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  1. Chibi Robo
    May 16th, 2010 05:32 PM
    Chibi Robo
    But I has important stuff to show D:
    ( I'll use a pm then >: )
  2. colcolstyles
    May 16th, 2010 05:28 PM
    Yeah, I'm leaning more towards Black too. Though this is the first time I have really had to put some thought into making the decision between the two games. I'm afraid that people will perceive me as a racist if I choose White. :\ (not that many people will be seeing me play Pokémon for that matter, though)

    Yeah, it's all Harry's fault. >:(
    Good. I'd be happy to hear your opinions. ^_^

    I couldn't disagree more with that last sentence but sure, we'll see.
  3. Chibi Robo
    May 16th, 2010 05:26 PM
    Chibi Robo
    msn now go
  4. hashtag
    May 16th, 2010 03:14 PM
  5. Chibi Robo
    May 16th, 2010 01:56 PM
    Chibi Robo
    then msn boi
  6. colcolstyles
    May 16th, 2010 01:37 PM
    What about in Florida? Aren't Cubans more prominent there?

    I'm sure I've mentioned most of them throughout our entire VM history and all of those MSN conversations. But if you want one, here's something I just figured out: the only way to get a Breloom that knows Spore is to level up your Shroomish all the 54/45 (54 in R/S/E/FR/LG and 45 in D/P/Pt/HG/SS) until it learns Spore and then evolve it. You can't teach it via the Move Relearner or any of that stuff.

    I see they finally have the Pokémon Black & White forum up and running. Are you planning on buying one of them?

    ALSO: Don't send any more VMs that would prompt a response, okay? The next time anybody VMs you, it's going to knock my story onto the second page. :'(
    ALSO2: I made a thread!!
    ALSO3: I just check the standing for NCS and, believe it or not, we came out on top! We're #1! Like, literally! Funnily, our rivals who we played on Friday are ranked 6th. :O
    A couple other teams from our league made it to the top 8 too but the most important thing is that El Molino is ranked 2nd. However, because of the organization of the tournament, this means that El Molino will play our rivals in the second round of matches before they play us, provided that we all win in the first round, of course. In one way, that's bad because I really wanted to have another go at our rivals and show them that Friday's game was a fluke but at the same time, I'm a little scared that it wasn't and I wouldn't want to lose to them again when it really mattered.
  7. TB Pro
    May 16th, 2010 11:46 AM
    TB Pro
    is me
  8. Chibi Robo
    May 16th, 2010 10:49 AM
    Chibi Robo
    *just missed Jakey*
    wakeup pl0x
  9. colcolstyles
    May 16th, 2010 09:08 AM
    You know, normally I'd get mad at you for assuming that they're mexican but I do live in California so I guess I can't really blame you. Though while we're on the topic of Hispanics and volleyball, for some reason Puerto Ricans are really good at it. My mom says it's because genetically, Hispanic people mature earlier than caucasians so there's a period of time in which they're taller, can jump higher, and hit harder. However, once the white people mature, they're statistically taller on average so they don't do as well in the older age groups. [/fun-fact-#183]

    NCS stands for North Coast Section. I honestly don't really know what areas it includes but according to this map, it's comprised of most of the northern coast, as you might have guessed from the name. :O

    You haven't seen The Hangover? You need to see it. Knowing you and your sense of humor, I think you'd really enjoy it. Just be sure to go see it with a bunch of other people. It makes any comedy more funny.
  10. derozio
    May 16th, 2010 08:22 AM
    Why tattoo it? It would pain a lot, wouldn't it? ;~;

    But spriting has got nothing to do with the GFX I'm talking about. It's verrrrry easy. I've never even tried spriting, tbh. xD;
  11. derozio
    May 15th, 2010 10:48 PM
    It means truth, huh? A great meaning, IMO. <3

    You haven't tried your hands at graphix, have you? >__>
  12. colcolstyles
    May 15th, 2010 09:14 PM
    xD @ quote

    Well I don't really know but I always hear the guys talking about El Molino High School. From what I hear (I wasn't on the team last year, obviously), we went to the championships in NCS and played against them. Unfortunately, we had to play all the way out in El Molino so the guys were worn out after having to drive for 2+ hours just to get out there. Apparently we took them to five games and then lost in the fifth game, just like yesterday's game. So I guess they're our main competition. Though I'm sure that there will be other good teams to play before them, including our rivals possibly.

    I'll take that as a compliment, so long as it's not a sexual turn on.

    That's what I thought but then they promoted Spherical Ice.

    You'd think that they would see them but apparently they don't. Maybe if I had posted the really long ones (the ones that I reserved for PMs because of length and some private details) on your profile, I could have increased my chances. But you know, come to think of it, I'm not sure if I even want that emblem. I guess that when it comes down to it, I just want someone to notice me.

    Okay, I have to go now. My dad and I (plus my sister who just got back from college) are all watching the Hangover. Talk to you later!
  13. colcolstyles
    May 15th, 2010 06:41 PM
    Haha. Yeah, I didn't check the clock but I'd guess that it took at least a half an hour, probably more like 45 minutes. I like to think it was worth it.

    So did I, honestly. It was disappointing, especially seeing how we had so many fans. They were so dedicated that they stayed there until 10:30 just to watch us lose in the final moments. I hope that when the guys make an announcement at assembly on Monday, they thank the fans. I really mean it when I say that we couldn't have done as well as we did without them.

    I sure hope we can turn this defeat into motivation for next week. Of course, we'll have to beat some other teams before there's even a possibility that we play them. Hopefully our desire for revenge won't wear off before then.

    I dunno. My coach said that he gets to send an argument for why we should be #1. I don't think we will but I'm pretty sure we'll get second, unless we really get screwed over by the committee or whoever decides the seedings.

    Well, that's just not fair. I mean, in order to respond to that story with an equal length post, you'd have to comment on pretty much every sentence. And honestly, I wouldn't want to read it. I'm always pleased by the fact that you actually take the time to read my ramblings. I don't get an audience very often so when I do, I tend to abuse the opportunity.

    I think the reason that I haven't gotten the emblem is because 1) I'm not friends with any staff members (unlike you) and 2) I don't post in Other Chat and those types of forums. From what I can tell, that's where you have to post in order to get noticed by staff members. I mean, when was the last time you saw a non-Emulation moderator post in ROM Hacking? Hiroshi Sotomura is the only one who visits at least semi-regularly. Luke used to come to check on his thread but that's about it. Though when Thrace and I were talking about being a moderator, he said that if I wanted to be a moderator I should log on to PC's IRC chat thingamajig. I think that if I did that, I'd probably get noticed by some of the staff and then they'd give me that emblem. But, meh.
  14. colcolstyles
    May 15th, 2010 05:17 PM
    Once is enough. :P

    Well, it was a pretty exciting game, if not for the fact that it was the playoff championship match then for the fact that that they were our rivals. As I've probably already mentioned, we had beaten them twice before, once in an exhibition match and once in league. We finished first in league with them in second. I guess you could say that we were "expected" to win seeing how we had beaten them before but we were very closely matched so the possibility of defeat was not farfetch'd. Anyways, I was skeptical as to whether we would have many fans because the game was to start at 8:00 PM and it was at this school that is pretty far away from where most people who go to my school live. However, we had quite a huge amount of fans, probably roughly the same amount as we had last time, which is pretty impressive given the time and location of the game.

    Anyways, so we played them and to say that it was intense would be in contention for the understatement of the century. We came out strong in the first game but it was very close for about half of the game. Somewhere in there, though, our offside hitter came down from a block and sprained his ankle, the same thing that had happened to me two weeks ago. He had to come out which was a huge loss. He's a pretty good player and all but what he really brings to our team is energy. He always gets fired up after every kill or block we get and I think that his presence on the court is what contributes to a lot of our motivation when we get down, as we certainly did in this game at times. And that's not to say that he isn't a good hitter, too.

    After he came out, we strangely went on a long a streak and with it we carried ourselves to a smashing victory 25-15. We were feeling pretty good because I think with Jacob coming out due to his injury, some of us were scared that we wouldn't be able to beat them without him (well, at least I was). It was awesome to not only come out on top, but also to completely crush them in doing so. However, we have a bad habit of getting overconfident after a big win. We can usually get away with it given the caliber of teams that we play. Unfortunately, we did it yesterday in the one match that we couldn't get away with it. We came out far less energetic in the second game and it cost us big time. After a long and hard-fought battle, we ended up losing 25-22. It was a wake-up call for us because I think we had gotten really cocky about beating our rivals so badly in the first game. We tried to talk about how we couldn't lose our focus and how they were going to come out fired up after their loss in the first game but, sadly, just saying it doesn't really help.

    So we had another talk in-between the second and third games and, walking out onto the court, I felt pretty good. I thought that we could, just as they had, use our loss to pick ourselves up and push on to victory. Then, with two losses, hopefully they would crack under the pressure of being one game away from defeat. However, they did precisely what we should have done after beating them and they came out just as fierce as they had in the second game. We put up a decent fight but, again, it wasn't enough and we ended up losing 25-20. By the end of the game, we had realized that we were going to lose and, despite a late game comeback, I could tell we were all thinking not about the current game and instead on what we had to do in the next game. We accepted our second loss and sat down to prepare for the fourth game. We were all tired because it must have been 9:30 by this point and it was Friday so we were worn out from a long week, especially us juniors because we had a big History test that day (and I, in particular, also had to take a Spanish test, a Biology test, and I had to turn in an English paper). We all realized that it was now or never because, with two losses, a single mistake could cost us the entire match and, consequently, the playoff championship and possibly our #1 seed in NCS.

    As you can imagine, we mustered up every bit of strength we had and we entered the fourth game as pumped as we could possibly be. I think that if it weren't for our large fan base, we would have been swept cleanly 3-0. My dad even managed to make. He has a trial going on in San Diego right now and he's down there Monday through Friday every week these days. I only really get to see him on the weekends. However, he was supposed to fly back on Thursday night but he got held up at trial and had to stay until Friday. It was possible that he might miss yesterday's game but luckily he was able to get out early enough to see us play. Anyways, so we came out fired up. I don't remember much of the exact details of the game but it was a real nail-biter, as I'm sure the fans will tell you. It was very scrappy but we managed to come out on top, 25-23. It really came down to the wire and there were a number of times when we thought we were finished. For example, our energy quickly faded when, not too long into the game we were already down 11-4. A seven point deficit is huge in any sport but it's particularly devastating in volleyball, especially when you're down two games to one. Yet somehow we managed to pull out a victory and we switched sides for the fifth and final game.

    This was our first time ever going to five games and it could definitely show. We were all exhausted from not only the physical strains put on us but also all the yelling. It was late, past 10:00 by this point, and the fans were restless. I can't really describe the atmosphere; you really had to be there to sense the anxiety and tension. Again, I don't remember exactly how the game went as I found myself not thinking long-term but instead about how to win each and every point individually. But one thing I do remember was coming out pretty weak and quickly falling 3-0. We came back with some good plays to get it pretty close and we kept even for a while. You should note that in the last game we only play to 15 as opposed to 25. Anyways, it was a very tough and hard-fought match but we eventually found ourselves down 14-9. One mistake and the game was over. I can't remember what happened on the next play but somehow one of our hitters wound up without any blockers when he was set. Usually there's at least one and most of the time two. It's my job as the middle to convince the middle blocker that the setter is going to set me so that he jumps with me and then can't get out in time to block the outside hitter. However, somehow all of there blockers got stranded in the middle when the ball went sailing out to our outside hitter who, quite literally, bounced the ball. 7-feet, I swear to God. If a hitter can hit the 10-foot line, it's considered an amazing hit but our guy hit before the 10-foot line. The crowd went insane. We were still down 14-10 but we were feeling a lot better after our outside hitter's awe-inspiring hit. The ref had to yell at the onlookers to quiet down for our serve because they were being so loud. So we served and we won the next point somehow. Again, I was too immersed in each and every movement to remember much. It was then 14-11 and we were getting more excited with every point (and the crowd was just as animated as we were). We served and, after the pass, they set it to their star hitter who's at least 6'8" and . He went up and, as I went up to block, I knew that one mistake and everything was for nothing. I jumped and shoved my hands as far over the net as I could. The ball hit his hand with a resounding crack... before sailing directly into my hands and then straight down towards the floor.

    Once again, the crowd went bananas.

    Now, I'm not usually a very animated person. In fact, I have a reputation of coming down from a kill and being totally calm and emotionless. However, I used this chance to get every pumped and I think the fact that I, of all people, was yelling "BOO-YA!" meant something. I mean, it seemed like the ball hit the ground harder than he had hit it, that's how awesome it was. It was now 14-12 and we were as pumped as were every going to get. With my block and our star hitter's kill, it seemed like nothing could stop us. Boy, were we wrong. We served and they set it to their other star hitter who smashed a ball at one of our defenders. The ball crashed into our passer's arms and went flying off out of bounds. One of our guys chased it down and managed to get it up and back on the court but, sadly, it wound up in a spot where we couldn't get it over. Another guy got to the ball and did the best that he could to pass it over but it passed outside the antenna and the ref blew his whistle, signaling the end of the play, and consequently the match. The other team's fans, who weren't in short supply, leapt up and ran on to the court to join the players who were hugging each other, screaming all the while. It was a sad loss for us, especially after how hard we had fought to stay in it, but at the end of the day, I believe that they outplayed us. Their defense was phenomenal throughout the entire match, to say nothing of their hitters. With four of the best hitters in our league, it's no wonder they were able to put so much pressure on our defense, which, unlike theirs, began to fall apart as the game wore on. We shook hands with them and then had a long post-game chat about how we need to use this loss to improve in certain areas and come out even better next week, when we might play them again.

    Anyways, by the time I got home, it was past 11:00 and I got some soup before falling asleep still in my uniform, too exhausted to change, let alone write up a report. I'm still sore and tired; it was such an intense game. Hopefully we'll get the chance to play them next week so we can get our revenge.
  15. derozio
    May 14th, 2010 10:18 PM
    Really? And I thought that it might have some really different or...umm, weird meaning. xD;

    Yeah, and that's probably why I never bother about pronunciations. xD;

    Same here. ;D
    BTW, do you make gfx? :o

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