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charizard_ma October 8th, 2004 3:00 AM

Chained:Story of a Hero
this is a diferent kind of RP. this is what you call a chain RP. it works a bit different. you don't control a character. you control the story. and add more to the story. this how it starts. i start the story then the next person add to the story and type something to add to the story. it must have something to do with what it happening. there is one main character but other character can come and stay with the main character (like ash and his friends). i give you an example:

ex: first post: john got up and got his first pkmn...bhahb ....then he found him self in a battle with an evil person

second post:john sends out his krabby to attack. the evil person sends out and giant evil looking electabuzz.....bhahb......john was able to escape with his pkmn and all but the evil guy was no where to be found.

that how it is.

Now the story polt! it about a coming to age pokemon hero but all great heros need to start somewhere so where to start with is to get his first pkmn and a gym quest. eventally he will do something to become a hero and it ends until we feel there nothing to add

now lets start

"Sean time to get up!!! you going to be late to met Professor Oak." my mom called from my door. i got up and saw the time. i read that it was 8:44. "WHAT!!!! i late!!! MOM!! how come you didn't wake me up at 7:00." i said as i but on my black jean pants. she responed "because i wasn't awake at that time. hurry up and come get your breakfast" man! mom can be a bit lazy. where are my red shrit and my yellow jacket. there it is "comeing mom." i ran down the stairs and grab my blue backpack. my mom talked a bit but i wasn't listening. i was trying to eat my food. when i was done i said "yeah mom well bye." and gave her a kiss goodbye. i felt said when i gave her that kiss and she feels the same as i am the 3rd of her childern to leave on a pkmn journey.

i ran to proffessor oak's lab to reach him i time. bust througt his lab door and saw him in the back of his lab and ran to him. "hi Sean nice to see you. i think you are bit late but..." said proffessor oak. i interrupted "so sorry i late. do you have a pkmn for me." professor oak said "i do have one but not a elmental pkmn like the ones i give out it is..." he was showing me a pokeball. then i took it and "said go pokemon" the pkmn that came out was an eevee!!"like i said this one is different. and this is what you get when you come late. just remember this pkmn can evo to different kinds of pkmns. time to leave and keep in contact" i was a bit dis appointed as i left the lab.

ooc:ok guys time for you guys to add to it

Alana October 8th, 2004 7:27 AM

Why not

I recalled Eevee and left the lab. Heading for the forest I heard someone call my name. "Sean hey Sean." I turned and saw a girl running towards me. "Hi Jodi." I said waving. She stoped in front of me and replyed. "Hi Sean, I see that you've goten your first Pokemon." "Yeah" "Well I'm going to get one to but I don't want one from the Prof." "So how are you going to get one?" "I'll catch it." "Well Ok then bye." I turn to leave. "Wait" Trns back. "Huh" "I was wondering if I could come with you. At least until I have my first Pokemon." "Umm well sure I guess." We turn and head for the woods.

OOC: Was that OK?

charizard_ma October 12th, 2004 2:36 AM

ooc:that was good.

ic:so me a trns were walking in the woods up to viridian city without a word between us until eevee spread out on all fours. i said "whats wrong eevee?" trns takes a look and then look in the direction were eevee was looking. "maybe it seasns a pkmn." trns said. maybe. i command eevee "eevee use tackle" eevee tackle what was in the bushes and it was a pidgey. the pidgey flew up and was diving to attack. i ask trns "do you want this pidgey?"

Alana October 12th, 2004 4:55 AM

OOC: Whos Trns? WHat happened to Jodi?

charizard_ma October 13th, 2004 2:47 AM

ooc:that her name oopppss ok i must hve miss read the name so ook. keep on posting

William October 13th, 2004 8:25 AM

Jodi looks to Sean and replies:

" No, this is your first battle. I want to catch mine on my own."

Sean looks at her and then turns back to his eevee.

" Well, ok than. Eevee dodge it!!"

As Sean calls, the eevee jumps to the side as the pidgey strikes.

" Tackle, again!!" The eevee waits for the pidgey to come in close and than it tackles the pidgey. The pidgey lands on the ground lying there twitching a wing in attempts to rise.

charizard_ma October 14th, 2004 2:40 AM

we countined walking to viridian city and saw a person in shorts and a tee on. jodi ask him "what you doing here. are you going to viridian too." the kid said "no. ilooking for a battle. how about it? you want to battle little girl?" jodi looked scared and said "no, i have no pkmn on me" the kid look angery and said "a person without any pkmn i a person without anything." then he push her. this got me mad. how could he do this to her. saying she has no pkmn and then push her. i told him. "i battle you. go eevee." eevee step forth in front of me to battle angery too. the kid look happy and grab his pokeball. "this isn't going to be a pidgy battle. go mankey. use karate chop." i saw the mankey move fast so i told eevee "use quick attack!!!"

Alana October 14th, 2004 4:36 PM

"Eevee dodge." Eevee moved aside quickly and this made Mankey mad. "Great now use Quick attack." Eevee hit Mankey but it had little effect. "Mankey Hi Jump Kick!" Eevee was sent flying throught the air. "Eevee get up." Eevee strugled to her feet. "You can do it Sean." Cried Jodi. Sean nodded. "OK Eevee use Double Team!"

charizard_ma October 15th, 2004 2:50 AM

eevee created many alusion of it self. the mankey was looking for the real one. the kid said "attack the one in the middle with low kick!" the mankey slid and hit an alusion. it was off grade "eevee use quick attack." mankey didn't saw what happen and smash. it flew and hit a tree and fainted. the kid with look of surpise "what what i one of the most powerful in my ...... how can a kid like you and your little eevee beat us?!?!!? that eevee must be speaical!! you won't see the last of us!!" then in a flash of ligth the kid was gone! jodi was happy with me victory and said "wow the was so cool!! how you were able to beat that guy. but what was he talking about and where he went?" eevee jump into my hands and said "wweevv" in a happy way. i was gald to hear that my eevee is happy with this because i sure am. but that guy "that was a good one but tough. that guy must have been a nut or something"

OOC: hey people!!!! add to my RP. get your friends here to add any body can do this. it is easy!! so come add a link to the chain

William October 15th, 2004 9:35 PM

Almost out of the woods coming before the city Jodi spots something clung to one of the trees.

" Sheesshhh!!" she says hushly to Sean as she crouches in her approach. This was her chance to catch her first pokemon.

As she nears the creature on the tree came to be a heracross. It was sucking the sweet sap from the exposed bark of the tree. It hadnt noticed the two approach as they happened to be down wind.

"How do you plan to catch that?" Sean asks in a whisper so as not to startle the pokemon.

" Just watch." jodi replies in the same manner.

Taking a twig from the ground she jams it into a nearby tree. After working it a few seconds, sap begins to ooze easily from the cuts. Taking a piece of flat bark like a plate she allows the sap to cover it in abundance.

Meanwhile the heracross has been fluttering its wings as it happily gourges itself on the sweet nector. Still slowly keeping watch and being quiet Jodi makes her way towards the pokemon.

She had fastend one of her shoe laces onto the bark and so leaves it out in the open while backing away again into the brush. Taking some small pebbles she throws these at the heracross to get its attention. Finally after ten rocks the bug pokemon catches sight of the tray of sap. It jumps quickly at it but Jodi pulls on her shoelace and the plate moves away from the heracross.

Jodi continues this untill the heracross is almost right by her. Quickly she takes some sap from the tree she cut and puts alitlle upon her hands, arms and cheeks. Than with one last tug on the lace the bark comes into her hand. The heracross pauses a second, than deciding that it really liked the sap jumps onto Jodi licking the bark clean. having the bark drained of sap the heracross than begins to suck upon the sap taht was over jodi!!.

Woth a free hand she grabs her only poke ball, saved for a time such as this. When the heracross seemed quite at ease being on her Jodi tosses the ball and it lands on heracross. And as simple as that the pokemon was caught.

" You know, I think I will call it Nector. *Giggles* What do you think?" she tells Sean.

" I think all girls are crazy." and with that they both laugh as they continue their way to Viridian City. Though Jodi made sure to collect some of that sap for her new friend, for later on.

Alana October 16th, 2004 5:31 AM

They arive in Veridian City just before sun down. "Come on we'd better get to the Pokemon center." Said Sean as a cool wind picked up. They walked through the sliding doors and asked Nurse Joy to look after their Pokemon. She said she would. Then she gave them a key and directed them to a room. "This is nice." Said Jodi looking around the room. There were two sets of bunk beds and the room was of good size. "I'll sleep here." Said Jodi pointing to the bed on the right. "Then I'll take the one on the left." Replyed Sean. They got into bed and imedeatly fell asleep.

charizard_ma October 18th, 2004 2:55 AM

it was the middle of the nigth and Sean a woke to get a glass of water then walking down the hall and was scared to death by a chansey who was prtorling the halls. Sean countined walking to get his water. pass the nurse's counter and saw the nurse tied up and two guys next to her. one of the guys was the person i battle in on the way over here. i ran to Jodi to tell her what i saw.

Alana October 18th, 2004 9:59 PM

Jodi woke up to find Sean shaking her. "Whats up?" She asked seeing the expresion on his face. "That guy I battled is back and he has a friend. They've tied up Nurse Joy. Not sure what they want but we should help." Jodi nodds and they hurry back down the hall to where nurse Joy is tied up. "Hey let her go." Says Jodi running up to them. She is about to release her Pokemon when one of them knocks down. She gets back up fuming.

charizard_ma October 19th, 2004 2:45 AM

"jodi!! why you did..what!!! eevee good job!!!!!!!!" eevee tackle the guy down who was geting to hit me with a chair. the kid look at me and said "you the one who beat me before but not this time because i am now with my fellow brothers. i am an Surprem." jodi was able to get up so i ask her if she knows what this guy is talking about? jodi gave a no and said "i think this guy is crazy." the guy who hit jodi got to the side of the other guy and said "Brother Web is not crazy. he and i are part of an organzation who belive that pokemon should only belong to the best people not the weak. so we steal pkmn and keep them for ourselfs. we are the Surprem. and you both don't deseave pkmn." the guy i battle spoke and said "yes you are rigth Brother Net. you were only luckly when you beat me this mourning. but now i have help. i chanllgege you to a double battle. an you only have one." the guy is rigth but "no. he not alone. he got me." it jodi who said this. "go necture. it time for battle." look like it even. "eevee are you ready to battle!" eevee gave out a "WEEVV!!!"

Alana October 19th, 2004 6:46 PM

"Very well then Go Houndoom!" "And I'll choose Golduck." "Alright then Necture use Tacle on Gyarados." "Eevee Quick attack on Houndoom." The two Pokemon obeyed. "Houndoom Flamethrower." "Golduck Water Gun."

charizard_ma October 21st, 2004 2:35 AM

ooc:what?? who who pokemon. the eevee and heracross is the good guys and the houndoom and golduck and gyardos belongs to who

SBaby October 21st, 2004 7:15 PM

A third individual appears from around a corner and recalls the Gyarados. This guy is about 5'11'', has long blue hair with spiked bangs that stick out above and below, and seems to be dressed oddly for a Pokemon Trainer. He wears what seems to be a white and blue uniform similar to ones that Jodi and Sean have seen on some Sci-Fi movies.

"Actually, THEY are the ones that you want to be fighting, not me..." he says to Sean and Jodi, as he pulls out another Poke-Ball, holding it in his left hand. He stares back at the two thugs and chuckles. "So, what's Team Dark doing in a place like THIS??" he asks.

The two thugs appear insulted at this remark, and the one that had the chair earlier steps up. "You don't need to know our business, outsider!!"

"Ahh..." the uniformed individual says. "I don't? Actually, I was just here getting my Pokemon healed, I went to the restroom for 2 minutes, and I came back out here to find a battle happening right in the middle of the freaking Pokemon Center! I can NOT just let you fools do as you please!! Sooo.... I'm gonna help these Trainers stop you."

The uniformed individual (whom I will refer to my character as until he gives his name.) holds up his right arm. "PD 002! Activate!" With that, his right sleeve falls to reveal what looks like a Poke-Dex attached to his arm.

Alana October 21st, 2004 11:12 PM

Jodi watches the newcomer. Team Dark is fuming at the insult and Sean is waiting for the right oppertunity to attack. He taps her on the shoulder and indicates a sneak attack. "Right. Necture Giga Drain!" "Eevee Quick Attack!" The two Pokemon attack the oponents head on.

OOC: Sorry my posts are short. They'll get longer later.

charizard_ma October 22nd, 2004 2:46 AM

i have no idea who this guy is but if he's on our side that good enothe for me. anyways i don't think i want to battle a gyarados.

"eevee use double team" i use that attack just in time because the golduck just tried to use mega punch on eevee. jodi told her necture to attack with another giga drain so i told eevee to use take down on the golduck. i thougth that it be easier to attack just one pokemon. the mystery guy is still uploading his pokedex looking thing

SBaby October 22nd, 2004 6:34 AM

The uniformed guy closes his right hand, and the device opens. "Ok Dex! What level are they on?"

"Houndoom has a Level of 6, while Golduck seems to be hovering between 10 and 11. The Heracross seems to be between Level 5 and 6. The Eevee is the strongest one here, at Level 13." The PD 0.02 said in a scientific-sounding voice.

Chezni gauges the surroundings, still clutching his Poke-Ball in his left hand. "Ok. There seems to be enough room for one more Pokemon. Alright Silfayree! Let's do this!!" he says as he launches the Poke-Ball.

A silverish sprite-like creature emerges, which seems to stand barely one and a half feet tall. Its wings seem to resemble Celebi's and it has two red antennae lining its long pink hair. It also seems to be wielding some sort of wand in its right hand. "Sil! Sil!!" is all it says.

The guy grins at the two hooligans. "You guys are in for it now! Silfayree! Use Silver Wind on Houndoom!!"

Silfayree spins around in a sort of flashy dance and points the wand at Houndoom. Immediately a gust of wind hits the Pokemon, sending it into a wall. It struggles to get back to its feet, but coupled with the punishment from Heracross and Eevee, it is unable to and faints.

The two thieves seem shocked at the display. The one that owns the Houndoom immediately goes to it and recalls it. "How do you have a Silfayree?! They're only found in the Zanta Region!!"

The uniformed guy simply grins at the remark. "That is an established fact. I'm FROM the Zanta Region!"

William October 24th, 2004 10:53 PM

((( Ok, just to establish a correction to an error, the name of the Heracross is "Nector", NOT "Necture"....I think that makes more sense. )))

SBaby October 25th, 2004 9:58 AM

The Heracross' Giga Drain starts showing its effect on Golduck, as the blue Pokemon seems to slow down from it.

Eevee's Double Team works perfectly as many images of it are spawned. Even the uniformed individual seems impressed from the display. "That Eevee is much more skilled than I thought... I wonder if..." he says.

Suddenly, Golduck launches a Psy Beam at Sean. Silfayree tries to intercept it, but it's too fast. "No..." the uniformed guy says.

Suddenly, what seems like a ball of light hits the Beam and redirects it toward an open window, rendering the attack useless. Sean, Jodi, and the two Team Dark members are left in a state of shock, as the light around the object dissipates, only to reveal Eevee standing between Sean and Golduck. It appears to be enveloped in a golden aura.

Eevee then shoots toward Golduck, like a bullet fired from a gun. In an instant, Golduck is unconscious on the ground. The Team Dark member that owns the Golduck recalls it and both men run out of the Center. "This isn't over!!" one of the guys says, as they disappear into the crowd.

After the aura around Eevee dissipates, it collapses. Sean runs to Eevee and picks it up. He then turns to Nurse Joy, who finally comes out of hiding. "Is Eevee going to be alright??" he asks, still a bit stunned.

The uniformed guy recalls Silfayree and approaches Sean. "Don't worry. If I am right, Eevee is going to be just fine..." he says.

Jodi looks at the stranger and finally speaks. "Ok, Mr. Mystery! Who exactly ARE you??"

The guy looks dumbfounded. "Um, OH!! Sorry... My name is Chezni! As you probably already heard, I'm from the Zanta Region." he says. "That Eevee... is special, alright... Whatever you do... don't evolve it... at least, not yet..."

Sean looks at Chezni. "What the heck are you talking about?" he says.

Chezni begins to stare out of the window. "I know... Your memories must have been erased... It's the same all over the world... No matter... I tell you what. Let's go to the Viridian Gym. If you defeat the Gym Leader there, I'll tell you my entire story." he says.

Jodi has a concerned look now. "Wait a second! The Viridian Leader is the strongest Gym Leader in Kanto! At least, that's what I heard... How can Sean stand up to that with only ONE Pokemon?!" she says, then looks at Eevee. It seems to be fine now.

Chezni simply replies. "If I am right... One Pokemon is all you are going to need."

charizard_ma October 27th, 2004 2:51 AM

this guy is crazy thinking that. how could i beat him. the Viridian gym leader is the touthest and figthing him now will be suicide. i look at eevee which was being healed at this moment and how it did that?

remembering the gold arua that eevee fromed. it was able to counter and take down that golduck attack.

eevee good but not that good but... the nurse came and said,"your eevee is ok and fine. it will be able to battle in no time."

"thanks a lot." i said to the nurse. seeing that she was ok after what those team dark people had done.

"Excuse me but i hread ,even it was a bit rude of me to but if you planning to figth the gym leader in this town that she going to be tougth. she just as tough as gray was maybe even tougher"

in amazement jodi said,"she! i thougth the gym leader was a guy named gray. that guy lived rigth next to me all my life. what happen to him."

the nurse replied," here your heracross. well gray left a month ago saying that he had a change of hreat. he was tried of the life of constand battling was he going to try to be a pokemon researcher just like his grandfather."

"well thats cool" said jodi. "how about we get some sleep now and plan what we going to do in the mourning.

"fine. i think." and me and eevee walk of to our rooms while chezni fell asleep on the couch. what should i do. battle the gym leader or go on. "weevvv" eevee said. "what eevee." i said back

eevee said "weeveev weevvwee wevee." i had no idea what he said but i think he wants me to battle the gym leader. i said "do you want to battle the gym leader even thouht we my get our butts beat and sevred to us on a gold plate." eevee nodded. "then we are going to battle!!!"

in the mourning me, eevee, jodi, and chezni were in front of the gym doors and then they open. the gym battle ground was cover in sand and the female gym leader was standing there and said "you have come to battle."

i said "yes but i have only one pokemon" to the girl leader wearing the pink jump suit.

she look surpirse and said "well i will battle with three ground-type pokemon but you can battle with one if you like but you will not win. go donphan. use rollout!"

i send out eevee. "use double team

SBaby October 28th, 2004 9:02 AM

Chezni looks at Jodi. "Don't worry..." he says. "He's going to win." Chezni constantly seems to be distracted about something. How indeed does he know so much for someone who supposedly just began his Pokemon journey?

Or, is it that he's just hiding something... Even still, why doesn't he seem worried about this battle?? It's as if he's a hundred percent sure how it will turn out... These are thoughts that are going through Jodi and Sean's minds.

As these thoughts are exchanged, Eevee is hit hard by the Rollout Attack. Despite this, it gets up with little difficulty. Immediately, it shoots forward in a similar fashion to before. The Red Headed Gym leader seems unprepared for the sudden burst of speed. Donphan is thrust out of the battlefield.

"Ring Out!" the Referee says. "Donphan is unable to battle!"

Chezni gives a slight nod. Jodi seems to be worried as well. "Wait a second... I thought that these Pokemon were on a much higher level..."

Chezni looks back at her. "Levels aren't necessarily everything... And remember... Sometimes, the actual Level of a Pokemon can remain hidden from the eyes of even a PD2..."

He points his arm at Eevee. "It is as I thought... Eevee will win this battle without any difficulty... You see, though the Gym Leader has Pokemon that are on Level 60, Eevee... is now at Level 400... It's already far stronger than most Pokemon ever get... In fact, only a Legendary Pokemon could stand up to such a level..."

Jodi doesn't seem to believe Chezni, but the numbers on the PD2 don't lie. A PokeDex is NEVER wrong about a power display. It read 408 for Eevee. "How on Earth..."

Chezni responded. "Just watch. Watch what happens."

The Leader recalls Donphan. "Chezni!" she says. "It appears that you are right about this one!"

Chezni nods at the remark. "I think it will be OK to test this Pokemon."

The Leader pulls out another Poke-Ball. "Sean! Let me make it clear to you now. The Earth Badge is yours, no matter what happens from here on out. There is no way that the Viridian Gym Pokemon can defeat you. At least, not against Eevee there... However, I want to see how strong it really is..." With that, she throws another Poke-Ball.

Despite being a Rock Trainer, it is a white Pikachu that emerges. Its normally brown stripes are black instead and the red circles on its cheeks seem to glow with a strange energy. It looks back at the girl with a hint of irritation.

"Sorry," she says. "I only put you in there to transfer you. He'll come in person to pick you up in the morning."

Chezni chuckles a bit. "You ACTUALLY convinced Him to lend you his Pikachu, huh Rui?"

The girl responds. "With what's getting ready to happen, of course he's more than willing..."

Sean pulls out his PokeDex. After a few beeps it comes up with a reading. "There is no information on this Pokemon." Sean looks back in concern.

Chezni walks up to him. "Don't worry. Eevee is going to be fine. But this battle might be long."

With that, the battle starts.

charizard_ma October 29th, 2004 3:00 AM

i hread that she said that she will give me the badge no matter what happen but i don't want that. so i yelled "hey!! HEY!! i do want the badge but it will be fair which means that i must win the battle. because i don't think my eevee will be proud with that kind of victory because i woundn't." thinking about all the other trainers who came to this gym and were defeated and got nothing. the i hread eevee said "WWEEEVV" this gave me the confendance to keep on battling to try to win because if eevee think we can win then we can win and if we lose then. well we lose.

the gym leader just seem to nodded and said "piki(the pikachu) use rock slide." it slap its tail on the sand and rocks came smushing eevee. i know that pikachus use elecltrc attacks and that was no electic attack. the attack happen so fast eevee didn't have a chance to counter it. "use rock slide again piki" the samething happen again but i yelled "eevee use agility" eevee got a boost in speed and ran more then fast enonthe to dodge the attack. "use quuick attack piki" the pikachu came fast so i said "use quick attack too." there use an explorison and eevee was on the ground but quickly got up but piki was standing. "use tunder" the pikachu charge and then the bolt came down fast and hard on eevee. he was in shock the i hread "again" the bolt came down and hit eevee again but when the attack clear eevee use gone. "what he disappear where he went!!" the gym leader said sorry "i ssooooo sooo sorry i didn't meant to do that." the there was a cry from the pikachi. it was eevee. it was attacking from the ground. then i saw a hole where eevee was and i understand "smart thinking eevee. to use dig." eletic was weak against ground. the ref. said piki is unable to battle.

the gym leader siad "well that was a bit surprisng but now let take this to round 3. "go Claydol."

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