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XSeerian February 13th, 2008 11:59 AM

Pokemon(Working Title)
Table of Contents:

Section 1: Introduction(Drenz)
Section 2: Story
Section 3: Characters
Section 4: Screenshots
Section 5: Game play
Section 6: The Team

-Section 1-
Introduction one here knows me. And I pretty much...don't know anyone here. But, that's what this snazzy little part's for, eh? Haha. ^_-

My name is Drenz(I screen name is XSeerian...someone took Drenz already. -_-) and I'm like everyone on these boards, a huge Pokemon fan. I also enjoy working with RPG Maker, even though I'm still working a lot on my technique with the hardware.

Uhm...I've had a lot of dreams. A lot of aspirations, obviously. One has been, since the days of Pokemon Red, I've always wondered what it'd be like to make a Pokemon game of my own. I think many have felt that way, though, so I ain't too special.

Anyways, since I found RPG Maker 2000 about six or seven years ago, I've always wanted to use the hardware to make a Pokemon game. It was never a go, as you can imagine. No sprites, tile sets...nothing. So, I just held off. I've tried making plenty of games, but none never really worked.

Sorry to bore you, this has a point, I promise. Well, years have passed and thanks to the latest set of Pokemon games for the D.S. , my drive to make a game has never been stronger. But this time...I've actually found some things that will help me greatly. So, I decided to make a new type of Pokemon game. Why be conventional? Why aim to make an exact replica? So, in my ideas, I've fished out something I hope everyone will like.

I'd like you to join me on my project. This is called: Pokemon(I still need help with a title... -_-\)!

-Section 2-
The Story

It's been four years. A long four years. It's been four years, since a young boy from Pallet Town...a young hero from Pallet Town, set off on a Journey and won big. A story of a hero, starting with nothing and gaining everything. It's been four years since Ash Ketchum has defeated the Sinnoh League and become champion. Well...with four years...comes another hero. Four years...and now its time for a new journey to begin on the coattails of another.

Meet Eaon Argyle, a sixteen year old boy from the ever sunny Pallet Town. Alongside his best friend Trevor Surge, the two have proven to be inseparable. Between mischief, mayhem and a little bit of fun, the two have come to love their life in Pallet Town. But every journey has a beginning.

A normal day as any other, Eaon wakes up to his father Edmon's beckoning call of crazy events and his Aunt's loud slaps filling in the house, for its the only way to get the young man's dad to do the dishes. Hearing word that Professor Oak needs his help, Eaon rushes to the Professor's Lab.

What starts as a simple task, "Help me find my newly acquired Eevee..." spirals into adventure. After finding Eevee, Eaon is put into a battle with a wild Cubone. Bonding together, Eevee and the young boy beat their enemy. With this, Professor Oak decides maybe Eevee would be better off with Eaon.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is in an uproar with Giovanni's abrupt passing. A new leader shall be announced through his will. But with some just so happens an unlucky trio finally get their first big break.

Also, a Pokémon Breeder, a hero we all once knew, is tired of his life in Pewter City and dreams of another adventure. Dreams of going all over the Pokemon see the sights he saw only a few short years ago.

A new trainer, from Viridian City, makes her first steps toward her own Journey. With her trusty Vulpix, she wishes to explore the world and become the best trainer ever, like her father before her.

What do all these souls have in common? Well, it's simple really...their worlds become one and their dreams take shape, as they pave a new road in the Pokemon world, one...they will believe in.

Follow the story of Eaon and his new friends Brock and Leah as they go on a journey through the Pokemon world, seeing the sights, taking in the drama and living a whole new level of adventure. Take the reins of Eaon's life and watch him go from an average boy in Pallet Town to a hero no one will ever forget!

-Section 3-
The Characters

Eaon Argyle

Age: 16

Starter Pokemon: Eevee

The young hero of the story. He's mostly rational and aloof, but can also show some of the rash side he has obtained from his father Edmon. Growing up in the town of Pallet, he's always heard stories of Ash and his great accomplishments, which has driven him to want to be a Pokemon trainer also. His destiny shall be written in the annals of the Pokemon world...if you can survive the adventure.


Age: 21

Starter Pokemon: Croagunk

The second main character of the story. Brock is the calm mind of the group. He's a great cook and Pokemon breeder, plus he's always there to teach the group right from wrong. The big brother type. He has a taste...for the ladies, to say the least.

Leah Cross

Age: 15

Starter Pokemon: Vulpix

The third main character of the story. Leah is pompous and spoiled. She believes she's always right and can never do anything wrong. Even though she's very compassionate towards Pokemon, it doesn't mean she's that way towards humans. Leah wishes to be a great trainer and become apart of the Elite Four, like her father, even thoguh she has quite the way to go for that. Her and Eaon can always be seen arguing, while Brock plays mediator.

Jesse, James and Meowth

This bumbling trio has found themselves for the past four years on grunt level missions and no luck at all. But with Giovanni's passing and some tampering with his will, the three have been named the new leaders of Team Rocket. This can only mean one thing: Team Rocket is headed in a new direction, alright.

Ash Ketchum

Age: 19(Based off the fact I believe that each series can be considered a year of journeying, at least in my eyes. Plus calculating that the Orange Islands and Battle Frontier was only a half a year each, so together it's a year. So, here are my calculations: Kanto: 1 ; Orange Islands: 1/2 ; Johto: 1 ; Hoenn: 1 ; Battle Frontier: 1/2 ; Sinnoh: 1. So, if he started out at 10, he'll be fifteen at the end of Sinnoh, added with the four years that have passed, Ash would now be 19. -_-\ I hope I didn't lose anyone...)

Starter Pokemon: Pikachu

Ash Ketchum has taken the past four years to journey around and help Professor Oak more with his Pokedex. Also journeying to different regions and places no one has ever heard of. He can barely walk into a town now, without being ambushed by supporters.

(There are many more charactrers to make an appearence and to make residence in Eaon's party, and as the project progresses, I'll be sure to add of few of them up here. Because lets face it...the Pokemon World is filled with so many faces, familiar and different! ^_^)

-Section 4-

(Most sprites are only placeholders, such as Eaon's character set.)


A father waking his son on a bright and beautiful morning.

And the Aunt saves her nephew.

The Edmon listens well to the Aunt.(I know it says darling, but that was a mess up I made in the story, that has since been corrected in the original version.)

Well...Eaon's room.

I never understoond where the parent's I fixed that. Haha. ^_-

Edmon, Eaon's quite the character.

Professor Oak's Lab: It's the inside, first floor. Bottom section.

Professor Oak's Lab: It's the inside, first floor. Top section.

Professor Oak's Lab: It's the inside, second floor. Bottom section.

Professor Oak's Lab: It's the inside, second floor. Top section.

That's the first ten screenshots! And well...this is the next ten. Haha! Enjoy!


You see...Eaon and Daisy don't really see eye to eye.

Daisy has her reasons...

Reasons to hate both Eaon and his best friend Trevor.

Meet Oscar! Professor Oak's New Assistant.

Eaon...isn't the sharpest tool in the drawer. least he's unconventional?

And they said Daisy Oak was such a doll.

The outside of Oak's Lab, not including the Ranch out back.

The forest section of Oak's Pokemon Ranch.

Ah...some things never change, Professor Oak. As forgetful as ever.

Those were the last ten. I know, I know, it doesn't show the battle system or anything too promising, but I've just began working on this project. I also don't have some of the resources I wish to obtain, and I'm still trying to master mapping. As you can see from the above maps...I'm FAR from perfect. -_-\

-Section 5-

- All 493 Pokemon featured.

- An extremely story driven game. You will be able to capture Pokemon, yes, but they will be Pokemon strictly for the story.

- Now you do get some say in which Pokemon become Eaon's, as there will be choices of which he sees in a certain episode.

An example would be:

"Whoa! What Pokemon was that?"

*Eaon will pull out his Pokedex.*

Then choices will come up(Four, usually.) and you can choose the one he saw and obviously the one who will become his partner.

- Also, you will be able to use Brock and Leah in Pokemon battles. As you all journey, they will also capture Pokemon, as in the show. There's won't be chosen, of course.

- Anime type of events occur within game. Anything from a crazy Pokemon thief in Goldenrod City to an intense Pokemon tournament the party decides to join. As for the events, some can be done if you'd like and are not obligatory.

- You decide which Pokemon evolve, while which don't and it will effect some scenes of the game.

- All regions shall be explored, as well as the new Champion region of Radia.

- The Battle Frontier will also make an appearance, as well as new Gym Leaders and some old ones alike.

- At the end of each region, Eaon will compete in the Region League Tournament. The Elite Four are only located in the new Champion Radia region, and can only be challenged once someone has proven their right to be given passage into the Radia region.

- Eaon will change outfits and grow older as each region is explored, giving the player the sense of personal growth with Eaon and accomplishment.

(More features to come. Trust me...this is no where near the end of the features that shall be included in this game.)

-Section 6-
The Team

Obviously this section is reserved to give credit to the team of individuals that are making this Pokemon dream a reality.

Lead Designer, Mapper, Story composer and Event Coordinator - Drenz

Lead Mapper - Yuoaman

Haha...I'm currently the only team member as you can see. -__-\ Hopefully more shall join, but if not, I'll do my best on my own to get this project completed as soon as possible.

I shall not promise a demo date or release date, as I don't know how fast the game shall be done. It could take a year or maybe seven years(That's obviously an exaggeration. ^_-), I really don't know.

Also, I'm not good at all with Scripting, so I haven't even dared to try working with any Pokemon Starter Kits, so that's the main reason for no battle screenshots. Until I know or feel more comfortable with scripting, I won't be switching to any Starter Kits.

Any feedback, complaints, praises or suggestions are greatly appreciated! I look forward to being able to make this game better thanks to everyone's support and help! ^_^

(I'll update as soon as I have more of the game done.)


GoldSonyPSP February 14th, 2008 3:21 PM

Looks real good. Can't wait until I can download it. And yay first!

Smuckers February 18th, 2008 3:16 PM

Very nice, can't wait to play it.

Yuoaman February 18th, 2008 4:41 PM

Okay Drenz.... I LOVE this project! I will definately map and story write for you, this shows so much promise. The only problem I see is that in the final screen you show there's only half a house...

But if you want me to I will DEFINATELY help you! I have some experience and believe I could be an asset to the team... If you do add me to your MSN contacts, [email protected].

Henry987 February 19th, 2008 8:56 AM

nice, this game have a good story!

Ludicario February 19th, 2008 1:38 PM

Awesome all pokemon? What if it has fake pokemon it would be awesome

ell0812 February 22nd, 2008 2:20 PM

This is a good idea, i could do the sprites if u want

A.T.K. February 22nd, 2008 7:48 PM

wow, nice going.... i love the story driven part :D.. iv bin hoping for a poke game like that

Aqua Mudkip February 22nd, 2008 8:19 PM

MegaMudkip X: The game seems great but it needs some changes at the Proffesors Lab. Anyways... keep it going!

Neo04 February 22nd, 2008 10:16 PM

cool keep working on it dude.

XSeerian March 2nd, 2008 9:23 AM

I'd like to give a quick update:

It isn't a screenshot or new feature, but I'd like everyone to welcome Yuoaman to the team as our Lead Mapper. He's a great asset to the team and I extremely enjoy his work as I know all of you will. We will soon have an update coming with a great set of Screenies for your greedy eyes, plus a lot of new features to think about!

Thanks a lot for all the comments, guys! I appreciate the support! It really puts a smile on my face that people are enjoying the work being put into this!

Also, MegaMudkip! Thanks for the help, what do you suggest be done to the lab? ^_^


The Exorcist March 3rd, 2008 5:25 PM

Awesome game! That is so worth playing! ALL CREDITS TO YOU MATE!:D

Yuoaman March 14th, 2008 10:24 PM

Okay...... Well Drenz, I'm back, sorry for being away so long, computer broke down and just got a new one, though I'll be able to start working within the next few days.

adamb241 March 15th, 2008 7:10 AM

Your maps....Um.....The route one just look bad.....They have those skinny path lines...Get rid of them....

darth meanie March 15th, 2008 7:23 AM

Looking good as a start, but a few suggestions.
Your routes look so narrow, but Oak's Lab is far too sprawling.
Also, I would try to put the text in a more familiar style.

lairyladv2 July 14th, 2008 4:48 PM

looks real good like the idea of having it after the story of ash annd keeping in close quarters with the older storys but al the new ones

darkerarceus July 14th, 2008 5:37 PM


Originally Posted by adamb241 (Post 3403537)
Your maps....Um.....The route one just look bad.....They have those skinny path lines...Get rid of them....

I think they do cause he took the pictures in event mode.
Anyway good game I look forward to playing it and yeah in the last screeny there's
half a house

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