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  1. Babietje
    1 Week Ago 4:26 AM
    I have to be at university since there is an event from my society and I have tp be there as a board member. I think its till 10pm your time, not entirely sure.
  2. Babietje
    1 Week Ago 10:18 AM
    Oh thats nice , when is a good time for you to trade? Çause ill have to catch some pokemon first then
  3. Babietje
    1 Week Ago 8:20 AM
    Nah its fine IV calcs might not work unless I know how many EV's it has. Anyway, I dont know what the procedure normally is, but the pokemon you traded me; Can I share them with others if the need arises? Or shall we say that if I trade one of yours for a pokemon, that you also get one copy of the pokemon (I am collecting as many shinies as possible so this could benefit you ). As far as I'm concerned, I wouldnt mind you trading the 'mons I gave you. Maybe my idea can apply to my pokemon too? It's just a thought of course
  4. Babietje
    1 Week Ago 3:59 PM
    Haha thanks for those random items Also thanks for the trade & cloning, really appreciated
    Did get confused for a sec cause I was expected 2 clones of only 5 But this is fine
  5. Babietje
    1 Week Ago 3:45 PM
    By the way, the Porygon doesnt have its "IV" things filled up, but it was competitive, how many IVs does it have? :D
  6. Babietje
    1 Week Ago 3:44 PM
    Ah yeah I see now what you meant
  7. Babietje
    1 Week Ago 3:43 PM
    alright, I'm ready too
  8. Babietje
    1 Week Ago 3:32 PM
    You also need to catch? xD
  9. Babietje
    1 Week Ago 3:27 PM
    ok time to catch 10 pokemon xP
  10. Babietje
    1 Week Ago 3:15 PM
    Yeah I was flying adn had t move tropius into my box :p
  11. Babietje
    1 Week Ago 3:00 PM
    I'm done, Ive already added you. Can you see my FC? its on my signature
  12. Babietje
    1 Week Ago 2:54 PM
    Haha the nicknames aren't too bad, but ill go with the non-nicknamed
  13. Cakesu
    January 26th, 2015 2:59 PM
    Thanks and enjoy.
  14. Cakesu
    January 26th, 2015 2:32 PM
    Well, I have caught a Jolly one, dunno if you still need that but, I'll trade it anyway I guess.
  15. Cakesu
    January 26th, 2015 10:08 AM
    Nope nothing in particular. I'll try to catch you on again. And I suppose you don't want your abra anymore?

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