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Shadowfaith October 7th, 2007 4:56 AM

Draconia School of Mythology [Registration]
Draconia School of mythology is a special school dedicated to teaching select students all about the mythological history and creatures that go unseen by humans in the world because of they’re tendency to appear at night time. The school has been dedicated to protecting these mythological creatures from humans and keeping them hidden as well as they can. When a mythological creature appears you can guaranty a Draconian will be there to keep them out of harms way as best they can.

Of course, you have the odd quest that does not go exactly as planned and the Draconian’s are forced into battle, be it against rouge creatures or humans who have managed to capture one. Either way it is then that the students rely on they’re most trustworthy partner, the dragon that they were linked to at birth. If a Dragon dies, the Draconian linked to that creature also dies and vice versa. Each Dragon has its own powers and elements, they’re own unique strategy’s and they’re own bond with the Draconian, be it that of mutual partners and friends or a more dominant approach.

The Draconian is the rider and controls the Dragons motives and actions, but through they’re bond both aim for the same goal unless the will of one of them is strong enough to disobey the other. The rider can control the same element as they’re Dragon and posses they’re own fighting skills, but both partners help the other out and are never separated from each other by a large distance. Both partners will grow week if they are so far apart that they can not feel the other presence.

The school teaches a range of different students, they are of different ages, different species and different countries and travel far to be taught the mythological ways. They can be Elves, Anthros, humans and even those of a darker past. It is not limited to just those who are good and just, all students can choose they’re own paths when they leave the school and aren’t entirely expected to follow the rules whilst they attend it either, but punishment is all that is in store for those who break the rules.

The school is situated in the middle of large fields and forests, filled with mythological creatures that they have rescued. Rivers and Ponds patch the lush grass and there are even darker spots for the darker of mythological creatures. The sea is situated not too far from the school so that they can keep tabs on those who are too great and too big to be residence in the various ponds and rivers. It is a natural habitat in which they can live without being fed or properly looked after by the residence of the school.

As for the school itself, it is much like a castle…or a mansion. It does not bare any modern traits other than the students that attend it and is designed in a Victorian way. The girls and boys sleep separately in dorms which are linked to separate common rooms where both genders may meet and greet each other. The hall is lined with multiple tables for each separate house (there are four in total) and the classrooms are spread through out the building and the school grounds.

These students were born to tend to mythological creatures, be it in a good or bad way. They travel all over the world in order to help these creatures and are met with difficulty along the way, but they’re main concern now is making a future for themselves in the mythological world, and don’t think for one second that your school is the only source of people like you, there are many of your kind in the world and a total of four other school across the world. There will be conflicts and friendships with your own kind and you will be the one to trigger them.


Yes, don’t think your getting away with not having any classes. Below is a list of the classes you will be taking and they’re location within the school grounds along with the teachers who teach them.

Skills and Combat
This class teaches you how to fight physically in battle along with your Dragon, how to use your weapons and physical skills to strike an enemy down. This class does not teach you how to use your elements or how to control your Dragon during flight; it teaches you hand to hand combat and how to protect yourself from different types of creatures.

Teacher: Mr Oliver J Tolkien
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro
Description: Mr Tokien is a cross between a human and a silver Fox. His hair resembles that of his animal’s colouring and dangles down to cover a thin white face and shocking sapphire eyes which are framed by designer glasses. He is tall and lanky, not very fitting of a combat teacher, but he can certainly take down the largest of enemies using his skill and agility. A pair of silver fox ears pokes out from the mass of silver hair and a matching silver tail with white tip emerges from his lower back. Oliver always dresses in silver, white or black.
Personality: Oliver is a very friendly guy and obviously cares for his students. He’s more of a father figure to them. But you really don’t want to get on his wrong side, because he will certainly punish you in any way he can.

Magic and Elements
The class teaches you and your Dragon how to use your elements and work as a team whilst doing so. It also teaches you of the types of elements mythological creatures can control and how to protect yourself against them.

Teacher: Mrs Paige R Sullivan
Age: 52
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Description: Paige seems to be getting on in her years, but she is one of the most skilled mages in the world. She has white hair, emerald eyes and a podgy frame and wears a long pink and purple robe most of the time.
Personality: Paige is an elderly woman, that’s all that can be said. She looks like one, she acts like one. Caring, friendly and talkative, she is always willing to take the time to teach those who are having difficulty what to do.

Dragon flight and teamwork
This class teaches you manoeuvres and tactics to use in flight and how to work as a team with your Dragon and your classmates. You will be taught no combat, only how to react to attacks and magic spells whilst in the air.

Teacher: Miss Flannery A Hutchinson
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Description: Flannery has Emerald hair and hazel eyes. The hair is almost always held back into a pony tail for it not to obscure her view whilst flying. She dresses in casual clothing, this consisting of a pair of baggy jean, a pair of black trainers and a brown t-shirt.
Personality: She acts like she looks, she’s young energetic and always ready for some hard work. She will defiantly push you to your limits and will not stop until she knows you have reached your max.

The History of mythology
This class is as the title suggests. You will be taught the history of mythology, a boring lecture class where you will do hardly any practical work. So get your pens out and get ready to write…you may want to book an appointment with the nurse for the cramp in your hand afterwards.

Teacher: Mr Fredrick P Jenkins
Age: 44 (in looks)
Gender: Male
Species: Elf
Description: Fredrick has short brown hair and dull grey eyes. Though he is not terribly old and is of the elven species, he has a great deal of wrinkles and always looks as if he is going to fall asleep. He wears a shabby silver robe which many claim he has had since forever.
Personality: Boring is the word to describe this one. He speaks in a monotone voice and even threatens to put himself to sleep as well as his class. But he is kind and helpful and knows a lot more than what people give him credit for.

Care for mythological creatures
You are taught how to look after and deal with mythological creatures. You are shown all the species and learn all about them. They’re habitats; they’re body structure and the likes. This is where you’re going to meet a majority of creatures.

Teacher: Mr Thomas L Cooper
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro
Description: A cross between a human and a Lion. He has shoulder length, scraggy brown hair and a thin goatee. His amber eyes always look kind and determined. He wears a white button up shirt and a pair of baggy thin brown trousers which are tucked into brown boots. The Lion ears are pierced with gold hoops and his sleek tail is almost always coiled around his waist.
Personality: He’s always determined and up for a challenge and hopes his students are too. He’ll jump head first into anything, but will make sure everyone is safe first. Some may say he is a little too reckless, but most seem to adore him.

You are taught how to survive in the wild. Some missions take longer than one day and some times you will need to camp or travel under cover of darkness. You will be taught first aid techniques, how to set up a camp and how to take care of yourself and your team mates.

Teacher: Miss Adel J Norman
Age: 31 (in looks)
Gender: Female
Species: Elf
Description: Adel has platinum blonde hair and amber eyes, a pale complexion and long ears. Her body is thin but lean and accustom to living in any weather conditions. She wears an olive tunic with flat shoes and carries a bow and arrow around with her at all times.
Personality: Adel knows the risk’s that lay ahead and it is this that has made her one of the strictest of people ever to have worked in the school. She hates idiocy because she knows you cannot take any risks and prefers everything to go as smooth as possible.

This subject is essential to any member of the school. One must know in which direction one must travel to reach they’re destination and what species of mythological creatures live where. Although care for mythological creatures teaches you about them and they’re habitats, this class teaches you of where to find them and how to reach there. You will also study less interesting things such as volcanoes and earthquakes, so that you know how to deal with them and what signs to look out for.

Teacher: Mr Peter T Richards
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Species: Dwarf
Description: Short of course, with a long red beard and deep brown eyes. He wears a sort of tunic and resembles how one would imagine dwarfs to look like in ancient times when they were said to work in mines and underneath the surface. Clumpy brown boots and the kids could all swear they’ve seen an axe kept under his desk.
Personality: He has a…short temper and will loose it over almost anything. But he is good as gold and though he may shout and scream he has plenty of time for his students…as long as they aren’t scared and run away crying by the end of the class.

Mythological Languages
Well, I hope you can all speak proper Dragon language, you have been around them all your life…but this class teaches you the other language of mythological creatures, such as how to speak goblin, elven (for those who are not elves) and such other things.

Teacher: Mrs Annette G Hurfford
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Anthro
Description: Half human and half Peacock. Annette is a beautiful woman with a slender and curved physique and a tanned complexion. She has silvery blue wings sprouting from her back and a set of beautiful tail feathers sprouting from her lower back. She wears a long flowing dress with is made up of the multiple different colours of a peacock.
Personality: She is intelligent and kind, but almost sickeningly so. You either love her or hate her, there is no in between. Some think she may just be a spider in disguise or something along those lines, trying to trap whoever she can in her web.

Protection against dark creatures
You will be taught how to deal with those of a darker nature. Dark creatures are normally the downfall of most students as they are not completely sure of how to deal with them. You will be taught how to protect and attack against these creatures.

Teacher: Ms Catherine L Crawford
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Description: A Vampire, long canines and a very pale complexion, ruby eyes and beautiful long black hair. She wears nothing but black and is the only dark teacher in the school.
Personality: Some are scared by her and some are entranced by her. She is calm and collective and has perfect control over her eating habits, but will not hesitate to use people’s fear of her to her advantage.

Other Characters to note


Name: Mr Charleston H Rodriguez
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Description: A tall and handsome man who looks to be in his forties. He has long crimped brown hair and hazel eyes with a small goatee. He wears a brown waste coat and white button up t-shirt with brown trousers and clumpy boots.
Personality: Kind and always looking out for his teachers and students. Not much is known about him as he keeps most of his affairs a secret.


Name: Mrs Raquel Rodriguez
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Unknown
Description: A tall and beautiful woman with long flowing red hair and sapphire eyes. She wears a long black dress and always wears a small crystal around her neck.
Personality: Like her husband, she is kind and looks out for the teachers and the students and not much is known about her.


Name: Mr Thomas Creepily
Age: 57
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro
Description: A scrawny and scraggy old man who is a cross between a human and a rat.
Personality: Very secretive and grouchy, he’ll get you in to trouble as soon as look at you if he doesn’t like you.


Name: Anna McGlinchee
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Anthro
Description: A cross between a human and a parrot. She has tanned skin and emerald eyes with multicoloured long hair. Tropical parrot wings sprout from her back along with tropical tailfeathers.
Personality: She’s all about the job, protective and ready to fight anyone or anything that disturbs the peace.

Name: Thomas McGlinchee
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro
Description: A cross between a human and an eagle. Tanned skin with amber eyes and shoulder length brown hair, long and sleek brown and white wings and tail feathers.
Personality: Like his twin sister Anna, totally devoted to the job.

Dragon carer’s

Name’s: Timothy Turner, Kimberly Turner, Laurence Turner and Samantha Turner
Age: 20 (Timothy), 15 (Kimberly), 50 (Laurence) and 47 (Samantha)
Gender: Male (Timothy), Female (Kimberly), Male (Laurence) and Female (Samantha)
Species: Human
Description: A Family who live in a hut next to the school and are happy to dedicate they’re lives to looking after the Dragons. Each member of the family has red hair and emerald eyes. Timothy has shoulder length dark red hair (almost looks brown). Kimberly has beautiful long flowing bright red hair where as they’re parents looking the older versions.
Personality: They are protective of the Dragons but are not afraid to strike up conversation with the students and teachers and get to know them.


Name: Dorothy Payne
Age: 78 (looks)
Gender: Female
Species: Elf
Description: Wears a typical white nurse’s get up with grey hair but beautiful blue eyes.
Personality: May look old, but knows exactly what she’s doing.

You will meet more NPC’s and PC’s through out the RPG, such as humans and more of your kind.


You’re Dragons can look like anything, but they can’t be over powering. They have the same element as you do so be creative. Whilst they are in doors with you they can transform into smaller beings of themselves, be this something that can walk at your side or ride on your shoulder, so you can take them anywhere. At night they will return to the fields where they are look after by the Turner family and protected by the McGlinchee twins.

Your Dragons were linked to you at birth and have lived with you through out your normal life and now your school life, this is what determined which school you went to (as will be explained below). You will work together with your Dragon and you basically aim towards the same goal unless the dragon disagrees with you strongly enough. The relationship you have is up to you. You can be best friends or take a more dominant approach (your Dragon control you or vice versa). Either way you are never too far apart or else you will grow week.


These are the elements you can choose from and both you and your dragon will control. But remember that you do not properly know how to use it yet so don’t over power it. I do not want more than two people to each element:

Fire: Use the power of hot flames to physically attack your opponent. (JBCPeace, Spaces: 1)
Ice: Use the power of snow and ice to freeze your enemies in they’re tracks. (Shadowfaith and Archsage Spaces: 0)
Water: Use this watery power to drown your enemies and trap them. (Shiney, Spaces: 1)
Earth: Use this strong power to crush your targets. ( Glajummy, Spaces: 1)
Lightning: Use this energy to stun and shock those that oppose you. (Hero of time Link and Stardust-Kumo, Spaces: 0)
Poison: Use this power to slowly damage your foes. (Mizuki, Spaces: 1)
Psychic: Use this power to air your friends, read minds and pick up objects. (Alter Ego, Archsage, Spaced: 0)
Air: Use this power to slash and cut at your foes flesh. (Random Fan and Chibi-chan, Spaces: 0)
Dark: Use the shadows to do your bidding. (Shadow- Yue and ACC-M Spaces: 0)
Light: Use your healing powers to aid friends and blind enemies. (Uzumaki Naruto and Rena Spaces: 0)

So this means a total of 20 can join if they want, but no more than two to each element. THERE ARE FOUR SPACES LEFT.

Different Schools

Like I said before, you were linked to your Dragon and this determined your school. Well there are a total of five schools across the world and they are as follows:

Draconia: Located in America, this school’s students are born linked to a Dragon.
Phenia: Located in Europe, this school’s students are born linked to a Phoenix.
Kitsukata: Located in Japan, this school’s students are born linked to a Kitsune.
Griffinia: Located in Australia, this school’s students are born linked to a Griffin.
Unikata: Located in Affrica, this school’s students are born linked to a Unicorn.

You will be visiting these schools as well as meeting they’re students through out the RPG.

Houses and Years

You will all start out in the same year regardless of age, one because it’s easier and two because age doesn’t matter when it comes to how well you act in both the RPG and in real life. But you will be split into houses, there are four in total and I do not want more than five per house. It works out equally for the amount that is aloud to join. If there are odd numbers, I may ask you to move around a little.

The houses are as follows along with a description of the qualities a student needs to enter the house. So work your character partially around the house you choose:

Fafnir: Brave and courageous, they would do anything for those they deem friends and would most certainly do anything to gain what they want in life. This house is lead by Mr Oliver Tolkien. (Members: Shadowfaith, Stardust-Kumo, Archsage, Sapces: 2)

Orochi: Power hungry and cunning, members of the Orochi house would do anything to have control or be noticed. This house is lead by Mrs Annette Hurfford. (Members: Shiney, JBCPeace, ACC-M, Mizuki and Chibi-chan, Spaces: 0)

Nidhogg: Smart and Patient, members of this house are smart and wise, but can also be very smug and cocky. This house is lead by Miss Adel Norman. (Members: Alter Ego, Glajummy, Shadow Yue, Hero of Time Link and Random Fan, Spaces: 0)

Coca: Hardworking and kind, these Dracnonian’s know the true meaning of friendship and kindness, but can be rather naïve. This house is lead by Mr Thomas Cooper. (Members: Uzumaki Naruto, Archsage, Rena, Spaces: 2)


If you are unsure of anything, PM me =D

Sign ups

Name: (Creative please, first and last name)
Age: (11–18)
Species: (You can be anything within reason, if you don’t think it will be accepted then don’t put it, PM me if you are unsure)
Element: (Choose from the list)
House: (Choose from the list)
Description: (5+ lines)
Personality: (5+ lines)
History: (5+ lines)
Weapon: (Two maximum)
Other: (Anything else)

Name: (Be creative…nothing like Spot)
Description: (I will allow pictures for this one)
Personality: (5+ lines)
Other: (Anything else)

CyBeastSaber October 7th, 2007 10:02 AM

Name: Hinako Kurikawa
Age: 13
Gender: female (I feel like playing as a girl this time around hehe...)
Species: Human
Element: Light
House: Coca
Hinako is a petite girl standing at a height of 4' 5". Her light purple hair falls to a length about her waist and her eyes hold a light color of purple and red mixed. Her light brown skin is tender at touch and her smile is gentle and welcoming. Her clothing consists of a dark green cloak over a black spaghetti strapped shirt and a pair of brown shorts. She wears a crimson red hairband along with a pair of brown shoes. Around her left wrist is a bracelet with double rings that circle around like orbital rings and on her right hand is a navy blue glove with mystic runes engraved on it that she recieved from her father that belonged to her grandfather which allows Hinako to call for her staff. Other than the summoning of her staff, she does not know what else her glove can do. Hinako can also be seen in a different outfit consisting of a long-sleeve yellow shirt with a light blue sash tied around her waist and navy blue skirt at knee length with a dark purple hairband instead of her usual crimson red. (I guess I'll point out which she is wearing whenever it is needed.)
Hinako is very clumsy and naive but with those two elements create her own purity. She is heartwarming and gentle, yet easily frightened by things larger than herself. Despite her petite body, she works hard everyday to become stronger than she is the day before, but just barely. Hinako enjoys watching the smiles of others. Their happiness is like a light source of power for Hinako that drives her to make as many people possible smile as well. She does well to serve her duty as a healer for her fellow comrades and friends in need for she sees them as irreplacable. Despite her small body and dislike for fighting, Hinako can endure much damage before she herself gives out. She's what people call a tough little cookie. Her strong point would be in magical spells and the such regarding it but as to be expected from her small size, she can barely throw a hard hitting punch.
Hinako's parents moved from Japan to America before she was born and learned of the School of Mythology, Draconia. Upon her birth inside the school, she was linked to her dragon, which she later named Alastor. Afterwards, Hinako and Alastor journeyed about the school and learned of the many things about it, though at a very slow pace(actually this applies to Hinako only :P). Even at a young age where she barely knew anything(say around 4-6), the people thought it odd that a little girl would be wandering around the school trying to learn of the many difficult things related to Mythology and the such but many thought, it was be too much for a young child to comprehend. Hinako enjoyed her normal life of running around, falling down and being reduced to tears, getting scolded, and then being reduced to tears again. She gradually began to stop crying as much but every once in a while, she can't help but let it all out. She loves beautiful and calm scenery especially 'a large lake in the middle of an opening in a large forest' types. It keeps her at peace.
Weapon: Staff of Restraint(binding capabilties) & um... her navy blue glove with mystic runes?(I don't know if I'll actually use it as a weapon though...)
Other: Hinako's a bad cook(hahaha...) but a great tea maker. She enjoys drinking tea around noon time with Alastor. (Who said any of this is relevant? Nya ha hah!)

Name: Alastor
Gender: Male
Description: His radiant skin and scales are made of a combination of emerald and diamond properties thus enabling him to endure a great amount of physical damage making him the perfect shield for Hinako, but that doesn't make him indestructable. His deep blue crystal eyes radiate a crystal-like gleam at the hint of any contact with sunlight. He stands at a height of 13 feet from head to toe and a length of 18 feet from the tip of his nose to his tail. His shoulders are broad and heavily plated while his legs are large and powerful. His diamond black talons on his hands(paws are curved well to about 3 inches in length and can slash through many things with ease while the talons on his hind legs can grind into the earth to stablize his posture whenever the need arise. Alastor's three feet tail tends to curve about the landscape since he dislikes straightening it. He thinks it is bad for battle. His mouth is a cage of fangs that can reach a length of 5 inches. His giant emerald wings can expand a length of about 6 feet each wing and is powerful enough to whip up large scale tornados and gusts. On his head is two pairs of ebon horns that sprouts backwards in a curve motion downwards.
Personality: Alastor thinks of Hinako as his irreplacable family in his life. He is always looking out for Hinako and protecting her because most of the time she's rushing around and healing people but ends up falling on the ground and bursting in tears. He acts like Hinako's older brother despite the fact that she is an only child and she is grateful to him for it. He has a sense of protection for all as well and tends to become a living shield but he could care less about being hurt if he could protect the life of another(though it IS mainly Hinako). On par with his protective side, he is also very tough on Hinako when it comes to training but he can't help himself sometimes. All he wants is to see her become strong and able to defend herself. He tends to call Hinako Hina and likes to fool around with her.
Other: Alastor has the ability to transform at will into a half-human half-dragon form instead of his regular smaller form. In this form, Alastor has human characteristics but retains his wings and tail both in a smaller form. He can also speak the human language quite well and enjoys drinking tea with Hinako.
(This is his human appearance, of course pending on the approval of Shadowfaith.... and now it is APPROVED! haha...)
Appearance: Alastor stands at about 5' 4" with emerald diamond hair slightly parting in front that falls slanted about eye length and has deep blue crystal eyes. His skin color is a light shade of brown similar to Hinako that holds his dragonskin durability. His clothing attire consists of a short-sleeved, green and white striped flanno shirt unbuttoned with a white T-shirt under it and black pants. Both clothing are slightly torn where the sprouting wings an tail are but otherwise, the clothing is perfect for him whenever he changes into that form. He wears a pair of white shoes with white socks along with a gauntlet on his right hand in case he is unable to transform back into dragon form(though very unlikely). Alastor constantly has half his right eye on Hinako(yeah half his right eye... the other half is always asleep lol!) while his other left eye is busy scouting about.

SECOND CHARACTER! WEEE! Ugh... my eyes are hurting a bit here... hahaha... 3 a.m. here... ow...

Name: Fanela (Fa will also do)Luminaire
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Angel
Element: Water
House: Fafnir
Fanela has long golden brown hair in a constant ponytail that reaches her knees tied down by a light blue ribbon and her pristine amber hued eyes is something to behold. She stands at about a height of 4' 9". Her light complexion on her face really brings out her angel self and her skin is smooth and tan colored. Fanela is outfitted in a tanned yellow long sleeved shirt with rhombus designs on a brown surface from one shoulder to the other and blue jeans. She wears a pair of black and white converse shoes(go converse!) along with white socks. She is very fit and atheletic as well but dislikes competing among others to prove a point but rather she competes to improve herself. She may look a little younger than most fourteen year olds because of her half angel blood which will make her aging look slow down quite a bit. Fanela also has angel wings which she can hide at will by making them disappear.
She is brave and tough yet friendly and kind, a hard twist for sorting into houses Fafnir or Coca. She is full of energy and tries to help lighten the mood but will occasionally fail... terribly...but she always puts on a big smile on her face. She occasionally jokes around but is very relaxed in true nature. Fanela enjoys the company of others as well as the stories they tell and is always eager to learn more about the things in life that she does not know of. Her eagerness is probably something she inherited from her mother because her mother was always eager to learn about mysterious things, such as love(this resulted with Fanela... heh!). Fanela's appetite is oddly... large thus one can usually find her anywhere there is food, and she has a tendency to eat odd things(example; an oddly shaped mushroom).
Fanela's father was a human and her mother was an angel. It was a forbidden love and thus her mother was casted from the heavens for such an act and deprived of half her wings and nearly all of her magical powers as an eternal angel, but regardless, she lives happily with her human husband. Soon afterwards, they were gifted with a child which whom they named Fanela. Fanela was an energetic child, always pushing herself while knowing when to take a rest, and she smiled all day long with a look that even sorrow could not take over. The family then learned of a magical school, Draconia, The School of Mythology via a secret message. This school of ancient mysteries was something Fanela can benefit from, the two parents thought and thus sent her there in hopes of her becoming a strongwilled woman. And there, Fanela meets Insignia.
(yeah.. blah blah blah... I
Weapon: Odin's Gungnir (hahaha...) Since it has aqueous properties, it can be regenerated whenever broken as long as water is nearby as well as move unrestrained underwater.
Fanela is taught a special attack by her mother called, Etheral Blast, but she cannot use it at her current state(actually not anytime soon haha...). It utilizes an angel's wings as a source of gathering sunlight then converting the sunlight into pure energy. It is then released from the tip of whatever weapon the user uses(her fists of necessary) into a beam of pure light energy that is destructive. This technique, however, drains an excessive amount of stamina and mental energy thus may leave the user in an unconcious state for a minimum of a day but the maximum length of the unconcious state cannot be calculate. "It is a final resort attack, only to protect those that you love." Fanela's mother whispered into her ear.

Name: Insignia
Gender: Female
Description: Insignia's body is outfitted with clear sapphire colored scales that nullify flames and her eyes has a light yellow shade. Her physical height reaches about 14 feet and she measures a length of 19 feet from the tip of her nose to the very last bit of her tail stretched out. Her 2 inch talons are less curved than a male's but still holds the mighty destructive properties, and Insignia's sapphire tail is similar to that of a mermaid's enabling her to swim in water unlike most dragons. Her giant wings, when folded, act as pectoral fins to aid in swimming. These great wings can also keep her aflight for great distances whenever traveling is needed.
Personality: Insignia is a truly mature and self-controlled dragon though she finds running about after Fanela to be a bit annoying. She is Fanela's voice of reason, but Fanela hears it only as a whisper of reason most of the time. Insignia is a bit tense about the well-being of Fanela since Fanela likes rushing headlong into battle and eating odd things so she is basically her second mother taking care of her. Insignia is still obedient to Fanela despite all the mothering she has to do. She carries vast knowledge with her over the years and is always supervising Fanela on the usage of her skills. She tends to her own affairs if not Fanela and doesn't like to associate with others much so she lets Fanela do most of the talking when dealing with others.
Other: In addition to her mini dragon form, she also has the unique ability to transfigure herself into looking like a human completely to fool others when needed. When in human form, Insignia has long, sapphire colored hair that reaches her waist and keen dark brown eyes. She is annoyed when exposing any part of skin below her head so she tends to wear a dark blue, turtleneck shirt with long sleeves and blue jeans. On her feet are white and black running shoes and her hands are equipped with a pair of dark brown gloves. She is amply endowed and her beauty makes Fanela a bit envious but regardless, it attracts too much unwanted attention to Insignia most of the time. She is always mistaken as a human and only Fanela is the only one who can tell Insignia apart from other humans.

Alter Ego October 7th, 2007 11:53 AM

Heh, a new school...hope this one does better than the big, ol' official one, eh? xD Would it be at all possible to reserve a spot with the psychic element in Nidhogg house? Now normally I'm not the type to ask for this sort of thing, but I've got a big test on linguistic research tomorrow (for which I'll obviously have to study T_T) so I seriously doubt my ability to get in a profile until that's over and done with, and seeing as how limited the elements are in number the good ones would probably be all gone by the time I get back. <.<

So, uh...please? ^.^ If not, I can understand, but it doesn't hurt to ask, right?

parallelzero October 7th, 2007 12:11 PM

Despite the information link provided, I will be making some changes to the general concept behind the Yuki-onna to better suit the purpose of the RP, since it won't exactly work in it's current state. XD

Name: Fleur Blanche (Which translates to "White Flower")
Age: 15 physically, technically 16.
Gender: Female
Species: Yuki-onna
Element: Ice
House: Coca

Fleur Blanche, being a girl of the physical age of fifteen, maintains that cute, vibrant look of youth while showing signs of a maturing woman. She stands at about 5'6", and is very thin. Her hair, while long enough touch her waist and as straight as a ruler, is an icy blue colour that matches the shade of her eyes and lips. Her bangs hang over her forehead, but stop a few inches above her eyes. Her skin is white as snow, and dangerous to the touch. It holds a devastating cold that even makes the air around her chilling, and prevents her from ever feeling any warmth. Her clothes, however, contain a special chemical that prevents them from freezing, and allows contact without the person touching them to freeze instantly. The lower half of her outfit consists of the following: a long black skirt that falls to just above her knees, pastel blue and black striped leg warmers that follow from her black snow boots up until just below her knee, white nylon material covering the exposed skin between the skirt and leg warmers. The upper part of her outfit is first composed of a black and pastel blue beanie on her head, a pastel blue and black striped sleeveless shirt that was made for warmth, pastel blue and black arm warmers that reach just beyond her elbows, and white nylon covering in between the arm warmers and the shirt. The nylon also covers her hands and finger, and she has black, fingerless gloves over top. The outfit is essentially the one on this doll, just with the nylon and obvious colour differences.

Fleur, despite her rough past and her nature as a Yuki-onna, fits the bill of member of the Coca house quite well. She has learned to control her malevolent side, and only requires to feed on life energy once a month as opposed to once every few days. Because of her unique condition, and because she is the only one of her kind, she is often shunned by everyone. Even when she wasn't a monster she was shunned at school, and the beatings from her father never helped anything. This has left a bit of a scar on her ego, and thus she is often shy, nervous and skittish around people, despite the fact that she wants to get along with them. She feels like she's an unneeded threat and burden to everyone around her. Even so, she is quite the scholar, for she uses her studies as a distraction from the real world. In retrospect, she is also quite naive and easy to manipulate, since she has a little grasp on the real world, and her quest for friends would probably have her do anything. Once she gets used to people and breaks out of her shell, she is a fun loving girl with a hunger for souls- er, I mean adventure, and she can be quite goofy.

Fleur was once a French Canadian human girl who lived with her father in Ontario. Her mother died when she was only three, leaving the man of the house to watch over his daughter by himself. He hated that girl, he blamed everything that was wrong with his life on her, and he eventually became a drunk because of it. With this, his sense of decency was thrown out the window and Fleur became subject to a beating at least once a week. All of this time, she was unaware of her purpose as a Draconian, as she had yet to meet the dragon she was linked with. She heard voices sometimes, however, from the pendant left behind to her from her mother, and she often talked. Despite this, she wore it at all times. On the night of her tenth birthday, after an unusually severe beating, one in which she bled and bled for hours, her mother's pendant began to glow furiously, a miniature blue dragon named Celsius appearing from the light. It explained to Fleur her purpose as a Draconian, and how they had been in each others hearts all this time. This gave her the strength to push forward, and so she did. She kept Celsius a secret from her father and continued with her usual, sad story of a child's life, taking the beatings until she turned fifteen.

As the year went by, her father's hate got stronger, and the beatings got worse. Out of absolutely nowhere, her father decided to take her to Japan for her fifteenth birthday, and he dragged her there against her own will. The first excursion they attended in Japan was a helicopter flight over some mountains. As if by her father's will, a blizzard began to kick up just below them, and the father then cut his daughter loose. He opened the helicopter door and pushed his daughter out, sending her plummeting into the cold, snowy blizzard below, screaming in a terrified manner until she hit the ground and a majority of her bones shattered. This was the end of the human Fleur, a version of her that would never be seen again. She felt her flesh and blood freezing as death began to take hold of her soul. At this moment in time, so many feelings of hate for and thoughts of revenge against her father swirled through her mind. She tried to cry, but the tear only froze upon penetrating the air. Her hate became her savior, as an inhuman woman had been watching the girl. This woman was the snow, she was the ice, she was the Yuki-onna, and she understood Fleur's feelings of revenge. The Yuki-onna, tired of her eternal life haunting the snow, decided to give the girl her soul. The last thing Fleur saw before passing out was this woman kneeling down in front of her, and kissing her upon the lips, the cold consuming her body.

Fleur awoke one week later, and the first thing she saw was her dragon, Celsius, staring down at her. This was the first time she had seen Celsius in a full sized manner, so she was quite shocked. The girl wasn't sure why, but her whole body was freezing cold, like there was no blood running through her veins to keep it warm. She sat up and looked around, finding she was in the middle of a snowy field amidst the mountains. Celsius urged her to have a look at herself, and gave her a small piece of reflective ice to hold. Fleur tried to cry at what she saw, but every tear froze upon touching her skin. She was no longer human, that much was obvious. Her skin, which used to be so full of colour was now snow white, so much that it blended in perfectly with the snow on the ground. The skin was ice cold to the touch, and she could tell that there was no blood pulsing through her veins. Her hair, eyes, nails, and lips had taken on a cold, icy blue colour that stood out against her skin, but not too much. She was still wearing her clothing, but they had become frozen solid thanks to the weather. After her examination was finished, her new identity, along with various instincts popped into her head. She was a Yuki-onna, a frozen spiritual being of which once was Fleur, destined to live trapped in this cursed form forever. Over the following few weeks, she became more comfortable with her new form. Most of her new lifestyle was instinctive. It wasn't required of her to eat or drink, but rather she fed upon the life force of the living. Normally it was animals, but once she came across a lost man, and tricked him into thinking she was a lost girl. After he was convinced of that, it was easy to take the life force she needed, leaving the man a frozen corpse to be consumed by the snow. She also found that her body was so cold, physical contact with most things was futile. Water froze upon contact, and she zapped a majority of the heat out of any living creature she touched. The only exception was Celsius, who she could touch and ride as much as she wanted without the dragon feeling uncomfortable. This life was a lonely one, however, and despite the knowledge that she was a danger to most people, she wanted to live amongst people once again. Celsius made her aware of Draconia, reminding her that her role of Draconian had not changed despite her new lifestyle, and that she would have to control herself upon doing so. Therefore, the two departed for the school a year after the incident, Fleur aware of all the things she'd have to do to stop herself from hurting others.

Fleur, for some reason, is capable of wielding an insanely large hammer with two hands. The shaft is white and 6' in length, while the head of the hammer is two sided, ice blue, and at least four feet long! She doesn't carry it around full sized, but instead can transport it via a charm she keeps in her pocket.

Name: Celsius
Gender: Female
Description: click. You imagination can hopefully fill in the rest.
Personality: Celsius, like ice, is quite cold indeed. Her responses are blunt, her concern for her Fleur seemingly non-existent, and she wants nothing more than to stay on task. Despite this, the two still get along quite well, and Fleur has gotten used to her dragon's constant lack of concern and rude comments. Celsius does have a positive side, she just tends to keep it hidden deep within her soul for the most part. Fleur believes that it's because of her own insecurities that her dragon acts this way, and that is quite possibly the truth of the matter, although there is no proof. The truth is, if the two had actually met each other a lot sooner, and if not for Fleur's freak fate changing event, they probably would be a lot closer emotionally and such, but alas that is not the case.

Name: Seth Caanel
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Reaper
Element: Psychic
House: Fafnir

Reapers are required to wear a standard colour scheme: black, and Seth does nothing but follow this standard. In fact, it oftentimes looks like he's afraid of any colour at all when placed near his body. He's approximately 5'11" tall, his messy, three inch long black hair making him seem a little bit taller, especially when his hood is propped up because of it. Despite popular belief, reapers do appear as living humans, not gruesome skeletons dressed in black cloaks. Well, the black cloak part is true, the skeleton part was probably fabricated because the face could not be seen. Therefore, Seth does indeed wear a black, hooded cloak with a grey string that ties it around his waist, and the entirety of the cloak goes down to his feet that wear black shoes. His hood is almost ALWAYS up, shrouding his identity in mystery. For the most part, only the dead know his eyes are blood red, or that his hair is black, or that he isn't that bad looking for a being associated with death itself. In fact, he has a few fansouls.

At first glance, you wouldn't be able to identify Seth's true personality because he tries to keep himself hidden. Most wouldn't be aware that he is an extremely loyal friend, or that he has a soft spot for cute things, or that he has often stepped out of the line of his duty and prevented those about to die from being killed via murder or the like. No, nobody knows this about him, the just take care to stay the heck away from him because of how he appears. Seth is very ambitious, with his number one goal being to outgrow the shadow left behind by his father, who is regarded as one of the world's greatest reapers, and he'll do almost anything to to reach his goal. He has also proven to be very kind and sensitive, as displayed by his acts that have saved precious life in the past, although he was often scolded for such things. After all, his duty is to guide the souls of the dead. If he prevents death from occurring, who will he guide?

Seth was born and raised a reaper, one who guides the souls of the deceased unto a new life beyond the physical chains of our world. His father was a reaper, and so was his grandfather, and the chain continues. It's just in his blood. Each reaper also doubles as a Draconian, and as such Seth grew up with his own dragon at his side almost twenty-four seven. Reapers live in various forms of homes, depending on their assigned location and their age. After Seth turned twelve, he had no choice but to leave his home and live on his own. He chose to live in a large mansion, as his living costs were paid for by his family. By day, he would keep himself cooped up in his windowless study, learning about the world, for reapers are not fond of sunlight. During the night, he was charged with guiding the souls in his assigned section, which was located in America. Also during this time, he would train with his dragon and work on his combat ability, aware of his destiny to attend Draconia. Upon departing for Draconia, he had to place his area in control of his father while he is away.

Weapon: Seth, stereotypically, carrying a pitch black scythe that stands at a height of about 6'.

Name: Razyr
Gender: Male
Description: click
Personality: Razyr is much like Seth, and a fitting steed indeed. They have been together since birth, and because of this, they have grown as close as two brothers would be. Unlike Seth, however, Razyr is a lot quieter and doesn't tend to ramble on about nothing. He is quite knowledgeable, and has a much firmer grasp on common sense than Seth does. Razyr, like his master, is also very keen on following rules with the odd rule that he's rather excuse himself from, such as with Seth and his occasional saving of a life. A lot of the time, Razyr is also lazy because he doesn't feel challenged, even when he really is being challenged. This often leads to squabbles between the two.

Chibi-chan October 7th, 2007 12:59 PM

O__O Holy Cheese Nips.

I-If I have time, I want to join this. Baaadly. If only the old school RP did good...this one's going to be pure awesome though >:3 I'd like to reserve a spot, but if I don't ever finish, I probably won't have the time... But count be in Coca plz :3

Gummy October 7th, 2007 1:37 PM

Nice, I got the first complete sign up! (and probably, the first rejection). Also, I have the same question as Archsage on whether we are allowed two characters or not.

Name: Clytemnestra (Chloe) Althea

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Elf

Element: Earth

House: Nighogg

Description: Like all elves, Chloe is rather short compared to most other species for her age. Standing at merely five feet, five inches, this teenager still regards herself as beautiful. Her long, silver hair reaches down to the small of her back and blocks most of her forehead. Under the silvery bangs lie her majestic azure eyes. The blue orbs seem to be peering in to one’s very soul when she stares at you. Almost every day, she’s wearing a sleeveless, white button-down shirt and a short, plaid skirt consisting of a variety of colors. She also sports a pair of white sneakers that she strives to keep clean. Around her neck she fashions a pendent with an opal stone that her mother gave her. Regarding her figure, Chloe is extremely fit. Like humans, elves too go through a form of puberty, but at a slower rate. This however, wasn’t the case for Chloe. By the age of fifteen, she had form of an elf in her prime. She takes great pride in her beauty which can make her quite annoying at times.

Personality: As stated in the description, Chloe has a knack for getting on people’s nerves at times. She obsesses over her looks and isn’t afraid to tell off anyone who thinks of her as ugly. She has a tendency to brag about completely irrelevant things in class and unless stopped, she’d never notice it. With both beauty and brains, Chloe feels as if life could get no better. Although her friends tell her otherwise, Chloe insist that she is indeed, one of the most popular girls in school. Due to her slender elven physique, Chloe uses her speed to get out of tight situations, namely one-on-one combat. Her elemental orientation allows her to give some powerful hits while also making a speedy escape. The only problem is, her body is extremely fragile and two or three powerful hits can put her out.

History: Chloe was born in England but moved to America with her father when she turned five. Due to America’s abundance of humans, the small elf felt very out of place and had very little friends. This all changed when she became a student at the Draconian School of Mythology. Chloe was always interested with mythology and seeing as her species had some ties with the subject, she was ecstatic when she learned she’d be attending. It was a huge relief when she found out that many students were elves just like her. She was delighted by the fact that she could finally make of for all that lost time she spent locked up in her little room.

Weapon: Two daggers.

Other: Chloe has many interests in boys no matter what species. She’s craves attention so she flirts with many guys. Also, can her Earth ability act as a defense mechanism as well? (like creating walls of rock to protect her.)


Name: Gaia

Gender: Female

Description: Here you go!. The only difference is she’s just about a half a foot taller than Chloe. While indoors, she transforms into a much smaller version of herself, minus the wings.

Personality: A very calm and quiet creature, Gaia is pretty much the opposite of Chloe. This wise dragon occasionally warns Chloe of her obsession with looking good but never strikes an argument with the girl. Even in her miniature form, Gaia just sits atop Chloe’s shoulder and stares into space. During battle, Gaia doesn’t like to ride things out and ends things quickly. She would readily admit when her opponent is too powerful and forfeit. Because of this, Gaia has yet to see her true potential. Her relationship with Chloe is slowly deteriorating as the two spend less and less time together. She has pretty much grown used to the weak state of being separated from her owner.

Other: Favorite food is fish (not really relevant...)

Shiney October 7th, 2007 1:38 PM


Name: Robert "Bobby Rose" Price

Age: 18

Gender: Male (but with me, who knows how long that'll last?)

Species: Human-Lycanthrope, Boar Variety.

Element: (Hard choice between earth and water, but I think...) Water

House: Orochi

Description: Bobby looks normal at a first glance, but under severe scrutiny, is quite an unsettling individual. His dark brown hair is mostly unkempt, if clean, hanging at a few inches long however gravity or wind leaves it. His hazelish eyes, brown near the edges, going to dark green, then bright yellowish green near the center are always bloodshot, and he seems to have a blank gaze more often than not. His skin is tanned on his arms legs and face, but a much paler shade underneath his clothes, with a great deal of sores on his arms and back. He always wears similar outfits of short sleeved shirts and denim slacks that hang somewhat loosely, kept in place with a black cloth belt with a brass buckle, with a very simple square design. Over which, he has a favorite leather black greatcoat that he keeps on, unbuttoned in the heat, buttoned in the cold. To finish it all off, he has a favoritism of large brimmed leather hats, mostly, you guessed it, black.

Personality: Bobby's admittedly bitter when it comes to the world. He's admittedly spiteful, and will go to nearly any length to "settle matters and grievances" as he sees it. Among his few passions in life, vengeance is foremost in them, as is spite. His hand is signal enough of that. He rarely gets sleep, and can snap at people at little provocation, or just as likely mumble things that make no sense. He occasionally hallucinates, but they rarely get in his way. He's disdainful of his fellow countrymen for their self-restriction, but shows no true love or trust for anyone else, either. Mostly, his distance is just a shell to hide his anger, and sadness. Not to mention being utterly alone. If you can manage to get past his protective shell, and become meaningful to him though, he'll go to absurd lengths to ensure your well-being and happiness.

History: Being born to a somewhat normal seeming life, there wasn't much to say. He lived with his dragon, and his parents in a happy, homeschooled, solitary life. Until his mother died of cancer, and his father took up smoking, and was never around the house. Alone, with only his dragon for company, he quickly became socially handicapped, developing an overzealous sense of spite and revenge. And so he lived until at last he was asked to join the school. Uncertain whether to accept or not, he finally relied on Malefiesto's advice, and did so. And at last at the school, though he has no friends, he has people who can appreciate his hard work, and cunning.

Weapon: Having only a little official training in martial arts before joining the school, Bobby uses a short stick, more like a sword or club than a staff, and he almost always keeps a short, straight dagger somewhere on his person.

Other: The Were-Boar as it's typically called has more control over his transformations than most lycanthropes, with the ability to transform, albeit painfully, at will with extreme focus. Though, should the were-boar be angered beyond reason, they not only lose their ability to control transformation, but their ability to control themselves in their beast state. Almost entirely like a wild boar, but far larger and more resillient. Basically, they just need to be kept from doing any damage until the rage subsides if that happens.


Name: Malefiesto

Gender: Male

Description: At first glance, you'd take Malefiesto for a crocodile. And that is the beast he's extremely similar to. Dark brown, almost black, and much paler tan splotches accross thick, armorlike scales that are more crocodillian than serpentine give him that appearance. He's also largely shaped like a crocodile, though more sinuous and agile of frame, and with much larger legs to bear the brunt of his force. His wings, while not allowing as agile flight as other dragons, are also armored in scales, though much weaker than the rest of his body, and can be used for long flights and gliding with little waste of energy.

Personality: Malefiesto only rarely argues with his human companion, but conflicts are known to happen. Malefiesto is like an inversion of his friend, calm, calculating rather than blithely cunning, and while tempermental, under strict self control. He's a bit over-sensitive to his friend's well being, however, given his front row seat to his years as a child, he's one of the few that know that Robert's had no easy time. His anger is nearly as bad as his masters when his pride is attacked however, disdaining being linked in any way, shape, or form to the "lowly" crocodiles and alligators, despite his obvious resemblance. Largely though, it's his influence that keeps Robert from becoming unstable, or getting into serious trouble on his own.

Other: I'll think of something to add later. @_@

Scales October 7th, 2007 2:08 PM

Anyway I have finished. If my post isnt up to Par can you please give me some constructive criticism? Anyway I am still wondering if a half-human Anthro is allowed

Anyway one thing I like about this rp is that it seems very similar to Harry potter due to the houses and the amount of magical schools

Also I have a question. Are we all just attending the school for the first time or have we already been to school before and are just going again?

Name: Taven Praotor

Age: 16

Gender: male

Species: Anthro-human

Element: Fire

House: Orochi

Description: Taven looks at a first glance a large bird. But this is only at a first glance. At a closer inspection you will see that he is actually a very small humanoid bird. Taven is actually a somewhat half-human half eagle person. His head has long feathers going down his body. However his beak is much wider and looks somewhat more like a mouth. Due to this he can speak almost exactly like a human and elf and his beak is hard enough to bite into things. Meaning he can eat more then just rats and small birds. His eyes are also dark green. His feather colors are dark brown with hints of white.

Much of the rest of his body looks very bird-like. His chest has dark brown with hints of white feathers. However the stranger thing is that he does not have wings but has talon-like hands. His hands are scaley and he only has 3 fingers. (Including the thumb.) His nails are clawlike however. But he still manages to hold his crossbow with great elegance despite this slight handicap. His legs are humanoid however his feet are also like talons giving him a slight griffin like look. Plus Taven wears different kinds of clothing. Such as right now due to his humanoid stature he managed to salvage a dark brown hoody and fits him slightly baggy. Plus dark blue jeans. However he only has a small shrub of a tail and does not show well due to his hoody's bagginess

Personality: Taven acts very shadowed. He feels brave of course when he does something. But otherwise he feels very left out of people's conversations and usually feels depressed when lonely. But this doesn't usually happen since he manages to fill the void with his classes. Since Taven looks more like a humanoid eagle he doesn't have any friends. But he always treats whoever talks to him like a big deal. Taven rarely gets made fun of however. For reasons he cannot explain. Taven does get friendly around people who do not speak to him. Such as letting people borrow his stuff or loaning money. However this does not make him naive since he does know how to tell whether or not someone is trustworthy. Taven however does have fits of courage however and does elect himself to be leader. He creates goals and meets them no matter what.

Taven normally gets overcome with his imagination since he dreams of writing books or even climbing mountains. His imagination normally runs wild with him. Contributing things like mood swings and even displays of courage such as doing something incredibly dangerous and still doing it. Taven normally has insomnia at night due to his imagination but still manages to get to sleep after about 30 minutes. Of course Taven is not ignorant of the world. He has a large quest for knowledge and is normally curious of the world.

History: Most of Taven's past is shrouded in mystery. For as long as he could remember he lived on his own. From what he could remember he was abandoned in a forest early in life. His only friend was his dragon which kept his childhood sanity. However he was only in the forest for a week till he was found by a family and taken in. Since the family knew of Draconia he was to be sheltered inside till he was allowed to go to school. During his sheltering inside Taven opened himself to knowledge by reading novels and by speaking to his dragon. Overtime he managed to name his dragon ghost after a number of ghosts in some of his favorite novels. Since Taven was very different from his family he often questioned as to why he was very different. But his answer was usually not one he could understand. Once he tried to run away once and went into a street. But he was not seen due to it being night. He found a old clothing factory that went out of business and found some clothes. It was a dark brown hoody and a pair of jeans. The hoody was incredibly baggy on him however the jeans were okay. He managed to hide his clothes until he was sent to school.

Overtime Taven grew older and when he was 16 he was sent to Draconia. Since his new family lived in Canada he was sent with difficulty to Draconia. He was given a weapon that was passed down in his new family. It was a longsword that has a few scratches. Plus a small crossbow that attatches itself to a harness on his hip.

Weapon: Iron longsword, Small custom made crossbow that is very small and attatches itself to his hip.


Name: Ghost

Gender: male

The only difference is that the dragon is very small and only just larger then Taven. He becomes smaller at will turning into a very small dragon and flying onto his shoulder

: Ghost is Taven's dragon. When Taven was born he was abandoned in a forest at a young age. Since Ghost was also at a young age was was abandoned with him. When he was with Taven's new family he adopted a personality. Ghost is constantly bickering with Taven. He is normally arguing about practically anything. Such as what color the sky is. Either blue or aqua. Of course Taven normally lets Ghost win these battles. Ghost acts slightly ignorant and Taven normally corrects him on an hourly basis. However other then this Ghost and Taven act very well to each other. They act like best friends and do many things with each other.

Shadow_Yue October 7th, 2007 2:32 PM


Name: Yumi Takahashi

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Anthro-Human

Element: Dark

House: Nidhogg

Description: Yumi has medium length orange hair that goes down just below her back. Yumi's bangs are pulled over her face and hide her eyes for the most part. Her eyes are an emerald green to match her dragon's. She has golden stub earrings that are in the top of her ear. Her body state is normal and she is neither fat nor skinny. She has a small nose and black ears of a cougar. She is a tall girl that stand at 5'9 and she wears a dark blue dress that goes down above her knees. The dress has spaghetti straps that are dark blue lace as well. It buttons down with white pearl buttons and ruffles slightly at the bottom. The dress also has a hole in it for her tail in the back. Yumi has long sleeves that don't connect the the dress but match with the same dark blue coloring and white lace at the tips, they hide her hands with the length. She has her sharp and long nails painted a soft pearlish color and has two gold rings on both hands. Yumi has long black leggings on with white lace at the tips that go just below her knees. Her shoes resemble black dress shoes but are cut out at the tip of the feet and lace up to her ankles.Yumi doesn't have normal teeth as hers are just as sharp as her claws but not as long.

Personality: Yumi is very smart girl who is also cunning. She is a quick thinker and normally slick talks her way out of situations but often tries to avoid things from getting to that point. When faced with a problem her mind comes up with all possible solutions in an attempt the help and goes through all of them very quickly. She has never talked a lot and is often referred to as a weirdo from her peers.Yumi prefers the tranquility of the beach rather than the excitement of a party. She tries to act more mature and is often hypocritical as she stereotypes anyone by any action they take. Though she tries not to let it show she can be one of the cockiest people but she is trying to work on that problem. If she is faced with any problem that asks for personal opinions or rather common sense problems her mind will go blank and she will say something stupid in a futile attempt to answer it.

Yumi is often overcome by her fantasies and dreams and can become ignorant to the world around her. Talking to her is a big problem as she will just turn the other cheek and ignore you. However this is only in fear of making a mistake and saying something that will proably get her hated byt this person. Yumi fears of being hated and lonely in the world as the many books she's read have had nothing but happy ending. This dorve her into fearing that she may become alone. But she has never had the drive to persue happiness. The only people she would be willing to talk to is her dragon and teacher but only because they are neccesary. Patience has never been a problem for her but if she's not interested in what you have to say she'll just tune you out and will eventually be lost in space. She dislikes ignorance and will jump at the chance to point it out, even if it's a small error. Preferring the night she is very sleepy during the day but does not show it. Her sleepiness can lead to dozing off so she only takes notes for her to review at night. Yumi is not very self concious so insults barely hurt her as she only waves them off as juvenile behavior. All in all Yumi has an attitude of " I don't really care" attitude with a touch of "I'm better and more mature than you".

History: Yumi has come from a long long of rich folk as her attire shows. She spent her days reading books instead of playing outside. The only time she would ever go outside would be to watch the stars or play/train with her dragon. Because of this Yumi is very sheltered but thinks she knows everything from reading books and having a hired tutor. Her parents think that being an only child has made her spoiled and that she needs to be outdoors hence why they want her to go to a different school. After many objections from her she finally gave up after Ryo, her dragon, convinced her that it was for the best. Yumi, though it seemed childish was making it her personal mission to make herself hate the school as much as possible.
Weapon: Whip and Chains

Other: (Anything else)

Name: Ryo
Gender: Male
Description: His eyes are also a emerald color. His smaller form is turning into a small lizard like creature with miniature wings that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
Personality: Ryo is a protective dragon who has always seemed like a big brother for Yumi. He has always been a laid back dragon and barely wants to do any work. Though he would always try to lead Yumi in the right direction he would rather be her conscience. He has always been there for a helping hand and feels the need to protect from anything. Even if they are only small dangers that Yumi knows she can handle. He is always scolded by Yumi for being too much of a shield for her and and how he never takes his job seriously. Ryo is often never cautious of his surroundings so when he walks around in full form he can knock over a lot of things. Yumi and Ryo are often fighting about what would be the right or wrong thing to do as both of them have different ways of handling things using either logic or sense, most of which he wants to use sense and she wants to use logic. Ryo worries that she may be too shielded to understand more than what's in a book and that her being naive to the world will cause damage if she doesn't figure it out soon enough.
Other: Both Yumi and Ryo have necklaces that allow them to blend in with the shadows.

Scarlet Weather October 7th, 2007 5:01 PM

Name: Jasper August

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Element: Dark

House: Orochi

Race: Anthro-Human

Appearance/Description: Short and hot-tempered Jasper is only five feet tall, but his sleek, well-built physique means he's no physical slouch. Clothed in a black tank-top emblazoned with the yin-yang symbol and a pair of army-green camoflaged hunting pants, he might look like a stereotypic jock if it weren't for his blazing red cat ears, tail, and the claws at the end of his nails. Every hair on his body, including those of his ears and tail, is beet-red and incredibly bushy. His eyes have oval pupils, and are a beautiful olive-greeen (he takes after his mother that way). Barely visible on his face are four whiskers, each one incredibly sensitive to changes in vibration in the air around Jasper, allowing him to detect oncoming projectiles. His claws aren't hard enough to do more then inflict a nasty scratch, but when he pulls his shadow element out, they can easily cause a nasty gash. Jasper's voice and mannerisms are nothing out of the ordinary, aside from the occasional cat-noise and his habit of stretching himself out and moving around an area when preparing to bed down, but his taste in foods is bizarre. He enjoys such delicacies as raw mouse, bird, and fish. Since mice and birds generally avoid him and are much too small for someone of his size to stalk easily, Jasper usually subsists off normal human fare with large helpings of sushi. His left two whiskers are significantly shorter then his right ones, due to his habit of chewing on them when thinking.

Personality: Jasper isn't so much cunning as he is determined. His way of thinking involves the age-old philosophies "my way or the highway" and "might makes right". His persistence and subsequent courage might have resulted in placement in Fafnir had not they been counterbalanced by a healthy dose of pride and a desire to control. In any group situation where a leader is not clearly defined, Jasper will began issuing commands and take matters into his own hands. In addition, he doesn't have any particular amount of respect for authority figures, questioning their orders and working around them to meet his own ends as often as he possibly can. In short, Jasper is stubborn as a mule, proud as a lion, and shameless as an IRS agent. In addition, he possesess absolutely no modesty, bragging to others about his accomplishments whenever he feels he can get away with it. (Thankfully, this isn't all that often.) When Jasper works in a group, once he's found his place within it or preferably carved it out, he will make sure that he accomplishes whatever tasks fall to him to the best of his ability. Such an attitude makes Jasper a logical choice for model student in all classes save mythological history, the only class in which he absolutely refuses to strive more then necessary, resulting in a slightly skewed grade spread.

Jasper does posess a certain number of social charms, not the least of which are his gentlemanly attitude towards women and his trustworthiness, as when given a secret he tends to keep it until death parts him from life. In addition, his feline attributes allow him to walk with a certain degree of confidence and natural coolness usually only possessed by a tomcat. His movements are graceful, fluid, and not altogether animallike, though on occasion this is evident. (See "Appearance".) When Jasper meets someone that he can tolerate who tolerates him in return, he immediately forms a bond of friendship with that person and goes from potential hazard or obstacle to one of the more trustworthy companions available. His eventual aim, after all, is leadership, not isolation. Jasper posesses an innate ability to emphasize with others. Sensitive to emotions, he'll often step in as mediator in the quarrels of others (though this doesn't bar him from a few heck-raisers of his own.)

Jasper's sense of humour is often off-the wall and zany to an absurd degree, though he doesn't crack jokes often he'll laugh at the most horrible puns and fire them back as well when the moment requires one of him. His complete lack of embarassment and outgoingness would probably net him a job as a stand-up comic if only he were human.

History: Born and bred in the country, Jasper grew up in a rural southern home, and his parents attempted to keep alive the values of the south pre-civil-war (barring, of course, the discrimination against race and gender as well as the enslaving of other beings, of course.) His father, a draconian who resembled nothing so much as a medieval knight in terms of a few of his ideals and appearance, taught his son everything he knew of chivalry, how to entertain others civilly, how to carry oneself with dignity, and above all, how to lead others. Here was where his father made a mistake. When teaching his son, he impressed on him the importance of being a leader to such a degree that it was ingrained in the boy's fragile psyche and later spiraled outward to the point that it turned Jasper into a control freak- a control freak with credentials and skills, but a control freak nevertheless. Of course, with his father's passing three years ago, this might be a moot point. Because of the loss of his father, Jasper has attempted to follow everything he ever said to the letter, including standing up for yourself, fighting even when the odds were stacked against you, and treating others with common dignity. Unfortunately, Jasper's imperfections have somewhat warped these teachings to the point that he'll stand up, and vocally, every time he feels that someone has violated his belief system (they usually haven't) and comes off as being rebellious rather then zealous. He inherited his fiery temper from his mother, also a draconian, and a descendant of Irish immigrants. It was she who taught Jasper the use of weaponry and sent him to school after his father's death.

Weapon: Jasper doesn't stick to one weapon in particular, but his personal favorite are his trench knives, a pair of knives attached to brass knuckles.

Other: Jasper's power of darkness isn't all that interesting: he forms a film of shadowy energy about himself that he can use to slightly cushion blows and sharpen his otherwise-useless claws. Of course, he cannot use this ability unless he draws the shadows from a nearby source, and he cannot use his own shadow or the shadow cast by others. Instead, he usually steps into the shadow of a nearby tree or building. Once he activates the ability, the shadowy energy will cling to him until he consciously dispels it.

Dragon's Name: Rozinante

Appearance: Rozinante is only three feet in heighth and breadth but "though he be but little, he is fierce". His black scales glisten like flakes of obsidian, and his eyes are glittering gold with hawk-like pupils. His talons, about two inches in length each, are sharp and hook-like; three of them reside on each of his paws. His face is shaped roughly like that of an Archaeopteryx, though instead of a beak he possesses a bear-like muzzle, and his teeth are serrated and deadly loooking. His tail is long and narrow, serving as a whip, rudder, and third "arm" if necessary, and his wings, far from being bat-like, are instead covered with red and golden feathers, which also form a crest on top of his head, giving him the appearance of a dementd prehistoric beast. His tounge is long and purple, and can extend for up to a yard, though this is rarely used as an offensive maneuver for the simple reason that it is no stronger then the tongue of an ordinary human, despite being longer. His legs are shaped roughly like those of a dog, though his upper limbs are designed in such a way that he can use them as arms when rearing up on his haunches.

Personality: Named for the horse of Don Quixote, the famous landlord-turned-knight of literature, Rozinante possesess a degree of pride equalled only by that of his draconian, and an attitude to match. Since their views on life match up almost perfectly, Rozinante rarely quarrels with Jasper, though their interests in terms of free-time activitie differ tremendously: Jasper likes tough, physical activity while Rozinante prefers quiet studying in libraries and a good cup of Earl Gray. In addition, Rozinante hates getting involved in combat personally unless absolutely necessary, instead preferring to support others through his unique talents. More scholarly then his partner, he often does Jasper's history homework for him, though Jasper still copies it down later- Rozinante's handwriting is beautiful, Jasper's is atrocious. In addition, Rozinante cannot use computers or other devices requiring the tapping of small keys or buttons due to his claws. Instead, he uses his remarkably agile tail to grab objects and hold them in place or operate electronic devices. He has been known to use an antique typewriter to keep a journal on occasion, though it isn't known to many other then Jasper.

Other: Instead of the ability to exhale smoke or flame, Rozinante possesses a unique ability: he has two stomachs, once of which serves as a resting place for food, the other a pocket of shadows capable of storing nearly anything. Due to this, Rozinante can swallow any object and hold it in his body for an indefinite amount of time before eventually releasing it from his mouth in the exact condition it was in when it entered. Due to this, he often serves as Jasper's backpack, carrying traveling supplies or weapons for his ally, or even serving as a sort of transport animal for an entire team of Draconians. In an ironic twist of events, the Rozinante he was named for was a draft animal before Don Quixote transformed him into a charger, and he doesn't hesitate to point this out when others become too demanding of him. In addition to material objects, Rozinante can also swallow energy directed into his mouth, releasing it when required. The main weakness of this ability is that Rozinante cannot draw objects towards his mouth from any distance, and an object must be at least three inches from his head before he can swallow it. He can, however, swallow objects larger then his own head by releasing enough shadow energy from his mouth to supercompress the atoms in the object, reducing it to miniscule size. He must also consciously activate the ability, meaning he can't use it on instinct. As a final weakness, his stomach can only store a maximum of 2,000 kilograms worth of matter, and an equivalent amount of energy.

Hero of Time Link³ October 7th, 2007 8:33 PM

Please reserve me a spot here is what I've got so far.
Name: Arochia Atakisa

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Species: Anthro

Element: Lightning

House: Nidhogg

Description: Arochia has jet black hair with blue and orange highlights running through it and wears dark blue jeans and a black jacket. also he is quite a slim pre-teen and about 5"2 and weighs roughly 95lbs.
He has dark red eyes with pitch black pupils and he wears has a Blood Red Robes with the Family Motto" We Strive To Achieve". His shoes mainly consist of lightweight leather boots and similar styled normal boots,he also wears a necklace with a dragons fang from his fathers dragon which is from the dragons first battle against evil. His skin colour is a darker tone of peach on his head but a normal tone everywhere else while on his body he has two gashes, one under his eye and the other is on his wrist from fighting. He doesn't look it yet but he had gills under his neck and fins are growing from his shoulder blades.

Personality: Arochia is a very average Japanese pre-Teen and has been the person he is since preschool, he hates Gangs or Yakuza as his people called them and opposes them highly even though they are quite rare, but still are one of the most wicked people he has ever had the displeasure of meeting in his life so far. He has no record at schools and remains "The Perfect Boy" in school while at home he is less of what he is at school and relaxes far more,he is a extremely social person and makes friends quite easily, he usually gets along with the quite much more stranger ones.
He is a perfect A+ student and never got below A in a test at a normal school even though he hasn't had that many years there, he practices hard for every test and normally doesn't give up until he can't do it anymore.

History: Arochia was born on the stormy night of The Nineteenth of October and he had experienced many hardships like his mothers death for example who had been killed by a heart attack and he experienced the time when the town was at Civil-War status(for a legendary item that the other part had), he went through the Civil-War quite well even though it hurt him that people would die even in his normally low crime rate type country which has lost the most people ever just in that war and he embraced himself when the war was over because the two parts agreed to giving the things the other wanted in trade for the things the his part wanted and the peace was restored, in post-war times the city acted as if nothing happened between them. Kyoto then started a normal school at the age of Five and received good grades because he was determined to be a great scholar. Until that day when he was Eleven he received a letter from Draconia stating that he had been accepted into the school.

Weapon: Ariniscath Katana Sword, A hand crafted Staff of Lightning

Other: None

Name: Arashina
Gender: Male
Description: Here It Is
Personality: Arashina had been assigned to Arochia from a young age and ever since then they had become the best of friends and shared basically everything together and Arashina is very affectionate to Arochia, they had been through many hardships and always get through in the end, he has the strength of a dozen warriors and the silence of a Ninja before attacking the person who has no idea. He would make a good tracker and assassin for anyone and he is friendly and kind with the only exception of enemies and those with impure intentions at heart even when they don't show it. His determination is fueled by his life rule "Continue until you can't continue any more and then give it all some more even if you can't!"
Other: None

RP Sample:Kyoto noticed Kakashi-Senseis first mistake when he left the clearing, it was that he had not anticipated that there would only be one route in the forest for him not to leave less than one trace. So Kyoto feeling quite confident that he would get him used the Shadow Clone Jutsu and dispersed in every direction, three of them noticed a series of broken branches and followed them just to capture a few Water Clones of him which burst and turned back into water. The real Kyoto meanwhile was following the main path where no branch could be broken and he saw footprints that had been left in some parts of the grassy ground and followed them.

He found Kakashi but then to his disappointment Kakashi used Shadow Clone Jutsu as well and dispersed into three directions. Kyoto made the other Shadow Clones who were with him to follow two of the Kakashis and he followed on to the one going forward with lots of determination. The two clones of Kyoto destroyed the other two clones Kakashi in close combat with Kunai Knifes and then Kyoto found Kakashi once more and finally caught him. Kakashi exclaimed happily,"Congratulations you've caught me! Now tell me a bit about you."

Kyotos answered happily ,"I am Genin from the Syuku clan,born in Sunagakure and was accepted as a Genin in this village. I don't go into depth about my clan as my family doesn't trust me telling any of the clans secrets, I will tell you this though, my clan specializes in throwing stars and wind manipulation, I wish to master my clans abilities and become one of the elite Amaterasu Srukenkakashi which get to use the clans specialized weapons which were originated in this clan and are only used by it."
Kakashi shouted,"Great so you'll be a good ninja to train. You seem like I'll be able to get you doing C-Rank missions because of your excellency in tracking me even though I left you a few clones to trick you. I still need to see your combat skills so meet me tomorrow at the training ground I showed you yesterday.

Craig² October 7th, 2007 8:33 PM


Name: Raiku "Rai" Fuuma

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Species: Seraph

Element: Lightning

House: Fafnir

Description: Raiku's lengthy blanket of spiraling golden ringlets frames her pale, radiant face. Her left eye is veiled by a thick tendril of her hair. Her eyes are of the darkest gray hue, and sparkle with a brilliant vibrance when Raiku is in a pleasent mood. Raiku's skin is colorless yet glowing and radiant. Not a single blemish or beauty mark to be found..Her thin lips are often glued shut, rarely revealing her smile. The Seraph's body is built thin and lanky, yet her arms yeild muscles of reasonable strength. Her hands are smooth, her index finger accented by a family heirloom; her grandmother's fine crystal ring. Raiku wears a short pearl white strapless satin dress with a ruffled black fringe at the bottom. This dress has an open back for her wings. Her shoes are simple white flats, and the portion of her leg from her ankle to her knee is covered by gray and black striped, baggy legwarmers. On her wrists, she wears armbands that match her legwarmers' pattern. Around her neck is a silver chain with a pure white lightning bolt charm, which she uses to call upon the power of her element, which is lightning.
But perhaps the most important feature of Raiku is her wings. She has a wingspan of twenty feet, and each wing is attatched to her back, infused with her skin. They are silky to the touch, and pure white. They are not traditional angel wings and greatly resemble that of a falcon. When not being used, Raiku folds them close to her body.

Personality: Despite being an angel, Raiku can have a temper. This temper reveals itself when someone purposely aggravates her and when she does not live up to her self expectations (in which case her anger is directed twoards herself). Otherwise, however, she is fairly mellow and calm. She is not especially sunny or cheery. She is fairly intellegent and is a self-proclaimed philosipher and poet. Though normally sweet and pleasent, if someone around her is behaving disrespectfully or disgracefully, Raiku is quick to set them straight with a look of immeasurable disapproval and anger. Raiku is never violent and tries to avoids fights as much as possible due to her morals, but when forced to unleash her aggresion, she will gladly give it her all.

History: Raiku was not born into heaven. She was born in London and raised by her single grandmother. Raiku's mother had died giving birth to her, and she never knew her father, or any other relation besides her grandma. At birth, Raiku had two small, identical lumps spaced exactly 5 inches apart. Her grandmother took Raiku to a doctor, and was reassured that the lumps were just growths that Raiku would have to live with. Raiku attended school with other children and lived a normal lifestyle, yet there was no mistaking she was somehow different, 'growths' aside. As she grew, these differences became more apparent. One day, when Raiku was but ten, the lumps on her back split in a furry of painful agony to reveal two tiny velvety white wings. This time, however, her grandmother didn't take her to a doctor. Instead, the old woman fled the country at midnight the very same day Raiku sprouted her wings, leaving the little girl to fend for herself in the lonesome apartment.

Her grandmother, however, left Raiku a special gift. The morning after the old lady had left, Raiku was aimlessly drifting through the house in a daze of confussion, when she heard a measly squeak. She turned sharply on her heel to find a baby dragon at her feet. Though shocked and terrified at the sight of the odd creature, she held her composure long enough to untie the small fragment of paper tied by a red thread around the beast's neck. She held it up in the morning light to read it.

Dearest Raiku,

From the moment I saw your two leathery wings sprout, I knew Phenia, the school of mythology here in Europe, would ask you to attend...My daughter went to that school when she was your age, I dissaproved of it greatly, but that girl of mine was a rebel. I never told you because I never wanted you to go. We had many fights and arguments, but in her dying moments, she asked me to do something.
Let me tell you, I wouldn't be doing this if it had not been her final wish. Giving you this beast is no desire of mine.
Every student at Phenia has...Well, a dragon. This baby dragon I am giving to you is your mother's dragon's child. Her name is Xena. My daughter asked that I give him to you when the time comes.
I left because I did not want a thing to do with you now that you are enrolled in that school.
Feed and take care of Xena until the letter arrives. She can be sustained on rats and water. When the letter arrives, you'll know what to do. Every confusions' answer will unfold in due time, my dear.

For a moment Raiku sat and stared at the letter. She processed it slowly and discarded all of her confusion..Right now she just needed to care for Xena. The dragon had been her mother's once, after all. Though she was puzzled, her grandmother had said that everything would unfold and due time, and she believed her.
As fate would have it, three days later, a letter from Phenia School of Mythology arrived.

Weapon: 3-Bladed Scythe

Other: Despite having wings fully capable of transporting herself from Point A to Point B, Raiku usually depends on her dragon for aerial transportation.


Name: Xena "Zen"
Gender: Female
Description: (Xena is the red dragon)
Personality: Xena is extremely affectionate and loyal to Raiku. She is friendly to fellow dragons, with the exception of enemy beasts. She has the fighting spirit of a warrior and will lay down her life for Raiku and anyone else she holds dear to her. Brave and fearless, nothing stops her from completeing her duties. Xena's feirceness was something she inherired from her mother, who, back in her day, was a feared dragon. She greatly dislikes solitude, and gets extremely aggravated whenever she is left alone for too long. One personality trait that Xena shares with her legendary mother was that, no matter how battered or injured, she never backed down from a fight. Even when she is no longer physically capable of getting up, Xena refuses to quit the battle.
Other: Xena is Raiku's mother's dragon's child. Xena's mother was a legendary dragon who was famous for her fighting spirit and feared for her viciousness. Xena's mother's name was Zaria.

Loki October 7th, 2007 8:44 PM

I hope you stick around for this one. xD; It's getting late here, so I'll try to finish this up tomorrow!

Name: Jarek Baldric Xenocrates
Age: 16 (Real Age: 58 years)
Gender: Male
Species: Poison Vampire - Jarek is an interesting vampire, as he does suck blood, however, he never injests it. The blood only enters through his fangs, and doesn't touch any other part of him, (hopefully,) and through his fangs, they are mixed with one of three poisons. One poison is to transform the victim into the same type of poison vampire as himself. The second is fatal and will poison the person until they die a torturous death days later. And the last is a poison that numbs the user's limbs until their system can fight off the poison.
Element: Poison
House: Orochi
Description: As your average poison vampire, Jarek's most defining feature is his beautiful ivory fangs. They extend a grand length of two inches, and quite obvious when Jarek opens his mouth, he is missing the two teeth directly underneath these fangs, and in their place are simply two holes in the gumline, as though the two teeth were removed to make room for the fangs. His teeth being one of his most prized and defining aspects, Jarek has always gone to lengths to maintain the spotless white of the bone, though these lengths are probably unessecary, as his very saliva is a type of poison that removes any build-up on his teeth and flosses for him. But after his teeth, there's not much to him that tells one that he's a vampire. Instead of your stereotypical red or yellow cat-like eyes, Jarek sports a pair of olive green eyes that seem to never shine, no matter how much sunlight there is, and their heavy lids give him a sleepy and lazy look. His face, though not in a round shape, seems to give off an air of youth, and thus why regardless of Jarek's tall and lanky frame, nobody has ever mistaken him to be any older then he really is. His face is mostly hidden underneath his black fringe however, the bangs cut short just at the tip of his nose, framing the sides of his face and falling between his eyes. His hair is well brushed, however, there are the few odd strands that stick out in the back, and the tips that rest around the middle of his neck have a tendency to curl outwards. But thanks to Jarek's determined intervention, the curling isn't painfully obvious, nor painfully embarrassing. Unlike most stereotypes, Jarek's skin is actually not as pale as the moon's glow, instead is a very delicate mix between peach and cornsilk, 'just the right color' as Jarek refers to it.

Staying true to his defiency of not wanting to appear like a frightening and ridiculous vampire, he wears a white shirt, with olive green paint splatters across the bottom as a graphic print. The top itself is sleeveless, and the hem extends well past his waist, two inches under his somewhat bony waist. The shirt manages to give off a loose yet slim fitting appearance, while the turtle neck has two small buttons on the right side. These buttons seem to be there for nothing more then decoration, along with the three randomly sized buttons that are attatched to the lower left hem of his shirt. Underneath this shirt he wears a pair of midnight blue denim jeans, their slim fit bordering on skinny jeans, if it weren't for the fact that the leg is cut straight, and wide enough for his motocycle boots to fit comfortably underneath them. They are obviously too long for Jarek, as they gather on top of the black laces of his boots and somehow end up underneath the textured rubber of his boots. Thus, the back hem of Jarek's jeans are usually covered in a fine layer of dirt and dust, and over time, has been torn to bits. Upon Jarek's right wrist is a strange bracelet that has an olive colored snake and a black snake entertwining themselves, while a wide array of black rings sit snugly upon most of his fingers, though only one has anything other then a black metallic shine to it; the white ring that rests on his left index finger has a large black jet stone set into it, while engraved into the white ring is his name, which is quite hard to read due to the sheer length of his name, and the odd set-up due to this length. Around his neck is a silver chain, and hanging upon it is an array of skeleton keys that are given to a poison vampire if he uses the killing or transforming poison on a victim. Jarek has four skeleton keys on his neck, three black, and the other a shade of olive green which is the first key he recieved. Though he has only the most minimalistic need for them, Jarek is never hesitant to wear his black rimmed square glasses, as long as there is no chance of them getting crushed.

Personality: Having grown up around a clan that consisted entirely of vampires that pressed their ways upon him, Jarek has become a very reserved and quiet person. He views most all other races that have nothing to do with vampiric tendencies as inferior, though on his own decision, tries to his very hardest not to show this. Calm and collected, Jarek is often seen with a somewhat bored frown on his face. He smiles only if he has a good reason to, and even then, it is only a soft, blank, and somewhat bored smile that shows his lack of interest. He doesn't share quite as much indifference as the other vampire's in his life, but certainly never goes out of his way to help someone he's unacquainted with. He will, however, help if it is not out of his way, unlike the others who simply continue on their way. Jarek spent most of his youth learning suave and smooth social skills, and thus, was normally the vampire sent out to lure other children to the mansion by dares and other childish things of the sort. Though Jarek is this way on most days, that is, boring and rather self-absorbed, he retains feature from both his human days, and his true vampire nature. His reactions to certain things show these, as when he is incessantly annoyed, he doesn't show any sort of hesitation to start cursing and, becoming a rather psychotic person who has many a murderous intents, loses his calm exterior.

Jarek could be easily named a vampire that suffers from a light case of simple schizophrenia, though the disease doesn't seem to affect him in great amounts, and only gives him a lack of motivation, and sudden slips in his normally spotless social skills also signal the prescence of his rare disease. Thankfully, however, he doesn't suffer from any hallucinations or delusions, as simple schizophrenia doesn't seem to cover these. His mind and personality is split in three though, and this fits the literal translation of Schizo just fine, as his trained personality is reserved, his vampire personality is insane and murderous, and his human personality, which is a rare sight, is actually quite clumsy and cheerful. A strange person, Jarek doesn't seem to notice the three different persona's that lie within him, and will either remain indifferent at the suggestion of his three personalities, become extremely irritated and angry, or remain blissfully oblivious and find a way to change the subject in the most random of ways. However, present in all his personalities is the fact that he over-analyzes things to the point where nothing can be done without a risk coming with it. And as a person who takes risks only when in one personality, he usually ends up being immobile without someone else's direction, so that if whatever the action is might fail, then he's not to blame, and blame is something all three of his persona's cannot take without some sort of negative reaction.

History: Many many years ago, Jarek's family was a powerful influence with all the luxuries of life. They had their fingers in all kinds of business, and Jarek's father, who sat at the top of this empire, had the grave misfortune of mixing himself up with vampires of all kinds. Now, his father had given up his humanity to become a blood vampire, who would live for all of eternity. He was uninterested in the other types, who lived for only a set amount of time, and he treated these other vampire's with great disinterest, and was very rude towards them in their business dealings. But even vampire's could die, and Jarek's father made the mistake of offending a poison vampire, who gained his vengence upon the man by turning his one and only son into his own kind. Jarek's father could only lament at the fact that his son would live for only 1000 years, rather then the eternity he'd planned for him, and was near disowning the boy, before he came to a strange conclusion that would prove to be too true. The poison vampire had purposefully not killed him himself, as he wanted nothing to do with Jarek's father's key. Instead, he convinced Jarek to use the fatal poison upon his father, but guided the young vampire by telling him to poison his drink, rather then his blood. While his father's system fought off the poison with the accelerated healing powers of a blood vampire, he would still be bedridden, and thus the oppotune moment to taint his blood, the only way known to kill blood vampire's. And thus, Jarek recieved the second key upon his necklace, and left his spacious mansion to live in the somewhat crowded mansion that belonged to a small group of poison vampires.

It was here that he learned exactly how to use his poison, and here that he spent a good 30 years of his life, aging at such a slow rate that it surprised even himself. He spent these years doing practically nothing, other then reading the entire library in the mansion, and watching humans pass by the 'deserted house' with an envious eye. But there was one thing that Jarek could never stop gaping over since he'd become what he was. The fact that his dragon, Nagendra, had lost it's wings and turned into a snake-like dragon with greenish scales when he became a vampire, the great proud wings and four legged dragon become a serperntine leviathan dragon that could somehow still fly through the air as though slithering on the ground. He didn't question it, however, and only when he turned 55 did he truly begin to try and connect with the dragon, who had once only been a pet meant to scare off annoying humans that came to pry. And it was only at the age of 58 when Nagendra finally revealed the existence of Draconia to Jarek, because Nagendra knew that the two of them had 942 long years ahead of them, and there was no rush to become a Draconian.

Weapon: Jarek's weapon is simply a plain pair of hooked swords that are extremely thin, the 'blade' a cylinder of metal with a diameter no thicker then the average human finger, and the tip curved around like a fish hook. The handle's circumference is equal to that of a quarter (coin) and is green in color, while the sword itself is made of black steel. The swords are, in grand total including the handle, three feet long. The sword has no guard, and both blades are kept in one sheath that sits horizontally across the small of Jarek's back, one handle on either side.

Other: The olive green key around Jarek's neck is his own key, the key given to the victim when another vampire uses the transforming poison on them. The key represents 'human life', and so the fact that Jarek is alive, and yet has his key, is a signal that he is a vampire as well. Black keys represent people who's lives the vampire has taken, in other words, victims they've used the killing poison upon, and the white keys, (which Jarek has none of,) represent victims they've used the transforming poison upon. Jarek has yet to explain the importance of these keys to anyone yet, as he'd rather not have to deal with the staring eyes on the three black keys and be labelled a murderer.

Name: Nagendra
Gender: Male
Description: Nagendra
Personality: Sarcastic and blunt, Nagendra isn't the type to hesitate when it comes to saying what he wants to say. He loves getting into arguments, and he considers his opinion to be the only opinion that matters. Nagendra doesn't seem to have any sort of moral code, nor any sort of desire to fulfill his responsibilities or trivial things like that, which leave him nothing to gain. Selfish with an ego the size of the planet, he tolerates no weakness in his owner, and was in fact, the one who encouraged Jarek to acquire the three black keys upon his necklace, and played a large role in the death of Jarek's father. Nagendra is cunning, and his loyalties lie nowhere except for with Jarek, and even this loyalty is a begrudging one. Nagendra's high opinions of himself make it hard for the two to fight together, or even accomplish the most trivial of tasks, because Nagendra absolutely refuses to 'lower himself' to Jarek's level of intellect. Nagendra is a rude, and irritable dragon, towards everyone, and is constantly insulting people with his hiss-like speech and prides himself on having never uttered a single word of praise to anyone but himself. Self-absorbed, Nagendra rarely worries about the well-being of Jarek, and in fact cares about Jarek only to the point that he not die, because as a result, Nagendra would die as well. Responsibility is non-existant in Nagendra's vocabulary, and no matter what the situation, even when all hands point to him, he always find some pathetic excuse to point his non-existant finger at someone else. Without any sort of regret or shame, regardless of the punishment in store for them.
Other: Dragon image drawn by Aerin-Kayne@dA, I simply edited the image so that the color would be right. xD;

Random_Fan October 7th, 2007 9:01 PM

What, no RP samples? XD And boo at the fact that both of dark elements had been taken; my character was specifically made for dark >_< Ah well.

EDIT: A change of elements is in order, as I think air is so much cooler than Earth. >_>; Bah, in all actuallity, it is because it fits better than earth does. XD

Name: Notiel Baters

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Anthro

Element: Air

House: Nidhogg

Description: Notiel stands at 6’1, covered in a mixture of black and brown fur. His fluff of a tail barely reaches the ground and is ringed three times with black stripes. He stands and looks as someone with not very much in strength, but is indeed capable of proving his abilities. The fur doesn’t stop at tails and ears; it is all over his figure, including his face. His lower jaw is covered in white fur, and as the fur reaches his wet nose where his whiskers lie too, it becomes black. As it furthers to his eyes, it turns to a black bandit’s mask type look, making it look as if he is always wearing a mask. His ears reach up, but are more floppy than anything else. The fur on his arms are also brown, but turn black as they near his wrist and are completely black around his hands. It is the same with his legs as the fur reaches near his ankles. All in all, his appearance is the closest to that of a humanoid raccoon.

Of course, he does not expose all of this; he wears clothing. He is usually wearing a very dark shade of color to be able to hide in the shadows at night, but he does not run and hide upon a daily basis. He never wears jeans, as he considers them to be uncomfortable. He prefers more of an early morning jogger’s pants instead, still tainted black to match his button-up shirt, plus black shoes with brown stripes alongside it.

Personality: He tries to concern himself with small hobbies of his own little creations. He is good at mentally putting things together and then physically putting the mental picture into a lego model, or even a model made entirely out of bottle caps, which shows that he has his patients at times, but can also lose it very quickly. He can snap in a second and turn on someone for no apparent reason during the day time; he is always blaming this on the sun. He says that the sun gets him cranky, and prefers a nighttime. It shows at night that he can be compassionate too. At night time, he feels free to himself and can go on a little trip that can cause him to space out a bit, but not all the time. When he is clear of sleep at night, which is almost all the time, he likes to wander and hope someone else would be awake to talk about the days that have gone by and the pasts that have been done, whether it is good or bad. He will wait for someone to speak to him; he’s patient enough for that.

History: He believes his past is neither a good one nor a bad one. For most of his life, he has had the unfortunate lack of parents due to the fact that they had agreed to let him go live with his uncle to learn more of his kind. The departure of his parents was not one filled with tears, nor was it one filled with hatred towards them. It was just that; a departure. Upon living with his uncle in the northern states of America, all he ever did was mingle with the lesser evolved forms of his own kind; the feral raccoons, who have found him of great company. He can remember only one time when he had traveled out in the open in front of humans, and that was during a Halloween. He had gotten in trouble by his uncle for getting addicted to a drink served at one particular restaurant, and going to that restaurant to buy some of it. Usually, he’d have to steal. Of course, in doing this, he didn’t just go in there as casual as any other day. He made sure he looked as costumed as possible by wearing furry gloves over his real furry hands and making his fur seem as fake as possible.

Though this event has not had a big effect upon him, it shows at how cunning he can be at times, even though a three year old could have probably come up with a brighter plan. His life continued with his uncle in a house upon the mountains where humans rarely visited, and it is here where Notiel hangs with his dragon. Yes; his dragon was one of the reasons for departing to his uncle’s estate.

Weapon: His weapon is simply the ability to be in fist fighting combat, but he also always carries a black dagger of four inches long, covered and concealed in a sheath hidden beneath his pants.

Other: Nothing

Name: Zérosa

Gender: Female

Description: She is large, and when standing upon her hind legs, goes to thirteen feet tall; she is just the right size for someone to ride her, but will of course, only allow one to ride; Notiel. Her scales gleam when wet in any and every sort of shine, making her beauty even more powerful. Her slit tongue is black to compliment her scales of darkness, and her tail ends upon a brown furred type; the only reminder that she is a part of Notiel. Her eyes are never one consistent color and will always change with her mood; on a bad day, they will be a blazing red fury that could burn without her having to draw a good breath of fire.

Personality: Her breath of fire is only as strong as Notiel’s ability of air; which is, hardly at all. Due to this fact, she acts like that ninja that knows he or she has a lot to learn from a master, but never considers calling Notiel her master. Notiel himself makes it clear that he also doesn’t want to be named her master either; he believes it’s degrading to anyone’s kind. Around Notiel, she acts and speaks as if she were on a teaching ground basis, whether it be him teaching her something or her teaching him something. Either way, she is always on the sharp side with him; anywhere around him.

Other: None

Shadowfaith October 8th, 2007 1:26 AM

Two characters: It is up to you, but I may ask you to drop one if I do get the requierd 20 members okay. But for now, feel free to make two characters.

Year: You are allllll in your first year, regardless of age. You are only just now getting accepted, because its not age that makes you anymore experienced in this school. You are simply chosen when the time comes.

Naruto: Not too shabby so far, remember to finish off your Dragon's form and I see no reason why your not accepted. I even like your history, though I was not aiming for them to know of the school properly until now, yours is acceptable. ACCEPTED

Alter Ego: No problem ^_^ RESERVED

Dai: As if I could say no to you XP RESERVED

Chibi: No worry's, but you may want to pick an element too okay ^_^ RESERVED

Glajummy: Everything is fine appart from your history. It is your first year in the school, I stated that no matter what age you were you would all be in the same year, for in Draconia, age doesn't make you anymore experienced than another and that you are simply chosen when the time comes. So if you can change that, your accepted okay? ^_^ and yes you can use your element for defence, but don't overpower it so early in the RPG okay ^_^PENDING

Shiney: Like the above, it is your first year, but I don't see any majour faults in the rest of your history and your app is fine. ACCEPTED

JBC: Everything is fine with your sign up and as for your question, you are all in the first year reguardless of age. See my reply to Glajummy's app. ACCEPTED

Shadow: It's nice to have a somewhat stuck up and rich character in the RPG. ACCEPTED

ACC: I very much like your character and how much like a cat he is in personality. So class yourself as ACCEPTED.

Link: I'm a little worried about your sign up. You seem to use too many full stops and not enough commas to break up your sentances and you repeat words to close to theymselves quite a bit. Also you attend the school of Draconia, not Kitsukata, I was just listing the school that also exist in the RPG, okay. Your character also seems like the stereotypical ' hate the world type character', which is a little...un-unique. Could I ask for an RPG sample from you? If you have not particapated in any RPG's to post one directly from another RPG, then here is a setting in which you can base your sample on: 'Your getting ready to fight a life or death battle. It's the calm before the storm and you and your dragon are waiting on the side lines with the rest of your comrades'. Use feelings and descriptions as well as dialogue, okay ^_^

Stardust: Like Link, you attend the Draconian school, not Phenia. I only put the list of schools to let you know what other schools were out there. Phenia is born with a Phoenix, not a Dragon, okay ^_^ otherwise, your okay. PENDING

Mizuki: Heh heh, I'll try my best. I seem to have more time lately XP RESERVED

Random Fan: ACCEPTED. I can't see anything wrong with your sign up.

Okay, this seems to be going okay by the looks of it lol:

Fire: Use the power of hot flames to physically attack your opponent. (JBCPeace, Spaces: 1)
Ice: Use the power of snow and ice to freeze your enemies in they’re tracks. (Shadowfaith and Archsage Spaces: 0)
Water: Use this watery power to drown your enemies and trap them. (Shiney, Spaces: 1)
Earth: Use this strong power to crush your targets. ( Glajummy, Spaces: 1)
Lightning: Use this energy to stun and shock those that oppose you. (Hero of time Link and Stardust-Kumo, Spaces: 0)
Poison: Use this power to slowly damage your foes. (Mizuki, Spaces: 1)
Psychic: Use this power to air your friends, read minds and pick up objects. (Alter Ego, Spaces: 1)
Air: Use this power to slash and cut at your foes flesh. (Random Fan and Chibi-chan, Spaces: 0)
Dark: Use the shadows to do your bidding. (Shadow- Yue and ACC-M Spaces: 0)
Light: Use your healing powers to aid friends and blind enemies. (Uzumaki Naruto, Spaces: 1)

Fafnir: Shadowfaith, Stardust-Kumo (Sapces: 3)
Orochi: Shiney, JBCPeace, ACC-M, Mizuki and Chibi-chan (Spaces: 0)
Nidhogg: Alter Ego, Glajummy, Shadow Yue, Hero of Time Link and Random Fan (Spaces: 0)
Coca: Uzumaki Naruto, Archsage (Spaces: 3)

Here is part of my sign up:


Name: Tahama Noir (Tama or Tammy)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Anthro

Element: Ice

House: Fafnir

Description: Tama is a cross between a human and an arctic wolf. Her hair is a blend of different shades of blue, purple and white and is spiked unnaturally so that it travels into the air before curving over slightly into what seems a wave of blue. A long waterfall of this blue hair then travels half way down her back. Her eyes are an ice blue color, almost penetrating; some say they can even see snowfall when they look deeply into them. Her skin is snow white and beautiful, yet she takes no pride in this fact and doesn’t think herself anymore beautiful than the person standing next to her. She is tall and slim and even though she doesn’t look it underneath the baggy clothes she wears, she is quite well built and lean.

Her normal attire consists of a pair of baggy blue jeans which flare at the bottoms to cover a pair of blue and white shoes, which take on a similar look to snow boots. Her jeans bare a few pockets running down the leg and a few chains dangling from the blue belt she wears. Her top normally consists of a plain black t-shirt which is more often than not covered by a pale blue, purple and white ski jacket which she wears open or closed depending on the weather, but because of her abnormal body temperature can wear it in the cold or the warmth.

Tama’s wolf traits are the pure white ears that poke out from amongst the masses of blue hair atop her head and the matching tail with sprouts from her bottom back. Her canines are also longer than average and she tends to have keener sense than normal humans. Her two normal and her two wolf ears are pierced with silver hoops and she’s even gone as far as piercing her tongue with a silver ball as well as her bellybutton with a crystal belly bar. Around her neck she wears a light blue bandana as well as a shark tooth necklace accompanied by feathers. Her lower arms are also decorated with silver bracelets and black leather.

Personality: Tama only ever hears what she wants hear. Selective hearing is one of her traits though it is obvious to the speaker that if she wanted to, she could hear pretty darn well considering the two sets of ears and the heightened senses. The truth is, Tama grows board easily and isn’t afraid to show it, be it in the company of friends, school mates or teachers. Her brain will not take anything in that it does not find interesting or what it does not want to know, instead it will wander off and think of other more interesting and exciting things, such as the speaker being dressed as a clown or something similar to that nature. Unfortunately, this normally gets her I to trouble as she will either blank out and not answer questions or start to randomly laugh out aloud. Tama herself doesn’t find anything wrong with learning what you want to learn and not learning what you don’t want to learn. It’s been a trait in her family for generations.

That being her main trait (and problem), Tama is also very friendly and very wise when she wants to be. When it concentrates on her favorite subjects, she is well informed and intelligent, of course this normally consists of TV, movies, video games and random other facts, it helps with her current job as a supervisor, working under her boyfriend in an electronics store, who she has admitted to missing dearly even on the first day of her traveling to the school. She has also admitted to a few that if this school isn’t all what its cracked up to be, she will probably loose her mind with only her hand held and portable DVD player to keep her company over the year.

When she’s in the company of her friends, Tama tends to be friendly, funny and somewhat of a show off. As you can probably guess, Tama is a bit of a trouble maker because of the fact that she doesn’t care of what other people think of her and her wild antics. If she’s your friend, you are guaranteed to have someone who cares for you and will be there for you through think and thin, but if she’s your enemy, you can look forward to being nothing but a blabbering idiot by the end of the year as Tama’s most common personality trait is her sarcasm and wit. Mess with her friends and you’re guaranteed either to come out with a black eye or a damaged ego.

History: Tama’s love of snowboarding came from the fact that she has always lived amongst snow on top of a tall mountain in the middle of no where. Her family have survived there and kept out of the humans way by taking on the duties of being a family of mountain rangers, that would not only look out for the normal wildlife, but also the mythological creatures. Tama grew up in amongst these creatures because of her families mythological traits and her father’s teachings were one of the main reasons why she didn’t make it unto the school until the age of 18. Her father had taken it upon himself to teach her all he knew from his days in school. The weird thing about Tama’s family was that each member had attended a different school. Her mother had attended Phenia, her father had attended Griffinia, her brother was still attending Kitsukata and she was just going to attend Draconia.
During the years she had spent living in the wild mountains, Tama learnt of many different kinds of mythological creatures as well as how to deal with them, but still she had not been taught properly and when her fathers knowledge had been passed on, it was time for Tama to move on to higher teachings and learn all she could about those that interested her so much.

Weapon: Tama uses twin blades, carved from fine silver. The handles are encrusted with sapphires and crystals and are carved smoothly into the shape of a wolf on one and a Dragon on the other

Other: Tama carries her snowboard around with her on missions.


Name: Lohard

Gender: Male

Description: Full form and Mini Form. Depnding on where he is, Lohard can take either of these forms. When outside, he takes on his full form and when inside his mini form to make things easier on himself and others.

Personality: Lohard is calm, collected and always trying to keep his master out of trouble. Though he may look feminine, he is by far one of the most ferocious beasts on earth when someone threatens him or that of which he cares for. Both he and Tama have a mutual relationship in which one another look out for the other, it is not a dominating relationship on either’s behalf, but one of friendship and understanding. Lohard is one of the few creatures that can talk to Tama without her dosing off, going into a daze or just plain not listening. No matter how boring the subject, Lohard always has her attention.

Other: N/A

Chibi-chan October 8th, 2007 1:45 AM

Just had myself a character revamp in my head o:
I'll claim air, and if it's possible, I'd like to change my house to that Orochi, but if someone drops out of Nidhogg, I claim first dibs! xD

Name: Herensuge Solovyóv (Heren)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Horned Elf (An elf from a heritage of elves under the curse of a past demonic spirit. She's pretty much your standard elf in terms of abilities though)
Element: Air
House: Orochi

Description: Heren in general terms is an elf with two curled dark brown horns on the side of her head that resemble something like that of a goat's. Her skin is very pale, which makes her cherry red eyes stand out from the rest of her appearance. Heren's hair is straight white and extends down to her waist. Her ears stick sideways (not diagonal like Link's) out underneath her horns and are about half the size of her hand. Heightwise, Heren is about 5"6. She's very delicate in appearance; the clothes she wears seem so heavy that it's amazing she doesn't fall over. Starting from top to bottom, Heren wears a Sandy brown trapper hat(right) which matches her identical sandy brown coat. This coat is made from wool and is buttoned down the front by six large brown buttons in the front. Around the sleeves and the collar of this coat is a silver fur of an arctic wolf. Underneath her coat is a simple white turtleneck. Her pants are also khaki colored and long enough to hide her slipper-like fluffy sandals.

Personality: The main aspect of Herensuge that fit her into the Orochi house is her cunning and persuasive attitude. Heren always likes to get what she wants, but if her advances seem to be getting nowhere, she'll shrug it off and move on. She's never been truly passionate about anything in life and isn't one to burst out in emotion; though she finds other people who do that amusing. She's a very warm and open person though when she's not staring off into space. Her eyes are never fully open; she gives off a lazy appearance. Because of this, her mood is reflected from her smile. Herensuge likes to give advice and sometimes her maternal attitude gets the best of her. She's neutral when it comes to really liking anyone as well, everyone's just another person to her unless you really try to become friends with her. She treats everyone with equal animosity though if she feels she needs to to obtain what she wants. If you work towards her favor, she'll become more social to that person.

Because of the demonic aura of her heritage though it's weakened, Herensuge has a slight tendency of breaking out into a bipolar rampage.This includes either a violent manifestation of whatever is bothering her at the moment or an instant case of headondesk crying. It starts off with a major headache first, so she can sometimes know it's coming. If this happens, she tries not to have too much on her mind for the day. Herensuge does loathe showoffs and suckups. She'll do anything to defame them and make them look like complete idiots. People who do get more noticed than herself, she does get irritated at. Those people she tries to ignore unless they're part of something she wants. One of her personal traits that she does is to conform to the mood of the person she's addressing to try to relate with them. When she's by herself as said earlier, she likes to stare off into space, talk to Virintras, or write poetry. She loooooves poetry and any type of allusion to past mythology; stuff like that is her hobby.

History: Herensuge grew up in an elf clan called the Ellirth in the mountainous areas of upper Russia. They'd grown adjusted to the harsh climate and because of this, Herensuge and her clan became immune to Ice elements. Actually, most of the Ellirth have control over Ice except for a handful that has mastery in the sky and over the mountains that surround the area. A century ago though, deep within these mountains lived an equally powerful group of demonic spirits. These demonic spirits come up from underneath the mountains and conquer the Ellirth. This uprising was expected and finally war broke out. The Ellirth won in the end, but were cursed by the spirit of the demon leader to be tainted with a demonic aura. The spell has weakened over the centuries, but the physical characteristics still remain.

Herensuge and Virintras had always wanted to travel farther than the mountain peaks of her elvish home. Being in the icy tundra, there wasn't much to see besides your few wolves, abominable snowman spirits of lost travelers, and snow rabbits. Other dragons came by time to time, but otherwise, every day was the same as the last. Hearing about the school from a passing dragon, Herensuge along with Virintras were eager to go and join this education and experience that could take them around the world and view different creatures. Herensuge's native language is Russian, though she's learned both Latin and English. After preparing, Herensuge and Virintras left their clan and took a long trip to America to join Draconia.

Weapon: Arat -A javelin made of pure silver, it's formed only on her command and disappears likewise.

Other: She's immune to Ice due to the fact that it's her natural habitat. Can't think of anything else :x


Name:Noodles Virintras
Gender: Female
Description: Virintras- Virintras is a light blue dragon that is just about the size of your ordinary dragon and if compaired to anything, about the size in length of a city bus. Unlike most dragons, Virintas actually has long fluffy skyblue fur like that of a cloud. She's soft to the touch and her ears are rabbit-like. Her wings are lightweight and feel like felt. Her eyes are an icy blue and when above the arctic sky she can seem almost invisible.

Personality: Virintras is a very curious dragon and also a very friendly one. She doesn't like arguing and believes that there's a positive solution to everything. She's different in appearance from most dragons, but she doesn't make a big deal about it. She's one to believe that it's what's on the inside that counts. Brutality and violence are very uncivilized when it comes to her opinion. She does attack when it's necessary though, and only on something that is being aggressive back. She's not very strong when it comes to breathing fire but her wings are powerful enough to blow the wing precise enough to cut the flesh like tiny pieces of glass. Virintras likes to talk more and overall is a very modest dragon.


CyBeastSaber October 8th, 2007 2:02 AM

Hahaha... I changed the FINDING part to LEARNED part... since it does seem a bit awkward for the parents to find the place already without even knowing of it. Hahaha...And I'm finally done phew... Let's see if I'm up to make another character... -_-;

EDITED: Oh my gosh... Riven Academy was so interesting... too bad it died... school came huh? lol... I'm a bit bored at the moment so I'm going to do an RP Sample!... hahaha... just for kicks... it HAS been 3 months since I started writing stuff again... sucks to be rusty...

RP SAMPLE!: (trying to cut down on space usage lol)
"...ako..." a soft voice echoed. "...inako... HINAKO!" the voice suddenly shouted.

"Wah!" Hinako chirped out as she tumbled off her bed face flat on the wooden boards of her bedroom floor. "Auuu... I dink I bwoke mah 'ose..." Hinako muttered while clenching her nose as a small chuckle sounded. Her hair was in a tangled mess and her bedsheets were scattered over the floor. Her bed showed signs of constant tossing and turning.

"Well... I tried shaking you but that didn't work... I tried numerous things too... goodness you sleep deep..." A male voice complained. His emerald hair glistened as the sunlight from the window struck the surface of his hairs. "Come on. Time for morning training."
"Hmmm...? Alastor? Oh.. It's just Alastor..." Hinako yawned as she stood up and stretched herself. "Give me a sec to get ready." Hinako walked over to the closet and quickly shuffled through a batch of clothing and took out her green cloak, black T-shirt, and brown shorts. After quickly changing from her pajamas into her casual wear, she flung her hair a bit to straighten it out before finally putting on her crimson red hairband. As she turned around, Alastor was still there nodding about something.

"Seems like little Hina hasn't grown yet." Alastor commented while shifting between the transference of weight to each feet.(Alastor is in his half dragon form) Hinako suddenly flustered slightly.
"H-Hey! Alastor! Y-You! I-I have grown..." Hinako gave him a long glare but knew it was all too true. She had barely grown an inch off the floor... though she did not know what Alastor truly meant.
"Haha... Of course you have..." Alastor smiled and walked outside the room. "Come... Don't forget your staff too."
"I know... Hey, wait up!" Hinako grabbed the wand that was leaning near her bedpost and followed Alastor out towards a small green meadow just barely outside the school building. The meadow was in constant use by the two for training Hinako on hand-to-hand combat. Alastor stood near a chopped tree stump and motioned Hinako to stand at a small distance from him.

"Okay Hina. Come at me with your wand and try to wack me. Make it seem like I'm a stalker or someone bad..." Alaster said.
"But... your not a bad guy.... and wouldn't that hurt? I don't think you'll feel good afterwards." Hinako hesitated but then ran towards Alastor and struck with her full might wacking Alastor on his arm as he sidestepped partially. She took a step back just to see Alastor grinning at her.
"That was barely anything, Hina. If you don't hit with more force, a pervert might-"
"KYAA!" Out of pure reflex, Hinako slammed the wand down on Alastor's head causing his legs to give out. As Alastor laid on the soft yet damp ground motionless, Hinako started to panic. "Ah... Oh no... A-Alastor, are you okay? What will I do? Auuu..." A soft chuckle came from the motionless Alastor followed by a large cough.

"Haha... Do you even know what that word means?" Alastor laughed as he used his right hand to hoist himself off the soft ground.
"Mother told me it wasn't a good word... she said that it was a REALLY bad word... and I'm scared of bad words..." Hinako clenched her wand a bit harder than usual.
"Hah... That's good. You actual hit harder whenever I said pervert-" A loud smacking noise came from the contact of Hinako's wand to Alastor's head again causing him to fall to the ground once more.
"Ah! I-I did it again! Auuu... Alastor? Are you ok, Alastor?"

Shadowfaith October 8th, 2007 2:03 AM

No worries Chibi ^_^

EDIT: Lol , thankies Naruto.

parallelzero October 8th, 2007 8:58 AM

OOC: Okay, since there are (5?) spaces left, I'm going to add an additional character. I have way too many ideas for this RP floating through my head. XD I'll claim Psychic and Fafnir I suppose.

Come on people Coca needs more members. >O

CyBeastSaber October 8th, 2007 9:01 AM

OOC: GO ARCHSAGE GO! Hahaha... I already started my second... regardless... now on to finish the rest... *sighs* I should stop spamming lol...

Hero of Time Link³ October 8th, 2007 9:49 AM

Sorry I meant for him to be social just to hate the evil in the world is that better? and I added a bit more to the things.

parallelzero October 8th, 2007 1:26 PM

Finally got my essay of a signup done for Fleur. I'll do Seth's at some point later tonight. x.x;

Loki October 8th, 2007 2:05 PM

Finished my sign-up. xO

*facedesk* I don't know why I made it that long. xD I apologize for the crap quality of the history though, I was all creative'd out by the time I got to his history. </3

Chibi-chan October 8th, 2007 3:26 PM

I have completed~~ *hoho*

Now, off to do a tedious pile of writing called the ESSAY!~
Tell me if you need moar though.

parallelzero October 8th, 2007 4:22 PM

It's funny how short Seth's sign is compared to Fleur's. Anyways, they're both done. Do you want this thread made into a sign-up / discussion thread? I think it would probably be best... XD

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