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Eos Aduro January 5th, 2010 9:40 PM

The Gladiator Prison-(PG13)
Intro:The Warden sat at his desk, back turned to the rest of his office as he stared out through the massive fishbowl window that backed the room. Dark water was all that looked back, at this depth there was no light, and no life. A young Rocket stood behind him, unconsciously playing with his tie as he waited for his boss to acknowledge him. In his arms he had a fat vanilla folder overflowing with papers. The Warden spun his chair around and gave the Grunt an icy look. The rocket gulped, no matter how many times he saw his superior he could never get used to his appearance. His body was a suit of robotic armour, gleaming in the artificial light. His scarred face was mostly clear of the steel armour, excluding two metal flaps that had lens to cover the Warden’s eyes. In the area where his heart should have been, a Ditto floated in a glass dome, looking bug-eyed out at the Grunt.

“What have you got for me Victor?” the Warden grunted out in a strained tinny voice. His breath wheezed through artificial lungs. The Rocket Grunt put his folder down on the desk and took a seat opposite from his boss. He shuffled around to find a comfortable position as the Warden stared at him with fraying patience.

“Some profit expectations for the next month, seems that everything will be going up due to the new competi-” The Rocket started before the Warden held up his hand, showing a long tube that tunnelled through his arm. The Ditto in his suit reacted and surged through his suit with breakneck speed into the pipes that lined his master’s body. Instantly, the pink goo formed a Kabutops scythe and shot from the Warden’s hand, resting the blade beneath the Rocket’s throat.

“I don’t care about profit margins you worm, get to the point and say who our new trainers our! I shuttled the old group out the air lock, now there’s nothing left but some very flat faces,” The Warden spat threateningly at Victor. The young member pulled at his collar awkwardly, leaning up to avoid the Warden’s sudden claw. He shuffled around for his folder and pulled out six individual files. The Warden’s scythe turned back into pink slime, his Ditto slinking back to the dome on his chest. Victor felt it looking at him, and knew at any second the Warden could order it to send out Tentacruel tentacles, Electivire tails, or give the Warden the head of a Sharpedo. The man was a weapon, and an abomination.

“Seems like we’ve got some good ones this time Victor, send my regards to Giovanni for picking some good trainers this time around. I hope they last longer than the rest. You can go, I’ll send the newbies the rules over the intercom,” the Warden grumbled, then waved his hand in dismissal. Victor slid out of the office, picking up his disarrayed folder in the process. The Warden picked up his intercom mike and pressed the button for his submarine in transit.

Six trainers sat sullenly and in silence as the submarine took them to who knows where. A voice crackled over the intercom suddenly. “Trainers, I am your Warden. You are currently on a submarine that is taking you to a Team Rocket facility called the Gladiator Prison. We hold battles between trainers for the entertainment of a wealthy audience. You have been selected by an expert to be those trainers. I hope they were not too rough when you were kidnapped from the Viridian Gym. There are only a few rules you have to follow, so listen up, I’m not one to repeat myself.

Rule #1-You will never leave the Gladiator Prison, any escapes attempts will lead to immediate extermination.
Rule#2-You will have to battle another Trainer who is with you now once a week. If you lose two battles, we will take one of your Pokemon away and sell it on the black market. You will have an opportunity to catch others in our training area, but you will never see that Pokemon again.
Rule#3-You cannot enter the east side of the Gladiator Prison.
Rule#4-You must obey me and all Rocket members at any time or else we will have to discipline you severely.

That’s all the rules, and so long as you obey them we’ll get along famously. The six of you and your Pokemon will be treated well, our facility has good dining, a gym, spacious living quarters, and even an area with wild Pokemon to catch or train against. Thank you for your time, and remember; I will be watching you. You may be hesitant to participate in our program, but think of what you have to lose.” The voice shorted out in a burst of static, leaving the trainers alone with their silent terror as they drifted into the submarine dock of their watery hell.


Welcome to The Gladiator Prison! Thanks for taking the time to read through the introduction. I will only be accepting 5 people, so I’ll be fairly picky in my choice of members. I will not be choosing by order of post, but on quality of sign up.
Every Sunday, I will post match-ups between all of the six members in pairs of two. These are the match-ups for the battles that you will have to complete weekly over PM, and then send the whole thing to me. I’ll post an example of how I want the battles to go when we start.


1) No bunnying unless you are given permission from me.
2) All spam should go in the OOC thread which will be up once all the sign up spots are full and we begin.
3) No Flaming
4) BE ACTIVE! This is the big one! This shouldn't die if we have dedicated members, so please consider your forum activity before signing up!
5) Use proper grammar and punctuation in all posts. I will evauluate grammar in the sign ups, if its a couple mistakes Im fine, but try to proofread.
6)If you can't get the battle done on time, please contact me so I can work out a solution.
7) Have fun! And to insure that you've read the rules, include this phrase in your sign up please! "Of all the roads I have to walk the winding."

Name: First and Last please.
Arena Name: The name that Rocket will use for your character during the battle. They will use codenames, sort of like pro wrestlers, to advertise your trainer. The Rockets let you choose, aren't they nice?
Age: Try to keep it over 16, but I'm loose about this.
Gender: If there's more than two options here, PM me with details.
History: Two or three paragraphes here, anything ground breaking in their lives, maybe some family information, hometown, Pokemon journey until the kidnapping, etc.
Personality: A paragraph or two here, include mannerisms, character traits, how they go about regular social conduct, etc.
Appearance:A paragraph for this segment, just cover all the basics, skin and hair color, height, build, clothing etc.
Pokemon: Have 5-6 powerful Pokemon, with 4 moves and a sentence or two explaining their individual personalities included. I want type diversity and reasonable moves. Try to think of moves that could link together well, like Swords Dance and Slash. This roleplay is relient on the Pokemon having feelings and emotions as well as being for battle. Remember, after losing two battles, your character will lose a Pokemon, make they ones you start with count!
Hobbies: Just a point form list of what your character enjoys.
Forum Activity: This is just saying how often you're on PC.
Theme Song:This is just for fun, if your character had a theme song, what would it be? (This doesnt have to be Pokemon related in any sense)

Here's my Sign-Up to pose as an example

Of all the roads I have to walk the winding

Name: Shaelin Porter

Arena Name: Rogue Rouge

Age: 19

Gender: Female

History: Shaelin Porter was born the youngest of three brothers and a sister. Her father left when she was still a baby, leaving her mother to fend for the family alone. Her oldest brother, Perry, was 15, and he took on the fatherly role her family was missing as her mother worked two jobs to put food on the table. As Shaelin grew up, hungry and alone in her crowded house, she felt a need to change her situation. When she was six years old, she pulled off her first con, that she copied from a children's show. She had her older sister make up fake forms to have cookies delivered to buyers homes, payment in advance of course. She went door to door and ended up making a considerable sum. When her mother discovered this, she instantly forced Shaelin to return all of the money she'd stolen. But Shaelin was already hooked, she was an infant con artist, robbing innocent people all over Mauville City.

Her mother tried everything within her budget to stop her daughter from stealing and tricking people out of money, and eventually stumbled upon the idea to get Shaelin a Pokemon. Unfortunately this backfired, Shaelin suddenly had a partner in crime, a Sentret she nicknamed Tricks. With cute charm and honeyed smiles they got away with cons on a weekly basis. Then one day she caught on to something even more addicting then conning, with an even bigger rush. Pokemon battles. Perry and another of her brothers had gotten jobs to help out around the house, giving Shaelin more time to train. She caught a few more Pokemon, and eventually mustered up the courage to ask her mother to leave for her journey. She practically threw Shaelin out of the door, she wanted to see her criminal daughter try to make it for herself, and she did.

Her Pokemon journey started with her challenging Watson of the Mauville Gym, her home town. After an even battle, Shaelin Porter was the proud owner of a gym badge. But she wanted to travel, and decided she'd had enough of Hoenn, and set off for Kanto. She took the gym challenge there by storm, gathering more Pokemon until she had a powerful set of six, and six gym badges. But heading into the Viridian Gym, she was gassed, and locked into the submarine heading to the Gladiator Prison with the other trainers.

Personality:Shaelin can be charming, sweet, and innocent, if she wants you to trust her. She may have given up villainy (for the most part), but she's still cunning and devious. Shaelin Porter only has her own interests at heart, and rarely gets attached to people. She will try to make friends with people, but only to try to get something out of it. She's manipulative and can be very cruel. She always has an angle no matter what she's doing, and can be cutthroat when she defends what she believes is hers. She's charming and flirtatious, she tries to stay on peoples good sides even when she has a hand around their wallet. She's sarcastic and snide at times, and has a very short fuse. She usually tries over-elaborate plans, and they occasionally back-fire. Its gotten her into trouble quite a few times. She's vain and egotistic, and loves to get her way.

Appearance: Shaelin's not a big girl, 5"5 at the most, and extremely thin. She has very pale white skin and bright orange-red hair, cut short so it flips out from above her shoulders. She's cute but not what most people would consider beautiful, with light blue slim eyes and a daring smile. She wears a red leather coat that goed down to her knees, with a black shirt underneath and loose fitting black pants. She wears functional red boots, and black gloves with no fingers. She keeps her Pokeballs on a belt around her waist.


Furret:Hyper Voice, Sucker Punch, Iron Tail, Charm
Furret is a lot like Shaelin, she's a charmer, but a complete kleptomaniac. But just around Shaelin she's loving and helpful. She's not Shaelin's strongest Pokemon, but she's her first and her personal favorite. Her nickname is Tricks.

Honchkrow:Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Icy Wind, Faint Attack
Honchkrow is a joker, he's always cackling when he sees something he finds funny. A notorious food moocher and a lover of shiny objects, he's a reliable Pokemon that Shaelin calls on often for her battles.

Lapras:Hydro Pump, Sheer Cold, Refresh, Signal Beam
Lapras is a powerful, beautiful, and extremely narcissistic Pokemon. Its not rare for her to freeze water just to look at herself. She prides herself on self-improvement, so its easy for Shaelin to train her. She's Shaelin's most powerful Pokemon in battles.

Nidoqueen:Toxic Spikes, Crunch, Earth Power, Poison Jab
Nidoqueen is a very tempermental Pokemon, its not hard to keep her happy, but when she gets mad, she gets very mad. But she's a very compassionate Pokemon despite that, she cares a lot about Shaelin and the other Pokemon. She's not a super strong Pokemon, but she's getting tougher fast.

Luxio:Discharge, Night Slash, Scary Face, Ice Fang
Luxio is one of the newer members of Shaelin's team. He's a go-getter, super determined, and he'll never quit. But he's inexperienced and can rush into things. She trains him a lot, and he's soon to be a powerhouse on her team.

Mime.Jr:Mimic, Psychic, Fake Out, Barrier
This one is a chip off the old block. Mime.Jr is a trickster, he loves to mock other people and taunt them. He has a special bond with Honchkrow, they get along very well together. He's weak in battle however, Shaelin has been trying to get him to focus but he won't see much battle time.

Hobbies: She enjoys listening to music, writing poetry, jogging, reading mystery novels, and getting up to no good.
Forum Activity: Im on pretty much every day, but for varying amounts of time, depending on schoolwork. I should be able to post at least once every day, and keep battles running smoothly.
Theme Song:Paper Planes-M.I.A


VIII.Bond of Flame.XIV - Sahib Bihar
{Swan} - Myrddin Lenore
Zimvee- Bobby Baker
Zeph- Brent Ingram
Cyndaquasher- Terrence Bradshaw

Stan the man January 15th, 2010 11:21 PM

Name: Netch tyson
Arena Name: Tech
Age: 15
Gender: Male (i hope)
History: Two or three paragraphes here, anything ground breaking in their lives, maybe some family information, hometown, Pokemon journey until the kidnapping, etc.
Personality: A paragraph or two here, include mannerisms, character traits, how they go about regular social conduct, etc.
Appearance:A paragraph for this segment, just cover all the basics, skin and hair color, height, build, clothing etc.
Moves Bomerang, thunder punch, double edge, fire punch
item Thick club
personality Marawak is the loner of the team, He can often be found sulking by him self.

Moves hydro pump, water spout, rest, ice beam.
Item Leftovers.
Personality wailord has never really said any thing, Hes manly there for some thing to sit on.

Moves sword dance, sky uppercut, spore, focus punch
Item black belt.
Personality The jokester of the team
[/U][/B]Hobbies: Just a point form list of what your character enjoys.
Forum Activity: This is just saying how often you're on PC.
Theme Song:This is just for fun, if your character had a theme song, what would it be? (This doesnt have to be Pokemon related in any sense)

Ahh this is going to take a while finish later maybe

Name: Netch tyson
Arena Name: Tech
Age: 15
Gender: Male (i hope)
History: Two or three paragraphes here, anything ground breaking in their lives, maybe some family information, hometown, Pokemon journey until the kidnapping, etc.
Personality: A paragraph or two here, include mannerisms, character traits, how they go about regular social conduct, etc.
Appearance:A paragraph for this segment, just cover all the basics, skin and hair color, height, build, clothing etc.
Moves Bomerang, thunder punch, double edge, fire punch
item Thick club
personality Marawak is the loner of the team, He can often be found sulking by him self.

Moves hydro pump, water spout, rest, ice beam.
Item Leftovers.
Personality wailord has never really said any thing, Hes manly there for some thing to sit on.

Moves sword dance, sky uppercut, spore, focus punch
Item black belt.
Personality The jokester of the team
[/U][/B]Hobbies: Just a point form list of what your character enjoys.
Forum Activity: This is just saying how often you're on PC.
Theme Song:This is just for fun, if your character had a theme song, what would it be? (This doesnt have to be Pokemon related in any sense)

Ahh this is going to take a while finish later maybe

aкισ January 16th, 2010 9:50 AM

Name: Donkah Najeek

Arena Name: Naj

Age: 17

Gender: Male

History: Naj is a only child, a troubled boy that means good, he's gone his whole life with out knowing his father. According to him, pokemon is his only reason of life. Naj is special though, he was born at Flessifre Forest(fakeee). Where theres said to be a legendary( one of my fakemon, not saying he'll be in the rpg unless you say he can be [:). The God of Life. when he was born, there was a sudden fog, his mother... (being happy,confused, and frighted for her newborn) Wrapped him in a blanket and held him tight. It didn't matter though, Naj was taken right from her arms, when the fog cleared. he was about 5 foot away from her on the ground. she rushed to him, to find a odd symbol on his ankle... Who took him? Who gave him this symbol? That trouble's Naj the most in his life.

Bad decisions clutter Naj's mind constantly... he's stole, vandalized, you name it. Naj has only 4 things he cares about in life.. His mother, his symbol, and his two best friends... His pokemon. Naj got his first pokemon through his mother, she gave it to him on his eleventh birthday as a present. It was a egg, at first Naj wasn't so sure. He almost cracked it open to try to eat it! But he patiently waited for what his mother said was going to be a amazing thing in his life. Then one day, *CRACK*. It opened! in the cracked egg lay a little tiny pichu. Naj was amazed! He was the happiest person on earth. It wasn't just a pichu though, it was a special pichu... It had a kink in it's ear. Immediately a name for him popped into his head... Whichu! About 5 months later.. Whichu, was officially Naj's bestfriend.

Then we come to how Naj got his second pokemon! One day, him and whichu were at the lake, just having a good time.. when a vaporeon was spotted in the water! This was the first one Naj had ever seen in person! he squatted down and made tick noises trying to get him to come to shore. Then, it did! it was making sounds and Whichu and Whichu was responding. not in a aggressive way though.. in a.. friendly way! Naj then knew it was time to go, so he said by to his new friend and started walking home.. but before he had left the lake, he turned back.. to see vaporeon following him! So, he then decided to keep him.

The Gengar&&Lucario Story:
And now, i'll tell you how naj got gengar and Lucario! It was a rainy after noon, Naj and Whichu went for a walk on the path.. Naj tripped on a egg and accidentally kicked it into a bush. Whichu jumped down to get it. he pulled it out and Naj picked it up. He put it in his bag. Later that night.. the egg hatched into a Rilou! He named him Lue! 3 months later.. Lue evolved into Lucario!
Gengars Story:
Naj woke up.. he had a big smile on his face, it was his 14th birthday! .. He got on his clothes and was about to go out for some fresh air when he got a call.. The call was From Prof. Maple! She said they had just captured a gengar and brought him back to the lab for some tests.. She asked if he would like him as a brithday present. Naj's immediate response was a "YES!". So he went to the lab, and picked up his new pokemon.

About a month later, Naj went back to the lake for lunch.. when he was gagged( rag placed in the mouth ) and blindfolded.. he awoke.. to find himself in the back of a van. With Several other trainers. he asked one of the people what was going on, one of them replied.. "We've been captured.. Were on our way to Gladiator Prison."
His mind racing, only 5 things are going through his mind.. his mother,Whichu,gengar, Lucario and Vaporeon..

Personality: Naj is true at heart,smart, and a bit Cocky.. and most of all, ruthless. He trust's no one except mother and his pokemon. He's extremely sarcastic and is always sassing people. Becuase of his relationship with his father.. He has grown on 'no one can make promises except pokemon'. He doesn't exactly.. 'get along' with other people. and if he does get along with you, he most likely doesn't trust you. Naj is extremely tolerant and doesn't care for what people say.

Appearance: Naj is only 5'7.. his mother say's he gets it from his father. not very dark skin, but not pale. a nice tan in a sense. His hair has two style's.. Up and out(Similar to the guy in my sig's).. or flat and flipped(emo style). It's dark brown, some confuse it with black. His eyes are Brown also. He wears a trench coat and black skinny jeans. On occasion he has on his hat. He has a 'trainer' belt similar to Ash's in the pokemon animes. The belt contains 2 empty pokeballs and 2 in use ones. it also has 1 potion for emergency's.


Light Ball
Always puts a smile on Naj's face. He's happy and extremely strong. Sometimes if Whichu get's frustrated he'll outburst and shock something nearby( a tree, a pole, etc )

Hydro PUMP
Brave and outgoing, doesn't give up in till he can't walk. He (like Whichu) always makes Naj Happy.. Vaporeon loves to swim, if he has a chance to be in the water.. He takes it.

Close Combat
Sword Dance
Life ORB
Stunning in appearance, sly, and always up for a good fight. Lucario can't stand pokeballs, so usually travels side by side with Naj ( Lucario walks with Whichu on his shoulder, similar to Ash and Pikachu). Lucario's best friend is Vaporeon, as they've grown a strong relationship.

Focus Punch
Ice Punch
Giga Drain
a funny pokemon, causes mischief often. Always pulls pranks on humans.

That's all for now.

Hobbies: Naj enjoys drawing,going on the computer, training, and of course.. Spending time with his pokemon.
Forum Activity: Welll, I'm on.. 4 days a week.. for about 2 hours or more. The other days of the week im at my dads, i'll pm you if theres any events coming up( vaction, etc )
Theme Song: Boats and Hoes - Step Brothers


Tycho January 16th, 2010 2:37 PM

Name: Lloyd Anderson
Arena Name: Epoch
Age: 16
Gender: Male
History: Lloyd came from a difficult family on the outskirts of Pewter. They often neglected their house work, and if Lloyd didn't cook, there was no food for that meal. Despite this, Lloyd worked to overcome it. He didn't work to keep the house completely clean, considering his three brothers were quite messy, but he did keep garbage off of the floor at least. His family often picked on him for being the most picky. But he didn't mind. He truly was the black sheep in his house.

He found his first pokemon on his first day working for the Pewter Pokemon Center. He was a Janitor there, so he was usualy in the building after normal hours. He was sweeping the foyer of the building when a distraut trainer came running in.

"Help!" She shouted at him, "My pokemon is hurt!"

He quickly called Nurse Joy from her living space in the building and she took care of the rest. He finished his job before he could find out what happened with the trainer, and when he returned the next day at his usual time he found a pokeball on the main desk with a note from Nurse Joy.

"Dear Lloyd," It read, "The girl from last night insisted I give this pokemon to you. She said he'd be better off with you."

"Okay then," he said to no one, picking up the pokeball. He looked over it, only to find that it was a standard pokeball, red on top, white on bottom. Nothing special about it.

He decided it would be better to wait until after he was done working to see what was inside. But his mind raced with the possibilites of what was inside. His most prominent hope was that it would be a pokemon that could help him with cleaning his home, like a Machop or something.

As he locked up the building and made sure the emergency button outside the door was, he took out his new pokemon.

"Well," he told himself, "hopefully it's not a Wailord or something." He was distracted for a little bit with the physical impoosibilites of a Wailord fitting in such a small space like a pokeball, wondering how they could invent something that could fit a giant inside something so small. But he soon forgot about the thought and let the pokemon loose.

After the initial red flash dissipated he heard a small bark, and looked upon his new pokemon.

"A Poochyena!" He said, just excited that he got a pokemon.

After a few months with his Poochyena, he decided to become a trainer. He left on his fourteenth birthday.

Personality: Upon first glance Lloyd would seem quite shy. He is usually alone with his pokemon, and when he isn't he doesn't talk much. But he is just quite, usually preferring to talk only when asked a question. However, he is quite talkative when alone with his pokemon, which he usually lets roam free of their pokeballs, because he thinks of them as part of his family, and they return the sentiment.

These traits don't seem very fitting for a trainer, sure, but he is a true fighter. When in a battle he takes on a whole new form, becoming a determined and strong fighter. He doesn't mind so much if he loses, but he'll do anything aside from cheating to win. He has this same mindset when it comes to other things, such as cooking, catching a pokemon, and training said pokemon.

Oddly enough, however, he enjoys Hard rock music.

Appearance: Lloyd is taller than most of his family, standing at a near six feet. He is quite lean, but due to his training journey, he isn't just skin and bones. He usually wears jeans and a t-shirt, showing the lightly tanned skin on his arms. He normally wears a wide brimmed hat over his thick, black hair, but he has been known to trade it in for a smaller pokemon he may have caught recently. During the summer he commonly wears a pair of sunglasses, hiding his hazel eyes. During the winter he trades his t-shirt for a long sleeve with a hoodie over it. His shirts are usually a solid color, but they are never the same color two days in a row.


Mightyena: Bite, Taunt, Roar, Shadow Ball.
Mightyena is a loyal pokemon. He is only in his pokeball when Lloyd is forced to put him in it, and never is more than three yards from Lloyd if he has the choice. He is somewhat of a loner, enjoying being alone with Lloyd the most. He greatly enjoys battling, which is what encouraged Lloyd to become a trainer.

Scizor: Bullet punch, X-scissor, Slash, Agility
Scizor is quite sociable, often caring for the new pokemon whenever Lloyd catches one. She raised his Eevee almost on her own, her maternal instinct kicking in when Lloyd found the small pokemon in the woods, badly beaten by something. She often flies not to far overhead Lloyd, wanting to keep an eye on him. She only battles to protect her friends, but she is willing to participate in friendly battles if Lloyd asks her the right way.

Flareon: Fire fang, Flamethrower, Rest, Iron tail.
Flareon is the Eevee Lloyd's Scizor rose. He is lazy and timid, usually enjoying to sleep in the company of his adoptive mother. He learned Rest as a joke. Lloyd had beaten a trainer and recieved the rest TM. Wondering which of his pokemon to give it to, the choice seemed obvious when he saw his Flareon sleeping immediately after the battle. Despite his shyness, he is a battler just like Lloyd.

Sableye: Shadow sneak, Shadow ball, Confuse ray, Zen headbutt
Sabelye fits easily into his species stereotype. He enjoys tricking people using his natural abilities, incuding his family. He usually wins battles by confusing the opponent and using Shadow sneak to take them down. He gets along well with Lloyd's Flareon, oddly enough.

Teddiursa: Scratch, Slash, Dig
Teddiursa is Lloyds latest catch. Scizor has taken him in just like she did with Flareon, and he gets along with Flareon very well because of this. Despite being small, he is a capable combatant. Utilizing his Dig technique to sneak up on his opponent to take them down with a Slash attack. Lloyd is dreading the day he evolves, however, considering it will be hard to travel with an Ursaring in tow. But until then, he is happy to play with his newest pokemon. And Teddiursa greatly enjoys playing.

Hobbies: Cooking, reading, drawing.

Forum Activity: Usually once a day, no specific time slot however.

Theme Song: Everlong- Foo Fighters.

This sounds cool.

EDIT: I did read the rules before hand, I'm just forgetful. "Of all the roads I have to walk the winding."

aкισ January 16th, 2010 2:44 PM

yeahh, sounds real fun..

Will we have a PC/Storage Function?
Becuase, you said theres a area were we can train/battle/catch wild pokemon.
Hope i make it[:

Eos Aduro January 16th, 2010 3:09 PM

Yes, you will be able to have more than six Pokemon. And I would like everyone who signed up to REREAD to rules, because there is a 5 Pokemon minimum, and another rule has been forgotten. Tycho has enough Pokemon, but I would sincerely recommend having 5 to anyone who has already signed up or will, or else you're going to get pretty much destroyed when the battles are bigger than 3 on 3.

Tycho, other than one rule you missed, as did everyone else, your sign-up seems to be in order, however Im not accepting anyone yet to see how many sign-ups there are.

Mira January 16th, 2010 3:15 PM

This sounds fantastic! I'll try to have an SU up soon ^.^

The only thing I should say to be fair is that I have exams next week followed by a trip, so I probably won't be able to start posting until the week after (assuming I get accepted, of course).

Eos Aduro January 16th, 2010 3:18 PM

Mira I have the exact same situation as you, I am in fact gone next week and have exams this week. If sign-ups continue until my absense I will assign someone to pick the members, but the roleplaying will have to take a week-long hiatus from next Friday to Sunday the 31st.

Frostbiteकर्म January 16th, 2010 3:47 PM

Name: Sahib Bihar
Arena Name: Scarecrow
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Sahib was born in the small town of New Bark Town. He has one little sister, and was raised by both parents. Sahib grew up in a life surrounded by Pokemon, mostly because his father spent his time researching new species. Their house was fairly large, and had a large ranch out back just for the purpose of keeping Pokemon. Sahib grew up mostly as the protector of his little sister, Selene, as well as a good boy who didn’t get into bad things like stealing or drugs. Some would say he was sheltered. Truthfully Sahib would have probably agreed, at least until what happened to him when he was fourteen.

He made a rather close friend in that small town. They explored all over the place and even went to school together. They were like brothers; inseparable. Upon them getting older and Sahib talking more and more about leaving to go on a Pokemon adventure, his friend seemed to grow more angsty and bitter. They had a falling out, and then the next day news spread through the town that his friend had committed suicide. Sahib blamed himself for several months, and fell into a rather depressed state that caused his parents and sister to worry. He considered self harm several times, but then called himself stupid and pathetic and ruled it out. Sahib pulled through, and finally told his parents that he wanted to go to Kanto.

He received a Cyndaquil from the local Pokemon Professor, and then got a Ralts from his father as a parting gift. With those two Pokemon, Sahib set off on a boat to Kanto and soon was traveling past Pallet Town. He caught several new Pokemon on the way, beat lots of gym leaders, and experienced several battles. Sahib felt alive again, and soon he forgot what his former life had been. He was enjoying himself, and was on his way to be the best. He went to the Viridian Gym, expecting to obtain another badge and prove himself, but apparently someone else had other plans. The next thing he knew, Sahib was out cold.

Sahib is a pretty serious person when it comes to certain things, but other times he can be perfectly friendly and nice. He might come off first as a loner, but generally that’s just a facade he puts on for show. Sahib’s very loyal to his friends, though now he doesn’t have many. He has been betrayed several times when he was younger, so he does have trust issues and tends to not get close to people now. To him, Pokemon fill the hole that’s been left by the people who have left him. Sahib is also fairly good at putting on masks and fake emotions, and can bottle things up pretty easily. This can either be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. Sahib can also be very blunt, and will let you know how he really feels about you if you choose to piss him off (which, by the way, rarely happens).

Sahib is tall, lanky, and has a form of wiry muscle on his frame. He stands at roughly 6’4”, and gets the height from his father’s side of the family. Sahib has tan skin because of his Indian heritage on his father’s side. His eyes are a perfect shade of chocolate brown. He has longish black hair that falls about an inch or two above his shoulders. He likes it long, so he refuses to get it cut. Sometimes he’ll put it up in a small ponytail, but that’s a very rare occurrence. Sahib also has a mustache that isn’t too thick, nor too thin.

For clothing Sahib is generally seen in jeans and a simple T-shirt or hoodie. He often sticks to dark colored clothes (black, navy blue, etc.) but will sometimes wear white. He isn’t a fan of pastels, so you’d never catch him in those. The jeans often have tears at the bottom because they’re too long and he ends up walking on them, but Sahib likes the tears. For shoes he wears a pair of black low top Converse. He doesn’t have any other accessories save for a hair tie that he keeps on his left wrist. It’s just a thin black one, nothing special. His Pokeballs hang from a loose chain that goes from his first belt loop on the front of his jeans to the one directly across from that in the back of his jeans.

Typhlosion (M)

-Sunny Day
Typhlosion is Sahib’s main powerhouse and something akin to his best friend. Though Sahib has heard people say Typhlosion can’t become powerful Pokemon, he wouldn’t have anything else. He got Typhlosion as his first. At first the little guy was shy and hesitant, but then soon grew into a friendly Pokemon and a fierce battler. Typhlosion has lots of resistance, and won’t go down in battle without a tough fight. He battles more with his heart than his head. Typhlosion has a very close bond with Gallade, but he does often get into little spats with Kingdra.
Kingdra (M)
-Dragon Pulse
-Dragon Dance
-Hydro Pump
Kingdra is more of a loner. He was one of the later additions to Sahib’s team, so he hasn’t quite warmed up to Sahib and the others as much as Sahib would like. Instead, Kingdra often trails off away from the other Pokemon unless he has no other choice. Kingdra is a cunning and focused Pokemon, making him a fairly dangerous battler. Kingdra finds Umbreon the most tolerable on Sahib’s team, and often has bouts with Typhlosion. Kingdra will work with Typhlosion if he must, however.
Gallade (M)
-Close Combat
-Psycho Cut
-Night Slash
-Swords Dance
Gallade is Sahib’s second strongest Pokemon. He was a gift from Sahib’s father, and has basically been with Sahib and Typhlosion since their journey began. Gallade is a silent fighter, so the phrase “silent but deadly” would fit him almost perfectly. He often doesn’t join in with group humor and such, but will occasionally break down his icy front and turn friendly. He’s very close to Typhlosion, and can work fine enough with all of the other Pokemon on Sahib’s team.
Pidgeot (F)
-Brave Bird
-Air Slash
-Mirror Move
Pidgeot, though caught rather early on, is one of Sahib’s weaker Pokemon. She tries her hardest though, so Sahib isn’t too picky. She’s very friendly and enjoys joking around with other Pokemon on Sahib’s team, though most of them dislike when she does. Pidgeot just isn’t the type that you’d be able to stay mad at though, so generally she gets forgiven quickly. Sahib enjoys her bright atmosphere among his other mostly quiet and dark Pokemon.
Umbreon (F)
-Iron Tail
-Shadow Ball
Umbreon is fairly close to Kingdra in terms of personality. She tends to keep to herself, though she will join in with the group sometimes. She’s not very new, but she isn’t a very old Pokemon on Sahib’s team either. Umbreon enjoys taunting other Pokemon in battles by using Moonlight, though Sahib often warns her that it’s not a smart idea. She enjoys hanging around Kingdra, if only because the Pokemon is most like her, and often dislikes Pidgeot and her antics.
Electivire (M)
-Cross Chop
-Ice Punch
Electivire is a cocky Pokemon, straight up. He’s pretty new to Sahib’s team, but thinks he already owns the place. This annoys even Sahib sometimes, but Sahib brushes it off. Electivire is also a bit of a jokester, but most of his jokes aren’t as harmless as Pidgeot’s. He tends to stay away from joking with Kingdra and Umbreon though, seemingly for fear they’ll kick his butt. Electivire enjoys hanging around all the team save for the two previously mentioned.

Hobbies: Playing his guitar, drawing, and writing songs.
Forum Activity: Uhm...every day, I suppose. Sometimes I just don’t post because of school and stuff, but I’ll post as often as I need =3
Theme Song: Savin’ Me - Nickelback
"Of all the roads I have to walk the winding."

Eos Aduro January 16th, 2010 6:04 PM

Ok, well Bond of Flame your SU is pretty much flawless, and you actually included the necessary phrase!! I am going to accept you now, just because I was extremely impressed with your sign-up. So that leaves 4 open spots, SupaJustin and Tycho, you guys are on hold for now depending on how many more applicants there are.

{Swan} January 17th, 2010 12:03 AM

Of all the roads I have to walk the winding (I love this :D Metaphors YAY)

Name: Myrddin (Pronounced Merthin) Lenore

Arena Name: The Silver Swan

Age: 17

Gender: Femme

History: Myrddin was born and raised in Celestic Town, nestled deep in the mountains. She’s definitely a child of the snow, she used to always make snowpeople and snowpokemon and snoweverythings. She was the darling of the town, with her blue eyes, freckles and puffy little cheeks. She grew up a sheltered life with everyone looking out for her, but her time had to come to go off on her journey, and so she did. At the age of 14 the girl got her way and finally received her first Pokémon, a Hippopotas.
Even going on her Pokémon Journey Myrddin wasn’t alone. She travelled with her childhood friend Sven who pretty much took care of her and her incapability to take care of herself. Everything went really well, she found a passion for contests, although she still loved to battle. Contests just seemed to satisfy both Myrddin’s girly side as her competitive side.

Myrddin started in Sinnoh, challenging the gyms and all that jazz while trying to get as much contest experience as she could. Eventually, she had to face the fact that Sinnoh’s contests were very limited she begged and annoying Sven to take her to Johto instead. Sven gave in and the next year she spent in Kanto, challenging the contests while Sven went to the gyms. She was really good at it, and earned a bit of a reputation. She caught two of her Pokémon in Kanto, and her team grew much closer in the months that she spent practicing over and over again for the grand competitions.
She just loved the beauty of it, different from the brutality of battles. Not that she didn’t like battles, Myrddin pretty much liked anything where she could prove herself.

Personality: Myrddin is overall a very sheltered child, she never really learned to take proper care of herself and constantly relies on others. Myrddin is overall very childish still. She gets annoyed easily and is rather selfish when it comes to it. She might easily judge or get very biased about things. Overall, however, she’s a nice person, and likes to get people to smile. She’s real sweet and often does random things just to see someone laugh, she’ll try to cheer you up when you’re down. Myrddin is very emotion, and I mean very emotional. She’ll cry with pressure, even though she’d try to keep herself strong, or she’d completely light up with the smallest acts of kindness. She’s very instinctive and doesn’t use logic that much, she’s bright but doesn’t often use her brain, making it seem like she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

She does panic easily. She gets panic attacks when she’s left alone, or when there’s too much sound coming from everywhere. She panics when things get out of hand or when she doesn’t know what is going on. Panic attacks include rapid heart rate, followed by high bloodpressure, rapid breathing and tunnel vision. She could pass out but that only happens when something really traumatic has happened. The panic attacks are something she’s always had, but the fact that she’s always depended on people does have its effect.

Appearance: Myrddin is small. Small in every which way possible. She’s incredibly skinny, has no chest whatsoever, and neither does she have a lot of height. This, paired with her almost angelic look, make her seem like a perfect little girl, and definitely 3 years younger than she is.
Her face is a bit on the round side, with very light blue eyes and fair skin. She has a button nose with high cheekbones and light freckles under her eyes and long lashes surrounding these windows to her soul.
Her hair is a very light blonde naturally. It is just above shoulder-length and very curly. She usually uses clips and ribbons to keep it in check. She has long bangs framing her face that are just a little shorter than the rest of her hair.

Myrddin likes girly clothing, it suits her. She usually wears a knee-length white coat with three buttons at the very top and white woolen tights underneath that. Underneath the coat would be a light denim skirt with almost frilly ends and a bright red top that slides off of her shoulders with full-length sleeves. If the weather is nice she’d wear a very light green top with puffy sleeves instead. As for shoes she wears beige boots with off-white trims of fake-fur. Since she comes from a colder region she wears clothing suited for that weather, but she does take a lighter clothing with her. As for footwear, she also has a pair of red flats that she wears when the boots are making her feet quite warm. To carry all of her stuff in Myrddin has a beige messenger bag with bright pockets sown from mismatching fabrics.

Hippopotas - Atlas - Male
Set: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Stealth Rock, Superpower
Atlas was Myddin's first Pokemon and the two have a very tight bond. Atlas tends to act a bit like a baby and most of the time Myrddin carries him around. Really, he's not as heavy as he looks. Atlas and Myrddin are very similar in the way that both of them have been taken care of for all of their life, though Myrddin is the one that babies Atlas. the Hippopotas has a huge appetite and is almost always hungry or sleeping. In battle Atlas isn't as helpful anymore. Atlas might not be fully evolved, and will probably never be fully evolved, but the small hippopotamus is to be reckoned with. Armed with Superpower and Earhtquake, Atlas will deliver quite a punch, and Stealth Rock is a common trick to be used for big battles. Atlas is her battle Pokemon, the little thing is terrible in contests for there is little grace to the ground Pokemon, and he was trained as such. Hippo gets along with every Pokemon on Myrddin's team, mainly because Rotom's taunts get ignored and the rest just kind of let him be.
Rotom - Genderless
Set: Discharge, Dark Pulse, Ominous Wind, Charge
Fan Rotom
Set: Air Slash, Discharge, Ominous Wind, Charge

Rotom is definitely the trouble-maker of the team. He (For Myrddin hates calling Rotom an 'it' so she decided that he would be a 'he') is very playful and his view of fun is often not appreciated by others. Rotom is full of energy that never burns out, he's the fastest little thing, zipping around all the time. One of the reasons he's not a dead ghost yet, for his stunts would have already gotten him pulverized. you'd think that Rotom wouldn't be too popular with the others of the team, but Rotom has a very sweet side too. On a normal day he'd be the nicest thing, still zipping around but not bothering anyone. But then other days he has energy-overdrive and that's when you don't want to have him around you. And we haven't even started talking about his temper, Rotom has quite the temper... Rotom is one of Myrddin's contest Pokemon, the drama queen that he is, though his battle skills are far from limited.

Myrddin got Rotom from her uncle, who is part of a research team. They were researching Rotom's energy and ability to posses other objects and had several Rotom working for them. this one was too much of a trouble-maker however and her uncle suggested they'd give the creature to Myrddin, and so she received a Rotom. This particular Rotom is only capable of possessing one kind of electric object, which is an electric fan, and therefore he had little value to the research team anyway. Myrddin carries a small electric fan with her at all time which Rotom can posses and fight as.
Espeon - Europa - Female
Set: Psychic, Calm Mind, Morning Sun, Hyper Beam

Europa is the second strongest battler and a very determined creature. She'd dangerous to underestimate and a very creative thing but most of all, she has ambition. Battles is what Europa lives for, she loves them and is known for terrifying combinations of moves. Europa can use her Psychic attack for near everything, from lifting the opponent in the air to turning their own attacks against them. She loves the show of power, loves the thrill of the battle.
Out of battle Europa is more calm. She's a very reserved creature and doesn't usually socialize with the rest of the team. Ironically, she loves Rotom, and is the only one that can keep him in check when he's in one of 'those' moods. She often uses her psychic powers to hold him in place until the energy leaves him. The only one Europa really cannot stand is Phobos, she hates him because he got traded for one the one she liked best. Apart from with Phobos, Europa is excellent in double battles as well as single ones and she's often the one that serves as an aid in the battle as well as a shield. Europa is Myrddin's most versatile Pokemon, she's good with any kind of battle.

Myrddin got Europa when she was just a little Eevee, hatched from an egg that the Daycare lady gave her. She had been very indecisive about what to do with her, who to evolve her into. Just as she had pretty much decided she wanted a Flareon, Europa went and evolved into an Espeon. It was a welcome change, for Myrddin hadn't even thought of an Especon or Umbreon, and it definitely worked out in the end.
Skarmory - Io - Female
Set: X-Scissor, Sky Attack, Roost, Icy Wind

Io is Myrddin's strongest Pokemon, hands down. Her defensive abilities make her a tank, but at the same time she's an excellent offensive creature as well. To top that she has many natural resistances and few weaknesses. The only downside to Io is that she's terrible in double battles. Io is a bit of a selfish creature and doesn't battle well with others. She tends to retreat into her own mind in a battle, only seeing the enemy and only hearing her trainer, but she can't keep watch over two Pokemon at the same time, it throws her off. Io has been known to use Roost to evade attacks that would have greatly damaged her if she were still a flying type, since it temporarily gets rid of that type. That is her only trump card, otherwise she relies heavily on her offensive qualities.
Out of battle Io is entirely different. Io is quite protective over her 'flock' and will grow aggressive should she not trust someone. She has ways to make you feel very, very unwelcome which is much to Myrddin's annoyance sometimes. Io gets along with everyone in the team and loves flying with Crobat.

Io was Myrddin's first capture, and Io was still very little when this happened. It was just outside Celestic Town, and Atlas had a lot of trouble getting to the Skarmory, even if she were still very strong. In the end a sandstorm whipped up by Atlas combined with the fog had ended the match and ever since the capture Io had grown steadily into the powerhouse she is now.
Crobat - Nero - Male
Set: Toxic, Hidden Power (Ground), Giga Drain, Heat Wave

Nero is a very temperamental being, he loves showing off and looking tough, but he gets really frustrated should he be losing. Nero is one of Myrddin's stronger battlers, only being overshadowed by Io and Europa. He doesn't mind about the former, Nero likes Io enough. The latter, however, annoys him to no end. Nero keeps trying to challenge Europa and to irritate her but Europa usually simply ignores him, making Nero even more mad. Nero is similar to a lion, if you've got him cornered he's at his most dangerous. Nero is known to grow tougher and definitely more lethal the worse the battle goes to his favour, and when the battle goes well for him he grows cocky and starts making mistakes. Nero does wonders under pressure, yet he sometimes completely fails when the path is entirely clear for him. Myrddin knows how to manipulate this by sending him out when tight corners present themselves, and rarely as her first Pokemon.
Nero's friends in the team are limited. Europa and Nero are at constant war, Rotom doesn't like him very much and Nero is often the chosen victim of Rotom's relentless tricks and Atlas simply tolerates him. the only ones that like Nero are Nereid, who pretty much mothers everyone, and Io.

Myrddin got Nero through a trade, which is the root of Europa's resentment. Myrddin first owned a health Staravia, but the bird didn't get along with anyone of her team apart from Europa. On the road she met a boy with the exact same problems, his Golbat was disliked by his team and even though it was a good battler, he couldn't really work with it. So they decided on a trade. Myrddin didn't expect that the Golbat would evolve straight after the trade.
Dewgong - Nereid - Female
Set: Aurora Beam, Aqua Tail, Aqua Ring, Perish Song

Nereid is the mother of the bunch. She's also the contest battler, she liked beauty and is, by far, the most graceful and elegant creature of the team. Nereid is loved by everyone and she pretty much took care of the littler ones until they evolved. Nereid used to always mother over Europa before she evolved, and now she takes care of just Rotom and Atlas. She steers clear from Rotom when he's in one of his 'moods' tough, she doesn't do well with electricity, and that is what Rotom likes to play with.
Nereid, while being Myrddin's best contest Pokemon, is definitely the worst battler of the team. She isn't all that strong, especially on land. Now in the water everything changes. Nereid is a very fast swimmer, and it would be difficult to catch her. Especially and underwater Perish Song combination would be especially deadly.

Myrddin caught Nereid as a Seel in Kanto, her first Kanto capture, but the little seal evolved quite quickly into a Dewgong. The capture wasn't too much of a noticeable one, the Seel wasn't especially strong and Myrddin had Rotom to battle her, but with a little bit of training Nereid just got better and better. Myrddin is still working on her for the battled, a constant progress of training and training, but she's getting better and better.

Hobbies: Reading, Grooming her Pokémon, Daydreaming, Sketching and Painting.
Forum Activity: Pretty much every day.
Theme Song: Vrij Zijn – Marco Borsato

(Rotom isn't technically legendary, so I hope that;s okay)

Eos Aduro January 17th, 2010 3:25 PM

Ok Swan, that was an excellent sign-up, you put a lot of detail into your Pokemon as well. I will allow Rotom since I dont believe its a legendary. I'm going to accept you straight away because of your excellent sign-up. Everyone else is currently on hold, pending other sign-ups, and the completion of Mira's and Stan the man's. That leaves 3 open spots.

Zimvee January 17th, 2010 6:24 PM

Of all the roads I have to walk the winding
Name: Bobby Baker

Arena Name: Vilanto

Age: 18

Gender: Male

History: Bobby was born in the Kanto Region but moved to the Johto Region at a young age so he considers that more of his home. His dad was an assitant to Prof. Elm so they lived on the outskirts of New Bark Town. Because of this Bobby and his dad had a strained relationship as his dad was never around to take be there for him. They got along ok but never really bonded. Bobby is the oldest of three children but there is an eight year difference between him and his brother so they never really get along. However when his little brother once wandered off into the wilderness Bobby was devestated and wandered alone for three days until he found him.

When Bobby was 10 he started his Pokemon Journey like anybody recieving a Totodile for a partner. As he was about to set out his dad said he was sorry he was never there for Bobby but he was never prouder. Bobby's heart swelled at these words and set off with a spring in his step. During his journey Bobby added more to his team creating a family in miniture. Along the way Bobby became a powerful trainer on his own right, quickly becoming cocky. He was quickly taught his place by a trainer of his own age who thrashed him. That trainers name was Andrew and taught Bobby that being a trainer is more than winning.

After four years Bobby earned 8 badges and decided to take on the Elite Four. What a mistake. He couldn't even make it past the first trainer. Bobby went into a state of deppression and spent a year living and training on Mt. Silver. He finally came out of it and decided to start his journey over by traveling over Kanto to beat all the Gym Leaders. After three years he was on his fifth badge and decided to take on the Virdian City Gym Leader when he was knocked out.

Personality: Bobby is a cocky young man due to excessive winnings. However this has been tempered somewhat though this still shows through on some occasions. He loves to laugh and will try his hardest to get people to laugh no matter what. Confident and outgoing Bobby loves to meet new people (even if they don't want to meet him!) Quick to anger, quick to forgive, Bobby trusts a little too easily at times but believes in the goodness of people.

He does however get angery very easily being the first one to jump into a fight over nothing. Can be very lazy and trys a little to "impress the ladies" as he calls it. However he displays moments of philisofical insights when he's calm enough.

Appearance: Bobby is around 5ft 6in which bothers him since he believes he is short. A mop of black curley graces his head. He is contstantly brushing it out of his chocolate brown eyes as he never has time to get it cut. His tanned face is weather worn but a smile is usually on it. His body is tanned from traveling but despite 8 years of it he barely has any muscle on his wiry body.

He wears black hiking boots with dark blue slightly sandy looking jeans. A brown long-sleeved shirt covers his body while a gold chaing hangs off his neck. A rusted bracelet hangs off his left arm, which says Vilanto.

Feraligatr (M)
-Aqua Tail
-Ice Punch
Feraligatr is the main powerhouse on Bobby's team and is also his starting Pokemon. The two have a very strong relationship to the point where Feraligatr is almost Bobby in Pokemon form. Cocky but wise Feraligatr is always there to make sure the rest of Bobby's team stays in line. He shares a rivalry with Snorlax.

Flygon (M)
-Dragon Pulse
-Ice Beam
The flyer on Bobby's team, Bobby encountered Flygon as a Trapinch in Olivine City. Trapinch had been smuggled into the country and had escaped to wander aimlessly in the streets. Bobby had rescued the poor Pokemon and had raised it into the powerful Dragon it is today. Playful and spoiled at times Flygon is always willing to wisk Bobby to a town. He does have a sharp temper however which can be scary to see. Despite the differences between the two, Flygon and Glacion often team up and are best friends.

Snorlax (M)
-Giga Impact
-Focus Punch
Snorlax is perhaps Bobby's strongest addition to his team second only to Feraligatr. Consequently however he is the laziest Pokemon on his team, bringing him to conflict with Feraligatr. Unmotivated and extremly spitful one wonders why Snorlax is even here. However Feraligatr beat him in a battle which caused Bobby to catch him. He stays around to try to beat Feraligatr. He has changed somewhat since being on Bobby's team and is now conisdered part of the family. He is the wall of the team.

Charizard (M)
-Solar Beam
-Sunny Day
-Blast Burn
Charizard is a late addition to Bobby's team, givin to him by Prof. Oak when Bobby first arrived to the Kanto Region. Charizard is the loner on Bobby's team, prefering to sleep like Snorlax or train with Heracross. He fight feriously in battle and can be distrustful to new people.

Glaceon (F)
-Shadow Ball
-Signal Beam
Glaceon is Bobby's baby. He hatched her out of an egg he was givin by the old couple who run the Day Care Center in Johto. While one of the weakest members on Bobby's team he loves her so much he couldn't send her away. She can be quite feisty and is quite spoiled. She is good deep down and is constantly playing with Flygon.

Heracross (M)
-Close Combat
-Shadow Claw
-Stone Edge
One of Bobby's first captures, Heracross is the fighter on Bobby's team. "Le strong and silent type!" a cook once described Heracross. He couldn't be closer to the truth. Heracross prefers to spend time training but does partake in the fun the others get up to.

Hobbies: Likes to play guitar, write stories, and read comic books.

Forum Activity: Just about everyday though school and work conflict with this.

Theme Song: Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles

Eos Aduro January 20th, 2010 7:59 PM

Zimvee you have an excellent sign-up, so I will be accepting you right away, leaving 2 open spots. Everyone else is still on hold unfortunately, but if sign-up numbers start to diminish I will assign a current SU to the open spots in order of excellence.

Zeph. January 21st, 2010 11:21 AM

"Of all the roads I have to walk the winding."

Right, here we go...

Name: Brent Ingram
Arena Name: Karmakazie
Age: 21
Gender: Male
History: Brent was born in Fuschia City in the Kanto region. There, the standard of living for his family was pretty average - not terrible, but they weren't exactly surrounded by luxuries either. His mother had a job in an office based in the city, while his father worked in the Safari Zone. This was much to the constant amazement of Brent, as even at a young age, he loved getting shown around the safari park by his dad.

As he grew older, he began to go to the park more and more, sometimes without his dad's assistance. Being raised an only child, he liked to bond with the pokemon there - sometimes spending hours talking to them. This was arguably the biggest part of Brents life at this point, it was always something to do when he was bored, to look forward to through school, and he usually helped his dad aswell. When he hit twelve years old, he asked his parents if he could get a pokemon and take on the Fuschia Gym, as the thought of being a trainer had grown on him over time. His father, having some connections, got him his favourite pokemon of the whole park - a Rhyhorn.

Brent did try and challenge the gym, however he was inexperienced and lost. Nonetheless, he found it exhilerating, and decided to take it easy - starting from Pallet Town like most trainers. Over time, he began collecting badges like they were going out of fashion, and building a strong team at that. He visited home recently, after he found out his mother was pregnant, and that he would be getting a little brother. Overjoyed, this gave him the sudden urge to get the Viridian Gym badge and return home - at least he thought he would get home. Instead, they took him.

Personality: Generally speaking, Brent is a nice person. Not nice as in a 'happy-go-lucky' sort of way, but nice as in friendly and trusting. He won't neccissarily throw himself out there into the converation, but he does enjoy speaking to others and making new friends. He is also thoughtful - aware of when others are annoyed or just want there own space for a minute. He will often lend a hand too whenever the need arises.

Despite all of these factors, Brent isn't looked upon as Saint - nobody's perfect are they? He has found himself in arguments and fights plenty of times whenever he disagrees with someone. And he's never the knight in shining armour all the time: if something is out of his hands, then he worries.

Appearance: Brent is fairly tall, being 6 feet and a few inches, and his legs are fairly lanky. His body in general is only slightly toned, and is a typical pale colour to it - although in the summer he will get a nice tan if he can. He dosen't really bother too much with growing his muscles or altering his physique to much, but does occasionally do his bit to keep in shape. Facially, he has began to develop more, leaving the younger teen look behind. He has a strong jawline, and all in all a 'bulky' structure. He keeps some stubble, but never likes it too long.

Brent wears a white polo-shirt and a brown, denim jacket over the top. He also dons his black, baggy trousers complete with brown leather belt. He finds his baseball shoes most comfortable to wear, and he has a watch on one wrist, with a sweatband on the other.

Ryperior (M)
Stone Edge, Earthquake, Megahorn, Protect
Rhyperior likes to assume the leader role of the team, as he was Brent's first pokemon. Even when he was a Rhyhorn, he was like his 'protector' as such (pardon the pun). Rhyperior has always felt like Brent's right hand man - and Brent feels the same way about him.
Infernape (M)
Fire Punch, Mach Punch, Thunderpunch, Swords Dance
Brent caught Infernape as a Chimchar on Cinnibar Island while he was travelling to Pallet Town. Infernape is aware of it's power - and proud of it. He is the type of pokemon who likes to show off and impress others with his fighting ability.
Tangrowth (M)
Power Whip, Ancient Power, Mega Drain, Poison Jab
Brent obtained Tangrowth third, just south of Pallet Town. Tangrowth is one of tose pokemon that dosen't go looking for fight, instead just lazing around and being more of a peace maker. However he battles when needed.
Ursaring (M)
Facade, Hammer Arm, Shadow Claw, Bulk Up
Ursaring was actually won at the Celadon Game Corner. Due to this, it took time for the agressive young Teddiursa to warm to Brent, and often didn't obey him. However, Ursaring has regognised Brent's skill, and has gradually began to respect him.
Crawdaunt (M)
Crabhammer, Night Slash, X-Scissor, Dragon Dance
As opposed to ursaring, Crawdaunt was quite fond of Brent, even when they first encountered each other near Cerulean. Crawdaunt is shyer than his teammates, and it has taken time for him to develop his true power. Although he is more confident now, there are still some slight improvements to be made.
Froslass (F)
Ominous Wind, Ice Beam, Psychic, Attract
Froslass is the most recent addition to Brent's team. Brent found Froslass, already evolved, inside the Seafoam Isles while exploring - figuring an Ice type would be useful against the Viridian Gym. Froslass is a quiet pokemon, however she is quite flirtacious and can be dangerous.

- Pokemon watching
- Video games
- Battling
- Having conversations with his pokemon

Forum Activity: Usually daily :) However come February my exams might get in the way >.>

Theme Song: Don't Stop Believin' - Glee (Argh! Can't get it out of my head >.<)

There we are :) Just to clarify - I was unsure if you were accepting reservations or not, so sorry if you're already full :O :P

Eos Aduro January 21st, 2010 2:05 PM

Zeph, that was a good sign-up, and seeing how things are slowing down, I will accept you. Unfortunately I will not be able to get on PC until next Monday due to a family trip, so I will need to assign someone to accept the last member.

EDIT!! {Swan} is taking over the sign-ups, she will pick the final member of the RP. I will be gone for until February first, so we unfortunately won't be starting until then (sorry, trip to Mexico :P). So please be patient, this will be AWESOME when we actually get going!

Cyndaquasher January 22nd, 2010 3:24 AM

"Of all the roads I have to walk the winding."

Name: Terrance "Terry" Bradshaw
Arena Name: The Doctor
Age: 19
Gender: Male
History: Terry was born and raised in Viridian City. As such, he saw his share of newbie trainers and veterans come and go. In fact, he even saw Geovanni once! Still, none of that mattered to him. He already knew what he wanted to be and that was a doctor.

Sure, travelling the world and having adventures with pokemon such as his dad's pair of bickering pidgey seemed fun, but Terry wanted to be a doctor. Not a pokemon doctor, but someone who helped people! Day and night Terry studied to be the smartest he could be. After all, not everyone who wanted to be a doctor could become one!

Still, fate has a funny way of throwing an aipom wrench into the most well-intentioned of plans. As Terry was walking home from school one day, he saw two people having an intense battle. The combatants? A nidoking and a nidoqueen. Having never seen the two pokemon in person before, Terry was instantly enamoured as the two colossi went at each other, without giving an inch of ground either way. Terry could see that a victory could be achieved if one of the pokemon would go for a dangerous leg shot, instead of going for body blow after body blow.

After instructing one of the trainers to go for it, the battle was over pretty quickly. "With that kind of insight, you should be a pokemon trainer!" Said the winner as he called back his nidoking. After thinking over what that guy had said, Terry got to thinking.

After about a year's worth of back-and-forth arguments, Terry finally convinced his parents to let him leave on his own pokemon journey, under the condition that he kept studying. Terry agreed instantly and it wasn't long until he left with a bag full of supplies, a bulbasaur and more than a couple of textbooks.

After a couple of years of studying and battling around Kanto, Terry returned home. As he stepped into Viridian Gym, nothing could have prepared him for what was going to happen...

Personality: Given that he still hopes to some day be a doctor, Terry has trained himself to be warm and welcoming to anyone who approaches him. It's not just an act either, since he's been a social butterfly for as long as anyone can remember.

However, when he is put into a stressful situation, he often becomes cold an analytical, seeing only the problem and the most clear-cut solution. This has lead to quite a bit of property damage in the past, although being able to see a problem logically has helped him a great deal in some of the tougher gym battles that he has faced.

Appearance: Terry is the very epitomy of average. His brown hair is cut to a short, average height, his skin is neither pale or tanned and his eyes are the most average shade of green that one could ever hope to see. He stands at five feet eight inches and wouldn't stand out in a crowd if his hair was on fire!

His clothes aren't much different. Terry wears a white t-shirt and a pair of slowly fading blue jeans, coupled with a pair of sneakers that would be caked in dirt if not for the fact that Terry cleans them quite often. He occasionally wears a white sweater if it gets cold, but seeing as how Viridian city is pretty warm, he stowed it in his bag which often has way more hi-potions and other such medicines in it than other trainers would deem necessary.

Venusaur - Razor (M)
Solarbeam, Sunny Day, Petal Dance, Body Slam
Razor was Terry's first pokemon and often the one who sorts out quarrels between Terry's Pokemon. Razor was presented to Terry by Professor Oak on the day that he started his journey. The two are pretty much inseprable and as such, they often imitate each other's actions. For example, when Razor is told to use body slam, Terry will stretch his arms and legs out as though he's the one who's about to press his weight against whatever's unfortunate enough to be on the recieving end of the attack and if Terry is studying, Razor will sit next to him and try to understand what the squiggles in the strange paper thing mean.

Out of battle, Razor could be mistaken for being lazy, but this is just because he spends most of his time taking in sunlight and considering how to get stronger, for the sake of the team. After all, keeping this unlikely family in once piece is a two-person job at times!
Pidgeot-Connie (F)
Air Slash, Agility, Mirror Move, Twister
Remember the two bickering pidgey that Terry's dad owned? Well, one of them followed Terry for ages until she finally caught up to the boy and convinced him to take her along. Connie immediately decided to not like Razor, given how much attention he recieved from Terry, but the two will fight to the bitter end to protect each other, not that they'd admit it.

Out of all of Terry's active roster, Connie often proves to be the most troublesome in combat, as she is quite proud of her plumage and hates to get it dirty. However, once it is, the gloves are off and her opponent can only hope that Connie gets called back before it's too late...
Kangaskhan-Meteor (and Comet) (F and M respectively)
Mega Punch, Endure, Outrage, Sucker Punch
Terry came across Meteor in the Safari Zone, as one would expect. However, she was in a panic because Comet had wondered off! After finding the missing baby and managing to convince the near-inconsolable mother that he was indeed not a threat, she snatched Comet back and went back to the other kangaskahn.

That would have been the end of the story, if Terry had not decided then and there to make Meteor part of his team. For three days he tracked her down and after going through enough bait to fill a snorlax, he managed to catch her! Since then, Meteor has proven herself to be not only a powerful combatant, but a positive influence to Connie, who often had to be brought into line during her rebellious days as a pidgeotto.
Starmie-Bone Saw
Rapid Spin, Confuse Ray, Psychic, Surf
At first, Bone Saw was not a very compliant staryu. In fact, it used water gun on Terry more than it did on anyone that it faced! In time (and after a chance enounter with a water stone) Starmie began to warm up to Terry. As one of the newer members of the group, Bone Saw still has a long way to go before it gains the full trust of the team, but with every positive step, the others warm up to the plucky Starmie just as much.
Sableye-Knuckle (M)
Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Shadow Claw, Power Gem
Knuckle was a gift from Terry's uncle for passing a test that was given to him on Cinnibar Island, to see if he had in fact been studying. After passing with flying colours, Terry was presented with the pokeball that contained the precocious Sableye.

Why is he called Knuckle? Well, he has a habit of gnawing playfully on his knuckles, because he is still quite young. In fact, he once burst into tears in the middle of a fight! These childish antics often mean that Knuckle's opponents often underestimate his power when they fight him. Of course, getting him to concentrate on anything other than battling is quite a challenge. Terry often wonders if rasing knuckle was the real test...
Arcanine-Flare (M)
Fire Fang, Roar, Extremespeed, Fire Blast
Flare is fast. There's no other way to put it than that! As a growlithe, Terry took half a day of chasing Flare down until he finally managed to corner him and battle. Luckily, he already had Knuckle with him, so catching him was at least less painful that it could have been.

Over time, Flare just got faster and stronger and one day, after protecting a very tired Terry from thieves, Flare accidentally stepped on a Fire Stone that one of the thieves had dropped during their hasty escape. Since then, the self-proclaimed 'Fastest thing on Four Legs' has proven himself as a loyal guardian and a heck of a handful during feeding time!

- Reading a good book under a shady tree
- Swimming
- Drawing
- Making sure that he always has enough bandages, potions, etc (it doesn't count as a hobby per se, but he does it as often as he can)

Forum Activity: I usually log on once every two days or so, unless work gets in the way.

Theme Song: A fool such as I~Elvis Presley

tim0789 January 22nd, 2010 12:16 PM

Name: Scythe Rainer

Arena Name: The Contender

Age: 19

Gender: Male

History: Scythe was born in the Johto region along with a twin brother named Grecko. Their father was an exceptional trainer and was very well known. When the two turned eight, their father decided to open up his own training gym in Kanto and so the family moved. The gym was opened and trainers from the Kanto region came to battle Scythe's father everyday. Scythe and Grecko would watch the battles and learn something new from each of them. At the age of eleven the boys were given a pokemon by their father. Scythe got a Cyndaquil and Grecko got a Totodile. A few weeks after they went on a training expedition until something went wrong. The three were jumped by a man in all black riding on a ryhorn. Scythe's father told them to run and so they did.

As fate would have it though Grecko slipped and fell off the side of the cliff, Scythe barley managing to grab his hand. Scythe was not strong enough to pull his brother up and so Grecko gave him his Totodile as he released his hand. Scythe walked back to where his father was but the man was no where to be seen. Scythe wondered back home hoping his dad was there, but he wasn't. He found his mom and told her everything. After everything had been worked out, Scythe decided to take over his father's gym.He trained in the gym for four years until he heard news that his dad was spotted in Sinnoh. He said goodbye to his mom, close the gym, and left to look for his missing dad. In four years Scythe had no luck locating his father, but he has become a great and pretty well known trainer. He hopes by doing so his father may notice it and look for him.
Personality: Scythe is a good hearted person who tries to do the best he can all the time. He will never pass up an opportunity to help someone, although sometimes he just gets in the way. Even though he his good hearted, Scythe will do anything to get what he wants. He has a strong will and can not be easily dismayed.

Appearance: Scythe is short for his age standing at only 5' 5, but he is in good shape. Wears a black tee shirt and old blue jeans. Wears an old green jacket that used to belong to his father. His hair is spikey with a golden tip in the front.

1. Typhlosion - was Scythes first pokemon and has become his best friend. He is Scythes favorite to use in battle, and the two get along greatly.
Moves - Swift, Defense Curl, Flamethrower, rollout.

2. Croconaw - belonged to Scythe's twin brother Grecko. Because of this Scythe doesn't like to use Croconaw in battle which is why it has yet to evolve into Feraligater.
Moves - Bite, Scary Face, Ice Fang, Thrash.

3. Staraptor - On his way back to Johto Scythe came along an injured Starly. He healed the Starly and helped it get back on it's feet. The Starly decided to stay with him, but hates to leave his side when out of the pokeball. Is very attached to Scythe and wouldn't let him get hurt.
Moves - Wing Attack, Aerial Ace, Close Combat, Whirlwind.

4. Primeape - is a very feisty pokemon, and loves to contradict Scythe. Because of it's feistyness the two get into often confrontations, which are eventually ended by one of the other pokemon.
Moves - Karate Chop, Seismic Toss, Assurance, Cross Chop.

5. Luxray - A reliable pokemon, that Scythe was given by an elderly couple in sinnoh. Luxray has helped Scythe win countless battles and a few contest.
Moves - Spark, Swagger, Crunch, Thunder Fang.

Hobbies: Mostly any kind of sports, and pokemon battling. Loves to relax and go fishing once in a while. Training pokemon in odd ways as compared to just battling.

Forum Activity:
On the community very often and once I start an rp I always intend to finish.

Theme Song:
Hold on Loosely by Thirty eight special.

Eos Aduro January 22nd, 2010 2:53 PM

Just a reminder I am not picking the final member, {Swan} is, and we wont be starting until February 1st.

Musician of Literature January 22nd, 2010 4:56 PM

Name: Kanti Rivers
Arena Name: Symphony.
Age: 19
Gender: Female
History: Kanti was born on a spring day in the wilderness. Her parents, Misae and Slivester Rivers, were on a long camping trip, to get away from the city that they normally lived in. The two lived in a small brown house in Veilstone. In Veilstone. a lot of crime took place. It was not a friendly community. Now, they were traveling back to the ancient home of their ancestors. They were part of an old tribe called The Winter Storm. They lived far up north. The

Two or three paragraphes here, anything ground breaking in their lives, maybe some family information, hometown, Pokemon journey until the kidnapping, etc.
Personality: A paragraph or two here, include mannerisms, character traits, how they go about regular social conduct, etc.
Appearance:A paragraph for this segment, just cover all the basics, skin and hair color, height, build, clothing etc.
Pokemon: Have 5-6 powerful Pokemon, with 4 moves and a sentence or two explaining their individual personalities included. I want type diversity and reasonable moves. Try to think of moves that could link together well, like Swords Dance and Slash. This roleplay is relient on the Pokemon having feelings and emotions as well as being for battle. Remember, after losing two battles, your character will lose a Pokemon, make they ones you start with count!
Hobbies: Just a point form list of what your character enjoys.
Forum Activity: This is just saying how often you're on PC.
Theme Song:This is just for fun, if your character had a theme song, what would it be? (This doesnt have to be Pokemon related in any sense)

Can I reserve a spot? Thank you..

{Swan} January 25th, 2010 7:28 PM

Since there hasn't been a full sign-up in a while, I suppose I should pass my judgment.

>To me Cyndaquasher seems like he should deserve the spot the most. His sigh-up was the best of them all and he really put the most effort in.

SupaJustin you still had 4 Pokemon, which would be a nuisance since the GM is planning on giving us 5 Pokemon battles, and you only have 4.

Tycho, unfinished SU, nuff said.

tim0789, although your history part was pretty good, Appearance and Personality were practically non-existant and cyndasquasher simply outdid you.

Peaceful Night, again, unfinished SU.

Unknown member who sent their SU through PM to Eos, your character was too close to Aos Aduro's, and we don't want there to be characters that are too similar in the rp, which is the main reason why I didn't accept you.

There, the deed is done, now we must sit still and wait for our GM to come back and start things up!

Rabbit January 25th, 2010 7:45 PM


Originally Posted by {Swan} (Post 5500328)
Unknown member who sent their SU through PM to Eos, your character was too close to Aos Aduro's, and we don't want there to be characters that are too similar in the rp, which is the main reason why I didn't accept you.

Eh, you're right. I can accept that. And stop stalking this board.

Cyndaquasher January 25th, 2010 8:12 PM

Oh, thanks for accepting me! Here's hoping our fearless leader comes back soon then!

Eos Aduro January 31st, 2010 2:21 PM

The Fearless Leader returns! (Thanks Cyndaquasher, that made me laugh) Ok, sorry for the wait everyone, but I’m back so we'll be getting started right now. I'll get an OOC thread up sometime today, I’m a bit tired from my flight but I'll try! I want to straight away explain how the battles are going to work.

Battles are going to be held weekly, starting on Sundays and hopefully ending by Sundays. When finished send the whole back and forth list to me, I will condense it into a readable format and spolierize it. They will be between 2 members, and the members will be randomly chosen in pairs. The number of Pokemon used will be anywhere between 3 to 6, depending on timing and such. The way the battles should be done is that you write what your POKEMON does and exclude any dialogue that involves your character. If you want to show your characters reaction, it should be in a separate sentence. Here`s an example. RPer X and RPer Y are battling. X has a Charmander and Y has a Squirtle. Say X goes first, it should go like this.

X`s post:
Charmander leapt into the air, then tried to sledgehammer Squirtle with Iron Tail.

RPer X looked determined as he faced RPer Y. He knew he was at a disadvantage against a water type. He would have to be clever.

Y`s Post: Squirtle used Withdraw and got hit by the Iron Tail full on. He skidded across the battle field, and then popped out of his shell, ready for action. He blasted a Bubblebeam at Charmander.

RPer Y was intimidated by RPer X`s ferocity. He knew Squirtle could take it, but the pressure was on. One more loss and he was out a Pokemon.

So that’s a brief example of how the exchange should go. You have to assume that whatever your Pokemon is doing, you order it to do. By splitting the two sections, from the actual Pokemon battle to the trainer, we save space and time. You won’t need a trainer sentence every time you PM each other, just in key moments. There`s a few things to remember. First off, it’s best to decide beforehand who is going to win. While this may seem to diminish the drama of the battle, it’s important that you do this at the beginning or around halfway. If neither person is willing to back down, battles can get overly long and complicated as they try to best the other RPer. Another VERY important thing to do is ALWAYS work with what your opponent does. Whenever they attack, you have to incorporate that attack into your next post. Here`s an example of what not to do.

X's post: Charmander used Flamethrower directly at Squirtle.
Y's post: Squirtle used Bubblebeam at Charmander's tail!

You can see the issue, where did the Flamethrower go? You have to incorporate every move used for balance and flow. Now, the first match-ups are going to be as such

Eos Aduro vs {Swan}
VIII.Bond of Flame.XIV vs Zeph
Cyndaquasher vs Zimvee

They will be 3 on 3, and since it’s the first round I think I may extend the period of time for this one. First actual RP post now!


The tinny voice of the Warden echoed in Shaelin's ears as she sat on the uncomfortable metal slab in the submarine.

"You may be hesitant to participate in our program, but think of what you have to lose."

The last sentence hung in the air, a cloying fog between the trainers. Handcuffs kept them chained to the bench. Shaelin stared at the floor, deep in thought. There was nothing left to hope for, nothing left to do. Her body was safe inside the submarine, but her spirit had floated outside, and been crushed by the pressure. She was strong and independent, but this was a daunting task. She looked over at the other kidnapped trainers. She remembered their names from the brief exchanges they had in the submarine before sinking into this solemn silence. The young man next to her, Brent, was in the same state as her, hopeless shock. Beside him was the lankier Indian boy, Sahib. Past him, the youngest girl, Myrddin, who looked like she was holding back tears. Across from her were the two other boys, Bobby and Terry.

She knew despite their situation, there was no escaping them. She could try to be evasive in the Prison, but it would be in vain. She would still have to try to take what's rightfully theirs. Ironically, even though she hated the situation, taking other people's possessions was her greatest gift. She was a powerful battler, but she needed another tactic. She smirked cruelly to herself, her ego shining through her haze of despair. The situation was a pristine set-up; there were four boys, all roughly her age, and one other girl who didn't look like a threat right now. She could already see herself pulling the strings. Her plan developed as the submarine continued into the abyss towards the Gladiator Prison. It was iconic and almost foolproof if she could con them into falling for her. She would become the Damsel in Distress.

The submarine finally docked, and the huge dome of the Gladiator Prison shone with artificial light. It started small with the submarine dock, and then grew into a single huge dome, divided into two large areas. The first was the stage, where the battles would go down for the cruel spectators, and the second half farther down was a bio-dome, full of Pokemon to train against and capture. It then branched into two domes to the side; one was the trainer’s quarters, with places for meals, the gym, and other small items. On the opposite side was a similar dome, where Team Rocket organized the miniature war under the water.

Shaelin gazed in awe at the grandeur of the Gladiator Prison; it was, in fact, glamorous. The furniture was all antique, wooden and cloth. She had expected metal and dirt, instead of gold and plush carpet. Even just at the entrance lounge she felt the pressure of the water, the pressure of the other trainers, and the pressure of the Warden. She felt like this was a decent time to start her Damsel in Distress scheme, seeing how she felt woozy. She promptly gave a little gasp, and fainted towards Sahib, hoping he would be quick enough to catch her.

Frostbiteकर्म January 31st, 2010 7:46 PM

Sahib was annoyed. He was on a submarine to who knew where, and it pissed him off a bit. He shifted in his spot and stared up at the ceiling. A voice had said something moments previously, but Sahib hadn’t really thought a whole lot about it. Seemed like an ominous threat, but Sahib didn’t really care. He just wanted to get off this thing, because he sure as heck didn’t plan on wasting his time wherever they were. Sahib hadn’t even bothered with his handcuffs. It was obvious they weren’t too keen on coming off anytime soon. He sighed and continued staring at the ceiling, wishing there was something a bit more interesting to at least past the time if he was being kidnapped.

Finally Sahib decided to look at the other people. There was a girl with a weird name...what was it? Shaelin, that was it. Then there was another guy next to her named Brent. They both sort of looked shocked. Sahib moved to the next girl seated beside him. Her name was also a bit different. It was Myrddin. She looked like she was going to cry. Sahib tried not to be annoyed at this. He looked at the other two boys as well, and then went back to entertaining himself with the ceiling. He tried to find patterns, but that didn’t seem to work. Soon he grew bored of this, and began to think about their current situation and problem.

He figured he would need a plan. Something told him that this was going to test more than just his battling skills. Sahib looked around him, checking over the people in the room once more. Each of them held things in their eyes that Sahib couldn’t quite place, and Sahib figured he was no different. Grunting softly as he shifted again, Sahib began to plan. He didn’t think that becoming a threat would get him far in this case, but wasn’t quite sure. Sahib thought about a television show he had seen once when he was a child. The strongest were always picked off first, but the clear problem was that everyone (if they were actually smart) would try to play the innocent and weak card. Sahib didn’t like it. He shook his head slightly, deciding just to wait and see before he made his choice.

It seemed to take so long before they landed to wherever they were. They stepped off the sub, and the first thing Sahib saw was a huge dome. His eyes narrowed. It looked gigantic, and he wasn’t quite sure if that was good for him or bad. Sahib decided it would be best just to be cautious about this whole thing at first. He followed the group just a little ways to the entrance lounge. Sahib was simply observing his surroundings, when suddenly that Shaelin girl gave a little gasp. Sahib had a split second to make sure he was the only one who could do anything, before he had to do something. Sahib inwardly sighed and grabbed her hand. It wasn’t like he was going to go all majestic and wrap his arms around her or something.

He gazed at her cooly, figuring out exactly what she was doing. He wasn’t stupid. “Watch your step,” he said, letting go of her once he had made sure she wasn’t going to suddenly hit the floor. Then he went back to looking around, pretending like nothing had just happened. He wasn’t going to start getting close to people now.

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