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  1. Sheep
    2 Days Ago 11:23 AM
    i used to be that way but now i spread my love for things out a whole lot. so i can be into tons of different things at once! especially with anime, i think i've relaxed a bit about being so obsessed it's all i can think about. kinda. sorta. </3
  2. DuckieIsAdorbz
    2 Days Ago 09:32 AM
    Well, I have ADHD too so (along with autism and other muk)... that's mostly why. Organization has never been my strong suit at all. You would think that where I have autism I'd be one of those who lives for it, but I'm not. x_x
  3. DuckieIsAdorbz
    3 Days Ago 07:23 PM
    I can't use yWriter. It doesn't work for mac computers. I've tried it. :( I just try to plan things on my iPad, but it doesn't always work all that well. ><
  4. Sheep
    3 Days Ago 12:42 PM
    no worries, i tend to forget to reply sometimes anyway or just lack the time~
    yeah, i get you though. :( i've been a little more into some cartoons lately (like Steven Universe) but i seriously need to catch up on Mushishi as far as anime goes. so lazy.
  5. DuckieIsAdorbz
    1 Week Ago 08:06 PM
    Well, Charahub is actually working now. As long as I have that, I don't really have to worry. Just google Charahub, and browse around. You need an account to create characters and what not though. I've been writing off and on since the fifth grade. Pretty long time, I know... but I didn't really start picking up on writing until my teens. Even then, I wrote mostly fanfiction. It wasn't long until I falied that and tried writing original stuff. I think what made me fail at fanfiction was how hard it seemed to come up with good ideas to support actual fanfiction. Something like that. Also, sorry for the late reply. I just now got on PC. XD
  6. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 01:13 PM
    i can totally understand that since it gives a series more depth if done right but not when my favorite are killed off.. then i change my mind entirely, hahaha. that just wrecks my heart and throws it aside. v_v
  7. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 07:35 AM
    ouran was hilarious omg hahaha. i don't like series that end up killing characters since it makes me really sad though.. if I knew PH was going to kill my favorite character i wouldn't have gotten into it. it shook me for a while since i loved him soo much and he was so funny. :'( -tear-
  8. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 07:19 PM
    yeah... Elliot was sad ;_; don't even want to think about it. gonna think of happy manga series instead hahaha
    and yes! Yuki Kajiura is amazing!
  9. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 02:55 PM
    you should! it's really good. i love the characters too. ^_^ but PH is amazing, just read the final chapter again and omg I wanna cry all over haha. it's just so sad.
  10. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 11:45 AM
    Yes! challenges are fun. :3 I've been stuck on Clair for my unevolved challenge in HeartGold for two years now.. it's soo hard.

    But oh man you have great taste. I love FMA, Durarara!!, Death Note, Watamote, and Pandora Hearts. The Pandora Hearts manga ending was soo sad though.. sigh. I'm pretty into Magi: Labyrinth of Magic and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle right now so those would totally be my recommendations!
  11. DuckieIsAdorbz
    1 Week Ago 09:05 AM
    Oh. I see. Mibba is actually quite good, but it can get really rough too. Not many people seem to be active. If you were to try out that one, be prepared to not get very much attention. It's a good community though, and everyone is pretty nice there. They allow both fanfiction and original fiction. I'm kind of addicted to that place. XD
  12. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 07:15 AM
    hi Tora. <3 good to hear!

    and mine.. hard choice, you're right. The second is amazing but the third is when I was at my peak of obsession. also adore Unova despite how underrated it is. what anime/manga do you watch/read?
  13. DuckieIsAdorbz
    1 Week Ago 03:43 PM
    I heard you mention in another thread that you go to different writing sites... so, I was kind of curious what they were. The only four I know of are Mibba, Wattpad, FictionPress and Protagonize. People on Mibba don't seem to appreciate me anymore, and it's starting to piss me off a lot. So, that's why I've been trying to find some place else to go for a fresh start. D:
  14. Oryx
    September 11th, 2012 06:41 PM
    Yeah! There are 9 endings actually, 4 with each girl and then one that's a "true freedom" neutral ending. :3 It's just called Catherine anddd it's for the PS3 and 360!
  15. Oryx
    September 9th, 2012 01:29 PM
    It's based around Vincent, the guy in my theme, who's in a long-term (5+ years) relationship with a woman (named Katherine) who wants to get married and he's unsure whether he's ready for that. Then one night another woman named Catherine (the girl in my signature) comes up to him in a bar and hits on him, and they spend the night together and he begins to cheat on Katherine with Catherine. Meanwhile, every night when he sleeps he has terrible nightmares where he has to climb a tower made of blocks that he pushes and pulls to make a staircase up.

    The game is similar in play to the Persona series if you've played them. During the day you make decisions on what to say to Katherine and Catherine, who to talk to, and other things such as that that will make you lean towards one girl or the other, and at night it's a timed puzzle game where you climb to the top and out-climb bosses that represent Vincent's various fears.

    Sorry that was long-winded but it's my favorite game so I want to explain it REALLY well XD;

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