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D. Lawride March 25th, 2010 10:26 AM

Pokémon Nightmare


So, this project was originally a hack; however, due to some trouble in the process, the project went down, and so it stayed for some time. But in any case, we're back on tracks, and this time in RPG Maker XP with a lot of news to offer and of course, a new game (possibly much, MUCH better than the previous.). The game also follows the story of my homonimous fanfiction Pokémon Nightmare
I'm still very fresh to RMXP, so any help I can get is very welcome. :)

What is Pokémon Nightmare?
Well, find out!

You can also keep up with this on:

The Story

For eleven long years…

Countless regions have been threatened by evil organizations aiming to rule over the world by siding with legendary creatures otherwise known as Pokémon…

Heroes have risen to shun these teams away, granting peace to the land once again, thus saving the endangered legendary deities. Men and women have fell, others, escaped.


What was the reason for them to exist? Were there secondary intentions?

Who lead these organizations?

But most importantly…

Was there anyone behind all of them?

The year of coronation has started in the Orthan Kingdom. This year, after a long period wearing the crown, the descendant of the king Allester Domikkin will take its rightful place on the throne. The coronation will take place in the Pokémon Temple, and the festivities to follow will be held in all of Orthan.

Trainers of the world… of every nation! The Orthanian Royal Family formally invites you to participate in the Mega League in the Orthan Kingdom, following the coronation of the new king to rule our region!

The Orthanian Royal family would be much pleased to be able to count with your participation in such event, and as such, it is offering a free voyage aboard the S.S. Quest, our luxury liner to take you to Orthan in the trip of your dreams…!

Do not miss this opportunity! Why must you come? Because you can compete in Gym Battles, Colosseum Tournaments, Contests and, in the end of the line, the Elite Four! We await you at the Orthan Kingdom!
Present in one of the following destinations to attend…
Signed, The Orthanian Royal Family.

This year, there's something new to the coronation process: Time Co., an influent company founded in Orthan, has decided to open its league to the general public. Invitations have been sent across the seven seas and to the four corners of the Earth, all of them calling the most powerful trainers to come to Orthan and challenge the ultimate championship in the world.

The (O)Mega League is composed by all kinds of different challenges. What challenge to take is exclusively up to the Trainer itself.

To join the crowded Colosseum Battles, or to take the traditional path to the Orthanian Gym Leaders – any will promise tough battles to aid trainers in their training before the Elite Four and the Champion itself; the two await you in Cintilia, where the final phases of the Mega League will take place.

The path doesn't assure any facilitation either; trainers will face the desert and the populated, the forest and the mountain – magma and water. Other trainers on their own way to the Champion await challengers; puzzles obliterate the correct path to take.

Trainers will have the chance to participate in Contests and Quizzes, each with one final event held to decide who the best of the best is.

However, something else has crept into this peace and order…

An evil organization, decided to ruin the year of coronation, has shown traces of its actions, and is threatening the king and the Royal Family themselves. And innocent actions will become truly dreadful moves…

Discover all that and more as the Orthan Kingdom reveals itself in many ways! Prepare for the beginning of a true Pokémon Nightmare!

What's New?

From the PDA to a new breed of Pokémon, Pokémon Nightmare promises to innovate your traditional Pokémon story with a new, intriguing tale that will be sure to keep you thinking about the puzzles lying ahead!

-> Mega Pokémon; the ultimate breed of Pokémon created by a mysterious organization self-proclaimed “Team Darkness”. Could they be behind the lab’s assault?

-> P☆DA, the Pokémon Digital Assistant, marks a return with numerous new features, as well as old ones;

-> Visit Orthan in all its glory; Explore the spacial-temporally unstable region; The Kingdom of the West awaits your arrival!

-> Seven Badges, Five Cups, countless Quiz Contests and many contests lie across Orthan; it’s up to you to decide which challenge will lead you first to the Elite Four and the ultimate Champion!

-> Multiple characters from the Anime, Game and Manga universes mark their return! Expect Ash, Gary, Sird, and many, many more!

-> A new way of training; face the perils and advantages of challenging Mega Pokémon – master their moves, master their weaknesses!

-> Many new Radio Stations available for you to hear, with different shows and songs airing during the day and night!

-> Get ready, because the evil organization hasn’t struck only Orthan! That’s right; Regions of the past make a return as crucial story Elements!

-> Save the kingdom and save the coronation! The future of Orthan lies in your hands!

->New Pokémon await you in the Orthan Region!

->Forget the Bicycle! Now you have the Scooter, available in multiple upgrades to unlock in the game!

->Don't go on in the game because of Badges; go on because of the Storyline! That's right; Gyms/Colosseums aren't necessary to complete the storyline!

And many more to come!

Got what it takes to become the Champion of the Orthan Kingdom?

The P☆DA
Every trainer has its own gear

The P☆DA in Nightmare is an importation from Colosseum and XD. However, unlike those, it has several new features, and barely any of the previous ones it had.
The P☆DA is acquired after being visited by the head of Team Shadow, Michael. He will offer the P☆DA in exchange for help on chasing Team Darkness from Orthan.
The main menu offers information about the Trainer’s name, ID no., Money, Pokémon caught and Play Time.
This version of the machine includes several known and new features:

-> GPS System – An upgrade of the normal Town Map, includes information about the place selected.

-> Mail Box – From the original P☆DA, the player can check his mail here anytime.

-> Media Player – Plays songs stored throughout the game.

-> Fame Checker – Integrated while based on the previous item. Registers information on important people. It will have use further in the story.

-> Intercall – A useful feature that can be used to call people all over Orthan. Can be upgraded to support International phone calls.

-> Awards – A trivial feature which keeps track of Badges, Ribbons, Championship Medals and Cups, and Diplomas awarded.

-> Pokédex/Strategy Memo – A mix between the Pokédex and the original Strategy Memo. Contains crucial information on Pokémon, while also giving out Type disadvantages.

-> Snag List – An upgrade on the Snag List present on Gale of Darkness. This Snag List offers information on the Mega Pokémon’s location in Orthan.

The Orthan Kingdom
Kingdom of the West

They're always what we need to know, right?

The Hidden moves Items!
Because we all know you don't like HMs at all xD

Some Overworld Maps
You know, while we don't get more screenshots ;)

This is Litindle Town, the first town you visit in the game. You arive here aboard the Magnet Train (with the station being located beneath that building on the top left). Additionally, you start your game here, in your aunt's house.

Route 231 is also the first route you visit. It connects Litindle Town up and Middlin Forest to the right, and is filled with newbie trainers raring to battle. I'm sure you'll find the route of your liking once you've gone through it, since it's filled with quite some secrets you'll only unlock when you have the proper abilities.

A last one for you to see what to expect. This is the first town with a Gym, belonging to the Grass Type Expert, Talon. Most of the map's tiles will change, namely some of the buildings, such as the Gym, adapting to the Gym Leader's liking. Also, the city has a legend where Ivysaur is seen as a Deity, thus the statue.

This one would be absolutely massive if I had put it here in its original size. Caitla Port is an old but not abandoned port in the northern region of the bay, and it's also where many parts of the storyline will unfold. You'll see yourself going through here many times, especially to access the new places beyond the sea. =D

Other Media
Do videos qualify?

Trying out the Little Cup

Acquiring an item à lá Zelda

Meeting the Princess

PBC Testing Chamber

The Fakemon!
The novelties of the year!

Come on, don't be mean...

Mah Team
Lemme show ya them

(none from this forum, only on dA)
Midnitez (Fakemon Designer)
Salimus (Spriter)
xavs-pixels (spriter)
Riceeman (spriter)
Lord-Myre (spriter)
BigDeepVoice (spriter)
5qwerty (spriter)
CyndersAlmondEyes (spriter)
Plazmatic (spriter)
distantShade (Story Designer/Spriter)
medoshichi (Beta Tester)
TheReaSoner (Beta Tester)
We ARE looking for people, though. In case you're interested, go to the forum indicated on the top or just post here indicating you want to join in. We're always watching out for interested people.

Looking for...
PEOPLE. NOT ZOMBIES. They're lazy and only work at night.

Scripter / Programmer / Coder(s) (whatever it's called xD )
Fakemon Designer(s)
Beta Tester(s)

The Releases
Gotta love'em

VERSION 1.0 RELEASE (28/12/2010)

Pokémon Nightmare First Release

VERSION 1.3.1 RELEASE (25/03/2011)

VERSION 1.5 (BASE) RELEASE (23/09/2011)

Mediafire Download Link

VERSION 1.5.2 RELEASE (15/10/2011)

Mediafire Download Link

VERSION 1.5.3 RELEASE (25/12/2011)

Mediafire Download Link

After the troubled releases of V1.3 and V1.4 and some extensive attempts to correct the errors, we think we have finally managed to correct almost all of the severe bugs in Pokémon Nightmare, resulting in the 1.5 release. I can't guarantee that the incompatibility verified in previous releases has been fixed, but I'm pretty confident it has in most cases from the good results of the beta testing phase.

For any doubts you may have, consult the Read Me .txt file.

As for extras from the original releases, we have:

Luminos, the dream world, has been added. You can access one of its areas after clearing the Victala Gym.
The PBC Testing Chambers, have been added. You can access a Test Chamber somewhere in Caitla Port.
The Golden Grove is now accessible.
A new Gym in Caitla Port;
A Colosseum in the Middlin Forest.


Latest Patch Download Link

The link above is a download for the patch to add the new content listed below. Simply download both this patch and the actual game, and place the files from the Patch in the main game's folder. It will ask to replace a file named 'Game', which you will answer Yes. For further instructions, read the ReadMe file included.


Okay, so the link above takes you to a list on Youtube where you can find a list of Let's Plays of Pokémon Nightmare. Do give the author, Sovest555, some love. :3

Here's a list of the current LP of the game:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14

The Credits
Everyone deserves being mentioned

->Poccil for the Pokémon Essentials Starter Kit;
->My incredible team!
->Temporarily, Avatar for some Firered/Leafgreen Style Sprites. These will be removed once I can get new ones.
->Team Logo and new Pokémon Nightmare logo to Midnitez.
->Nintendo for having the greatest idea of all time. Hopefully they'll learn how to use it well through the course of the years.
->Tiles by Kyledove and Alucus
->Ivysaur Statue by BigDeepVoice
->Pavement by DonLawride
->Marsh Trees by Riceeman
->Ponds by Dewitty
->Tall Grass by pokemondiamond
->Original Water Autotile by Veget
->Rover Lawride sprite by DonLawride
->Grass Gym Tiles by Alistair
->Mijumaru Overword by Kyledove
->Patrolmen Overworlds by animega90 (
->General Overworlds by Salimus (
->Battle Sprites by Salimus (, Lord-Myre ( and CyndersAlmondEyes (
->Tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 18, 19, 21, 22 and 23 composed by Umar Arar.
->Tracks 1, 5, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29 composed by Go Ichinose and arranged a re-recorded by Umar Arar.

On a side note, I'm terribly sorry if I forgot to credit you anywhere. Don't hesitate in sending me a PM notifying me of that.

Well, that's ma game. xD

As I mentioned (sorry, but I really am looking for a team ._.) we're looking for people interested in helping us - be it with Sprites, animations, and any other ideas.

Thanks for reading it all people! xD

D. Lawride April 17th, 2010 2:01 PM

Bumping for having some news on the game and for updating the list of people in the team. And for not having any replies.

PokemonPlatnum April 17th, 2010 2:25 PM

Insteresting plot and graphics :D keep it up

D. Lawride April 17th, 2010 2:30 PM

Hey, thanks a lot! ^^

Good luck on your project too :D

FinalEclipse April 18th, 2010 1:23 PM

I like it, it seems for someone new to RMXP you can do a pretty good job. Maybe consider changing the backsprite to another pose, but just a suggestion. Good luck, can't wait!


D. Lawride April 18th, 2010 1:55 PM

Hmm, I know what you mean. I've been trying to get that fixed, too, so I'll upload a new screenshot if I manage to. :)

Still, thanks for both the commendation and the support! :D

Spikey-Eared Pichu April 18th, 2010 3:07 PM

Thought I should point out, the Topic title is mispelled as "Nghtmare" instead of "Nightmare". As for the project, it seems interesting enough, but it lacks plot. I read through it, and there are a lot of plotholes. You should re-read it yourself and fix it. I'll point out what's missing if you me to.

D. Lawride April 18th, 2010 3:11 PM

I know, I've been trying to get it fixed by someone, but nothing 'till now.

And sure, I'd be glad if you could point them out. :)

darkpokeball April 23rd, 2010 9:38 PM

...Looks awesome. If ya' want, I can give you some fakemon sprites, front and back.

Bards Sword April 25th, 2010 6:14 PM



I have waited long, haunting the Drawing Board, searching...and finally I found it.

A unique and original plot that makes sense! A lot of sense!


Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I must say, your plot is awesome, but your map and overworld sprites could use some work. Awesome job though!

D. Lawride April 26th, 2010 3:20 PM


Originally Posted by Bards Sword (Post 5751890)


I have waited long, haunting the Drawing Board, searching...and finally I found it.

A unique and original plot that makes sense! A lot of sense!


Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I must say, your plot is awesome, but your map and overworld sprites could use some work. Awesome job though!

Why thanks! Glad we could make a plot that made sense xD

On the overworld and tiles, I'll update these screenshots with new tiles and a new look soon. We're just preparing some material.

Thanks again! =D

D. Lawride May 2nd, 2010 6:02 AM

Okay, I made some updates.

First of all, the team's been updated. We got some more people, but we can't just stay contented with these; we'll need far more! xD

Then, I updated the story. I think I "filled" some plot holes I figure would be visible when the summary was written as it was before.

And finally, some screenshots and a new feature was added to the post!

By the way, we may release a demo within some two weeks, if everything goes accordingly.

D. Lawride May 10th, 2010 5:32 AM

Triple post ftw.

This time, an update on all of the first post's fields. A new section for some maps to make up for the screenshots I'm still taking, a renovated storyline (And by that I mean summary, since no summary seems to fit people nowadays xD ) and renovated credits to compensate everyone. Pardon if I forgot some creator there.

Also, new logos! :D

Giovanni May 10th, 2010 9:10 AM

Looks intresting, nice maps

NeoRyu May 10th, 2010 12:30 PM

Hey I would be insterseted in being a Fakemon designer do you have any basic ideas? This would be my first group but I've helped single poeple design small hacks before

D. Lawride May 10th, 2010 12:35 PM


Originally Posted by NeoRyu (Post 5789624)
Hey I would be insterseted in being a Fakemon designer do you have any basic ideas? This would be my first group but I've helped single poeple design small hacks before

Aye, we've got quite a few ones settled. Do you happen to have a DeviantArt account? It would make it easier.

Additionally, you should check our boards at to check our progress on Fakemon, as well as help out. You can also have an idea of the Fakemon we have there.

jw102788 May 20th, 2010 2:10 PM

Howdy! Personally, I like the re-uploaded versions of the maps. The varying types of trees that are used, and how they're spaced seem to work very well. Also, kudos for the water mapping, it can be very difficult to pull off. The only thing that might make it even better is, as the water gets deeper, the blue shade of the water gets darker, reflecting more depth.

D. Lawride May 20th, 2010 2:16 PM


Originally Posted by jw102788 (Post 5815726)
Howdy! Personally, I like the re-uploaded versions of the maps. The varying types of trees that are used, and how they're spaced seem to work very well. Also, kudos for the water mapping, it can be very difficult to pull off. The only thing that might make it even better is, as the water gets deeper, the blue shade of the water gets darker, reflecting more depth.

Thanks a lot! ^^

Hm, it's an interesting idea. I think we can pull it off; I'll updated the first post later on with better screenshots and maps with that idea probably implemented. :)

pokemongarnet May 20th, 2010 3:20 PM

looks great, but it looks like you mixing the different gen graphics and it looks kind of wierd. I like the idea, keep it up.

D. Lawride May 21st, 2010 10:58 AM


Originally Posted by pokemongarnet (Post 5815904)
looks great, but it looks like you mixing the different gen graphics and it looks kind of wierd. I like the idea, keep it up.

If you mean the tiles themselves, I'm using what I can; and it's not much xD

If you mean the overworld sprites and such, yup, I'm aware. We're using 3rd Gen overworlds and 4th Gen tiles for now. Maybe we'll change sometime during the project.

And, thanks :)

D. Lawride May 30th, 2010 2:02 PM

Okay then, new update:

New Screenshots, revealing two new Pokémon as well, a new map, and a some more credits.

By the way, sorry if the quality seems a bit downgraded, but the uploading apparently turned .bmp into .jpg. <.<

D. Lawride June 23rd, 2010 9:03 AM

Time for an update!

We're closing in to releasing the first demo, since we have most Fakemon we'll need ready to be used.

I also updated some maps and put up several new screenshots. Unfortunately, none of them has 4th Gen sprites yet, but I promise we'll have them done before the release of the demo.

That being said, enjoy the information I've made available for now! :D

Canderis June 23rd, 2010 5:19 PM

Wow this looks really cool

D. Lawride June 23rd, 2010 5:29 PM


Originally Posted by Canderis (Post 5906012)
Wow this looks really cool

Hey, thanks a lot! Glad you liked it! ;)

D. Lawride July 2nd, 2010 12:58 PM

Alright, new update! All of our Starters are finished! Here's a small poster of them (if you've seen them on deviantArt, shut your yap :3).

Also, all of the cities that will appear in the demo have been finished, and are ready to go! We are now waiting for the overworlds to be completed and some more Fakemon to be sprited before moving on to the first Demo release!

I hope you keep up with the game! =D

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