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Getting on the PokéCommunity Chat

You've probably ended up here because PC's down, but oh well! (Or maybe's it's up and you're here because you found a 404.) Whatever the case, this page tells you how to get to the PokéCommunity Chat for when the chat script doesn't work or PC really is down. Of course, if PC really is up, then you can connect to the chat right now.

If you already have an IRC client installed on your computer, connect to the channel using the following URL:

This link may not work with all IRC clients; in this case, please manually connect to and join #ThePokeCommunity.

PC's down?

If you want to access the PokéCommunity Chat while the forums are down, read this! You also get the added benefit of being able to get on without logging onto PC at all.

You can download an IRC client to get onto the chatroom. The PokéCommunity recommends mIRC for Windows users or Colloquy for Mac OS X users.