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Jappio May 4th, 2008 2:10 PM

Fakemon, Splices, and Sprites
This is my showcase thread. C+C and all that is welcomed. I try to keep this updated, but sadly that only happens every now and again. For the most part the really old stuff is labeled. Most recent stuff though you'll find actually being posted later in the thread.

Also I'd like to take a moment to say something. My splices contain the sprites from multiple Pokemon games. Credit of the original sprites used in the making to Nintendo and Gamefreak. I would also like to thank Spriter's Resource, the place where they were ripped and distributed.

Scratch Spriting
Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda.


A friend's RP character. Name is Vargas. Attempt in a style used in a game called Meltyblood.

Old sprites I was making for a fighting game. I've stopped since I want to get better and do them over in the future. Character name is Raizou, one of my RP characters.

Super Pokemon World
A more recent project. Turning all the sprites in Super Mario World to Pokemon related things. Videos of other sprites also here.

Relicant Evo
A Relicant Evo I made for someone I did a bit of an art trade with. Raelen Solo is the name of it's creator, I merely sprited it for him.

Torkoal Evo
A Torkoal Evo. I held a raffle and the winner got a request from me. This is the result. Concept idea goes to Turtle King.

Splice Sheet 42

Splice Sheet 43

Splice Sheet 44

Splice Sheet 45

Splice Sheet 46

Splice Sheet 47

Older Splices

Splice Sheet 1

Splice Sheet 2

Splice Sheet 3

Splice Sheet 4

Splice Sheet 5

Splice Sheet 6

Splice Sheet 7

Splice Sheet 8

Splice Sheet 9

Splice Sheet 10

Splice Sheet 11

Splice Sheet 12

Splice Sheet 13

Splice Sheet 14

Splice Sheet 15

Splice Sheet 17

Splice Sheet 18

Splice Sheet 19

Splice Sheet 20

Splice Sheet 22

Splice Sheet 23

Splice Sheet 24

Splice Sheet 25

Splice Sheet 26

Splice Sheet 29

Splice Sheet 30

Splice Sheet 31

Splice Sheet 34

Splice Sheet 35

Splice Sheet 36

Splice Sheet 37

Splice Sheet 38

Splice Sheet 39

Splice Sheet 40

Splice Sheet 41

40th Sheet Anniversary Special

Splice Sheet 41

Captace Region
My own Pokemon region filled with new Pokemon and terrain. Everything here except Porygon 0 is a scratched sprite by me(Pory 0 is a sprite edit, but will later be made into a scratch sprite). I will not be posting their Dex entries here to save room. If you wish to know more, you can either find the original posts they were on, or you can PM me.

Any question, feel free to ask. I also gladly accept any critique.

Region Map
*Captace Region* is obviously a mountainess region. There is also a large river running through it. I have provided three maps. Two that are in the normal pokemon style. One is to a smaller more familiar size, the other has longer routes, both are pretty much the same. The third map shows features like forests and mountains better. The third also has the towns numbered, here is a description of each and some plot descriptions.

1. *Home Town* To the south is *Serenity Meadow*
2. *Town 2* Usual town where a parcel or whatever must be delivered. I might not do the delivery, but hey, it is classic so I might (I try not to be too stereo typical with everything, but some things I think are more so tradition).
3. *Town 3* First gym, a normal gym, you receive the Regular Badge upon victory.
4. *Peak Town* Home of the fifth gym, a wind gym, get Cyclone Badge. Various reasons as to why you can't do this gym yet. Also a planned town for a *Team Rocket* attack.
5. *Requiem Town* Home of the 2nd gym, a psychic gym, get Mind's Eye Badge. League route blocked by guy who needs to check for badges.
6. *Town 6* A nothing planned Town. The bike route to the south of it is only accessible by bike, so you must travel through the swamp.
7. *Swamp Town* 3rd Gym, poison gym, get Toxic Badge. Town sits on top of board walks, like the one town in R/S, but instead of over water, they are over a toxic swamp.
8. *Town 8* Bike is received here. Probably also a department store. Suppose to be the place to go when you come to this region.
9. *Town 9* 4th Gym, dragon gym, get *Draco Badge*. Originally a bridge/boat gets you across the river. Events though prevent you to get back, you obtain fly though and go back to to Town 4.
10. *Town 10* No real purpose as of now. Something prevents heading west (Future HM required or something).
11. *Town 11* 6th Gym Fire/Ice gym. Two leaders, double battle. Get the Burning Cold badge.
12. *Town 12* Another not really sure what I'm going to do with it town.
13. Crater Canyon. 7th Gym, Dark gym, get the Void Badge. Possibly legendary event goes down here or is explained.
14. *Town 14* Hard to reach secret town. 8th gym, Lightning gym, Bolt Badge. Sea connection, probably for S.S. activities. Also the town is surrounded in constant storms.
15. *Town 15* Not even sure if it will be town. Place where E4 is.

Planned things:
-Things like the breeding center and gambling hall could go anywhere Probably gambling hall goes in town 8, and breeder in town 6.
-Town 10 or 12 might get a "Pseudo Gym" Something like the fighting dojo in Blue/Red, special prize for winning.
-Extra Caves and Routes might exist and be added or not shown.
-A bridge exists between Town 5 and Town 6
-Routes will be given numbers. They are yet to be depicted, but more likely than not they will go 500, 501, 502, etc... It should be pretty much every piece of land between towns is one route.



Large Badges
Regular Badge: A normal gym.
Mind's Eye Badge: A psychic gym.
Toxic Badge: A poison gym.
Draco Badge: A dragon gym.
Cyclone Badge: A wind gym.
Burning Cold Badge: A fire/ice double battle gym.
Void Badge: A dark gym.
Smiting Badge: A lightning gym.

Miniature Badges


Splicing Tut

Video Splicing Tut

Shorter Video Splicing Tut

Ionic May 4th, 2008 2:16 PM

I must say you are very good, i like those spikey ones hehe.

Amachi May 5th, 2008 2:27 AM

1. Sorry, but requests are not permitted.
2. omg trogdor!!!

Mitchman May 5th, 2008 6:08 AM


Originally Posted by Jappio (Post 3557947)
Thanks for the kind words Ionic.
First Splices
I like. These are the best on this whole post especially the heracross one.

Splice Sheet 2
These not to much. The spheal one looks like its going XD and the skarmory looks like its balancing a halo on its head,

Splice Sheet 3
These are the worst. Except for the arcanine one.

Splice Sheet 4
Sprite sheet 4 is really cool. Not as original as the first one but cool. I like especially the poliwrath one. It is holy looking.

Splice Sheet 5
This one though is the funniest. You got a manbearpig, a elderly dragon
wise person looking cat, a retarded ditto, a serial killer bird and a nightmare type bat on one sheet. The only one I hate is the jumpluff one.

Splice Sheet 6
This one over here has a girly but nice touch to it. Th eyes on 2 of the sprites kill them though.

Splice Sheet 7
This is the most strangest. Well only the last 4. The nose freaks me out and the sprites are to happy to have it.

Splice Sheet 8
I really want to comment on this. The whole houndoom thing is cool. After that it got bad. I see a bunch of nothing for te shaymin thing. The searglre is going to hold the stinger how?But the last 2 are the coolest. I woud love to catch a flat moth.

Splice Sheet 9
No I was wrong this is the strangest.

Splice Sheet 10
The 2 sprites I have no idea what to say. I like also the leafeon glaceon one though. Acually I like all eevee combos. OMG donphan took stantlers horns! Well we got carried away with the girafrig one didnt we. i wanna know though were you got that green on the last one.

Splice Sheet 11
I always new medusa existed. Anyway that mantine had to much sugar. Snorlax ate some bad fruit. The flower is know a snake?! You got a voodoo thing with the hootheads wich I like. That bird is the grass type of the original trio of birds right/ I swear that nut thing is out to get me. I wanna know were you get Ideas like this.

Splice Sheet 12
A hula hula blastoise. Cool. A cyborg rayquaza is always welcome. No thats medusa. What should have been combee. Heya to you 2. I will kill again! Never get a clown angry. Firey snake dinosaur things are aways cool in my book.

Splice Sheet 13
HAW no way! How do you control this? I will kill again as well. I am the master of puppets! Ha mess with me I dare you. I am the new legendary. Some gained weight. I ama radio controlled A. Fear me.

Splice Sheet 14
Oh is this one straight? And you put that there and you done. Woof. Never mix cats and dogs. Never. UUH I am bad luck? A crap I knew it was a bad idea to put them in the daycare. Hey its a floating nazi head. Coool!

Splice Sheet 15
Well isnt this great. Im furry. Falco PUNCH! See what drugs do. Haha it is I round mole thing. With a 5 o clock shave. I will know kick you ad fly away. K? Blastoise. NOW with sideburns! Finally a good blood sucker. Dont mess with the doo.

Splice Sheet 16
Dont mess with the best. And his brother. I protect all. Huzzah for ultimate type pokemon 8x. I will protect and grant and serve, A flying rock what next? OH I know. The crazies escaped the zoo. RUN!

Splice Sheet 17
Im to sexy for a knife on my head. Wahaha I medusas pet. I got a recolor like it? HHHMM. If your a skunk which releses gases as well as fire can you fire your self as a rocket? The most beautiful beauty. Want to smell my flower? Weres my body?! Spiky! Oh god I have to lay off the booze.

Splice Sheet 18
Yeah baby I rule! Is my wig on straight. Ahh I lurv my stache. Flowers anyone? PPFFFT get out of my sight. This blocks bullets 99.99 of the time. I cant freeze now! You forgot your homework?! Get over here!

Splice Sheet 19
Hair of the 80s is 2 underrated. Gah I attack! The bows are so pretty. I have ears the size of kanto. Well what do we have here? Im too ugly for a contest. Whats mightyena doing here?! After this chuck e cheeses k?

Splice Sheet 20
I am the dog of flowers! Arent I pretty? Shoot me. Now. Haha bro I are the bomb. The mystic turtle.

I commented on the first 7n like normal. Then I did comments by expression. Hope you dont mind. I did this cause I like them not cause I hate you.

Jappio May 5th, 2008 5:18 PM

Hey, thanks for the comments. It was also entertaining for a lot of that. I believe you had a question in there, where the green came from. It came from Suddowoodo.

Young Stunna' May 5th, 2008 5:21 PM

I like 519 - 521

It reminds me of magikoopas from mario.

Atomic Reactor May 5th, 2008 5:34 PM

um, what's a trogdor?
wer is it in your post?

the splices are alright.
the fakemon are good ideas, but not very pokemon stylish.
keep it up ^_^

Jappio May 6th, 2008 2:46 PM

Once again, thanks for the comments. Dragonitexchaos, I never realized that about them, they do look like majikoopas =D. Atomic_Reactor, Trogdor is from the internet cartoon, Homestarrunner. He is basically a dragon thing drawn by one of the characters. He grew in fame, has a song, and that song even made it onto Guitar Hero II, so it has a lot of fame. To find him he is on Splice Sheet 2, he is the big green dragon. Also I know my Fakemon aren't quite pokemon style, but I'm Ok with that, since I'm not too serious about that, I see my Fakemon as more so spriting practice.

FuzzyMuzzy May 8th, 2008 8:47 AM

lol why does the male kangiskahn have a pipe in its mouth? POKEMON SMOKE?!

Cid May 8th, 2008 9:14 AM

You're really good at making that map *points way up*... I like those fused Pokemon sprites too... Nice Work!

Jappio May 8th, 2008 4:05 PM

The pipe is because when I was making it, I was thinking, "what is the stereotypical image of a father." Well after thiinking about about it, I thought of the image of like a 1950's Leave it to Beaver type father, and what do they always have? A pipe.

I finally finished the latest Fakemon Sheet. A quick note about it, Valroar doesn't have a split evolution, that is merely just a visual difference between genders, no effect to stats or anything. Expect splices next thing I submit.

525 - Pix: Normal Type. "This pokemon is quite shy. It isn't due to its weak look, but because its embarrassed because its wings are not strong enough to give it flight, it instead bounces around."
526 - Angela: Evolves from 525 at level 25 with "Holy Wish" held. Normal Type. Good Sp attack and Sp. Def, Ok speed, bad P attack and def. "This pokemon makes a wish to fly and gain power, and would promise to do good. This pokemon now brings goodness and happiness to anyone it can, but it still sadly can't fly."
527 - Impz: Evolves from 525 at level 25 with "Evil Wish" held. Dark type. Good P attack and def, ok speed, bad Sp attack and defense."This pokemon has wished for dark powers so it could one day fly. It pledges to bring misfortune to all. Although it does gains power, it still can't seem to become air born."

528 - Waft: Poison type. "This pokemon isn't very rare in in smog filled cities. It has a hard enough time keeping itself together that it can't really battle too well." (Think Magikarp, will only know splash, will learn poison gas at some point like level 10-20)
529 - Smorgon: Evolves from 528 at level 25. Poison/Dragon type. Good Sp. Attack, Ok speed P attack Sp. defense, bad defense.."Foul smell, foul temper, foul everything. This is one nasty pokemon. Watch out, it may look completely gaseous, but it can still take a bite out of you." (Ability: Levitate).

530 - Dunsparse: Normal type. "This timid pokemon has never been known to be good at battle. Yet in this different land it is said that they have more potential than before."
531 - Morcore: Evolves from 522 in an undetermined way. Normal type. More of the same as Dunsparse, each stat better, so still a very balanced stat pool. "After evolving, Dunsparse has taken a new change. It no longer need to borrow and hide anymore, its attitude though doesn't change much and you'll be hard pressed to find a hostile one."

532 - Meowth: Normal type. "This pokemon has an love for wealth. Some have called it greedy, but its cute looks make it a pretty popular pokemon."
533 - Persian: Evolves from 532 at level 28. Normal type. ."A pokemon loved by those who love luxury. This pokemon itself is known for its snobbish attitude."
534 - Valroar: Evolves from 533 in an undetermined way. Normal type. Think Persian, but with attack and speed boosts. "Called the king of the jungle. This pokemon strides with a pristine presentation. Some can't help but bow to it."

Jappio May 10th, 2008 8:00 PM

Well more splices done. Here is sheet 31.

Super Sprita May 11th, 2008 9:45 PM

nice sprites...awsome. =)

blaster911 May 12th, 2008 2:58 PM

LOL you have a trogdor the burninator.
YOU are awesome at splices (scratch..not so much)
you should seriously make a guide.

.:~Ariana~:. May 13th, 2008 1:18 AM

I wish I had the imagination and the time to make a region like that XD Good job, I like your sprites as a whole, but some look a bit C+P, like the Arceuses. Try making your parts look like they belong to Arceus more. And some revamps look like just recolours, like the dithering on Dugtrio is a dead giveaway of its original G/S/C state. Maybe scratch that part in? =/

All C&C aside, very good work, keep it up!

Jappio May 15th, 2008 7:13 PM

Well a friend of mine requested I do a quick map so he could use it somewhere. Well I decided to take him up on the offer, and made this. I haven't picked out what towns would be what or anything, so really I can't say much about it. Didn't take too long to make, which was nice, only about 30 min I think. I have two versions, one with towns, and one without.

Sorry I couldn't update with like Fakemon or splices, but hey, I think its a pretty cool map.

Atomic Reactor May 15th, 2008 7:18 PM

sorry dude, it doesn't look all that great.
i kno it was just a quick thing to make for a friend, but it's not that interesting.
i can tell you made it in 30 mins lol.

to improve your going to wanna either change the shape of the land, or add A LOT more terrain detail. both would be better.
other than that it looks nice ^_^

Amonitas May 15th, 2008 10:19 PM

Jappio, can I use these in my hack, I give you 100% of credit of course, my skills are not enough for good fakemon yet, so I could use yours, I'd use your names, info and movesets what you have in there ok? =P

BTW, most of these are SOOO COOL!

Bekki May 16th, 2008 1:57 AM

OMG those are some good splices. I am loving the Mew and Shaymin one. Keep up the good work and can't wait to see more.

blaster911 May 16th, 2008 1:23 PM

look at sheet 2 the wihgaling dragon with the beefy arm is trogdor
If you want to know more about who trogdor is go to
look at the bottom of the on sb emails and then click on dragon.
or go to this link I think.

Jappio May 21st, 2008 9:56 AM

Well done with the latest Fakemon. I'm happiest with the Arakidian. I'm not as happy with the torpedo and missile. Overall though I think I did a fine job.

535 - Flurry: Ice/Fighting type. "This pokemon spends its time punching ice blocks into pieces. Children try making snowmen from it."
536 - Kungfrost: Evolves from 535 at level 30. Ice/Fighting type. Good Attack. Ok P and Sp. defenses. Bad speed and Sp. Attack. "This pokemon is said to be able to hold a glacier in place. Children though still try playing with it, adding on top hats and things."

537 - Ledyba: Bug/Flying type. "Scared of the wrold, this pokemon never leaves its swarm unless it has to. It stays in contact with the swarm using scents."
538 - Ledian: Evolves from 537 at level 18. Bug/Flying type. "Most active during starry nights. This Pokemon's patterns change with the number of stars in the sky."
539 - Lediaga: Evolves from 538 in an undetermined way. Bug/Flying type. Think Ledian, but with boosts all around. "They say these pokemon can communicate with stars. Lediagas are supposedly able to use the energy from the stars to power its attacks up."

540 - Spinerac: Bug/Poison type. "This pokemon senses things through its durable web it weaves. It can stay in the same spot for days."
541 - Ariados: Evolves from 540 at level 22. Bug/Poison type. "It can spin endless amounts of thread. Some pokemon have a hard time fighting this pokemon due the fact they can't tell which side is its front."
542 - Arakidian: Evolves from 541 in an undetermined way. Bug/Poison type. Think Ariados, but with a major Sp. Attack boost and some other boosts in other areas. "Arakidian can see through its 7 eyes and front, and can sense energy through its hind eye. Its thread is almost as strong as steel."

543 - Torskate: Ice/Steel type. "This pokemon glides across ice at inpressive speeds. It has issues when it falls on its side."
544 - Misskate: Evolves from 535 at level 28. Ice/Steel type. Good attack and Speed. Bad P. and Sp. Defense and Sp. Attack. "Using its rocket booster, this pokemon moves at incredible speeds. It loses some control though going this fast and finds itself running into a lot of things.."

Silver Destiny May 24th, 2008 4:21 AM

Cool sprites..i like them.. the new map is soo coool.

I also like your splices..keep it up!!:D

Jappio May 24th, 2008 9:58 AM

Well I now have the latest splices done. A few of them as you can see have multiple, for the usual color or shape differences I can't decide between, so I just take both. The top 4 are special for the fact they are for a contest I'm in. Next submission I'll let you all know if they won or not.

-Shadowburn- May 24th, 2008 10:36 AM

The splices pretty good, although the scratches need a bit of work done. The outline is choppy on some, and the the different tones on the shading are too different. The shapes are a bit awkward on some but overall, not bad. You are a fairly decent spriter.

..Beyond May 24th, 2008 3:21 PM

The Registeel/Glalie is particularly nice. Good splicing.

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