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  1. BadSheep
    March 26th, 2016 7:39 AM
    They all ranged, but most were a small to moderate size.

    I like the avatar lol, but I haven't seen the signature. I have no idea how to do that stuff haha.
  2. BadSheep
    March 21st, 2016 8:57 AM
    Great! We made over $500! We sold every single bowl, but one! There were a lot of bowls, so pretty much every single one lol. It was highly successful!
  3. BadSheep
    March 11th, 2016 12:41 PM
    We are selling them Wednesday, but we had to finish them to have time to fire them and prepare. I just got approval to set up tables on school grounds so yea
  4. BadSheep
    March 4th, 2016 4:59 PM
    Ill probably change my mind a ton, but currently I want to pursue something with the social studies- history, political science, and the such.

    Holy crap. My greedy capitalist 1% piggish self with a million exploited child laborers with a $1/day wage just spent over 3 hours with my charity I started. Its a club, and we make pottery to sell, and today was our deadline so we have time to fire the pottery in a kiln before we sell them in a few weeks. Im so freaking tired lol. I worked too much...
  5. BadSheep
    March 3rd, 2016 2:02 PM
    its like 100 pages with each subsection never being longer than like 1/5-3 pages. I have my own criticisms of the book, but its a good way to spread the message of freedom. And it really opened by eyes to alternative thinking, which now, I think I are more consistent and practical.

    I used to be so biased, but now I have a different process. I analyze the argument/viewpoint and check for inconsistencies, as well as checking for inconsistencies in mine. My goal is liberty, and if another approach is more consistent and practical, than I would gladly change.

    True. I also like youtube videos, which Kokesh did. His vids are no longer political, but rather a daily video on his homesteading process to create a sapioponic house. Basically his goal is to live free and be self-sustaining off the grid. It is a way for him to gain followers, experience the freedom he advocates for, as well as living in a cool home that he put his own sweat into. Of course it isn't perfect because he had to buy the land from the government and has to pay taxes lol. I think local laws may apply as well.

    I have done that so many times before. There should be an option to turn that off...

    So a non-political conversation... any plans for your major in college?
  6. BadSheep
    March 2nd, 2016 2:49 PM
    I would recommend this short book: http://www.adamvstheman.com/wp-conte...EDOM-ebook.pdf

    It is written by Adam Kokesh, a gun rights activist, anti-war activist, and Voluntaryist. He served as a Marine in Iraq and is running for president in 2020. He was an independent journalist and did podcasts (which, when he finishes homesteading, he will be continuing). He also has a hot fiancé.
  7. BadSheep
    March 2nd, 2016 2:45 PM
    Of course it can't work now, but eventually, I think humanity will come to that point. Adam Kokesh (he looks crazy from a few years ago, but he is actually a peace-loving anti-war activist and anarchist) outlined a few ways for dissolving the government peacefully. A revolution would be against our ideals because it would only lead to another government and bloodshed, but here are the ways for "anarchy" to occur: education, agorism, and activism. Once people like the idea, through a process of localization it can be achieved.

    I am a Rothbardian Voluntaryist, so while other Voluntaryists or Ancap for short, reject voting, I believe to achieve freedom, voting may have to be required. And so to free ourselves, voting might be a necessity. For example, Adam Kokesh is running for president in 2020.

    Tbh, Im glad you dont think I'm crazy lol. Most people do not understand Voluntaryism or Anarcho-Capitalism. They hear the work "anarchy" and think Hunger Games or something lol. In reality, if there was no government anywhere, full-scale war would not be possible. Only tiny skirmishes with little deaths, and even then there would be so few of them (think ancient Ireland, an anarchist society).

    I literally have a friend who thought when I said "privatize everything" that the president seat, Congress, etc would be privatized lolololol. he said that is ridiculous, and said, yep lol.
  8. BadSheep
    March 1st, 2016 2:10 PM
    It is very interesting lol. Not very many people are like me in that regard...

    Im a Voluntaryist, so I sorta want to do away with government as a whole lol. And no, anarchy is not throwing molotovs, killing people, and blowing up government buildings (unless you are an anarcho-communist). Im an anarcho-capitalist, which means I believe all human interaction should be voluntary and consensual, and all force or threat of force is illegitimate. Anarchy, contrary to the name, is actually peaceful (and viable). Voluntaryists want to remove government through education and peace- never through violence.
  9. BadSheep
    February 28th, 2016 3:13 PM
    thats good

    I haven't even checked out sun and moon yet lol

    Im a Voluntaryist (its not spelled wrong), and I pretty much dislike all of the Republicans, and the Democrats are worse in my opinion. Both parties are crap anyways. Not to poo poo anything lol.

    I have been reading a ton of manga when I have time, as well as many books. Im currently reading End the Fed by Ron Paul, For a New Liberty by Murray Rothbard, Common Sense by Thomas Paine, and other political books like Defending the Undefendable by Dr. Walter Block. Im almost finished with them, so Ill start Ethics of Liberty by Murray Rothbard soon.

    As for manga, its been Blue Exorcist, Attack on Titan, Assassination Classroom, and Tokyo Ghoul. I have slowed down on the anime recently, but I started Log Horizon, but I'm only 1 episode in because I'm so busy, especially for the past two weeks (most of these I have been reading before then).
  10. BadSheep
    February 28th, 2016 7:50 AM
    Make sure you keep up your grades so your acceptance letters aren't taken back...

    i wish. I haven't played pokemon in forever. Partly because of other interests (politics), and partly because i am so freaking busy.
  11. BadSheep
    February 26th, 2016 7:50 PM
    whats up?

    im so tired and busy. i have 3 essays to write, a spanish project, and multiple quizzes to study for.
  12. Myriad
    December 13th, 2015 4:41 AM
    Ah, so you study Russian! Nice c;
    These cartoons were part of my childhood, so of course I recognised them! :3 (yes I'm Russian)
  13. Myriad
    December 6th, 2015 5:02 AM
    Hey! Just saw your sign-up for the Christmas mafia; your theme's from the Russian version of Winnie the Pooh, isn't it?
  14. BadSheep
    November 21st, 2015 9:27 PM
    And then it gets you addicted to buying skins. NEVER buy champions with real money! Use real money only for skins! I barely know anything about the game, and I have been playing for a while!

    I love Watchog. He is hilarious lol. Why is he a vice principal if he seems to dislike kids? And the Mangimite and crew were sort of funny too with when they named their attack, and then in parenthesis it said "we just made that up." Of course its geared towards a younger audience, but its still enjoyable!
  15. BadSheep
    November 21st, 2015 9:10 PM
    Sorry I didnt reply lol.

    ohhhh ok. Dont play LoL unless you have time. You will not have time during the school year. I dont haha, and you are even busier than I am! The games just take too long and it takes a while to get good, or even have the ability to play ranked.

    so I got PSMD and on Chapter 6! its awesome so far! I ended up choosing Cyndaquil (Shirou) and my partner, Piplup (Rin)!

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    Hi, my name is Cooper, but I am known as Blue on the internet.
    Let's see... Well, I currently live just south of Boston. When I joined PC I was just about to start my Sophomore year in High School. I couldn't even spell or type fast, but I knew I wanted some place to talk about Pokemon. Almost 3 years have passed and I am more or less still here, gladly able to feel confident in what I say and do. When I first joined Pokemon X and Y were still in their development stages, which gave me a chance to lerk into the other sections. That was when I got interested in breeding and challenges, which is pretty much all I do to this day. So no, I did not join for ROM Hacking :P My first game was actually Red Rescue, so It's not like I was just walking into Pokemon or anything. Pretty glad I joined though, I have had a lot of great moments with PC and it's members.
    Pokemon, obviously. I also watch a lot of anime, hockey, and old cartoons. As for other games, I am a big fan of the Fire Emblem franchise, and an even bigger fan of the Mystery Dungeon games.

    When I am not playing on my DS or watching tv I am usually doing school work. It seems that it never ends, and I am preparing for College in the fall too.
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    Highschool (Sr year)
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    Scarmory, Treeco, Blastoise, Kabutops, Snorlax, Mudkip.
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