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i don't do too much talking these days

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  1. Ausaudriel
    2 Days Ago 9:21 AM
    these days I seem to think a lot
    about the things that I forgot
    to do
    and all the times I had
    the chance
  2. Achromatic
    3 Days Ago 6:04 PM
    you <3
  3. Johnny
    4 Days Ago 3:05 AM
    Haha, I was working at two different places at the time, I think that must be one of the reasons I stopped playing :p But yeah, I'm gonna finish it now since the story seems pretty cool and ever since I finished the AA series I've been looking for visual novels and this one always appears in recomendations.

    I actually loved Inglorious Bastards, later on I realized my friend's bad taste on movies haha
  4. Johnny
    4 Days Ago 2:53 AM
    I've been playing it again since we spoke. It seems I got stuck in some part of the game and never played again haha.

    Oh yeah, now I see. (Can't believe I spent a whole year without watching this movie because a friend told me it was bad)
  5. maccrash
    4 Days Ago 7:44 PM
    omfg i am so excited. i've posted at least three in the past from this movie, i'll make it 4 either tonight or tomorrow bc my phone is all the way over there and i Can't Do This
  6. maccrash
    4 Days Ago 7:34 PM
    pls show them to me if you find any. i might post a still from rushmore on instagram tonight for no reason personally
  7. maccrash
    4 Days Ago 7:27 PM
    I HAVE SEEN THAT AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH. that is one of the most perfect scenes of all time. i'm falling apart
  8. Johnny
    5 Days Ago 9:32 AM
    Haha same, actually! I'm using it because a friend told me I looked alike the character after I shared a pic. I've only played the first one through half of it. I'll finish it one day.

    What's yours from? I can't distinguish; either my eyes are tired of this screen is too small.
  9. Johnny
    5 Days Ago 10:10 PM
    Hey! How are things on the mall's side?
  10. Nah
    6 Days Ago 5:19 PM
    oh muk I actually got it right?

    and thanks =)
  11. Eleven
    1 Week Ago 11:12 PM
    I KNOW

    I am so excited to use it now 8)
  12. El Héroe Oscuro
    1 Week Ago 7:32 PM
    El Héroe Oscuro
    Bloodborne was by far Game of the Year for 2015, I don't care what anyone says <3
  13. Cay
    1 Week Ago 9:59 PM
    hella late but i was practically screaming at Dont Hurt Yourself haha. that, kitty kat, and end of time were definitely my favorite moments of the night. plus the formation opening was crazy. feeling myself was really cool the way she did it too.
  14. Nina
    1 Week Ago 6:25 PM
    YAHHH 25 CLUB!!
  15. Cay
    1 Week Ago 11:42 AM
    i saw beyonce last night. you were right. i am SHOOK


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Posted July 9th, 2016 at 10:29 AM by Jaehaerys Comments 0
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My Pokemon Experiences:
Pokemon and Love

I: The Boy Who Accidentally Introduced Me to Pokemon
Girl is 8 years-old. Girl goes to daycare where she meets a boy named Tommy. Tommy is cutie who currently likes two things: Pokemon, and a girl named Jessica. Unfortunately, my sad little clay animals I made during art weren't enough to entice him, so I decided to get his attention another way: impress him with my Pokemon knowledge. I went home one weekend and started watching the

Posted June 6th, 2016 at 7:50 PM by Jaehaerys Comments 2
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Progress has been made~

I scrapped the idea of a gear pattern on the corset & think I may just stick to doing something more busy and elaborate like that on the pants and keep it more simple (ish) on top.

My next plan will be to work on the pants, the top hat & goggles, and the shoes. The final step will be a hairstyle and doing something funky with my makeup.I'll probs be crying over makeup tutorials because I really want this to look cool, but I'm SO bad...

Posted June 2nd, 2016 at 8:28 PM by Jaehaerys Comments 0
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Woah, hey there o/

I'm finally getting around to creating a cosplay I've wanted to make for a couple of years. I wasn't quite sure of all the elements, and I'm still not, but I thought it would be fun to share my progress as I figure it all out and craft it!

I don't think I'll be making it to any cons until early next year, so luckily I can spend a little more time on this and experiment with techniques/accessories until I find something I like. My last cosplay was...

Posted February 17th, 2016 at 4:34 PM by Jaehaerys Comments 4
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Woah, hey there! Didn't realize I had a blog :x So yes, it looks really bare and boring for now, but I'll get around to sprucing it up......eventually.


I decided I wanted my first entry to be about my animal crossing designs! I had a lot of fun making outfits for my character, Obara (she's named after the book Obara, not the embarrassment that was show Obara) and wanted to get back into it. I've been sick in bed for a few days and thought now would be a great time...
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Originally Posted by MUDKIP!!!
Wow you really got the
Posted June 7th, 2016 at 3:21 PM by Jaehaerys Jaehaerys is online now
Wow you really got the...
Posted June 6th, 2016 at 7:54 PM by CUTIEFLY!!! CUTIEFLY!!! is offline
Oh you play Animal Crossing??...
Posted February 20th, 2016 at 9:43 AM by Mawa Mawa is offline
Originally Posted by Kirby
Posted February 19th, 2016 at 5:07 PM by Jaehaerys Jaehaerys is online now
So cool!
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