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The Jewel of Life June 8th, 2009 8:38 PM

Pokemorph Legends
Boerdom + too much time + I like RPing = hey I'll make a new RP! Yay for me.


A group of Team Delta scientists gathered around the cluster of eggs. Through months of back-breaking research and the dangerous mission of collecting DNA from legendary pokemon they had finally done it, they had created eggs that would hatch legendary pokemorphs. And now, the hatching was about to begin. The sinister leader of Team Delta, Cypher Wroe, was sitting back in his chair when the egg containing the Arceus morph hatched. The pokemorph was immediately bombarded by scientists and in his fear he took off running, but not alone, for he took the other eggs with him. After a long time of giving chase, the scientists caught up on the morph and shot him with a paralyzing dart, but thier scientific work was not perfect and the blow thus proved to be fatal. As they walked up, it became apparant that in his last struggle for life the Arceus-boy had warped all the other eggs to random locations in the Sinnoh region. The only thing anyone could think or say then was, 'now what will happen?'


Now the legendmorphs are all about thirteen, some variation because the hatchings were stalled for some, but they are all still quite young. You are one of these one-of-a-kind pokemorphs, and news has spread of your and the others existance. Now, Team Delta will stop at nothing to get their hands on you, danger lurks on every corner, and challenges await your every move. You have now discovered that you must find the others, and Sinnoh's legendary pokemon as well, so that Team Delta can be taken down. But the journey will not be easy, for with the evil team so well disguised and their members so common, there is no one in the region of Sinnoh that you can trust.

No godmodding
PC rules
No mary sues
You are already legendary, so you can't be shiny!
Be respectful
Use proper grammar
Don't post until two people have posted since your last one

Sign Up Sheet:
Name- an average name, you were raised by normal people
Age- 12-14, nothing too far from thirteen
Gender- doesn't need to be the same as the pokemon you are
Pokemon Half- From the list I provided
Appearance- Be descriptive, and remember, you are half pokemon
History- Be detailed
Pokemon Move- ONLY ONE, keep it limited to something your legendary can learn

List of Sinnoh's Legendaries:

My Sign Up:

Name- Violet Rika

Age- Thirteen

Gender- Female

Pokemon Half- Darkrai

Appearance- Violet stands at about five foot three and weighs 87 pounds, so in other words, she is tiny. Her basic features include moderate development, normal facial features, and pale skin. Her eyes are a bright, dimly-glowing blue and her hair is pure white. Her forearms have three black spikes lining each one and she has a black er... how do I describe it... lets just say a tail exactly like Darkrai's (he has a tail incase you may not hav noticed). Also, Violet has her fingernails and toenails painted black. Her clothing is basically a grey tanktop with rhinestones on the top forming a neat pattern with a black jacket. She wears factory-worn jeans that are a very dark navy. Her sneakers are grey but the laces are white. and finally, Violet wears a ursaring claw/tooth nacklace that has been dyed completely red (I wonder why...).

History- Violet was brought up by two pokemorphs, the woman a sableye and
the man a haunter. The couple found her egg out in the Eterna forest and took it back to their home in Eterna city. When the egg hatched three days later, they were surprised to see that the baby was a pokemorph, and a darkrai one at that. Knowing how important legendary pokemon were, they raised the pokemorph, now called Violet, in replacement of their own child. So Violet grew up in Eterna city, ironically, this was the town to go to if you wanted to hear about legendary pokemon. There was a huge statue with a worn off inscription on it, that told about dialga and palkia. So Violet was pretty good off. She got into her fair share of trouble, but used cunning and wit to get her out of most situations. In fact, Violet could figure things out really well, it was one of her strong points. Also, Violet had many friends, and often times when she was young they would invite her over to play. Only the bravest friends though, would have her over for a sleepover, the rumers that her nightmares were so bad that you couldn't wake up scared them into keeping her away. But Violet didn't mind, she preffered to be alone at night anyway. Violets life-long dream had been to travel to canalave city, and to take a boat to new moon island. maybe there she would see darkrai. But she never got to. Now in the present day Violet is ready and waiting, and a new adventure is headed her way.

Pokemon Move- Dark Void

Other Random but On Topic Information:
This roleplay is rated pg12 because pg13 is overused XP
Also, side effects that come from being the pokemon you are can be used, such as shaymin/giratina being able to change forms and darkrai giving nightmares.

UraharaSteph June 17th, 2009 10:35 AM

I hope this is still active! It sounds quite fun! I hope this is ok for you!

Name- Gemma Elf

Age- 14

Gender- Female

Pokemon Half- Azelf

Appearance- Gemma has short blue hair that comes level with her chin, rather like a team galatic grunt, but her hair is a lot more shiny and silky. She has a large red jewel on her forehead that glisten blindingly in the afternoon sun. She's quite pale, but many people ask Gemma is she has left make-up on, since her face has a blue tint to it. In fact, her whole body does. She wears royal blue and white clothes. Mostly skirts due to her two tails that leak from the end of her spine. The skirt is blue while her vest top is white. She does not wear shoes or sandals, or anything on her feet. Did I mention that her eyes are also yellow?!

History- Gemma doesn't know much about herself, but she does not she is no normal young girl. When she was five, she started to noticethat she was not like other humans. For a start, she had two tails hanging out of her dresses. She asked her parents why she was different. They simply replied with

"My dear, everyone is different in their own way. You have an amazing gift of looking very different. That's what makes you different from others, and you're very special."

Gemma did not believe that their words gave her a solid answer. Because of this, she began looking for ways that would make her more normal. Gemma would get her two tails and roll them up. She would take a bit of ducktape and then stick the tails to her backside. This never worked. It caused her massive pain when her parents removed the tape, and caused pain since she did not have the feedom to move her tails.

Gemma looked for ways to hide the Jewel on her head. She got ribbon and tied it around her head. The style did not suit her at all and she got picked on for looking ridiculous due to the thing around her head!

It was at that moment she realized that even though people joked around and some picked on her, many people of her home town had come to accept her with open arms. She was picked on, but so was kids with glasses or spots. She was no different in her quiet little town. She made friends with Pokémon easily, and became very comfortable with her life.

On her 14th birthday, she receieved a book on legends. It had many things and many pictures. She admired those who had gone out and saved the planet from destruction. Then... she came across a picture of three Pokémon. Mespirit, Azelf and Uxie. Gemma looked at the Azelf and then ran to the mirror. It was clear to see that she was half Azelf. She realized that all the times she felt like she was floating.... was her actually floating!

Team Delta rushed to her door a few days later. Her parents were extremely scared and would not hand over Gemma. The Delta grunts got annoyed and ended up killing the people that were so kind enough to take Gemma in under their wings. Gemma was so upset that she lashed out at the grunts!

Pokemon Move- Last Resort: A move Only usable when all other attacks have been used. Power Points Base Power Accuracy 5 130 100

Mira June 17th, 2009 12:39 PM

This looks AWESOME! May I reserve Dialga?

Missingno.7-4468 June 17th, 2009 4:26 PM

This looks cool, may I please reserve Palkia?

P.S. It is not Mespirit, it is Mesprit

The Jewel of Life June 17th, 2009 7:57 PM

UraharaSteph- very good job! accepted

Missingno... and Mira- Okay you are reserved

Thanks for pointing that out... I forgot to proofread ^o^

UraharaSteph June 17th, 2009 8:00 PM

woot! this will be my first ever pokémorph role play.

Zeta Patchouli June 17th, 2009 8:12 PM

This sounds interesting. May I reserve Giratina?

Missingno.7-4468 June 17th, 2009 10:30 PM

Here's my SU, there's a lot of detail despite it being short.

Name: Jesa Saref

Age 14

Gender: Feminine

Pokemon Half: Palkia

Appearance: Jesa is tall for her age and somewhat thin. She has sharp claws instead of fingernails, and her pale, reddish-brown hair naturally parts to the sides of her head and lightly up at the ends. She usually wears a plain whitish pink shirt, and she does not like to wear skirts, so she usually wears jeans instead. Her pale skin has an unnatural tone to it, but she has piercing blue eyes.

Personality(It's important): Jesa is happy-go-lucky, and she sees the glass as half-full instead of half empty. She sometimes gets a little hyper, and at random times as well. She says "Did you know" a lot and then some random fact, an example would be "Did you know that Poliwag's swirl goes the other way around when it evolves?" When she is mad, a strange distortion appears around her claws, small objects tend to dissapear if she touches them when she's mad.

History: Jesa grew up in Celestic town. Her "nana" found her egg just outside, and was surprised by her looks when she hatched. She was somewhat lonely growing up, because her "nana" didn't let her outside very much. When she does go outside, she likes to observe every little thing, but she has a very good sense of direction, and she has never gotten lost. Her nana loves her very much, and still has not told Jesa that she is a Pokemorph.

Jesa always tries to do the right thing, but her claws and abilities sometimes makes her clumsy. She embraces her imperfection though, and views it as being "unique."

Pokemon Move: Special Rend

I did a girl because of the hair thing, it would've been better on a girl. I hope it's okay...

Mira June 18th, 2009 11:46 AM

(sorry the history’s kinda weak… but there are some things I want to have happen during the RP ;))

Name- Crystal Elizabeth Anderson

Age- 14

Gender- female

Pokémon Half- Dialga

Appearance- Crystal stands about five feet, eight inches tall and has a lithe build, though her arms and legs are rather strong. Her eyes are ordinarily a light blue color, though one time a child at her school claimed that her eyes had turned red. Crystal attempted to shrug this off but often looks at her reflection to check the color of her eyes. She got her name from the blue stone that rests at the base of her neck where her collar bone begins (it may have been more fitting for her to be named Sapphire, but seriously, how many kids do you know named Sapphire?) and typically wears a thin white scarf over it. Her hair is a deep shade of blue with streaks of paler blue running through it. As this is not exactly the definition of “normal”, Crystal tends to keep it up under a red baseball cap with the Pokémon logo on it. Oh, and Crystal’s nails are metal. Thankfully, they always remain at a decent length (imagine trying to clip those babies) and thankfully she can usually pass it off as nail polish, though it is rather difficult for her to make sure that she doesn’t scratch anyone or anything and tends to wear through the fronts of her shoes rather quickly, resulting in her usually wearing black steel-toed boots. Small segments of metal protrude from her back over the bones of her spine, so she always wears closed-back shirts, though she usually wears a bright blue camisole under a black hoodie. Crystal typically has on a pair of dark jeans, which are usually worn away at the knees because of the metal plates coming out over the kneecaps. She finally gave up on trying to hide them and just ignores the comments and stares. When Crystal is angry, dark blue veins become extremely visible on her arms and legs and the back of her neck. While Crystal isn’t unusually pale, she doesn’t typically get tanned or sun burnt, resulting in her looking like a ghost when compared to others in the summer. Throughout the year, Crystal always carries a pair of sunglasses with her with large lenses, just in case she wants to look nonchalant or simply needs a small sanctuary from the people around her.

History (subject to change (adding things) depending on where we start in the RP)- Crystal’s “parents” found her egg outside their home. Delighted at the prospect of finding a mysterious egg, and taking no notice of the strange coloring and patterns on it, they took care of it. They were extremely surprised when what hatched out of it wasn’t a Pokémon at all. At least… not completely a Pokémon. But they were delighted with the little girl and named her Crystal on account of the gem set into her chest. As she grew, it became ever more apparent that she wasn’t a normal child, especially to Crystal herself. When she asked her parents why she was so different, they told her that that was just how she was and they would tell her when she was older. When Crystal became older, her parents told her that they didn’t know why she was the way she was but they thought that it had something to do with a surgery (they had obviously already told her that she wasn’t their biological child), though they left out the little fact that they had seen her hatch out of an egg. Crystal went to a normal school until she reached Middle School when she begged her parents to home school her because of the way the other kids treated her differences. Her parents agreed to do so and Crystal quickly got through the curriculum required, since she obviously didn’t have much of a social life. Crystal became fascinated with Pokémon and began reading all the information she could about them, spending a considerable amount of time reading articles about Legendaries. Her mother had a Gardevoir and her father a Lucario from their own Pokemon that were their closest partners when they were young and they gave Crystal a Starly, though Crystal never really trained her. Even though Crystal isn’t really one to want to go very far from home, she is becoming bored with her small home town and is ready to go out and have an adventure, though she had no idea just how much of an adventure was coming her way.

Pokémon Move- Roar of Time

pumpkinziggy June 18th, 2009 4:51 PM

Name- Elise Bird
Age- 12, almost 13 (Birthday: October 4th)
Gender- Female
Pokemon Half- Uxie

Appearance- Elise is near four feet eight inches (about 1.5 meters) tall, and tends to think of herself as shorter than average. Her build is average, though a little on the lean side. Her hair is short and straight, colored a light blond. On her forehead is a red jewel like Uxie's, and it glows a little when Elise is thinking hard. Unlike Uxie, Elise doesn't automatically make people forget by looking into their eyes, so she doesn't have to worry about nobody seeing her hazel eyes. Elise's arms are somewhat short. She has two gray tails like Uxie, and like the jewel on her forehead, the jewels on her tails glow when she thinks hard. Elise sees herself as boring in appearance and often wears plain grey clothes...

History- Elise's egg was warped to Sandgem town, with the moderate climate and peaceful beach. It, oddly, rested on a windowsill of the PokéMart, and the shopkeeper got concerned. He called outside to trainers, "Did anyone leave their Pokémon egg?" For a while, there was no reply, but a woman of about thirty was curious, walking up to the shopkeeper. She claimed it, saying that she could take care of it since no one else owned it, and Elise hatched about two days after. She found herself in a place oddly like the one she had expected, since Uxie lives in a lake, somewhat like Sandgem. The woman that had claimed the egg was surprised that it wasn't exactly a Pokémon that had hatched, but she couldn't just leave this kid out to die. Elise was raised by the woman, Mariel, and did well in elementary school, especially on the subject of Pokémon; with the Uxie DNA, Elise was literally a natural at studying Pokémon. Elise has started her first year of middle school, and doesn't seem to want to leave, even though she'll have to...

Pokemon Move- Mist Ball

digimonegg11 June 18th, 2009 7:25 PM

for the apearance can we make a sprite?

orangejediman June 18th, 2009 7:29 PM

Sign Up Sheet:
Name- Max Redd
Age- 14
Gender- Male
Pokemon Half- Shaymin
Appearance- At 5'5", Max is a bit on the small side. He is not very strong, and is scrawny. He has short, curly green hair. With the Gracedia flowers, white horns stick out of the side of his head, and his eyes turn green. He wears a white shirt and jeans. He does not wear shoes, as he loves the feel of earth under his feet. He has a lei on that is made of Gracedia Flowers to cover the flower at the base of his neck. When he sucks in pollution, his skin becomes tanned, and he starts having coughing fits. He has black eyes and a short round nose.
History- His egg was warped to a nursery in a hospital, where a baby called Max Redd slept. The other Max was destroyed by the warp energy, leaving no trace. The Redd family thought that something amazing had happened to their little baby.
When Max was about five years old, he got deathly ill. The doctors at Veilstone could not figure out what was happening. Then they saw the flower. They had heard of the legend of the pokemorphs, but had never actually seen one. They figured that he had absorbed pollution, and thought that exposing him to Gracedias would help. When they made the lei and put it on him, Max let out an enourmus Seed Flare, destroying a wall. The doctors told the Redd family that Max must keep the lei on at all times, or he would not be able to discharge pollution.
When Max was thirteen, Team delta attacked his house. Max's father sent him by Pidgeot to Sandgem Town, to be under the care of Professor Lucas, Rowan's old assistant. Professor Lucas told him everything, once being a member of team Delta. Max is now looking for the other pokemorphs to help them defeat Team Delta.
Pokemon Move- Seed Flare

digimonegg11 June 18th, 2009 8:27 PM

Name- Dave Smith
Age- 12
Gender- Boy
Pokemon Half- Giratina
Appearance- Dave is a large kid for his age. since he's 12 the wings are starting to form. he has blonde hair, wears a black and red long sleeve shirt that looks like it has claws, and he has baggy pants that are gray with some parts of gold fabric. The shoes he wears are golden. His face is actually a tinted golden color if you look close up. His eyes a pitch black but are starting to become a little bit of red. His tail of course is still growing.
History- Max was found near a PokeMart. The shopkeeper found the egg and raised it as his own. The man was married and had a child that was 1 still. he thought that the egg was a pokemon and so brought it home so when the egg hatched, the baby will have a pokemon to play with. except when the egg hatched it turned out to be a pokemorph. His "Dad" thought then the pokemorph would be paparazzied so he kepted him a secret. Dave did become helpful by hauling the items for his dad. but, one day a Delta grunt came in and demanded for Dave, who was in the back hauling some burn heals. his dad came and told him to run to the nearest research lab, which happen to be Oreburgh city. Now he knows the truth about himself and is determined to find the other pokemorphs
Pokemon Move- Shadow Force

until i get enough posts, I can't post the pic

o yeah on my sig. is a banner for this thread

The Jewel of Life June 19th, 2009 9:10 PM

Mira- Accepted

Missingno...- Accepted

Pumpkinziggy- Sorry, Sinnoh legendaries only, this is a Sinnoh RP. Declined

Orangejedman- Accepted

Zeta Dimentio & Digimonegg11- Zeta asked to reserve giratina... but digimon had a nice SU... can you guys please talk it out? If not I will make the choice.

Okay everyone, as an announcement it seems that I had miscalculated the time between now and when I will be gone for two weeks at summer camp... that time is no two days. I need someone, and fast, to take up responsibiloty for this thread and accept new people/start it and all that. Sorry about this... really sorry.

pumpkinziggy June 20th, 2009 9:10 AM

Oh, yes, that's why I thought something was missing. I changed it to Uxie, and edited her history and appearance to match. It should be OK now.

Zeta Patchouli June 20th, 2009 10:02 AM

Name- Jeremy Actae

Age- 14

Sex- Male

Pokemon Half- Cresselia

Appearance- Jeremy is about 5'2" tall, with a crescent moon shape birthmark on his face. His hair is a bright yellow and goes down to the middle of his back. His eyes are a light blue, and his nose is kind of long, and ends in a point. His ears are a little big as well. His whole body is covered with a thin coat of purple fur. Over the fur he is wearing a black shirt with a tan trenchcoat over it, noth of which look a little big on his semi-thin frame. And his pants, are blue, and are a little baggy. His frame, well, he's thin. His armas are thin, as well as his fingers. His legs are thin as well. All in all, he looks kind of scrawny.

History- Jeremy was raised in Eterna City by two people, known as Ken Actae, and Eve Actae. These two were an upper middle class duo, that had no clue about this pokémorph. It seemed that with him in the house, no one has had a bad dream. However, he always had an aura of... coldness it seems, as he grew more and more cold to everyone growing up. As he met more and more people, he started to get... anxious, since, as a Cresselia morph, he exudes good dreams... however, while everyone else had good dreams, it seemed, Jeremy was having nightmares... bad ones... ones that can make people crazy.

As he grew older, it only got worse. Having no positive energy, due to close proximity with hundreds of humans, was bad. He wasn't sure how much more he would take, his mind was under stress, because he couldn't stop his psychic energy from leaking out. He tried everything from meditation, to keeping himself awake. However, neither of them worked, and he kept getting nightmares. He then couldn't take it, and ran into Eterna Forest, in an attempt to calm down his powers.

A year after going into Eterna Forest, Jeremy was now eleven, and resided in the Old Chateau, with the ghosts. They too gave him nightmares, but they weren't that bad, not compared to before. He learned how to control his power in the time he was gone, and made friends with a Rotom, easing the pressure put on him from the other ghosts, but he was still cold. As he came back to Eterna City, no one felt good vibes from him, they didn't have as much good dreams... but Jeremy, since he could surpress his power, finally began to have good dreams. But cold he may be, and possibly insane, which is more normal for psychic types than one would think, he still waits for the chance to meet up with Cresselia, to find out what it feels like to be around something like him. But since that wasn't likely of happening, he went back to the Old Chateau, and along with Rotom, began to travel the world in hopes that he could meet up with the being that he half is. He was last seen near Veilstone City.

Pokemon Move- Psychic

orangejediman June 20th, 2009 10:41 AM

I will take control for two weeks if no one else wants to.

If given permission to take over:
Zeta Dimento - Thanks for signing up as a different legend !ACCEPTED!
Digimonegg11 - You got Giraitina !ACCEPTED!
Pumpkinziggy - Thanks for changing it !ACCEPTED!

For those who want to sign up, the following legends are remaining:


digimonegg11 June 20th, 2009 10:52 AM

yay!!!! now I can Put on My guy sprite.

Mira June 21st, 2009 4:14 PM

I'd be willing to help own in your absence as well. It'll probably end up working better if more than one person is here to keep it in check xD

UraharaSteph June 22nd, 2009 2:33 AM

Sure I'll help out as well, since I have my English times haha.

dragonqueen0210 June 22nd, 2009 11:07 PM

Yay! A pokemorph Rp!

Sign Up Sheet:

Pokemon Half~Mesprit

Standing at 1.64m, Angelique is of an average height. She has Golden coloured eyes, long and flowing hair that is like Mesprit's pink and a red jewel on her forehead. Her skin is a light blue colour, which gets darker if she gets really angry and she has the same two tails that Mesprit has. Her nails are made of rubies and to cover them, she wears white gloves. She wears a black, long sleeve shirt and a white satin jacket over it. She also wears a polka dotted, black and white scarf and a pair of black, denim jeans.

After Angelique was warped away, she landed in near Snowpoint city and Lake Acuity and was found by the parents of Candice, the Gym leader of Snowpoint city. They decided to keep the egg, as they thought it was a random ice Pokemon's and wanted to give it to Candice for her coming birthday. When the egg hatched and turned out not to be just another ice Pokemon, Candice managed to persuade her parents to raise her. Candice named her Angelique, as she knew of the Pokemorphs and thought that since Angelique meant 'Messenger of God', she would be the messenger of the god of Pokemon, Arceus.

Later, when Angelique grew older and her differences became obvious, the people living in Snowpoint city became afraid that she would despise them and cause harm to them because she was half a legendary. Though it didn't last long, as Mesprit was the emotion Pokemon. Candice began to teach her about Pokemon and battles, about the gyms and the Elite 4. She also began to learn about the other Pokemorphs, one by one, and how Team Delta was scouring the region for them. With Candice's permission and last gift, a Froslass, she began to travel around Sinnoh to look for the other Pokemorphs.

Her Froslass, nicknamed Grace, knows~ Hail, Blizzard, Shadow Ball and Thunderbolt.

Pokemon Move~Ice beam

orangejediman June 23rd, 2009 11:37 AM

dragonqueen: You are ACCEPTED,except one little thing that i will talk to Mira and UrharaSteph about: I'm not sure that the pokemorphs should be allowed pokemon... To the other two temporary managers: what do you think?
BTW: One more SU and the RP will start!

UraharaSteph June 23rd, 2009 11:52 AM


Originally Posted by orangejediman (Post 4778970)
dragonqueen: You are ACCEPTED,except one little thing that i will talk to Mira and UrharaSteph about: I'm not sure that the pokemorphs should be allowed pokemon... To the other two temporary managers: what do you think?
BTW: One more SU and the RP will start!

I don't think they should be allowed Pokémon. You're half Pokémon yourself, and you have your own move. Sorry to say this but having Pokémon should be prohibited. However, feel free to have Pokémon as your friends. Being half Pokémon would mean you may be able to understand other Pokémon's speech. Perhaps she could have the Pokémon as her old time firends instead?

Mira June 23rd, 2009 12:33 PM

Yeah, my character has a Starly, but she never got around to training it and just has it as a companion... if even that. I think that chars should be able to have them, but not be Trainers or Coordinators of them. I dunno... It just seems kinda strange for them to be training things that they are made up halfway of O.o'

digimonegg11 June 23rd, 2009 5:03 PM

actually, Zeta Dimentio has a rotom

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