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  1. Dedenne1
    16 Hours Ago 9:16 AM
    I got mine done but i gotta get my teachers and parents and counselours done so yaaay XD. Ikr i cannot recollect 9th grade that great some im just trying to go with moreso 10th and 11th

    It was good i mean not for plot but it was funny as hell and i think youll love it!

    lol well thats good! Are your colleges far away? I live in the suburbs around a big city so most of my choices are withing 10 miles haha
  2. Meloetta
    1 Day Ago 6:31 AM
    Awesome! It's great that you've managed to hold that together...it might not make other things any easier to handle, but it doesn't mean you can focus on them more and it's not all quite so overwhelming, hehe. I wouldn't say I was all that popular, haha...I just get bombarded by a couple of people from time to time, ehe. Yeah, Discord is pretty popular right now, it's a group chat thing with a lot of features and a pretty big userbase right now...not that I'm on the PC server anymore, but it's great fun and I'd recommend checking it out if you've got the time and want to chat with people. Link to the PC one is here~
  3. Dedenne1
    2 Days Ago 5:34 AM
    Haha good the only problem I will have is filling out brag sheets but hopefully thatll be handled soon.

    Well i just saw Central Intelligence and Finding Dory yesterday and those were both reallllly good :3

    Haha thnx
  4. Dedenne1
    5 Days Ago 3:36 AM
    Ya I've actually been looking into colleges and letting them know I'm interested and asking lots of questions. Standardized tests suck so I'll retake them but I'm not gonna try like crazy to make them amazing or anything

    Neighbors 2, Alice Through the looking Glass, The Huntsman, The Boss, and a couple others xD

    Oh wow I'll he lucky if I can handle 3! Oh I will haha and lol true and I'm going to look again tomorrow so should be fun
  5. Clover
    1 Week Ago 12:35 AM
    Well, you've certainly been keeping busy! My schedule isn't half as full as that. :o Then again, being home-schooled has its perks, so I can't complain. I admire your endurance; as someone who lives a mostly laid-back life (especially concerning studies, aha), I wouldn't cope well with all those tests on my plate! And ouch, that must've hurt. D: Lucky you though, recovering so quickly! Wow! I imagine that would have been quite debilitating. :o But you seem to be back on your feet! XC sounds like a lot of fun - I'm jealous! xD

    Hmm, my family doesn't really follow the social media trend. Besides, I'm not permitted to join things at will. Strict parenting and all that. It's fine, though; despite real life priorities taking place, I always manage to come online and catch up with VM's (even if it sometimes takes me a couple of months, haha).

    Y'know, all of my friends in their late teens/early twenties say that and I never understood it. xD I guess I won't be able to feel for you until I reach that age myself! Then again, I'm only sixteen and even I feel old sometimes. -__-; Ahaha.
  6. Meloetta
    1 Week Ago 10:24 PM
    School been going well, at least? I dunno if I'd call my personal situation positive, but I've been in worse places, so I guess it is in some way at least~
    It's more that I occasionally forget and stuff gets buried under other stuff...this was already on page 2. I spend a lot of time on Discord these days - waaay too much time, in fact - and it's not helped my foruming any, haha.
  7. Dedenne1
    1 Week Ago 5:29 AM
    Holy crap youve done alot more than I have! I still have to take an ACT but i just finished an SAT. Plus i cant say im super confident about my finals but we'll see...
    But besides all that nm ive seen alot of movies this year and got accepted into 3 APS for next year and Im starting to tour colleges as well and Ill be buying a car soon so thatll be fun :3
  8. smocks
    1 Week Ago 9:57 PM
    Wow, congrats!! I'm pretty sure we have one of those events around here lol. Yea ikr! 3 Too Many HSMs for me!! Plus, Zac Efron isn't going to be in it, so whats the point lol (cause its a reunion special-thing) If you wanna send me the links you can, but I prefer just using my good ol' fingers They had flamethrowers!?! Well, I'm not that surprised, + I'm assuming you got front row seats? (otherwise those flamethrowers would have to be realllyyy hot if you standing in the back xD)
  9. smocks
    1 Week Ago 3:52 PM
    There's nothing wrong in being in a band, bands are cool don't get me wrong, but I just prefer not to lol. Think of it like chocolate and vanilla, both good but you prefer one over the other :3 Haha, thats pretty cool xD Ik one of my friends, he's a huge viola-player and in practically in love with screamo / heavy metal music, and he's the most innocent guy in the world, can't trust those viola players ;D I should really take advantage of all the CA opportunities and I'm trying to get into it by acting and voice auditions, a lot of people suggested I should try out for High School Musical 4 lol to be an extra, was too late lmao. Yup I prefer my fingers over the pick, plus I find picks too flimsy, no matter how thick they are. Wow that's pretty cool :o did you see anybody else in concert or was it just them?
  10. smocks
    1 Week Ago 2:40 PM
    Understandable, I'm kinda afraid of the fire sometimes shhhhhhhhhh... But then again it's really pretty so i'm cool with it. :D really? That's awesome! I love the bass a lot Haha, I'd never been in a band before (kinda don't want to be in one lol), do you usually play your bass by hand or with a pick (I do mine by hand, classic plucking lol) ? I like Geddy Lee a lot as well great performer & player
  11. Sanguine
    1 Week Ago 1:00 PM
    i'm awesomee, finished my bachelor's degreee so i'm just waiting for my graduation ceremony :] you've grown up <3
  12. smocks
    1 Week Ago 7:42 AM
    Of course all bonfires include music and smores!! Otherwise whats the point xD oooo thats nice how you play guitar, I'd used to then I'd converted over to the bass :D
  13. smocks
    1 Week Ago 9:35 PM
    Nice!!! The bonfire was great !! At one point some of my friends decided to be idiots and throw stuff into the fire, for example a freaking soda can. It literally exploded around the whole place, don't recommend doing that
    But of course going to a bonfire means sand. And i'd tracked a lot of sand back home, not fun. xD
  14. smocks
    1 Week Ago 7:45 PM
    lol its fine don't worry about it, I can survive without someone's snapchat ya know xD
    anyways how was the game last night? did you guys win?
  15. Sanguine
    1 Week Ago 6:22 PM
    m8 wtf

    hi though :]

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