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  1. Detox
    May 24th, 2010 8:41 PM
  2. colcolstyles
    May 24th, 2010 8:22 PM
    Wow. Thanks for pushing my 3,644 word story to the second page in favor of a conversation composed solely of three-word, homophobic remarks. :|
  3. Detox
    May 24th, 2010 8:14 PM
  4. Detox
    May 24th, 2010 8:04 PM
    ill eat you
  5. Detox
    May 24th, 2010 8:02 PM
  6. Detox
    May 24th, 2010 7:58 PM
    ur homo
  7. Detox
    May 24th, 2010 7:54 PM
    imma block u
  8. Detox
    May 24th, 2010 7:51 PM
    r u gay
  9. Detox
    May 24th, 2010 7:38 PM
  10. Detox
    May 24th, 2010 7:35 PM
  11. Pokepal17
    May 24th, 2010 12:39 PM
    Get on MSN.
    I'm back from Cali >:
  12. colcolstyles
    May 23rd, 2010 8:39 PM
    I meant to ask you this earlier but I always forget: can you access the GTS or whatever it is with your DS flash cart thing? Because I'd really like to evolve my Haunter before I challenge the Elite Four but I need to trade him in order to do that.
  13. colcolstyles
    May 23rd, 2010 4:06 PM
    Yeah. But next year is going to be awesome. Though we'll lose our best hitter and one of our better passers, the rest of our starting lineup is composed of juniors so we'll be dominant next year (not to mention that #55 on El Molino is a senior so he'll be gone). However, the year after that we're in trouble. We have a few promising freshmen this year but we're going to need the sophomores step up if they want to go far. Though I was talking with a friend of mine on the team and he said that two incoming freshmen have already signed up to play next year which means that they've most likely played before. I think things will turn out okay.

    Anyways, I have to go soon. We're having our team party today at our setter's house. Should be fun. Talk to you later.
  14. colcolstyles
    May 23rd, 2010 3:31 PM
    Heh, so much for not "spending upwards of an hour detailing all of its events."

    Thanks. It was quite an exciting match. And what a way to finish the season. Though at the same time, it's kind of sad. I mean, our season is over now. It's sad to think that I'll never play with that same group of guys ever again. I guess it's true that all good thing must come to an end.

    ALSO: Last night there was a link on MSNBC.com to this article. I think it's funny how instead of it saying "College Prep wins!", it said "El Molino loses."
  15. colcolstyles
    May 23rd, 2010 2:08 PM
    Wow. What a week for volleyball, to say nothing of everything else that happened. I don't think I have the heart to spend upwards of an hour detailing all of its events so I'll just give you a summary of what I can remember.

    On Tuesday, we played De Anza. They were the 8th seed so we obviously came into the match confident and a little cocky. However, this quickly vanished as they came out storming to, if I can recall correctly, an 11-3 lead. We fought our way back and though we ended up losing 23-25, it was a wake-up call that everybody needed. I don't think any of us (besides the seniors) realized how important these three games were going to be until our team meeting after the first game. The next game we played pretty evenly. They have this one guy who not only hits superbly, he also can pass very well and can set adequately in a pinch too. He was the main source of our trouble but after a long battle, we came out on top 25-23. We were definitely feeling better but because it was so close, we still weren't satisfied – not until the next game, that is. We came out fired up for some reason and, after keeping even for a little while, broke away. I don't remember how much we were up by (it could have been as much as 8 or 10 points) but we ended up winning 25-15, a crushing defeat for them. The next game, instead of letting our guard down like we usually do after a big win (or a win of any kind, for that matter) we came out just as strong and did the exact same time: we won 25-15. I remember that somewhere in the middle of that game, I was laughing and joking with my teammates, that's how much fun we were having. Usually, games are high pressure, intense situations and laughter is very rare. But there was this one time when our star outside hitter smashed a ball between two of the other team's passers and they just stood there. I remember that after we calmed down from the crowd's cheering and all the high-fiving, I was joking with our hitter, mocking the other team about how they just stood there looking at each other as the ball crashed into the floor between them. They didn't stand a chance.

    So after that, our coach was a little happier, seeing how we finally realized how important these games were. That was Tuesday and our next match was on Thursday. We were to play a team that we had played earlier in the season and had simply crushed. They don't have a good team but they have this one guy (whose club team I used to play on) who is really good. I think I wrote a quick summary of that game earlier in a VM where basically we focused on shutting him down. I remember how I blocked him straight down early in the game and how he couldn't recuperate from that for the rest of the match. And funnily, that's pretty much what happened on Thursday too. I'm not sure if I blocked him straight down or anything like that but we simply dominated them. We came out to like a 6-0 lead right off the bat in both the first and second games. Their star hitter got a couple of kills but after a while, he had to resort to tipping the ball over because his hits weren't working. And seeing how they were setting him a good 50% of the time, it wasn't hard to see it coming. We ended up winning in three, 25-13, 25-14, and 25-21. The last game was a little closer and they put up a good fight, probably because it finally hit them that if they lost, then their season was over. But it was clear that we were a better team (not to sound conceited or anything) and we came out on top once more. There was much yelling and high-fiving once more but once we checked the results of the other branch of the tournament, we were a little less enthusiastic after seeing that we were going to play El Molino in the championship match, a team that had defeated us last year in a five game match. They were a damn good team and, as one guy on our team was telling us, their entire starting lineup played on the same club team so they had experience unlike a lot of the other teams we had played that year. They, like many teams, had a star outside hitter but they also had a bunch of good defenders too, not to mention a solid block that we would run into trouble with quite often. We did our best to advertise the game (and the preceding barbeque) on Friday because we realized that we were going to need all the support that we could get in order to stand a chance.

    The team gather at school at 3:00 to have our typical, pre-game pasta feed. We had been having pasta as a team for the past two weeks because the games were at 7:00. That way we would actually have some energy left for the games as they would be around the time that we normally would be having dinner. Anyways, so we had some pasta and I brought drinks and snacks. We went out to the "gully" on our campus to play some croquet (no joke) before returning around 5:15 to get prepared for the barbeque. I was a little cared because not many kids showed up to the barbeque but these fears would later vanish when I heard hundreds of people screaming in my ears as I went back to serve late in the match. As for the pre-game warm-up, everything proceeded very smoothly until I started to develop stomach pains. I tried to go to the bathroom but because there so many people in line, I didn't get a chance because I didn't want to miss too much of our warm-up. I figured that it probably wasn't so bad and that the fact that I was so nervous was exacerbating it. After drinking some Gatorade, I was feeling a little better. We went through the usual pre-game stuff, where the head of our sports department announced the lineups and general stuff. The thing is, he has such a heavy Nigerian accent that nobody, not even the people who had gone to my school for four years, could understand what he was saying. We were able to make out enough to get by though we could see the other team struggling to catch anything at all. After having the starting lineups announced and looking at the American flag during the national anthem (something that we had to do for NCS playoffs) we shook hands with our opponents and got ready to begin.

    Now, it's a little hard for me to remember exactly what happened. It's funny: I was so immersed in the game yet that's the reason why I don't remember much of it. I guess I was just focusing so much on each individual play that I didn't remember what had happened on the last play. I'll do my best though. We came out very even which was very reassuring because I had never seen them play before (though I quickly recognized many of the players from a club team that I had played in the Fall) and I was afraid that we would be clean swept 3-0 in front of our huge crowd. However, we played pretty evenly yet we slowly managed to pull ahead, a point here and a point there. We won the first game 25-20, a pretty solid win against the number two team in NCS. This was even more reassuring because, to be completely honest, going into the game I thought we were going to lose. But after that win, I realized that we could win if we really played our hearts out. Sadly, that's not what we did in the second game. We played them pretty evenly at first but not too far into the game we got stuck in one rotation that we just couldn't get out of. They went on a long streak and my coach had to use two timeouts just to get us out of it. By the time we managed to side out, we were down 8-18. Let me tell you, being down by 10 points is ridiculous in volleyball. We actually managed to make something of a comeback late in the game but we all knew that it was over already. We accepted our loss and started preparing for the next game. Now, at this point things get a little fuzzy. I don't really remember what happened in this next game. I know that I, personally, played like crap though. We tried running a 3 (a quick set but about 8 feet away from the setter so there usually isn't a good block up) and I ended up screwing it up badly. I also missed a key serve which could have led to a decisive victory. After missing that 3, our captain (a senior) came up to me, looking me in the eye, and gave me the obligatory, "It's okay, just shake it off" speech. I'm so used to this that it doesn't even affect me anymore but when he said it, I know this sounds cheesy, it hit me that we had to win this game. It was his last game of his high school career and if we won it, it wouldn't be for us, it would be for him.

    So I picked myself up (quite literally actually as I had ended up on the ground, slamming my hands on the court in frustration) and started playing a little better. I eventually left the court because of our rotation but when I came back on again, I was fired up. I realized that I had to play all out and leave nothing on the court for Cole and Ethan, the two seniors on the team. I played much better that time around and when I went back to serve, we were up something like 21-20 or something. Now, I like to think that I've got a pretty good serve. It's not one of those jump serves where you smash the ball as hard as you can at the other team. It's a low floater that sails just over the net and, for some reason that I don't actually know, it's hard to pass consistently. Long story short, with me serving we went a 4-point run to win the game 25-20. One of those points was an ace (where either the ball hits the ground without anybody touching it or the pass is so bad that none of the other players can get to it. So that made me feel good, not only because I played well but also because of how happy our captain looked. We were now up 2-1 but we understood that the match was far from over. We knew that after a loss, they were going to come out fired up and itching for revenge. We have had trouble with keeping our energy and momentum from game to game after a win and it showed in this match, not only in the second game after we were handily beaten 25-15 but also in the fourth match. I think we actually played pretty well but they just kept setting #55, their star outside hitter who time and time again smashed the crap out of the ball. No matter how good our block was, it would always go sailing out of bounds and they'd get the point. The only time we could progress was when he was back row but even then, their other outside hitter was not too shabby himself and he always challenged our block. After struggling for a while, we dropped the game 19-25.

    It was now about 9:00 and I could tell that everybody, our team, El Molino, even the fans, was exhausted. Though despite this, the crowd was roaring just as deafeningly as ever. I swear, when the other team had called a timeout at various points throughout the match, our fans would yell so loud that I literally could barley hear my coach in our huddle. We have this one guy who is dedicated to yell "Prep on three! Prep on three! One, two, three... PREP!" and we chose him because he's the loudest guy on the team but I couldn't hear him as he was bellowing out our cheer. I had to go by his bodily motions to judge where in the sequence of the cheer he currently was. It was insane.

    So we switched sides in preparation for the fifth and final game. You could feel the tension in the air. I mean, this was it. As hackneyed as it is, this was it. Now or never. The entire season and all of our practices had prepared us for this moment. At least, that's what our captain told us during the break. Well, what he tried to tell us. I could only pick up a few sentences because of the blaring crowd behind us. After meeting with the referees, our coach returned to our circle and informed us that we were going to switch up our rotation a little. This came as quite the shock. Sure, we had just lost but why would be change our rotation when it had worked so well for the entire season? We ended up keeping the same positions but we started off rotated two rotations more than normal. For example, I usually start off each new game in the left-front position but for this game I would start off in the right-front position. Our coach said that he was doing this so that I would be the first server. He realized that my serve was particularly effective against them and wanted to get an early lead. So we did our usual cheer and then ran out onto the court. After winning the first point (they had won first serve), I went back to serve... and promptly missed my first serve. You can't possibly imagine how terrible that felt. At the start of the third game, our outside hitter (not the captain) had missed his first serve and I remember thinking to myself, "That's the worst way you could possibly start a game." And then to do exactly that – oh man, it was awful. From the moment it hit my hand, I could tell I had screwed up. It hit off my thumb instead of my palm and landed unceremoniously in the net. I left the court dejected, to say the least. We then proceeded with the game, staying fairly even. Both sides were playing all out and we went back forth for a while. By the time I came back in, the score must have been something like 5-4 or something. We traded points again and it was 8-7 when I went back to serve. Because the fifth game only goes to 25 points, getting to 8 points first is usually a good sign. I was feeling pretty good yet very nervous because this was my chance to redeem myself. Not only that, but they took a timeout right before I went back to serve in an obvious attempt to ice me. I forget exactly how the points played out after the timeout but I know one thing: I finally got my serving right. We went on a little streak which would put us ahead 11-7 before it ended. I got an ace on one point felt amazing because the crowd went insane. And then there was another play where El Molino's main outside hitter smashed a ball and it hit off one of our passers' arms and went sailing out of bounds. I chased the ball and managed to get underneath it. Now, I'm a pretty crappy defensive player to be honest. My job mainly entitles hitting and blocking so I can usually get away with not being the best passer on the court. Anyways, because of the way the ball was traveling, I was only able to get one hand out. I made a fist with that hand and swung at the ball. I don't know what I did and maybe it was just the adrenaline (which there was plenty of, let me assure you) but the ball went sailing up into the middle of the court. We managed to get the ball over, which was a feat in and of itself. However, they got the easy pass and set it to their outside hitter who crushed the ball... right into our awaiting block. As the ball hit the floor on their side of the court, the crowd, once again, went insane. My friend told me that when he saw me going back to get the ball, he though, "Ah crap, looks like we've lost this one" and how amazing it was that I, of all people, actually managed to get it back up and into play.

    Anyways, after that I missed my next serve which was disappointing but not all that bad because we were still up 11-8. However, El Molino then proceeded to go on a run and tie the game up 11-11. We then traded points evenly until it was 14-13, at which point I came in. My coach subbed in one of the rookies for our other middle hitter who was serving and he served the ball. They got the pass as it wasn't a very hard serve. I could tell that he was just trying to make it in, to not screw up in this high-pressure situation. Anyways, so they made the easy pass and as I watched the setter, it was obvious what they were going to do: they were going to set #55, their madly skilled outside hitter. I cheated over to the outside and sure enough when the ball left the setter's hands, it was heading right for #55. Me and our outside hitter waited and then jumped. We gathered all the energy we could possibly muster and shoved our hands over the net as far as we could have. Number 55 swung and ball made a resounding crack as it hit his hand. I don't remember actually seeing the ball's trajectory from that point on. All I remember is hearing it hit my fellow blocker's arms and pounding into the ground on El Molino's side of the court.

    The rest was a blur. My fellow blocker came down from the block and was met by the rushing crowd. The bleachers emptied in no more than 15 seconds as all of our fans charged onto the court. I've seen this happen dozens of times, most recently at the NCAA championship match a couple weekends ago between Stanford and Penn State, but to be one of the players out there on the court, to be nearly trampled by your own fans, is really something. We were all jumping up and down, with our hands in the air making a #1 sign with our index fingers. The screaming, the hugging, the fist pumping. Oh man, it was incredible. I really don't have any words capable of describing it. But to feel like you're a part of something, to feel like you've contributed to something huge, is just an unparalleled feeling. I hope that at some point in your life you get to experience it for yourself. As my coach said afterward the match, you'll remember that moment for the rest of your life.

    After shaking hands with the other plays and an award ceremony, we had our final meeting outside the gym in our usual spot and congratulated each other. We went out to disperse amongst the crowd and talk it up with our fans. There was more hugging and general craziness. Again, I really can't describe the environment in the gym that night. You simply had to be there. The tension had been building for two and a half hours and our fans were ecstatic. The El Molino guys played great and it was definitely a match that I'll remember for the rest of my life. I'm just happy that we were able to win it for our seniors. They really deserved it.

    You should realize that if I really wanted to, I could have written a summary at least two times the length of the summary of our league championship match that I sent you last week just about that last match against El Molino. I have also remembered a bunch more details about the entire thing, like how the referee gave the other team a point after one of our players allegedly didn't serve in the 6 second period that you are usually given. However, I'm hungry and my dad's making french toast and I just don't have the energy. I could barely talk after last night's game because I was yelling so loudly (and often) and I woke up this morning almost unable to move my legs. 5 games is a lot of volleyball, especially when they were all so intense, and I'm totally beat. I don't really want to proofread this summary either so you'll probably find a bunch of mistakes in it but I don't really care. I'm just so happy. My sister told me after the game that, "it was like a Disney movie except that you didn't know how it was going to end." And honestly, some of it didn't feel real. The guy who made the winning block said in our post-game meeting that he couldn't tell if this was a dream or if it was real. It was really something.

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