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  1. JX Valentine
    December 2nd, 2008 3:59 PM
    JX Valentine
    Naw. No hard feelings on this end. What's up?
  2. DGexe
    December 1st, 2008 9:45 PM
    At the moment, no; I'm afraid I haven't gotten anywhere near any possible German-usage yet. This fic is going a little slower than I anticipated. But, that's still good that he's willing to help. Thanks for getting a hold of him, POB.
  3. An-chan
    November 28th, 2008 2:24 PM
    Oh holy crap. Would you mind PMing me the "code" for that point chart system you made? I really don't want to be doing all those bolds and whatnots all over again. It's troublesome enough to add the links posted by other people on the first post... Oh, and I found the missing judge: Rekhyt! The list now has six reviewers if Blue Angel is still in. Yay! Two groups, yay!
    But midifying that first post all the time... I'm starting to feel like a mini-mof or something xD
  4. An-chan
    November 27th, 2008 12:36 PM
    I kinda missed writing these super-long VMs that no-one will ever understand because we switch the subject in every paragraph. Highly amusing, old champ. I'd say. (I actually visited England once, and they talked nothing like that. I learned to say one phrase in full-English-English accent because my hostess kept repeating it while on the phone with her friends. 3/4 of the words in that phrase are not allowed on PC, so I can't tell you what it was...)

    Why would they do that? They like making up rules. Why would they be admins otherwise? They love power! There are so many rules here to begin with (which, quite frankly, I think is the reason this forum is so damn awesome), so what will one more do? Apparently, however, there was a revolution, seeing how long that limit lasted. I wonder who's really in charge now... Giovanni? Cyrus?

    If I remember right, Chainsaw Chanseys were Xanthine's invention. I think it was, but then again, I was wrong last time. This time, though, I could swear it was her. So, I say it was Xanthine.

    I took me a while to realize you were talking about those puzzles xD On those gadgets: I loved the one handy little thing that monitored processor usage (or whatever it is in English, I hope you understood :/ ), because I had some slight problems with my Vista back then. Sometimes the processor usage just jumped right up to a 100% and the whole computer was as jammed as it could ever be. It took something like 10 minutes for even the Task Manager to open so I could stop the madness. So, I kept a close eye on that gadget until I gave it away to a good home (good home=oblivion) and shed a tear to its memory. Currency converters are nice... Expecially when I was buying a whole lot of DS games a while back. I bought them all from Amazon, because I got them for so cheap with dollar being so low. It was always fun... "Let's see what my 45$ purcase costs now... Oh, only 30€! How charming!" Thus, I got my Pokémon Diamond for half the price they sell it here. But that was only fair for those suckers. I can't understand why the want to take so much money waya from people who just simply want to own good games!!1111

    Wouldn't it be better if minute was 42 seconds and an hour was, say, 54 minutes? That'd mess the whole world, including Americans, in a nice way. Think about the poor kids who just learned to tell the time with an old-school clock, and then the government goes and changes everything. That much for the pride, sonny... Hmm, it could be a part of Obama's plan, actually. You know, to shorten the hour so that people get more money from same amount of working hours. Or something. Man, I should really run for a president...

    I don't think I could ever be a fan of that series... I mean, I saw one of the books in a book store the other day and tried reading a bit from the middle. It was so sappy and so Potter-ish and so... I don't know, but it didn't seem to have any sarcasm or any other form of humour in it. Harry Potter books have the Weasleys to save the book if it becomes way too angsty *coughthefiftbookcough*... But, well, I don't really know enough to mock the Twilight series very much. I should read one of those books and then come back to laugh at them.

    Yeah, at least here we can't say "blind" or "deaf" or anything like that, it has to be "hearing impaired" or "with limited eyesight" or something like that. Now the deaf people (sorry very much for using the word, but I don't use it as an insult) people have begun to complain about the "hearing impaired", too. I don't know where this world is going... Besides, it's not like they hear what people call them, anyway. xD

    Or, maybe I could publish my books with the name An-chan! i've been trying to come up with a pen name (I think an English one would be good, because it's hard to sell books - unless they're dtective stories - with Finnish name in Finland), and wouldn't An-chan be a perfect pen name? You know, people'd be all "what's with that name? I have to read this" and I'd be famous and rich and I could never do anything in my life again. Ah, that's my dream... As for that mansion, a funny image popped in my mind. Imagine a huge mansion with a huge pool outside and a great view to open sea. There's this enormous room with redwood floors and murals and all, and in the middle of that room there'd be two chairs with two people sitting in them and playing DS... xD I think you might have meant real Pokémon fights (seeing that new fic of yours, I believe you're not telling us everything *suspicious look*), but that was the image I first had. And I think we should definiely do it xD

    Why stop writing something that's fun just because you're a real author? Heck, I'm never going to stop doodling stereotypical anime girls with school uniforms even if I was to become a world-famous artist. Nor will I stop writing stupid little poems and short stories, even if I never published them. I can just imagine how you'd review a noob's fic and tell the noob you're the author who wrote thisandthat, and the noob would be all "no ur not dont **ck with me im reporting". The only logical reaction to that would be this: ;_;

    In Diamond, I encountered a scary fisherman when my Pokémon where about lv 10. I was scared to death when I saw the guy had 7 Pokémon. I soon found out they were all Magicarps and all they could do was Splash. It was an easy fight... I felt a bit bad for those Magicarps, though :<

    I'm glad you're alive ^-^

    Yeah, I noticed. I'm going to add him soon. I also noticed you said you're not used to your new avvy... Well, me neither xD I almost get startled when I see it. "WHO'S THI- Oh, right."

    I wonder how long this VM is. This conversation is getting seriously epic...
  5. Shrike Flamestar
    November 27th, 2008 12:33 AM
    Shrike Flamestar
    Eh, I mostly choose to switch to Ubuntu as my primary just to try something different. I've been switching between Windows XP and Vista every six months or so for about two years now and was just getting tired of it all, so I decided to try something completely different. My new hard drive also helped since it finally gave me the space I need to be able to dual boot and still have all the games and such I want installed. So far I'm liking it, although some things are sort of frustrating. Once I get completely out of this whole setup phase and can run it pretty much like normal, things should settle down.

    Hmm, my qualms with Openoffice were more oriented to things such as the lack of integrated dictionary/thesaurus and, pre-3.0, a lack of a grammar check (the one it has now is still limited and not as good as Word's, though. It doesn't pick up fragments or run-ons for one). I don't know about the old versions, but the new versions have 1” margins as default, so yeah. Same with the line things, it's been working fine for me (my last post in the Lounge was written in OO and c/ped fine). It might be that it has/had problems with line skips in .doc or .docx formats, but who knows... As for the layout, eh... Coming from Word 2007 with the ribbon bar, it is sort of confusing, but compared to 2003 it's not that bad. Things are arranged differently, yeah, but that's part of adapting to any new interface. And as for formats, well, I'm used to working with tons of different formats considering all the different file types I work with. You just need to keep in mind what formats are universal (txt and rtf to an extent), what are standard (doc), and what are not (odt, OO's native format). Everything else is either uncommon or proprietary formats that are supported because that's OO's thing, it supports tons of different formats in one free package.

    Oh yeah, and keep in mind that I'm a Computer Science major and thus a big geek. I love all this stuff! :D

    Hmm, I sort of have an inability to sleep too. But with me, it leads me to look at various...abnormal stuff that is better left unsaid, and then hint at how perverted I am on forums to random people.

    I think we were all strange kids. It's like part of the progression of a good writer or something, they need to go through this phase first where their imagination is just starting to emerge, and as it isn't fully developed yet, they write all these crappy, cliched stories until they can finally think for themselves. At least, that's pretty much what happened to me... I'm just glad I hadn't yet discovered the fact that I could actually put things onto the internet myself when I began writing. I should so submit my oldest fanfic that I still have (I wrote some older ones that I no longer have, how sad) to the Mystery Pokémon Theater thing Xanthine and Astinus have going :D That fic is pretty much the very definition of a badfic, complete with super cliched character, utterly terrible writing, a plot which makes no sense at all, zero description...
  6. Metatron
    November 26th, 2008 8:57 AM
    I noticed you reference guitar hero in your signature, and have a Buckethead avy. Just a quick question: You're not one of those people who only knows buckethead exists because of that song in GH2...right? ._.
  7. An-chan
    November 26th, 2008 6:12 AM
    I'm pretty sure this is exactly why there ever was a character limit... lol, this is seriously starting to crack me up. I don't even know why. I guess I'm getting a tad too tired to think clearly anymore.

    Actually, I was under the impression it was Astinus who came up with the Sentret with flamethrowers -thingy. But, when I traced back at FFL (man, that took me long) I noticed it was actually me... I started feeling bad for using the thing all the time, because I felt I had stolen Astinus's joke. And what do you know, it was mine to begin with... That really suprised me, I can tell you!

    Oh, I messed with Vista just because I would have thrown my laptop out the window if there had been one more annoyin security "are you sure"-pop-up. I hated those, thus I got rid of them. I was also kind of fond to that clock and the nice little notepad on the sidebar (I also loved the puzzle, but I'm so impatient that I never finished those puzzles. I like jigsaw puzzled and tetris more...), but I had to get rid of them because they were bad for performance. Seriously, if you measured the time it took for the system to actually work after you've pressed the power button, I'd say it was years. Seriously. Decades, possibly. Thus, out you go, sidebar.

    A-ha! Now you got it wrong! Here in Europe and also in Asia and I should suppose in Oceania also, we go by kilos and grams and liters instead of punds and ounces and gallons. So, no unity there either. The one time I visited U.S. (my mom's aunt lived close to Boston), I was pretty lost at the grocery store. I had no idea if the tomatoes, for example, were cheap or not, because I didn't have a very good idea of how much a pound actually is. Also, we have the greatest cookbook ever (I think it's called "The Cookbook You Will Use Forever" or something), but I can't bake any brownies or cookies before I google all the amounts of flour and sugar (CUPS?! Oh, dear Loki and Sleipnir and all the gang. Luckily we have a set of real American cups...), the temperature of the oven an all that. One time I got so distracted I found myself thinking "what's 10 minutes in European time?" before I realized what I was thinking, laughed a lot and got back to baking. I like baking. I also like eating the batter or whatever it's called before you put it in the oven.

    Oh, dear. I actually want to see that movie, but it'd be mostly because of the lols I'd get from it. I'll have to wait until January anyway, so I might as well illegally download the movie and have my lolz for free. of course, that was just a joke... I doubt that my boyfriend/best friend/husband-to-be will be kind enough to join me and watch the movie. He's not into laughing at bad movies as much as I am. I mean, I'd seriously want to read the first book just to see what's all this fuzz about. However, after reading the plot summary of the last book of that series, I don't know if I want to after all. I suggest you read it too, from Wikipedia. It was like the stereotype of a mary sue story. Really. I'm not kiddin' ya. I laughed. A lot.

    Here in Finland, we don't have that many coloured people or whatever the politically correct word is nowadays (like, you can't say deaf because it's offensing. Instead, say "hearing impaired") nor do we have many racists. Finnish people are just incredibly xenofobic. Old people are afraid that the Somalian people take away our jobs and rape our women and rob our shops and beat up old people and whatnot. I've never believed in stuff like that (maybe because we had an immigrant class, one that teaches Finnish to foreign kids, in our school), but too many people do. I think I'm going to move to Japan (yeah, like they're any more open-hearted...) or some other nice place.

    I like sooooo totally completed my first fic, and it wasn't even that bad. At least, it better not be bad, because it's been three months or something since I wrote it xD However, I've been, as I said in FFL, writing since I was five or six or something. I better be good. If I'm not, I'm just going to be a depressed housewife instead of an author. No, seriously, I'm going to be the greatest Finnish author there ever was. I'm going to get all my books translated in English and then conquer the world. One day, you'll hear my real name and completely not know it's me, because I never told you my name xD Oh boy, do my visions of the future rock.

    I forgot to mention one thing about the movie Twilight, but as I'm too lazy to go back up and find the appropriate place, I'm just going to type it here. I seriously, seriously almost laughed when I saw who played the part of the Garystu-vampire boy. He's so... so... I can't find words for it, but he just really crowns the movie. He looks like a stereotypical modern vampire.

    I once played tetris for 10 hours. I was nine back then. This is a completely random note. Well, maybe it's somehow related to you being up five nights. (ARE - WERE YOU INSANE?! Well, so am I, so big deal.)

    I'm on a mood that almost begs me to continue that parody of mine. Maybe I should... Then again, I don't feel like I have the energy.

    ...And, you're still up. Isn't your fiancee worried you might die? Or get a heart attack because your heart is so damn tired? Seriously, now, POB, you should go to sleep. Well, unless you can sleep for the following two days, then it's not a big deal. I guess. At least I'm not going to be responsible if you die!
  8. An-chan
    November 26th, 2008 4:57 AM
    Holy crap that was a long message. Seriously, now. That'd really make a full chapter...
  9. An-chan
    November 26th, 2008 4:54 AM
    They just keep ketting longer! Well, now there isn't the hazard of someone stalking our conversation, because it's just too long to interest anyone xD We so totally rule PC. Totally.

    When I first started using Vista, I was pretty much furious all the time. My laptop has only 1GB of memory and that's precisely the amount Vista needs to perform correctly. Thus, when I began using this crappy OS, it was slow and annoying and just made me lose my temper all the time. Then, I practically disabled all "vista"-features: I stopped using transparent Aero, I took away half of the overly protective security system (Are you sure you want to run Sims2.exe? We here at Microsoft don't know EA games and thus think this might be harmful to you. Please start playing games produced by Microsoft. Are you still sure? Yes/No) and the side bar. Now this works just great and I'm already more in love with this than I was with XP. For some reason, though, I prefer writing with Ubuntu. I wonder why that is?

    By the way, thank god that character limit was removed. I hated it. Besides, this wouldn't be possible if it was still excistent.

    Yes, well, you people in USA are so hard-headed. Although, so are the Brits: why can't they drive on the same side all the other people do? That goes for Australia and Japan as well. But I think the most important thing is the conflict of inches and feet and centimeters and meters. I, for example, have no idea how tall I am in feet and inches. So, I have to use our friend Google to find out every time, because I can't remember something that is so irrelevant in my everyday life. Oh, and if I was driving on an American highway, I'd have no idea how long I still have to drive. Not that I could drive or even get the driver's license very soon, but anyway. Actually, I could get it already. Awesome.

    Let's face it: you and I, POB, we're both gonna be big names some day. We're gonna be the most awesomest writers ever, mind you, and when we are, this would sell well. And, also, if we're famous, some tabloid journalist is going to find this conversation and publish it. So, it's best that we make a book out of it in advance!

    The emergency number in Finland is 112. So, it's not the same. Because our number is smaller than yours, we have two days to celebrate the excistence of emergency number: 2/11 and 12/1 (of course, in Finland we write it this way: 11.2 and 1.12, which makes a lot more sense if you think about that number and all). You only have 9.11 if we write it our way and 9/11 if your way, but that's also two. Oh, bummer. Also, I believe I just revealed a conspiracy. Man, I so totally rule!

    Oohhhhh, I hate those updates, too. "Windows will reboot now. You wanna do it later?" and ten minutes after that it does it again. Oh, yippee for Windows.

    I think we're covered. My mom's cousin (born, raised and living in USA) worked at Microsoft for a long time, so maybe he can cover us. He quitted a while ago, though, and went to work for Pixar.

    Don't die, POB. Don't die. That'd not be nice. Not at all nice, I tell you. Oh, and by the way... Have you concidered the possibility that caffeine is causing your inability to sleep? xD I know, I know, I just had to say that with your remark of caffeine and all. I just had to. Sry.

    Finishing a fic is AWESOME. Really. I can promise you that. It's the most jubilant feeling ever, but with a tad of sadness just because it's over. Go for it, I know you'll finish that fic! GO FOR IT! KANBATTE!!! (e-Japanese!!!1 Wheeeeeee!) Oh, I'm also slightly tired... I guess it doesn't show, right?

    Also, you very slyly ignored my mention about your parody... I'm not pressuring you or anything, I was just curious. Besides, I have this awsome-ish idea for a parody but I'll have to see yours first so that I don't end up writing something like it. I doubt I would write something like it, though, because you suprise me quite often.

    Edit: Holy crap, you're still awake?! I can be up really late (8AM is my personal record if you count out the one night I didn't sleep at all), but sheesh, you're really... AWAKE!
  10. bobandbill
    November 26th, 2008 4:39 AM
    Two chapters a week? O_O Now that WOULD be progress... if it goes to plan that is (I get distracted easily by many things, plus beta too many fics as well at times >_<).

    Remember though not to skimp on going editing-crazy on them before posting them if you do have so much time to enjoy.

    Me - I currently have so many plot-bunnies, I don't know what to do. >_< Well, I know I'll work on my next chapter for my main fic, along with maybe getting down a small one-shot (letter-form FTW) in-between, and summerise/get parts of scenes down of a fic that has in my mind grown from a small one-shot into a many-chaptered fic at the same time as well. >_< Ah well - at least too many ideas >>>> too little ideas. But considering I have at least another 3 one-shot ideas...

    But, I will actually have some time to see to them in 3-and-a-bit weeks. Now it's school and assessments a-plenty, but then the holidays. Yay.

    Now, I must go to a somewhat familar place. I believe they call it 'sleep'. Yes. That is a fine idea.
  11. bobandbill
    November 26th, 2008 4:26 AM
    Yay :D And you're right - it HAS been too long.

    Shall review in the next few days. Until then, get started on some more writing.
  12. An-chan
    November 26th, 2008 4:02 AM
    Get Opera. Opera rulz. It works for me, at least... And the lazy bum I am, I just love the mouse gestures. They're epic win. Seriously.

    Ohh, so it is possible. And I even asked this from the shop I bought my laptop from. I'd use Linux, but it doesn't run my games, so no can do. Thus, I thought I'd install XP with the Vista this laptop already had and then I'd use them side by side. The person I asked this from said that it's not possible, so I gave up and settled for Vista. Later on, I realised that it was the best way to go anyway: it's pretty damn troublesome to try and reach the files from the other Windows. Or, that's as far as it goes Linux and Windows: you can see all the files with Linux but not the files in Linux with Windows. Well, without doing some serious hacking, that is.

    Oh, and just to be annoying: the pages we use are 21 cm x 29 cm. See, I don't use inches, so it's annoying for you. Mwahahaha... We should standardize all these systems or there'll be an apocalypse just because of Kelvin and Celsius and Fahreheit degrees getting mixed up and exploding everything. Seriously, I practically have no idea what people are talking about when they say it's 60 F outside. As far as I know, 60 is pretty damn hot. As in Sahara hot.

    We can soon publish a novel out of our VM conversation these posts are getting so long!

    By the way, (ohhhh that still cracks me up) I don't think you should feel bad about that post you wrote in FFL. You shouldn't be afraid to tell people what you think (as long as it's not flaming) and frankly, I think it was still a bit unfair from (tell me, what preposition should I use in this case? I don't really know...) her to do a post like that. I felt somewhat bad after reading it... After all, she is our god, in a way. Don't feel bad. Let's all not feel bad ^-^''

    Also, if my calculations are correct, it's more like 6 or 7AM there. I mean, are you all right? You seem perfectly sane, but I can never know when you'll suddently collapse on your keyboard because of a heart attack and I can't call an ambulance because I don't know where you live, I don't know where to call and I don't know when you'll collapse chances are you've already gone to sleep while I write this, though. That'd be a bummer, because I find this conversation highly amusing.

    What the heck, though. This is the Internet; we can continue talking about thisandthat whenever. I just hope you get over your insomnia fast enough not to die or something.
  13. An-chan
    November 26th, 2008 3:12 AM
    And why I focus on plot? I'm such a n00b with grammar that I can't really say anything about it xD Well, at least something good came out from my non-nativeity. I should also stop making up words, I think. Also, I am very plot-centered because I read so much. I have read a lot of books since I was seven, so I've really read a lot. Thus, I know what's good and original and what isn't. Sometimes when I was younger, I read bad books on purpose *coughGoosebumpscough* just because they were like parodies to me and a friend of mine. We read them out loud to each other and laughed out loud rolling on the floor, literally. It's a wonder I never got to writing parodies before. Speaking of parodies, how's yours coming off?

    I suppose your theory is right. It also explains why I get the best ideas in class xD Seriously, I invented Usa-chan and Kitsuneko AKA Susanne while at school. I was doodling in my notebook (I always do that, it helps me concentrate in listening the teacher) and I drew this stereotypical anime bunny girl. Then, it occurred to me. A stereotypical bunny girl mary sue! "What a marvellous idea, old champ," I said to myself, "I'd say!" (with a british accent of course) And then I proceeded to inventing Kitsuneko. Or Susanne. She'd kill me if she knew I call her Kitsuneko in my mind.

    I'm starting to get very lively from being so tired. This day is sure gonna be fun...

    As for that losing original fiction thingy: you had me suspecting your OS was some Windows, but then you speak about partitioning. Different Windowses don't go on same hard drive, I have noticed, so you must have tried to install a Linux. This, again, leads me to believe you are aware of the existence of Linux OS's. (By the way, did you know the guy who invented Linux is Finnish?) I don't really know where I'm going with this... But yeah, sorry to hear about your loss. I really felt like strangling my brother when he destroyed half of my files. He also killed my sims and all my bookmarks. I've yet to find some of those pages again, goddamit. I hate it when computers make it so easy to destroy and delete and kill and slaughter stuff just like that. Poof, the stuff you spent years collecting and writing and drawing is gone. Forever. Just like that.

    Also, that happened to Astinus the other day. I suggest you peek at her blog for more information.

    By the way, what size of page do you use? I mean, aren't American papers a bit smaller than our standard European A4-sized papers?

    Also, I hate Firefox. How can a session get old so darn fast?
  14. An-chan
    November 26th, 2008 2:20 AM
    My opinion?! Wow, that sure suprised me. I'm honoured, though! *grin*

    I've been planning to read your fic for quite a long time now. Somehow I just don't get it done... It seems that it's harder for me to start reading fics that are already long. But, I am going to read all your fics, mind you! I might even start today, as I don't have much stuff to do. You think I should read that old one first or that new one with only prologue?

    Also, good idea with that shower thing. I get insane amounts of inspiration in the shower, too. Mostly I come up with new insanely genious details for my existing stories, but I also get the urge to write new ones occasionally. Mostly I come up with new stories when I'm on my way from school to home. I don't know why that is, I just find walking down my home street highly inspirating. Even more so if I listen to music at the time of walking.

    That caused me to invent a story long ago. I was something like 11 at the time and I came up with two fantasy novels. One of them I managed to write for over 60 pages when my little brother accidentally deleted the whole thing. I still haven't gotten around to rewriting it, but I started writing the other one back then. I have over 70 pages of it already \o/ (Finnish has such long words it's only 35 000 words long or something. And we have bigger pages here than you do in America. Really.)

    Enough of nonsense already. If you really are going to take five showers a day, remember not to use soap or shampoo every time xD It's not good for you! Oh, and... Just how is my opinion on fics interesting? I'm just curious, I never thought my comments were very interesting...
  15. JX Valentine
    November 24th, 2008 10:32 PM
    JX Valentine
    Nah. I didn't think you were being harsh. If anything I was harsh, and I apologize for that.

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