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  1. Cam365
    4 Days Ago 01:13 AM
    First off I respect your not wanting to discuss your week, just know I'm sorry for whatever happened or didn't man!
    Secondly we were talking about you looking at a shiny legendary I received from wonder trade, as for Chansey after I evolved her accodently lol I was upset most ppl told me I had the wrong ability, but I found out about ability capsul so I grinded battle mansion and got it and tada she's perfect! So I'm gonna stick with her for now
    Right now I'm trying to get serious about my pokedex to get the shiny charm right now I'm at 401 so slow but steady there.
  2. Cam365
    6 Days Ago 09:32 AM
    hey man hope your weeks going well!
    was wondering if you had anything that could help me with breeding Chansey/Blissey I have a nice blissey with good IV's but i wanna get its ability natural cure or even try to get hidden ability Healer, i have no clue how to go about this since Chansey/Blissey are 100% female and i don't really have anything to breed with it for that specific egg group. All i have as a Marill with 4 IV's as you can guess I'm not getting anywhere plus with Chanseys hatch steps even with flame body it still time consuming so if you think you have something that could help id be so grateful! the one i have in battle does wonders! i just think switiching to natural healer or getting hidden ability would do wonders!
  3. Cam365
    1 Week Ago 10:50 PM
    Ok man that's fine the Internet in the games been down today anyways
  4. Cam365
    1 Week Ago 10:10 AM
  5. Cam365
    1 Week Ago 08:24 AM
    terrakion lvl 100
    perfect IVs 6
    nature jolly
    ability justified
    original trainer Dreadgrave
    met pathless plain level 25

    level 100
    original trainer Kody
    nature calm
    ability drizzle
    item leftovers
    egg obtained pokemon center 1/17/2015
    egg hatched 6/14/2015
  6. Cam365
    1 Week Ago 08:05 AM
    i did manage to get a legit chansey and evolve it into a blissey!!! was stoked about that
  7. Cam365
    1 Week Ago 08:03 AM
    when you're online i can trade you the two to look at if you'd like
  8. Cam365
    1 Week Ago 09:31 PM
    my politoed i think might be
  9. Cam365
    1 Week Ago 01:21 PM
    how can you tell if pokemon is hacked? i thought it wouldn't let it battle
  10. Cam365
    1 Week Ago 12:41 PM
    yeah it was uneventful but since i missed a week for vacation the week before it drained me of energy slept all day yesterday
  11. Cam365
    2 Weeks Ago 09:02 PM
    and i just meant if i switch out my team which isn't an option yet lol id be facing things that fairy are weak against lol
    plus all japanese trainers so I'm getting butt killed
  12. Cam365
    2 Weeks Ago 09:01 PM
    well the polytoed has icebeam but it didnt do much damage lol
  13. Cam365
    2 Weeks Ago 08:33 PM
    I'm sure polietoed is hacked which sucks but it lets me battle with it in ratings, and poke transfer didnt reject it
  14. Cam365
    2 Weeks Ago 08:33 PM
    right now it feels like every freaking trainer uses dragon but i know the min i switch so will they lol
    right now i have zoruak gengar keep switching out Chandelure and Polietoed (shiny that i got wonder trade) between each battle
  15. Cam365
    2 Weeks Ago 08:23 PM
    i do ok in free battle but get butt kicked in ratings but they are taking a couple hits now lol

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