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  1. Little hero
    March 25th, 2016 7:22 AM
    Little hero
    She caught a gyarados in an old episode of pokémon chronicles years ago. I didn't watch all the episodes pokémon chronicles. There was an another episode about luvdisc. These are the parts of her story that I don't know about.
    I don't want/like to watch the remaining episodes. I feel sad watching the special episodes of a character. I feel old too. I like to read the summary later. Or to ask others.
    Thanks for the reply.
  2. Little hero
    March 20th, 2016 6:15 AM
    Little hero
    Hi DBZ fan
    What happened to Misty in her Last episodes? In the last parts of her story? I couldn't watch those episodes properly. I am starting to forget. Would you mind writing a summary about the end and send it to me? Thanks
  3. Little hero
    December 27th, 2015 2:02 AM
    Little hero
    Take your time! I am also busy! But don't forget that I need your opinion about my latest private message about the manipulation of the media. Your opinion will help me to write better articles in the future! Thanks
  4. weedle_mchairybug
    September 19th, 2015 6:28 PM
    I just read that tumblr post, and all I have to say is... ouch! Seriously, I thought AG onward had things bad, but it seems even back in Kanto, they were downright terrible. Even Jessie James and Meowth in Episode 3 come across as skilled compared to them. Blane's negative statements about Gym Leaders going by this is a massive understatement. I don't even blame Violet, Daisy, or Lily for being discouraged from running the gym considering the fact that they were literally forced by their own parents to run such a hellhole due to the parents themselves breaking under the stress. And it makes Misty's situation after Gotta Catch Ya Later even worse than I imagined, and I can fully understand why she wouldn't like running the gym, even more than before, and makes me even more disgusted with the writers as a result. Heck, because of that, I can also understand why Brock is a womanizer and in fact almost feel sorry for him now that I know his reason (even though I still don't approve). Considering the crappy family he had, namely being exposed constantly to remaining stepfathers, and his mom was forced to constantly remarry just to keep the gym active and the fathers leaving every single time, and then eventually fleeing herself due to breaking under the stress, I doubt anyone can come out of it without having a repeated desire for women.

    And honestly, reading up on this, I'm wondering why Pokémon Training, or even a Pokémon Master, is even a desirable outcome? Not only does it apparently have a high mortality rate (Primeape alone is pretty much the reason why Poke Balls even exist right now), but apparently it seems to turn out deadbeats. If anything, people would be smart to NOT pursue becoming a Pokémon Master due to just how much of a low chance one can actually achieve it. Heck, that basically is the reason Ash is from a single parent household, so if anything, Ash should hate the profession for ruining his dad and grandpa's lives.
  5. weedle_mchairybug
    August 10th, 2015 3:15 AM
    Oh, okay. Though I guess Cerulean Gym must have been one of, if not THE very last gym during his run in Kanto since if Ash and Paul are anything to go by, the trainer's obligated to get eight badges in a single region to compete in the gym.

    And yeah, it was definitely a huge disservice to her character, forcing her to put off her goals like that. Brock and Gary may have put off his goal of becoming a Pokémon Breeder and Pokémon Master respectively, but at least they did it entirely of their free will without any coercion. What's even worse is that shortly afterward, the writers made the Gym Leaders extremely pathetic by having them lose to the rookies on Ash's team, which also just added insult to injury. I realize Gym Leaders are never going to be as strong as Elite 4 members while they are Gym Leaders, but they certainly aren't supposed to be THAT weak (it's like JJM losing to a caterpie in the third episode, which also resulted in them gaining a rather infamous reputation of being bottom-feeding trainers not just among the fanbase, but even in-universe).
  6. weedle_mchairybug
    August 9th, 2015 2:10 PM
    Yeah, agreed. When Misty explicitly stated in both the dub and the original version of Episode 7 that she's one of the Gym Leaders, it's pretty obvious she was indeed one of the gym leaders long before Cerulean Blues.

    I'm not too sure that Hoenn kid got the Cascade badge after Misty became an active Gym Leader, though. Based on the fact that he was currently in Hoenn and had the first stage evolutions for the Kanto Starters, I'm pretty sure that bit may have occurred BEFORE Misty became Gym Leader, at least around the time of Johto, since it was clear he was already well on his way to going through the Hoenn gyms by that time anyways (not to mention it's extremely unlikely Misty would have let her sisters do that on her watch). The only way that guy could have possibly gotten the gym badge after Misty became an active gym leader is if A., this happened around the time Misty went to Hoenn, and B., that trainer in question challenged Cerulean Gym as one of if not THE last gym on his trek through Kanto and had somehow participated in the Indigo league (which means he would have needed to win since he mentioned he got lucky breaks up to that point, something he obviously can't have done if he lost the league since that's the exact opposite of a "lucky break."). Man, thinking about that's giving me a headache.

    Other than that, I agree. I still think it was a mistake to force Misty into becoming a gym leader. If they really needed to give her the boot, the least they could have done is do unto her, what they did to May, Dawn, Iris, Cilan, and Brock (ie, actually LET her pursue her dreams by herself). And considering how horribly they treated the Hoenn gym leaders (really, the only ones who came across as actually being decent was Brawley and possibly Roxanne), that made Misty out to be even worse than before.
  7. weedle_mchairybug
    August 7th, 2015 8:21 AM
    Yep, it does pretty much. Not as much as a direct quote can do, but it at least confirms a lot other than that. See, as you could see from the links I provided, there was someone who really thought Misty wasn't actually Gym Leader at all when she was travelling with Ash, and only became Gym Leader when she returned to Cerulean Gym, and he also implied that she truly enjoyed running the gym despite all evidence to the contrary. I even got banned from his gallery, although not before he decided to claim Misty really wasn't Gym Leader and citing Pokémon wiki as his source (which afterwards I actually altered to fix that article a bit and made sure to cite that the Japanese version of Cerulean Blues only stated she was allowed to continue running the gym), even after claiming he may have been wrong about that bit. I can agree to her being a passive Gym Leader during that time, but not the claim that she wasn't a gym leader at all. I'll also look over that Tumblr post when I have time.
  8. weedle_mchairybug
    July 30th, 2015 6:14 PM

    You indicated earlier that the Japanese version of Cerulean Blues when covering Inspector Joy confirming that Cerulean Gym was still in effect and no longer in any danger of being shut down that she said that Misty was good enough to continue being a Gym Leader. Can you give the exact line from the Japanese version for this? It may make for good source material on the Pokémon Wiki especially when a guy named Emperor Palpitoad of DeviantART is claiming that she wasn't Gym Leader during the time of Episode 7 or before Cerulean Blues.

    I'll give you a link to where he said this in exchange so you know what I'm getting at, and I cited your Water Pokémon Master topic as well and even gave the link as well: http://emperorpalpitoad.deviantart.c...ping-549368515

    EDIT: Giving you archive links just in case Palpitoad for whatever reason decides to delete the posts by morning:

  9. Rukario
    March 11th, 2015 7:13 AM
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
  10. weedle_mchairybug
    January 11th, 2015 7:59 PM
    Since the poll is now extended to February 1st, we've got a golden opportunity to find any more Misty fans on here and get them to vote. We can't ask on boards directly, but we can use VM or PMs. I'll stick with VMs since my PM box is nearly full. We must ensure Misty wins this time around, or at least gets a far better ranking than before.
  11. weedle_mchairybug
    January 4th, 2015 8:11 PM
    BTW, can you vote in the Favorite Characters bit? Misty's losing right now, and we need more voters to vote for Misty before January 8.
  12. weedle_mchairybug
    January 4th, 2015 10:23 AM
    Oh. Okay. If continuation isn't needed, I guess it isn't needed.

    And if Adamant and Sushi both confirmed the Japanese version made clear Misty's goal was Water Master, at least during Johto (I don't know if Misty's claim about her being a Water Pokémon Trainer in Tentacool and Tentacruel was a dub addition or not, but considering the only thing Dogasu seemed to note in his redo of the comparison regarding that line was that Horsea was explicitly referred to as a "he" in the Dub when the original version doesn't even mention Horsea's gender, more likely than not it was in the original as well), I guess it's as good a confirmation as any. Maybe Dogasu will correct it, but on the other hand, he probably won't, especially when it took about two months to respond to the Mastermind email, I have some doubts about that. He did at least manage to respond on New Year's Eve.

    And same to you for 2015 as well. And hopefully, the writers will wise up and actually make sure Misty continues her goal instead of keeping her in the gym, whether it be a return to the main cast or, heck, even travelling by herself. She certainly has more chances of appearing than May does, even WITH ORAS (actually, come to think of it, May alongside Max are the only former main characters who didn't get any sunday specials at all. Misty got plenty of Chronicles episodes, Brock got A Family that Battles Together Stays Together, as well as two specials occurring during BW and XY, Cilan appeared in the same special as the XY special Brock was in, Iris and Dawn got their own specials shortly after their respective departures, and even Tracey managed to appear in a few Chronicles episodes). I actually wonder if the Luvdisc special, the final one of Misty's Chronicles episodes, was meant to actually hint at Misty potentially returning to the main cast, especially when Daisy seemed to be extra determined to save a Pokémon, which is a sign of potentially being a very good trainer (which would be good marks for a Gym Leader), with the indication that Daisy might take over and actually run the gym efficiently. It was a mistake to remove her, and while some really bad experiences at College regarding certain professors pushing agendas and claims that were blatantly false have basically had me give up on the feminist aspect of bringing Misty back (and even that was more Suffragette in nature than the de Beauvoir/Friedan kind), I do still think she needs to continue with the series so she can be developed as fully as possible, plus actually pursue her goal. She was intended to be a permanent lead, after all, and based on GameFreak basing most of her game character in the remakes on her anime characterization in various ways, I think GameFreak and the writers are all too aware of Misty's resounding popularity.
  13. Anna
    January 1st, 2015 10:15 PM
    Thank you! Hopefully it's a good year~~
  14. Wobbu
    January 1st, 2015 8:05 AM
    Sasha you need to stop being so nice :P But I'm sure 2015 will be a great year! Thank you so much and I wish for your New Year to be the greatest yet!
  15. Ash loves Misty
    December 31st, 2014 2:02 PM
    Ash loves Misty
    happy new year.

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