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  1. Toasty Woodman
    December 30th, 2010 5:12 PM
    Toasty Woodman
    Progress for the Gound/Water Duel type challenge for emerald, Gym 5

    My Pokemon:

    Sandslash: Lv. 33

    Norman's Pokemon:

    Spinda: Lv. 27
    Vigoroth: Lv. 27
    Linoone: Lv. 29
    Slaking: Lv. 31

    Norman: Uhm... You only brought one Pokemon?
    Me: Yup :D
    Norman: Uhmm....
    Me: Well, I've trained the heck out of him since I got him. He can do it.
    Norman: Ok....

    *Sandslash uses a combination of slash and dig to take the first two down, but Linoone belly drum/slash's him out*

    Me: Woah.
    Norman: Told you so.

    My Pokemon (Second try)

    Sandslash: Lv. 33
    Swampert: Lv. 39

    His Pokemon... the same ones.

    Me: OK! Now it's fo shizzle!!
    Norman: Goddamit, I did NOT raise a WIGGER!!!

    *Sanslash cuts through the first two Pokemon*
    *Linoones technique leaves Swampert damaged heavily before it faints*

    Me: No worries, I'll just use a Super pot-

    *No Super Potions in bag*


    *Slaking finishes Swampert*

    Norman: HA!
    Me: SHUT UP DAD!!!

    (Third attempt)

    Me: OK!!! I got some potions now. UGH THIS IS TAKING FOREVER.
    Norman: ... Boy don't make me whip out my BELT.

    *Sandslash takes the first three pokemon (I got a couple extra critical hits in xD)*
    *Swampert takes Slaking*

    Me: HA! Your son is BETTER THEN YOU!!
    Norman: ...I have no son.
    Me: Dx
  2. Toasty Woodman
    December 30th, 2010 12:44 PM
    Toasty Woodman
    Progress for the Gound/Water Duel type challenge for emerald, Gym 4.

    My pokemon:

    Swampert: Lv. 37

    Flannery's Pokemon:

    Numel: Lv. 24
    Slugma: Lv. 24
    Camerupt: Lv. 26
    Torkoal: Lv. 29

    Me: Ok, let's make this quick. I need you badge to catch a sandshrew.
    Flannery: What? How does that even relate?
    Me: Idk but I want a damn Sandshrew.

    *Water guns her pokemon into the ground.*

    Me: thxttyllololbaibai.
    Flannery: ...
  3. Toasty Woodman
    December 29th, 2010 6:19 PM
    Toasty Woodman
    Progress for the Gound/Water Duel type challenge for emerald, Gym 3.

    My Pokemon:

    Marshtomp: Lv. 30
    This is starting to look like a solo run!!!!!

    Wattson's pokemon:

    Voltorb: Lv. 20
    Electrike: Lv. 20
    Magneton: Lv. 22
    Manectric: Lv. 24

    Me: Oh how silly. You're electric attacks are no good against Marshtomp! Even though he's a water type, bwahaha!!
    Wattson: Dude, seriously? ...Bs.

    *Marshtomp uses Mudslap 'til it's out of PP as he heals*
    Wattson down to Manectric

    Wattson: HA! What're you gonna do now?!?!
    Me: Idk lolol win?

    *Finish him off with Rock tomb after healing*

    Wattson FUUUUUUU-

    Tehehe. He mad. :o
    I really wish I could catch a second pokemon though D:
  4. Toasty Woodman
    December 29th, 2010 4:11 PM
    Toasty Woodman
    Progress for the Gound/Water Duel type challenge for emerald, Gym 2.

    My Pokemon:

    Marshtomp: Lv. 24

    Brawly's Pokemon:

    Machop: Lv. 16
    Meditite: Lv. 16
    Makuhita: Lv. 19

    Brawly: Man, I'ma kick yo ass. You know that right?
    Me: Puhleeese this is gonna be a breeze.

    *Water gun his Meditite and Machop to hell.*
    *Reversal's and Vital throws my Marshtomp 'til death*

    Me: SAY WHAAAAT???

    2nd try.

    Me: Ok, no holding back!! I got Marshy holding some Oran Berries, I got an X-accuracy, and Super potions and DAMMIT IM NOT LOOSING TO YOU AGAIN. GARBLE GARBLE.
    Brawly: O....k....? Freak.

    *Water gun his first two pokemon, and use a combination of Mud slap and Rock Tomb to weaken and finish Makuhita*

    Me: WHOOO!!! I WON!!!! I WON!!!! SUCK IT BRAWLY.
    Brawly: Gah, shut up! Just take the damn badge!
  5. Toasty Woodman
    December 28th, 2010 3:54 AM
    Toasty Woodman
    Ok, ditched the monotype challenge... it killed me D:

    Progress for the Gound/Water Duel type challenge for emerald.

    My pokemon:

    Mudkip: Lv. 16

    Roxanne's pokemon:

    Geodude: Lv. 12
    Geodude: Lv. 12
    Nosepass: Lv. 15

    Me: So, Roxanne, I uh...
    Roxanne: What, what is it?
    Me: I had heard a rumor...
    Roxanne: What?!
    Me: I heard... that you... leik mudkipz.
    Roxanne: ...Goddam you.

    The battle itself was a breeze. I guess you could say Mudkip and I.... washed her up

    After the battle, Oh surprise! I have a Marshtomp now! :D
  6. countryemo
    December 24th, 2010 6:43 PM
    All I did was give some basic tips I give to some new members now and then, I have to say the Message one allot..

    Enjoy yourseld and had fun Toasty Woodman ^,^
  7. countryemo
    December 24th, 2010 6:36 PM
    How to get past URL's if you have the image file saved on your computer:
    1) Click "Go advanced" (whether your making a new post or editing one)
    2) Scroll down till you see "Manage Attachments"
    3)Click "Browse"
    4) Find your Image file then click "upload"
    5) Click sumit post or done and then their you go.
    Image tips:
    Always save your sprites as .png unless their animations then save as .gif
    never as .jpeg (Just so you know if you dont already
    PC Visitor Message Tips:
    Click "View reply", or the persons profile to reply to their message, unless they dont know you replied.

    Post Tips:
    Post in the Other Chat's DCC (Daily Chit chat) or other threads in Other Chat or Other Voting Polls to get 15+ post easy

    Welcome to the Community, any more questions about the community can be asked here Community Questions & Feedback. Or you can ask a staff member or normal member.
  8. Toasty Woodman
    December 23rd, 2010 10:32 AM
    Toasty Woodman
    Sup dawg????
  9. anugrah6
    December 23rd, 2010 4:24 AM

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