it beforehand. I also read Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead. You read Game, didn't you? Astinus can sure stir up some interest in something ^-^

    Anyway, that's pretty much what's up with me. Whenever you have time, try to pop up by MSN, all right? Talking with you is always so inspirational xD

    Edit: Lol, see how these VM's are expanding again? Soon, we'll be writing those mile-long ones again. Thrilling, ain't it? xD
  8. An-chan
    January 11th, 2009 11:28 AM
    Hey, what's up? We haven't spoken for a whi- HOLY CRAP IS THAT TARJA TURUNEN?!?! You never cease to suprise me with your Finnish stuff. You're practically half Finnish, Jeff... Are you sure you aren't?

    On another note, guess which game my brothers bought with their Christmas money? A hint: it came with a strange, white, plastic guitar-like object with five different-coloured buttons and one black switch... Oh yeah. Nowdays, I wake up to the faint sound of rock and the annoyingly loud sound of the black switch being tilted down. *tack-tack-tack-tack-tack* it goes, and there's no chance of falling asleep again. Ever. The most annoying part is that ten minutes after I get up, they stop playing

    But, yeah, what's up?
  9. Blue Screen of Death
    January 11th, 2009 5:26 AM
    Blue Screen of Death
    That seems to work. But now I have a new problem. When I move my fingers down, I keep pressing the wrong buttons (ex: yellow instead of red or orange instead of blue).But, I did find a good way for practicing hard mode. I just switch to bass, which is much easier. Or I could actually use the practice mode, but I don't seem to do that.
  10. Blue Screen of Death
    January 9th, 2009 11:55 AM
    Blue Screen of Death
    Yeah, I'm playing world tour. I will probably start hard on guitar, considering how boring bass is. I just need a little more work on getting the orange fret.

    I'd probably be playing the vocal career more if it weren't for some of the songs on there. Namely "No sleep till Brooklyn" by the beastie boys, and "Beat it" by Micheal Jackson. There are more, I just can't think of most of the names right now. I am, however, extremely good at the songs "Rooftops", "About a girl", and "Ramblin' man" on the vocals. However, I think I may sing them to well, because my mother keeps trying to make me join our church choir. I just cannot sing hymns. Well, I can, but I don't like it.

    Anyways, any tips on getting the orange fret? I could use some help.
  11. Blue Screen of Death
    January 9th, 2009 3:54 AM
    Blue Screen of Death
    Quick message, I have to get to school soon. But anyways, ummmm..... not much to say. Well, I did beat the medium career on Guitar Hero. Decided to start the bass career, which actually rather boring. Not many songs have a fun bass line.

    Oh, and guess what, I have

  12. Blue Screen of Death
    January 1st, 2009 1:42 AM
    Blue Screen of Death
    Insomnia... INSOMNIA!!! I just cannot sleep. I fell sleepy as heck, but I cannot sleep! GAH! This ever happen to you?

    And now for something completely different...


    (XP just havin' some fun)
  13. Elekid Kid
    December 30th, 2008 2:24 PM
    Elekid Kid
    hey POB, so your a man of the great slogan "KFC funeral"? i might be adding my another installment of The Quad region tournament fanfic soon, though i havnt worked on it in ages, school and all, so stay tuned!
  14. Archer
    December 24th, 2008 4:42 AM
    All Hail Buckethead. Good to see someone listens to interesting metal.
  15. Astinus
    December 23rd, 2008 9:49 PM
    um um i would like kill you but then revive you only partially so you are a zombie

    that's what would happen

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